BoysNGirls : Chapter Three | Pt. 2 “Je ne sais quoi”

Chapter Three | Pt. 2 “Je ne sais quoi”

-POV’s : Jeep & Keegan

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN)that person is narrating that scene.*~

~Disclaimer : This story features mature language… Just a warning.~

(POV Jeep)

So…. Things have been pretty good for me… until today. Christine and I have been hanging out since our first date. Now all of a sudden.. nothing. I didn’t hear anything from her yesterday, or today. As far as I knew she had nothing going on so I don’t get it. Did she just up and realize she didn’t like me anymore? Maybe its just me being clingy- but what if something happen to her? I’ve tried calling her but her phone is disconnected.

I didn’t know what to think.. so I decided to see if her bestfriend Raven knew of her whereabouts. I obviously took a chance going to the skate park because I had no idea if she’d be there or not. Turns out my chance paid off. She was there… along with Dylan’s ex girlfriend Hope- and some other people I didn’t recognize- Oh! …well.. I do know that one girl kissing that guy. Its Amina.. she’s in the Sorority with my cousin Jarrah. Wow…. that’s alot of tongue. 

Sometimes I do this awkward thing where I stand there and say nothing. I- I mean what am I suppose to do? butt into the conversation? I’ll just wait for an opening. Is that weird? I don’t think its weird… yeah.. I’ll just smile and wait.. *smiles*

Ethan Ethan – What do you see when you REALLY look at it?

Raven – A garbage can on fire.

Ethan Ethan – Is that all?

Raven – I’m not artsy like you Ethan. So yeah… that’s all.

Ethan Ethan – A garbage can is filled with peoples trash. Things they no longer want.. things they may have deemed useless.

Raven – I see

Ethan Ethan – So.. This trashcan is filled up with these useless things.. burning…. Its sad…

Raven – ……………Are you High?

Ethan Ethan – I have you know that I haven’t smoked any weed since breakfast.

Raven – Yeah right.

Jeep – Ha!… breakfast of champions! You had WEED-DEES for breakfast.. get it? like Wheaties? the cereal? except you had weed?……..umm..*scratches head*

Raven & Ethan – …………………….

I thought that was my opening…..

Raven – What are you doing here Jeep?

Ethan Ethan – “Jeep?” You know this guy Raven?

Raven – Yeah… I went on a double date with him, and his friend………….and Christine.

Ethan Ethan – Ah…. speaking of which… where is the midget?

Raven – I-

Jeep – That’s why I’m here… I haven’t heard from her…

Ethan Ethan – …. Christine does this alot… *looks at Raven*

Raven – She’s…. gone. That’s all I can say.

Ethan Ethan – I’m surprised you’re not with her.

Raven – This was something she needed to do alone.

Jeep – What is it that she had to do?

Ethan Ethan – Yeah… You and Christine keep alot of secrets… even I’m out of the loop.

Raven – I can’t get into it…

Jeep – You’re her bestfriend…. You know things.. can you just tell me if she’s alright or not?

Raven – ………I don’t know if she’s alright Jonah.

Ethan Ethan – I thought you said his name was Jeep

Jeep – My friends-

Raven – He jerked off and got his jizz everywhere in a Jeep- thus they call him Jeep.. and by they I mean his friends who had to sit in the Jeep with his Jizz.

Jeep – Don’t say it like that!

Ethan Ethan – Oh………gross dude.

Can’t believe Christine told her…. How embarrassing. I cleaned up the car! I didn’t leave any- ugh nevermind!


Hope (Pink Pants) –  Dylan just won’t talk to me.. he blamed me for him and Jarrah being on the outs.

Amina (White Shirt) – You know I love you- we grew up together.. but.. Jarrah’s a sweet girl. We get along really well at the sorority house. I feel like… you did play a part in things. Lets not be delusional……..

Hope – Maybe… but I feel like Jarrah isn’t the one for Dylan.. he needs to be back with me.

Amina – Next subject *laugh*

Hope – Whats going on with you and Bruce? I saw you two making out over there.

Amina – We’re sorta together… haven’t put a label on things yet. You know how busy he gets with the whole fighting thing that he’s putting together.

Hope – That’s true…. Oh! so how’s your sister Kalia doing? I see her around but I don’t bother saying hi because… she can be standoff-ish

Amina – Kalia’s fine I guess… she’s been annoying me lately.. saying we don’t have enough “Twin Time” I’m like.. look.. we’ve been glued to the hip since birth. Now In college I want to do my own thing.

Hope – That must be hard for her to understand since she has no friends.

Amina – She has friends.. she’s cool with Darell and Harrison- and Hammer…

Hope – She’s more comfortable with the boys.

Amina – Mmm Hmmm.


Bruce (Mohawk) – (On Phone) Get it right! I shouldn’t have to tell you more than once! This is just bullshit! You people can’t do anything right!

Wow he seems mad…

Bruce – I’ve been doing my part! I’ve been recruiting all week! No… No.. Amina has nothing to do with it. I need my personal time too… You’re making assumptions dude.

Seems like that guy and Amina are serious. That’s nice- but what’s not nice is that girl Hope…. trying to get back with Dylan… pfft… what a jezebel 

Raven – Are you listening to me?

Jeep – Oh sorry…

Raven – I said……….. Christine likes you… she just has alot going on.

Jeep – If she needed to space out.. why wouldn’t she just tell me?

Raven – She-

Ethan Ethan – That’s just how Christine rolls. One time we all were getting together for Bruce’s birthday..  for two days she helped us set up.. then… on the day we had the party… nobody could reach her.

Raven – You make her sound…. bad.

Ethan Ethan – She’s a great girl.. just can’t count on her all the time. That and her secrets she likes to keep.

Jeep – ……..Oh

Raven – Don’t listen to him… Christine likes you dude…

Jeep – Are you sure?

Raven – Positive.

Ethan Ethan – I’m sorry for what I said.. its obvious that you like Christine… I’m sure she likes you alot too.

Jeep – Its okay…

Raven – ……..I do feel like I should say something though…

Jeep – What?

Raven – She’s not your girlfriend… so just keep that in mind okay? You seem like a cool dude.. would suck if you got hurt. NOT that I’m saying she’s going to hurt you. Hell for all I know you guys could end up being boyfriend and girlfriend…. Its just- you know what I’m shutting up… That’s all I wanted to say about that… *smiles*

Heh………Its true… Christine isn’t my girlfriend…. but I already care alot about her… am I clingy? or stupid?

Jeep – Just answer this one question….

Raven – Okay?

Jeep – You don’t have to tell me where- but… do you know where she is?

Raven – Sorta…

Jeep – Sorta?

Raven – Its complicated..

Jeep – Oh…

Raven – I’m 90% sure she’s safe…

Ethan Ethan – Its almost 12… when are we hitting up the crab shack?

Jeep – 12? Oh I gotta get to class!

Ethan Ethan – G.C.U.? or G-Triple C?

Jeep – What?

Raven – Glo City University or Glo City Community College is what he’s asking.

Jeep – I got to G.C.U.

Ethan Ethan – Nice!

Jeep – Was great talking to you… but I gotta run.

Ethan Ethan – Have a great day Jonah.

Jeep – You too!…. and umm.. see ya Raven.

Raven – Bye!

Its always cool to see other groups of friends. Reminds me of my gang of friends.. though we haven’t really hung out much lately. Though I did put together a guy’s day. I’ll be hanging out with them after class. The girls are all so busy.. its hard getting a hold of them.

Raven – Hay Jonah!

Jeep – Yeah?

Raven – If the midget happens to show up.. I’ll call you……….but.. if you see her first.. Give her a message for me!

Jeep – Okay? what is the message?

Raven – Finders Keepers…

Jeep – Uh…. okay

Raven – She’ll know what it means…

Finders Keepers? what the heck does that mean?

Raven – Oh! one more thing!

Jeep – Alright?

Raven – Tell Aries that I’ll see him tomorrow.. that I decided to come… and that he better make good on his plans… his bed better be as bouncy as he claims! *laugh*

Jeep – I’ll let him know!….

I have no idea what that’s about…. Oh wait.. she must be going to his parents party. I totally passed on it, not because I don’t want to go. I’m just gonna be really busy finishing the script with Rubi and Bryce. Ugh… speaking of which.. I have to see that ego maniac today too… I really hate Rubi….

(POV Keegan)

Are you disgusted with me?….. because I’m disgusted with myself. Its amazing how the cycle goes. I tell myself no… I then lie to myself and say I’m fine. I get depressed, I pop a pill, I have some shots. Then I stop…………………then I keep going. Then I hate myself and I keep doing it. Then I’m happy, and high. With no drama…. then I come down from my high and I hate myself, and I just wanna die… Yep… disgusted with myself.

Keegan – *Yawn*

Morgan – Mmmm what a night… I think you broke my vajayjay

Who say’s Vajayjay anymore?

Keegan – Good morning to you too…

Morgan – Oh I think we’re way past morning dear. Its like… 12: 40….. not to mention.. my head is killing me.

Keegan – We drank way too much… again…

Morgan – Is it always this bright in your room?

Keegan – ….Yeah.

Morgan – Hmmm.. that’s weird…

Keegan – What?

Morgan – We went to sleep naked… when did we put our clothes back on?

Keegan – We got cold?

Morgan – Maybe… I mean I guess- Well obviously.. not like a ghost came in here and dressed us!

Morgan – Do you have any food?

Keegan – You ate everything last night.

Morgan – Oh whatever…

Keegan – You don’t!- you don’t have to do that.. you can leave it.

Morgan – Its habit. Growing up my mother always made my brother and I make our beds, and if we did… we’d get a treat. Silly right?

Keegan – I guess its a good way to teach you guys routine bed maintenance?

Morgan – The treats would always be something different… chocolate… a barbie, a truck… pudding cups.

Keegan – She sounds like a good mom.

Morgan – She’s not terrible. She just puts alot of pressure on me… and- well she didn’t really have a life after the divorce. She gained alot of weight and had pity parties every fricken day. Then she smothered my brother and I-

Keegan – WHAT?

Morgan – N0!- not with a pillow or anything! She just hovered over us.. it was annoying.

Keegan – Oh..

Morgan – Ha… but umm.. yeah.. my mother has her issues I suppose. She’s made me the way I am. I always have so much pressure to succeed and to prove her wrong. That me moving to Bridgeport and following my dreams isn’t a mistake. It gets hard though…that’s why I like spending time with you. You and I… we comfort each other well…

Keegan – …..What exactly are we doing?

Morgan – Having fun?

Keegan – Good.. because I don’t want a girlfriend.

Morgan – That’s fine… I don’t want a boyfriend. Boy-Men break hearts. You think I want to be like my mother? Alone and fat? I like chocolate as much as the next girl but its clearly her drug of choice. She’s a miserable woman. My poor brother is stuck at home putting up with it too.

Keegan – She sounds like she’s sad.. and maybe just needs her friends or love ones to listen to her.

Morgan – Maybe… AND! umm.. Why don’t you want a girlfriend hmm Mr?  is it because of Mona?

Keegan – …………….

Morgan – Sorry…..

Keegan – No… its because I… I know three girls.. they’re all great. I like one of them.. but for alot of reasons I can’t act on it.

Morgan – Dramatic.

Keegan -…..

Morgan – You’re very secretive. You don’t mention any names or anything.

Keegan – Neither do you..

Morgan – ……True… but its not on purpose..

Morgan – I need to get a teeth whitening.

Keegan – Theirs this dentist in Bridgeport… I know the guy’s sister…

Morgan – I live in Bridgeport.

Keegan – You do?

Morgan – Yeah… I swore I mentioned that before.

Keegan – Maybe you have.

Morgan – All the drugs eh?

Keegan – Can you not say that?

Morgan – Why not? not like we’re junkies, we’re in control. We’re just having fun.

Keegan – ……..right.

Morgan – I mean don’t tell me you’re self medicating because you’re some sad person. That’s cliche.. Even with the Mona stuff I-

Keegan – Not living up to your mom’s standards and rebelling is cliche..

Morgan – Oooh struck a nerve…

Keegan – No you’re just being a rude bitch.

Morgan – I’m sorry- No I really am. I should learn to shut up…

Keegan – …….

Morgan – Speaking of parents… You lied to me.. you said you weren’t related to Issac Bennett. You’re his son

Keegan – I don’t like people knowing that… because then they judge me, and expect things from me. I’d rather them get to know Keegan.. and not Issac Bennett’s son.

Morgan – I get it…

Keegan – Yeah…..

Morgan – Have you thought about therapy? I mean you seem way depressed because of… things from your past.

Keegan – That’s funny coming from you… have YOU considered it?… you have issues too.

Morgan – No.. but I know a therapist. She’s not that good in my opinion. She has 3 kids and they’re all messed up.

Keegan – ……Everyone’s messed up Morgan.

Morgan – True….-Wow…

Keegan – What?

Morgan – Morning wood? Mr Pokey is saying Hi!

Keegan – Uh *looks down* Its- Uh… No…

Morgan – *laugh* Whatever.. its clearly reacting to me being half naked..

Keegan – Maybe.. or like you said.. Its the morning.

Morgan – Look….. I have fun with you, and I’m sorry for bringing up…. Mona.

Keegan – …..

Morgan – I won’t bring her up, or your dad.

Keegan – Thank you….

Morgan – ..That smile.. that’s what I wanted.

Keegan – *laugh*

Morgan – You know… I was a sweet girl who wore white stockings when we met…

Keegan – What are you now?

Morgan – A girl who likes having really good sex with a mysterious bad boy….

Keegan – I see… So I made you bad? Is that what you’re saying?

Morgan – No… You just brought it out more… I guess I’ve always wanted to let go… So thanks.

Keegan – ……..I’m not trying to ruin you.

Morgan – No worries.. I’m a big girl who makes her own decisions

Keegan – ….Good.

Morgan – So what are your plans for the day?

Keegan – I’m having a guy’s day with my two best guy friends, and some other people will be there too.

Morgan – Sounds fun.

Keegan – What about you?

Morgan – I’m going to get on the train.. go home to Bridgeport. Get a bagel, some coffee.. and then sleep until tomorrow.

Keegan – No work?

Morgan – I actually have today off.

Keegan – That reminds me.. where do you work?

Morgan – Oh.. its a lame ass job. I work at V-Glam.. Like I share this area with this other girl named-

Keegan – JARRAH?!

Morgan – Yeah- wait?! you know her?

Keegan – Umm…. ummm. FUCK!

Morgan – What?

Keegan – Why didn’t you tell me you work there?

Morgan – It never really came up? What’s the big deal?!

Keegan – You cannot tell her, or anyone else ANYTHING about you and I… okay?! Don’t SAY A FUCKING WORD!

Morgan – I got it.. sheesh..

Keegan – You don’t understand….. Nobody knows anything about… this part of me.

Morgan – Keegan.. relax I’m not gonna tell anyone.

Morgan – I’m going to go shower and leave…

Keegan – …………………

Morgan – Stop worrying.. Our secret is safe…. okay?

Keegan – …………..Okay.

Ohhhhh shit…… things could NOT get any worse. She works with Jarrah….. fuck fuck fuck! FUCKING SHIT!…………..I should have stop doing this stuff when I said I would. I’ve been partying drinking, popping pills with this girl!. Who knows who she’ll open her mouth to?! I mean at this point I feel like Lars- my dealer is more trustworthy than she is. Lars wants to keep my business.. he likes my money. Also I know his little secret that he’s down to do it with guys, I doubt he wants me telling people that. Morgan… she’s a wildcard. Fuck dude.. I fucked up… I should NOT have let her come in that night….

(POV Jeep)

After class I called everyone to make sure they knew where to meet. I was expecting a few of them to not show up but everyone did. Including Nick who seems to be glued to Trey’s hip lately…. which now that I think about it is funny. They’ve been friends for a while but….. just recently it seems like more. What am I saying.. Nick is straight. He dated that Paisley girl with the huge boobies… man her boobies were big.. and on rainy days her nipples would just- I sound like a perv…

Keegan – *yawn*

Aries – Rough night Keegan?

Jeep – Yeah.. you look like…. hell.

Keegan – Well I-

Jeep – You clearly had a girl over, you don’t drink alone.

Keegan – Yeah.. this girl brought over some drinks and… I didn’t wanna drink but I felt bad making her drink alone you know?

Aries – So you have a hangover? Is that why you’re wearing shades in here?

Jeep – Yeah Keegan whats up with that? You always said only douchebags wear shades inside.

Keegan – Migraine too…

Jeep – Ah, we’ll get you some food in a minute.

Aries – I’m hungry as well.

Keegan – Man… its bright in here.

Jeep – Sorry I asked you out.. didn’t know about your rough night.

Keegan – Its okay Jeep, you’re my bestfriend.. I wanted to hangout.

Aries – YEAH! Suck it Jeep!

Jeep – Dammit! Why do I suck so much at this game?

Keegan – How’d everything go with that Rubi girl?

Aries – Yeah how’s the script?

Jeep – I haven’t met up with her, or Bryce yet… doing that later.

Aries – I don’t know how you deal with her and her massive ego.

Jeep – She’s a losert

Keegan – What’s a “losert”

Ooops.. I was thinking Loser, and Tramp at the same time…

Jeep – Losert? hmm a loser tramp? lets go with that *laugh*

Aries – …….

Keegan – Look at you being mean Jeep.

Jeep – Oh she deserves it…

Keegan – Yeah… trust me.. I know….

Jeep – What do you know?

Keegan – Umm.. just that umm.. she’s rude to everyone.

Aries – And she eats like a cow.. with her mouth open. Its annoying.

Keegan – What about that Christy chick?

Jeep – Christine, and umm I don’t know..

Nick – Hey losers!

Nick is kinda obnoxious… him and Trey are such opposites…

Nick – What were you guys talking about?

Trey – Yeah what did we miss?

Keegan – Just talking about how Aries is trying to steal my bestfriend from me.

Aries – No I’m not… can’t help it that I’m around more than you are dude.

Keegan – ………

That was weird…. is Keegan jealous?

Jeep – Were you guys taking pictures together? or making out?

Nick – …………

Trey – Taking silly pictures.

Aries – Are you guys dating? because I thought you dated that hot Paisley girl?

Nick – I’m straight, and single. Trey’s my friend and we do all kinds of…. random shit together. Right Trey?

Trey – Right Nick.

Keegan – ……………..

Trey – You okay KeeKee?

Keegan – Yeah.. I’m good… You?

Trey – I’m having fun.. you know its rare I get invited to have a guy’s day.

Keegan – Just because you have a little extra sass doesn’t mean you’re not a kick ass guy.

Trey – *smiles*

Nick – So what were you guys talking about?

Aries – Girls.

Jeep – Yeah- which totally reminds me… I forgot to tell you something Aries.

Aries – Oh?

Jeep – Not sure if I should say it-

Aries – Just say it.

Jeep – I saw Raven earlier, she said she’s coming on Saturday- well.. tomorrow? and hopes your bed is as bouncy as you say?

Nick – Oh shit… You’re gonna get some Aries?- first time?

Aries – No.. I’ve done it before.

Keegan – Well congrats Aries.

Aries – Raven is awesome… Saturday will be fun.

Trey – Wait… are your parents Vanessa and Quinn?

Aries – Yeah?

Nick – Trey’s the personal chef for the party.

Aries – Oh that’s cool!

Nick – I was going to tag along but… I have work… never know though…. I may surprise him and stop by.

Jeep – Yeah I was going to go too but- stuff to do.

Keegan – I’ll be busy as well… working at the gym.

Trey – I’m nervous…

Aries – Don’t be.. My mom’s are cool….for the most part. Just ignore all the crap about the sun and the moon.

Trey – Keegan?

Keegan – Yeah?

Trey – Can I talk to you?

Keegan – Sure.

Trey – Are you sure you’re okay?

Keegan – Why do you keep asking me that?

Trey – You seem off

Keegan – I’m fine Trey… fuck..

Trey – Sorry… just checking.. making sure you’re doing okay… her birthday is-

Keegan – I know when her birthday is… I’m fine.. I’m not gonna run a car off a bridge so get off my back.

Trey – Wow… no need to be a dick.

Keegan – I don’t need a babysitter okay? That’s all I’m trying to say. I’m sorry for being a jackass.. just.. not in a good mood.

Trey – …… I’m only forgiving you because I love you alot.

Keegan – And I love you too dude… I do. So.. I’m sorry… again.

Trey – Its fine….

Keegan – Umm… So Nick?

Trey – Friends….

Keegan – Yeah right…. I can tell…

Trey – ….Shut up….

Keegan – Secret is safe with me.

Trey – I know I can trust you.

Keegan – What about KingOfNowhere?

Trey – Umm… Its very confusing.. I talked to him earlier and I just want him to be brave enough to face me… I’m growing impatient and… I don’t know…


Jeep – So are you nervous about doing it with Raven? She seems…………experienced.

Aries – No I’m not nervous… I was just having a sex conversation with your cousin Harrison

Trey – *looks down*

Nick – Wait.. Jeep.. you’re Harrison’s cousin? I thought you were just related to Jarrah.

Jeep – Jarrah dad, is my father’s brother. As for Harrison.. yeah we’re cousins. Our mothers are twin sisters.

Nick – Ah cool.

Aries – Harrison is super vulgar. He told me how to “eat the peach” He also told me to slam the snatch!

Nick – ………..Cool. *looks at Trey*

Trey – ………*looks at Nick* *smiles*

Jeep – So… are you doing anyone Nick?

Nick – Eh.. sorta.. but I don’t kiss and tell.

Aries – That or you’re secretly gay and doing Trey *laugh*

Jeep – Aries!

Aries – Just joking goodness!

Nick – Projecting much? maybe you’re the gay one there eager beaver.

Aries – If I were gay… I’d be gay.. my mom’s are lesbian! Its pretty cool and socially accepting to be gay these days anyway.

Nick – Not really what about those who aren’t brave enough to come out? huh? huh Mr know it all?

Jeep – Guys stop

Aries – I was just joking why are you so mad? I’m harmless.. I’m not even a fighter.. I’m sorry! goodness!

Nick – ……….Whatever.. stop putting labels on people… you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. Just because your moms are gay doesn’t mean you know other people’s struggles dude.

Aries – Sorry… I’m just so… used to gay people being out and proud.. I didn’t mean anything by it.

Nick – Its fine….and just so you know…I like girls… and girls only.

Jeep – I think we got it.

Wow… is it just me or am I sensing alot of tension? Aries and Nick arguing… Trey and Keegan look like they’re having words… Keegan is also being weird with Aries after it was his idea to befriend him… then Nick and Trey… whats up with that. This was probably not a good idea.

Keegan – Hey guys I’m going to jet, just realized I wanted to talk to my counselor about taking some new courses.

Trey – Oh.. that’s great… you should go take care of that.

Jeep – Awww You’re not gonna eat with us?

Keegan – I forgot about it.. My bad.. I’ll make it up to you though. I promise.

Jeep – Okay… Go be smart and stuff *laugh*

Aries – ……. Yeah… Cool…. I umm… I hope you still like me.. I’m not trying-

Keegan – I apologize for my comments earlier.. I think its great that you’re there for Jeep..

Aries – I can be your friend too.. if we hangout more.

Keegan – That would be cool.. we should do that.

Nick – Well are we still getting food guys?

Trey – I hope so.

Nick – *laugh* You’re always hungry! yet so skinny..

Trey – Shut up! *laugh*

Jeep – Yeah we’re still getting food… where should we eat?

Well guys.. what a weird  hangout. Anyway… I should feed these guys before everyone rips each others heads off! I’ll see you later…………when I have to deal with the big headed monster known as RUBI…..

15-20 minutes later….

(POV Keegan)

I umm… I didn’t really have to see my counselor… but you guys already knew that huh? I don’t really have direction in my life…. but that’s a conversation for another day I guess. I just figured I’d leave and not get any food because- well.. I had already snapped at Trey, and I didn’t want to be the dark cloud over the room. I love Trey, and didn’t mean it. I’m just having a hard time masking my issues.

I feel as if I’d rather be alone in my house…. that way I’m not fucking up anyone’s good time. I can’t believe I snapped at Trey.. I wish I could take that back. Then I was mean to Aries too. Its true though I’ve been a shit friend lately. I haven’t been there for Jeep at all, yet I want to get mad because Aries is actually being a good friend. I shouldn’t lash out at other people because I’m mad at myself- because that’s who I really have the problem with.

Do I want to quit drinking and popping pills? Yes… but Its not that easy… The second I say I’m done, and realize that I don’t need the shit…. I end up doing it again. As hypocritical as it was for Morgan to ask me if I ever thought about therapy- it wasn’t a bad idea per-say. I think what holds me back is… people knowing my problems. If I’m not okay with admitting things to myself, there’s no way I’m going to tell some stranger. Then there’s Rehab… yeah.. don’t even wanna think about that… I don’t really think I’m that far gone yet… or then again maybe I’m delusional…


What the hell? *turns around*


Man – Give some of that slam slam pu-


Keegan – I SAID GET *punch* OFF *punch* of *punch* her!

Man – Alright alright! STOP!

Keegan – You don’t like it huh? You don’t like being harassed do you?

Man – No! STOP!

Keegan – She said stop! but you didn’t!



Man – I’ll stop!

Keegan – You can’t stop! You keep doing it.. making the same mistake over and over again! You stupid junkie fuck! You’re a loser! You are nothing! YOU’RE NOTHING!

Bruce – Holy shit!

Amina – Damn……. Keegan is beating his ass!

Bruce – You know him?

Amina – Not really.. he’s my sorority sister’s friend.

Bruce – Ah

Ms. Swan – …………….Bahad man!

I felt like with every hit… I was attacking myself…. I wish… I was beating myself up….

Amina – Yes ma’am… She was attacked in the park..

Ms Swan – Till Ha man attack Swan! MAN ATTACK SWAN!

Amina – Stop screaming I’m talking to-

Ms Swan – Cah Nine wun wun!

Amina – I’m talking to them now! relax!


Bruce – That was nutz bro!

Keegan – ….I-

Bruce – You have some serious anger in you!

Keegan – I was just trying to help….

Bruce – Yeah… and let out some frustration!

Keegan – ……………maybe…

Bruce – You’re a good fighter…

Keegan – You must not be…

Bruce – Why? because of my black eye?…. you should see the other guy…

What’s this guy getting at?

Keegan – What do you want?!

Bruce – Hey! don’t get mad at me bro… I’m not trying to fight you.

Keegan – Then what do you want?

Bruce – I used to have alot of anger in me. I then started fighting and letting it out.

Keegan – What?… you have a fight club or something?

Bruce – Something like that… I’m a huge fan of UFC… Me along with a friend… we’re putting together a legit fighting scene. Its so people like you and I.. can fight it out and at the end of the day shake hands with our opponents.

Keegan – ………….. sounds…. stupid.

Bruce – Hey man.. it saved my life! I almost got hooked on meth! fighting saved my life… I’m clean.. I don’t touch drugs or alcohol anymore. Not that I screen my guys.. I mean everyone’s a work in progress..

Keegan – Do I look like some drug addict?

Bruce – No! You look like you have anger issues though. Like you’re working through some shit… look just… here’s my number if you’re interested.

Keegan – ………..okay….

Bruce – Think about it.

Heh…. ….Maybe it is something to think about?………… no, who am I kidding. I’d never wanna do anything like that. I should get home, take a nice shower and just relax. No drugs, no drinks.. no nothing… How is it that I’ve done nothing to day but I’m so fucking exhausted. Fuck my life..

(POV Jeep)

So after the guys and I grabbed a bite to eat. I had another class…… I fell asleep in it too. Oh well, I needed the rest considering I was meeting up with big head Rubi Larter Espinoza REDD. As you can see I’m on the phone right now, and no I’m not calling Christine… I’m calling Keegan. I assume he’s been off lately because Mona’s birthday is coming up… probably bringing up alot of emotions for him.

Jeep – Pick up……..

Rubi – Aww is a girl avoiding you?

Jeep – ………no Rubi… no.

Keegan’s Phone – Hey……Its Keegan….and for whatever reason I didn’t answer. So leave a message and I’ll call you back. *BEEP!*

Jeep – Hey Keegan… Its Jeep… Just calling to make sure you took care of that migraine and had some food and – yeah… call me back dude! bye!

Rubi – Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Jeep – *hangs up*

Jeep – So what’s the plan Rubi?

Rubi – Well.. being in the sorority house has its perks. I realized we had an actress in the house. So I want Spirit to be our Alien girl.

Jeep – Umm… okay. Sure that works.

Rubi – Of course it does. Umm did you find someone to play the human?

Jeep – Behind you… Miguel. He’s going to be our human.

Rubi – Oh…………….okay.

Spirit – Is that a bad thing Rubi? You don’t seem too happy about it.

Rubi – Eh… I’m just so used to big productions and how my father does things. I figured we’d audition a couple of hotties.

Spirit – Speaking of Hotties…. you and Harrison eh?

Rubi – That’s right!

Spirit – Mmm hmmm… thats cute………..

Jeep – …………….

Rubi – Jonah did you forget to-

Spirit – Wait.. you’re Jarrah’s cousin? I remember her mentioning a cousin named Jonah.

Jeep – Yeah she’s my cousin- and Harrison’s my cousin too.

Rubi – I see no family resemblance.

Jeep – ………….

Spirit – So you’re the cousin she talks about with the passion for film…

Jeep – That would be me.

Rubi – He can’t get laid so…… film it is! bet he watches alot of films… Porn Films…

Jeep – Ugh… anyway… I’ll be over there looking over the script…

Rubi – Fine.. I’ll go talk to Miguel………. make sure he doesn’t have an accent.

Spirit – That’s stupid… considering you’re part Hispanic.

Rubi – Well… girl…………yeah.

Ugh…. See what I mean? Rubi is so annoying

Jeep – (talking aloud) That will be a pain in the ass…. though… if we can get the football team to help us….

Spirit – Hey?

Jeep – Oh hi? Can I help you?

Spirit – Umm.. Okay?

Either I can help or I can’t… she’s weird for a Sorority girl….

Spirit – So my character… She basically falls from the sky.. and meets a human boy…

Jeep – Right.

Spirit – How does she… automatically know English? Like she communicates with the guy.. easily.

Jeep – She’s an alien.. she knows a little about the Human Race.. not alot.. just what we look like, and how we speak.

Spirit – Her name is Nova right?

Jeep – Right………..I think its corny.. but Rubi picked the name… so….

Spirit – Hmmm… I don’t like the name either *laugh* Guess it doesn’t matter much though… names don’t make the character.

Jeep – Right… sometimes it does though. Like…….Freddy Kruger. The name just screams…

Spirit – Nightmare.

Jeep – Exactly! I really love the original Nightmare on Elm Street movie. It was brilliant and amazingly scary.

Spirit – Oh my god I know… when he walked in that alley with the stretched arms clawing the fence?! I nearly cried!

Jeep – I like the bathtub scene! I mean.. you’re not safe anywhere… She falls alseep in the tub.. and… there goes his pervy claw.. swimming in the water like-

Spirit – Like Jaws!…. stalking its next meal.

Jeep – Exactly!

Spirit – You know the freaky thing about Freddy Kruger?

Jeep – Besides everything?

Spirit – Wes Craven.. said he came up with the idea.. after seeing a man in his window that looked like him. How scary is that?

Jeep – Really scary… and kinda cool!

Spirit – Horror has fallen so low lately…

Jeep – I agree.. though-

Spirit & Jeep – I like the Paranormal Activity Movies

Spirit – Sorry…

Jeep – No its okay… we both like the Paranormal Activity movies I guess. *laugh*

Spirit – I just miss good stuff… like Psycho… The people under the stairs… Stuff like that.

Jeep – Are you mostly into horror?

Spirit – No.. I love all types of film.. Umm.. I just saw Melancholia– the Lars Von Trier movie? about the-

Jeep – Rouge planet smashing into earth.. yeah.. I loved it.

Spirit – How visually stunning was it? Even the ending scene.. and the music.. was just-

Jeep – Intense.

Spirit – I need to find time to have a movie night. Last thing I saw was Prometheus.

Jeep – Yuck.. I saw it.. and hated it!

Spirit – Oh take that back! It wasn’t that bad! all of you nitpickers.. Just foaming at the mouth ready to bash the movie!

Jeep – It didn’t answer ANY questions about Aliens. Also.. it was supposed to bridge the two movies.. and it failed to do so. I heard they’re even making another movie called Paradise that bridges Prometheus and Aliens together. How dumb!

Spirit – Oh come on.. Paradise is apparently going to be on the Engineers home planet. That’s exciting. Also The movie was good. The special effects were amazing, the Engineers were flawless. The story was even good… Minus Charlize Theron running in a straight line like a dumbass..

Jeep – Eh… aside from when Shaw cut the alien out of her uterus… I didn’t really care too much about-

Spirit – What is it with this generation and its entitled nature? or better yet -lack of understanding? Think of it this way-

Jeep – People want answers!-

Spirit – Wait! think of it this way. When you saw Aliens… did you cry bloody murder that certain things were left unexplained?

Jeep – No….

Spirit – Assuming you’ve seen Independence Day

Jeep – I have.. and I love that movie.

Spirit – The computer Virus that took out the aliens… what the hell? How is that possible? Its stupid… these advance being come to earth.. only for a human to write a virus… that took out their ship. People back then didn’t complain as much but in today’s world.. everyone’s a critic!

Jeep – Well!- That… is kinda stupid… but… Well I love Inception.. you can’t say anything bad about that.

Spirit – Overrated…

Jeep – Hater!

Spirit – *laughing*

Jeep – What’s so funny?

Spirit – I never talk about this stuff… I’d feel like… nobody would get my love for certain films.

Jeep – Maybe you need new friends?

Spirit – Maybe.

Jeep – Bryce is someone I talk about films with, but he gets soooo wrapped up in what Rubi would like- or say.. its kinda ridiculous.

Spirit – Can I be honest about something?

Jeep – Sure.

Spirit – I agreed to do this for 2 reasons. ……. 1 : Because I love acting and I saw a copy of the script and wanted to do it….. 2: I have this hunch about Rubi.. and I’m sticking close by… to make sure I’m right about something.

Jeep – What is it?

Spirit – I can’t say yet….

Jeep – A mystery… cool!

Spirit – While I’m being honest… can I just say that Rubi has no idea what the hell she’s doing- or talking about most of the time. She’s going to be a terrible filmmaker in the future.. assuming daddy lets her ride his coattails

Jeep – Nepotism….

Spirit – I know..

I never would have assumed Spirit was this cool…….

Jeep – …….

Spirit – ……..SO! I’ll let you be.. I’m just here.. talking your ear off.. your big floppy ears *laugh*

Jeep – Eh… yeah… big ears to match my big nose… *looks down*

Spirit – I think your ears are really cute….

Jeep – You don’t have to say that

Spirit – I know but I-


Miguel – That’s offensive bitch!

Rubi – Excuse me!?

Jeep – I better go… defuse that situation.

Spirit – Good idea… but we’re not done Jonah… I think I may have to show you some real movies..

Jeep – Yeah right… I’ll show YOU real movies..


Eh…. Stupid Rubi, why is she being so ridiculous. We have so much work to do. I wouldn’t have picked Miguel if I didn’t think he could pull it off. I’m tired of Rubi taking over everything. I’m putting my foot down! This is now MY project!

Jeep – Hey Rubi! LAY OFF!

(POV Keegan)

Today has been… one of those days where I wish I were never born. Its just so…..  …………..I don’t even know how to describe it. I’m just really tired. Physically and emotionally drained. I’m doing this to myself, but Its- like its fucking funny when you think about it. I’m sad, and I’m doing things to block the sadness. Then once the high is over.. I’m sad because I did those things to block out my sadness. I’m pretty messed up.

Kaitlyn – Keegan! Honey!

Joy – Down here! Hey!!!

Keegan – What are you guys doing here?

Kaitlyn – We came to say hi.

Joy – We just saw a movie and were in the area.

Keegan – I’ll be down in a second.

Kaitlyn – Alright!

Joy – Take your time sweetie!

Keegan – Hi Moms…

Joy – Hey baby… how are you doing?

Keegan – I’m okay.

Kaitlyn – You know you really shouldn’t be up there without a shirt honey.

Keegan – I know mom….

Kaitlyn – You can catch a cold.

Keegan – I’m naturally warm.. I’ll be okay.

Joy – You know we just want you well.

Yeah…. everyone wants me well…

Keegan – Well umm.. come on in.. have a seat.

Joy – The place is so clean!

Kaitlyn – It is!

Keegan – Everyone is always so surprised that I keep a clean place.

Joy – Well can you blame em?

Kaitlyn – Your room was always so messy as a boy…

Keegan – I guess you’re right.

Joy – So how’s school?

Keegan – Fine.

Kaitlyn – Work?

Keegan – Good….- umm.. not that I don’t love you both but…. why are you really here?

Kaitlyn – …..

Joy – Honey… we know Mona’s birthday is-

Keegan – I’m okay! *smiles* really you guys don’t have to worry… I’m fine.

Kaitlyn – I’d imagine your friends are doing exactly what we’re doing?

Keegan – Yeah… I get it, you guys want me to be okay. Its kinda annoying though, I mean if I’m okay and not thinking about it-

Joy – Then it doesn’t help when people keep bringing it up.. I understand.

Keegan – Exactly.

Kaitlyn – So… umm… do you plan on… seeing your dad?

Keegan – ……………

Joy – He wants you to see him badly.. him and Scott.


Kaitlyn – He’d come by.. but he doesn’t want to force anything. He understands that you’re mad at him because he’s pushing direction on you

Keegan – I’m not mad, and I know he’s doing it because he wants the best for me. I just think he should back off a little… mainly because he didn’t figure himself out for a while from what I know… so give me time to figure myself out..

Kaitlyn – Yeah…

Joy – He just doesn’t want you making the mistakes he made…

Keegan – I wont… hell I’ve already made my own book of mistakes…- *coughing & choking*

Joy – You okay? Look like you wanna-

Kaitlyn – I’ll get you some water!

Keegan – *coughing* No- no I’ll be right back…

I feel like I can’t focus…. *breathing hard* My head hurts.. everything hurts…. *crying* I’m such a failure…

Mona – …….You’re way stronger than this Keegan…. stop hurting yourself.. let people in.

Keegan – I killed you… *crying*

Mona – It was an accident.. its not your fault… things happen… I chose to get in that car… stop blaming yourself and live your life….

Keegan – But you didn’t get you live yours…

Keegan – *crying* You’re not here… you’re not here.. you’re not here…

Kaitlyn – Keegan? Honey?… are you okay?

Keegan – Yeah!…. I umm I ate a bad burger or something…

Kaitlyn – Joy and I are going to run to the store and get you some ginger-ale.. you want anything else? Some of those sour candies you like?

Keegan – *crying*… No I’m okay Mom…

Kaitlyn – Okay we’ll be right back… clean yourself up and go lay down. We love you.

Keegan – *crying*

I’m so sick of this…… I’m sick of myself……….I just want more pills. I don’t want to feel pain anymore…

(POV Jeep)

So…….. My roommate Lucas- I mean……. Lisa Chang!… he’s- well she’s… leaving. Apparently to become someones wife? I’m so confused. Lucas met some guy online who’s rich and wants him to live with him full time? I don’t get it.. Atleast Lucas is out of my hair now! That’s a good thing!

Lucas – Goodbye JONAH! Lisa Chang is out!

Jeep – Have fun being… a wife

Lucas – Oh I will! I’m going to get tits! okay Jonah?! TITS I’m getting TITS!

Jeep – Okay….. cool…

Lucas – Being Lisa Chang is so much fun… I slay your fave Jonah… I slay all the girls at G.C.U.


Jeep – This is the life!

Guess I’ll be needing a new roommate soon, but for now.. I’ll enjoy the room to myself. Playing music, watching movies, watching porn…doing all sorts of manly things. Yeah.. I can get used to this…

[knock on the door]

Guess Lucas forgot a wig or something…

Wow….. she’s here….

Christine – Hi.

Jeep – Umm.. Hi.

Christine – I walked in and asked where I could find the emo kid. I accidentally got a guy named Bryce, but.. he pointed me here.

Jeep – *smiles* I’m glad you’re here.

Christine – Me too…

Jeep – I like your hair.

Christine – I like yours too Jonah…

Jeep – Well come in.. 

Christine – …. I-

Jeep – Where were you?

Christine – I had to go out of town… for a minute..

Jeep – I thought you didn’t like me anymore.

Christine – Impossible.

Jeep – *smiles*

Christine – I kept thinking about you…

Jeep – I never stop thinking about you.

Christine – Good…. so umm.. Can I stay here?…. with you?

Jeep – Yeah- yeah my umm.. roommate just left actually- for good.

Christine – ….So I can stay?

Jeep – For as long as you want.

Christine – Okay…

Jeep – What happened? where-

Christine – I can’t tell you… not yet. I don’t want you to look at me differently.

Jeep – I would never.

Christine – You say that… but…- Look, lets just… be together… tonight.

Jeep – Okay.. well feel free to take that bed…

Christine – …..

Jeep – Have you talked to Raven?

Christine – I came straight here… I threw my phone away days ago so…

Jeep – She wanted me to tell you “Finders Keepers” …….whatever that means.

Christine – ………….I see… hmm.. I’ll go see her in the morning….

I felt happy that Christine showed up. I just didn’t know what to think about her disappearing act…

Christine – ….Are you gonna lay down?

Jeep – That’s actually my bed

Christine – I know… the posters are a dead giveaway…

Jeep – Oh *laugh* I’ll just take the other bed.

Christine – Do I have to spell it out for you?…. I want to lay with you.

Jeep – Oh…. okay *smiles*

Christine – So can you turn off the lights and just lay with me?

Jeep – Yes… I can do that.

Oh god…. why am I nervous… stop sweating… stop being weird Jonah! Just turn the lights off and lay with her.. she wants to spoon.. or does she want sex? I don’t even have condoms… Oh my god.. I’m unprepared. She might think I’m lame! -bu-bu- but what if she doesn’t like condoms? I don’t want to make babies.. or have STD’s- not that she has any?.. Oh crap.. what do I do.. Oh no… I have a boner! control yourself penis!

Christine – Jonah?

Jeep – PENIS!– I mean … yeah?

Christine – ……*smiles* I don’t wanna do it… I just wanna cuddle and talk about your day…

Jeep – Oh… okay..

Christine – *smiles*

Well… that takes the load off- bad choice of words… Dammit boner go away….

~*End of Chapter Three Pt 2 | Pt 3 is Next*~


  1. XD Jeep was so funny the way he was freaking out about Christine. And he and Spirit really hit it off today. It’s nice seeing him make friends with other people and gaining confidence ^_^. But now I’m even more worried about Keegan. He is a WRECK! I hope he gets help :\. You know what I was thinking? This story would be such a great tv series!! Actually all of your stories would. The characters and their story lines are so well thought out and complex. I hope you consider making a career out of this. I seriously think you have talent :). In the meantime, I’ll be anxiously awaiting the next part!

    1. lol Keegan may be cute and be the object of everyone’s affection, but I’m partial to the underdog. Jeep is just so fricken cute imo. Spirit and Jeep really do have alot in common, goes to show that one should never judge a book by its cover. If Spirit and Jeep explore a friendship will Christine be okay with that?… plus… what is her secret lol.. 😛

      As for ole’ KeeKee… Yes… he’s a wreck.. and its going to get much worse before it can get any better…. Prayer Circle for KeeKee lol.

      Your other comment was really sweet and touching. I actually would love to write a tv series for any of the Networks (ABC, CBS, FOX, TheCW, NBC) or hell even the Cable channels (Showtime, HBO) I think B2M would be great for HBO. With Sex and The City gone.. it was replaced with the new show GIRLS. Well Entrouage is gone.. we need something new.. B2M could fill that spot lol. YOU HEAR THAT HBO?! haha

      I wish something like that could happen to me, I’m an optimistic person so never say never lol. It would be awesome because I love it all.. everything from crafting persona’s down to clothing and hair choice. To the way someone speaks. I love taking personal experience, and friends experiences and gaining inspiration from it.

      I also have a HUGE imagination. 20% of my stories are based on real life experiences but the other 80% is just my imagination. I have SO many ideas for stories, movies, tv series lol. So yeah.. I’ve thought about it alot. However until my dreams come true I’ll just keep enjoying doing what I’m doing… I love updating weekly lol 😛

      Thanks for always reading and commenting. It brighten’s my day 🙂

      Lots more to come.. including answers to the question we’ve all been waiting for… Who is KingOfNowhere? That answer is actually….Next.

  2. *Forges your name on a HBO job application* Hehehehe. OMG I’m so excited to find out who kingofnowhere is!!! 😀 *hyperventilates* And what IS Christine’s secret??? >.<

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