BoysNGirls : Chapter Three | Pt. 1 “Je ne sais quoi”

Chapter Three | Pt. 1 “Je ne sais quoi”

-POV’s : Frankie & Kaori

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN)that person is narrating that scene.*~

~Disclaimer : This story features mature language… Just a warning.~

(POV Frankie)

I decided to face Ivy, but… she hasn’t been around for a week. So maybe she’s avoiding me. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to say but I didn’t think I should have beeen sleeping elsewhere when I could just confront her about everything. My feeling on the matter is.. why talk to everyone else about it, when I can just talk to her. Sadly she’s been gone.. so… yeah. I’ve been a little stressed out, and a little nervous as well.

What’s stressing me is the fact that my mother keeps texting me saying she’s sorry. The text usually start after I reject 4 of her calls in a row. As for the nervous part.. I start a new internship-well job- well paid internship that could flourish into a full time job. I’m very confident in my skills as a writer though, it has nothing to do with that. Its more so about the fact that- You know what… I have to tell my dad anyway so you’ll obviously find out *laugh*

Riley – I’m glad you came by.

Frankie – *smiles* I just wanted to check on my dear ol’ Dad.

Riley – What’s on your mind Frankie?

Frankie – What makes you think I have stuff on my mind?

Riley – I can tell…

Frankie – I don’t- Umm *looks around* I like the new place.

Riley – Sucks I got evicted out of the old one…

Frankie – New start.. plus you start your new job tomorrow. New everything *smiles*

Riley – …..Yeah.

Frankie – And who knows.. you may meet a nice woman- or guy… Just be positive.

Riley – Eh… all these wrinkles… lack of money. I’m no catch babygirl.

Frankie – You’re awesome.. *smiles*

Riley – Well if you think I’m awesome, then I’ll take it.

Frankie – You better.

Riley – *laugh*

Riley – So…. whats going on in your life? I know you and Sebastian broke up- I know Keegan’s not an option…. so…

Frankie – Umm I haven’t dated anyone new

Riley – So After Sebastian you’ve been…single? Why?

Frankie – ……Dad the whole bisexual thing.. I have a question about it… You-

Riley – You like a girl?

Frankie – No?….. I don’t think so?…….she likes me?.

Riley – How do you know

Frankie – That day that you came to my dorm, She was consoling me and then she kissed me.

Riley – Oh god.. how did you react?

Frankie – Probably didn’t retort in the best fashion…

Riley – Take this lightly….. I always thought you liked girls… then Keegan happened and I was confused. You were obsessed with your friendship with Kaori too I thought-

Frankie – *laugh* Dad… first off- I was just happy to have a cool friend like Kaori.. she put alot of new experiences in my life- as for Keegan I- That’s just.. whatever.

Riley – *smiles* You say his name in a funny way..

Frankie – I do not…………….. “Keegan” – “Keegan, Keegan Keegan”…………..see… nothing funny about the way I say it.

Riley – Mmm hmm. Well Frankie.. about this girl-

Frankie – Ivy– Ivy Johnson….

Riley – Oh?…..Briana’s daughter?

Frankie – Yes? why do you say it like that?

Riley – I umm… I knew her mother- but that’s a story for another day. So about Ivy… if you like her, don’t be afraid to admit it. Go for it, because I spent way too much of my time worrying about what people would think about me. Because of that I didn’t really dive into the boy pool until later in life… well there was this one in high school named Kris but- The point I’m trying to make is….. don’t be afraid of your feelings n shit.. cause… life is too short.

Frankie – I understand….

Riley – I mean how do you feel about the possibility of you liking her?… More than just friends? does she interest you at all?

Frankie – I don’t know.. I mean she’s different.. she…. as cliche as it sounds she possesses a certain Je ne sais quoi… I can’t put my finger on it..

Riley – A what?

Frankie – *laugh* nothing.. she’s just unique.. and different… yeah.. I can’t describe her…

I don’t know if I like Ivy………I don’t dislike her… its very confusing. Also I still have to wonder if I ever gave her any indication that I was open to that sort of thing. If I did, it was not on purpose… She’s nice though and…… I don’t know… I guess a part of me has always been curious…

Riley – You know its alot easier for girls too.. Women can openly explore their sexuality. Men can’t.

Frankie – Yes they can- but I get what you’re saying. Its more socially accepting of a woman to be curious, or bisexual… but when a guy does it-

Riley – He’s Gay. That’s what they say… a bisexual guy isn’t bi.. he’s lying to himself and he’s gay. Isn’t that a stupid double standard?

Frankie – It is.. but with the way the media presents it… girls kissing.. is hot, its sexy. Guys kissing is gay.. its ew…

Riley – Exactly….

I do feel bad for guys when it comes to the whole sexuality thing. Men explore just as much as women do… they just don’t admit it. I totally understand why though…. Part of me wonders if they were more vocal about it- if it would become something less… taboo. I don’t know though… I’m not a guy so….

Frankie – Mom never liked your…..sexuality.

Riley – Which is funny because she’d joke about it. She’d also be a hypocrite, and talk about all the girls she’s fooled around it- it was stupid..

Frankie – Well… she’s….an idiot…. Its funny too because you have women who push the double standards as well. They will brag about doing things with girls and being a “bit” bisexual.. and then if a guy says the same thing.. its all bad. They ridicule the guy and pretty much stamp him as a closeted gay man..

Riley – Yep.. and Guys will do it too knowing damn well they were probably looking too hard in a locker room or two..

Frankie – Is that what you did? *laugh*

Riley – Ha… funny…- speaking of your mother…she still calling you?

Frankie-  Yeah but I ignore it for the most part….

Riley – She called me last night. Yelling saying I let Andi abandon her family. That I need to find her and make things right.

Frankie – What Andi did… is what Andi did.. However.. Mira needs to understand that she played her part in it as well.

Riley – Your sister left for alot of reasons.. one being the whole thing with Micah, and Ivo…

Frankie – And obviously.. the other reason being….

Riley – Your mother…

Frankie – I-

Riley – And my depression….

Frankie – ……Yeah…

Riley – I spoke to Andi this morning actually…

Frankie – What?

Riley – She called and said she has a new roommate… and that she’s fine. She didn’t say much else.

Frankie – Did you tell her about Mom….

Riley – I did, and she changed the subject and said she had to get to work.

She stopped calling me.. Probably annoyed with my inability to pick up her calls. …Its just.. what do I even say to her?…

Frankie – Did she ask about me?

Riley – …..

Frankie – …..Its okay *forced smile……………. *changes subject* So umm.. I have a new job… *smiles*

Riley – Oh that’s awesome, its for writing right? ……..don’t settle on anything else…

Frankie – It is…. which is why I wanted to talk to you..

Riley – Oh I’m not a good writer *laugh*.. You know Vince’s son- Kaori’s brother.. you can ask his advice because he’s a good writer- That might be weird considering what happen with your sister though… shit I-

Frankie – Shut up dad! *laugh* sheeseh! I’m trying to tell you something..

Riley – Sorry… Go on…. *laugh* you sounded like Mira just now… weird…

You would think it would be a good thing to be told you sound like your mother but.. this is Mira we’re talking about. Anyway… here goes…

Frankie – So I got the e-mail the other day about the job….

Riley – Okay?

Frankie – ………..Its at The Mothership.

Riley – The- umm.. Scott’s- Mothership?

Frankie – Yeah its his Digital Entertainment-

Riley – Oh….

Frankie – Is that okay? I won’t take the job if-

Riley – I’d never stand in the way of your future. You go and show em’ you’re a badass writer.

Frankie – ….Okay *smiles*

Riley – Its nice that you care that much though.

Frankie – Of course…. I know you don’t talk to them… so..

Riley – …….I made a choice- a foolish choice- well.. It was for- *sigh* At the end of the day, my actions caused a reaction. I have to live with that. Issac moved on with Scott.

I know it still hurts him… he tries to be strong but I know it still really hurts that he can’t be with his soulmate…

Riley – You know what’s funny?

Frankie – Funny “Ha-Ha” or Funny “Ironic”?

Riley – Ironic…

Frankie – Hmm?

Riley – Before you got here, I was at the store getting soymilk… and… I saw Issac.

Frankie – Oh… did-

Riley – There he was, buying some lucky charm cereal… He looks good… *looks down*

Frankie – You didn’t say hi?

Riley – No…

Frankie – Did he s-

Riley – He didn’t see me…. atleast I don’t think he did.

Frankie – Hmm… that- …………Dad I don’t really have the words to even…Its just …to put it in “layman’s terms”…. It sucks.

Riley – Who’s Layman?

Frankie – No- its like when you take something complex and kinda strip it down to explain it in a way that-

Riley – People understand. I get it.

Frankie – Yeah..

Riley – So umm.. How’s Kaori?

Frankie – She’s…. okay.

Riley – ………Hmm

Frankie – Well she found out something about her family.. she’s kinda pissed.

Riley – Hmm, well.. its fucked up when you’re mad at your family.

Frankie – I’d know right?…. Mira is just-

Riley – Lets not speak of the devil anymore.

Frankie – Fine.. I should get going anyway… I have class and then… work….

Riley – *smiles* Don’t hate me for saying this… but I look at you and still see daddy’s little girl…

Frankie – Well I’m a woman now old man… get used to it *smiles*

Riley – I’m fuckin’ proud of you… I don’t know how you turned out so… good. Considering everything that happen..

Sometimes I don’t know either….

(POV Kaori)

I decided I was done holding everything in…. that enough was enough. It was time to call everyone out. So I got everyone together to spill the tea 

Ivo (On Laptop) – So that’s all I wanted to share… I’m moving to Bridgeport, and I’m excited. I’m almost done with my book and yeah.. good things are happening.

Vince – Well that’s great son.

Kokoro – It will be nice to have you closer.

Victoria – …………We all love and miss you Ivo.

Alana – Whatevs…. You swear he’s your son..

Victoria – Alana shut your trap…….for once. Atleast Ivo makes something of his life.

Alana – ……..*eyeroll* Why am I even here?

Kaori – Because I asked you to be?

Alana – ……And why was that again?

Ivo – Sorry lil’ sis. You said you had an announcement?

Victoria – Yes… what is this little show you’re putting on?

Kokoro – Let her talk Victoria. Nobody stops you when you perform..

Victoria – I’m not one for the dramatics dear.

Vince – Stop it…

Alana – So what is it Kaori? are you like… pregnant?

Victoria – Dropping out of school?

Ivo – Picked a Major?

Vince – …..Everyone shut up, and let her speak.

Kaori – Well I have two announcements.

Victoria – …………..Great.

Kaori – Fuck you BITCHtoria! You stuck up cunt!

Victoria – *gasp*

Vince & Ivo – KAORI!

Alana – Ha!

Victoria – Excuse me?!

Kokoro – ……..

Kaori – Just stand there and shut the fuck up while I’m talking! I’m sick of your shit!

Alana – *laugh* 5 points for Kay’

Victoria – Oh Alana go suck a wrinkled dick so you can pay your rent!

Kokoro – Honey what’s the announcement?

Vince – Kaori that was disrespectful- and Victoria let her speak!

Victoria – Fine fine.. I’ll shut up…

Kaori – I have a job.

Ivo – That’s the announcement Kay? because if so I’m happy for you!

Kaori -……..

Vince – Well that’s great Princess.

Victoria – A Job? Ha! *looks at Alana in disgust* 5 points for Kaori *bitchy smile*

Alana – Oh you’re so clever…

Kokoro – Well I’m proud of you I….. I know we haven’t seen each other in a while-

Kaori – Well maybe you can share the great news with George? *smiles*

Ivo – ……………..

Vince – ………………

Kokoro – I…………..

Victoria – …..Bout time….

Alana – Who the fuck is George?

Kaori – He’s the man my mother has been seeing.

Alana – And why is this front page news?

Kaori – Because…. Everyone knew about him except me. Like I’m some child!

Victoria – But you are darling…

Kaori – Kiss my ass Victoria, I hope you get hit by a bus and die

Alana – Ooooh goody! then the money can go to me.

Victoria – You get nothing you disrespectful twat!

Kokoro – Honey we didn’t tell you because you… You can’t handle things like that. I know you still had hope that-

Vince – You mother and I were never getting back together…. You blamed yourself for everything and we-

Kaori – Both of you shut up!

Ivo – Hey! I know you’re mad but don’t disrespect Mom and Dad! RELAX!

Kaori – You of all people have no right!………… We tell each other everything, you’re supposed to protect me! Have my back! instead you kept things from me!

Victoria – Ooooh she’s mad!

Alana – You have Wrinkles….. stressed at work?

Victoria – Alana get out.

Alana – Gladly.. once the show is over.

Kokoro – I was planning on telling you- we all were.

Victoria – I didn’t really care-

Kokoro – Well take your ass back to work or something!

Alana – Ha!

Vince – Princess….. we love you.. Its not even that big of a deal when you really think about it.

Kaori – It is! You all lied to me! I’m well aware that dad is staying with Lucifer over here! Its not about that!

Alana – By “Lucifer” she means you….

Victoria – …………………

Kaori – Cut me off! I don’t need your money… why would I want your money if you can’t even give me your honesty?! You all are on my shit-list!

Ivo – Kaori! STOP! You’re-

Kaori – Ivo…. you stop! Because if I were a bad person… I’d tell everyone YOUR secret!… but I’m not.. I’m a loyal person… Unlike you!

Ivo – ………..*sigh*

Vince – Lets just talk Princess…

Kaori – No! I’m leaving…. I don’t want to talk to any of you.

Kokoro – ……….I don’t know how to fix this Vince.

Vince – Don’t worry…

Ivo – Mom I’ll be there soon okay. It’s going to be okay.

Victoria – Is the show over? I have to get back to work… Final planning for my Paris Trip.

Alana – Blah blah blah! I could be out having drinks.. nobody cares about any of this!

Kaori – You’re free to leave… cause I’m leaving.

Kokoro – WAIT!

Vince – ……….

Kokoro – *crying* I didn’t mean to hurt you!

Kaori – What did you expect me to do? You thought I’d be okay with my family thinking I’m some weak girl? You thought it was okay for my family to lie to me? Then that BITCH Victoria knew the whole time.. no wonder she always gave me shit.. then looked at me as if I’d never win the battle.

Vince – We just wanted to wait… and to tell you..

Kokoro – I was waiting until things got serious between George and I…. that’s all. We wanted to wait!

Kaori – You didn’t wait to tell everyone else! I even heard you and George talking about how Ivo wanted you to visit him!

Vince – ……..You heard?

Kaori – I was on my way to visit her, then I saw George come out and talk to her!- which now that I think about it…………Why would you risk having your precious George in the open anyway?!

Kokoro – He’s my agent Kaori………I didn’t plan on falling in love with him. Also you never visited me anyway I didn’t expect-

Kaori – No! You didn’t expect your lies to be found out! I just don’t wanna talk to you guys okay? let me go….

Kokoro – I told you Vincent.. I didn’t want this kind of relationship with her.. she’s going to hold on to that hate forever and its all my fault.

Vince – No its not.. we should have told her…. now she feels like an outcast…..

The audacity of them to wanna talk after refusing to talk to me in the first place. Yes… lets talk now! After I’ve called you all out. I don’t really care if you guys think I’m overreacting. You try being lied to by your whole family who thinks you’re some weak minded child. Then Victoria wants to chime in.. bitch please. I was two seconds away from slapping her in her smug face. I have no idea what my father see’s in her.. 10 pounds of makeup.. dusty bitch.

Victoria and Alana can both go suck a dick to be all the way honest. My parents are officially on my shit list obviously. Then we have Ivo.. my asshole of a brother. I cannot believe him of all people would- ACTUALLY… on second thought I really shouldn’t be surprised; after what he did to Micah. How do you sleep with your bestriends ex girlfriend an hour after they breakup?. Wheres the loyalty? and here I thought that being his sister, made me the exception to the rule. You know, even though he did me dirty, I’m not going to tell his secret. That’s not who I am, but I know it will come out sooner or later.. its called Karma.

Ugh! I need to relieve some stress!

(POV Frankie)

So I went to class, and then back to my dorm room. Shockingly… Ivy was there…. looking a bit different.

Frankie – Ivy- umm.. Hi…

Ivy – Hey….

Frankie – New hair…

Ivy – I did something drastic…

Frankie – I like it.

Ivy – I needed to feel in control… so I chopped it off and went blonde- besides… Rubi’s a redhead now so… its officially not cool anymore..

Frankie – *smiles & laughs* true..

Ivy – So…. is this your first time being back too?

Frankie – No… I umm- I stayed at my friend Keegan’s, and then Kaori’s.. then I came back to talk to you… but-

Ivy – I was with my dad.

Frankie – Understandable.

Ivy – ……I needed to clear my head….

Frankie – Same….

Ivy – And I did… I even spoke to my mother.. with my dad’s support…. She’s doing better… she’s still getting treatment though- which is a good thing so I shouldn’t sound so sullen I suppose.

Frankie – I’m glad she’s doing better.

Suddenly like a slow motion car crash…it hit me. Ivy and I had so much in common. It was so clear… why did I not let this girl in earlier? Clearly she understood how I felt about things considering she was going through some of them herself. Eyes wide open- yet so blind….

Ivy – first off I want to apologize for- I can’t even say it without feeling stupid…umm… I only did it-

Frankie – I didn’t so much have a problem with you kissing me….

Wait that sounded weird…

Ivy – What?

Frankie – What I mean is; People should go after what they want, I’m a firm believer in that. I just didn’t think it was the right time?

Ivy – I know… It was so stupid of me…

Frankie – Ivy… I didn’t even know you liked girls..

Ivy – Really? Look at my posters… think about all the times I’ve complimented you… really think about it.

Frankie – ……..Heh….. when you have so much going on… the obvious things seem to go unnoticed.

Ivy – …..Do you hate me?

Frankie – No… I don’t.

Ivy – …..*smiles* well that’s good..

Frankie – Ivy?

Ivy – Yes?

Frankie – Did I lead you on? I’m just curious- did I put it out there that this was something I wanted?

Ivy – No?, you didn’t- BUT………….remember when we watched that movie?- umm.. Serendipity?

Frankie – Yes… of course…. one of my favorites..

Ivy – Well.. you seemed really into it….

Frankie – I love that movie…

Ivy – You seemed really into her….

Frankie – Who?- Kate Beckinsale?

Ivy – Yes… almost as if you….

Frankie – I’ve always liked her- umm……. Hmmm..

The weird thing is… if a person asked me who’d I go gay for… it would be Kate…. I mean come on.. She was such a badass vampire in Underworld right? the tight leather and the- oh my god…. I like girls….- I think……… This is weird…

Ivy – So do you like her like that?

Frankie – She’s a beautiful actress- I mean… She’s a girl crush I guess?

Ivy – Okay…

Frankie – I may…. like girls?………. The thing is Ivy.. I don’t know because I never tried. I don’t know how to be with a girl.

Ivy – Its not rocket science…… I don’t know how to be strong… but you’re a good role model for that. If you’re- sorry…

Frankie – No…. go on.

Ivy – If you want to try it…..then I can be…. available for you- God I’m so lame.. that sounded stupid- and even if you do like girls, I may not even be your type.. why-

Frankie – I do think you’re pretty.

Ivy – I think you’re gorgeous…..Sorry.. I’ve been wanting to say that a while…

Frankie – *smiles* Ivy I never thought about you in that way until-

Ivy – Until?

Frankie – Until I really thought about the situation…. I mean.. You kissed me.. but it felt different from when I’d kiss Kaori. It was friendly with her, but you.. It made me wonder if I could be more than friends?- but wouldn’t it be weird?

Ivy – Why? because we’re roommates?

Frankie – That and other reasons….

Ivy – ….I-

Frankie – I don’t want to be your girlfriend- atleast not right away

I can’t believe I just said that…

Ivy – Okay…

Frankie – I’m just confused- wait no.. i don’t want to be the cliche.. I’m not confused, I know part of me likes- well thinks maybe it could be something I’d be interested in. Is that confusing?- wait I just confused myself.

Ivy – No…Its not confusing. It makes sense.

Frankie – Will you be patient with me?

Ivy – Yes.

Frankie – You get a hug…. because I probably made you feel really bad.

Ivy – You made me feel like a big dykie loser….

Frankie – Sorry….

Ivy – Its okay…. I got a great haircut out of it.

Frankie – *smiles/laugh* I really am sorry if I-

Ivy – I knew you weren’t like a homophobe or whatever.. your dad is bi, and your friend Trey….. he’s kind of a queen……

Frankie – Right.

Ivy – So…. umm-

Frankie – I don’t- like… umm… I guess I’ve always sorta been curious. I just don’t want to hurt you if-

Ivy – Its okay…

Frankie – Okay…..

Ivy – Nothing really has to change.. I’m not asking you to hold my hand in public or anything…

Frankie – *laugh*

Ivy – So… how was your day?

Frankie – Its halfway done and I’m tired…

Ivy – You start your new internship-job today right?

Frankie – How did you-

Ivy – I follow you on twitter… like a dork…

Frankie – No…. that’s endearing…. Yeah I go in an hour.

Ivy – Want to watch an episode of Modern Family before you have to leave?

Frankie – YES!.. I wasn’t even aware that it started up again!… did Hayley go to college?

Ivy – She did! it was a cute episode!…. I’m obsessed with TV… I’ll always DVR stuff… no worries.

Frankie – Ivy… are you really okay with letting things just happen naturally?

Ivy – I’m more than okay with that, and if you decide you just want to be friends.. then that’s okay too.

Frankie – Cool….

I don’t know what I’m doing…. but, I sorta like the way it feels. Not knowing what’s next, because I’m the type of person who plans everything. So obviously this is a big leap for me. Anyway…. I’m going to relax and watch some tv. Then I’ll enter The Mothership. I hope I do well when I get there… Its the big leagues. Its not some blog.. its serious writing… and I’m so scared of not living up to my own expectations, let alone theirs…

(POV Kaori)

Kaori – Were you expecting someone or something?

Lars – No… Just looking at those idiot football players goof around….

Kaori – *eyeroll*

Lars – What? you want some more d-

Kaori – No.

Why the fuck…. did I fuck…. this fool? Ugh instant regret… I know Jeep, and others hate homeboy. Not only because he sales drugs, but because he’s a smug spoiled rich kid. I know what you’re thinking… and for your information; I’m not spoiled.

Lars – That was great though wasn’t it?

Kaori – It was okay….

Lars – Whatever.. I totally busted it wide open girl! you loved that shit!

Kaori – Ugh…….where are my clothes…

Lars – And….. we’re in business.

Kaori – What are you doing?

Lars – I needed to message a certain special someone…

Kaori – We just had sex you pig.

Lars – I can’t help that I’m the King.

Kaori – You? a King? of what? Ha!…. You’re the King of Nothing..

Lars – Whatever… So why you getting all mad anyway? what you hate me now or something?

Kaori – I’m not.. I just hate obnoxious ass dudes.

Lars – You swear I don’t have a reason to be conceited

Kaori – You don’t.. your dick is small.

Lars – No its not!

Kaori – Its not big!

Lars – Whatever! Its average size! It was enough to make you climb aboard!

Again…. major mistake… I should NEVER have hooked up with Lars, what was I thinking?- oh that’s right… I wasn’t thinking. Anger makes me do stupid shit… I need to get my clothes on and get out of here.

Aries – Kay?

Kaori – Oh hey Aries.

Lars – Your cousin’s a buzzkill Aries

Kaori – Your roommate is disgusting.

Aries – Shut up Lars…. and Kay’ if he’s gross.. why sleep with him?

Kaori – My head is not on his pillow.. I’m not sleeping with him. We hooked up… a momentary lapse in judgement to be all the way honest.

Aries – I see…

Kaori – So how was your day loser?

Aries – Do you really care to know?

Kaori – No? but amuse me.

Aries – I hung out with this really kickass girl named Raven.

Lars – You’re always talking about this girl… How are her tits?!

Aries – I- They’re…. *smiles* Nice……..

Kaori – *shakes head* Anyway… so are you and this girl serious?

Aries – I think so?

Kaori – Well good for you… you know I don’t do the whole relationship thing.

Aries – Because you don’t want to get hurt-

Kaori – Zip it freckles.

Aries – …..fine.. just an opinion.

Kaori – One that isn’t needed.

My cousin Aries and I have a weird relationship. For the most part we do walk around campus as if we don’t know each other. People know we’re related though, because he tells them.. he wants to be cool so bad. Its quasi-pathetic if you ask me. Another reason Aries and I don’t gel super well is because I think his mother- My aunt Vanessa… is a cunt. I cannot stand the bitch. Way too preachy….

Kaori – Cute shirt…

Aries – Thanks.. I got it at a thrift shop.

Kaori – ………cool.

Aries – So…… I just saw Hammer.

Kaori – Begging him to let you in the Frat?

Aries – No….*looks down*…..whatever the case. He seems to have moved on from you.

Kaori – Yeah…………………….Right.

Aries – Well he was on his cellphone talking to someone.

Kaori – Really………

Aries – Yeah.. I just walked in and saw him in the main hall. He was confirming a date with some girl.

Lars – Chad didn’t wanna wait around….

Sometimes I forget Hammer’s real name is Chad…

Kaori – Whatever… not like I care.

Aries – I always thought you guys made a nice couple- paring….sorry…

Kaori – Oh please… I was your “IN” ………that way you could get into the frathouse.

Aries – ………….That too….

Kaori – Well whatever.. again.. I don’t give a shit what Hammer does.

Okay.. maybe I do……… I feel like since Keegan is not an option… that maybe I could give Hammer a chance. Now I hear that he’s moved on?……….whatever.. screw it- And yes I’m well aware of the amount of times I’ve said “Whatever” I mean its not like I’m saying I want to go steady with Hammer… he’s………..Hammer…..

Aries – Kay?

Kaori – What?

Aries – I know we’re not super close but.. I wish we had the relationship that Jarrah, and Jonah have.

Kaori – Nobody cares what Jeep and Bore-Rah does….

Aries – ……..

Kaori – ……..What?

Aries – You can be so mean sometimes. I think its because you have personal issues, and you like to take it out on others to make yourself feel better.

Lars – Ding Ding Ding.

Kaori – Both of you go suck a horse dick. I’m out.

Since Frankie is so fuckin’ busy lately… I’ll just hangout with Paisley…..

Phone – Hello?

Kaori – Paisley?

Paisley – Whats up?

Kaori – I’m bored, and need to vent. Feel like getting some drinks and listening to me bitch about things?

Paisley – Sure.

Kaori – Then we can just get to work after-

Paisley – I’m actually off today- but I’ll still hangout with you.

Kaori – Cool. I’ll see you in 5.

Paisley – Okay. Bye bitch!

Kaori – See u in a sec.

You guys go do whatever it is you do when you’re not with me. I’m going to get tipsy and forget the day.

(POV Frankie)

I finally got myself mentally prepared. I had made myself over to The Mothership. Scott was very supportive right from the start. All this time I was thinking about how awkward this would be for me, I never thought about how he’d feel…. He seems to be dealing with it in a mature manner though.

Scott – I’m so glad you have you join us here at The Mothership. Your professor sent me a few of your papers and I know you can do good here.

Frankie – Thank you sir-

Scott – Call me Scott.

He aged well…… Scott’s always been really handsome though. As much as I hate to admit it; Issac and Him make a cute couple.

Frankie – ……I’m nervous.

Scott – You know.. I am too.. but not because you’re new. Its because of.. you know.. our connections.. Keegan, Riley.. Issac…

Frankie – Yeah…. its a bit… perplexing…

Scott – It doesn’t have to be.. we’re all adults you know?

Frankie – Very true….

Scott – Can we put that stuff behind us and just work and be good to one another?

Frankie – Yes.. I’d love that actually.

Scott – Good.. its exactly what I wanted. I’d expect nothing less from a mature young lady such as yourself.

Frankie –  *smiles* *looks around* This place is amazing. The name fits so well.

Scott – I designed it myself. When I was younger I was so fascinated by space, the universe- THE UNKNOWN!….. I’m still very much infatuated by those things. Which is why I gathered all that inspiration to make this place.

Frankie – Its brilliant.

Scott – Thank you.

In case you guys are wondering… Scott met Issac while on assignment in Milan. Scott interviewed him and sparks were obviously flying… Only reason I know this is because of Keegan. I think Scott’s a good stepfather for Keegan, but Keegan doesn’t like him much *laugh* Keegan has his issues with his life, but I do think he should give Scott a chance…. but that’s none of my business I guess….

Scott – So I’d introduce you to the other three, but.. as you can see, one is missing, and those two up there.. are in a deep conversation. Umm.. The guy… that’s T.J. He does all my tech news. You know how APPLE likes to announce stuff rather quickly. The woman, that’s Uma… she writes mostly about relationships.

Frankie – What will I be writing about?

Scott – That remains to be seen actually…

Frankie – Well I have you know, that I have the ability to cover a wide range of-

Scott – I know… I saw all of your blogs, and your professor speaks highly of you.

Frankie – *smiles* I’m being way too pretentious and overzealous. I should take things slow.. I apologize

Scott – No no.. I love the enthusiasm. I umm… I actually have something for you to write about.

Frankie – Other than my “I’m new at The Mothership” article?

Scott – Yeah- Though I still want you to write that.

Frankie – Okay.

Scott – This assignment is actually on location.. You okay with that? Because I sorta wanna through you out to the sharks and see how you react.

Ooooh fancy…. I’m intrigued. 

Frankie – Yes.. I’m fine with that.

Scott – Next week… I want you to visit the new home of Author Jessica Nash. You know her?

Frankie – I’m well aware of who she is. She wrote one of my favorite books of all time. “Time Doesn’t Heal All Wounds” 

Scott – That particular piece of literature wasn’t as successful as she may have hoped.

Frankie – I know, but I still loved it. She writes with such conviction and malice.. I think she made a mistake by making her debut book so… gossipy. Fan got attached to that and assumed all her books would be that way.

Scott – I actually agree with that notion.

Frankie – *smiles*

Scott – So umm… she’s moving to Bridgeport, opening up a NEW publishing building.. and looking for new talent. She’ll be joined by her protege- Whom I’ll assume you’re very familiar with. Ivo McDonald.

Frankie – Yeah.. he’s my bestfriends older brother… and yeah.. lets just say I know him…

Scott – Good. You’ll be talking with both Jessica and Ivo.. about their upcoming books. Jessica has a new one, and she been working with Ivo on his debut. I want the scoop on both books, and I want to know the dynamic of their relationship. What he’s learning from her, and vice versa.

Frankie – Okay.

Scott – Also, get in her head a bit. Find out exactly what she’s looking for in terms of new writers for her publishing brand. This way any potential reader of the article may see it and want to apply, and or be inspired to get their feet wet in the literary world. You copy?

Frankie – Gotcha.

Scott – Alright.. I’m in need of some coffee. Find your desk, and.. fool around.. have fun.

Frankie – Okay, Thank you sir for the opportunity.

Scott – No problem. Hopefully you WOW me… and I decide to keep you full time.

Frankie – *smiles* That would be ideal.

It would actually be quintessential to my five year plan. So hopefully all goes well……. I should find my desk.

So….. I found it. I have to say.. this place is pretty sensational. I mean look at it, its beautiful. I almost feel like I’m in a real spaceship. Okay okay focus… lets not waste any time. Lets start on my article… What should I name it…. Lets leave it as “Untitled” for now… I hope something crazy happens around here.. something that would really be worth writing about… especially since its my first day…

Sebastian – Frankie?

Frankie – Yes?- Sebastian?

Guess I spoke too soon about something crazy happening..

Frankie – What are you doing here?

Sebastian – Hi to you too….

Frankie – I’m sorry… Hi.

Sebastian – Last time we spoke… things were left a bit… well for lack of better terms… “weird”

Frankie – I know, and I didn’t mean to be so rude… I was just-

Sebastian – No I get it. I know you well.. Its okay.

Frankie – So… again.. what are you doing here? Do you work here?

Sebastian – Yes I do… I started working here maybe 3 and a half months ago?

Frankie – How did I miss that?

Sebastian – We weren’t exactly on speaking terms.

Frankie – Right.

Sebastian – So you’re the new intern.

Frankie – I am… its a paid job too.

Sebastian – Good. Umm word of advice… Stay out of Uma’s way.. she’s a raging bitch.

Frankie – I’ll keep that in mind.

Sebastian – Don’t worry about trying to impress Scott either. I shouldn’t be telling you this, but he really loved your blogs. I think you have a 80% chance of sticking around after the internship is over.

Frankie – That makes me a little less nervous….

Sebastian – …..Good…Umm.. you look happy.

Frankie – Umm.. yeah I guess so. I do feel a bit happy- but you know me… I don’t want to jinx things.

Sebastian – Right….. Just… let it happen.. don’t be stubborn.

Frankie – Excuse me?

Sebastian – Frankie we dated…. I know you repel the thought of things being okay. You self sabotage all the time- Though in the case of our relationship it was my doing- I take full responsibility for that. I’m sorry…

Frankie – …..Its okay…well its not- but you know what I mean.

Sebastian – Yeah…..

Frankie – ……Did you influence-

Sebastian – I had no idea professor Wozny was putting you here. That’s the honest truth.

Frankie – I believe you…

Sebastian – ….I’d hope so.

Frankie – ……

Sebastian – ……..

Frankie – ……..I-

Sebastian – WELL! I don’t want you to worry I won’t be cumbersome- I won’t be a thorn in your side. I’ll be professional.. we can work together without a problem right?

Frankie – Yes…

Sebastian – Maybe even become…friends again?

Frankie – ……perhaps that’s feasible….

Feasible? really Frankie?… ugh why couldn’t I just leave it at perhaps? or say… I don’t know…. “Maybe” … I’m such a spaz sometimes.

Sebastian – If you need help with anything.. ask T.J. or Scott if he’s around.. or hell………..ask me.

Frankie – I’ll remember that.

Sebastian – Okay… oh and umm… you look good.

Frankie – Thank you…. So do you…

Sebastian – *smirk* Alright.. I gotta get back to my desk.. I have alot of shit to do. Have fun… and relax.. Scott can be a little intense at times but he’s otherwise super cool. Anyway- bye- well not bye but- well..

Frankie – Okay… See ya…

Sebastian – Yeah.. see ya. *awkward smile*

Oh god.. how awkward was that?………I’m for once…………..speechless…..which doesn’t happen often.

(POV Kaori)

So turns out I got the magic touch. This massaging thing isn’t that hard…. This is the last massage of the night, which is probably a good thing. I’m a bit tired. So… umm after touching men and women all day… My last appointment would be with someone I actually know. You guys know Byron from the frathouse? NOT to be confused with Bryce the Emo Kid who works with Jeep. Well yeah.. So he- Byron; showed up.. and he’s been talking my ear off…. will he shut the fuck up? please?

Byron – Ow

Kaori – Is that too hard?

Byron – No.. just a little sore from football practice..

Kaori – Oh.. okay…

Byron – I didn’t know you worked here.

Kaori – I’m new.

Byron – You’re pretty good… Suzy must have taught you.

Kaori – Okay… well thanks.

Byron – I like to come here to escape….

Kaori – Escape what?

Byron – Well….

Fuck why did I ask…

Byron – Like I was saying earlier… I- and this can’t really leave this room okay?

Kaori – Okay.

Byron – I went to G.C.U. thinking I had to be a…….certain way.

Kaori – Are you gay?

Byron – WHAT?- NO!

Kaori – Sorry… go on…

Byron – Why would you ask that?

Kaori – No reason… anyway.. go on….

Byron – Do I seem gay? did I say anything that was…gay?

Kaori – No?……………..

Byron – ………………..

Kaori – Relax….

Byron – ….sorry.

Kaori -… Its okay…

Byron – Can I tell you something? That I never told anyone?

Kaori – Yeah.. It will be our secret.

Byron – I hate my life…. like really really hate it.

Kaori – ……….You know….. sometimes I hate mine too.

Byron – I created this persona.. that I thought would suit me well in college, and it has… I’m popular, I’m in the frathouse… I’m a football player.. I’m everything that everyone wanted me to be.

Kaori – Except… its not what you really want huh?

Byron – Nope…. and I feel like I’m not who I really am.. and I can’t go after….*clears throat* what I really want.

Kaori – What is it that you really want?

Byron – ……I’ve said too much already.. no offense.

Kaori – You’re worried about me telling Hammer?

Byron – Yea- well no.. I just-

Kaori – Hammer and I….. That’s… not in the cards. You can trust me.

Byron – I have trust issues…

Kaori – I understand- oops.. forgot to bring the other oil. I’ll be right back.

Byron – Okay…

So as I walked around looking for the bottles of oil… I noticed that Paisley was still here. After we got some drinks and I unloaded all of my drama onto her… she dropped me off here, and she wanted to say hi to the girls… that was hours ago. Why was she still here?

Lamisha – Girl…… well if he’s packin you better make sure you’re flexible!

Paisley – Eh.. I’m probably gonna fuck his brains out.

Lamisha – You said his name is Hammer?

Paisley – Its Chad.. but everyone at my school calls him Hammer.

Lamisha – I wish I had gone to G.C.U. when I was your age.

Paisley – Yeah… its fun.. I have a plan to become the queen bee there…

Lamisha – Well if you’re going on dates with the leader of the Frathouse I’m sure you’re on your way.

Paisley – I know right.

That bitch…. she sat there and listened to me tell her about Hammer, and she was the bitch going out with him the whole time?

Kaori – Oh hi!

Paisley – Whats up?

Kaori – You can wipe that smirk off your horse face.

Lamisha – Ooooh girl…….. New girl got balls.

Kaori – You sat there… listening to me vent about Hammer, and some girl.. and it was you the whole time!

Suzy – Girls.. lets not fight. This is a sisterhood.

Lamisha – Girl please…

Paisley – Kaori…. chill…

Kaori – I told you things… I thought I could trust you.

Paisley – Rule number one… Trust No Bitch.

Kaori – Yeah… I should have thought like that… instead I thought you were cool.

Paisley – I am cool… just not… with you.

Kaori – First of all bitch.. what did I ever do to you?

Paisley – Strike one.. calling me a bitch.

Kaori – Oooooh I’m sooo scared.

Paisley – I don’t even like you sweetie. I only swindled you into the job because I know how much of a slut you are. I knew that if Slutty Kaori joined my workplace.. we’d get more business.. especially from men! The more men! The more money.. and I was the one who got you the job so I got a paid raise!  Do ya get it?

Kaori – One…………..I’m not a slut. AND Two… Yeah…I guess I do get it.. I mean.. You needed me because you have a horse face and its not bringing in clientele.

Paisley – Well.. this horse-face?- Hammer likes it….

Kaori – Hammer likes anything with a vagina.

Paisley – Your point being?

Kaori – Don’t flatter yourself…

Paisley – Yeah yeah… if you have a problem with the way things are, why not just quit?- Oh wait…. your cut off money wise.. you NEED this job because your family thinks you’re a stupid little girl. Someone they can’t even have adult conversations with. Right? *smiles*

Kaori – …………That’s fine.. take what you know about me, and use it against me. I don’t care, the fact of the matter is this.. You don’t have room to talk about anyone. You stole money from your own boyfriend to get an abortion. How LOW is that?

Paisley – …….

Kaori – What? forgot you told me that? Maybe you shouldn’t drink and text. *smiles* Its no wonder he started fucking boys.. I mean a bitch like YOU will definitely turn a straight guy gay.

Lamisha – Ooooh girl your ex boyfriend is gay now?

Paisley – He’s not.. she’s just trying to piss me off. Nick would never do a guy!

Kaori – Oh no… I know who he’s fucking…………..and its a guy honey!

Paisley – I DOUBT IT!

Probably shouldn’t have  mentioned that about Nick…… Trey is going to be so mad if Paisley realizes its him…….

Lamisha – *laugh* girl… your lady purse must not have been good if you turned your ex gay! Maybe its that Tranny at your school you told me about? Lily Wong?

Paisley – …..Lisa Chang… and again.. I DOUBT IT!

Kaori – Hmm… He’s fucking a dude.. which i guess is a natural progression from fucking you.. cause you look like a dude.. and horse… What are those things in greek mathology called..

Lamisha – A Centaur!

Kaori – Yes.. that… That’s you Paisley.. a Centaur

Paisley – Where do you get off thinking you can bring up the abortion?

Kaori – I really don’t care to drag Nick into this but if you fuck with me and my personal business.. I’ll tell everyone. *smiles*

Suzy – Girls stop it!

Paisley – Shut up Suzy!

Paisley – You don’t want to go to war with me!

Kaori – Have fun on your date!

Paisley – Have fun crying over Keegan… a guy who will NEVER want you. Or crying because you feel like Frankie’s too good for you and how you drag her down blah blah blah… Or How about crying because that Jarrah girl is everything you WISH you could be? You’re a pathetic bitch, and nobody loves you.

Kaori – No……I’m human……you? You’re the devil. You took money from a guy who loved you…….killed the baby you guys made… and didn’t even tell him. You’re a monster… a fugly… horse looking monster. I think…. you’re the pathetic one, ya centaur lookin’ bitch!

Paisley – Oh its so on… I know you need money.. so I’m going to make your life a living hell here… until you quit and prove step mommy right.. that you’re nothing but a childish loser. What you need to understand is that I’m the alpha around here ho. I run things.

Kaori – Have fun with that! Running things and what not. You won’t run me…

Paisley – We’ll see..

I knew that I couldn’t quit.. I needed the money. Their was NO way she was going to run me out of here. So if  that’s how she wanted to play it… GAME ON BITCH.. we’ll see who get’s ran out of here. I’m going to be the last one standing in this war. She messed with the wrong girl.

So after work…. I walked around to get some air before I went back to the dorms. I decided to leave Kay a message because… well she’s my bestfriend and I feel like I’ve been really busy lately.

Frankie – (to phone) ………..

Kaori – (On Phone) Hi…. Its Kay’…. leave a message you stupid bitch *laugh* Oh god that’s so offensive. Whatever You love me! *BEEEP*

Frankie – Oh goodness *laugh* You should really change that message… its kinda… harsh. Anyway.. you didn’t answer so I assume you’re kicking ass at work- or… Massaging ass- get it? *laugh* That was a lame joke… but umm.. I wanted to call and chat with you.. and tell you that my first day was great. I didn’t have any awkwardness with Scott whatsoever. Instead… the awkwardness came when my ex boyfriend.. AKA Sebastian.. walked in. He works there.. but anyway I’ll talk to you when you get some free time. Oh! I almost forgot to say- I talked to Ivy about things.. so yeah I want to talk to you about that as well.. okay okay, I love you… You’re the best- bestfriend a girl could have… Bye! *hangs up*

That was a long message… 

Since Kay was busy.. I realized that I had the night free, and I was on a high. I felt good, I wanted to celebrate. Why not take this time… to bond more with Ivy? So I called her.

Ivy – Hello?

Frankie – Hey!

Ivy – Hi… you sound happy.

Frankie – I am..

Ivy – I take it that everything went smoothly?

Frankie – Very much so.

Ivy – That’s great.

Frankie – What are you doing right now?

Ivy – Studying?… why?

Frankie – Did you eat?

Ivy – No..not yet.

Frankie – How about I pick up food.. and you go get some frozen yogurt, and by the time I get there.. we can eat- and celebrate a good day.

Ivy – That sounds great Frankie. I’ll put some pants on and go do that now… you want Vanilla Yogurt? you always get Vanilla…

Frankie – No… I want to experiment with something new.

Ivy – Are we still talking about frozen yogurt?

Frankie – *laugh* I don’t know… but umm… Get me chocolate.

Ivy – Will do. I’ll see you when you get here.

Frankie – Bye.

Kalia – Yo!

Frankie – Umm… Yeah?

Kalia – You know who I am?

Frankie – You’re Amina’s twin sister….

Kalia – And?!

Frankie – That’s all I know of you.

Kalia – Oh so you don’t know about Ivy and I?

Frankie – No? should I?

Kalia – Oh you’re trying to be smart. Trust me.. you don’t want to do that. I bench press twice my weight.

Frankie – Is that supposed to like……..scare me? I don’t even know what this is about.

Kalia – Yeah you do!

Frankie – NO! I don’t!

Kalia – Ivy’s MY GIRL!

Frankie – You and her broke up!

Kalia – Oh so you do know about me!

Frankie – I don’t actually… All I know is Ivy and her EX broke up because her EX was too controlling. I didn’t even know Ivy was gay.

Kalia – Oh you knew.. that’s why you played games with her. You and your Kate Beckinsale obsession. You ain’t having no Serendipity with her!

Frankie – How do-

Kalia – When you rejected her.. she called me crying! I took it as a way to win her back… but she calls me today and says things worked out between you. That y’all were going to let things naturally progress or some shit!

Frankie – First off.. she shouldn’t be telling you anything regarding my sexuality-

Kalia – Don’t want anyone to know!?

Frankie – Actually I don’t care if anyone knows. So go shout it to the moon!

Kalia – You stay away from Ivy!

Frankie – She’s my roommate…….So…..Not gonna happen…. Maybe you should have been nicer to her when you dated her.

Kalia – I’m not going anywhere! as you can see she and I are still friends!

Frankie – Cool.. I don’t really care Kalia….

Kalia – You fake ass bisexual. All you’re going to do is experiment with her for a couple of months. Then some guy you’ve been crushing on will notice you- and BAM! just like all the stupid movies and TV shows.. you’ll break up with her and never date another girl again!

Frankie – So you’re not only a rude stalker.. but you’re now a psychic.. Interesting!

Kalia – I will fuck you up, don’t disrespect me! YOU DON’T KNOW ME!

Frankie – Don’t let my outfit confuse you! You don’t know me either Kalia.. I’ve been through alot, and I’ll be dammed if I let some butch bitter dyke try and bully me!

Kalia – I’m getting Ivy back!

Frankie – Whatever you say… I have to go.

I decided to get burgers and fries elsewhere. I knew if I would have stayed… well.. a fight would have broke out- and what this chick doesn’t know is.. My dad put me in boxing classes when I was 10. He wanted me to be able to defend myself. He then took it a step further and put me in martial art classes. I can break bricks…  So if this girl wants to keep pestering me.. then…… with her head.

~*End of Chapter Three Pt 1 | Pt 2 is Next*~


  1. O.O w0000000t! There’s so much in this one that I don’t know where to begin! I guess I’ll start with how scary Kalia is XD. Yikes! But I guess she’s the one who should be scared since Frankie is a black belt :p. I felt bad for Kaori in this part. Especially with what happened with Paisley, the evil horse :D. It’s like she can’t trust anyone anymore and I’m worried that this will end up affecting her. I’ll still be rooting for her though that she can get rid of all the anger that’s building up. The father-daughter talk with Frankie and Riley was sweet ^_^. I wonder if she and Ivy will hit it off. Great read as always! Looking forward to the next one 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading/commenting.

      Paisley is a terrible person… she needs to stop horsing around and just do her job and leave people alone. That situation is only heating up! Frankie and Ivy…. they have Kalia to worry about.. but then theirs Sebastian… OR could there be someone else?

      About Riley… taking myself out of the equation as the writer, and just being a reader. I want to hate Scott… but Scott is actually really nice and you can’t hate him. However I as a reader wish Riley and his Soulmate Issac were together still- but then I like Scott so I feel bad for saying that lol.

      Tidbits on Next Two Parts :

      Part Two – Every dog has his day…. new developments… and perhaps we find out more about that Christine Girl. As for Keegan…. Some things are better left unsaid.

      Part Three – (this one I’m excited about) The KingOfNowhere situation is exposed. Who is he? or is it all some cruel joke? You’ll have your answer. As for Jarrah….. Nothing will ever be the same for her after a night at the office

      Stay tuned 🙂

  2. I feel the same way about Scott. I really wanted Issac and Riley to end up together because they were perfect for each other! It’s not fair lol. :O OMG!! When are the next parts coming out?? I’m so curious to know who the Kingofnowhere is XDD

    1. Part Two is in draft mode.. currently writing it (even as I type this its open in another window lol) Part Three is actually all done pictures wise. All edited and renamed. Just need to upload them and start the draft.

      I’d say expect Part Two between tomorrow (Thursday) and Sunday. Then Part Three will follow soon after 🙂

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