BoysNGirls : Chapter Two | Pt. 3 “Not Made of Steel…”

Chapter Two | Pt. 3 “Not Made of Steel…”

-POV’s : JarrahTrey

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN)that person is narrating that scene.*~

~Disclaimer : This story features mature language… Just a warning.~

(POV Jarrah)

Welcome to my stressful day. I’ve been working hard all day. Going through a bunch of fabrics, shirts, jeans. I cannot complain though, Its progress! I could be ordering food after all.

GG – You’re all done for now Jarrah.

Jarrah – Oh goodness my phone has been going off all morning.

GG – You know you’re not allowed-

Jarrah –  I know.. I know. If Victoria saw me on the phone she’d flip.

GG – I’ve gotten to the point to where I just leave my phone in my car.

Jarrah – Probably should.

GG – Where’s Morgan?

Jarrah – I don’t know…

GG – Well she’ll be in trouble….

Jarrah – Victoria isn’t here.. so it may slip through the cracks.. maybe.

GG – Its so unlike her to miss a day of work.

That’s true.. Morgan works hard to prove herself. I hope nothing bad happened to her.

Jarrah – I’m sure she has a good excuse.. I’ll cover for her if I have to… I don’t like people getting in trouble.

GG – You’re such a good friend. I would have gotten into so much trouble the other day if you didn’t have my back.

Jarrah – How was that lunch date anyway?

GG – So good that we got it on in my car!

Jarrah – GG you slut! *laugh*

GG is super cool. He works on future designs with Victoria. He has no chip on his shoulder, he socializes with us smaller people all the time. I think its because he knows how hard it is in this industry.

GG – Well go on and get out of here. I’m still shocked Victoria said it was okay for you take a half day.

Jarrah – She made me promise to work tonight so..

GG – Ah makes sense. I’ll be here all day and night.

Jarrah – I’ll see you later!

So I walk upstairs and I see some stranger woman.. clearly she was lost.

Jarrah – Umm, Hi.. you’re not suppose to be in here I-

Morgan – Jarrah.. its me.

Jarrah – Morgan?

Morgan – Umm… duh?

Jarrah – What- Umm.. nice outfit?

Morgan – I have a headache.. I don’t need your sarcasm.

Jarrah – So I assume you were partying with Alana?

Morgan – Actually yes and no. I have a guy I’ve been hanging with.

Jarrah – Oh…

Morgan – And… Alana and I went out last night too..

Okay…. so clearly she’s pulling a Lohan (Lindsay Lohan)

Jarrah – Well.. umm theirs no sunlight in here, so I think your eyes are safe.

Morgan – Better?

Jarrah – Yes…

Morgan – So what’s going on?

Jarrah – Well you weren’t here, so Victoria actually gave me an assignment, you-

Morgan – Excuse me? she gave YOU an assignment?

Jarrah – Well you didn’t let me finish.. she told me I could ask for your help.

Morgan – So I was an helper?

Jarrah – ….I-

Morgan – Of course… you’re like tight with the family.. so you don’t have to work as hard… typical…

Really? Okay that’s enough…

Jarrah – You know what Morgan? You’re the one who strolled in here late, looking like hell. I was more than willing to say we did the assignment together, and even have your back about being late. You’re one of those people who blame others for their shortcomings. I work hard for what I want.

Morgan – Easy for you to say that when-

Jarrah – My family has nothing to do with nothing. I work hard! I pay my own way through school, I send money home. Don’t talk to me about struggling.

Morgan – Your tone seems very pointed right now.

Jarrah – You’re damn right. Don’t disrespect me, and I won’t disrespect you. You have no idea what my life is like. I may seem like mary sunshine but I’m not. I wake up and put my pants on one leg at a time.

Morgan – You wouldn’t know pressure if you were a human pimple! My mother-

Jarrah – Your mother isn’t the first mom to worry about her daughter! get it together before you end up in rehab….

Morgan – You swear you know me.. I don’t even like you.

Jarrah – That’s fine.. I don’t think its realistic for every person that I come across to automatically like me.

Morgan – The way you talk.. its annoying.

Jarrah – Okay…

Morgan – You really think you’re some prize- like you deserve things more than others. You don’t deserve success more than anybody else. You’re so stuck up!

Jarrah – I never said that I did deserve anything more than anyone else…..I’m also far from stuck up…. I-

Morgan – Its in your walk, your attitude

Jarrah – No I think its in your drugs….

Morgan – …….what are you gonna rat me out?

Jarrah – That’s not who I am…. Look…if you need someone to talk to Morgan I’m here! you don’t have to throw your life away…

Morgan – I don’t have time for this…..I’m here to work

Jarrah – Fine..

Morgan – What is it that I have to do your highness??

Jarrah – *shakes head* Go talk to GG… I have to go…… and Morgan.. I’ve been nothing but nice to you… I-

Morgan – Jarrah….. I’m sorry…

Jarrah – …….I shouldn’t have said-

Morgan – I understand why you went off.

Jarrah – No I shouldn’t have.. I just hate people thinking that I’m some Mary Sue….

Morgan – ……

Jarrah – I apologize if I hurt your feelings. I think the mature thing to do is-

Morgan – The MATURE THING? AS IF YOU’RE SO WISE?- Don’t…. don’t try and be the bigger person.

Jarrah – I was just-

Morgan – Just leave me alone okay?

Jarrah – Bi polar much?

Morgan – No.. I just realized something… who are you to tell me about myself? you can go fuck yourself.

Jarrah – Alrighty then… consider us on none speaking terms.

Morgan – Good your voice is annoying anyway. Actually everything about you is annoying.. with your stupid clothes, and stupid face.. You just look stupid.

Jarrah – ……… Yeah and you look like shit. Have a good day Morgan.

Morgan – …….

Jarrah – *laugh* whatever.. its your life…

I knew Alana was trouble. I don’t think its wise that Morgan befriends her at all. And to make matters worse ; she’s also seeing some druggy guy? why is she trying so hard to destroy herself?….. Jarrah this is her life.. stay out of it… because the second you try and help someone… they turn on you. I’m going home- well to the sorority, and I’m going to collect myself before Dylan meets my family. Ciao guys.

(POV Trey)

So…. the last time I heard from KingOfNowhere was last night. He told me he had “practice in the morning” I don’t think he meant to let that slip. I wonder if by practice if he meant sports…. and if so… does that mean I’m closer to finding out who he is. I guess that’s a thought for another time though. Right now its all about my health and being responsible…. I know what you’re thinking.. too little too late. I already fooled around with Nick without protection. I really shouldn’t have done that…..

Kid – So am I okay?

Micah/Nurse – Yeah, you’re going to be fine. Just take it easy for the next couple of days. Drink plenty of water too.

Kid – Okay..

Micah/Nurse – Alright?

Kid – Yeah…

Micah/Nurse – Okay then.. you’re free to go… go play video games.. and get room service. Milk it while you can.

Kid – I’ll lay in bed, and have my mom make me sandwiches with the crust cut off.

Micah/Nurse – That-a-boy!

There he is… my first boy crush…. I knew I was gay when I’d see him at Jarrah’s house walking around in his boxers… he’s so cute. That nurse you see…. is Micah. He’s Jarrah’s older brother. I crushed on him so hard growing up. He was so funny, and adorable. In my mind, we were getting married one day *laugh*

Kid – Can I ask you something?… personal?

Michah/Nurse – Sure..

Kid – When will I… when will my voice sound like yours? and when will I grow hair….everywhere.

Micah/Nurse – Ummm well see.. its different for everyone..

Kid – How so?

Micah/Nurse – Let me explain.. *fades off*

Female Voice – I’m here for a checkup…

Another Nurse – Name?

Kaori – Kaori McDonald…

Another Nurse – Okay have a seat Ms McDonald.

What the hell is she doing here? Oh god.. don’t look over here- don’t look my way- fuck she saw me…

Trey – Hay Girl! *waves*


Kaori – Trey? Oh….umm… Hi?

This is so awkward…. but.. I’ll make the effort…

Trey – Come sit with me!

Kaori – …………okay.

Honestly I couldn’t tell you why Kaori and I clash. She’s really mean, and rude at times. I just don’t understand why we don’t get along though. We’re two fierce blonde bitches ready to take over the world, yet she treats me like she’s royalty and I’m a peasant . I’m always down to check the bitch, I don’t deal with disrespectful people. I do choose my battles though, I’m not the baddest bitch. I know when to shut up….trust.

Trey – So….

Kaori – …….Yes?

Trey – You okay?

Kaori – Oh yeah I’m fine.. just a routine check up, plus you know.. making sure I’m a clean girl and everything.

Trey – Oh cool.. yeah same here- minus being a clean girl, cause I’m a boy and all..

Kaori – Mm hmm.. I’m also here for a drug test. I have a job.

Trey – Oh really? that’s cool.. where?

Kaori – Heard of The Lucky Dragon?

Trey – Oh….. yep….

Kaori – Why do you say it like that?

Trey – Nick told me his ex girlfriend works there…

Kaori – Paisley Adams?

Trey – Yes.

Kaori – She got me the job. She’s really cool.

Trey – Not to Nick she wasn’t… shady bitch…

Kaori – You sound like a new girlfriend hating on the old girlfriend- which can’t be… because Nick is straight.

Trey – …….Well-

Kaori – Wait…. is he KingOfNowhere?

Trey – No! but we-

Kaori – Oh my goodness…. you fucked him?

Trey – What?

Kaori – You had sex with Big Dick Nick!

Trey – Is that what they call him?

Kaori – You’d know…. oh my god.. so?

Trey – So……what?

Kaori – Was it big?

Trey – I’m not telling you that- girl it was massive.

Kaori – *gasp* slut! I love it!…

Trey – You cannot tell anyone.. he was really gentle and wanted to keep it a secret. I was his first guy.

Kaori – I’m good at secrets, hell I haven’t told anyone that I saw Rubi and Darell messing around… Portia’s a stupid bitch. Staying with a dude you KNOW is cheating on you.

Trey – She’s always asking me in class “You think its true” I’m like girl………….

Kaori – I did tell Jarrah, and Keegan- wait you were there when I told them.

Trey – Oh it was when I was texting KingOfNowhere… now that I recall I do remember you saying that. Its none of our business though.. You know Jarrah won’t get involved neither should we.

Kaori – Ditto….Ha….See we can get along.. I knew it…. we can have decent conversations..

Trey – Maybe you’re right… I mean I never did understand why you hated me in the first place.

Kaori – Wasn’t you… it was Jarrah… but that’s a conversation for another day. I just figured after my week, that maybe I should make an effort with people other than Frankie.

Trey – Good…- Micah’s coming our way.

Kaori – Still got a crush?

What the hell how did she know?

Trey – I never crushed on Micah…

Kaori – And Keegan doesn’t have a big penis… Both lies…

Trey – Shut up he’s coming..

Kaori – You’re so gay…

Trey – *laugh*

Micah – Hey you two!

Trey – Hey Micah! Wow you- hi!

Micah – Hi Trey…. you get taller?

Kaori – Oh im sure something grew when you walked up.

Micah – Huh?

Trey – Kaori!

Kaori – I’m shutting up *laugh*

She’s so embarrassing….

Micah – How have you been Trey?

Trey – Good, I’m here to make sure though…

Micah – Very responsible…. *looks at Kaori* You gonna ignore me brat?

Kaori – No…. I just got a text- from my brother-………….sorry..

Micah – ……*shrugs* Its fine..

You guys know the story right? I’m never too sure what everyone else tells you. Frankie’s sister Andi cheated on Micah after rejecting his marriage proposal. The guy she cheated with was Ivo.. Micah’s bestfriend.. and Kaori’s older brother- Oh.. my bad.. you guys already knew.. just making sure.

Kaori – Not here for my stupid family right now.. Ivo…. go to hell….

What’s that about….

Micah – Well come on Trey, I’m your nurse for the day.

Kaori – Are you going to stick a finger in his butt? Cause Trey likes two…

Trey – Kaori!

Kaori – Sorry! *laugh* Don’t act like you’re not a powerbottom!

Micah – ………………umm

Trey – Ignore her…. I’m here for an STD check…. and… yeah..

Micah – I’m aware…. right this way…

Kinda awkward doing this with him…

Trey – Jarrah told me you’re back for good.

Micah – That would be true.

Trey – How did you like Pylea?

Micah – It was…. superficial.. I did however meet the love of my life there.

Trey – Oh nice.

Micah – Yeah she’s coming with me to family dinner tonight.

Trey – Jarrah did mention that actually.

Micah – Get to meet this Dylan guy finally.. see if he’s good enough for my little sis.

Trey – So protective.

Kaori – …….

Micah – I’d do anything for Jarrah… we all love her so much. She’s making us proud too!

Kaori – ………*sigh/looks down*

Micah – What’s wrong with Kay?

Trey – I don’t know… she was being nice to me… and- just…. weirdness all around.

Micah – Maybe she’s maturing… She’s a good kid- you too.

Trey – Thanks.

Micah – So how many sexual partners have you had?

Trey – I-

Micah – Kidding! I’ll let the doctor ask you that *laugh*

This is going to be a long day….

Trey – Can I ask you something?

Micah – Sure

Trey – You and Ivo put things behind you yet?- I know its none of my business, but you guys were really close BFF’s

Not to mention hot… I often fantasized that they’d do each other at sleepovers… goodness I’m ridiculous..

Micah – Trey, I believe in forgiveness, but Ivo and I haven’t spoken since the incident..

You mean the betrayal…

Trey – I hope things workout.

Micah – Who knows.

Welp I’m off to get my test done. See you guys later!

(POV Jarrah)

I feel bad… I was too late telling Keegan about Spirit… then I find out he went out with Mahlia.. my sorority sister.. could this get any worse? Spirit is going to make my life a living hell if she finds out..

Spirit – So then the casting director asked me if I’d dye my hair black. I said no, and he told me “Thanks for coming in”

Jarrah – That’s terrible.. was a wig not an option?

Spirit – I guess not..

Amina – Who wants to color their hair every role? dude was buggin’ somethin’ major..

The girl with the pink tips, That’s Amina. She has a twin sister named Kalia. They’re Trey’s cousin’s.. sorta.. its confusing. Just consider them family, that’s the only way I can explain it. Oh and you guys already know the other girl.. that’s Joanna aka JoJo.. she works with Trey at the bakery. By the way, Amina’s sister Kalia.. she’s not in the Sorority with us… she’s not the Sorority type.. she’s more the… Fraternity type if you get what I mean. She’s really masculine… like.. super…. butch… and kind standoffish as well… complete opposite of her twin Amina…

Spirit – So what did you have planned for today?

Jarrah – Taking Dylan home to mommy and daddy

Joanna – So cute!

Amina – You think everything is cute…

Joanna – I need a boyfriend…

Amina – Relationships are overrated.

Spirit – This the first time your family is meeting him?

Jarrah – Yeah.

Spirit – That’s cool….. so ummm..

Oh god…

Jarrah – …….

Spirit – Did you talk to Keegan for me?

Amina – Keegan Bennett?

Spirit – Yeah? what-

Amina – Mahlia went on a date with him the other night.

Oh crap…

Spirit – ………………………………Oh. *looks at Jarrah*

Jarrah – I-

Spirit – I have class.

Jarrah – I didn’t mean-

Spirit – See you girls later.

Spirit – *Storms off*

Jarrah – Thanks for that Amina…

Amina – Sorry, I didn’t know….

Joanna – ……Spongebob is so funny guys.

Amina – Are you high JoJo?

Joanna – I had some brownies..

Jarrah – Rubi’s brownies?

Joanna – Yeah.. payback from her always eating my stuff.

Amina – Yeah………….Rubi made pot-brownies the other day.. she said it helps her with her visions of film making

Jarrah – Where is Rubi?- and Mahlia?

Joanna – I saw Mahlia leave about an hour ago.. Class, and then to hangout with Hope Valentine.

Eh… Hope… I’m not a fan of hers at all. She’s Dylan’s ex girlfriend.

Amina – I saw Rubi leave in a ugly ass outfit.. like a big ass sweater with no panties on.

Jarrah – Oh…

Amina – She had a hair appointment. She said she’s sick of seeing blondes on campus and wanted to “switch up her swag & watch the haters gag”… her words not mine.

Joanna – Rubi hella ugly…. she looks like Mrs Puff from Spongebob…*laugh* Spongebob is soooo funny guys…

Portia & Tyena Enter the room…

Joanna – Big head like a pineapple under the sea! Ugg-Lee Ru-Bee!, That eats all the food, and snores in her sleep? Ugg-Lee Ru-Bee!

Tyena – Stop it Portia… today is a good day okay? don’t worry about Darell….

Portia – I know.. I just thought he’d be different in college.. he’s changed so much..

Poor Portia… she really loves Darell, and I know what’s going on but I don’t want to get involved. Rubi is so shady for sleeping with Darell….

Amina – Jarrah… girl…. Pretty Little Liars…

Jarrah – I’m 3 episodes behind! You better not spoil who “A” is!

Amina – Wait till you see.. I was spazzing the fuck out!

Joanna – Got a secret, can you keep it- man I’m so high….

Amina – Again.. I’m sorry about the Keegan thing…

Jarrah – Its fine..

Amina – Its a bit odd that you’re okay with Mahlia, and Spirit going after him though..

Jarrah – Why is that?

Amina – You and him fit like a glove in my opinion.

Jarrah – We’re just good friends..

Joanna – You know what guys?

Amina & Jarrah – What?

Joanna – I wish…………I……was……….Like one of the – Spongebob is so funny guys.

Amina – Girl………….snap the fuck out of it.

Jarrah – ………

Tyena – Jarrah!

Jarrah – Hey Tyena.

Tyena – Want to come with Portia and I? I already asked Amina here, she’s busy..

Amina – Yeah.. I’m getting laid tonight hooker.. shit..

Jarrah – Where are you going?

Tyena – I’m taking Portia and my brother Tommy Jr to the carnival.

Jarrah – Aww that’s sweet.

Tyena – Yeah.. TJ’s hurt because Rubi broke up with him. And Portia.. well she’s always so stressed about that asshole boyfriend of hers.

Amina – She needs to dump his ass…

Jarrah – I wish I could go but I have a family diner tonight.

Tyena – Oh okay. Next time *smiles*

Joanna – You smell like cake.

Portia – Umm…. Are you okay JoJo?

Joanna – Oh yeah I’m AWESOME!…. do you watch Spongebob?

Tyena – Did she eat one of those brownies that were out?

Amina – Yep..

Tyena – That explains it….

Jarrah – You guys are hilarious… I have to get going.. someone please throw those brownies in the garbage… nobody else needs to get high.

Tyena – I agree.

Amina – Well have fun tonight Jarrah.

Jarrah – You too Miss “I’m getting laid tonight”…. who’s the guy?

Amina – Bruce.. he doesn’t go to G.C.U. but he’s sexy as fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.

Tyena – Sounds like a badboy

Amina – He is…

Girls always love the badboys… that will never change….. Anyway.. Off to have family dinner. I’ll check in with you all in a bit. Wish me luck!

(POV Trey)

Oh look a little party…

Harrison (Stripped Shorts) – You always loved Games Hope… probably why you and Dylan didn’t workout

Hope (Pink Pants) – Shut up punk…..*laugh* Who you smashing these days?

Harrison – Who ain’t I smashing.. you know I’m popular…

Hope – Ha! whatever..

Mahlia (Brown Dress) – Oh my god I went on a date and totally was not myself.. I feel like a fool

Byron (Green Clothes/Hat) – It happens sometimes.. I’m telling you.. what you see here.. this urban jock.. this ain’t who I am… but its who everyone wants me to be… I was at practice all morning and I kept thinking dude… if you just be yourself you’ll be so much happier… your friends may not like you.. but you will. I’m tired of worrying about what others would think about the real me…

Mahlia – That’s so deep.. I totally feel what you’re saying.

Byron – …I shouldn’t say anymore… I’m already spilling my guts.. I’m the king of shooting myself in the foot.

Mahlia – I feel you my dude.. I was hella tripping out on that date with the guy. Acting like I’m poppin bottles, and a damn celebrity.. he probably thinks I’m so full of myself.. Not who I am at all. I was just nervous, and a tad tipsy.

Byron – Just let him know exactly what you’re telling me.

Mahlia – Maybe…

Byron – Man this week was a long one.. next week is going to be really busy for me as well.

Mahlia – Really? why?

Byron – I have classes all week.. I have to go home for my cousin’s wedding, AND I just got this job being a server at some party…

Mahlia – A working man… I bet you have all the girls lined up.

Byron – Really? you think that?… what you wanna get in line?

Mahlia – Lets be real… Mahlia doesn’t stand in lines.. I get in first.

Byron – *laugh* Okay princess

Its always funny listening to others problems.. makes me realize I’m not the only one. Man… I miss KingOfNowhere… I hope he’s online or something. Hopefully when I get to my room he’ll text me or something.. It sucks not talking to him… Can’t believe I feel like this over a guy I can’t even touch, or see…. so pathetic…

Why the fuck is Rubi coming from the men’s room…

Rubi – ……………

Her new hair is not cute… bitch please…

Darell – Harrison my dog! thanks for looking out while-

Rubi – Its not Harrison………..

Uh oh……..

Darell – ………You’re not Harrison….

Trey – No… I’m not.. I’m just headed to my room.. I didn’t see anything…

Rubi – He’s so gonna tell…. Shut him up Darell….

Trey – Listen.. what you two are doing is none of my business okay I-

Darell – Listen you little faggot… you better keep your fucking mouth closed.

Trey – Stop it!

Harrison – Fuck I’m sorry bro, I got distracted playing games.

Rubi – You were suppose to be our lookout dumbass!

Harrison – My bad Rubi!

Rubi – Now this little bitch boy is going to spill the beans.

Harrison – He won’t…. I’ll kick his ass if he does.

Darell – You hear that fag? We know where your room is.. we know your class schedule.. This gets out and you’re fucked. You won’t be able to eat.. we’ll mess you up so bad that you’ll wish you were hit by a truck instead. You got that bitch?

Trey – Please stop…

Harrison – Awww look at him beg

Rubi – Let him go Darell.. he ain’t gonna say nothing.. cause if he does… he knows he’ll be in trouble…

Darell – This is a threat! You tell Portia or anyone else what you saw and its curtains for you cum guzzler!

Harrison – *laugh*

Rubi – Ha!…. you tell’em baby!

Darell – I got a good thing planned with Portia’s mom’s company.. I plan on getting Harrison a job too.. so don’t fuck our lives up!

Harrison – Yeah Dick in the butt boy… don’t mess with our plans!

Rubi – Look at him crying like a bitch! Come on guys lets go….

Trey – *crying*

Rubi – Thanks alot dumbass….

Harrison – He aint gonna say shit..

Darell – He better not.. I’ll take a baseball bat to his head if he does…

Harrison – Darell you so gangsta in ya preppy clothes n’ shit..

Rubi – He a thug!

Harrison – Well if he even thinks about telling someone we can beat the shit out of him-

Rubi – And throw him in a ditch like in “Boys Don’t Cry”! (movie)

Darell – Shh… Now remember Rubi.. you’re here with Harrison okay? just keep doing what you were doing earlier..

Rubi – Yeah yeah I’ll sit on his lap…

Harrison – Yay for me..

Rubi – Whatever don’t act like I ain’t cute! we only pretending so people don’t suspect anything fool…

Harrison – I know! I’m not dumb Rubi!

Darell – Shut up you two!….

I can’t believe that happen… *crying* It feels like high school all over again!

(POV Jarrah)

So dinner went great, my family seems to really like Dyl. My mother and Brother were giving him a hard time at first, but they warmed up to him. My Grandmother Janice loves him! As far as my father goes… as soon as Dylan mentioned his love for comic books… it was easy sailing from there on out. Its been an awesome night.

Micah (Older brother in Black Hoodie) – So Dylan what are you studying?

Dylan – Mechanical Engineering

Janice (Grandmother In Blue) – Oh dear

Josh – Oh?

Michelle – *giggles* That’s cute Dylan…

June (Micah’s girlfriend in teal plaid) – Well I for one think that’s awesome.

Dylan – Thanks guys.. I may not be super smart, but I do love finding out how things work…. Shocking right?

Jarrah – *smiles*

I love him…

Dylan – I love this girl, so I want her to be very proud of me.

June – Awwwww!

Janice – So sweet

Michelle – You picked a winner Jarrah *smiles*

Josh – Okay he’s in.. he’s in the family!

June – I like him.

Michelle – June you’re in too.. you’re a sweetie!

June – Aww thanks Mrs Folland.

Micah – She hates that… call her Michelle *laugh*

Micah’s girlfriend June is super cool, and super funny. I really like her, they make a cute couple. My brother seems happy and that’s all that matters.


Dylan – Babe you’ve been ignoring calls all day, go answer that.

Michelle – I guess since the hard part is over, I can leave you alone with them. I’ll be back.

Dylan – Alright.

It was Jeep…. I called him back, and he told me something that I did not want to hear….

Jarrah – No.. its fine Jonah…. I’ll umm call you back… *hangs up*

Dylan – Your dad wants pie… I told him I’d get it

Jarrah – …………..

Dylan – Jar-Jar?

Jarrah – ……

Dylan – Babe? Everything okay?

Jarrah – Dylan?

Dylan – Yeah?

Jarrah – What did you do last night?

Dylan – Why?

Jarrah – Just curious.

Dylan – I went to the library and got a book I needed…

Jarrah – That’s all?

Dylan – I got some pizza with the guys…..

Jarrah – …..This was your chance….

Dylan – My chance for what babe? you’re talking in riddles.

Why did he have to lie…..

Jarrah – To tell me you were kissing your ex…. why were you even talking to her?

Dylan – I wasn’t-

Jarrah – Don’t lie Dylan… Someone called me, and told me.. they saw, and heard things. You kissed her?

Dylan – I didn’t tell you because it was nothing!

Jarrah – You kissed her Dyl!

Dylan – I didn’t! She kissed me!

Jarrah – You obviously let her.

Dylan – I didn’t want to embarrass her at the library….

Jarrah – Why were you dishonest with me? especially after the last time

Dylan – Don’t…. baby don’t…

Jarrah – This isn’t the first hiccup in our relationship…

Dylan – What happen last time I took full responsibility for…

About a year and a half ago.. Dylan cheated on me with Hope. He made a mistake, and I forgave him like a stupid lovestruck girl…. and then this happens.. What is the point.. I’m so mad…

Jarrah – Is this what you guys do?

Dylan – ……

Jarrah – Do you all just cheat? Do all men cheat?

Dylan – I haven’t done anything since the last time.. that was a mistake and I’ve been innocent this whole time….

Jarrah – Do you have any feelings for her?

Dylan – Well- No… No…

Jarrah – You’re lying..

Dylan – She’s my ex, we have alot of history Jarrah… That doesn’t mean I want to be with her..

Jarrah – Then why would you let her kiss you?- I feel like a fool… I invited you here…. My family likes you.. I-

Dylan – Lets just talk about this later? Go give your dad his pie, and have fun… I swear-

Jarrah – I……. need a break.

Dylan – What?

Jarrah – I should be dumping you…

Dylan – This is stupid… I’m not going on a break for this stupid mistake-

Jarrah – See! you admit it! you did let her kiss you…

Dylan – Its not as simple as that… I-

Jarrah – No.. no.. I’m not going to let this slide.. after last time… I’m done.

Dylan – Don’t say that..

Jarrah – Just know… I loved you more.. than any bitch before me… I was by your side… always. You messed this up.

Dylan – If I would have just told you- would you be breaking up with me still?

Jarrah – I don’t know….

Dylan – I’m sorry…. Please stay with me.. I love you..

Jarrah – I love you too but that doesn’t mean I have to be with you… lets just get our things and go.. I have work tonight anyway.

Dylan – But-

Jarrah – Lets go Dylan…

Dylan – You’re not even crying…

Jarrah – DON’T! Don’t!………..

Dylan – I forget… you don’t cry…..

Jarrah – What’s the point?

What IS the point?…… Crying is pointless… it doesn’t solve anything. I cannot believe that he did this. You would think after the last time that he’d stay away from her. Then to lie to my face? I’m so over this.. Its such a mess, and now I have to walk out and say goodbye to my family- who’s going to realize something isn’t right… This is so embarrassing  I’m embarrassed, and heart broken. I hope Trey’s having a better day than I am…. I need to call him after work.. I could use some BFF time…

(POV Trey)

I hope Jarrah’s having a better day than I am…. I seriously cannot believe I’m being bullied in college. I thought those days were over. What makes this situation worse is that Kaori knows about Rubi… what if she says something to someone? Then I get beat up and put in a ditch. I feel so low right now, and to make things worse… I still haven’t heard from KingOfNowhere… How pathetic am I?… upset because I haven’t heard from some guy that for all I know could be a cruel joke?….. I hate this…

[Banging on the door]

Oh god…

Trey – Who….. who’s there?

Nick – The boogeyman

Trey – That’s not funny! Who is that?!

Nick – Its me… Nick… what the hell?

Oh thank god…

Nick – Wait whats wrong?

Trey – I- *crying*

Nick – Why are you crying?

Trey – Something happened.

Nick – What? What happened?

Trey – I’m not sure if I should even tell you-

Nick – Of course you should..

Trey – Why- umm. what are you doing here? I didn’t even ask… I-

Nick – I wanted to borrow that book you were reading in class yesterday.

Trey – 50 shades of Grey?

Nick – Yeah I wanted to borrow it for a girl I was going to see….

Trey – Oh….

Nick – What?

Trey – *crying*

Trey – Its just been a terrible day.. I don’t think KingOfNowhere likes me anymore.. and.. and…

Nick – What happened? You’re shaking dude… tell me…

Trey – I can’t…

Nick – Why?

Trey – Because you won’t be safe!

Nick – You’re starting to worry me now… Tell me what’s going on…

Trey – …. Will you protect me?

Nick – Yeah.. always.

Trey – …. You can’t tell anyone..

Nick – Okay… Tell me.

I told Nick everything… and I didn’t know if that was smart or not….

Trey – …….Nick?

Nick – I’ll beat the shit out of Darell if he touches you..

Trey – Don’t say or do anything.. it will only make things worse….

I didn’t tell him that Kaori knew though… that honestly scared me. If she told the wrong person.. I could seriously get hurt.

Nick – Fine… but if anything- I mean anything- goes down.. you hide and call me okay? I’m not scared of Darell’s punk ass, or Harrison…

Trey – Okay…

Nick was…. very protective….. it was nice…

Nick – I’m going to stay with you until your roommate Bryce gets home..

Trey – No- no.. go on your date

Nick – Tyena can wait..  it was just a coffee date anyway.. Plus she was busy and said she’d call me when she got in…

Trey – You and Tyena?

Nick – Nope.. just an outing… I’d rather stay here with you anyway..

Trey – *smiles* Atleast I have a friend like you… I’m so pathetic… Nothing ever goes right for me..

Nick – The day’s not over…

Trey – …. I just wish-


Trey – *reads text* Hi Trey, sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. Been calling all the servers all day, wanted to wait to decide on the chef until later. However we’ve decided. I just wanted to let you know that your brother has said amazing things about you. We’d be happy to have you be our personal chef for our party. Details on Monday if you want to meet and discuss the menu. See you soon!… hopefully lol

Nick – See! You got that job you wanted.

Trey – *smiles/wipes tears*  I got the job… I have to call JoJo and see if she’ll still be my assistant.

Nick – I’m sure she will.

Trey – I feel better.. thanks for coming by…. Though it wasn’t planned.

Nick – Well I guess I was at the right place at the right time.

Trey – I do feel a bit better though. So feel free to leave if you want.

Nick – Nope, I’m gonna stay with you. Wanna order pizza?

Trey – *smiles* What did I do to deserve such a great friend?

Nick – I don’t know buddy… I am pretty awesome *smiles*

What a terrible fucking day…. Its not ending so bad though…. I think I’ll just take Nick up on his offer. Pizza and a drama free night. Goodnight guys…

(POV Jarrah)

Something about being upset, really made me work hard. And I obviously impressed Victoria… because on my way out she approached me and told me how good I did.

GG – Goodnight Ladies!

Victoria – See you tomorrow GG.

Jarrah – Bye! drive safe.

GG – Feel better Jarrah.

Victoria – What is he talking about?

Jarrah – Oh its nothing, I never want my personal life to affect my work performance.

Victoria – Actually you did an amazing job tonight.

Jarrah – Thank you Ms Grace.

Victoria – So what is it?

Jarrah – What?

Victoria – What’s got you all upset? Boy drama?

Jarrah – I just broke up with my boyfriend.

Victoria – He cheated.

Jarrah – Yeah…

Victoria – Men come and go… Fashion is forever. I saw alot of potential in you tonight. You have my attention. Don’t fuck it up *smiles*

Guy – I got lost leaving.

Victoria – ……

Guy – ……I left the food with that Morgan girl.

Victoria – Soup hot?

Guy – Yes Ma’am…

Victoria – The previous delivery boy failed at keeping my meal warm.

Guy – That shouldn’t be a problem this time

Victoria – Okay.

Jarrah – ……..

Victoria – Go home and relax Jarrah.. tomorrow’s a new day. I unfortunately have plenty of work to finish.

Jarrah – Have a good night.

Victoria – Of course Darling.

Guy – Umm hi?

Jarrah – Hi…..

Guy – So you’re Jarrah?

Jarrah – I am….

Guy – Ah… Wow..

Jarrah – You’re Collin huh?

Collin – Yeah….

Jarrah – *smiles* nice to meet you.

Collin – Likewise……..

*awkward silence*

Screw it…

Jarrah – What time do you get off work?

Collin – Now… this was my last delivery.

Jarrah – Want to get out of here?

Collin – Umm sorry.. yeah I’ll leave-

Jarrah – No I mean with me.

Collin – I thought you had a boy-

Jarrah – I don’t…. not anymore.

Collin – I see….. well alright.. lets go…

I hope I don’t regret this..

~*Next Morning*~

Oh god…. where the hell am I?…..

*talking outside the door*

What the hell am I wearing?- Oh my god…. did I?- NO… no no no…. what the hell is wrong with me.. Is this Collin’s place?

Collin – Oh hey….

Suzy – Goodmorning.

Jarrah – Ummm-

Collin – This is my mom… Suzy.

Suzy – Nice to meet you.

Jarrah – I-

Collin – Jarrah relax.. nothing happen last night. We went to the bar, you told me about your day.. you got drunk…. You couldn’t tell me where you lived so…

Suzy – So he called me honey. I told him to bring you home, and that we’d look after you until you were sober.

Thank god I didn’t do anything crazy- well crazier than what I did do… 

Suzy – Do you like oatmeal dear? You should probably eat something.

Collin – I got it from here mom, you should get going.

Suzy – Yeah Ms Swan does not like it when I’m late. I’m training a new girl today anyway… wish me luck.

Collin – Good luck *laugh*

Jarrah – Umm… where are my clothes?

Suzy – Sweetheart.. you threw up all over them.. I changed you, and put you in bed. The clothes are in the dryer as we speak.

Jarrah – I’m so embarrassed.. I’m not like this usually I’m really responsible, I never get drunk.

Collin – We’re aware.. you kept saying that and crying saying you don’t want to be Lindsay Lohan.

That sounds like me..

Suzy – Be happy you were with Collin, and not some weirdo.

Jarrah – Thank you…. for- yeah…

Collin – Oatmeal?

Jarrah – Umm… sure

This was so stupid of me.. how could I have been so foolish… what if something had happen to me? You’re smarter than this Jarrah…. Ugh…. Thank goodness they seem really nice. I’m so embarrassed  I feel so out of character right now- And not to mention sick….. maybe I should pass on the oatmeal and opt for the nearest toilet.. No way I’m going to class today…

~*End of Chapter Two|Chapter Three is Next*~


  1. Sorry it took so long to reply, I’m kinda going through something these days. But anyway, first off Morgan bugs me :D. She was rude for no reason! I’m also glad that Trey told Nick about what happened to him. Bunch of bullies. They better not hurt my Trey!! Looking forward to the next part!

    1. I’m sorry to hear that you’re having some trouble in your personal life. Trust me when I say that I know the feeling. This year has been hell for me personally. As cliche as it sounds.. things will get better.. I don’t know the extent of your problems if serious or not, but I’m sure things will work out. 🙂

      As for your comment lol. Morgan is pullin’ a Lohan haha. Just you wait and see what happens with her. As for Trey’s bullies. Well…. Lets just hope that the parties involved keep their mouths closed. At this point Keegan, Jarrah, Kaori, and Nick all know the truth about Rubi and Darell O_O

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