BoysNGirls : Chapter Two | Pt. 2 “Not Made of Steel…”

Chapter Two | Pt. 2 “Not Made of Steel…”

-POV’s : Keegan & Jeep

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN)that person is narrating that scene.*~

~Disclaimer : This story features mature language… Just a warning.~

(POV Keegan)


Keegan – Mad?

Mona – No Keegan, but I’m just trying to figure out why you think going to a loud party, would be better for you than seeing a movie with your girlfriend.

Keegan – Don’t make it sound like that….

Mona – Why do you want to go to some stupid party where you know drugs and alcohol will be flying around?

Keegan – I’m on edge from that fight with my dad…  I need to let loose and have a few shots.

Mona – Keegan…….what Issac wants for you.. isn’t a bad thing. I understand trust me, my parents have been putting alot of pressure on me as well. They want me to be the best I can be. Pushing me into Law School when all I really want to do is paint.

Keegan – But you’re planning on going to Law School, Which I don’t understand.. you love painting with my dad..

Mona – I do love painting with Issac, but I’m still going to Law School because its the right thing to do. I’ll always have my painting. I just need to focus on.. important stuff. I need to make sure that this last year of high school is perfect, so then I’ll get into a good school.

Keegan – You’ll be fine. You’re already kicking ass.. and senior year just started…

Mona – I don’t want to pressure you- but I plan on being with you.. forever if possible. So Law School can be a good thing for us financially later in life you know?

Keegan – You know I have money- BUT! I do get you wanting to make some bank yourself.

Mona – Right- and don’t think I don’t understand.. Parental Pressure is no fun… Its not. Issac just wants you to find some direction.

Keegan – My moms agrees with him too

Mona – Well Kaitlyn and Joy also wants whats best for you-

Keegan – Then Scott comes in and add’s his two cents.

Mona – Don’t be mean.. Scott is still trying to bond with you.. its not easy being a step-father I assume.. Look take everything in, and just know that you’ll find your direction sooner or later.

Keegan – What if I don’t?

Mona – You sound just like Kaori I swear….

Keegan – ….Ha- How so?

Mona – You and her have alot in common.. searching for direction, rich parents.. why are you dating me again?

Keegan – Because you’re who I want.

Mona – Good to know.. *sigh*

Keegan – *sigh*…… Well… ummm what movie did-

Mona – Hey Peanut Head?

Keegan – Yeah?

Mona – ……We can go to the party-

Keegan – Yes!

Mona – As long as Jeep will be there- and Frankie… they’re responsible.. Jarrah too but.. you know how I feel about her…

Keegan – She doesn’t like me, I don’t know why you think she does!

Mona – She does.. but whatever.. I still think she’s a sweetheart… I just get this vibe from her, that she- nevermind.. not important. I feel bad even saying that.. she’s so nice to me, and sweet.

Keegan – I love you

Mona – Of course you do… I’m amazing.

Keegan – You are.

Mona – Do you know if Trey will be at the party? I know he came out last year, and I just want him to know I got his back…. he gets so shy around boys.

Keegan – He’ll be there…. Plus you know him and Jarrah are like bestfriends. She’ll protect him too.

Mona – That’s true.. but it never hurts to have more than one person in your corner.

Keegan – You know…….. I love that you love my friends.

Mona – I do- but…. Its always the six of you, sometimes I don’t feel like I have a spot. Like I’m just…. “The Girlfriend”

Keegan – Frankie offered a girls night with you… would you go?

Mona – Yeah… I like her alot, she’s tough..

Keegan – Like you.

Mona – *smiles* I still find it odd that she and Kaori are friends… but i guess it works…

Keegan – Kay’s cool…

Mona – I agree…….. but umm… about the party..please-

Keegan – I promise no more than three shots

Mona – Two…….

Keegan – Alright alright..

Mona – Be glad you’re cute…

Keegan – Am I?

Mona – Oh shut up.. you know you are *laugh*

Keegan – You won’t regret going to the party.. you’ll remember this night forever.

Mona – Oh yeah? why is that?

Keegan – Cause I’m going to smother you with love, and PDA- and all that shit. Everyone will know you’re my girl.

Mona – They already know that *sticks tongue out*

Keegan – *laugh*

Mona – Don’t make me regret going to this party Peanut Head

Keegan – I promise… you won’t regret it…. *smiles* You know that you’re always safe with me.. I won’t let anything happen to you babe.

Mona – Its not me I’m worried about… Just… behave… okay… Promise me?

Keegan – Promise.

Mona – Good….. So…. wanna fool around? my parents are gone.

Keegan – I thought you’d never ask.



I should have behaved.. I shouldn’t have had more than two shots, I shouldn’t have gotten in that car, and she shouldn’t have gotten in with me…. I’ll never forgive myself for that night…. I should be dead- not her…. she should be in Law School.. and Painting on the weekends with my dad..

Frankie – Keegan… Keegan… Kee-Kee… Hello?

Keegan – Oh sorry.. whats up?

Frankie – Nothing, I was just saying thanks for letting me sleep here.

Keegan – No problem.

Frankie – ….I need to figure out a way to approach Ivy about.. what happen.

Keegan – I can’t believe she did a sneak attack on you.

Frankie – I didn’t even know she was gay.

Keegan – Me neither, but now it makes sense. She was always complimenting you.

Frankie – Yeah….

Keegan – So… are you into her?

Frankie – What?

Keegan – I mean.. would you be down for it?

Frankie – What? dating a girl?

Keegan – Yeah

Frankie – No- well… hmm.. I mean I don’t know. I don’t THINK so…

Keegan – Interesting.

Frankie – Don’t look at me like that *laugh*

Keegan – You should try it out..

Frankie – First off, I’m not gay. However… sexuality is way complicated at times. I faintly remember a time where I wanted to have sex with Kaori when we were younger…

Keegan – Do tell

Frankie – It was one of our sleepovers, and I- NO! You Perv! You almost had me.. *laugh*

I always felt like… Frankie would be down to swim in the lady pool. I know for a fact that she likes men, but… she’s always been so open to new experiences… It just seems right for her to be able to tell people five years from now; “This one time I dated a girl in college!”

Keegan – So are you staying again?

Frankie – Liked having me here?

Keegan – Of course.. like old times.

Frankie – Sadly no… I won’t be sleeping here again. Kaori said Magdalena isn’t going to be in her room tonight so I can sleep there.

Keegan – Oh okay.

Frankie – So you can have your bed back.

Keegan – *laugh* My couch is cool to sit on but fuck.. its not sleep worthy..

Frankie – Aww.. I’m sorry about that.

Keegan – So how’s Kay?

Frankie – She sounded annoyed, she said she wants to talk to me about something involving her mom, and obviously I need to tell her about what happen with me…

Keegan – Ah…

Frankie – I still can’t believe she came to the campus…. she told me some pretty nasty things. I’m far-

Keegan – Listen Frankie…. you are the most humble person I’ve ever met. You’re sweet, respectful, and selfless. Do NOT let Mira get to you. You make everyone around you want to be better, to try harder… just to keep up with your awesomeness. Okay?

Frankie – *hugs Keegan* Thanks Kee Kee… I needed that.

Keegan – That’s what I’m here for.

Frankie – ……You smell good.

Keegan – You smell good too…

Frankie – ……..Thanks……….

Keegan – So do you need a ride to class?

Frankie – No, Mahlia’s on her way.. she’s taking me to class.

Keegan – Ah okay.

Frankie – You have a date with her tonight right?

Keegan – Yeah….

Frankie – Ready for the big date?

Keegan – I guess so.

Frankie – Maybe you guys will find love, and make beautiful babies *laugh*

Keegan – Frankie?

Frankie – Yeah?

Keegan – It doesn’t bother you that I’m going out with her?…. honestly?

Frankie – No? Its fine… why would it bother me?

Keegan – You’ve always joked about things that really bothered you.. so I just wanted you to know that I’m not trying to hurt anyone. You, Kay’ or Jarrah- or Mahlia for that matter.

Frankie – I- It doesn’t bother me….

Keegan – I’m- How do I say this without sounding cocky or vain… umm

Frankie – Just say it.

Keegan – I know you, Jarrah, and Kaori…. like me…

Frankie – We all LIKED you once upon a time.. which is why we made the pact. Of course Jeep overheard us talking about it at Jarrah’s and he told you- you were never meant to know.

Keegan – I just feel like you guys treat me like I have cooties or something. When we’re all together you guys act as if talking to me in a corner is bad or like I’m a rapist or something. Then when I’m alone with each of you.. its different. I can’t even like- I don’t know.. I feel like if I treat one of you better, then the other will hate me. I just want you all to be happy.

Frankie – I know….. Umm… I have to go. Thanks again, and have fun with Mahlia later..

Keegan – Alright.. Love you.

Frankie – Love ya too Kee Kee.

I sometimes feel as if I’m not suppose to hug the girls, or flirt. I flirt with everyone, and I don’t feel as if I should treat them differently. I do think sometimes maybe they take my actions too seriously. I like playing around and joking- maybe it comes off as me wanting to like… be with them romantically? Its just that I feel all this weight on my shoulders all the time, I’m never happy… and I’m usually better when I’m with one of them… because they lift my spirits up. Jeep, and Trey are great, but the girls look at me as if I’m… “Someone” and at the end of that day that’s what I want… to be someone…

I don’t want to be depressed forever… I’m trying hard not to reach for a pill today.. since Frankie had slept over I put them somewhere she’d never see them. She’s strong, and inspires me… I feel like I need a pill to function today, but… I’m going to try hard not to take one… I’m going to be good today.. maybe I can kick the habit before it gets out of hand… No more pills starting right now.. I don’t need them. I’m going to clean up, feed Hercules (Dog), and get to work. Positive day.. 

(POV Jeep)

Well… No point in crying over spilled milk right?… I’m not going to sit in my room and cry because Kaori doesn’t like me….. besides.. Lucas- I mean Lisa Chang is in there with a tranny chaser having bareback sex all day. I should really report him…. anyway.. So today I have no classes. I decided to hangout with Aries- which is funny since he’s Kaori’s cousin. Keegan had told me that Aries doesn’t have many friends and figured we could take him in. I have no problem with that being a fellow loser myself. So today we’re at the skate park… just hanging out, and getting things off our minds.

Aries – Where’s Keegan?

Jeep – He’s at work. Sucks, I really wanted him to hang out with us.

Aries – Yeah, Keegan’s so cool.

Jeep – Yeah he is, I wish I could be him for a day

Aries – Yeah me too, imagine how much action he gets. He probably walks down the street and girls throw panties at him.

Jeep – I don’t doubt it. Here I am… getting rejected… all the fricken time. I mean goodness… am I ugly or something?

Aries – Do YOU think you’re ugly?

Jeep – Well… no?

Aries – Well good……and dude don’t worry about my cousin.. she’s usually in her own world you know? atleast she still wants to be your friend.

Jeep – I guess so.

I’m sicking of having girls, and friends. I want a fricken girlfriend!

Aries – Wow that chick over there sure is dressed loud.

Jeep – What?

Aries – She’s wearing alot of colors.

Jeep – Oh *laugh*

Aries – Theirs two of them.

Jeep – That’s cool…..

Aries – Lets go talk to them, I’ll be your wingman

Jeep – Oh no! not in the mood to be rejected again.

Aries – Come on!

Jeep – No.

Aries – Look Jeep… you have to put yourself out there.

Jeep – What?

Aries – Go for what you want. I want to get into the frat, so I try hard. You want a girlfriend.. so lets go get you one.

Jeep – …..I call dibs on the short one.

Aries – Fine by me.. I like em’ tall.

God help me… please don’t let these girls embarrass us. I can’t deal with anymore rejection.

Raven (Orange Hair) – Oh look Christine… boys have come to harass us.

Christine (Black/Blue Hair) [She ALWAYS speaks in a very Monotone Voice] – Can……..we………like…… you?

Wow… she sounds bored already..

Aries – I’m Aries.

Raven – Oooh.. The god of war!… how mysterious.

Jeep – I’m j-j- je-

Aries – This is Jeep- Well Jonah, but everyone calls him Jeep.

Christine – …..What a weird name.

Jeep – It was a inside joke, but I got so used to everyone calling me that, that it finally just stuck.

Christine – Well.. I’m Christine.. some people call me CeCe…. This is my bestfriend.. Raven

Raven – Some people call me Maneater……. Just kidding………..or am I?

Jeep – …………..

Aries – Ah………

Raven – So what do you guys want?

Christine – ……yes.. what can we do for you?

Aries – Do you guys live out here? In GloCity?

Raven – I lived in Brideport for a while, but yeah I live here now. For work. I’m a DJ.

Christine – I moved here a year ago. I’m a tattoo artist.

Jeep – You guys don’t go to G.C.U.

Raven – Nope….

Christine – Nah…. We both went to GloCity’s Community College for a while.. then dropped out. It wasn’t for us.

Aries – We both attend G.C.U.

Raven – How fancy. Couple of smart boys… Oh how did we get so lucky?

Jeep – We’re not that smart.

Christine – You speak… but don’t think huh?

Jeep – Its one of my main flaws.

Raven – You guys aren’t like………virgins right?

Aries – I’m not.

Jeep – Neither am I, I lost it to a girl named F- Farrah… at my prom..

Oh fuck I almost said Frankie.. that was close.

Christine – Well.. that’s SO awesome…- so what do you guys need from us?

Raven – Yeah stop beating around the bush.

Jeep – Haha.. beating around the bush.. I get it.

Raven – That wasn’t a sex joke weirdo….

Aries – …….yikes…

Christine – Ew… cannot believe you just said that. You’re so awkward….

Well this was going smoothly… *sigh* clearly these girls don’t want anything to do with us. And what’s with this Christine chick voice? she sounds like she’s a bored angry elderly man.

Aries – We were wondering-

I needed to be bold.. I needed to do this! Shut up Aries! I’m taking lead!

Jeep – We wanted to know if you out wanted go to- What?

Raven – …………What the fuck did you just say?

Christine – English please…

Aries – Oh god….

Jeep – Oh- umm.. Go out to?- like-

Christine – You want us…. to go out with you guys?

Aries – Yes.

Raven – Umm… *looks at Christine*

Christine – Fine… I’ll take you.. the one with the big nose.

Aries – That means you Jeep.

Gee Thanks!

Raven – So I guess that leaves me and Bart Simpson over here.

Aries – I look nothing like Bart Simpson.

Raven – I think Bart Simpson’s sexy

Aries – You know I’ve been told that alot.. I do look a bit like Bart…

Jeep – Oh my goodness.. did you guys actually say yes?

Christine – Umm… yeah? what does that shock you?

Raven – Yeah we’re not stuck up bitches.

Okay okay.. Christine’s voice is kind of cute now… its just monotone… That’s cool…

Aries – ……

Jeep – Well where do you guys want to meet.

Raven – We can just text you.

So we all exchanged numbers… wow… I got a date… I… Jonah…have a date. This better not be some cruel joke…

Raven – What do you think?

Christine – Eh… He’s kinda of awkward cute… What about you and-

Raven – Oh I plan on fucking Bart Simpson.

Christine – At the Lake?

Raven – You want to take them to the Lake?

Christine – Yeah.. its away from the city.

Raven – Oh.. well okay. Maybe I won’t fuck him just yet.

Christine – Why are you so gung-ho on fucking him anyway?

Raven – I looked at his crotch.. bulge city down there.

Christine – Oh!… well you do like em big.

Raven – And you like em’ awkward… cause you can boss them around.

Christine – If you say so.

Raven – So.. we’re really doing this?

Christine – Sure.

Raven – What about….. Him?

Christine – We don’t need to worry about Him… Its fine.

Raven – Just making sure.. has he-

Christine – Next subject…

Raven – Sorry….


Aries – Can you believe that just happen?

Jeep – No… like dude… we have a double date later!

Aries – See… by the time you go to sleep tonight, you won’t even remember who Kaori is.

Jeep – I wish that were true….

Aries – You have to get over her.

Jeep – I’m trying.

Aries – So should we make a day of hanging out? or did you want to go do your own thing and pick me up later for the date?

Jeep – Umm.. Lets go get some food… we can just hang around until the girls text or call.

Aries – Cool.

I’ll be seeing you guys later, hopefully while I’m on my date!

(POV Keegan)

So remember when I said positive day?… yeah…. bad choice of words.

Josh – Your drug test… it came back positive… Umm.. I-

Keegan – Umm


Jarrah – Keegan… My dad doesn’t want to fire you, he just needs to know-

Keegan – Umm.. Well okay.. I didn’t want to alarm anyone.

Josh – What’s going on?

Keegan – My arm, and shoulder.. been hurting me really badly… So I had some leftover pills.. I took one- or two.

Jarrah – Oh- yeah that makes sense.

Josh – Alright….. Well you should have told me.

I was so stupid for that… I thought the pills would have been out of my system by then….

Keegan – I just didn’t want to alarm you guys. I’m fine.. I haven’t taken any pills since then.

Which… is true..

Jarrah – And your body feels okay?

Keegan – Yeah.

Josh – Okay, well next time come talk to me okay?

Keegan – Yes sir.

Josh – I’ll be back later, taking Michelle to lunch.

Jarrah – Tell mom I said hi.

Josh – We still doing the whole meet the boyfriend thing?

Jarrah – Yes…. On Saturday.

Josh – Alright. *looks at Keegan* Be good.

Keegan – I will sir.

Jarrah – I wasn’t trying to be in your business…

Keegan – Its okay.

Jarrah – I was at the yogurt shop next door, and figured I’d come say hi to my dad.

Keegan – Its okay Jarrah *laugh*

Jarrah – Good, because I didn’t want you thinking that I was trying to be like…I don’t know… but-

Keegan – You’re a friend, your dad told you, and you wanted to minimize any-

Jarrah – Conflict.. yeah.. You know I want whats best for you. Everyone does.

Keegan – I know….

Jarrah – Keegan… you know… I feel really guilty about what happen between us.

Keegan – I was sad, you were there. It just happen Jarrah, don’t beat yourself up over it.

Jarrah – I know but like.. the pact I made with the girls.. I didn’t mean to break it.

Keegan – Its our secret, nobody will know. It doesn’t mean anything- I love you all the same…

Jarrah – I guess I sorta feel bad because I initiated it.

Keegan – …..Its okay.

Jarrah – Don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret it… It happen for alot of reasons.. but I’d hate for it to change things between us, or anyone else.

Keegan – I understand.

Jarrah – Anyway… Next subject.

I don’t blame anyone for what happen between Jarrah and I. She’s not a bad person, she had her reasons for doing it. I don’t regret it either. Life is too short….. It happen, and we moved on…. She’s still a wonderful girl. She shouldn’t be judged for a mistake…

Keegan – So! Your family’s meeting Dylan?

Jarrah – Yeah I figured, Micah will be in town, working at GloCity Hospital, and my Grandma will be here.. so its perfect timing.

Keegan – Micah worked in Pylea right?

Jarrah – Yeah at that hospital, but now he’s officially working here. He’s home, and he has a new place.. and a new girlfriend that I’ll be meeting.

Keegan – How does he have a new girlfriend so fast?

Jarrah – She moved here with him from Pylea.

Keegan – Ah.. okay.

Jarrah – Just happy he’s happy.. after what Andi (Frankie’s sister) and Ivo (Kaori’s brother) did to him.

Keegan – Shit happens… Not that I’m saying it was right for her to turn down his proposal, then fuck his bestfriend.. then skip town- Andi is just.. whatever.

Jarrah – So what are your plans for today?- I have a ton of work to do, and a night class.

Keegan – A date with Mahlia apparently

Jarrah – What?!- I mean.. that’s awesome! You’re dating again! *forced smile*

Whats her problem?

Keegan – I guess…. is that okay? you seem-

Jarrah – Spirit asked me to hook you two up, and since you’re going out with one of the sorority girls.. she’s not going to be happy…

Keegan – Ah okay… Hmm

I’m not delusional… I know I’m a good looking guy, but why the hell do all these girls like me, without even knowing who I am? Girls are just as superficial as guys are if you ask me.

Jarrah – Anyway I should get out of here.


Keegan – Thanks for… defusing the situation..

Jarrah – No problem…. You know I’m so proud of you.

Keegan – Yeah?

Jarrah – You’ve come out of everything, and you seem much happier…. We’re all so proud. People said you’d never be the same, but we knew better.

Keegan – That’s because you guys are my friends.

Jarrah – We worried alot, but you proved all the nay-sayers wrong. That makes me smile…- Okay okay enough talking, I’ll see you soon.

Keegan – Take care beautiful.

Jarrah – *smile*

Jarrah’s great…. to be honest all my friends are great. Trey is my brother from another, Jeep is my other half, the best friend I’ve always wanted- needed. Then we have the girls. Who I love and adore. Sometimes it gets a bit… weird for me though. Knowing that these three amazing girls like me. Yet…. they couldn’t ever try being with me because of all the complications. You would think I’d feel all cocky and like a pimp and what not. I don’t…umm I feel like-…. I don’t know how to explain it. I just don’t feel like a winner because of the situation I guess..


I will say this though, I refuse to play the girls against each other. Its not a competition, I love and bond with all three differently I guess. People see the situation and probably have all sorts of preconceived notions. And you know what? I’m fine with that, none of them have lived my life. They want to think I’m cocky and an asshole for hugging one of the girls or kissing one on the cheek? whatever, They think I’m a sweetheart with a big heart? same… whatever. I don’t need anyone’s opinions… My life my rules… so enjoy watching from afar and judging something you have no clue about. Its like people forget how flawed they are, and proceed to judge others. This is why I hate the world we live in.

Odd right? considering how much of a people person I appear to be. Everything I’ve done.. it is what it is.. I did it.. and can’t- wouldn’t change anything. Only thing I’d go back and change is that night with Mona… but.. yeah…

Woman – Keegan!?

Keegan – Oh sorry- was having a deep thought.

Woman – You don’t think this is too fast? I don’t think I can do this…

Keegan – You can do it, I know you can.

Woman – but what-

Keegan – You can do this. Think about a month from now, you’ll fit into that beautiful wedding dress. Everyone will be so proud of you. You’ll be EVEN more stunning than you are now.

Woman – Aww… even when sweaty with glasses on.. you know how to make a girl feel pretty.

Keegan – *smiles* You can do this.. everyone will be proud of you.

Woman – You’re right! and most of all I’ll be proud of myself because I didn’t give up!

It was then, that I felt like…. Keegan.. you can do this, you don’t need those pills. I had already said I was done, but… Frankie, and Jarrah really make alot of sense. I CAN get passed everything…. I can if I really try. Finish work, go on my date… everything will be fine.

(POV Jeep)

Aries and I walked around and got some food. Good thing too because when the girls called us, they had already had eaten. So we met up with them at this lake. Raven took Aries to the other side, and I was alone with Christine. We talked a bit but didn’t go into detail about who she was. Everything was going okay- but it was weird. She kept getting these phone calls…. Its hard to keep the conversation going when every minute she’s checking, or answering her cell….

Christine – Yes…. No… no I swear. It doesn’t- okay.. I- yes.. okay.. Sorry… Mmm hmm.. I’m with Raven.. yes…. no. okay.

Jeep – ……………….

Every time she gets one of these calls… she seems so bothered… probably an ex boyfriend…

Christine – I am, and I will. Not at all- ok bye.

Jeep – Everything okay?

Christine – Yeah…

Christine – So you’ve told me a few things about yourself, but one thing I still want to know… is why does everyone call you Jeep?

Jeep – Its sorta embarrassing…

Christine – So… tell me.

Jeep – Okay.. well…. So Freshman year of high school *fades off*

Freshman year of High School. Kaori had gotten this really nice present from her dad. It was this Jeep, and she wanted us all to go to the beach for the weekend. I was so excited because she invited me too. I was so awkward- more so then than now if you can believe that. So I didn’t have any shorts for the water, because of my excitement that I was even invited- I forgot the one thing that I’d need the most.

So Keegan brought an extra pair, I had nowhere to change. Kaori said I could change in her Jeep, in the backseat. So I did…. so here’s the awkward-embarrassing part. Kaori and Frankie were rubbing suntan lotion on each other.. and I was watching… I got a boner… and it wouldn’t go away. So I thought well.. if I took care of it quickly… I wouldn’t be running around with a boner.

So I quickly whipped it out, and… took care of it. I wasn’t paying attention.. and… IT… got everywhere in the backseat. So I put the shorts on and Kaori and Frankie comes to the Jeep to ask what’s taking me so long. That’s when Frankie started laughing. Kaori then noticed… stuff… in her jeep. See I told you it was embarrassing! I totally missed my jeans and got it all over her backseat… ugh……… and since that day.. they’ve been calling me Jeep…all because I apparently “deflowered Kaori’s new Jeep”…. I swear this is the type of stuff that only happens to me..

Christine – …………..*keeps from laughing*

Jeep – Aren’t you gonna say something? or laugh or.. run away calling me a perv?… god I’m such a loser…

Christine – It makes me like you more.

Jeep – Really?

Christine – Yeah… I love how honest you are… I don’t think you’re a perv… you just… Teen boy.. hot girls.. boner.. awkward!

Jeep – *smiles*…..

Christine – Your awkwardness… is what’s cute about you.

Jeep – You think I’m… cute?

Christine – Yes… I like your hair…

Jeep – *smiles* thank you..

Christine – What- where the hell did that come from?

Jeep – Its a mystery…

Christine – Probably was hiding that thing in your hair all this time huh?

Jeep – Maybe….

Christine – Why are you filming me?

Jeep – Because you’re pretty.

Christine – Gonna jerk off to it later?

Jeep – No *laugh*….

Christine – You should…..

Jeep – *shakes head no & laughs* 

Christine – I like you Jeep….

Jeep – Why….

Christine – Cause you’re one of a kind…. I’ve never met anyone like you.

Jeep – Me being one of a kind.. is something that’s always been a bad thing.

Christine – Any girl.. who’s passed you up?… is an idiot.

Jeep – You’re the first person to ever say that to me…

Christine – So what do you want me to say to the camera?

Jeep – You’ve already made my year with the whole liking me thing..

Christine – I bet…

Jeep – Have you had many boyfriends?

Christine – Is that your way of asking me if I’ve slept around?

Jeep – No.. its because your cool, and I don’t get how you’re single.

Christine – Who said I was?

Jeep – Oh….

Christine – I- *cell beeps*

Christine – …………

Jeep – You don’t really have a boyfriend do you?

Christine – No.

Jeep – Oh okay… good..

Christine – Why? Wanna be my boyfriend or somethin’?

Jeep – Yeah…

Christine – Dorkface….

Jeep – …..

Christine – I like you, so if I keep liking.. then maybe that can happen….. I don’t plan on seeing anyone.. just talking and going out with you…

Jeep – Oh- okay that’s fine. *smiles*

Christine – But we’re not dating… yet…

Jeep – Understood.

Christine – *sigh*

Jeep – Bad Text?

Christine – I have to go…

Jeep – No! why?

Christine – I can’t get into that-

Jeep – You can tell me later-

Christine – No not ever Jeep…

Jeep – Oh sorry….

Christine – No, I’m sorry… I’m just- its- *changes the subject* Where’s Raven, and your friend Aries?

Jeep – Fishing.

Christine – Walk with me over to them?

Jeep – I’ll take the few minutes I can get.

Christine – Don’t worry Jeep… you’ll see my flat-chested ass again *laugh*

Jeep – Oh I don’t care about boobs

Christine – So you’re gay

Jeep – No! I- I love boob-TITS I love TITS I’ll lick your boobies all day if you want!- Oh god… *sigh*

Christine – I was joking! *laugh*

Jeep – Sorry about what I just said…

Christine – Its fine… Maybe it will happen one day…

Jeep – *smirks* I have to warn you… I’m a bit…. odd.

Christine – Good… why be boring?… Odd is unique.. its what everyone is pretending to be these days anyway.

I never thought about it like that.

Jeep – I’m glad I met you Christine.

Christine – Me too Jeep…

I really really like her. She’s different from any other girl I’ve met. This was awesome, I’m so happy that it went good. Maybe Aries is right, putting myself out there is a good thing. I don’t have to worry about things so much. I’m going to just let things happen from now on. Everything is going my way for once. The only issue I have is my movie project with Bryce, and dumbass Rubi. Now if only I had a solution for that…

(POV Keegan)

So I don’t know if you guys know this about me or not, but I’m one of those people who’s quite embarrassed by their wealth. I’m not some rich snobby dude. I have money put away for me, that I can access whenever I want. However…  I don’t like the feeling of people thinking they’re better because they have money. For some reason people think I should be that way but I- Money isn’t important to me.. at all. The reason I’m bringing this up is because.. this chick Mahlia.. wanted to go ALL OUT tonight.. All she did was talk about her father being some Rich Prince, and how her mom is considered royalty now. 

Mahlia – Then that’s when I told the bouncer to remove her from my table. Like.. be classy you know? I’m over here running up a 100k tab, and you want to be sloppy drunk? Get it together.

Keegan – Yeah.

Mahlia – Girls get so jealous of me and my life… like.. you want the keys to my Porsche?  Here’s the keys! like.. that’s why I don’t tell bitches about my life. Truth be told I run GloCity. I shut it down wherever I go.

Keegan – Ah…

Mahlia – Excuse me, I’ve had one too many drinks! I’m acting out *laugh*

Keegan – Its all good.

Mahlia – Is it the same for you? Dudes be hatin’?

Keegan – Not really.

Mahlia – Oh… well um did you have fun tonight?

Keegan – I wasn’t expecting a nightclub.

Mahlia – Way better than a lame movie right?

Keegan – Sure.

Male Voice – Mahlia?!

Mahlia – Ali!

Ali – I thought that was you!

Mahlia – What are you doing here?

Ali – I’m having drinks with a lady friend.

Mahlia – Ah I see.

Keegan – …………….

Ali – This your boyfriend?

Mahlia – No, he’s my date.

Ali – Oh okay

Mahlia – Keegan this is Ali, my big brother.

Ah, her brother….

Keegan – Nice to meet you.

Mahlia – Ali, this is Keegan.

Ali – Nice to meet you too.

Ali – So you go to school with my sister?

Keegan – Yep.

Ali – What is it that you wish to become?

Keegan – …..

Ali – You have to have a plan. Can’t be like the losers working at McDonalds.

Keegan – I’m *looks around* I’m going to own a nightclub. I’m studying business and fiance..

Ali – Oh good!

Mahlia – That’s amazing Keegan, I didn’t know that- not that you have to work.. you have alot of money.

Ali – Trust fund baby?

Mahlia – Yeah.. like us… but! as you can see.. just LIKE US he wants to work hard, and create a name for himself as well. Doesn’t want to live off daddy’s money.

Ali – Who’s your dad?

Mahlia – Issac Bennett. The Model..

Ali – Ooooh!

I wish she’d stop answering my questions for me.

Keegan – So what is it that you do?

Ali – I have my own Dentistry.

Keegan – Oh-

Ali – Your teeth are nice by the way. If you want to keep them that way, schedule a teeth cleaning with me in the City.

Keegan – I’ll do that….

Nope… no I won’t….

Ali – So Mahlia… how are you doing in school?

Mahlia – I’m doing really good actually.

Ali – Good. You will have your own salon in no time. With hard work and dedication, you can do anything.

Keegan – Yeah…

Ali – Can’t be one of these losers with no direction you know? they never amount to anything. You’re up there at G.C.U. making everyone proud and not living off your dad.

Keegan – ….. I just realized that I an early class… do you mind if I take you back to the Sorority now?

Mahlia – Awww. I don’t want to leave yet.

Ali – I’ll take you home sis.

Mahlia – Oh okay good- that alright with you Keegan?

Keegan – Yeah…

Mahlia – Okay I’ll call you.

Please don’t…

Keegan – Alright have fun…

Ali – It was great meeting you Keegan!, come by and get those teeth cleaned once a month.

Keegan – *smiles* sure thing..

I don’t think Mahlia’s a bad person, she’s just not my type of girl that’s for sure…

The date was boring, i spent most of it listening to her talk about money, and her future businesses. Then her brother shows up and makes me feel even worse about my life. Its true.. I’m living off my dad, sure I work at a gym, but… I have no direction. If Mona could see me now she’d be so disappointed in me… of course she can’t see me now seeing as she’s no longer with us. Because… I killed her…. *sigh* I just want to get the fuck out of here…

(POV Jeep)

On my way back to the dorm I ran into Trey.

Trey – Where are you coming from?… You look happy.

Jeep -I went on a double date!

Trey – With Keegan?

Jeep – No, with Aries.

Trey – Isn’t it kinda weird going on a double date with the cousin of the girl who rejected you?

Jeep – At first… but he needs friends so….

Trey – Well that’s nice of you…. So tell me about the girl!

Jeep – Well she’s short, her hair is kinda like… it looks like a wig but its not. Its blue, and black-

Trey – No no dork.. I don’t mean what she looks like.. I mean her personality. Did you guys gel?

Jeep – She’s really funny, and sarcastic. Oh and honest. I found it easy to just be myself with her.

Trey – Awww.. Good.

Jeep – She said she’s only going to see me, and go out with me. So she can see if we’re on the road to boyfriend-girlfriend.

Trey – I’m so happy for you babe. I always knew you just hadn’t met the right girl.

Jeep – Fingers crossed that it goes well.

Trey – I’m sure it will.

Jeep – So what about you? how was your day?

Trey – Eh, it was okay. I had lunch with my brother Ty, and had a bunch of classes… That’s about it.

Jeep – Talk to your secret admirer?

Trey – No not yet, he’s supposed to text me soon.

Jeep – Cool Cool. I have to go- I need to get a book from the library.

Trey – Oh you better hurry then.

Jeep – Why?

Trey – They’re closing it in about 15 minutes. They’re going to renovate it apparently.

Jeep – Okay I’ll catch ya later Trey.

Trey – Bye!- Oh Yay!

Jeep – Huh?

Trey – Oh sorry- KingOfNowhere just texted me.

Jeep – *laugh* have fun.

Hmm… Seeing Trey, makes me miss hanging with everyone. I hope we all get a day where we can hangout. Anyway I need to go get my book before they lock the library doors…

Hey, its Dylan…- and Hope?

Jeep – I can’t hear anything… let me get closer…

Dylan – What do you want from me Hope?

Hope – Dylan that kiss meant something.. we should have never broken up.

Dylan – You kissed me!

Hope – You let me…. Why did we even break up? it was over something so stupid…

Dylan – You said you didn’t have time…

Hope – I have time now…

Dylan – I’m with Jarrah….

Hope – We kissed…. it means something….

Oh my god….. he’s cheating on my cousin!

Jeep – Come on Jarrah… pick up the phone…

Jarrah – Wee bit busy right now.. leave me a message and I’ll call you back as soon as possible. Muah! Bye! *BEEEEEEEEEEEEP*

Jeep – *hangs up*

I can’t leave that on her voicemail…. or text…. I’ll have to keep calling… fuck, like she really needs this drama. Why would Dylan do that to her?

(POV Keegan)

Mona – Hey PeanutHead?


Get it together Keegan… Mona’s dead….. what’s wrong with me..

Morgan – Did I say something wrong?

Keegan – Umm.. oh.. Hi.. you just-

Morgan – You don’t like the nickname?

Keegan – No… someone else used to call me that…

Morgan – Sorry..

Keegan – Its okay Molly..

Morgan – Its Morgan..

Keegan – Sorry…

Morgan – …..and you’re Keegan…

Keegan – How-

Morgan – Your mail had your name on it.. *laugh*

Keegan – I see….

Morgan – Where are you returning from looking all GQ

Keegan – A date from hell…

That made me feel like shit.

Morgan – Well.. I didn’t have a better night. Turns out my mother thinks I’m a failure. I’m interning after all this time away and still haven’t made it. I mean she didn’t exactly say that word for word but.. its what she implied. Then I get to work.. and it was just a horrible day. I feel like shit…

Keegan – Join the club….

Morgan – That’s why I’m here…

Keegan – Because you feel bad?

Morgan – Well.. because I had a bad day at work… and the last time that happened…. I had a great night with a certain someone…

Keegan – And you want that to happen again… with me…

Morgan – Yes…

Keegan – You know… your whole image… its cute, but you seem like you want to be bad…

Morgan – I’m tired of being a good girl… I just want to let loose… If it were up to my mother, I’d be s sheltered girl who was still a virgin, working at her stupid restaurant. I would have never left home… forget that! I want to live!

Keegan – Where exactly do you work?

Morgan – I don’t really want to talk about my job right now.. I just want to forget everything, and feel good..

Keegan – …..I do too to be honest… I hate this world.. these people…

Morgan – Me too…..

Keegan – What do you wanna do?

Morgan – Do you have anymore of those pills?

Keegan – What?

Morgan – No judgement! I just-

Keegan – I umm… Look I-

Morgan – Come on… lets take a few, have sex… lets feel good… together….

Keegan – ……

No… say no Keegan…

Morgan – …Please? I’m just so tired of feeling this way.. life is…- You had a terrible day.. and you look like.. you feel like shit.. I can tell. Don’t you want to feel better?

Keegan – ………..I may have some left…but I don’t know…

Morgan – Come on… lets just… let go of the pain….

Keegan – …..Alright…. okay.. come on in… I’m gonna shower first though…

Morgan – …… *smiles* Okay…

Fuck. Just this last time….. then I’m done with them forever…

~*End of Chapter Two Pt 2 | Pt 3 is Next*~


  1. 😦 NO KEEGAN DON’T!!! I was rooting for you!!! Stupid Morgan, it’s all her fault. Oh well. It’s so embarrassing how Jeep got his name xD. That guy can’t catch a break. I’m glad he’s awkward though; it’s cute just like Christine said! Speaking of Christine, those two make such a good couple! Looking forward to the next one!

    1. As always thanks for reading/commenting.

      I’ve totally fell in love with Jeep.. his awkwardness IS really endearing lol. As far as Keegan goes… oh boy…. stay tuned! 🙂

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