BoysNGirls : Chapter Two | Pt. 1 “Not Made of Steel…”

Chapter Two | Pt. 1 “Not Made of Steel…”

-POV’s : Kaori & Frankie

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN)that person is narrating that scene.*~

~Disclaimer : This story features mature language… Just a warning.~

(POV Kaori)

Well hello again, did you miss me?- shut up you totally did..*laugh* regardless if you did or not, I’m in a great mood.  I’m worn out! my morning was sweaty, and hot…. betcha think I got fucked right? WRONG… though I do need some…- anyway.. I worked out this morning. I went running… yay me. So umm.. I guess since I’m just walking to see Frankie, I may as well explain something to you.

You guys saw me at Keegan’s when Trey picked up his scooter right? well alright, so I was only over there to hangout. I was bored, and was walking around and I ended up on his block so I decided to say hi. That’s it……… I like Keegan? well duh.. but I’m not breaking the pact. As far as my “act of kindness” towards Trey and Jarrah… I don’t hate them for crying outloud.. I just don’t understand them and vice-versa apparently.

Anywho.. I’m bored again, so hopefully Frankie wants to hangout….

Paisley – Oh my god you do?!

Ivy – Shut up!

Kaori – Oh…sorry.. door was unlocked-

Ivy – and you decide to just walk in?

Kaori – Umm… yeah?

Bitch much?

Paisley – How bold….

Kaori – Im a bad bitch its what I do…

Paisley – My kind of girl!

Ivy – Well Frankie isn’t here, she’s studying in the library with Mahlia.

Kaori – Oh… okay…

Paisley – Frankie your girlfriend or something?

Kaori – Umm no.. Though…… we did get all lezzbo-ish this one time.

Paisley – Oh yeah?

Kaori – Yeah we were making out.. It was a dare. We’ve seen each other naked and everything though so– whatevs.

Ivy – Well that’s some friendship..

Paisley – Isn’t it?…

Kaori – Ha

Paisley – Would you say you swing both ways? what about Frankie?

Kaori – Umm No, I feel like kissing girls is whatever, I’m not down to chow on clam chowder know what I mean?

Paisley – I see..

Is this bitch gay? like why she worried about the next snatch? 

Kaori – *looks at Ivy* I know you Ivy, but who is your badass friend?

Ivy – Oh that-

Paisley – I’m Paisley.. Paisley Adams?

Ivy – She’s my cousin, she-

Paisley – I’m the wild one of the family.

Kaori – Speaking of family… Ivy…. Is your mom okay? Frankie told me she went nutz

Paisley – *laugh* Yeah my aunt Bri… is crazy…

Ivy – Not funny Paiz’………anyway to answer your question Kaori.. My mother is stable.. at a center.

Kaori – I hope you’re not mad that she told me. I’m her bestie.. we tell each other everything.

Ivy – ………..

I mean…. was I outta pocket (rude) for asking her that?- Whatever…

Kaori – Well… I guess I’ll go, seeing how Frankie isn’t here

Ivy – ….You can find her-

Kaori – In the library, heard you the first time.

Paisley – Before you go, I have a question…

No bitch I’m not eating your taco…

Ivy – I said no, what makes you think she’ll say yes?

Paisley – She might…

Kaori – Yeah, I might.. depending on what it is…

Paisley – Are you looking for a job?

Kaori – Uh- No.

Ivy – Told ya…

Paisley – But its not really a job-job. Its hella fun, awesome people, and mad social. You’d like it, its perfect for someone like you… Plus you’d be working with me!

Kaori – Is that suppose to entice me or something?

Paisley – Ha….

Ivy – I knew she’d say no…

Hmm… I do get bored alot. My friends all have so much going on….. and my Daddy would be proud of me if he knew I got a job. Plus BITCHtoria would choke on her veggie burger if she found out- and hopefully die………….

Kaori – You know what?…… Sure… I’ll check it out.

Paisley – For real?

Kaori – Yeah

Ivy – …………………..

Paisley – Okay lets exchange numbers n’ shit. I’ll be back later, and I could pick you up and take you to meet my boss?

Kaori – Okay.

Ivy – So shouldn’t you get going?

Paisley – Oh yeah… Let me hit up the ATM…

Ivy – Are you nervous about seeing Nick?

Paisley – I’m not really caring to be honest, I’m just going to knock on his door, and hand him the money that I owe him-

Ivy – That you stole from him…

Paisley – Borrowed! I was going to return it!

Ivy – ….

Paisley – Has he moved on? Seen him with any girls?

Ivy – I saw him talking to Tyena, but I don’t know if it was casual or more.

Paisley – Tyena? That lame ass sorority bitch with the ugly sweater dress?

Ivy – That’s mean..

Paisley – Whatever…. I would think he’d upgrade not downgrade with her.

Ivy – We don’t even know what the conversation was about. It could have been about a class.

Paisley – Yeah yeah.. anyway I’m gonna go..

Ivy – You should get it over with.

Ha… I see that I’m not the only bitch on campus. That Paisley chick is a real badass it seems. I like her, which is good if everything goes well, and I get the job. Or accept it, because I just realized I didn’t ask what the fuck it is… I’m so stupid *laugh* Anyway, I’m going to go back to my dormroom, and let Frankie study in peace. Though on second thought maybe I’ll just take a walk because Bianca and Magdalena are in the room painting their toes “Mexican Flag” colors… stupid ass bitches… Why the fuck is that bitch always in my room…

(POV Frankie)

The day started like any other. Studying in the G.C.U. library, and being distracted by one of my many blogs. My friend, and ex roommate Mahlia decided to join the pow-wow session, and of course.. two girls together can’t help but do a little gossiping.

Mahlia – So do you really think Darell is cheating on Portia?

Frankie – I don’t know.. I mean.. I’m leaning towards yes, but you know I like facts…

Mahlia – True… I wonder who the slutbag is…

Frankie – Who knows..

Mahlia – But you know what?

Frankie – Hmm?

Mahlia – Darell would wanna NOT fuck things up with Portia.

Frankie – Why do you say that?

Mahlia – Because Portia and him, have been dating since senior year of high school, and Darell is in good with Whitney Davenport (Portia’s Mother) He’s suppose to play his cards right.

Frankie – What? keep Portia happy and graduate?

Mahlia – Yep, and then he’d have a great paying job, with an office that overlooks the city waiting for him.

Frankie – He’d be an idiot to mess things up.

Mahlia – Speaking of which.. Miss single… why are you not dating?

Frankie – Umm, I don’t know…

Mahlia – I’ll change the subject.

Frankie – *laugh* please do.

It was one of those things I dreaded talking about. I didn’t know why I wasn’t dating- or maybe I did. I could sit here and try to self-analyze myself, or I could just go on about my day. I think I’ll choose the latter.

Mahlia – So which blog of your’s is distracting you from your studies this time?

Frankie – My Secret Advice blog….

Mahlia – ooooh any juicy questions?

I have many blogs, but theirs one that only my close friends know about. My advice blog…. I feel like I’ve been through alot, and I could give my insight on things. I don’t know everything, but I do know that sometimes it helps talking to a stranger. Nobody know’s its my blog, other than Mahlia, and the 5 (Kaori, Keegan, Jeep, Trey, Jarrah)

Frankie – This one I keep looking at is interesting.

Mahlia – Do tell.

Frankie – It reads : “I have a question, How can I feel better about seeing someone I love around so much? I can’t be with this person and It breaks me. What should I do?”

Mahlia – Hmmm… Does it say who its from?

Frankie – No, all the question I get are anonymous.

Mahlia – Ah…

As I sat there staring at my laptop. I read the question over and over again. It stuck out to me, because we’ve all been there….. sometimes I feel like I am there. I could completely relate to the question- the topic at hand. weaving through all of my emotions, I didn’t want to answer the question too vividly. I didn’t want to expose myself obviously, but I did feel as if it was my duty to show how much I could relate to the question within my answer..


Mahlia – What was that?

Frankie – Instant message from………….Oh! its from Kay.

Kaori [Message] : Hey bitch, went by your room, you weren’t there. So I’m letting you study in peace. On my way out I saw Keegan, with my cousin (Aries) I think they’re going into the Library. Keegan looks so cute with his haircut! Anyway I gotta… I gotta make something wrong…. right. Ciao!

*smiles* Oh I love Kaori.. she’s so funny… I’ll see if she wants to do dinner later…

Aries – Going to find the book, I’ll be back.

Keegan – Alright.

Mahlia – Fucking ipad… I paid too much money for this shit to be dying so fast. Lame battery

Keegan – Frankie?

Frankie – Hey You… *smiles*

Wow, his haircut is cute….

Keegan – So do I look like a member of One Direction?

Aries – Yes… *laugh*

Frankie – No *laugh*

Keegan – Do you think I look cute?

Frankie – Eh… you look okay *wink*

Keegan – *bites lip* meanie…

Frankie – *laugh* No I’m kidding.. you look good.. as always.

Mahlia – Good enough to eat.

Keegan – *laugh*

Frankie – ……..

Mahlia – Studying? join us?.

Keegan – Umm okay.

Mahlia – I never see you gettin’ your study on Keegan…

Keegan – Because 1. Its all up here *points to brain* and 2. I hate studying.

Frankie – You always did…. I remember you’d hangout in my room all night copying my notes in high school. Atleast you were smart enough to keep your grades up, and copy my work….

Mahlia – I forget you guys lived together up until – well.. Yeah…

Frankie – Yup…. it was hell when when we were teen’s.. Keegan would be such a brat…

Keegan – Whatever.. you loved how bratty I was. Which is why you let me in your room all the time.

Frankie – I didn’t want you to fail dumbass *laugh*

Mahlia – That and you wanted his cock.

Frankie – I DID NOT!

Keegan – You want my cock Frankie?

Frankie – No… no thanks.

Keegan – *laugh* If she wanted it she could have had it when we lived together.

Frankie – Shut up…. *laugh*

I’m well aware….. I have so many stories. For example.. freshman year of high school. It would be like 12 midnight, and I’d hear a knock on my window. It would be Keegan. Who says he misses me and couldn’t sleep. So I’d open my window quietly so nobody could hear, and let him come snuggle in my bed with me.  In bed, my back to him… So many times I wanted to turn around and kiss him. Its something about.. a boy in boxers, cuddling behind you.. in the dark in a bed. Makes you feel sexy. My heart would beat fast, I’d feel every curve of his body and I just wanted to explode.

Their were times where it got so intense that I’d get up and go to the bathroom… just to breathe… It would feel as if I was holding my breath the whole time, and that moment alone in the bathroom away from him.. I finally got to exhale. Keegan claimed that he only laid with me because he missed me sleeping down the hall, and that he didn’t want me not living with him and Issac… Which I do somewhat believe, but also I felt like he liked being close to me.. because- well in the middle of sophmore year of high school he started dating Mona (His now deceased girlfriend) And… he stopped coming to my window at night…. So… yeah.. Oh and as you would guess, this was a secret he and I kept.. this was before the pact I believe though.. but still…

Mahlia – You two aren’t like…… secretly dating right?

Frankie – No.

Keegan -… Nah.. we’re just…. friends.

Mahlia – *looks at Frankie* So just friends?

Frankie – Yeah, just friends.

Mahlia – Well.. in that case.. Keegan….. do you want to go out with me?

Keegan – To like a movie or something?

Mahlia – Umm okay.. sure? I was thinking something more- You know what yeah.. lets just do a movie….

Keegan – You don’t really wanna do a movie do you?

Mahlia – Well its not that- I just… *smiles* do you trust me?

Keegan – No… *shakes head no & laughs*

Mahlia – Not funny.. do you trust me?

Keegan – Alright fine…

Mahlia – Okay just dress casual formal.. and leave the rest to me.

Frankie – ……*smiles* Hope you guys have fun

Keegan – You should come-

Frankie – I’m going to be busy all week so.. lots of studying

Keegan – Aww come on.. you don’t wanna roll with?

Frankie – Sorry can’t

And wouldn’t… hell no… what do I look like being the third wheel

Aries – Can I sit?

Frankie – Seriously Aries? of course you can.

Aries – Its not everyday you sit next to the prettiest girl at G.C.U.

Frankie – Awww. You’re so sweet.

Mahlia – Maybe you two should hook up.

Aries – *smirks* She doesn’t want me

Keegan – Be bold young one..

Aries – *laugh* I-

Frankie – He’s like my little cousin.. it would be weird.


Aries – Story of my life

Frankie – Aries knows I love him …. AnywayI gotta go..

Mahlia – Where?

Frankie – Class, and then some other stuff.

Aries – See ya later.

Frankie – *smiles*

Keegan – See ya when I see ya.

Frankie – *laugh* yeah yeah.. bye everyone.

Aries – Man.. I hate reading…

Keegan – So give me a hint…

Mahlia – No… its a surprise, and don’t worry richboy.. the night is on me.

Keegan – Oh you got coins?

Mahlia – I gots coins!

Keegan – I see…

As I walked away with a lump in my throat, I had to face the harsh reality that I… Frankie Mancini… was jealous. I allowed myself to feel that way for 5 more seconds then I realized something. He did not belong to me. Mahlia was my friend and if she found love with Keegan, then who was I to disapprove. Love is one of those things that equally feels good, and bad. With Keegan that’s all I’ve ever known. I must sound pathetic, I often wonder if the others (Kaori & Jarrah) feel as I do. You may think theirs plenty of fish in the sea, or that he’s not even that good looking.. but to us… he’s perfect…. even with all of his flaws. Its this weird justification that I get thinking of the pact, that if I’m not allowed to have him, then neither is Kay’ or Jarrah.. but when it came to outside parties such as Mahlia… what stance do I take? because he’s not mine.

Even with knowing what and who I want, theirs this part of me that’s glad I’m not with him. Stay with me for a second, and I’ll explain. Imagine going to the grocery store, and buying all these ingredients. You get home, start cooking, and it smells wonderful. Here’s your finished product that you worked so hard on, you take a bite and it taste… bad. Did you forget a step? did you forget an ingredient? Or…. is this just something you thought you’d like.. but turns out you didn’t? With Keegan I worry that if I got what I wanted, something may be off.. that the chase would be far more entertaining than the catch. I’d be left unsatisfied, and probably would ruin a friendship. Yet even with those preconceived notions about something that wasn’t a reality.. I love the guy, and I’d want to be with him?..See? conflicting, confusing, and down right annoying in some aspects. I have to get to class, enough of this for today… Honestly, I do hope he has fun with Mahlia, she’s a wonderful girl.

(POV Jeep)

So… I felt bad about how I treated Jeep a week ago. So I finally agreed to grab a bite to eat with him… plus I was bored… I mean the thing is with Jeep, is that I do think he’s a great kid. Ha, I say “Kid” as if we’re not close in age. Anyway.. he’s just not my type.. So this outing is really going to give me a chance to let him down easy. See! I’m not always a bitch.

Jeep – Those burgers were awesome huh?

Kaori – Yeah…

Jeep – …… So umm, what made you decide to finally go on a date with me?

Kaori – I wouldn’t call this a date- but… You’re a good friend, and you asked to hangout. So why not? I do love you like a brother so… its all good.

Jeep – ……Oh….

Kaori – Jonah…

Jeep – No I understand…

Kaori – I’m sorry… I just don’t see you that way…

Jeep – Why would you.. I’m a loser.

Kaori – You’re not a loser dude, you’re just not my type. I mean would you date some fat bitch?- No.. she wouldn’t be your type right? She could be mad cool, but you don’t wanna plow a whale right?

Jeep – I get what you’re trying to say but wow that’s really offensive to the plus sized chicks out there.

Kaori – Well I-

Jeep – and F-Y-I………I’d date a bigger girl. Its not about looks.

Kaori – Well why do you like me? if its not about looks?

Jeep – …..

Kaori – Exactly.. you think I’m cute..

Jeep – I think you’re more than cute, I think you’re beautiful, and undiscovered!. You’re like a flower, but a special one.. a Lotus…

Kaori – …..

Jeep – Why am I not your type? my clothes? I don’t understand why you let these guys touch you.. they see sexy, I see beautiful… they see a sex object, I see a smart girl..

Kaori – Jonah! stop!….. I appreciate it.. I do.. but.. This can’t happen.

Jeep – ………but I heard you tell Frankie that you like guys who wear chucks! (Shoes)

Kaori – I do….

Jeep – I wear chucks!

Kaori – I’m sorry…

Jeep – No you’re not..

Kaori – Don’t be a brat…

Jeep – … I just hate when girls do that.. you’re not really that sorry that you have to turn down another guy…

He does sorta have a point.. it can sometimes be a ego boost….. but I do care for Jonah, just not like he cares about me..

Kaori – …………………….

Jeep – ………………………

Kaori – You know, theirs a girl out there for you…. you just haven’t met her yet.

Jeep – ………..

Kaori – Fine… be mad… its okay… I get it.

Jeep – What would you know about rejection?

Kaori – Well-

Jeep – You get everything, and everyone you want….

Kaori – Not everyone…

Jeep – Oh yeah… Keegan.. of course…

Kaori – Stop it…

Jeep – ……………….Whatever… I’ll just accept it that girls don’t like me… Maybe Trey’s available

Kaori – Oh my god, are you his secret admirer?!

Jeep – I was joking! I’m not gay! what the hell Kaori?

Kaori – Oh.. sorry….but hey, maybe you should try the gay scene.. I hear the awkward twink look is in?

Jeep – That’s not funny!

Kaori – Sorry…*laugh* just trying to lighten the mood

And I’m quasi-serious. I mean Jeep would get so much play in the gay community I bet

Jeep – Why do all of you like Keegan so much anyway? I mean he’s good looking and stuff but-

Kaori – How can you ask that about your bestfriend? You know how amazing he is…

Jeep – ….Fine.. its true, he’s amazing….. but what-

Kaori – Doesn’t mean you’re not.. ……. Jeep you just-

Jeep – Just stop …..please?

Kaori – ………….alright…

Its true… Keegan is all sorts of amazing. I’d break all my rules for him. He gets me, and while I love Frankie to pieces, I feel like I can relate to Keegan on a certain level because we’re both struggling with what and who we’re meant to be….. also lets not be delayed, he and I look fucking good together. He’s my king, and I’m his queen. Too bad about the pact though. I would have went for it.

Between you and me?………..I think he likes me too. He’s always smiling from ear to ear when we see each other, plus he loves picking me up, and tickling me… he can’t stop touching me. The last time I was at his place before Trey, and Jarrah arrived. We were wrestling on the grass, and laughing like children. He whispered to me that he could do that all day. Goodness… he makes me question everything in life. He makes me feel like I’m free falling…. He’s one of a kind that boy…. 

Jeep – HELLO?!

Kaori – Huh?

Jeep – Lost in a thought?

Kaori – Yeah….

Jeep – ………..Well did you hear what I said?

Kaori – No?

Jeep – I said that I’m going to take off.. have to meet up with Rubi, and Bryce for our film project….

Kaori – Oh…. umm okay…

Jeep – ……………….

Kaori – Do you hate me?

Jeep – No….

Kaori – *smiles*

Jeep – Its not your fault that i’m hideous…

Kaori – Stop it…

Jeep – I’ll see you around.

Kaori – Alright….. love you! *smiles*

Jeep – Really Kaori? really? just stop…

Kaori – Too soon.. too soon.. my bad…

Jeep – Bye…

Kaori – Ciao!

Oh looky loo…. Look who I ran into…

Lars – Whats up sexy?

Kaori – Oh… ………hey Lars….

Lars – Why has it taken this long for us to speak?

Kaori – I don’t know….

Lars – You still think about summer camp?

Kaori – Mmmmm no?

Lars – I do….

Kaori – Cool…

So like 3 years ago Lars, and I both were camp counselors at GloCity Camp for The Youth. Yeah… fucking Victoria forced me to go.. that bitch… anyway. I was bored as fuck. So I was walking around after all the kids were in their bunks. Lars was in the woods, with some herbal magic- I’m talking weed if you’re a dumbass- So like of course I got lit with him. Then for whatever reason, I let the fool finger me. So like now he thinks we’re soulmates.

Lars – I’m good at oral…

Kaori – Ew who cares?

Lars – Why are you acting as if you don’t wanna bone?

Kaori – Dude….

Lars – Okay just answer my questions and I’ll leave you alone…

Kaori – Fine what?

Lars – Single?

Kaori – Of course…

Lars – Under the right circumstances, would you fuck me?

Kaori – ……………..Maybe?

Lars – A Maybe is good enough.

Kaori – I gotta go…. I have class.

Lars – Alright baby…. hit me up if you want some good meat.

That is so obnoxious….

Kaori – Eh… mmm’kay…. *rolls eyes*

I don’t really have class actually. I didn’t want to stay there talking to Lars, because he might have stood a chance. I mean dude is cute, but… I can’t….  He’s trouble. Plus I’d feel guilty having just broke Jeep’s heart and all. I’m just going to walk around for a few hours and see where it takes me. Later bitches..

(POV Frankie)

Oh hey there, you’re back. After my little spaz-session in the library earlier.. I went to class, and then got some lunch. Having gotten away from the campus for a few hours really cleared my mind. I was dealt a specific hand of cards for this poker game we call life. I have to play my hand smart- Oh excuse me one second..

Frankie – Hey?

America – Hey! I’m so glad I caught you.

Frankie – What’s up America?

America – Are you looking to join any clubs?

Frankie – My plate is full but I always keep an open mind.

America – Well I’d love it if you were to join SunnyVibrations.

Frankie – Oh- umm

America – We get together once a week, to talk about the environment, and how we can do our part to help. My boyfriend has inspired me so much with all the travel, and work he does.

Frankie – You date Trey’s brother Tyler right?

America – Yes… he’s….. he’s the air i breathe.

Frankie – Awww

America – You’re dating that Keegan guy right?

Frankie – No, where just friends.

America – Oh I’m sorry for my assumption.

Frankie – No big deal.

America – No pressure but we meet every Wednesday. So if you want to stop by I’d be really happy. You can bring your friend Kaori too.

Frankie – I won’t say no, you never know.

America – Keep an open mind.

Frankie – I will.

If i were going to tell her no, I would have. I feel like maybe the things that aren’t “us” are things we haven’t exactly tried, or given a 2nd look.

Seeing America be down for her cause so passionately sparked something in me. It was time I stopped worrying about things I had no control over. I needed to put myself back in the zone. I needed to get back on the right path because I personally feel like if you take the wrong route, you may miss something beautiful- which begs the question. Are we all just on the wrong path? and can a simple check of a map set us straight? I don’t think everyone is on the road to knowing whats right for them, however some people just get lucky. Life in my opinion is –

Frankie – Oh my god……….

So much for feeling good…..

Mira – This campus is so cute, and the boys are really nice!

Darell – See ya later Mira!

Harrison – Yeah! make sure you stop by!

Mira – You’re too kind boys!

Frankie – What the hell are they talking about?

Mira – The fratboys invited me to a party!

Frankie – No! no! you’re not going!

Mira – Well of course not sweetie, I came to see you!

I so did not want to get into this today…….. This woman before you, is my Mother. She’s the reason my life got hard, she’s the reason my sister Andi left. Why my father (Riley), and Keegan’s dad (Issac) are no longer together. She’s the reason everyone suffered…

Frankie – Why the hell are you here?!

Mira – Well you refuse to answer my calls!

Frankie – What makes you think I want anything to do with you after everything you’ve done to us?!

Mira – I’m trying to make it up to you! I love you! you’re my daughter!

Frankie – Well-

Mira – And Andi.. she needs to forgive me… i love you guys-

Frankie – WE DON’T LOVE YOU!

When my mother and my father split up, everything went into chaos. Then my father, and Keegan’s father found love again, a love they once had- that was ruined by circumstance. (Mira becoming pregnant with Andi) We lived with Issac for a long long time. Even when my mother came back for a custody battle. We were happy. My sister Andi, and I loved living with Issac, and Keegan. We made it through the drama, and the custody battle was dropped.

So like a year or something later… after the smoke had finally cleared. My sister agreed to meet with our mother. Somehow she convinced her that… life would be better.. if we gave our family a shot. My sister didn’t want to believe it, but… she needed her mother, and she assumed its what I needed as well. So… my sister came home. Talked to my dad for what seemed like hours.

I asked her what was going on, didn’t answer me so I shut up, and just listened. Issac finally came home, and My father was in tears talking to him. I didn’t know at the time, but My mother had lied to Andi, and told her that her dying wish was to have her family together for a year. She apparently only had one year left because she was sick. Which was a lie.

My dad foolishly listened to my gullible sister, and lying bitch of a mother. He told Issac that this was what he needed to do for us, and that he’d be back. Issac being the amazing man that he is, decided okay, that he’d wait for him… again. So he waited…. and waited. Time went on, and finally my mother pulled her old tricks out again and walked out on us for the millionth time.  This time I was old enough to see her for what she was. I was a growing girl, who was starting to see things as a young woman. I was graduating middle school, and my sister was entering her senior year of high school..all of this couldn’t have happen at a worse time. So after she left.. my father was left broken, started drinking and just became… disconnected. He hated himself for leaving Issac. Didn’t know what he was thinking. I believed he even felt some resentment towards Andi because she let Mira in… He never said anything though, this could just be me having an assumption, that’s wrong. I don’t know.

Anyway… my sister was angry, and felt the pressure of being not only my big sister, but a replacement mother as well. She always looked after me, and made sure dad didn’t drink and drive- it was just bad. I remember the night after she graduated… she packed a bag and told me to take care of dad. I cried and begged her not to go. She told me she had to leave.. she had to get away. I think she felt like she caused all of it. After Andi left, I felt so alone…. it was just me, and my dad. That’s when I fell in love with writing.. expressing myself without doing it vocally was an outlet that I needed. Because I couldn’t bottle up all my feelings. If I did, I would have become such a negative person.

So there you have it…. there she is… the life ruin-er… the stripper, the bitch… My mother. She was here, and all of the emotions I had when my sister abandoned my father and I suddenly rushed back. I hated her…

Mira – Why are you treating me like some bum on the street?!

Frankie – Because you know what you did!

Mira – I was childish! I was selfish!

Frankie – You used us…

My mother came back to us, because her sugar-daddy kicked her out……….she left us again………..because he wanted her back. It was all a game… a fucking game. When it was game over? she was sitting pretty… while we all suffered…. We all made it through the rain eventually.. I found my group of friends, and writing. Issac found Scott (His Husband) and my dad…. well…..- well he’s not drinking anymore. As far as Andi goes, I don’t know where she is. I know she lives in C-City but that’s about it. I don’t take her phone calls… she left me to deal with so much. We needed her-  I needed her, and she didn’t care. I just can’t talk to her right now.. not now…

Mira – I’m trying to connect with you.

Frankie – Please don’t.. don’t bother…

Mira – I came back-

Frankie – Why did you come back again?! WHY?!

Mira – Bobby and I ended things, and I knew it was time to come home. I know you all have your lives, but I figured Bridgeport was close to you guys and I could see you. Your father refuses to talk to me.

Frankie – Can you blame him?

Mira – And your sister.. i don’t know where the hell she is!

Frankie – Neither do I.

Well.. sorta…

Mira – I-

Frankie – You know, Dad thought that being with you for what was supposed to be your final year, was what we all needed. You knew how to play him, you knew how to play Andi. You ruined so much. How could you lie about being sick?! You’re a evil bitch! I hate you!

Mira – Does Andi feel this way too?- tell her i need her, give me her number? I-

Frankie – Even if I knew where she was, I wouldn’t tell you. Stay the hell away from me, we will never have a relationship- EVER

Keep your head up Frankie, don’t look back.. keep smiling… she can’t win, you’re in a good place now.. ignore her..

Mira – So you think because you’re in college that you’re all fancy now! You’re not a big shot Frankie! I gave you life you ungrateful little shit! You don’t know hardtimes! walking around with your nose all up in the air like you’re somebody’s royalty! you need to come back down to reality!

Frankie – ……….

I walked away knowing that their was nothing I could say that would make me feel better. Nothing I could say that would slap her in the face with truth. She was finally feeling the repercussions from her actions. It was time for her to be alone. To soak in her misfortunes, and lies, and deceit. Everything about this woman was ridiculous, from her clothing choice- to that ridiculous wig. I knew that as much as I wanted to cry, that I couldn’t. I couldn’t let her win… So I kept walking… and I did until I made it to my room..

(POV Kaori)

So as you know I went on a walk- and somehow i ended up on my mother street. So I figured I’d visit her, its been a while- not because theirs any bad blood, but just because I’m…. I don’t know.. I hate seeing her alone. It hurts… I mean.. my mom and dad claim I didn’t cause the divorce but.. I don’t believe them. I also feel like my mother resents me because I’m closer to my father. Its just weird talking to her sometimes…

Kaori – Ah.. she’s sitting outside.. This couldn’t be any easier, just walk up and say “Hay Mom” – “Hay Old Woman!” – no… “Hey Mommy?” …. eh..

So… I walk up… and some guy comes out of the house…. who the fuck was he?

George – Babe?

Kokoro – Oh George honey you scared me.

George?… hmmm

George – Its just lil’ ole’ me.

Kokoro – Silly bear…

George – I just got off the phone with Ivo, he said to tell you hi.

What the fuck? my brother talks to this man?

Kokoro – Was his flight back to New York okay?

George – Yes.

Kokoro – Its a shame that he had to go back so soon.

George – Well that Jessica Nash woman works him hard. She likes to keep him close to her apparently.

He know so much about my brother, what the-

Kokoro – I’m happy you and Ivo have such a good relationship.

Yeah and forget all about your daughter….

George – Ivo wants us to come out to New York so we can meet his boss, and see how he’s doing there.

Kokoro – Oh that sounds like a good idea.

Oh so they’re a big happy family now?

George – Umm.. sweetheart?

Kokoro – Yes?

George – Maybe its time…

Kokoro – …

George – You have to introduce me to her… she’ll be alright…

Kokoro – You don’t know Kaori.. she’s sensitive, she still has this hope that her father and I will get back together.

George – But Ivo-

Kokoro – Kaori isn’t as strong as Ivo, she may seem like it on the outside, but she’s the kind of girl who really wants to be liked, who wants things to go her way. She’s really busy also…. she hasn’t called or bothered to come see me so-

George – I’m still surprised Vince, or Ivo- or hell even Victoria hasn’t told her anything about me…

Kokoro – We think its best that she works on her studies… and just… I love my daughter I do- but I don’t feel like she loves me as much as she loves her father and that hurts my feelings. I just want her to be okay, and thrive at school… I don’t want any stress to be brought her way.

George – Okay Honey.

Kokoro – So I’m thinking veggie meatloaf for dinner?

George – Sounds good.

Why was everyone lying to me?…. why did my own mother think I was so…… weak? Was I a terrible person or something? My father, my brother.. they all knew about this George guy and nobody felt the need to tell me anything? I feel like I’m going to throw up.. I can’t deal with this right now…*starts to cry* Am I not good enough for my own family?


Hey Kay’ Sorry, I’m going to have to cancel our dinner plans tonight. NOT feeling good.. something happen with my mom, and I want to be alone. I love you, and hope you’re doing okay. I’ll call you when I feel better babe.” – Frankie

……..I feel like I don’t have anybody….


Sup pretty girl? Its Paiz. I’m on my way back to the dorm now. So get yourself ready to go- actually on 2nd thought just wear what you had on today. It was sexy, perfect for the interview. Don’t flake out on me either. This could be good for you. Anyway Be ready.. I’ll meet you by the fountain in like an hour. K bye!” – Paisley 

Well… I guess I should keep myself busy and just go to the fucking interview..Don’t want to give anyone anymore reason to say I suck as a person. *wipes tears away* better re-do my makeup….. also.. Frankie may hate me for this but.. I think I know what will help her…. Nobody could ever say I was selfish. I’m feeling like shit, but all I want to do is make sure my bestfriend is okay…. ugh whatever.. fuck everyone….

(POV Frankie)

My roommate Ivy came home right when I started to cry. I didn’t want her to see me this way, I hate being the victim….

Ivy – I didn’t see her outside so yeah.. I guess she left…

Frankie – *crying* I hate her so much Ivy!

Ivy – Its okay.. its going to be okay.

Frankie – I shouldn’t be crying on your shoulder- you have enough problems..

Ivy – I’m always here for you…

Frankie – Thanks… I love you for that.

Ivy – …..I-

Ivy – *leans in for a kiss*

Frankie – …….Ummm

What is she doing?!

Frankie – What the hell Ivy?!

Ivy – I’m sorry! I-

Frankie – Why would you do that?!

Ivy – I just- you were crying and said-

Frankie – So because I’m vulnerable, and upset, you think its a good time to take advantage of me while my guard is down?

Ivy – No- I just- Look I’m sorry!

Frankie – Not cool Ivy!

Ivy – I messed up- just – I- um- I just-

Frankie – I have to go?- I have to go! I need to get out of here-

Ivy – Wait please don’t! please Frankie don’t hate me I-

Frankie – Ivy… I have to leave…

I don’t know why she did that… did I ever send her vibes that I liked her?- I didn’t stick around to ask any questions. I grabbed my phone, and as soon as I walked out the door I saw…

Frankie – Dad?!

*runs to cry on his shoulder*

Riley – Its okay baby… its okay…

Frankie – How did-

Riley – Kaori called me, she said something happen with your mom…

Frankie – *crying*

Riley – What happened?

Frankie – She came here!

Riley – WHAT?!

Frankie – She yelled at me, told me I was stuck up, and I was on a high horse or something because I didn’t want anything to do with her.

Riley – I’m sorry Frankie.. I’m so sorry…

Frankie – Why did she have to come back! WHY! I hate her!

Riley – I’ll take care of it…

Frankie – *crying* Daddy I hate her so much!

Riley – I know… I hate her too babygirl…

Frankie – She kept asking about Andi…

Riley – You didn’t tell-

Frankie – No…. I didn’t tell her anything…

Riley – Andi doesn’t call me, but the last thing I’d want is Mira knowing where she was….. and I’m really sorry you had to go through that today, her coming here and-

Frankie –  *crying* Why doesn’t she just go back to where she came from!

It was happening… I was breaking…. I didn’t know what to do in that moment… but cry…

(POV Kaori)

I collected myself, and shook it off. Fuck them if they think they can just keep things from me. If they want me to be distant then I will. I can’t believe them.

Lamisha (Red Head) – Who’s that?

Paisley – I’m trying to get her the job.

Lamisha – Oh okay..

Paisley – Make sure she talks to Ms Swan, I’m gonna go change.

Lamisha – Okay.

Paisley – Suzy’s (Blonde in background) regular is back?

Lamisha – Apparently…

Paisley – Well I’m gonna get dressed, be right back.

Ms Swan – Yu must bee Kaori

Kaori – That would be me.

Ms Swan – Been cryin’ deer? Eye all puffy

Kaori – I was putting perfume on and I got my eyes on accident.

Ms Swan – Been deer gerl

Kaori – *smiles*

Ms Swan – Yu pritty gerl. You no work befour?

Kaori – I’ve worked at a camp one summer.

Ms Swan – Paisley say yu people person

Kaori – I am.- Umm What exactly goes on here? The sign outside says “Lucky Dragon”

Ms Swan – Oooooooooh Well…. we have magic tuch

Kaori – Magic touch?- wait is this a massage parlor?

Ms Swan – Soon be full blown spa within year!

The fuck….

Lamisha (RedHead) – Get dem coinz girl!

Suzy – Oh hush up!….

Man In White – Its been a long time.


Paisley – Oh good I see you and Ms Swan are talking already.

Kaori – …..So the job would be… what exactly?

Paisley – Umm… Massaging people?

Kaori – But I don’t know how-

Ms Swan – Oh… I beht yu dooooo *giggle*

Paisley – Suzy taught me.. she can teach you.

Kaori – Why do I feel like I already have the job?

Ms Swan – Becuz yu do… yu just hav tu accep it.

Paisley – Come on Kaori…. It would be so much fun having you around.

Kaori – No sketchy shit though right? Cause I watch TV I’ve seen show’s like this.. I’m not jerkin’ anyones dick for money.

Paisley – *laugh*

Ms Swan – Ooooooooh Me like hur… she feisty.. like lie-o-ness

I’m serious, I’ve seen shit like this on my tv, I will not be jerking off sweaty fat men, old men, NO MEN! I ain’t jerkin’ dicks up in here.

Paisley – What’s keeping you from saying yes?

Ms Swan – Yus, what keep you deer?

Kaori – I just don’t think I’d do good here…

Paisley – How about you see how you like it for one week?

Ms Swan – Yu no like? yu go. Ev’-ree wun happy.

Paisley – You see Lamisha over there?

Kaori – Yeah?

Paisley – She was just like you, nervous and shit… but she grew to love it here. So did I.

Lamisha – I had alot of fuckery in my life girl… came here, and its like they’re my new family. I’ve never been happier, hours are flexible so I can take care of my baby, and the pay is good.

Ms Swan – Plus! we screen customahz nothing shay-dee go on in here.

Paisley – Don’t you want to be around people that make you feel full of life? social? Who doesn’t want a second family?

She has a point… my friends are so busy with their lives, and whatnot. Their going places blah blah blah this that and the third… So maybe I do need something to keep me busy, to feel welcomed, because clearly my own family thinks of me as someone they can’t even talk to. What to do what to do…. take the job? don’t take the job…. Fuck it.

Kaori – Okay sure, I’ll take the job.

Ms Swan – Yu no trial test?

Kaori – Nope.. I’m in.. fulltime.

Paisley – YES!

Ms Swan – Oh yus! Yu wheel nhot we-gret it! Fun Fun fun fun!

Kaori – When do I start?

This is my rebirth…. Its time for the new Kaori to show people who she is. My family wants to treat me like shit.. I’ll show them…

~*End of Chapter Two Pt 1 | Pt 2 is Next*~


  1. LOL Kaori is too funny!! I was thinking the exact same thing; what kind of shady place is this?? :D. I can’t believe everyone’s been keeping secrets from her though. I imagine that would make her feel like crap. And Mira had a lot of nerve to ambush Frankie like that. Is she really serious this time? It’s hard to trust her when she’s lied so much in the past! Loved it and can’t wait for more!! 😀

    1. I swear its so funny going from Frankie to Kaori in terms of inner thoughts. Frankie is very analytically, Kaori is funny and vulgar. Going back and fourth makes me feel bipolar lol.

      Thanks as always for reading/commenting. More to come!

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