BoysNGirls : Chapter One | Pt. 3 “A Day In The Life Of….”

Chapter One | Pt. 3 “A Day in The Life Of….”

-POV’s : Trey & Jarrah

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN)that person is narrating that scene.*~

~Disclaimer : This story features mature language… Just a warning.~

(POV Trey)

*laugh* …. Oh Hey guys, you caught me in the middle of a conversation with my secret admirer. We do this alot, talk online… Its fun… since this is about all we can do.

[Online Conversation]


MrRobinsonXoXo (Trey) : Oh Frozen yogurt sounds good.. maybe when we meet, we can go out for some together?

KingOfNowhere : Sounds like a date 🙂

MrRobinsonXoXo (Trey) : Its so weird… I really feel close to you.. I know so much about you, but so little at the same time.

KingOfNowhere : I’d be more open about my personal life, but I might say too much, and you’d know who I was.

MrRobinsonX0X0 : I understand… I just wish you wouldn’t be so… How do I say this without offending you?….

KingOfNowhere : You wish I was brave enough to face you.

MrRobinsonXoXo : Yes… but I understand, you’re not out…

KingOfNowhere : I knew I was gay early on, but I had alot of reason for not coming out. Its just easier to be straight… That must sound lame for someone like you.

MrRobinsonXoXo : No not at all.. Most of high school I pretended I was straight, I dated my bestfriend.

KingOfNowhere : Jarrah?

MrRobinsonXoXo : Yeah…. So umm. Where exactly are you? earlier you said you were out and about.

KingOfNowhere : I was walking around campus. I needed some air. I’m getting tired though..

MrRobinsonXoXo : Ah, Go to your room and rest then?

KingOfNowhere : I wish I was there with you. It would be cool to fall asleep with you.

MrRobinsonXoXo : I’d like that… 😛

KingOfNowhere : Well I’m about to walk into my room, gotta go. Talk to you soon future snuggle bunny.

MrRobinsonXoXo : Goodnight loverboy… xoxo


Okay so.. I guess I should probably give you guys the background story on “King Of Nowhere”. About a month ago I come back to my dorm from the shower, and theirs a note that was slid under my door. On the note it said “I think you’re cute Trey, and If I weren’t so scared of people knowing how I felt about guys… I’d ask you out.” So then like a week later I got a message on skype, from KingOfNowhere. Turns out he’s the guy who wrote me that note.

So we started talking.. and its kinda been on a romantic level since then. He says that he’ll be ready soon, but its just too hard to come out right now. I’m not too sure who this guy could be, but I have one suspect….. KAORI… that bitch is evil, and I wouldn’t put it past her to play a joke on me. If I’m being honest though, I do think its real. I think this guy exist, and he really like me. It makes my heartbeat faster everytime I see him online. If our conversations are so good online, I just know we’ll have great chemistry once the mystery is over.

[Door Opens]

Bryce – Hey Trey.

Trey – Hey Bryce…

Bryce – What are you doing?

Trey – Looking at those idiot frat boys get drunk by the fountain… Where the hell is security?

Bryce – Oh I saw that on the way here, The security guard is drinking with them. Kinda ridiculous..

Trey – Yeah…

Bryce – So….have a good time with that secret admirer tonight?

Trey – How did you know I was talking to him?

Bryce – Lucky guess?

Trey – Oh- well It was fun… How was your night?

Bryce – Umm pretty good, I had some yogurt… went to the library…

Trey – I see…

Hmm… KingOfNowhere said.. he had to go because he was going back to his room, Bryce just came home. KingOfNowhere had Yogurt…. so did Bryce. Could Bryce be my secret admirer?

Bryce – Do you mind if I read you something?

Trey – Umm.. sure?

Bryce – I wrote this earlier.

Trey – What’s it about

Bryce – …..Someone….

Trey – Someone you….. like?

Bryce – Yes.

Trey – Okay.. well let me hear it.

Bryce – Okay…. Here goes. :

Sweaty palms from watching you from afar

Your skin glow’s as the sun shines

If only I was strong enough for you

To be everything you need

Everything you deserve

I wish you’d see whats right in front of you

We could be so happy together

You don’t even know this kind of love exist.

Soon… You Will…If You’ll have me.

Trey – Wow…. That’s really romantic… who’s the gu- girl?

Bryce – Its a secret….. This person… makes me happy… even though- nevermind..

Trey – No go ahead…

Bryce – Its a different kind of love for me… something new… –

So is liking a guy… Could Bryce be the true identity to KingOfNowhere?

Trey – *smiles* Well… Bryce… if you just.. tell the person… maybe they will be okay with it.. you never know.. *smiles*

Bryce – Hmm… I don’t know…

You know.. I never noticed how cute Bryce is.. I mean he’s a bit emo but… why not.. I mean Bryce is a sweet guy. I’d be okay with it being him.. Actually the more I think about it.. I’d be more than okay with it.

Trey – Be brave…..

Bryce – … Okay.. fine… Its Jarrah- Jarrah’s Sorority sister… Rubi *smiles blissfully*….. She’s the brightest star in the universe Trey!

Oh my god.. that stupid fraudulent bitch Rubi? Like.. she lies about everything.. and her obnoxious red lips- Red lips ain’t for everything hun-tee…

Bryce – Did I say something wrong? I’m sorry for whatever I said- or did…

Trey – No- no.. You’re great Bryce, you wouldn’t harm a fly.

Bryce – I sure wouldn’t!

Trey – I just… I wish someone felt that way about me…

Bryce – Your admirer seems to.

Trey – Yeah… I guess so…

Bryce – So… do you think I have a chance with Rubi?

Trey – Doesn’t she have a boyfriend? Some old ass dude that doesn’t even go here?

Bryce – That T.J. guy?

Trey – Yeah… isn’t he Tyena’s half brother?

Bryce – Yes, and Darell.. though Darell pretends they’re not related.

Trey – …… Well no offense to them but I don’t blame him.. T.J. is a creeper..

Bryce – Rubi doesn’t really like him, she’s just dating him because she’s writing a paper on asperger syndrome

Trey – Wow that’s fucked up…..

I mean T.J. is weird and all but… Rubi is so evil for using that guy like that.

Bryce – Can you please stand up?

Trey – Why? I’m tired… *laugh*

Bryce – Because I need a hug.

Trey – Umm…

Bryce – I-

Trey –  Look, I don’t know what I’m talking about. I’m sure Rubi is a wonderful person. Don’t be sad-

Bryce – Sad? These are tears of joy! Even her name makes me explode from the inside-

Trey – Umm… TMI (too much information)

Bryce – No not sexually.. I mean.. I’m sure she’s great at that. She seems so womanly and experienced.


Trey – So you’re crying because you’re happy?

Bryce – She’s like a rainbow + rain combination. She’s……..words cannot describe such beauty. Isn’t she such a sight? I mean I know you like boys, but you can appreciate her beauty right?

Trey – Yeah… she’s something else…

Bryce – I’m earth, and she’s a comet about to impact my whole existence. Oh Trey, I’m in love!

I…. stood there about 10 minutes as he confessed his feelings about Rubi, finally I was able to get some sleep…. I’ll see you guys tomorrow.

(POV Jarrah)

Jarrah – You wanted to see me Mrs. Grace?

Victoria – Call me Victoria.

Jarrah – Alrighty… *smiles*

Victoria – I need your assistance with something of importance.

Oh wow.. finally.. I can give my input on a piece of fabric- or……… something for her men’s line!

Victoria – I’ll be having an important meeting in about 30 minutes.

Jarrah – Yes! I’ll do it!

Victoria – Oh?… well aren’t you the eager one…

Jarrah – This is my dream, my passion. Anything I can do to-

Victoria – Well then get a pen… because The order is a big one. Some of the important people that are coming cannot digest foods with gluten so I have some special request.

Jarrah – Order?- Foods?


Victoria – *laugh* Oh dear what did you think I needed your help with?

Jarrah – I- umm..

Victoria – Don’t be shy.. spit it out.

Jarrah – I just thought that maybe you wanted me to take notes or give my-

Victoria – What?…. Input?… *laugh* Lets not get ahead of ourselves. Now I was thinking bagels… So I – *fades off*

Great…. I’m running a food errand… *sigh*……

Jarrah – I’ll have it all ready before your guest arrive.

Victoria – Yes. Yes you will.

Jarrah – ….*smiles*

She’s evil….

Victoria – You know Jarrah.. everyone starts at the bottom. You have to work your way up to be successful.

I know that’s true, but I really hate hearing it. It would be one thing If I were out picking up fabrics, and such. I’m instead doing meals, and like- Okay for example… last week Victoria lost an earring.. guess who spent all day going through the building looking for it? ME!… turns out it was in her purse the whole time. I honestly feel like she knew this all along, and was just testing me.

Even with all the bad, I do love my job, and the opportunities that come with it. I thank my dad (Josh), who’s friends with Kaori’s father (Vince), who’s married to Victoria. Thanks to a few connections I was able to get this internship. Most people would have to wait until they graduated or… well Its just a really hard job to get. While I don’t like Kaori much, I do feel for her. Growing up with Victoria as a step-mother couldn’t have been fun. She’s quite evil at times….

Victoria – Are you going to stand there and breathe on me? or are you going to do your job?

Jarrah – I’m sorry-

Victoria – I don’t do apologies dear. Save it for someone who wants it. Go do your job.

Jarrah – *nods yes*

Victoria – Oh and send my daughter in.

Hmm what is Victoria’s daughter doing here?

Alana – Morgan? is that your name?

Morgan – Yes…. Can I help you?

Alana – I needed your help 2 minutes ago

Morgan – I was on the phone, handing important business.

Alana – Yeah right.. My mother likes to use you guys as lackey’s. Its a power trip thing.

Morgan – What can I do for you Alana? *rolls eyes*

Alana – Can I go in to see my mother now?! I’ve been waiting forever.

Morgan – ……

Jarrah – Your mother will see you now Alana.

Alana – *rolls eyes* Why thank you lackey number two

Jarrah – …….

Alana – Aren’t you one of Kaori’s friends?

Jarrah – I wouldn’t go that far…

Alana – Eh, you’re too stiff to be one of her friends anyway.

Jarrah – ………..

I stand up for myself, but its really no point in fighting a losing battle. I curse Alana out and then what? get fired? No thanks…. Obviously I don’t want to lose my job so its in my best interest that I maintain a happy go lucky attitude- speaking of which.. I should order that food… Oh how I love my job…….

Jarrah – Hi, I’m calling because I’d like to place an order for Victoria Grace of V-Glam.

? – I assume you want it delivered?

Jarrah – Yes sir…. I need this order to be prepared, complete, delivered within the next 15-20 minutes. Alright.

? – Alright Jarrah…

Jarrah – *laugh* How did you know my name?

? – You order food from here alot…

Jarrah – I guess I do call alot… Its my job… yeah… but I’m going places, it just takes hardwork.

? – I don’t doubt it.. you sound like a smart girl.

Jarrah – *laugh*……..well alright so here’s the order.

? – Give it to me…

Jarrah – Okay so I’d like.. 3 Large 6 pump Non fat, no water, 190 degrees, no foam chai lattes. 4 slightly toasted whole grain bagels with cream cheese on the side. The cream cheese needs to be a bit warm- but not hot. As this girl I know would say.. “Quasi Warm”…

Oh bless Kaori’s Heart…

? – Okay got all of that-

Jarrah – Okay next, I need 2 of your flat bread breakfast- yes. The flat bread needs to be sourdough, and the omelettes inside have to be egg whites only.

? – Is that-

Jarrah – Yeah I’m almost done. Last thing I need is 5 orders of your mixed fruit- not watermelon in one of them. And 3 green tea’s one with no ice-

? – You must have a very big appetite.

Jarrah – What? No I’m not eating all of this..

? – I’m joking *laugh* I’m sure you’re really pretty.

Jarrah – … Thanks.. that’s nice of you.

? – I’m not the one bringing the food, but if I were, I’d ask you out.

Jarrah – What if I’m hideous?- besides.. I’m with someone..

? – Aww that’s too bad.

Jarrah – So you know my name.. what’s yours?

? – Collin… My name is Collin

Jarrah – Well Collin, it was nice talking to you… again apparently *laugh* I appreciate all of the compliments, and such.

Collin – No problem, I’ll hover over the guys and make sure the order is perfection. Wouldn’t want you getting in trouble at work.

Jarrah – Thanks… Alright see you soon- well not you, but the guy who’s bringing-

Collin – Bye Jarrah *laugh*

Jarrah – Goodbye Collin.

That was random…. Was I flirting? I hope not… I just hope he paid attention. I probably should have made him repeat the order back to me

Morgan – Jarrah? do you have a minute?

Jarrah – Sure, what can I do for you?

Morgan – You know Alana like personally?

Jarrah – Umm.. yes, and no.

Morgan – Is she the type to go out and party alot?

Jarrah – I don’t know if that’s still her scene but you could always ask her if you’re interested in being her friend.

Morgan – I see…. hmm.. funny.. you seem to know alot of people. No wonder you got this job so easily. I had to work my ass off, graduate and practically sell my soul to the devil, all for what? being her maid?

Jarrah – I-

Morgan – Lucky you…

I hate when people make preconceived notions like that. First off my father does own a gym, but its not thriving like before. My mother has a bar but..- like truth be told we don’t make much money. My brother Micah lives in Bridgeport, and he works at a hospital- he’s a nurse. So we struggle, but we’re working hard to make it..

Jarrah – Morgan actually.. My mom, and dad do not come from money. I work really hard for what I want. I didn’t even ask my father- or whomever for this connection. I was willing to work to get here, and now that I am here. I’m going to do everything it takes to show Victoria that I belong here.

Morgan – …………I’m sorry.. I-

Jarrah – No its okay-

Morgan – No I was rude.. and bitter…

Jarrah – No worries… I’ve had this same argument with this girl… she thinks I’m spoiled and.. whatever… The fact of the matter is this, You and I? we’re here. So lets make it count. I’m sure you have people you want to prove wrong, as do I.

Morgan – My mother… when I left C-City she pretty much said I’d come running home.

Jarrah – Ouch..

Morgan – Well she didn’t flat out say it. She just said “Honey things don’t always go as planned, you have a home here when you return”

Jarrah – She didn’t want you to leave home?

Morgan – She’d rather I stay close to her, and my brother… help with the family business- its a restaurant. I’ve been having such a bad week… though.. the other night I did have fun with this guy.. the morning was awkward though-

[Background yelling]

Alana, and Victoria are going at it… apparently Victoria wants her to drop some act, and get a job- Oh my goodness.. Alana just called her a bitch…

Morgan – Did you hear that?

Jarrah – Yes…

Morgan – We should get to work….

Jarrah – I have to go to the first floor.. get the mail, and wait for food to arrive.

Morgan – Do you lie? to friends? tell them you’re thriving and doing lots of cool stuff?

Jarrah – Sometimes.. Only because what I actually do is so…. boring.

Morgan – Nice to know I’m not the only one. I live for excitement, and danger.. which is probably why I like bad boys.

Jarrah – Who doesn’t like bad boys.

My boyfriend is sorta a bad boy… Keegan is- was a bad boy… *sigh* Keegan.. seriously.. isn’t he just the cutest? Stupid pact. Though I guess its not so bad. I do love Dyl.. He and I are like… on paper we shouldn’t work.. but… we do, and Its amazing.

Morgan – Well have fun getting the food. I’m going to call around a few fabric stores. Sadly I don’t get to actually go pick up any.. just make the calls.

Jarrah – How exciting..

(POV Trey)

So my friend Nick- in the red. He was nice enough to take my broken scooter to Keegan’s house in his truck. So I agreed to help him study, catch up in a class we have together. That guy in the grey, is his roommate Miguel. He dates this girl on campus named Magdalena who is friends with my roommates sister Bianca… Confused? Eh oh well *laugh*

Miguel – So I was like- why are you being like that? and Magdalena got all bitchy. I was knocking on her door and screaming her name for 15minutes before she talked to me.

This nigga’s thirst is ridiculous.. Obviously she didn’t wanna deal with his ass- Oh and that N word.. I don’t usually use it but.. sometimes Its so appropriate to be honest.

Nick – You just gotta work it out man… if you like her then… just compromise.

Miguel – Like you did with Paisley?

Nick – Paisley and I just didn’t work. She’s not to be trusted, I seriously just had enough with her.

Do you guys know Frankie’s roommate Ivy?- well Paisley is her cousin.. Nick and her dated

Miguel – Trey… is this shit different in the gay dating scene?

Trey – I’ve dealt with my fair share of bullshit, but.. I mean.. to be honest.. Guys are just as annoying as girls are. If any gay guy tells you different, then he’s clearly anti woman. Everyone has the ability to be difficult.

Miguel – I see…

Trey – Why don’t you go get some flowers, get her some food.. and just tell her how much you love her.

Nick – Awww

Trey – Shut up.. *laugh*

Miguel – You know what.. I’m going to do that… thanks Trey.

Trey – No problemo-

Nick – *laugh*

Miguel – …………….

Trey – No! wait I wasn’t trying to speak Spanish or anything I-

Miguel – Its all good bro.. relax… relax *laugh*

Nick – That was funny..

Trey – ….. So… can I ask why you and Paisley broke up?

Nick – ….

Trey – Sorry..

Nick – She stole money from me…

Trey – Oh… that sucks.

Nick – Yeah, but even before that.. I knew I wanted to end things. The sex was no longer good, we kissed with our eyes opened.. it was just going down hill.

Trey – Well good thing you got out while you could.

Nick – Yeah…. So…. what about you? still messing around with that KingOfNowhere guy?

Trey – ……….Yeah…. though I mean.. I guess I’m getting a bit annoyed.. I want to kiss him- which sounds pathetic.. I don’t even know what he looks like..

Nick – Give him time to make a move…

Trey – I guess…

Truth be told, I just.. I really want to go on a date, and hold hands. I know this guy is not ready, but is it really selfish of me to say that I am?

Nick – You just want some physical connection…

Trey – I haven’t gotten laid.. in like…  2 months.. like I was tempted to go to a gaybar but…

Nick – I have an idea.. if you’re up for it…

Trey – Hmm?

Nick – Okay well.. like ever since we met… freshman year.. I’ve sorta wondered… what it would be like.

Trey – What?

Nick – How do I say this… You know how in college.. people… experiment?

Trey – Oooooh- wait… you want to go to a gaybar?

Nick – No, I wanna Fu- I- This is stupid nevermind..

Trey – What were you going to say?

Nick – That I want to… experiment… with you.

Trey-  You want to fuck……………me?

Nick – You don’t think I’m cute?

Trey – You are, but… wouldn’t that ruin our friendship? I’ve done it with curious guys before, and they never looked at me the same. Like i was going to hold it over their heads that we had sex or something….

Nick – Well I’ve never did it with a dude before, and I’m really horny, I haven’t gotten laid in a while either.

Trey – So what you’re saying is.. we can help each other out..

Nick – Yeah… if I like it- if you like it… we can just.. help each other out.. until one of us… gets with someone.

Oh I’m sure I’d like it.. I’ve seen IT in the shower….

Trey – …….Hmm….

Nick – Come on…. I’m horny.. and you may not ever get this chance again..

Trey – *laugh* Umm…

Nick – I’ll go slow or whatever you like.. I’m just curious if its different from doing a girl…. that and I’m horny.

Trey – ….You should lock the door…

Nick – …Alright.

Truth be told, theirs not many gay guys here on campus, so I have to take what I can get. Besides its not like Nick is ugly.. he’s pretty cute, I just worry this will ruin our friendship…

Nick – Kissing is okay?

Trey – Yeah.. gay guys makeout…duh

Nick – That was a dumb question, why did I ask that…


Trey – What?

Nick – Eh, its a little weird kissing a guy… your mustache is like.. itchy.

Trey – I’m use to it…. I love a guy’s facial hair rubbing up against my face.

Nick – What else do you like?

Trey – Being under a sexy guy…

Nick – And?

Trey – You mean like… what I like doing?

Nick – Yeah.. do you suck-

Trey – *laugh* Oh goodness.. Of course….

Nick – What about the balls?

Wow he’s dirty isn’t he….

Trey – We’ll see… *laugh* Just don’t ram it in there and- Go slow at first.. then we’ll speed things up…

Nick – I have lube… Paisley always complained about my size, so more lube the better.

Trey – Less talking.. more kissing…

Nick – Fine, but one more thing.

Trey – Yeah?

Nick – How do you feel about condoms?

Trey – I feel like they’re safe?

Nick – Well I don’t have any?

Trey – What guy doesn’t have condoms?

Nick – Paisley and I never used them..

Trey – I have some in my room, but Bryce is doing a project with Rubi, and Jeep in there… Plus I have to get to work after this so..

Nick – So……

Trey – Umm…

Nick – I’m clean, I don’t have any STD’s or anything. I was tested last month.. I can show you..

Trey – I believe you.. and I know I’m clean because I get tested every month…

Hmm…. against my better judgement I’m just going to do it..

Nick – Alright so we’re doing it?

Trey – …..Yeah…..

Nick – Alright, take off your pants…

For someone who has never been with a guy before, he sure isn’t shy…

(POV Jarrah)

Jarrah – You’re so easy… *laugh*

Dylan – What?

Jarrah – I’ve barely touched you.. and I can feel Mr happy on my leg.

Dylan – That’s because you’re sexy.

Jarrah – *laugh* No you’re sexy…..

Dylan – I love you.

Jarrah – Awww.. that’s so sweet, I love you too Dylan…

Dylan – *smiles* so can we fool around?

Jarrah – Umm, when is your roommate getting back?

Dylan – He’s gone all day..

Jarrah – Okay.. maybe we can fool around then…

Dylan – Yes!

Jarrah – Dork…. Oh by the way.. Jeep- Jonah told me about you asking him about gifts…. I think that’s so cute…

Dylan – Yeah you’re going to be surprised.. I got you a gift……………………and a present!

Jarrah – Aww babe!

I know what you guys are thinking.. How the hell did I end up with Dylan? Well… It all started after Keegan got out of jail.. I went to see him, and He was so… different. He seemed really disconnected from himself, and everyone around him. So I hugged him, why? because I wanted him to know he had people around who cared about him. So there we are hugging and…he didn’t let go, and we kissed. Which turned into me having sex with him. That’s not good because of the pact, but I mean what was I suppose to say? “No?” Because part of me wanted him, and I.. The thing is Keegan has this pull with Kaori, Frankie, and myself. I think he knows it too. Its our secret that we keep, Nobody can know. Well My cousin Jeep knows but, that’s because Keegan tells him everything… I didn’t tell Trey, only because… well.. to be honest I’m not sure why I didn’t tell him.. Maybe because I do feel bad for breaking the pact… hmm..

But anyway on with the story, after we hooked up… we both knew it was a mistake. So we agreed that it never happened. I needed to get him out of my head, and I remember coming on campus months later, and Dylan asked me out. I needed the distraction and so, I said yes. Ever since then Dylan and I have been an item. I grew to like- and now even love him. He’s not the smartest guy, but he’s sweet, and protective. Which is what I like.

Dylan – Are you wearing panties?

Jarrah – Always Dyl.. I never go bottomless..

Dylan – What a good girl you are.

Jarrah – I can be bad too…

Dylan – Oh I know…

Byron – Oooh bout to get some Dylan?

Jarrah – Oh my god.

Dylan – What are you doing here?

Byron – I’m done with the gym.. I wanna lay down on my bed.. probably beat off to some porn.

Jarrah – Classy….

Byron – Says the girl who’s about to go into the Sex Room…

Jarrah – Umm I’ve never been in there…

Dylan – Jarrah’s too classy for that.

Jarrah – I don’t even want to THINK about the fluids in that room..

Byron – Your friend Kaori’s been in there, and in Hammer’s room..

Jarrah – That’s her business.

Byron – She’s kinda a ho though so..

Jarrah – She’s not, are you a ho for sleeping with a large number of women?

Byron – Umm- no?

Jarrah – Okay then.. so just because she’s a woman and she’s doing the same thing you guys do.. that makes her a ho?

Byron – Guys can get away with it… I don’t know….

Which is such B.S… I mean I don’t even really like Kaori, but come on.. its a bit unfair to call the girl a ho. I admire her attitude on gender double standards. I’d never tell her that though, she’s such a bitch to me, and for no reason too..

Dylan – Come on bro give us 10 minutes.

Byron – That’s how long you last? Lame Dude! *laugh*

Jarrah – He last longer than that… but he makes sure I’m taken care of before he worries about himself.. He knows how to treat his lady.

Dylan – Yeah.. I’m a master romancer- n’ stuff bro.. Like.. I’m just so suspenseful n’ shit.

Byron – Do you mean sensual?

Jarrah – All of that.. Dyl’s suspenseful, and sensual.. all of that right baby?

Dylan – Yup.. Yup.. that’s what it is.. I’m all of that bro.

*laugh* Dylan and his way with words.

Byron – 10 Minutes?

Dylan – Okay well more but bro if you bring a girl over I’ll sleep in the sex room, so you can bang in here.

Jarrah – …. Babe, I have something planned for us next week, so… can you hold off until then? I promise it will be amazing.. *smiles*

Dylan – But babe, I got a stiffy… *pouts*

Jarrah – I know but I just remembered I had a class in like 15 minutes.. and all of my books are at the sorority.

Dylan – So I gotta-

Byron – Looks like you gotta pleasure yourself dude.

Dylan – Thank god I’m good at that.

Jarrah – Come here…


Dylan – Mmmmmmmm You sure you gotta go?

Jarrah – School is important to me.. have to make sure I have a backup incase the fashion industry doesn’t want me…

Dylan – Alright…. I love yooooooooooooooooooou

Jarrah – I love yooooooooooooooooou too Dyl. See ya later Byron.

Byron – Bye Jarrah.

Dylan – Byron.. wanna go get some burgers?- well after I take care of mr happy.

Byron – Umm… sure dude… sure..

Jarrah – Have fun.

Harrison (striped shorts) – Whoa Jarrah… dat ass!

Hammer – Damn.. she does have a cute little booty on her… OW!

Jarrah – Shhh! you’re going to wake Darell-

Darell – Too late….

Hammer – Jarrah?

Jarrah – Yeah?

Hammer – Can you convince Kaori to call me?

Jarrah – Umm.. I’ll try?

Harrison – What’s the point? you can have any girl on campus, why do you care about her so much?

Hammer – I don’t dude.. – I mean.. man whatever. Jarrah just have her call me, or pick up my calls..

Jarrah – I’ll try my best Chad.

Hammer – ……Please don’t call me Chad.

Jarrah – Sorry Hammer *laugh*

As I’m sure you guys know.. Hammer is the leader of this frathouse. Harrison and I share family.. sorta. Jeep is my cousin, and he’s also Harrison’s cousin. But we’re not related. Darell- Mr sleepy over there.. He dates one of the girls in the sorority house. Her name is Portia.. and he cheats on her.. ALOT. Add in Dylan who’s obviously my wonderful boyfriend, and his roomie Byron, and you have the whole Fraternity. They’re one big brotherhood. I feel like they get along way better than we do at the Sorority.

(POV Trey)

After I had my fun with Nick, I had to get to work.. and so here I am. Another day at the bakery… Yay, though Its not so bad when I work with JoJo.. she’s awesome sauce….. 

Joanna – So then Rubi got in my face and starting saying that I’m fat, and that I don’t want it with her, cause she’s from the hood- Umm.. like really?

Trey – Is that bitch for real? Isn’t she like some rich girl? she wouldn’t know the hood if she was in a spike lee movie to be honest.

Joanna – Exactly, so I called her fake and told her that she lies about her life to seem cool, so she threw a cup of juice at me. So I had had enough.. I jumped on her and started punching her. Spirit got mad saying I need to learn how to control my anger.

Trey – Oh Word?

Joanna – Yea… Oh and Rubi got off the floor.. talking about I did a sneak attack. She saw me walking up to her.. she’s so full of excuses. It wasn’t my fault she wasn’t ready to back up all the talk she was doing.. I seriously hate that girl..

Trey – I’m glad you slayed that beast.. with her big ass head.

Joanna – Oh and your girl Jarrah stood there with her cereal looking so confused. It was adorable…

Trey – That sounds like my Jarrah *laugh*

Joanna – By the way… make sure the oven is on 350.. because it sometimes over cooks..

Trey – Alot of stuff needs to be replaced here…

Joanna – Mmm hmm.. Ooooh So.. guess what?

Trey – Hmm?

Joanna – Darell tried to hit on me. Guess he likes thick girls afterall…

Trey – Oh my goodness he mad thirsty.. like..  its ridiculous.. He does Portia so shady.

Joanna – He’s cute though..

Trey – No lies detected.

Joanna – Speaking of cute… Your brother.. he’s-

Trey – He has a girlfriend..

Joanna – Oh darn…but oh my god he’s so cute, and muscular.. he has muscles everywhere.. even though he dress like a bum.

Trey – *laugh* Watch this pie, I’m going to go check on him.

Joanna – Okay.

My brother Tyler stopped by. We have a great relationship. One would never know we were half brothers, that’s just how close we are. He’s always been different, which is what I love about him. He loves the environment, and earth, and animals.. he’s just.. his own person.

Tyler – Hey brother!

Trey – *smiles*

Tyler – This place is awesome. Can’t believe I’m just now trying it out.

Trey – Told you it was legit.

Tyler – Come sit down, I want to talk to you about something.

Trey – Umm.. Okay…

Tyler – Wait, let me eat this.

Trey – How are you enjoying that vegan pistachio cupcake?

Tyler – Its really good. Mmmm

My brother isn’t homeless, he just likes dressing like that because he’s always in the dirt, mud, etc. He travels alot. To volunteer at shelters, and plant tree’s and all of that do-gooder stuff. 

Trey – So what did you want to talk to me about?

Tyler – About life… personal stuff…. I always like to talk to you about these things.

Trey – Okay.

Tyler – Before I unload on you, How are you doing? Are you dating anyone?

Trey – I’m fine…and no I’m not dating anyone…

Tyler – Well why do you have that “I just had sex” look?

Trey – Oh whatever, you cannot tell that I just had sex just by looking at me.

Tyler – Mmm hmmm.. I can.

Trey – Fine.. I did…

Tyler – Good for you little brother. I hope you were safe *smiles*

Trey – Pshh Always!

Tyler – Good!

Whatever *laugh* So I let Nick raw dog me.. I mean.. It was a one time thing…

Trey – So enough about me.. How’s things going with America?

Tyler – Wouldn’t you know since you go to school with her?

Trey – We’re not really friends.

Tyler – Ah.. well things are okay, she’s been busy with school work, and you know I like to travel so…..

Trey – Yeah…

Tyler – How’s Ivy doing?

Ivy is his half-sister. His mother Briana had him with my dad, and Ivy, with some other guy.

Trey – She seems fine. We don’t really talk super often, but I have nothing against her.

Tyler – I’m just wondering because, well I told you about our mother going crazy again right?

Trey – Yeah…

Tyler – I can handle it.. but Ivy can’t.

Ivy and Tyler’s mom is Bipolar…

Trey – I’m sure Ivy is doing okay… she’s stronger than we give her credit for.

Tyler – True….. Now onto the other reason why I came to see you.

Trey – You don’t need a reason to visit your brother Ty…

Tyler – Right, but this is good news, an opportunity for you.

Trey – Oh?

Tyler – I know you want to be a personal chef… right?

Trey – I do.

Tyler – Well I’m part of this Vegan group. Its people of all ages. Anyway the founders they’re throwing a party and asked me if I knew anyone who could be the chef, and I told them you could.

Trey – You did what?!

Tyler – You can do it little brother, I believe in you!

Trey – Umm…

Well I did want this opportunity…

Tyler – Will you do it?

Trey – Yes.

Tyler – Is your friend free? The girl back there?

Trey – Why?

Tyler – You may want to bring her, you may need some help.

Trey – I’m sure she wouldn’t mind helping me out.

Tyler – Good. I’ll give you the information so you can contact them. Make sure you tell them that Tyler told you to call.

Trey – Thanks so much Ty…

Tyler – No problem, I want you to achieve your dreams- and so does Mom (Gabrielle) and Dad (Jordan)

He’s always been super close to my mom, so he calls her mom as well..

Trey – Well thanks for dropping by Ty, I should get back to work before my boss comes back.

Tyler – Okay, go do that… and please visit mom and dad.. its been a while according to them.

Trey – Its been only- oh crap.. a month… Yeah I should probably drop by… Didn’t realize its been so long. I usually see them every two weeks. I’m for sure going to stop by.

Tyler – You should.

(POV Jarrah)

Class was sooo boring, after that I got a salad, and ate by the fountain. Then I made my way back to the sorority house.

Portia – Jarrah do you know who he’s cheating with?

Jarrah – No I don’t, why would I know?

Portia – Because you date Dylan, who’s in the frathouse. Guy’s talk…

Jarrah – Well I can’t say that I know anything that you don’t.

Portia – Maybe I’m being stupid? Maybe the cheating is just rumors?

Jarrah – Unless someone has caught him in the act… then I’d say-

Rubi – Jarrah stop being politically correct.. Darell is cheating and you know it for a fact.

Jarrah – Actually all I’ve heard is rumors, I haven’t seen it with my own eyes. So… that’s not a fact.

Portia – Nobody asked you Rubi.

Rubi – Girl check the attitude..

Portia – You just got beat up by Joanna, do you really want to be disrespectful to me? Spirit is my bestfriend.. I could have you booted out of here.

Rubi – She wouldn’t do that, she likes the connections that I have to Hollywood. She wants to be an actress remember?

Jarrah – …. Rubi perhaps you shouldn’t jump to conclusions. If you had a boyfriend you’d know how hard it is to keep them happy.

Portia – Do you think its because I’m not super active- sexually?

Rubi – Jarrah, I’ve had plenty of boyfriends okay? Like back in C-City.. I dated a guy named Liam, another guy who was OBSESSED with me named Aaron! He didn’t want to see me leave for G.C.U…. he was crying n’ shit.

Jarrah – Oh….. okay…

She’s totally lying.

Portia – Whatever you say Rubi….

Jarrah – The best advice I can give you.. is to just talk to him, and look him in the eyes and ask him. If you feel like he’s lying.. end it, or give him another chance.. that’s up to you.

Rubi – Ridiculous…

Jarrah – I’m going to get some water.

Rubi – Jarrah you should not be filling Portia’s head with nonsense. For all you know Dylan could be cheating on you…

Jarrah – Whatever Rubi.. I don’t have time for your antics.

Portia – According to Rubi everyone’s getting cheated on. Probably doesn’t know any better considering she NEVER gets hit on…

Rubi – I get hit on all the time hooker! *starts singing* Tha Boys Tha Boys Dey’ Love Me!

This is a normal evening for me.. Sadly we couldn’t pick our roommates. I got stuck with Portia- who when she’s not being a bitch.. is actually okay, and then theirs Rubi.. words cannot even describe her. She’s one of those people that lie about their lives so much, that she start believing in her own fallacies. I just pretend to be oblivious to it all. She’s like “Oh yeah Jarrah I saved a woman from a fire back home” In my mind I’m saying yeah right, to Rubi I say “Oh wow that is just so amazing Rubi” Its easier to smile and walk away.. otherwise she’d just try to convince you for hours….Not fun…

Spirit – Oh I was just looking for you-

Portia – Its non of your business Rubi!

Rubi – You’re an idiot! He keeps cheating on you!

Portia – I don’t know if that’s true or not!

Spirit – Why are they fighting?

Jarrah – About Darell…

Spirit – Oh- well whatevs.. Anyway I wanted to talk to you about something.

Jarrah – Oh okay

Well I hope I didn’t do anything wrong… last thing I need is to be booted from the sorority…

Spirit – So…. As you know I’m single- because I’m quite selective.

And here I thought it was because you were egotistical

Jarrah – Right, as you should be.

Spirit – Well.. I’m just focusing on my future… However I finally have my eye on a guy, and I need your help getting him to notice me.

Jarrah – Umm.. you’re Spirit Harrington.. what guy doesn’t notice you?

Spirit – This guy is in his own world.. you would know that though…

Jarrah – I would?

Spirit – … Keegan.

Jarrah – My Keegan?- I mean my friend Keegan?

Spirit – Yes… he’s so hot!… and mysterious…

Jarrah – Umm.. Yeah.. i mean-

Spirit – Not that you see him that way, cause otherwise you’d be more than friends.

Jarrah – Right.

Spirit – So I need you to get him to notice me. Find out what type of girl he’s looking for, and report back to me. K’ Thanks! *smiles*

Jarrah – Alright….

Spirit – Oh by the way your friend is here

Jarrah – Who? Trey?

Spirit – Yes, I’ll walk you downstairs.

Jarrah – Okie Dokie…

From what I know about Spirit, she’s really smart, and usually gets what she wants. Does that mean I’m okay with her getting Keegan?…. not my call, especially since I’m in a relationship… I do wonder though; would Keegan even go for her?….

Jarrah – Hey Boo!

Trey – Hey girl!

Spirit – Hi again…

Trey – *smiles*

Spirit – So remember what I said Jarrah. Do this for me… and well.. you’ll be rewarded.

Jarrah – *uneasy smile* Alrighty Then! I’ll get to work.

Trey – …

Spirit – Oh goodness I can still hear Rubi and Portia fighting.. ridiculous. I’m going to go up there and shut them up if they don’t stop

Trey – ……..

Not really sure if I’m going to do this or not…but whatever.

Jarrah – So what are you doing here Trey?

Trey – I decided I needed some exercise. So I’m walking to Kee-

Jarrah – *shakes head NO*

Trey – …….the Karaoke bar….?

Jarrah – *shakes head YES*

Trey – For exercise…. Want to come with?

Jarrah – Yes… lets go….

Spirit – I’ll see you later!

Jarrah – K’

Trey – Do you mind explaining that?

Jarrah – I didn’t want her knowing we were going to Keegan’s

Trey – Well a heads up next time. Let a bitch know ahead of time if she needs to getz her Meryl Streep onz okay?

Jarrah – Sorry…

Trey – So why didn’t you want her knowing?

Jarrah – I’ll tell you on the way…

Trey – Okay..

Jarrah – Why are we going over there anyway?

Trey – He fixed my scooter remember?

Jarrah – Oh yeah…. btw.. I got your text… You had sex with Nick? I thought he was straight?

Trey – I did too.. he’s dated alot of girls, most recently that Paisley chick.

Jarrah – I don’t like her, she’s rude…

Trey – I bumped into her once, and she had the audacity to look at me like I was a roach or something.. I was like bitch please!

Jarrah – So……… was it? did he like it?… did you like it? is it going to happen again?- what about your secret admirer?

Trey – Fucks’ n not whats.. you just asked a bunch of questions at once.

Jarrah – Really? “Fucks n’ not what’s?”

Trey- I’m so going to make that happen. Remember I said it first.

Jarrah – Whatever dork…

Trey – I liked it alot.. he lasted long too..  The weird thing is.. part of me does not think its the first time he’s been with a guy.

Jarrah – You never know…but umm.. lets get walking.. its getting dark, and I need to tell you about Spirit…

(POV Trey)

Honey, on the way here Miss Jarrah spilled the tea on Miss Spirit, and her intentions with Kee Kee. I have to be honest- Jarrah, Frankie, and Kaori would not like it if Keegan was dating anybody, that’s just my opinion..- wait what the fuck is she doing here?

Jarrah – What’s she doing here?

Trey – My thoughts exactly….

Yeah I bet she totally just came over here to spend time with Keegan.. she has that pact with the girls, yet here her ass is being little miss Lolita.. *rolls eyes*

Jarrah – …. Your scooter looks fixed.

Trey – It does.. now I can hop my cute self on it and watch all the queens gag as I ride past the coffee shop.

Jarrah – *laugh*

Kaori – You two are always together…

Jarrah – You and Frankie do the same thing… its called being bestfriends.

Kaori – Okay……….

Jarrah – ….. Why do we have to do this everytime?

Kaori – Do what? I just made a statement that came from an observation

Trey – Anyway…. Hey Kee Kee!

Keegan – Dude… It took no time to fix it.

Trey – Thanks so much!

Keegan – Its no problem, I had fun.

Kaori – Yeah he showed me all the gears and stuff.. went over my head but I like seeing guys use their hands.

Jarrah – …………

Trey – Oh….

Keegan – So how was your day?

Trey – Fine for the most part. I may have a personal chef job.. Tyler came by the bakery, and told me to call these people.

Keegan – Fuckin’ awesome dude!

Jarrah – What? you didn’t tell me that! congratulation!

Trey – Thanks… It feels good to go places.

Kaori – Well you didn’t exactly get the job yet-

Jarrah – Rude..

Trey – Bitch nobody was talking to you.

Kaori – Okay its totally unnecessary to call me a bitch, you didn’t even give me a  chance to finish. I was going to say… You didn’t get the job yet, but congrats.

Trey – ……..Well thanks.

Keegan – Say sorry Trey *laugh*

Trey – My bad *smiles*

Kaori – That’s not a “sorry” but whatever.

She irks me… and I don’t believe for a minute that her last second add on sentence was actually genuine. It was just a last ditch effort to look good in Keegan’s eyes in my honest opinion. If I’m wrong though then so be it. The thing is, Kaori has this way of playing the victim. She’s mean, and obnoxious. Then if you say something to her about it… you’re being a bully, and should have taken “the high road” Fuck that… I don’t let anyone disrespect me…

Kaori – You know the lack of eye contact usually means you’re insecure…

Jarrah – Everyone I know is insecure about something. Also why do I need to have eye contact with you? we’re not really friends.

Kaori – Because you’re always on a high horse.

Jarrah – No… because you’re passive aggressive.

Kaori – ………Maybe that’s true sometimes… Sorry if I come off that way…

Jarrah – …………..Its fine… I like your shirt.

Kaori – Thanks.. I don’t like your outfit much, but your hair is nice.

Keegan – Awwww

Kaori – Trey must be talking to KingOfNowhere…

Jarrah – Probably…

Trey – Yeah he just text me…

[Online Conversation]


MrRobinsonXoXo : Yeah, I’m at my friend’s house picking up my scooter…

KingOfNowhere : That’s cool… You had a good day? What did you do?

MrRobinsonXoXo : I’m going to be honest, because I don’t believe in lies

KingOfNowhere : Alright, lay it on me.

MrRobinsonXoXo : I hooked up with someone today… and I’m sorry if that upsets you.

KingOfNowhere : Its okay, I’m not there physically, so I get it.. Doesn’t upset me.. but I am a bit jealous…

MrRobinsonXoXo : Don’t be, it was a one time thing.

KingOfNowhere : So he’s not your boyfriend or anything?

MrRobinsonXoXo : LoL No…

KingOfNowhere : Cool… 🙂

MrRobinsonXoXo : Ur really okay with it?

KingOfNowhere : Yeah, Its all good. I still very much like you.


Hmm.. I’m glad I was honest. He took it well also… that’s good. He’s sweet, not controlling, and understanding. Seems like a winner to me…

Keegan – Wait.. you saw Rubi?

Jarrah – Rubi Larter? the girl in my Sorority?

Kaori – Yep.. her and Darell were making out.. Hammer and I were at the coffee house-

Keegan – Giving him another shot eh?

Jarrah – I guess I don’t have to tell you he wants you to call him.

Kaori – Oh he asked you to?

Jarrah – Yeah.. but I guess its no point since you guys are back on?

Kaori – Eh.. I was horny..

Jarrah – …..Oh

Kaori – Judging me much?

Jarrah – No, I just realized… I’m missing Dylan.. I wanna be in his arms.

Keegan – *looks at Jarrah*

Jarrah – So Rubi is the girl in question?.. she’s sleeping with Darell..

Keegan – isn’t she your roommate?

Jarrah – Yes, and Portia too!

Oooh gorl that’s all kinds of shady.. Rubi is a shady ass cunt to be honest. Anyway back to my texting!

[Online Conversation]


MrRobinsonXoXo : How was your day?

KingOfNowhere : It was okay.. family, class… that’s about it…

MrRobinsonXoXo : Very vague of you, but I understand.. if you say too much.. I may know who you are..

KingOfNowhere : Its not like I don’t want you to know. Hell sometimes I think it would be easier if you guessed…

MrRobinsonXoXo : Do you want me to guess?

KingOfNowhere : No. 

MrRobinsonXoXo : lol

KingOfNowhere : I’m sure you’ve thought about it tho…

MrRobinsonXoXo : I have… for a minute I thought you could be my roommate Bryce…

KingOfNowhere : Ha!.. hilarious… I’m not Byrce…

MrRobinsonXoXo : I’m going to hop on my scooter and go to my dorm room. brb

KingOfNowhere : Alright, message me when you get in.


Jarrah – I just realized something…

Keegan – What?

Jarrah – I walked with Trey, he’s going to ride his scooter back to the dorm.. So how the hell am I getting back to the sorority?

Kaori – Keegan’s taking me back to the dorm, so just come with us.

Keegan – I’ll drop you off first, then take Kay’ to the dorms?

Jarrah – NO!

Kaori & Keegan – …………..

Jarrah – I just mean… umm. I actually need to go to the library so no need to drop me at the sorority..

Real smooth Jarrah… *laugh*

Trey – I’m going to get going. Drive safe guys, and thanks for fixing my scooter Kee Kee. I owe you one.

Keegan – Its all good.

Kaori – ….Be umm.. safe or whatever..

Trey – Umm……………..thanks?

Jarrah – Call you before bed..

Trey – Okies. Love ya bitch *blows kiss* Muah!

What the fuck was that? Kaori being semi-nice?……………….seriously.. I don’t see a blue moon, or any pigs flying. Okay okay let me stop being a bitch… maybe she’s not that bad afterall- but don’t be fooled.. she’s done this before.. be semi nice, and then turn back into bitchori. Lets hope it last this time. If she’s willing to put the effort in then so am I. Not like we don’t have things in common…

Anyway.. I should get going… I have a text date with KingOfNowhere. I swear.. the minute I feel like I can’t do this secret stuff anymore.. he texts me and I fall for him all over again. What a random day… I can’t believe I may end up being a chef at a party…. ALSO I still can’t believe I got the breaks beat off me by Nick today. I’m such a slut… Innie Hew (anywho) Goodnight divas!

~*End of Chapter One|Chapter Two is Next*~


  1. Another good one! Who is Trey’s secret admirer??? At first I was thinking it was Bryce too but now I’m not so sure. It was nice seeing Tyler all grown up. He’s so handsome <3. I can't believe Jarrah was the one who hooked up with Keegan :O. Things would get interesting if anyone else found out.

  2. I’ve been working in advance, So I already have Part One of Chapter Two done, Working on the pics for 2 & 3. So Stay tuned 😛

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