BoysNGirls : Chapter One | Pt. 2 “A Day In The Life Of….”

Chapter One | Pt. 2 “A Day in The Life Of….”

-POV’s : JeepKeegan

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN)that person is narrating that scene.*~

~Disclaimer : This story features mature language… Just a warning.~

(POV Jeep)

I hate mornings, I wake up and feel like fricken zombie. I can’t see anything.. my hair is all over the place, and the wood.. lets not even talk about the morning boners. Is that wrong? should I not share things like that?- eh whatever… everyone gets boners- well not girls, though I have heard Kaori say something about a “Lady Boner” Kaori is so cool. Seriously.. and so pretty… *YAWN* I should probably get ready for class.

Oh no…..

Jeep – Are you serious Lucas?!

Lucas – What’s the problem Jonah?

Here we go again… issues with my weirdo roommate Lucas… Great!

Jeep – …………Really? Are we pretending I’m not looking at what I’m looking at?

Lucas – Well……..I-

Jeep – Lucas! we had a deal!- We have rules! come on dude!

Lucas – First of all Jonah.. Lucas is not here right now. As you can see.. I’m LISA CHANG!

Jeep – You-

Lucas – Shhh! Before you wake Dave. – You know.. now that I think about it.. I have a thing for David’s

Jeep – I’ve never seen this guy around campus

Lucas – That’s because he’s married with kids, and is a construction worker. He’s a tranny chaser!… Chasin’ aftah LISA CHANG!

Jeep – I Told you none of that tranny chasing stuff in our dorm room!

Lucas – Oh Jonah.. I didn’t think you were serious *laugh* I mean come on… Its my room too.. I need to get fucked like a girl. I love Creampies!

Jeep – No!- wait what does dessert have to do with anything?

Lucas – Creampies Jonah… think about it…

Jeep – Umm…

Lucas – Don’t you watch porn you weirdo?

He’s dressed as a woman, and is calling me a weirdo?… Ha.

Jeep – …..That’s none of your business!

Lucas – Oh don’t be shy.. I see you beating off all the time when you think I’m sleep.

Jeep – …………..

Lucas – A Creampie is when the guy cums inside-

Jeep – Stop! Eww just stop!

Lucas – Well you needed to be informed okay?

Jeep – No… no I didn’t need to know that.

Lucas – I’m filled up Jonah!

Jeep – You’re sick!

Lucas – Whatever.. I love straight white men. I need to compete with these slam slam’s!

Jeep – Whatever you say dude…

Lucas – I AM A WOMAN!…. A Cups! *smiles*

This is what I deal with all the time.

Jeep – Look no more of these Tranny Chaser’s in the dorm room!….

Lucas – Straight White Men to be honest.

Jeep – How are they straight if they’re playing Poke-Tranny?

Lucas – I would explain it to you but you wouldn’t get it.

Jeep – If you don’t go by the rules we agreed on.. I’m going to report you…

Lucas – Whatever you hatin’ ass bitch.. you’re just jealous, and mad that Kaori won’t give you a chance!

Jeep – Like I’d ever be jealous of a tranny…

Lucas – First off I’m not a tranny, I’m only doing this for hot white men.

Jeep – Gross.. you are just… weird.. you’re like a prostitute! except you’re giving it away for free!

Lucas – Whatever Jonah!

Jeep – Shower time… I want him gone when I get back.

Lucas – Whatever.. go take a shower loser… with your messed up hair..

Jeep – You wanna talk about hair? Your wig looks terrible.

Lucas – *rolls eyes*

Jeep – Put that man face away…..

Lucas – Jealous cause I’m FEROCIOUS!

Jeep – I don’t understand what you mean… maybe all those creampies are messing with your brain. Perhaps you should use a condom or something.. you may catch something!

Lucas – No! Nope.. not using condoms.. if I were gonna do that I may as well start doing gay men again.

Jeep – What? that makes no sense! gay straight, bisexual.. everyone should use condoms.

Lucas – Not mah straight white menz.. they’re clean.

Jeep – *shakes head* Get him out of here.. I don’t want him in our room when I come back from my shower. I need to get dress and go.

Lucas – You’re not cute Jonah! nobody wants you.. you are not my type or his okay?

Jeep – Whatever you say LILY WONG!


I honestly think Lucas is the most vulgar, nasty person I know… seriously.. the things that comes out of his mouth.. so ridiculous. I’m not hating on him because Kaori doesn’t want me. It has nothing to do with that. Do you guys think I’m being uptight or unfair to Lucas?…. Because I don’t. I won’t put much weight on the issue. I have to get going, I’m already late- and I still need to fix my hair!

(POV Keegan)

*Deep breath* I guess I forgot to close the blinds. Fuck man…. my head hurts. Oh crap, forgot all about her. I don’t even remember her name. *looks out window* Looks like its going to be a sunny day……… heh… I don’t remember much from last night- oh shit… did I feed Hercules? fuck….

Turns out I did feed him.

Morgan – Your place looks so different in the day…

Keegan – Yeah…umm.. I guess it does.

Morgan – I don’t remember seeing a dog when I came here last night.

Keegan – We were pretty drunk…

Morgan – I don’t normally do this sorta thing..

Keegan – ……Alright.

Morgan – I’m serious.

Keegan – I believe you.

No I don’t…

Morgan – Good.. because I’m a good girl.

Keegan – I’m a good guy.

Morgan – You’re definitely good in bed.

Keegan – ….So I hear….

Morgan – ……*smirks* You know who you kinda look like?

Keegan – Who?

Morgan – When I was like 12, my mom had these magazines always laid on on the coffee table. You like that this old model named-

Keegan – Issac Bennett?

Well duh.. he’s my dad… Though I personally think without my wild hair, I look more like my mom Kaitlyn.. I need a haircut seriously.. starting to look like Jeep..

Morgan – Yes! Are you related to him?

Keegan – Nah……….I get that alot though.

Morgan – Wow… we partied hard didn’t we…. what are the pills we took?

Keegan – Umm.. those were like.. these super pain killer-type…. umm

Morgan – I got it… Is this something you do normally? my mother would flip if she knew I was mixing pills and alcohol. Its dangerous you know.

Keegan – So is coming home with a stranger..

Morgan – A cute stranger…..

I was at a bar last night, and I saw this girl sitting alone, she was going on about her day from hell, so i asked her if she wanted to dance.. so we did, and we ended up here…

Keegan – …. To answer your question, no I don’t normally pop pills- or hook up.

Morgan – I find that hard to believe- The hook up part.

Keegan – I like my space.

Very true… I love my space.

Morgan – I like my space too.. which is why I left home. I lived in C-City. My mother.. super annoying and- she just likes to hover. If it were up to her I’d be running the family business. This lame restaurant…

Keegan – My mom’s are cool…

Morgan – Mom’s?- lesbians?

Keegan – I have Dad’s too…

Morgan – So you’re like some product of some new-age gay family.

Keegan – I like to keep things simple. My mom is gay, and so is my dad. They’re both married.

Morgan – That’s cool…  So!…………..umm… last night. You were talking about some girl named Mona.. and a car accident.. How didn’t you end up in jail after that?- I’m just curious.

Keegan – Why?

Fuck man.. why did I even bring that shit up…

Morgan – I don’t know.. I sorta like the bad mysterious guy.. its fun.. It would be hot if you went to jail-

Keegan – Someone died.

Morgan – Wow way to turn thing morbid real quick..

Keegan – Nothing is fun about jail time, or causing an accident in which someone you loved died.

Morgan – Okay!… sorry I asked- its just that you were so open last night that-

Keegan – I was drunk.. and on those pills.

Morgan – ………….. Lets change the subject. I-

Keegan – You should go….

Morgan – …………………….You’re probably right.. if I don’t get going my boss would flip.

Keegan – What exactly do you do again?

Morgan – Its not important doll. This was a one night stand. Not like we’re going to be together and become BFF’s

Keegan – Right.. well I’m going to hop in the shower. I have class.

Morgan – You go to G.C.U.?

Keegan – Yeah.

Morgan – I went there…. graduated like a year ago.

Heh.. she must be older, I just banged an older chick… good job Keegan

Keegan – That’s cool…

Morgan – I was in the sorority.. I ran it pretty much. I left things to this really eager girl named Spirit. I wonder how things are going in the Sorority house these days…

Keegan – ………….*smiles and Shrugs*

Morgan – Well.. I-

Keegan – I need to shower.. so..

Morgan – I’ll let myself out.- This was fun… minus this whole awkward morning thing.

Keegan – Its only awkward if you make it that way. Go with the flow.. let things go.

Morgan – Mmm hmmm.. Well it was nice meeting you- umm?

Keegan – ….. *smiles* It doesn’t really matter what my name is… this was a one night stand.. not like we’re going to be BFF’s…

Morgan – …..Touche…..

Keegan – But hey…

Morgan – Yeah?

Keegan – I did have fun… and I’m not big on dramatics, so sorry if I snapped or-

Morgan – Its fine.

Keegan – Cool, Well alright.. help yourself to a bagel or something, and let yourself out.

Morgan – Alright.. have fun in the shower cowboy.

Keegan – *nods* Goody Goodness..

Morgan – *laugh* what?

Keegan – Something my mom says…

Morgan – Cute…

I really meant it when I told her that I don’t do this hookup thing often. Its just not what I do. I’m not some douchebag who enjoys one night stands. As for the pills or whatever.. those are leftover from the car accident. I broke my left arm- so.. I should throw them away before Hercules accidentally eats one….. I can’t believe I told her about Mona and the accident. I don’t like talking about it…… Maybe its cause I was drunk, and high. Perhaps I want to talk about it self-consciously, but don’t know how to bring it up to my friends… eh too early to self diagnose.

(POV Jeep)

After I finished one of my classes, I needed to meet up with Bryce, and Rubi. My partners that I didn’t get to pick. The whole class picked out of a bucket, and this is who I ended up with. Bryce is cool, but he’s kinda dramatic and emo… and weird. Rubi? oh goodness.. I don’t like this girl. She’s in the sorority with my cousin Jarrah, and she’s such a snob. Her father writes, directs, and produces films. 

Naturally Rubi seems to think her fathers talents have rubbed off on her. She’s cocky and she has ZERO vision when it comes to films…. Also she’s a huge liar…- I didn’t tell you what the project is huh? sorry… I ramble on and on.. and it all ends up being useless information. The project is a short film. We need to come up with the title, get people on campus to act in it, and- well we pretty much have to do everything ourselves.

Rubi – Okay lets here it people… ideas? I’ll go last because I’m sure I’ll end up having the better idea.

Jeep – ………….

Bryce – Good one Rubes…

Rubi – No I’m serious.

Jeep – Alright…. well My idea-

Rubi – Bryce go first.

Jeep – ….You know with the way you treat Bryce I’m shocked that you’re still with that old guy.

Rubi – Oh TJ?- Yeah RIGHT… I’m writing a paper… its called “I’m Dating Asperger’s”

Bryce – Your boyfriend has Aspergers Syndrome?

Rubi – Mmm hmm, though I’m dumping him soon. I only got with him because he was desperate and I needed a inside look in the mind of the crazy. My paper’s going to be amazing.

Jeep – That’s really mean Rubi! I’m sure this guy really loves you.

Rubi – Whatever.. Like I’d ever date someone like TJ for real. The person that I really wanna date is…. unavailable…

Bryce – The person I like doesn’t even know I exist… or well that I’m into them… It makes me rain black tears.

Rubi – You are so deep Bryce.

Jeep – …….Can we just get to work?

Bryce – Okay I’ll go first.. Rubi think’s I should anyway.

Jeep – Yay…..

Rubi – Jonah.. nobody needs your sarcasm.

Bryce – My sister Bianca is really sarcastic… she also think’s she’s latin.

Rubi – Oh does she have some sort of personality disorder? maybe I can write about it.

Jeep – …. Focus guys.. we don’t have all day.

Rubi – Like you have a life… Okay okay fine.. Bryce.. tell us your idea.

Bryce – Genre, Romantic Comedy. Okay so My idea is that.. We have two different stories going side by side. On the left side, a girl’s getting dumped. On the right side a guy’s getting dumped. Turns out they’re dumping each other. So then as they both go through their day. They both meet someone.. who we never see. We just see them talking to someone. Oh also…up until this point the movie is silent, no subtitles either.

So… Now we see both the guy and the girl at their respected homes. The girl calls the guy, and they talk and say its for the best that they broke up, and that they should double date… And try to be good friends. So a week later they do the double date. The girl is sitting alone at a pizzeria, The guy comes up and ask where’s her date. She says he’s on his way, She ask the guy where’s his date… he says “On the way” This other guy walks up. Both the Girl and Guy stands up.. thinking its their date. They argue, The girl says wait you’re gay?! and The guy says Umm I’m experimenting! Turns out they both liked the same guy- but then another guy walks up and its the other guy’s twin! So they didn’t like the same guy.. They liked twins!

Rubi – ……………That’s cute….but a little gay…

Bryce – Its not gay its just-

Rubi – Super gay. Bryce you’re really smart, and good with emotional stuff… you should stick to that. Besides your idea is really confusing.. too much this guy, that girl blah blah blah… Its a headache.

Bryce – Well of course right now its confusing.. Nobody has any names.

Rubi – Lets put your idea in our back pocket. Trust me.. my father does this stuff for a living.. its in my blood.

Oh here we go…

Rubi – I have the VISION… – but before we hear my vision.. lets hear what Jonah has to say.

Jeep – Where are you going?

Rubi – Nowhere just tell us your idea.

Jeep – Fine.. So Genre Sci-Fi-ish.. its kinda of dramatic and funny too..

Rubi – Of course….

Bryce – Cool.

Jeep – So Starts off with a guy named Jake… He’s in his apartment watching the news. So on the news its a meteor headed for earth. The guy Jake turns the tv off and goes to brush his teeth. He laughs and says we’re going to survive this collision…. The next morning.. Jake wakes up.. we survived. The meteor hit a nearby grocery store. The store was fine.. just a big hole in the land next to it, and a bunch of strange goo. So anyway.. Jake goes to buy toothpaste because he’s obsessed with his teeth. So he buys toothpaste and he goes home. He uses it, and he goes to sleep. The next day… He’s at work.. and people are talking to him and everything’s fine.. however when he starts talking something strange happens. All of the people he talks to falls in love with him. He realizes that the meteor must have affected the toothpaste.

So we show a montage of him using his powers for bad, and show him sleeping with alot of women back to back over a month’s time…. So one night.. tired he goes to sleep. He hears a knock on the door.. its one of the women he slept with….. gets a phonecall and its another woman… all of a sudden he hears lots and lots of noise. Looks out the window and its like 100 women marching towards his apartment. These women are so in  love with him that they’ve become obsessed. All these women come in and jump on him. They tear him limb from limb and suddenly everything goes black.

Bryce – Then what!?

Jeep – It goes from black to white! We see a nurse shoot Jake with a needle. Turns out.. Jake was insane. He didn’t evacuate his apartment when the news told him to. So the meteor hit close by and whatever goo that came with it.. made him go insane.

Rubi – ………..LAME! MY TURN!

Jeep – REALLY?

Rubi – So It starts off with a girl.. a really cute Asian girl!

Jeep – ……

I know one of those… Kaori is pretty.. and well half Asian.

Rubi – So this asian girl.. she’s walking home, and she gets scared… This vampire attacks her and glamours her. Its a female vampire! She turns the girl into a vampire and they have sex.

Jeep – And you said Bryce’s idea was gay… this is pretty gay- not that I have anything against gay’s.. my friend Trey is-

Bryce – Trey is the coolest gay guy I know.

Jeep – Yeah he-

Rubi – LISTEN!

Jeep – Fine.. go on…

Rubi – So then the Vampire is like RAHHHHHHHHH! and like stalking the bitch, and she turns her-

Jeep – You said that already…

Rubi – So like they have sex, and then they take the town… they start like robbing clothing stores. Except they’re really having a massacre with the people in town. So then-

Bryce – Why does this sound familiar?

Jeep – Because she’s ripping off Joss Whedon. This is what happen on an episode of Angel with Darla and Drusilla…

Rubi – Whatever.. I’m not ripping anyone off! This is about vampire sex, and the meaning behind my vision!

Jeep – I have to go… I have another class. This took way longer than I expected.

Rubi – That’s fine Jonah. Bryce and I will collaborate since we don’t have any more classes for today.

Jeep – We all have to agree remember.. so don’t get all big headed.

Though she can’t help that… her head is massive. 

Rubi – So Bryce… you’re brilliant.. and I think you have a vision.

Bryce – Really? Thanks Rubi

Rubi – So if you vote for my idea.. it will be two against one.

Bryce – I don’t know.. I really like Jonah’s idea.

Rubi – But… my idea is amazing, and my father can get us some real equipment. We can be so pro.

Bryce – Wow.. that’s actually really cool.

Rubi – Side with me, and I’ll let you write a scene… but it has to fit my idea.

Bryce – Hmm… Okay!

See… this is the crap I’m talking about.. Rubi is so annoying! She thinks she’s the next big thing-

Rubi – I’m the next big thing Bryce.. you’d want to be on my side.

….my point exactly… I don’t have time for this crap…. I have to get to my English class.

(POV Keegan)

Professor – Its important to make sure you have a clear set goal in mind for the first year financially. Alot of the time people make the mistake of starting off strong and *fades out*

Ivy – …….*looks around room* …. grrr..

Trey – You okay Ivy?

Ivy – Yeah.. I’m fine……

Trey – Okie dokie…

Keegan – This class is so boring, why did I let you sign me up for it again?

Trey – Because its a good investment for your future. You a Do It Yourself type of guy, just take notes…*smiles*

Keegan – ….yeah yeah…

Trey – You look tired.. rough night?

Keegan – Don’t tell the girls… but I hooked up with some chick from a bar.

Trey – I wouldn’t dream of telling them.. we both know how they feel about you…

Keegan – I just don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

Trey – You’re a good guy…

Keegan – Thanks for reminding me.. I need to hear that sometimes..

I’m well aware of the way the girls feel about me, I also know about the pact they made. Its super flattering.. it really is. I love all three of them, they’re all amazing in their own special way. What’s that? ….If I could pick one which one would it be?- Umm… I’m not telling- Though I will tell you a secret… I had sex with one of them.. I guess that’s something you’ll find out later… if she wants you to know. We keep it secret because of the pact, and also because we don’t want to destroy any friendships and- I mean personally I think the pact is stupid, but… whatever.. girls.. They’re complicated.

Trey – So did you have fun with the chick?- and don’t worry I won’t tell anyone..

Ivy – …..

Keegan – I had fun sure, but… I don’t plan on hooking up with her again.

Trey – I’m just glad you’re hooking up…. You’ve come a long way KeKe.. I’m proud of you.

Keegan – *laugh* shut up…

Trey – I’m serious.. I want you to know that I love you, I don’t care how corny it sounds.

Keegan – ……I love you too buddy.

Trey – I love how you say it.. all macho and straight man-ish.

Keegan – *laugh* what?- I am straight- though their was that one time that-

Trey – What?!

Ivy – Shhh!

Trey – Sorry..

Keegan – Well you remember when I went to summer camp? I was like 14?

Trey – Yeah.

Keegan – Their was this kid, and everyone knew he was gay.. so one night I went in the woods to pee, and-

Trey – Yeah?

Keegan – I’m just fucking with you *laugh*

Trey – Oh- You ass!

Keegan – You were all into it… I bet you have a hard-on

Trey – Please, you’re not my type Hun-TEE (slang for Honey)

Keegan – Whatever.. you know you think I’m adorable.. look at my face, I could be on like.. baby food bottles.

Trey – *laugh* you’re so stupid… and no.. not with that hair..

Keegan – Oh I know right? I’m getting a haircut soon.

Trey – You need to shave.

Keegan – Maybe… what trying to give me a makeover?

Trey – That’s Jarrah’s territory not mine.

Keegan – True, so how are you?

Trey – My fricken scooter broke this morning..

Keegan – Bring it by my house, I’ll fix it for you.

Trey – You sure?

Keegan – Yeah…

Trey – I’ll have my my friend drop it off is that cool?

Keegan – No problem..

Trey – So do you still work for Jarrah’s dad?

Keegan – Yeah- sorta.. I still work at his gym whenever I have time. Just to not get so wrapped up in my head you know?

Trey – Yeah.

Keegan – How are things at the bakery?

Trey – Eh.. Its whatev, I mean I enjoy working with JoJo.. she’s hilarious. However, I really want to be a personal chef. I just wish my career could move faster. Maybe I’m kidding myself…

Keegan – Look don’t say shit like that. You’re amazing, you’re one hell of a chef too. That bakery doesn’t even bring out your skills dude. They’re lucky to have you there.

Trey – Aww… now I’m crushing on ya.

Keegan – Whatever.. *laugh*

Trey – No, in all seriousness.. thanks, you’re such a great friend.

Keegan – Likewise …… *wink*

Trey – Did you-

Keegan – Yeah.. I just said boo *shakes head no* I can’t pull it off as well as you though.

Trey – I don’t know KeKe… You might have some sass in you.

Keegan – *laugh*

Trey – So I have to ask you something..

Keegan – Anything.

Trey – Do you think I’m being pathetic?

Keegan – When it comes to what exactly?

Trey – This secret admirer….

Keegan – No.. I get it.. I think you should keep an open mind, but also don’t sell yourself short if some guy ask you out. Remember.. time waits for no one. This guy is scared to approach you, and he feels safe being all mysterious, however.. you still need affection right?

Trey – Yeah…

Keegan – So keep an open mind. Just don’t be like that Lucas guy.. Jeep says he sleeps with alot of married men.

Trey – Gorl.. I cannot stand Lucas, that bitch is nasty as hell…..

Keegan – Poor Jeep… having to be roommates with Lisa Change

Trey – *laugh* Don’t you mean Lisa Chen?

Keegan – I don’t know, its some weird C name…

Trey – Lisa Cunt to be honest…- though that bitch probably wish he had a cunt. I can’t with these fraudulent bitches.

Keegan – *laugh *So how’s your uncle?

Trey – That’s a random- Oh…. I get it.. Lucas is a cross-dressing dollar store tranny… and my uncle A.J. does drag shows.. I see how you made the connection.

Keegan – *smirks* You’ve cracked the code

Trey – He’s fine, he’s in L.A. right now. He just opened his own gay bar. They do dragshows Fridays-Sunday.

Keegan – That’s cool, I know you love your uncle.

Trey – Bitch is fierce dah-lin’

Keegan – Can you do me a favor?

Trey – What?

Keegan – Take notes for me? I’m suppose to meet up with Jeep.. So I’m just gonna go now.

Trey – In the middle of the lecture?

Keegan – Yeah…

Trey – Fine.. but.. you better get your ass to the bakery tonight. We’re all meeting up.

Keegan – I’ll be there.

Trey – You better.

Keegan – I will.

Trey – I’ll have the notes for you later.

Keegan – Thanks boobear.

Trey – Mmm hmm.. you’s welcome KeKe.

Trey is an awesome friend. Like alot of people think’s he’s stuck up for whatever reason, but that’s not the case at all. I’m really protective when it comes to him, I just want what’s right, and good for him you know? When I was in my funk after the car accident, and Jail time.. Trey really stepped up, and was always by my side. Jeep too, but he’s my bestfriend so of course I’d expect nothing else *laugh* That’s not to say that the others were with me.. they were, but Trey, and Jeep were really helpful… Speaking of.. I should get going if I want to make it to the field.

20 Minutes Later

(POV Jeep)

So while waiting here for Keegan, I got some idea’s about the short film. I think I found a way to make Rubi happy, and Bryce. What if we do a short film.. where the football team gets turned into vampires? and the cheerleaders- or One… really cute half Asian cheerleader fights them all, Saves a football player who didn’t get bit, falls for him, and it turns out that he’s gay and he runs into the arms of his lover? Huh? do you think that’s funny? I don’t know.. knowing Rubi she’d shoot it down just because she didn’t come up with the idea herself…

Keegan – What are you doing?

Jeep – Filming the bleachers and taking notes for a short film I have to do.

Keegan – Oh cool, I remember you mentioning something about that. How did that Rubi bitch take your idea?

Jeep – Just like I assumed she would… she’s such a big headed ass monster…

Keegan – Hey?

Jeep – Yeah?

Keegan – Do I look like shit?

Jeep – What?

Keegan – You’re my bestfriend.. tell me if i look terrible..

Jeep – You could maybe use a haircut…. and a shave…. You always look so much like your dad when you let your hair grow out. Its weird, cause the moment you cut it, you look like your mom.

Keegan – I’m going to get a haircut soon.

Jeep – Good- but why are you asking me this? trying to impress some college girl?

Keegan – Not at all… I just want to look my best.

Jeep – You kinda look homeless.

Keegan – Isn’t that look in? Look like you haven’t showered- but totally smell great?

Jeep – Apparently… though I wouldn’t know. Girls always run the other way when they see me.

Keegan – Shut up dude, you’re not bad looking.

Jeep – Yeah but I’m awkward. Like on my way here, I went and got an ice coffee. I saw this woman who was carrying a bunch of things so I opened the door for her-

Keegan – Aw that’s nice.

Jeep – I dropped my coffee…. on her 400 dollar shoes. She was so angry, so I told her I was sorry, and that I saw those same shoes in a payless ad. She got mad and said “How dare you! I don’t shop at payless you freak!” what’s wrong with payless?!

Keegan – You just have bad luck with women.

Jeep – I suck when it comes to women. Its just hard for me to communicate with them.

Keegan – First rule, stop putting them on a pedestal. They’re just like us dude… When you put women on a pedestal, you end up feeling inferior… which-

Jeep – Makes me awkward….. hmm..- So umm are you coming to the bakery later?

Keegan – Yeah, I’ll be there.

Jeep – I wish I were you…

Keegan – Why?

Jeep – I don’t know.. everyone like you. *looks down depressed.*

Keegan – I wish I knew what to say.. I mean I see you a certain way, so part of me is like DUDE! You’re AWESOME!… but I know saying that won’t help.

Jeep – *laugh* eh…

Keegan – Besides if you were me.. then who’d be you? I can’t live without you dude.

Jeep – *smirk* That makes me feel better.

Keegan – You’ll be alright… just gotta find the right girl.

Jeep – But I have no swag…

Keegan – Neither do I-

Jeep – You do, you have that “I don’t need swag” kind of Swag

Keegan – Is that so

Jeep – Yeah

Man I wish I could have Keegan’s confidence just for a day… I’d be so cool. Kaori might give me a chance then… She only see’s me as Jarrah’s younger cousin. We both know how much she hates Jarrah… I just never really feel good enough. The only thing I’m ever sure about is my movies. I believe in them 100%. Maybe I should try believing in myself more…. Nah.. probably just get turned down like always.

Hammer – Hey! Hey Jonas?- Keith?

Oh great.. here comes Mr Popularity, Mr Frat Boy, Mr I have huge penises and balls- well one..- no i mean he has two balls but one pen- I’m going to shut up while I’m ahead of myself.. you guys know what I mean. Hammer just seems to have it all.. including the girl I love…

Jeep – You would think he’d get our names right one of these days.

Keegan – Yeah.. wonder what the fuck he wants.

Jeep – How’s it hangin’?

Keegan – ………..

Hammer – Thick and long, and a little to the left.- But thats not what I wanted to ask you Jonas.

Keegan – His name’s Jonah- not Jonas.

Dylan – Well you kind of look like one of those jonas brothers…

Hammer – Your names Keith or Kevin right?

Keegan – Keegan…

Hammer – My fault.. no disrespect.

Jeep – How can we help you guys?

Dylan – We don’t need help.

Keegan – …………..

Jeep – Umm..

Hammer – Dude.. we do.. remember…

Dylan – No?

Hammer – Girls and Gifts?

Dylan – Huh?

Wow… Dylan just might be dumber than Hammer.

Hammer – Dooooooode…..

Dylan – *blinks* Oh! So Jonas we need your help.

Jeep – I thought you said you didn’t need help

Dylan – I never said that bro

Hammer – Hey is Kaori around? she’s been ignoring my calls, and she hasn’t been at her dorm.. that latin ho Bianca said she’s been M.I.A.

One… Bianca isn’t even latin, and Two.. Good.. I’m glad Kaori’s ignoring you… She deserves better- she deserves me.

Keegan – We haven’t seen her.. she may be visiting her folks..

Hammer – Oh okay.. well thanks I guess. Dylan you can ask whatever you need to ask bro.

Dylan – Alright so like.. Jamie… I need your help

Jamie? Really? Didn’t you just call me Jonas?

Jeep – What can I do for you?

Dylan – I’m trying to buy your cousin a gift.. cause girls like those… they like presents too.

Same thing dumbass..

Dylan – So should I buy her a gift…. or like a present…

Keegan – *laugh*

Jeep – How about both…

Dylan – Bro… you’re a genius…- Wait what should I get her?

I have no clue, why my cousin Jarrah dates this idiot… No clue whatsoever….

Jeep – She likes figurines.. try something like that… just try listening to her, she’s always talking about stuff she wants to buy.

Dylan – Try listening… Alright.. I’ll try that bro.. *nods*

Hammer – *shakes head in embarrassment*

Jeep – We have to go.

Hammer – Cool… well thanks dude- dudes cause theirs like two of you

Dylan – They have twins?

Keegan – …………..Dylan do you wear a helmet on the field?

Dylan – Yeah bro.

Keegan – Just checkin’

Keegan – That was…. interesting.

Jeep – I hate Hammer…

Keegan – I know buddy…

Jeep – I hate him more than- actually.. no.. I hate Lars the most…

Keegan – ……Yeah….

Lars is this guy on campus who sells drugs. He got me to try coke at a party.. he’s such a loser… selling drugs to kids on campus.. I should rat him out, but he know’s people.. like gangsters and thugs and stuff… I don’t wanna like… get my ass beat or anything. He’s a terrible person… two months ago this girl OD’d and everyone knew where she got the drugs from but nobody said anything…- ugh whatever..

Hammer – Hey!

Jeep – What does he want now?

Keegan – I don’t know Jonas… ask him *laugh*

Jeep – Yeah Hammer?

Hammer – If you see Kaori… tell her I’m a dick, and I take it all back.. alright?

Jeep – Sure thing!


Keegan – You’re not going to tell her that are you?

Jeep – Hellz No

Keegan – Good boy… Kaori can do so much better…

Jeep – I know she can… like hello.. she could totally have me!

Keegan – Aww shit.. look who’s getting cocky! watch out ladies Jonah the vagina slayer is in town!

Jeep – I’m not trying to slay any vagina’s… I’m just trying to have some of your swag..

Keegan – *laugh*

Jeep – Its getting dark.. we should get to the bakery…

Keegan – I’ll meet you there.

Jeep – Ummm why?

Keegan – I need to make a quick stop.

Jeep – I’ll go with you.

Keegan – No, I- you can stall everyone.. so they know I didn’t flake on them… just tell them I’ll be there

Jeep – Alrighty. I’ll see you at  the bakery.

Keegan – Cool.

I think I’m going to stop at McDonalds on the way there…. I’m craving a McFlurry…. MMmmm Reese Cup McFlurry… Yeah…. I’m gonna get me one of those… cause I’m a bad ass mother- who am I kidding.. *laugh*

15 Minutes Later…

(POV Keegan)

Keegan – ……..

Aries – Hey Keegan.

Keegan – Whats up Aries…

Aries – Nothing much… On my way to the frathouse.

Keegan – Oh you finally made it in?

Aries – No… but they’re hazing me… I know I’m close to making it in.

Keegan – That’s cool… but umm.. they’re sorta jerks to you… why do you want to be friends with them so badly?

Aries – My parents are weird.. I never really had friends…

Keegan – Oh… umm Just be yourself…

Aries – I tried that.. nobody likes that version of me..

This is Kaori’s cousin Aries, he’s a cool guy, he just… he wants in with the frat so badly.. I kinda feel bad for him. He takes their abuse, and- I don’t know.. He just really wants friends badly…

Keegan – Hey look… if you ever are bored, and want to hangout.. you can chill with Jeep and I.

Aries – Really?

Keegan – Yeah..

Aries – Thanks… that’s nice of you.

Keegan – Its not charity either.. I mean it… we’d be happy to have you dude.

Aries – I get it now…

Keegan – What?

Aries – Why everyone likes you.. you’re just cool.

Keegan – Eh..

Aries – You’re one of those guys who are cool- but doesn’t know it… which makes you cooler…

Keegan – I guess so..- I gotta go-

Aries – I should get- Yeah.. we both should get going to wherever we need to be.

Keegan – Hey do me a favor… you didn’t see me here right now.. this never happened. Okay?

Aries – Why?

Keegan – I’m suppose to be hanging with Jeep… but I’m-

Aries – Hooking up with one of the girls in the dorm… I get it.. Your secret is safe with me.

Keegan – Cool…. alright peace *holds up the peace sign*

Aries – See ya later!

I couldn’t risk him saying he saw me here, then I’d have to explain things- I don’t want to do that right now. Hell I don’t really know how to explain it myself… Ah there he is… Let me make this quick, so I can get out of here, and meet up with everyone.

Lars – Hey Man….

Keegan – Hey… umm… do you have anymore of those pills you sold me?

Lars – ……..Do you have any more of that money you gave me?

Keegan – I do…. Just give me the pills..

Lars – Why do you even need them? Not that Its any of my business.. I’m just curious…

Keegan – They make the pain go away…

Lars – I see…

Keegan – Its just easier with them…

Lars – Physically or Mentally?

Keegan – Both….

Lars – Alright… give me the money, then you can be high as a plane..

Keegan – Its not like that, I can stop whenever-

Lars – Right…

Keegan – Fine whatever.. here *gives him cash*

Lars – Pleasure doing business with ya… Tell Jonah I said hi… *laugh*

Keegan – You know he doesn’t like you dude…

Lars – I also know that you’d never want your friends knowing we speak- let alone make…

Keegan – ….Thanks for the pills Lars…

Lars – You’re quite welcome. You know I kinda wish you were broke..

Keegan – Why?

Lars – Cause then you might be so desperate for the pills that you’d blow me.

Keegan – You’re gay?

Lars – I’m wherever the wind takes me dude. Girls, Guys.. whatever.. a blowjob is a blowjob.

Keegan – ………………Right.

Look, I know you’re probably thinking bad things about me, but I’m not like a pill popper or anything like that. I just, Sometimes my arm still hurts from the accident, and my doctor won’t prescribe me anything, and I just- Like I wake up and I hate everything, and the pills make me happier, and more social. I’m not dragging my feet, and I’m fun to be around.. I’m not addicted at all.. I’m not.. so just- yeah… Everything’s under control.

(POV Jeep)

So everyone made it to the Bakery… – well everyone except Keegan. Lately things have been good with the six of us, we’ve made a real effort to hangout and keep our friendships close and tight. The girl sitting at the counter is Joanna. Everyone calls her JoJo, she works here with Trey, and she’s int he Sorority House with Jarrah

Trey – So gorl.. like.. I was so mad, because I had to walk, damn scooter.

Jarrah – Keegan’s fixing it though right?

Trey – Yeah.. thank goodness. He’s such a doll.

Jarrah – where is he?

Trey – Jeep said he’s be here soon.

Jarrah – Oh cool.

Trey – Look at Kaori taking Frankie to the back.. Like I swear Frankie and I would be so much closer if it wasn’t for Kaori.. she’s such a brat..

Jarrah – I feel the same way.


Joanna – Jonah?

Jeep – Yeah?

Joanna – You keep looking at Kaori- or Frankie… I-

Jeep – I’m umm-

Joanna – You like one of them…

Jeep – Kaori….

Joanna – All the guys like her

Jeep – …She’s amazing.

Joanna – Go talk to her.

Jeep – What would I say?

Joanna – Ask her out to eat or something.

Maybe JoJo is right… maybe I should just go for it…- You know what I’m going to do it.

Frankie – So how do you feel about that?

Kaori – Like a hot commodity to be all the way honest.

Frankie – Of course

Kaori – Whatever.. you know I like the attention of it all, I’m not ashamed to admit that.

Frankie – You wouldn’t be you if you were.

Jeep – Umm.. Ka-

Kaori – So Hammer’s been blowing up my phone-

Jeep – Yeah and asking me questions-


Frankie – What was that Jeep?

Kaori – Hammer talked to you?- about me?

Jeep – …. Well Keegan and I were hanging-

Frankie – How’s Keegan doing?

Kaori – Did Keegan ask about me?

Jeep – No, he actually kinda told Hammer you were out of town.. he assumed you didn’t want to be bothered.

Frankie – Oh he is so sweet…

Kaori – Aww lookin’ out for me.. He’s so getting a hug when he shows up

This is not going how I planned.

Jeep – I wanted to ask you-

Kaori – Yeah?

Jeep – Did-

Kaori – Maybe I should give Hammer another chance.. i was kinda mean *laugh*

Frankie – *looks at Jeep* Hey Jeep was talking Kay… listen to what he has to say… *smiles*

Jeep – *Smiles at Frankie*

Can’t believe I lost my virginity to her.. she’s so pretty….

Kaori – What did you need Jeep?

Jeep – Do you want to grab a bite to eat soon? whenever you’re not busy?

Kaori – Umm…..

Frankie – You should Kay…

Kaori – …..Umm.. okay.. but its not like a date or anything like that.. just two friends hanging out or whatever. I don’t want you to like fall in love with me

Jeep – Why would I do that, Its no point

I can’t believe I said that outloud.. she’s going to rip my head off…..

Kaori – Did you just get an attitude with me?… heh… interesting.. never saw you get all mean before.

Jeep – I can get mean.. you want mean? Your hair looks unwashed.

Frankie – …………….

Kaori – Excuse you?

Jeep – I thought- I mean you still look pretty!

Kaori – Get the fuck away from me Jonah…

Jeep – *looks away* ….fine…

Jeep – ……

Jarrah – Why do you like her? she’s such a bitch…

Jeep – You wouldn’t understand….

Jarrah – I’m your cousin, I love you like a brother Jonah. I just want you to be happy and not treated like crap because some girl thinks she’s a hot commodity.

Jeep – I know.. but I insulted her.. she has a right to be mad.

Jarrah – You’re one of a kind Jonah.. some girl will be really lucky to have you one day.

Jeep – Nobody wants me…

Jarrah – I don’t know what to say to make you feel better.

Jeep – Its the thought that counts.

Jarrah – I wub you. *smiles*

Jeep – I love you too Jarrah

Jarrah – Good… now we just need to find you a girl- Oooh! how about Rubi? she loves film-

Jeep – I’d rather jerk off for the rest of my life

Jarrah – Oh… sorry… *laugh*

Jeep – Seriously.. that girl is terrible…

Jarrah – She’s not too bad, though I suspect she lies about alot of things..

Jeep – So Your brillant boyfriend and I talked today.

Jarrah – Aww you and Dyl are friends?

Jeep – Umm… no?- but he was asking about gifts for you…

Jarrah – Aww he’s sweet.

Jeep – And dumb.

Jarrah – He’s not that dumb *laugh* -Oh my phone is ringing.. Oh goodness its Victoria…

Jeep – Go on and take the call *smiles*

Jarrah – Hello?- Yes…  I will be there first thing in the morning- an hour earlier?- no no its not problem.. yes ma’am.. okay… You have a good night as well. Bye.

Trey – Yassssssss Jar-Jar you betta werk bitch! You’ll be owning V-Glam in a year HUN-TEE! YASS GORL YASS

Jarrah – Trey you’re so silly.. I love you.

Trey – Well of course miss gorl!


Jeep – You made it, when did you get here?

Keegan – When you were talking to Jarrah I walked in.

Jeep – Cool… man.. I struck-out with Kaori… badly..

Keegan – Tomorrow’s a new day buddy *smiles*

Jeep – Yeah…

Keegan – You’ll get that homerun soon.

Jeep – Why do you believe in me so much?

Keegan – Cause you’re my bestfriend, and all I wanna do is see you win.

Jeep – *smiles* Thanks Keegan… Oh did you take care of whatever you needed to take care of?

Keegan – Yeah.. I umm.. had to talk with a counselor.. thinking about taking some new classes… finding direction and what not.

Jeep – Cool! Maybe you’ll end up taking one of the course I take.

Keegan – Why not?

Well.. That’s all folks… we’re going to eat here, and goof around. Too bad I messed things up with Kaori.. but like Keegan said.. Its a new day tomorrow. Speaking of Keegan, isn’t he like the best friend ever? He’s awesome… I wouldn’t make it in life without him. Anyway! Goodnight folks! 

~*End of Chapter One Pt 2 | Pt 3 is Next*~


  1. Wow we learned a lot about Keegan this time. I wonder which girl he slept with XD. And I was shocked seeing him buying pills from Lars O.O. I hope he’s really only using them for pain and isn’t becoming some sort of addict. Also, Jeep needs to look the other way when it comes to Kaori lol. He’s a nice guy who needs a girl who will appreciate him. One more thing, I would stay far away from Lucas. I bet you’d catch a disease if you laid a finger on him!! Nasty boy lol. Looking forward to the next part!!! 😀

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