BoysNGirls : Chapter One | Pt. 1 “A Day In The Life Of….”

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Chapter One | Pt. 1 “A Day In The Life Of….”

-POV’s : Frankie & Kaori

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN)that person is narrating that scene.*~

~Disclaimer : This story features mature language… Just a warning.~

(POV Frankie)

Yes you’re looking at Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga…. No its not really them *laugh*… My friend- god she’d kill me if she heard that. Let me correct myself- My BESTFRIEND and I are walking back to the dorms from a costume party at the frathouse. It was pretty fun.. As much as I like to work toward becoming who I want to be, I know its just as important that I take some time and have  fun. It was all Kaori’s idea that I dressed as Nicki Minaj… I don’t think I’m doing it much justice though. Have you seen Nicki Minaj’s breast?- not to mention her butt? I’m like a stick in comparison 

Kaori – Dude…. was it just me or was that party quasi- lame?

Frankie – It was okay, I mostly just watched everyone get drunk.

Kaori – I’m a bit surprised you weren’t texting the whole time…

Frankie – I left my phone in my room.

Kaori – Well I’m glad you came with me.. otherwise you would have been in your room.. writing on one of your many blogs..

Frankie – *laugh* true… but I’m glad I went.

Kaori – Did you see Darell?

Frankie – What about him?

Kaori – He was so into you…

Frankie – Darell dates that Portia girl.. He should keep his eyes on her.

Kaori – Her wack-ass didn’t even come to the party.

Frankie – Speaking of flirting… What’s up with you and Hammer?

Kaori – We’re just friends.

Frankie – Friends that fuck..

Kaori – Whatever… yeah.. we fuck.. we’re fucking friends.. *laugh*

Frankie – He’s dumber than a box of rocks..

Kaori – But hung like a horse!

Frankie – Ew *laugh* That doesn’t surprise me though..

Kaori – His balls are fucking huge too.. fucking low hangers.. Do you like those?

Frankie – Shhh… people are sleeping.. *laugh* but umm.. to answer your question.. I don’t really care about the size of a guy’s balls.

That’s my girl… little miss Kaori… she lets her freak flag hang loose. She does not believe in the double standard that women can’t enjoy casual sex as much as men. I agree with her for the most part. Alot of people think she’s a slut, but that’s not the case. She just doesn’t care what you have to say about her. Nobody knows her like her- well except maybe me.

We finally made it to my dorm room, Kaori wanted to come in and talk for a minute before she headed back down the hall to hers. My roommate Ivy wasn’t too happy about that. She wasn’t such a big fan of Kay (Kaori)

Ivy – You stuffed your pants Frankie?

Frankie – What?

Ivy – Your butt looks huge from here.

Frankie – No? I didn’t.. Ha… maybe the extra time at the gym is paying off.

Kaori – You have such a hot fucking body Frankie.. like seriously.

Frankie – Oh shut up… you’re flawless…

Kaori – No bitch I’m serious.. You have perfect tits, long legs, and a nice ass.

Frankie – …..I don’t think so but thanks boo.

Ivy – So… isn’t the party over?

Kaori – If  that’s your way of saying you want to go to sleep then just say “I want to go to sleep now”

Ivy – Kaori you reek of desperation.. so just stop.

Kaori – And Ivy… you’re a dumb cunt.

Frankie – Stop it guys.. its late…

Kaori – Fine… I should be going back to my room anyway. I’ll see you later babe.

Frankie – Goodnight Kay.

Frankie – *sigh of relief* I feel five pounds lighter.

Ivy – Was that wig heavy?

Frankie – Yes…. My poor neck.

Ivy – I could give you a massage if you-

Frankie – No, I’m okay…

Ivy – So umm….. Did you have fun at the party?… dance with any cute guys?

Frankie – Hardly…- I mean I had fun, but I didn’t dance with anyone.

Ivy – Oh… That’s cool. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself.

Frankie – What did you do all night?

Ivy – I went to get some frozen yogurt and I studied… Though I kept being interrupted by your cellphone…

Frankie – Oh… umm.. I left it here on purpose. Guess I forgot to turn it off before I left….

Ivy – I didn’t want to get into your business but it just kept ringing so I answered it..

Frankie – Okay…

Ivy – Umm.. It was someone named Andy? I said hello, but they hung up. Is it an ex boyfriend or something?

Frankie – No, Andi is my sister. She lives in C-City…

Good Ole’ Carter City…. all the “Cool Kids” call it C-City..

Ivy – You have a sister?… you never told me that.

Frankie – We’re not on speaking terms…

Ivy – Why?- Sorry… Its none of my business..

Frankie – She walked out on me when I needed her most.. We had a good thing going where we were, and some stuff happened.. and- ………. I don’t want to talk about it right now.

Ivy – I understand….

Frankie – By the way… if ever my phone rings and you find yourself answering it… Don’t pick up if you see the name Mira, or Andi..

Ivy – Who’s Mira?

Frankie – My….. mother…

Ivy – Ah… Well… I’m not close to my mom either…. My dad is my rock though.

Frankie – Same here.. I love my dad.

Ivy – *smiles* So we’re both daddy’s girls…

Frankie – It seems so… Umm I’m going to go shower… I have class pretty early.. so..

Ivy – Wait… I’m sorry if I crossed a line or something… This roommate situation is still new, and I just want us to be close..

Frankie – No, its okay. Its fine, trust me.

Ivy – You sure?

Frankie – Positive.

Ivy – If you ever want to talk.. we can.. about anything.

Frankie – Thanks… I’ll keep that in mind.

I’ve only been roommates with Ivy for like a month.. My previous roommate, Mahlia… got accepted into the Sorority, so she moved into the house… obviously. Anyway… I don’t really like talking about my private feelings. For now lets just say that I’m always here for my dad, and vice versa. My mother lives in Bridgeport, and she’s trying hard to be in my life, I’m not here for that. As far as my sister goes… Andi can go to hell. I’m not interested in talking with her right now. Its been a long night… Shower, and then bed… early class tomorrow. Goodnight…

[…The Next Morning]

(POV Kaori)

Yo….. Morning. I slept great.. did you? *laugh*….. *looks at the two girls* Goodness I swear.. every morning’s the same with those two…

Magdalena – Oooh girl… I was heated…

Bianca – What did he say?

Magdalena – That he doesn’t think that I’m feelin’ him anymore. Can you believe that? I’m like papi you mad trippin’ yo…

Bianca – Gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrl He’s not right in the head

Magdalena – I know…. shit.. I don’t have time for it either…. Thank you for letting me sleep here last night.

Bianca – Oh gurl Its all love, you my bestfriend. Besides you already know he would have been pounding on your dorm door all night..

The quasi-fat one is Magdalena.. yes.. she looks like a walking fucking pinata… The wanna be Mexican bitch is my roommate Bianca. She’s white… yet for some odd reason she seems to think she’s latin. Its weird… and corny.. I feel like the pinata chick Magdalena is always in my room talking about her boyfriend problems. Bianca stands there giving advice when… she’s never even had a boyfriend from what I know. Not that I blame her… I don’t do the relationship thing either… too much drama, and expectations. Though…. I would break that rule for one guy… however he’s just physically, and emotionally unavailable… not to mention the stupid pact I made..

Kaori – Bianca… from now on… if your friend here is going to sleepover.. let me know ahead of time.

Bianca – ANYWAY…. So yeah Magdalena…. You need to set some-

Kaori-  So you want to ignore me.. Okay… You don’t want to go to war with me you fraudulent bitch…

Magdalena – …….

Bianca – Why are you being a bitch Kaori? Nobody says nothin’ when you bring dudes back here.

Kaori – I let you know ahead of time, you can atleast show me the same courtesy.

Bianca – Fine… gosh! Let it go… ….No Mas…

Kaori – You’re not even MEXICAN! SPEAK ENGLISH!

Bianca – FINE! NO MORE!- Happy?!

Kaori – You’re, just….. I cannot with you… I need to get to class……….

Kaori – Hammer.

Hammer – Morning cutie.

Kaori – Why- What are you doing here?

Hammer – I wanted to walk you to class.

Kaori-  Why?

Hammer – Cause I’m nice like that?

Kaori – I see… Well-

Bianca – How did the drama start again?

Magdalena – He wanted to do anal after I had beans gorl!

Bianca – oooooh! No Mas! No Mas!

Hammer – …………..

Kaori – …………….Those bitches are nasty.

Hammer – Wow…. So- umm…

Kaori – So umm what?

Hammer – Did you have fun at my costume party?

Fuck yeah…

Kaori – Umm.. it was cool…

Hammer – Really?… you and Frankie seemed like you had a good time.

Kaori – So you’re here for a review of the party…

Hammer – And to walk you to class.

Kaori – …..Oh Hammer…

Hammer – What?

Kaori – Nothin’…. Come on… lets go….

Hammer – Aye… your girl Frankie…. she’s single right?

Kaori – Yes….ish…- Yes.. she’s single.

Hammer – Alright.. cause my homeboy Harrison thinks she’s hot.

Kaori – She doesn’t like Fratboys…

Hammer – Everyone loves Fratboys.

Kaori – ….You’re so full of yourself…

Hammer – You like it…

Kaori – Don’t flatter yourself big boy..

Hammer – You were a hot Lady Gaga… that bitch look like a man in real life, but you made it sexy. I wanted to fuck you right in front of everyone.

Kaori – *laugh* Whatever… You’re such a neanderthal

Hammer – I have an idea…

Kaori – What?

Hammer – Lets skip that class of yours…

Kaori – And do what?

The funny thing about Hammer, and I… is that we’re not dating, like I said before.. I don’t do that. However.. of all the guys that I’ve hooked up with.. he seems to stick around. He knows of my rules so I assume he hooks up with other girls too… I think he’s dope, but… I’m not trying to fuck with him like that you know what I’m saying? I’m not trying to be his girl. We can hookup, and talk about this that and the third, but no commitments. I like it simple you know?… Anyway… I guess I’m skipping class today.. wonder what Hammer has in mind..

(POV Frankie)

Darell – You were Nicki Minaj at the party right?

Frankie – Yeah…

Darell – I saw you with Kaori.

Frankie – *smiles* That’s cool- I’m um.. Not trying to be mean but I need to finish this..

Darell – Oh.. sorry.. my bad.

Frankie – No, its all good.

He’s really nice or whatever, but everyone know’s he cheats on his girlfriend. While Portia may be a bitch… she doesn’t deserve that. What’s funny is.. he’s in the frat- but he’s not your typical douchebag. He’s really smart, and while athletic.. he doesn’t play a single sport here at G.C.U (GloCity University)… I think he cheats because of the rumors. The rumors that his girlfriend Portia is not very……………… Not that its an valid excuse to cheat on someone..

Sebastian – Frankie?… everything okay?

Frankie – Yeah… its fine..

Sebastian – Alright….

Darell – Wow… The T.A.’s really protective…

Frankie – I wouldn’t know…

How embarrassing… He-…. mmmmm nevermind…

Spirit – Darell?

Darell – Yeah?

Spirit – I’m sure Portia would like to know that instead of getting your bags, and leaving class.. you decide to stay late, so you can get into Frankie’s pants.

Yeah… not gonna happen…. Darell’s cute, but I’m no home-wrecker.

Darell – So what are you here to spy on me?

Spirit – No jackass, I’m in this class… duh.

Darell – F.Y.I. ……. You may boss around all the little girls at the sorority house, but you’re not the boss of me.

Spirit – Whatever cheating douchebag

Darell – Bitch tits…

Frankie – *laugh* – Sorry..

Bitch tits… and the winner is Darell… *laugh*

Frankie – Spirit.. in Darell’s defense.. he wasn’t trying to get into my pants. I wouldn’t allow that anyway..

Darell – …..

Spirit – Nice to know some women still have integrity…. Its a shame that you didn’t want to be in the sorority. You were a clear pick, but you decided it wasn’t for you last minute. Your friend Jarrah made it in, and I assumed you would have liked it at the house.

Frankie – I’m sure I would have, I just… I need to focus on more important things. Also I only tried to get in for Kaori..

Spirit – She’s not a fit for us…

Frankie – Why is that?

Spirit – She’s a little…. loose for our taste.

Frankie – I see…. Well.. you guys minus a select few, are a little too… bitchy.. for her taste *smiles*

Spirit – Nice of you to stick up for your friend..

Frankie – I could say the same about you and Portia.

Darell – Why don’t you two just make out…

Spirit – Go suck one of your frat brother’s cocks… is it true that you all butt fuck each other for kicks?

Darell – I’m sure you’d love that… you’re ole’ lonely ass… that’s why you’re always in other’s business.

Spirit – Anyway… I need to go…

The drama left, and then I realized so had everyone else. Myself, along with Sebastian, and Professor Wonzy were the only ones here. I should probably get out of here.

Sebastian – Miss Mancini?

Frankie – Yeah?

Sebastian – A moment please?

Frankie – …………okay…..

Sebastian – Hey… sorry about the thing with Darell

Frankie – What the fuck was that about? don’t ever do that again… that was super embarrassing.

Sebastian – I’m sorry… I thought he was hitting on you-

Frankie – That’s none of your concern anymore… you made your choice remember? I-

Sebastian – I still can’t believe you broke up with me over that… I only kissed her.. and I only did it because I was upset I’d never cheat on you..

Frankie – Kissing someone else is cheating you douche…  and- besides.. I didn’t just break up with you over that.. It was a number of things.

Sebastian – Say it…

Frankie – Fine… I wasn’t okay with you becoming the T.A. in my class. Its awkward..

Sebastian – You said you could be okay with it.

Frankie – It makes me feel dirty.. like I’m cheating..

Sebastian – But you’re not…

Frankie – The fact of the matter is this.. you did what you had to do for your future, and career.. I don’t hold it against you… but you kissed another girl.. all because we had a fight… That’s weak.. I can’t have weak men in my life.

Sebastian – I had a slip up.. nobody’s perfect… You know I’ve always been there for you.. With your mom, and Andi.. I-

Frankie – Stop…. Now is that all? Can I go now?

Sebastian – …. One more thing… Just so we’re clear… we can date other people? is that what you want?

Frankie – Have a buffet… being with me never stopped you before…

Sebastian – That’s not fair.

Frankie – *shrugs* ….. I bye…

Well I guess that cats out of the bag eh?…. Sebastian and I dated… for a while. Truth be told… I only dated him because I couldn’t date who I really wanted to… All because of that dumb pact.. Anyway… Sebastian’s not a bad guy… but I don’t do cheaters… of any kind. Period point blank the end. He’s still really handsome though, and what he said was true.. he knows everything about my family.. but whatever.. I have to move on.

Professor Wonzy – Miss Mancini?

Frankie – Yes sir?

Professor – I finally got around to reading your paper on the double standards of men and women and why they’re still alive and well.

Frankie – …..Mm’kay..

Professor – I enjoyed it, and so did my wife actually.

Frankie – Thanks….

Professor.. I may have something lined up for you, would you be interested in a internship?

Frankie – Yes sir.

Professor – I’ll talk to you about it next week okay?

Frankie – Yes sir, and thanks.

Professor – No problem.

Sebastian – …..

Well… that was awesome….

(POV Kaori)

You just had to join me at this time huh? you perv… Turns out Hammer’s idea was us skipping class and hitting up a bar- or coffee house.. I forget where the fuck I am to be honest….

Hammer – Oh baby you taste so good…. mmm

Kaori – *moans*

Hammer – Shhh shhh…

Kaori – *moans louder*

Whatever.. don’t judge me…


Kaori – You’re always making me do bad stuff…

Hammer – You know you like it…

Kaori – I wonder if anyone heard us…

Hammer – I doubt it… though… you did get pretty loud.

Kaori – …….*smirk*

Hammer – So umm.. can you come by the Frathouse tonight? and we can eat- food. Then maybe do other stuff?

Kaori – No….

Hammer – Why not?

Kaori – Because.. I don’t do relationships, and you’re wanting me around alot lately….

Hammer – I like you, that’s all…

Kaori – Well… Its just infatuation… nothing more. I don’t do relationships… for like the 100th time..

I knew this would happen…

Hammer – What-

Kaori – Stop it, don’t get mad-

Hammer – But you-


Hammer – You’re such a bitch sometimes!…

Kaori – Oh so because you’re catching feelings, and I’m not… that makes me a bitch?

Hammer – No, but the way you do and say shit.. I’m just trying to be a nice guy. But obviously that’s not what you’re into!

Kaori – Don’t play Victim! You fuck alot of girls Hammer…

Hammer – So? I not in a relationship…

Kaori – So don’t try and make one with me.

Hammer – Don’t get all big headed… I’m not a one woman kind of guy anyway…. so screw you…

Kaori – Did I strike a nerve?

Hammer – Man… I don’t need this this.. I can find any girl to sleep with.

Kaori – Glad you finally realized what this is- well was.. cause I don’t think we can continue doing it…

Hammer – That’s fine… shit was getting tired anyway.

Kaori – Whatever you say Hammer… clearly your ego is talking. *rolls eyes*

You guys may think I’m being mean, but don’t let Hammer fool you.. he sleeps around and has fun just like most of us on campus. I don’t know why he felt the need to catch feelings for me. He knew from the start we were just having fun. Now I’m the bitch? I’m the asshole? This is what I don’t get about guys. Its okay for them to play with women’s hearts, and be the alpha male getting with a bunch of girls. The second a girl decides she can do the same thing.. she’s either a slut, or a bitch. OR! My favorite… SHE HAS DADDY ISSUES. Like seriously?… Men just can’t handle the same treatment that they give out. Poor Hammer.. he’ll get over it.

Hammer – Have fun walking home…

Kaori – You’re a dick, and don’t think I couldn’t have someone here in seconds to pick me up.

Hammer – Whatever….

Kaori – …..

[cell rings]

Kaori – *answers* Daddy?

Phone – Hey, Are you busy?

Kaori – No I’m umm-

Phone – Are you in class?

Kaori – ………yeah… why? whats up?

Phone – Can you come home? after class?

Kaori – Is everything okay Daddy?

Phone – Just get here…..

Kaori – Is mom okay?

Phone – Kokoro is fine…

Kaori – Oh… did umm.. Victoria fall and die or something?

Phone – Not funny Kaori…

Kaori – Sorry…. Well okay.. I’ll be there after class.

Phone – Alright princess, see you then.

Kaori – Bye.

Hmm… Wonder what my dad wants. I hope everything is okay….

(POV Frankie)

I don’t know what was wrong with me.. I was somewhat agitated by my talk with Sebastian. I had to wonder… was I making a mistake?- I know I’m strong, and I don’t need anyone to lean on. However… Sebastian wasn’t just my boyfriend. He was my friend too. Was I being selfish by cutting him off?- Stop it Frankie!.. stop questioning yourself…. I really need to collect myself, I’m actually the type of person that’s okay with not making the best decision all the time. Nobody has their shit together that much where every choice they make is the best option. I suppose time will tell..

Frankie – Oh- Hi Lucas… why are you sitting there? Where’s granny panties?

Granny panties is the old woman who usually sits there. She’s really rude and always shushes everyone…. even when quiet. She once told my friend Trey that he was breathing too hard.

Lucas – I have no idea where she’s at. I just noticed she wasn’t in today, and I figured I’d check some books out on my own.

Frankie – I see.

I don’t know if you guys have met Jeep yet- well we call him Jeep, but everyone else calls him Jonah. Anyway- Lucas is actually his roommate in the guy’s dorm. I’ve heard quite the stories about Lucas. Apparently he’s a cross-dresser, and goes by the name of Lisa Chang. Jeep said that Lisa Chang only comes out for straight white men. Because that totally makes sense right?… I mean if a guy is having sex with a tranny… how exactly is he straight?- and this is coming from someone who know’s that sexuality isn’t black and white… 

Lucas – Why are you here? came to study? Love the skirt by the way.. you look ferocious!

Frankie – Aww thanks… umm I came to check out a book…

Lucas – Aren’t you a friend of my lame roommate Jonah?

Frankie – Yeah… but don’t call him lame.. Jeep’s adorable.

Lucas – Why do you guys call him Jeep?

Frankie – *laugh* ask him…

Actually Jonah- I mean Jeep… He and I are a bit closer than that. Allow me to explain…. the summer before my senior year of high school. The six- which would be Jeep, Keegan, Jarrah, Trey, Kaori, and myself. We all were suppose to meet up and have one big hangout before school started. So I arrive at the beach, and Jeep’s sitting all alone. He said that nobody’s coming. I checked my phone, and Kaori was stuck at home with Bitch-Toria… her stepmom. Keegan, was with his girlfriend Mona, and I believe Trey, and Jarrah were busy as well.

Jeep was like.. You can go if you want. I could tell he was feeling a bit down, so I told him… No we can hang.. just us two. So we go to his house, and his parents are gone. BAM the lights go out, power outage. Jeep was scared as hell… like freaking out scared. I had no idea he was so… *laugh* I just didn’t know he had that fear. Jeep had Nyctophobia which is the fear of the dark.. He started having a panic attack. So I gave him a hug and tried to calm him down. Something about his vulnerability made him so appealing in that moment. So… I kissed him, and he told me “Its my first time” and I said.. That’s okay.. because at that time I had only done it twice.

So he got his stupid spider-man sleeping bag.. opened it… and laid it across his bed. To which I said to him “something wrong with your blanket on your bed?” he replied- and I remember the look on his face.. he said “No.. I just want you to lay on a blanket that I don’t jerk off on” That should have sent me out the door but it didn’t- So yeah we had sex and it lasted 2 minutes. That’s our secret.. He told everyone he lost it to this girl at school during prom.. which obviously isn’t the truth… *laugh*

Sorry about talking your ear off.. that was just a fun memory. Also in case you’re wondering.. Jeep and I never really liked-liked each other.. it was just a moment we shared.. and it was- what it was. Anyway.. so back to our regularly scheduled programming. After I talked to Lucas I went to find the book I needed. Look who I ran into.. My roomy.

Ivy – *sniffles* Um Hi…

Frankie – Are you okay?

Ivy – I don’t know….

Frankie – Talk to me.. tell me what’s wrong…

Ivy – I umm… You know how I told you I don’t get along with my mother?

Frankie – Yeah..

Ivy – Well.. she’s bi-polar.

Frankie – I have to be honest about something…

Ivy – Yeah?

Frankie – I heard that before.. from my friend Trey.

Ivy – Trey Robinson?

Frankie – Yeah…

Ivy – That makes sense… since My half brother Tyler- is also his half brother…

Frankie – Right..

Ivy – …..

Frankie – Its okay..Do not feel embarrassed. Hell.. My mom’s a stripper, she left my sister and I when we were really young. Then she- *looks down* she umm..-

Ivy – Don’t.. you don’t tell me now. You can tell me when you’re ready.

Frankie – *smiles* okay….

Ivy – So um my mother.. she had an episode today. She pulled a knife out on my dad, and went crazy. She went 5150.. do you know what-

Frankie – Yeah.. she’s like placed on involuntary psychiatric hold right?

Ivy – I’m so scared, and worried.. *crying* I thought she was getting better and.. my poor dad.. he’s- He’s gay.. and he stayed with my mom all these years.. for me I-

Frankie – My dad’s gay too- well he’s bisexual.. so I know all about.. that- kind of thing.

Ivy – I should have been a better daughter I-

Frankie – No no no.. come here.


Frankie – Don’t live in the past, you can’t change a thing. Just work on the now. Okay?

Ivy – Alright… wow.. can today get any worse?.. ran into my ex and that was a disaster…

Frankie – You and me both….

Ivy – .. that’s a whole other story though….

Frankie – Hey.. have you eaten?

Ivy – No…

Frankie – Okay I need to go to the main office, and take care of something, but meet me in the front in about 10 minutes? cheese fries on me?

Ivy – Thanks… you’re a doll.

Frankie – *smiles*

Lucas – Ahhh FUCK!

Frankie – ……..everything okay?

Lucas – Stupid computer’s not working! I need to check craigslist!

Frankie – Oh are you buying something?

Lucas – No? I’m putting up an ad.

Frankie – ………………………Oh.

Lucas – Not checking out that book?

Frankie – I’ll get it on the way back.

Lucas – I won’t be here by then.. but you know how to check books out I assume.

Frankie – Yeah, but I’m going to the main office right now. I’m going to let them know we need someone down here.

Lucas – Oh shit, let this computer start working so I can delete the internet history!

Frankie – ………

Let me get going.. then I can try and make Ivy feel better about what’s going on with her mother…

(POV Kaori)

So I get to my father’s house and I see my Brother Ivo (pronounced Ee-vo) and my step sister Alana. Something was seriously wrong if they’re here….

Alana – So did you and Micah patch things up?

Ivo – That’s not funny Alana…

Alana – He still hasn’t forgave you for pounding his girlfriend?- excuse me.. EX girlfriend.

Ivo – Just… shut up Alana okay?

Alana – I should have seen it coming to be honest. Andi was SO that type of girl….

Ivo – ………..

Alana – I just didn’t take you as the backstabbing kind *laugh*

Ivo – Instead of worrying about me, why don’t you worry about your sugar daddy.. isn’t he like 70?

Alana – No he’s not…. Its none of your business.

Ivo – Oh so when someone calls you out.. its a problem. Lets keep it real here… Victoria cut you off because she wanted you to make something of yourself.. and you did. You became a golddigger. Sleeping with old men, and shit…

Alana – Atleast I didn’t stab my bestfriend in the back and sleep with his would be fiancee. You have to live with that buddy….

I guess I should kinda explain that so you’re not confused. Bare with me… So… Frankie, has an older sister named Andi. Andi dated Jarrah’s older brother Micah all throughout high school. When they graduated… Micah proposed to Andi. Andi said no, got into a big fight with Micah.. Somehow made her way over to talk to my brother Ivo, who was bestfriends with Micah. They slept together. Micah found out……. by walking in the room… because Bitch-Toria let him in.

So obviously Micah and Ivo do not talk… as far as Andi goes… that bitch left town. Frankie told me that she lives in C-City now, but doesn’t know where specifically. Andi is such a bitch… Leaving poor Frankie like that. Shit got rough and you reject your boyfriend in a fucked up way, cheat on him with his bestfriend, and then leave your little sister….. bitch has issues.

Ivo – Kay! You made it sis.

Alana – Heartwarming…

Ivo – That skirt is a little short….

Kaori – Shut up, you sound like daddy.

My relationship with my brother is pretty good, he protected me alot when our parents divorced. He wanted me to know it wasn’t my fault.. though I thought- and till this day still think it is…

Alana – Cute boots….

Kaori – Thanks Alana……

As far as Alana goes… she’s my step sister. I don’t love or hate her. Our relationship is always hot and cold. She likes to take her mommy issues out on me. Which I don’t understand because its not like I’m taking her mother’s affection away from her. I hate Bitch-Toria…

Ivo – I just got in from New York this morning, so I’m a bit tired… How’s everything? how’s school? How are your friends.

Alana – All of your friends go to G.C.U.?

Kaori – Yeah.. umm. This is Frankie, Jarrah, and Trey’s 2nd year there. Jeep, Keegan and I are all freshmen..

Keegan would actually be 2nd year with the girls- yes I said the girls.. because Trey is probably more feminine than Frankie & Jarrah put together…- anyway.. like I was saying. Keegan would actually be 2nd year.. but some stuff happen- well a car accident happen with his girlfriend at the time Mona, and she died… so he took a whole year off and worked on himself before feeling the pressure of college… atleast that’s what he tells people who doesn’t know him.

The truth is he went to jail for a year. That car accident happen during his senior year FYI. But peep this.. It was all wiped cleaned once he was out. Thanks to his step mother Joy. She’s a Judge or whatever… Family connections are awesome right? With Joy’s help.. she got all of his record expunged, because he was a first time offender

Ivo – So everyone’s good? Did you get into that sorority?

Kaori – No… which is fine.. I don’t want to be in there anyway.

Besides… Jarrah is in there, and I don’t really care much for her… or her bestfriend Trey. I know you’re probably thinking “but Kaori they’re in your group of friends” well that may be true but I don’t really like them.

Kaori – And yes.. everyone is good.

Alana – Did you finally pick a major?

Kaori – …………no……

Alana – Loser… *laugh*

Ivo – Hey lay off… atleast she went to college..

Alana – …………..kiss my ass.

Ivo – Kaori… you have to get serious about school…

Kaori – I know, I know…

Alana – If she was half as serious about school as she is with boys.. I’m sure she’d be an academic prodigy…

Kaori – Boys are the last thing on my mind Alana. Anyway why the hell are we all here? is everything okay?

Ivo – I don’t know.. Dad called me and asked me to come by. I was visiting mom and-

Kaori – How is she?….. I should probably go see her… fuck I’m a terrible daughter.

Alana – Ha…

Ivo – She’s good. Misses you, but she knows you’re busy with school and friends.

That’s not an excuse.. I love my mom… I need to make an effort to see her.

Alana – Vince called me and asked me to come also.. so here we are.

Kaori – Why isn’t Daddy here?- and B-………….Victoria?

Vince – Hey!

Victoria – Where home!

Oh great.. Bitch-Toria time….

Victoria – Ivo, you look great. You’re outfit is giving me ideas for my new mens line…

She has her own fashion empire… called “V-Glam” How awesome is that? *rolls eyes*

Ivo – Really? its just something I threw on.

Vince – You look good son.

Victoria – How are things in New York?

Ivo – Well as you guys know I’m writing a book with Jessica Nash…. so things couldn’t be better. She says I have endless energy and talent… so.. I’m happy to be writing.

Vince – That’s great son.

Victoria – ……………..and you?

Kaori – *looks around *…………………what- me?

Victoria – Yes… what exactly are you doing up there at G.C.U.? What are we paying for?

Alana – Always about money with you huh mom?

Victoria – Lets not start the dramatics Darling…

Kaori – I’m-

Vince – I’m sure my princess is doing great at G.C.U. When I called her earlier she was in class.

Kaori – …..*smiles*

Vince – *wink*

Kaori – *smirks*

Vince – So Alana.. everything okay in Bridgeport? You know I don’t run that Office anymore. I let Richie Sampson take over. He’s doing a great job.

You know that guy Darell?… Richie Sampson is his father…

Alana – Umm… Bridgeport is good…

Victoria – Are you eating?

Alana – Not only am I eating mother… but I have a pretty good life there- no thanks to you.

Victoria – No job? still stringing along rich men?

Alana – Its none of your business what I do- Actually can you get to why we’re here in the fucking first place? I have shit to do.

Vince – We’re getting re-married… and we’d like you three to join us. It would be just the five of us, and you’re welcomed to bring a date if you want- or a friend.

Ivo – I’ll see what I can do… You know my schedule in New York…

Alana – ……….For you Vince.. I’ll be there.

Kaori – …..I don’t know.. school has me really busy…

Alana – Right…

Victoria – You guys have 3 months… so hopefully everyone can make it, and bring a date, or friend…

Kaori – I just remembered I’m suppose to be somewhere…

Vince – Not staying for dinner?

Kaori – I promised my friends-

Vince – Oh its fine. Go have fun *smiles*

As I walked away from them.. I felt all kinds of sick. This is not the family I wanted.. but its the family I had. I really hated Victoria, and I wasn’t so fond of Alana either. I wish my dad and my mom would just be together….. I caused all of this.. and it just fucking frustrates me. I should have kept my mouth shut. My father wasn’t even cheating but I told my mom what I saw.. and that ruined everything.

I don’t support this marriage. Victoria’s evil… I do not like her…. She always makes me feel like I’m a waste of space. Alana is living in Bridgeport, with some fabulous life. Ivo is in New York killing it. What the fuck am I doing?.. and why do I care so much? I always tell people that I don’t care about others opinions, but I guess that’s not true… I don’t want my dad to not be proud of me…. Ugh why the fuck am I being all analytically? I’m NOT that girl…. Let me get my shit together before I meet up with everyone..

(POV Frankie)

So after I took Ivy to eat, I had to meet up with my friends. We’re all so busy, and we try to atleast get together once a week. Sometimes we all make it, other times its just a few of us. Still.. the fact that the effort is being made… that’s what I love.

The cute blonde is- oh wait.. They’re both blonde *laugh* Okay.. The one sitting down, That’s Trey.. he’s everything you’d want in a friend.. Loyal, smart, and fun. The other Blonde… is Keegan… Cute right?… Keegan and I kinda grew up together.. we lived together for a while.. until- you know what.. its happy times, don’t so much want to get into that subject right now.

Lets just say we were fine until something happened. You’ll eventually find out… But umm.. On another note. You know that pact that I was speaking of earlier? Well… Kaori, Jarrah, and myself. We all like-…Liked Keegan.. but we didn’t want to ruin the group, or friendships.. so us three girls made a pact.. that we wouldn’t date him, or hookup with him…. yeah…

Frankie – Your place is really clean Keegan…

Trey – Yeah Ke-Ke.. trying to impress us?

Keegan – Shut up! *laughing* I’m a clean dude alright?

Frankie – When we lived together as kids.. your room was always a mess….

Keegan – And yet.. you were always making yourself comfortable in there huh?

Frankie – …..*smirks* I was a dumb kid..

Keegan – You were never dumb. You’re like the smartest person I know.

Trey – I agree with Ke-Ke.. you’re pretty smart gurl….

Frankie – … *shakes head / laughing* Trey where’s Jarrah?

Trey – She’ll be here soon…

Keegan – So what do you guys want to do tonight?

Jeep – Scary movie, and pizza.

Trey – Frankie what are you looking at.

Frankie – Outside.. I see a rainbow.

Kaori – Ha… I see one in here!

Trey – Cute Kaori! What an amazing Joke! *rolls eyes*

Kaori – Don’t cry you sensitive bitch…

Trey – Why don’t you go chug a cock? I hear the frathouse misses you.

Kaori – Jealous? I mean lets not act like you’re not taking dicks to the ass like a pro.

Trey – We’re not all as slutty as you boo.

They really don’t get along……Oh and by the way.. the guy in black.. that’s the one I was telling you about in the library. Jeep…. He’s adorable… harmless too *laugh*

Jeep – is everyone into that idea? Pizza and a scary movie?

Keegan – That’s fine with me- Oh fuck! Hercules! did you piss on the floor!?

Finally Jarrah arrived..

Jarrah – Sorry I’m late guys- Wow… everyone made it this time…

Trey – I know right?

Jarrah – Oh Trey.. I have to tell you something later okay? remind me..

Trey – Is it about work or….

Jarrah – The other thing *laugh*

Kaori – ………….Lets keep secrets from the group.. yeah.. that’s awesome.

Jarrah – I’m not going to play this game with you Kaori…

Kaori – Oh Jarrah… lets not be delayed…

Jarrah – You’re such a fricken child…

Kaori – Whatever you say.. you know it ALL.

Trey – Jarrah do not even bother with her… she’s.. just no.

Kaori – WHATEVER… Look Keegan.. I’m fine with Pizza, but I’d honestly rather go out, and not be here you know?

Keegan – I feel you baby… *wink*

Kaori – *smiles*

Frankie – Either idea is fine with me Keegan..

Keegan – So umm.. when I talked to you earlier on the phone.. you said something about Sebastian..

Frankie – Oh… goodness… he was just being a dick..

Keegan – Want me to beat him up?

Frankie – ……………

Keegan – *laugh* you had to think about it.

Frankie – Violence is not the answer.

Keegan – Says the girl who beat up Bianca Harris in high school.

Frankie – She deserved it… You know what she said.. about my mother- umm.. Mira.

Keegan – How are you… i know she calls…

Frankie – Don’t really wanna talk about that.


Jeep – Kaori, if you want to eat out.. I’m fine with that idea.

Kaori – Good… who wants to sit around in a stuffy house?

Jeep  – You look pretty today by the way.

Kaori – You said that already… you’re like a broken record dude…

Jarrah – Ugh why do you have to be such a- ugh.. seriously.. he’s giving you a compliment.

Trey – …… No Lies Detected….

Jeep – Its okay Jarrah..

Jarrah – No its not.. she’s rude!

Kaori – Stop protecting him! I know he’s your cousin and all but for fucks sakes let him live. Every pretty girl that he compliments isn’t going to take it like they won the fucking lottery.

Jarrah – You really have no clue how to talk to people.

Kaori – Jarrah.. shut up.. seriously.. I’m sick of your voice.. and face…

Jarrah – ….*rolls eyes*

Kaori – No girl will react the same way so just drop it.

Jeep – ……

Trey – Right but they wouldn’t be such a bitch about it either.

Kaori – Oh you two want to gang up on me? both of you can die in a fire.

Jeep – Guys stop fighting.. we’re all suppose to be getting along and-

Kaori – Jeep shut up! life isn’t a fairy tale!

Keegan – We should break that up…  *looks at Jarrah* Hey Jarrah… you’re spoiling my dog

Jarrah – Hercules loves me.. I should kidnap him. Too bad my sorority would flip.

Frankie – Right… *Looks at Jarrah* Jarrah! come here…

Jarrah – What’s up?

Frankie – How’s the internship?

Jarrah – Good… bad… great… annoying *laugh*

I don’t know if I told you this or not but.. Jarrah works for Kaori’s stepmom Victoria. That’s right… Jarrah interns at V-Glam.

Frankie – But you’re kicking ass right?

Jarrah – I hope so… Its hard.. my competition is cut throat. This Morgan girl.. she’s… kinda rude- but hey.. If I can deal with Kaori.. I can deal with anyone.

Frankie – ….I’m sorry about her..

Jarrah – Don’t apologize for her actions.. she’s… like.. I know she’s hurt, and has personal issues. I just don’t understand why her coping mechanism is to be mean to others.

Frankie – Yeah.. I’ll try and talk to her, she can be a bit bratty… It all stems from when she was younger…

Jarrah – Its still weird to me how you two are so close.. such opposites.

Frankie – It happens *smiles*

Jarrah – Speaking of things happening.. I ran into my cousin on the way here.

Frankie – Jeeps right there…

Jarrah – No… not him. Sebastian…

Frankie – Oh….

Jarrah – Are you two okay?

Frankie – Lets talk about it over dinner..

Jarrah – That’s if we can decide on where, and what to do.

Frankie – I know right…


Jeep – I’m sorry that started a fight…

Kaori – Its not your fault Jeep….

Jeep – …Sorry if I’m annoying or-

Kaori – No no.. stop. My bad, I was being a bitch.. Thanks for the compliment.

Jeep – Cool…

Kaori – I just really can’t stand your cousin… or her bitchy queen of a friend.

Jeep – I think if you gave them a chance.. you’d like them…

Kaori – You’re adorable.. you’re always trying to make people get along. Why are you single again?

Jeep – Cause I’m awkward?

Kaori – That’s true… you are pretty weird…

Jeep – ……..

Kaori – Jeep?

Jeep – Yeah?

Kaori – I know I’m a bitch sometimes… I just hope you don’t take it personal. I mean… you’d tell me if I hurt your feelings right?

Jeep – Yeah.. I would.

Kaori – Okay.. good. *smiles*.. for being a good sport.. You can sit next to me if we go out… *wink*

Jeep – *smiles*


Keegan – So how are things going with that secret admirer?

Trey – Well.. we talk on Skype- text only.. because obviously if it were over the webcam I’d know who he was…

Keegan – Does it annoy you? that this guy can’t just come out and ask you out on a date?

Trey – No… I mean I sorta like a mystery, and romance of it all.

Keegan – Of course you do.

Trey – I’m not saying I’m an angel.. I hookup.. but for the most part.. I’d love someone to take me to dinner, and work hard for my affection you know?

Keegan – Yeah.

Trey -What about you handsome? seeing anyone?

Keegan – Nope…

Trey – Why not?

Keegan – I don’t know.. I guess I’d rather not get serious with anyone right now.

Trey – Makes sense.

This is my group of friends.. Were dysfunctional, but we all have some sort of love for each other at the end of the day…. I really need to find a way for Kaori to get along with Jarrah, and Trey. Kaori is a bit abrasive, but she’s not a bad person…. Though I can see why they think she’s evil. Its just a matter of finding some common ground with each other…. Whatever… that’s a problem for another day. I’m pretty hungry.. all I had was yogurt, and a shared container of cheese fries *laugh*… until next time… Au Revoir

~*End of Chapter One Pt 1 | Pt 2 is Next*~


  1. What a great start to this new story!! There are so many interesting characters. So far I like Frankie the most, she’s a good girl but has dirty little secrets (like hooking up with Jeep lol). Kaori is pretty wild XD. I can’t wait to see what else she gets into. I felt bad for Hammer; it seems like he wants something more than just friends with benefits with her. Maybe she’ll come around! As always your pics are just so darn pretty. You put a lot of detail in each location which most people would neglect to do. I’ve been busy lately so that’s why I just now got around to reading your story. But since I’m off from work tomorrow I plan on catching up on the other parts 😀

  2. Awwww thank you. If you liked Pt One, wait till you see the next 2 you missed. I’m currently working on the next chapter (Chapter Two) As always thanks for commenting and reading. It makes me happy to know people like what I write.

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