Cast of BoysNGirls : Who R U?

The Cast of BoysNGirls were asked to participate in a questionnaire. Here are the results…

Check back soon for the start of the new Series/B2M Spinoff/Continuation BoysNGirls




  1. *Girly squeal* They all sound so interesting!! As I read about them I can already feel the drama brewing lol. BTW you have to start accepting compliments because you’re talented ;). And how do you come up with new story ideas so quickly???? XD

  2. LOL thanks 🙂

    As for the idea.. I have no idea. I just really like character development and telling stories. I honestly have alot of stories in my head but just not enough time to dedicate to them haha. I hate to sound like a broken record but I still think you should check out CBL.. That ending is just EPIC

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