[B2M Season3] Chapter 7 [Series Finale] : “Goodbye”

☉ Chapter 7 : “Goodbye” [Series Finale] ☉

~*POV : Jordan, Vince, Josh, and Issac*~

***POV = Point Of View. That person will narrate the story.***

~Disclaimer : This story features mature language. Most Profanity & Other unsuitable words will be blanked out with “***”  This is a heads up for any cautious readers~

**2 weeks after the cabin trip**

After we got back from the trip… Gabrielle and I were on the fast track. Which brings us to today. I’m moving the last of her stuff to my- well.. our place… I like the sound of that…. Its been such a long journey here. I’m talking about even before you guys met me. Speaking of which.. that day was crazy… I was coming from jail.. I was such a badass- or atleast I thought I was.

I had so much growing up to do, and I honestly feel like I can say I’ve grown alot since then. So have the people around me. The people around… hmm, they’re so important to me. Excluding the guys for a moment.. I’m so proud of my little brother AJ.. he’s grown to feel comfortable in his skin, and we have such a great relationship now. My mother.. My mother has found love.. in well… a hopeless place. Lets be real here, Peter was damaged, and hopeless. Somehow my mother made a difference in his life, which in turn made a difference in Issac’s life. Change inspiring change..

Then…. we have Briana, the mother of my son. Her situation is sad, but I know she’ll be okay. She just needs to get better, for herself- and for Tyler. I’ll never tell Tyler any bad things about his mother, that’s just not my style. He’ll only know the good. Everyone deserves a second chance. I know I’ve had my fair share of f**k ups, but I’ve always been given the chance to make wrongs right. Life is good, its not perfect but its good. I even start my new job next week. I’ll be working at city hall. Well… anyway Its been a long road here, I’m really happy to have shared my life with you all.. This isn’t the end, its just the beginning.


Gabrielle – Mr Mayor…

Jordan – Oh hey honey…

Gabrielle – Working hard?

Jordan – Just trying to get that new football stadium built. The town could use more tourist….

Gabrielle – Well one thing at a time, I mean you should be really proud of yourself. Because of you, in a few years we’ll have a University here.

Jordan – *smiles* Who would have known that my little city hall job would turn into this?

Gabrielle – I know right?…

Jordan – So what are you up to today?

Gabrielle – Issac asked me to fill in for him at the agency. So I’m going to see a bunch of models in about an hour.

Jordan – You guys gonna show them the ropes?

Gabrielle – Yeah… Issac says that he didn’t know that there was a model inside of him, and that alot of people may not know. So together we’re finding new talent.

Jordan – My wife, and my bestfriend working together. I couldn’t be more happier.

Gabrielle – Yeah because my modeling days are over.. ugh I can’t seem to shake the baby weight.

Jordan – You look beautiful.

Gabrielle, and Jordan had a wonderful life. Jordan was the mayor of GloCity, and Gabrielle had a modeling agency that she ran with Issac. Together they raised Tyler, and their youngest son Trey.

Gabrielle – Well thank you babe..

Tyler – Did you find it?

Trey – No

Tyler – I’ll help you look okay?

Trey – Okay.

Gabrielle – Okay well, I have to get going.. traffic to Brideport will be a b-i-t-c-h…

Trey – Bitch?

Tyler – He’s pretty smart Gabby..

Jordan – He is.

Gabrielle – I’ll see you boys later okay?

Trey – Bye mommy.

Tyler – Bye Gabby! drive safe.

Jordan – Tyler you need a haircut.

Tyler – I know..

Trey – Do I need a haircut daddy?

Jordan – Nah, you’re fine.

Jordan – So did you lose something?

Trey – Yesterday when I was here, I lost my bracelet.

Jordan – What bracelet?

Tyler – I made he and I brother bracelets in art class.

Jordan – Oh cool.

Trey – I lost it though.

Jordan – Don’t worry we’ll find it.

Tyler – Dad?

Jordan – Yeah?

Tyler – I saw mom today.

Jordan – How’s she doing?

Tyler – She’s doing good. I got to see my sister.

Briana lived a normal life, and even had another kid. A daughter, named Ivy. Strangely enough she was married to Max Johnson. The two met in therapy and hit it off years ago. They ended up falling in love, which resulted in the birth of Ivy, who’s about Trey’s age now.

Jordan – How’s Max?

Tyler – He’s okay… Briana seemed annoyed with him though. She said something about him being on the downlow.. whatever that means.

Jordan – Oh….

Obviously Max Johnson was still in denial about his sexuality… one has to wonder… he has a daughter, but at one point he was having sex with men. Perhaps Max was bisexual….. or just a closeted gay man.

Trey – Daddy Daddy!

Jordan – Yeah?

Trey – When can we go visit uncle AJ?

Jordan – You’re uncle travels alot.. but as soon as he’s in town, I’ll make sure we go see him okay?

Trey – I tell everyone that he’s a celebrity.

Jordan – Well.. he sorta is.

Tyler – Why does uncle AJ wear women’s clothes?

Jordan – Umm.. I-

Trey – What?

Tyler – Oh-umm *looks at Jordan* nothing.. it was a costume or something Trey.

Trey – Oh, cool.

Jordan – Well lets go see what we can find in the vending machines. Maybe we can find your bracelet?

Trey – Okay!

Jordan – You staying here Ty? or you coming with us?

Tyler – I’ll come along. I wanted to talk to you about something anyway.

Jordan – What about?

Tyler – GloCity’s budget on clean living.

Jordan – Alright…

Hey guys… I feel like its been so long since we last spoke…. Not alot has changed since you last saw me. The only big thing is the move. Yep.. Koko and I are moving back to GloCity. We found a nice place, and we’re really excited about moving in. Before we go home and start packing things, we had a doctor’s appointment with Dr. Sean Patterson. Turns out we’re having a baby boy. I have to be honest, I’m scared out of my mind. I don’t know what kind of father I’ll be. I hope a good one, I should ask Jordan for tips *laugh* …. Not going to bore you with the details because you were there, but wow my life has changed so much in these past few years. I guess… a tiger really can change its strips if it tries hard enough.

Or maybe I’m just that damn good.. maybe I’m the exception to the rule, maybe I’m just being cocky *laugh* I don’t know. I’m just really happy to be where I am now. Which is scary because I’m worried that if my life is good now.. does that mean it will be bad later on?…. I guess I should just focus on the now and hope that my life continues being everything I want it to be.

Two things I hope to improve with time… My relationship with my sister Vanessa, and my friendship with Tommy. I know… you probably thought Vanessa and I were fine but… I swear ever since she started dating Quinn, she’s changed. Speaking of which.. the wedding is in two weeks. I still can’t believe they’re getting married. I’m going to be supportive though.

As far as Tommy goes… I know he’s done wrong.. hell he was Lucifer on earth at one point- but… if someones willing to change and better themselves then who are we to tear them down? I’m still angry with Tommy, but.. I want him to win… I want everyone to win… I feel like a winner, and its a damn good feeling. With that being said…. I guess this is goodbye…. – no.. lets just call it a “see you later…” *smiles* I’ll miss you guys.. I know you’ve probably had moments when you’ve hated me but… you stuck around… and saw me grow. So thanks.


Ivo – Hey Dad.

Vince – Hey guys.

Kaori – Hi daddy!

Vince – Hey princess.

Kokoro – Look at you, all dressed up and ready to go.

Vince – Oh I’m just getting back from a business meeting.

Ivo – …

Kokoro – Are you busy today?

Vince – Nope, why?

Kokoro – I know its my week, but I have to be on set in about two hours. Would-

Vince – Yeah no problem, the kids can stay here.

Ivo – You know… I’m old enough to stay home by myself.. we didn’t have to come to dad’s…

Kokoro – But you can’t handle your sister Ivo.

Kaori – I’m a princess!

Vince – Yes you are!

Though divorced, Vince and Kokoro are still friends. It was a mutual split, they both just felt like they were growing apart. With Vince’s ever growing empire, and Kokoro’s role on a popular Soap Opera.. They barely had time for one another. Vince then grew friendly with a woman named Victoria, though he didn’t cheat on Kokoro, little Kaori saw them hugging, and told her mother. That caused alot of conflict.. and eventually led to them talking about what each other really wanted in life. They realized they had a few good years, and it was nothing to me ashamed of, and thus they split up.

Vince – I was thinking….

Kokoro – Yes?

Vince – How about I take them this summer?

Kokoro – I thought you were doing thanksgiving?

Vince – I want to re-work the arrangement.

Kokoro – Truth be told so do I. I don’t like making them go back and forth so often

Vince – My thoughts exactly.

Ivo – Alana’s home?

Kaori – Alana?! Where? maybe she can play dolls with me.

Ivo – I doubt she’d want to do that ‘Kay.

Victoria – Why hello Kokoro.

Kokoro – Hi Victoria… You look lovely.

Victoria – …. Thanks.

Vince – *cough*

Victoria – You  as well.

Kokoro – …..

Kaori – Mommy I want some ice cream.

Kokoro – Ask daddy, I have to get going princess.

Victoria – How about I take you out for Ice cream Kaori?

Vince – All five of us can go.

Alana – I’m not eating Ice cream.. can we get frozen yogurt instead mom?

Victoria – Umm sure.

Kaori – …………*sadface*

Alana – I wanted to talk to you Ivo..

Ivo – What about?

Alana – Someone broke the lock off my diary… it had to be you.

Victoria – …………

Ivo – Like I care about your stupid diary….

Alana – Stay the hell out of my room!

Vince – That’s enough.

Alana – ………. Whatever…

As you can see, Vince did get married again. Victoria had a daughter from a previous marriage, and together with Vince, and his kids… they lived happily… sorta. Sometimes the kids didn’t get along, but it was all a work in progress. As was life in general for Vince. After the divorce he had wondered if it was possible that he could love again… turns out he wasn’t broken… and he did find happiness… with Victoria.

Oh hey guys! Where have you been?!- well I guess it doesn’t matter, you’re here now. Let me catch you up to speed. So after the trip Michelle and I started officially dating, and its been great. Its almost like we never broke up. Think about how funny it is, that when you met me.. I was a wreck because of my breakup with her. Now… I’m happy as heck that we’re back together. Something feels different… like.. I really know she’s the one.

I’ve stuck my foot out there, and did some dating.. but turns out… Michelle was always the girl- woman.. she was always the woman for me. Gabrielle, went on to be happy with Jordan, and Sasha… well. I spoke to her yesterday. She’s doing better, and is not seeing that teacher. Her and her mother are planning on spending a year in India.. to “cleanse the mind body and soul” Her words not mine *laugh* I hope she finds happiness. I’m no long upset at her because everyone makes mistakes.

In case you’re wondering what’s going on right now, Michelle and I convinced Mandy to go on a blindate. I knew Shannon would be perfect for her. She agreed and we’re all just hanging out before we go to dinner and a movie. Oh! and Michelle and I are getting our own place. Don’t worry.. I won’t leave Kane alone, Mandy’s going to move in. She’s always been super close with her brother, so she’s a good replacement.

Been through alot… but Its helped me grow into the man I am today. Still… I wonder what kind of man I’ll be tomorrow.. I hope to continue growing. I’m happy to say that I have great family, and friends. I’m the happiness I’ve ever been….Crap look at the time.. we should probably get going. I’ll see you in another lifetime… Its been surreal.


Micah – Ewwww

Jarrah – Don’t say eww.. Mommy and Daddy love each other.

Michelle – I’m so proud of you Josh…

Josh – Thanks… I’m happy that I’m doing this… though I’m still sad he’s gone.

Michelle – He’s looking down on you right now, and I know he’s proud.

Josh – I hope so *smiles*

4 months ago Josh’s father Ben died. It was a shock to all, even more shocking was the money that he had been hiding all these years. In his Will, he split the money up in three. For his Wife Janice, and two son’s Joshua, and Oliver Folland. Josh knew exactly what he needed and wanted to do. He opened up his own Gym, and his family was there supporting him the whole way.

Michelle and Josh had two kids. First born, was Micah, followed by the baby.. Jarrah. The four of them were close, and life was good. As far as Michelle goes.. she was now the owner of Mia’s Bar in Brideport. Mia and Sasha changed alot after that first year in India. They loved it so much that they extended the trip for another two years, and eventually Sasha met a guy and fell in love. Currently Sasha & Mia are back in Bridgeport. Sasha has two kids, and is happy.

Josh – Micah did you tell your friends about today’s grand opening?

Micah – Yeah dad, I also got Sebastian to tell his friends.

Sebastian is Uncle Nathan’s son.. yep.. in his old age he finally had a kid. He and Scarlet married, and together with Sebastian they lived a pretty good life. I guess a way to explain it is.. Sebastian is Micah, and Jarrah’s first cousin once removed… or you could just say second cousin. Either one would be correct.

Michelle – Micah be careful

Micah – I got it mom!

Tru – Hey Josh

Josh – Hey- wait where’s Ollie?

Tru – He couldn’t get off work, so if its okay with you- I’m here to help.

Josh – Thanks *smiles*

Tru – Plus it gives Jonah some time to play with his cousin.

Josh – Jarrah and him are so close, I’m glad.. reminds me of Ollie and I when we were younger.

Tru – So on my way in.. I saw a bunch of people in a line ready to workout.

Josh – Really?

Tru – Yep, Are you excited? You have your own Gym!

Josh – I am, I just wish my dad were alive to see it.

Tru – Speaking of which… How are Micah and Jarrah doing?

Josh – Micah’s okay, but I think Jarrah is still having nightmares. She still crawls into bed with Michelle and I.

Tru – Well its only been 4 months since the incident right?

Josh – Yeah.

One day after school, Micah and Jarrah went to see Grandpa Ben… They walked in and couldn’t find him. Jarrah went in the kitchen and found him on the floor.

Tru – Hmm…

Josh – She has good days though….

Jarrah – Are you excited for the field trip?

Jonah – I want to see Lions! rawr!!!!!

Jarrah – I like monkey’s *smiles*

Josh – I forgot all about the field trip…

Tru – Oh don’t worry, I’m going. I’ll take care of Jarrah.

Josh – You are the best sister in law ever.

Tru – Well duh!

Tru was happily married to Ollie, which made her part of the family. She was already really close with Josh, so nothing really changed.

Josh – Is Skye going to come down?

Tru – Yeah, she’s picking up Harrison from little league. She’ll be here.

Tru’s twin sister Skye ended up marrying Dr. Sean Patterson. They had a son.

Michelle – I gotta run babe, goodluck with everything! I’ll call you once I’m at the bar…. and please.. don’t let Micah hurt himself.. he already had a broken ankle last year *laugh*

Josh – Alright, drive safe. Love you.

Michelle – I love you too.

Michelle went to work. Leaving Josh with the help of Tru, and the kids to get ready for the Gym’s grand opening. Josh was really excited, and nervous. Everything was going to workout fine.

So… Kaitlyn and I are visiting a doctor to talk about how we’re going to go about having the baby. This woman thought Kaitlyn and I were a couple. Its still funny when people automatically assume I’m straight. Anyway… Kaitlyn has been through this stuff before, and its all new to me. So I like to sit back and pay attention. I ask questions when need be. Kaitlyn is super nervous….. I guess I am too. I don’t want us to fail.. it would hurt her so much, and the last thing I want is for Kaitlyn to be hurt.

She’s done alot for me, and I just love her so much. “Love” That’s a word that I’ve grown to be okay with using. I wasn’t always so open emotionally. With my mother dying while I was young, and then my father being the douchebag he was back in the day.. I was just emotionally closed off. Things have gotten so much better though. I’ve grown alot. I have alot of things in my life, so much in fact that the things I don’t have…. well they simply don’t matter.

Riley and I are not together, nor will we ever be. He’s doing the right thing by sticking with Mira during the pregnancy. I’ve spoke with him… he’s doing well. Do I miss him? f**k yeah, but things will be okay. I have a career, awesome friends, and hopefully a kid with Kaitlyn. I don’t know what else to say.. you guys know me.. I’m not one to drag on things. The most important thing I can say is that… I’m happy. I never ever.. in a million years would think I’d end up where I am today, but.. I’m glad I’m here. Thanks for everything… *smirk* I’ll be seein’ ya….


Between modeling, and having a modeling agency that he co-owns with Gabrielle. Issac found time to let love happen……………. with Riley. After the birth of Riley’s first daughter Andi.. things got better with Mira. So good in fact that years later they decided to have another kid… who was also a girl. They named her Frankie. After that.. the magic wore off, and reality hit that they were both only together for the kids. Riley had never loved anyone more than Issac, and though Issac had dated around.. he knew he was still very much in love with Riley.

So as luck would have it… Issac and Riley ran into each other.. both single, both looking for love. They reconnected, and everything was good. That is until a vengeful Mira decided to take Riley to court for custody of the kids. She later dropped the case, and fled town. Leaving Riley to raise two girls on his own. It was really hard for him, and he needed help. So Issac told him to bring the girls, and to come live with him.

As for Kaitlyn………

Issac – Hey Kait, Hey Joy.

Joy – Hi Issac.

Kaitlyn – Hello Issac *smiles*

Kaitlyn and Issac did try for that baby… they tried 3 times. The first time…. wasn’t the most heartbreaking, it was the 2nd fail attempt that really shattered Kaitlyn. After that Kaitlyn and Issac decided to stop trying. Soon Kaitlyn met Joy, a Judge in Bridgeport. The two hit it off, and Kaitlyn’s spirits were lifted. After years of dating her… She and Issac decided it was time to try one more time…… and so Keegan was born. Kaitlyn and Issac were thrilled to have a baby boy. The pregnancy wasn’t easy, neither was the birth. Kaitlyn was hospitalized for a month after Keegan was born.

While hospitalized Issac, and Joy both looked after both Keegan and Kaitlyn. Things got better… and soon Keegan went from baby to boy. Kaitlyn got married to Joy, and was the happiest she’s ever been. Though she and Issac were no longer living together.. they’re the closest they have ever been.

Riley – Whatcha doing Frankie?

Frankie – Watching Andi play golf *smiles*

Riley – You having fun Andi?

Andi – No?…… I mean what… is this lavish lifestyle suppose to block out the memory of our mother running out on us?

Frankie – Andi stop it!

Andi – I’m sorry Frankie.. its true!

Frankie – She’s going to come back right daddy?

Riley – I-

Andi – No she’s not coming back.. she’s stripping across america.. and will never care about us. The sooner you realize that, the better off you’ll be!

Riley – Andi!

Joy – Keegan’s always so happy to see his daddy.

Kaitlyn – I know… its so cute.

Keegan – Hey dad!

Issac – Hey buddy!

Keegan – I brought my football!

Issac – Good we can play.

Keegan – Can Riley play with us?

Issac – I’m sure he can.

Frankie – What does stripping mean?

Riley – Um….- Hey look! Keegan is here!.. go play with him.

Frankie – Okay.

Issac – Where’s all Keegan’s stuff?

Kaitlyn – Its in the car.. too heavy.

Joy – Yeah.. you two strong men can carry the bags to the house *laugh*

Riley – Always the comedian Joy

Joy – Haha! how are you and the girls doing?

Riley – Eh…. Andi’s a handful… Frankie is still as innocent as ever.

Kaitlyn – Well Andi is a young woman now.. she’s going to challenge you.

Joy – Yeah.. teenage girls can be a handful.

Issac – That’s what I keep telling him.

Riley – I know, but she’s still my little girl. I don’t want her to grow up.

Joy – So when do you all leave for the airport?

Issac – We leave in the morning.

Joy – I’m so jealous.. wish I were going to Paris!

Issac – It for work… not much play..

Riley – Oh we’ll have some play…

Kaitlyn – Goody Goodness!

Joy – Well bring us back some gifts! *laugh*

Issac – I will… you know I love you guys.

Kaitlyn – Will Gabrielle be there?

Issac – No, umm this is a specific shoot for me, its not agency related. Whenever I do travel with with Gabby though.. we have a great time. She’s so funny.

Joy – Oh my god, I had such a goodtime at the Cabin when we all went up there.

Kaitlyn – That was fun!

Riley – My favorite part was when Josh got drunk, and was singing that Taylor Swift Song!

All – *laughing*

Riley – I should go hop in the shower, got to get ready for work.

Kaitlyn – Oh okay.

Joy – How about since we’re here.. we take the kids to dinner?

Kaitlyn – We’ll bring them back before bedtime.

Issac – Okay, that works… thanks guys *smiles*

Kaitlyn and Joy decided to take the kids to dinner, while Riley went to work. Issac had to be elsewhere…..

Josh – Thanks for coming to the gym.

Issac – No problem, sorry I showed up so late.

Josh – Oh that doesn’t matter. Just happy you showed up…. How’s the kids?- and Riley *laugh*

Issac – Everyone’s good.

Josh – Excited for the trip?

Issac – Not really.. I have alot of work to do.

Josh – Make sure you have some fun too Issac.

Issac – You sound like my dad… god rest his soul. Its crazy to think about how bad our relationship was.. and how much better it got before he passed.

Josh – Yeah…

Issac – You okay?.. Jarrah still having nightmares?

Josh – Umm.. I think she’ll be okay. As far as my state of mind.. I’m good.


Vince – You look tired.

Jordan – Thank’s dick.

Vince – *laugh*

Jordan – Nah I know you didn’t mean it like that… hell I am tired.

Vince – Where’s the kids?

Jordan – At home… Tyler is helping Trey with his homework.

Vince – Look at us.. old, and married with children.

Jordan – We are not that old dude…

Vince – Old enough.

Jordan – How’s Victoria?

Vince – Working hard, as usual.. but she still has plenty of time for me *smiles*

Tommy – Sorry I’m late.

Jordan – I was going to call you and leave you a mean message *laugh*

Tommy – Traffic was annoying as hell.

Vince – Hey is that a new car I see?

Tommy – No, its repainted. I got another color..


Josh – So… things with Riley…

Issac – We’re good Josh… *laugh*

Josh – I was so happy when you two finally realized it was true love.

Issac – Is that what all the cool kids are calling it?

Josh – You know what I mean!

Issac – Are things okay with you and Michelle?

Josh – Umm.. for the most part yeah. I just rather her not work? but I know its not realistic.

Issac – Yeah.. you know Michelle isn’t going to be a stay at home mom. She’s too social for that shit.

Josh – Yep.


Vince – So how’s Tatiana?

Tommy – She’s annoying…

Vince – You get to see Tyena often?

Tommy – I do… but sucks that I have to deal with her crazy ass mother. I was so happy to get a divorce from her. She turned into such a nag…

Jordan – That sucks, but hey.. Vince found love again.. you will too Tom-Tom.

Tommy – Thanks Jordo.

Issac – Why do I feel like you’re not telling me something?

Josh – Well…

Issac – Well what?

Josh – I want another baby, but Michelle says no *laugh*

Issac – *laugh*

Josh – Are you happy with just Keegan? don’t you want more than one?

Issac – Umm.. I already have more than one. I have Keegan, Frankie, and Andi.. not to mention Riley.. he can be such a baby at times. Last night he started being a brat because I told him to stop eating crackers in bed. He got up and went in the kitchen.. stood there IN THE DARK eating crackers.

Josh – Ha!….

Issac – So I went in there, turned the light on, and just stared at him like a crazy person. He put a cracker in my mouth and turned the lights back off…..

Josh – Ooooh did you guys do sex in the kitchen?

Issac – No Josh we played Monopoly

Josh – I thought you hated Monopoly?

Issac – No- that was a joke- Josh…………… *laugh*….. never change.

Josh – Ooooh I’m stupid.. I get it.. you were being sarcastic!

Issac – *laugh*


Vince – I’m trying to bond with Ivo but he and I are just so different..

Tommy – You thought it would be easy as pie huh?

Jordan – Well he did have the best relationship with his dad..

Vince – Ivo is into books.. he couldn’t care less about what’s cool…

Tommy – Well.. try doing book stuff with him. Tyena is daddy’s little girl and when she says its tea time.. I pull up a chair and pretend to drink tea.

Jordan – Awww thats down right adorable Tom-Tom

Tommy – Yeah yeah ….*laugh*

Issac – Hey Josh?

Josh – Yeah?

Issac – If… you could go back… back in time…. Would you do anything differently?

Josh – ……You know what?

Issac – Hmm?

Josh – Not at all… I wouldn’t change a thing. *smiles* All of the mistakes, and bad stuff.. they were just lesson’s learned. So nope.. Wouldn’t change anything.

Issac – Me neither….. me neither buddy….

The guys all bonded, and talked about old times. They stayed and relaxed by the water and realized how lucky they are. They were men… no longer boys. That journey was over. Now the next chapter begins.

The End


Well Its been a long three seasons for the boys, but finally they’ve become men. I really can’t say anything other than thank you for reading. I’ve loved doing the series and well… its not the end.. its just the beginning. So again thank you for reading.. and… umm.. you might want to continue scrolling down……

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  1. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! *cries* *cries* *cries* . Okay, now that I got that out of the way, *Applauds* Bravo! Bravo! Hands down this was the best sim story I have ever read! I wasn’t expecting the layout of this series finale but it was a nice surprise. I’m glad you did it this way because I HAVE to know what happens to my boys in the future! So Jordan, I never expected him to become Mayor but it suits him because of his responsible nature. Awwwwww little Trey is so cute! And Tyler has grown up a lot! Now Vince, I was reading along and was like….wait a minute….”dad’s house”?? Then I went further down and saw divorce!! O.O I didn’t see that coming. 😦 It’s sad that he and Kokoro had to split up. And Ivo is the spitting image of Vince :D. Josh starting his own gym=perfect! I can’t think of a better career choice for him. As for Issac, who would have thought he and Riley would end up together after all of that drama?? I’m glad though because they belong together. Most of all I’m happy that Kaitlyn was able to give birth! goody goodness!! She deserves happiness because she’s had a lot of issues to deal with. For some reason I really love the last few scenes of the guys hanging out with each other (even with Tommy there! XD). They have all changed so much and there has been ups and downs and surprises around every corner. You’re such a great writer. I’ll definitely stick around to read about everyone’s kids in Boys N Girls. Keep writing and don’t ever stop or else I will have to hunt you down XD.

    1. Thanks so much for being part of the boys journey. Its been so much fun to write. Honestly the story started out as something to challenge my writing. I’ve never really written a serious story about guys. So It turned out well and I’m really proud of it.

      Thanks for the compliment about me being a great writing. You can ask anyone around me.. stuff like that makes me so shy.. compliments in general makes me so shy lol.. I don’t know why 😛 However I REALLY appreciate the time, and comments you gave to the story.

      I’m ready to make BoysNGirls a standout story, and hope that it can be atleast as half as good as B2M was. Thanks again for reading and oh! by the way.. check out the homepage.. I added a bonus update 😛

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