[B2M Season3] Chapter 6 : “Cabin In the Woods” Pt Two

 Cabin In The Woods Pt Two 

~*No POV’s This Chapter*~

~Disclaimer : This story features mature language. Most Profanity & Other unsuitable words will be blanked out with “***”  This is a heads up for any cautious readers~


Everyone was up early for breakfast, and some exploring. After all the fun had stopped, the girls decided they needed “Girl Time” So the guys went and hung out elsewhere.

Jordan – Michelle seemed annoyed this morning.

Issac – I know right? what’s her deal.

Vince – ….

Josh – Umm… I have no idea- Well..

Jordan – Well what?

Issac – You know what’s bothering her?

Josh – I was playing around with her in the bathroom last night, and she got so angry…

Jordan – Playing with her how?

Issac – She was always the first person to start with jokes, now she’s being weird about it?

Vince – ….. What did you do exactly?

Josh – I joked about her PJ’s.. then she called mine dorky-or ugly.. i forget. Anyway I told her she probably think’s I’m adorable.. then I said “Kissy Kissy” I wasn’t really gonna kiss her.. sheesh. She made me feel so stupid…

Jordan – Hmmm… You sure you weren’t gonna kiss her?

Josh – SHUT UP JORDAN!- I wasn’t!

Jordan – Relax! *laugh*

Issac – Strange….. Who were you on the phone with this morning when I got out the shower?

Jordan – Probably Mandy…

Josh – …………Yes.. It was Mandy.. I needed to talk to her, and say good morning and stuff…

Issac & Jordan – …….*looks at each other & smirks*

Josh – What?! I needed to ask her something… Whatever…. Why are you looking at me like that Jordan!

Jordan – Nothing.. *laugh*

Issac – *laugh* Anyway… so what else did Michelle say last night?

Josh – That was it.. Oh wait.. I forgot.. She said that Issac, and I need to stop telling everyone that-that guy Matt is her boyfriend.

Jordan – Maybe she’s on her period.

Issac – *laugh* The man sitting on logs strikes again with another joke!

Josh – Hey Jordan.. I thought you were afraid of heights?

Jordan – I’m proud to announce that I am over that fear!

Vince – Sorry to change the subject but Issac… I need to tell you something.

Issac – Okay.. what is it about?

Vince – Riley…

Issac – Ah… You don’t have to tell me.. I already know.

Josh – What happened?

Jordan – Yeah.. don’t leave us out.

Vince – I-

Issac – Vince knew about Mira’s pregnancy way before Riley, or I did.

Jordan – What?

Josh – How so?

Vince – Remember I told you guys about that shit that happen when I went to the strip club with The Suits?

Jordan – Ahhh… She told you then?

Josh – When you came to her rescue.

Vince – Yeah.. and the only reason I kept her secret was because.. well It wasn’t mine to tell. A woman being pregnant is sacred. Its something that’s happening to her, and when she wants to make it public knowledge… that’s up to her.

Issac – ……..*smirk* Yeah….

Josh – How did you know he knew Issac?

Vince – Yeah.. how do you know?

Issac – After Riley found out… he told me that she told him, that she told Vince.

Jordan – And you aren’t mad?

Issac – Not at all.. People trust who they want with things like that. Its all good, Vince had his reasons for not saying anything.

Josh – Well good, no fighting.

Jordan – I love how easy things are between us.. no lies, or petty suff..

Vince – Eh…. okay I have one more thing to get off my chest, and you guys will hate me

Josh – Uh oh

Jordan – Shit.. spoke too soon..

Issac – What is it?

Vince – *notices people walking up* – Uhh… too late…

Tommy – Hey Vince.

Tatiana – Hey there.

Vince – Hey…………….Tommy..

Josh – What?

Issac – ………Are you- what the-…. Vince what’s going on?

Jordan – What the f**k is he doing here?!

Vince – ….Oh…. shit….

Josh – …. Why aren’t you surprised to see him Vince?

Issac – And who the hell is that with him?

Jordan – If he think’s he’s going to ruin this trip, he has another thing coming. I’m about to crack his jaw!

Vince – Stop!… I invited him!… hate me.. not him.

Jordan – Why the f**k would you invite him here?!

Josh – Jordan-

Issac – No Josh.. Jordan’s right.. explain yourself Vince!

….Feeling cornered.. Vince explained his previous meeting with Tommy and Tatiana at his Office. He had hoped the guys would see this as an oppurtunity to let go of the hatred they had towards Tommy, and move on. For their sake, and Tommy’s

Jordan – Just because Vince wants to f**king forgive you, doesn’t mean I do! I don’t know how you could ever think that was possible! you caused us so much pain. It was complete bullshit Tommy!

Tommy – I know what I’ve done…. and I-

Jordan – NO! No!…. no no no no no! You don’t get to apologize to me!

Tommy – Its my right… and I will apologize.. I’m sorry for everything I put you through!

Jordan – Shut up! just stop talking!

Josh – Do you really mean that Tommy?.. or is it just something you’re saying to get back in… then hurt us again?

Tommy – I’m sorry for everything Josh… Everything…

Jordan – Don’t fall for that bullshit Josh!

Josh – I just want to believe people can change… You did Jordan…

Jordan – Don’t compare me to Tommy! I was a badass sure, but I didn’t hit women, and kids! and I never f**king burned down any houses!

Josh – No! I’m not saying you’re the same Jordan I-

Jordan – Josh… I get what you’re trying to say.. but just-

Josh – Fine.. I understand…I’m shutting up now.

Tommy – Josh don’t fight with Jordan because of me… I needed to come here, and I needed to say sorry for my actions. It doesn’t matter if you accept my apology or not. I needed to get this off my chest.

Josh – I understand.. and I do accept your apology Tommy. If everything Vince has said is true.. I’m glad you’re becoming a better person.

Tommy – Thank you Josh.. that means the world to be dude.. you have no idea.

Josh – This doesn’t mean we’re friends though… I could never trust you again.. atleast not anytime soon. You do understand that don’t you?

Tommy – I do.

Jordan – ……………Why am I the only one who wants to hit him?

Issac – …………

Vince – Hey Tatiana…

Tatiana – Wow.. this is intense…

Vince – Please try not to judge them.. Tommy hurt us… they have every-

Tatiana – Tommy knew what he was walking into.. we almost didn’t come. I completely understand everyone’s reactions. Tommy’s strong.. he’ll get through this. Also.. I’m going to assume the one in the white is Jordan?

Vince – How’d you guess?

Tatiana – He’s who Tommy was most afraid of facing..

Josh – Hi.. I’m Josh.

Tatiana – Ah.. … *smiles* Tommy has told me alot about you. I’m Tatiana…

Josh – What has Tommy told you about me?

Tatiana – Alot… but the thing that stuck out was.. “Josh is the one who makes you feel calm, makes you feel like you matter.” He said you’re so cheerful, and lovable, and that he looked up to you the most.

Josh – Me?……

Vince – …He’s told me that before… Its true Josh…

Josh – He never told me that.. hmm

Jordan – …This is bullshit… I don’t care if I look like the asshole.. this is bullshit.

Vince – Jordan…

Jordan – Don’t “Jordan” Me… this is BULL………..SHIT!

Josh – Forgive him.. he-

Tatiana – No need to explain.. I don’t know him, but I think that part of the reason he can’t let this go is because he’d feel weak if he did.

Jordan – I don’t know who you are.. but you can keep your two cents okay lady?

Vince – Jordan!

Josh – …..

Jordan – Look I’m sorry.. You just have no idea…

Tatiana – I have some.. Tommy tells me everything.. I know about the times you ran to his house when things were rough. I know about the times, you saved him when his grades were slipping. I may not have been there, but I understand your pain, and that’s why I won’t judge you for feeling the way you do right now.

Jordan – ……….How could you be with him?

Tatiana – People change.. everyone needs a 2nd chance…

Jordan – ….Not everyone…

Josh – I know you don’t feel that way

Vince – ….

Jordan – ……I can’t forgive him… I can’t… not right now…

Tatiana – That’s understandable…

Tommy – …..Issac… You-

Issac – Save your breath Tommy… I get it. You need this.. you need to say your sorry or whatever… I-

Tommy – You and I never were super close.. but I always respected you. I was always beating up kids for calling you names.

Issac – So why call me all of those same names?

Tommy – Because I was jealous of you, and I was stupid. I’m so sorry for what I did, I hope you and Kris are –

Issac – He’s an asshole..

Tommy – Doesn’t matter.. I’m sorry for putting my hands on him, I’m sorry for-

Issac – Dude.. stop saying you’re sorry… Its fine… I’m going to forgive you

Tommy – I-

Issac – but not right now Tommy.. I need to come to terms with everything..  So I appreciate you being a man.. coming here and doing what you had to do, but I don’t forgive you.. not yet. I will though.. I can’t hate you forever.. I wouldn’t be me if I did. Okay?

Tommy – ….Yeah.. and thanks for listening.

Issac – Mmm hmm…… Hey Tommy?

Tommy – Yeah?

Issac – She seems nice… be good to her.

Tommy – I will.

Jordan – …..I shouldn’t have said I want to punch you in your face Tommy…

Tommy – Its okay.

Jordan – Its not… and neither is the shit you did to us.. but you know what?.. I’m over it.. and I’m with Issac… One day I’ll forgive you.. I just can’t right now.

Tommy – I get it.

Tatiana – Babe.. Its time to go..

Vince – Where?

Tatiana – Church… and then a meeting with his probation officer…

Vince – Ah..

Tommy – Well I’m happy I did this… I needed to face you all.

Vince – Sorry everyone didn’t forgive you.

Tommy – I wasn’t expecting that, I got what I wanted. Which is piece of mind. I’ll be seeing ya… You guys have a nice trip.. don’t let my visit ruin anything…

Josh – Well….. That was…..

Issac – Yeah…..

Vince – She makes him better.. you can tell.

Josh – …I agree.

Jordan – I feel my vein about to pop out of my neck.

Josh – I’m just glad you didn’t hit him….

Vince – Me too..

Issac – He wasn’t… he was never going to hit him… right Jordan?

Jordan – ……Right.

Issac – See.. I know my… my brother.

Jordan – *smirks* Shut up…

Issac – You were about to hulk out!

Jordan – I was pissed!

Issac – ….. I know…

Jordan – What you said was right though… Maybe someday.. but not right now.

Issac – Exactly

Josh – I hope you guys don’t look at me weird for forgiving him. I just don’t want to hold onto hate.

Vince – Yeah.. me either.

Issac – Its all good.. all four of us are different. We all have our reasons.

Jordan – I’m sorry for yelling at you guys.

Issac – …..*laugh* Its all good.

Josh – Its okay.. We still love ya.

Vince – Yeah.. its okay Jordo…

Tatiana – Are you okay?

Tommy – No…. but I will be.

Tatiana – I’m so sorry Tommy…

Tommy – I’m “not okay” because of what I’ve caused them, not because of the reaction I just got.

Tatiana – Good…

Tommy – I know someday.. Issac, and Jordan will forgive me… and that’s all I can ask for.

Tatiana – Right, and 2 out of 4 ain’t bad…

Tommy – Take the good with the bad. Tomorrow is a new day right?

Tatiana – Right.

Tommy – I’m so- Tatiana….Why do you like me?

Tatiana – We don’t have enough time in the world for me to explain that one *smiles*

Tommy – Well… you’re right.. everyone needs a 2nd chance, and I’m glad you offered your hand out to me.

Tatiana – I’m happy you want to change.. that’s where it starts.

As the guys sat and talked about the elephant in the room.. aka Tommy. The girls were having their own heart to heart.

Gabrielle – …. I’m so happy to have come on this trip. I feel like the past 4 years have really been a journey for me.

Michelle – That’s right.. you lived in Pylea.. your roommate was the one who got killed huh? Tracy Long?

Gabrielle – Yeah.

Kaitlyn – That’s horrible.

Kokoro – Did you go to her funeral?

Gabrielle – I did.. Goodness.. that seems like so long ago.

Kaitlyn – Were you guys close?

Gabrielle – No, she was evil, and mean.. yet.. I still felt bad when she was murdered…. Life is funny…. Things change in an instant.

Michelle – That’s true…

Kokoro – I know first hand… my past with Vince has been nothing but ups and downs… but.. It all happen for a reason. That’s the way I see it.

Kaitlyn – Yeah….

Michelle – ……..I’ll admit.. I had a hardtime with the idea, that you and Vince were an item.

Kokoro – Naturally.

Michelle – Like Gabrielle, I’ve known the guys forever.. so after the whole thing with Vanessa…. I thought..

Kokoro – I know.. you thought how the hell could I be trustworthy…

Michelle – Yeah… but… you’ve proven me wrong. He loves you, and you love him. That’s all that matters.

Kaitlyn – I’m just happy I finally have friends… I’ve never really done this before.

Gabrielle – What? go on a trip?

Kaitlyn – No, Have girl talk….

Michelle – Well from now on you will.. right girls?

Gabrielle – Right.

Kokoro – As long as you want us, you have us Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn – …. You guys are going to make me cry… I don’t want to be silly.

Michelle – Its okay.

Gabrielle – So what was wrong earlier Michelle? you seemed bothered…

Kaitlyn – Did you not sleep well? I kept thinking of horror movies… silly me.. I know its make believe, but I kept imagining someone attacking us with an machete

Gabrielle – How the hell did you even get to sleep with those thoughts?

Michelle – Oh she fell asleep just fine.

Gabrielle – …….*looks at Michelle & Kaitlyn*

Kaitlyn – Was I snoring?

Michelle – No, you didn’t snore…

Gabrielle – I see…

Kokoro – I need some wat- *coughing* 

Kokoro – Excuse me for a minute girls, I think I had too many eggs this morning. I’ll be right back.

Michelle – ….She is so pregnant…

Kaitlyn – *looks down*

Gabrielle – You think so?

Michelle – Isn’t it obvious?

Gabrielle – Hmm.. now that you mention it.. I bought a bunch of candy bars and they all went missing. I thought Jordan had a sweet tooth or something..

Michelle – Pregnancy cravings *laugh*

Kaitlyn – ….. The trees are lovely…

Gabrielle – They really are.

Michelle – …….

Gabrielle – Oh! so you didn’t answer my question Michelle.

Michelle – About what?

Kaitlyn – About what was bothering you earlier on the hike.

Michelle – Oh… I-

Gabrielle – Is it because Matt’s not here yet?

Kaitlyn – Oh that makes sense, is it about him? Where is he by the way?

Michelle – Yeah… I was annoyed because I got a text this morning from him.

Gabrielle – Is he not coming?

Michelle – He’s coming… tonight. Held up because of work… yet again.

Gabrielle – Is that something you’re finding hard to deal with? I mean I know you said you two aren’t official yet, but is it something you feel is a deal breaker?

Michelle – No, I mean I understand his loyalty to his work.

Kaitlyn – What does he do?

Michelle – He’s a cop.

Gabrielle – Nice… does he look good in uniform?

Kaitlyn – *laugh*

Michelle – He does.. he has the cutest butt…

Gabrielle – Is this weird for you Kaitlyn? talking about men?

Kaitlyn – No… I’m not into guys at all, but I’ve seen Issac naked alot around the house. I always ask myself the same question too.

Michelle – What?

Kaitlyn – How does he fit that thing inside someone…

Gabrielle  & Michelle – *laughing*

Kaitlyn – From my understanding Issac’s a pitcher, and catcher.. so when he pitches.. how does the guy take all of that?– Goody Goodness that’s so wrong.. I shouldn’t be thinking these things.

Gabrielle – When it comes to larger ones.. you have to ease into it.. I’m still in pain from last night. I hope that’s not TMI *laugh* (Too Much Information)

Michelle – No… Its funny actually, and Kaitlyn.. you’ve NEVER been with a guy?

Kaitlyn – Nope… I’ve kissed a few but it was in middle school. I always knew I liked girls….

Gabrielle – Gold star lesbian.

Kaitlyn – What?

Michelle – It means you’ve never been entered by a man.

Gabrielle – So wait… what about… Toys…. have you-

Kaitlyn – I have one…

Michelle – Really?

Kaitlyn – But it doesn’t go in! Its just-

Gabrielle – Ah..

Michelle – For the clit!

Kaitlyn – Oh my….

Gabrielle – She’s blushing!

Kaitlyn – I can’t believe I’m talking about this… goody goodness……

Michelle – Its so cute when you say that!

The day went on… and soon… things came out.

Kokoro had decided to take Vince outside to tell him the news about the baby, also to clear up a few things.

Kokoro – Hey…

Vince – What’s up?

Kokoro – Wanted to talk..

Vince – Okay- Oh guess what?

Kokoro – What?

Vince – You remember Max Johnson? the guy with the temper that worked for me?

Kokoro – Which one was he again?

Vince – The secret gay… the one who got arrested for-

Kokoro – Ooooh him.. the one who beat up that Gavin kid- Issac’s friend.

Vince – Yeah him..

Kokoro – What about him?

Vince – Well apparently he went CRAZY! so now he’s in that same nuthouse that Briana’s at!

Kokoro – Oh my goodness.. well hopefully he gets the help he needs…

Vince – I know right?… Richie called me and told me everything. He said Karl’s been acting nice to everyone. Maybe Karl wasn’t that bad, maybe Max was a bad influence.. I don’t know- but anyway enough about my work stuff. You said you wanted to talk? Everything okay?

Kokoro – Umm

Vince – What is it babe?

Kokoro – My emotions… have been so out of sorts lately…

Vince – What?

Kokoro – When I found out about the Justin, and Mia thing… I was so upset… Then you told me about the kiss with Liana.. I-

Vince – It was understandable considering my past-

Kokoro – No!… It wasn’t that…

Vince – What was it then?

Kokoro – I was late…

Vince – Late? as in what?- your period?

Kokoro – Yes.. and I thought oh my god what if I’m pregnant? How can I raise a baby with someone who keeps secrets, how would he be as a father…..

Vince – …..

Kokoro – Then… I found out that…

Vince – That what?

Kokoro – We’re……

Vince – Are you saying what I think you’re saying?!

Kokoro – We’re having a baby Vince!- and I know with work that-

Vince – ……………….

Kokoro – Uh oh… what’s wrong?

Vince – I’m just so f**king happy! WE’RE HAVING A BABY!

Kokoro – Oh god… I thought you would be upset!-

Vince – I’m so excited!!

Kokoro – Oh thank goodness.. Now I can relax.. I was worried…

Vince – I love you, and I’m- Oh my god.. – Oh shit… we’re pregnant! I cannot believe this!

Gabrielle – Oh my god.. did you hear that?

Jordan – Vince is having a kid… WOW!

Gabrielle – Awwww…

Jordan – That’s awesome…

Gabrielle – Makes our news seem so minuscule *laugh*

Jordan – Lets go congraulate them, and tell them our news.

Gabrielle – *smiles* I feel like we’re all getting so old…

Jordan – Life moves fast *laugh*

Kaitlyn – *sigh*…… Looks like Michelle was right. *looks down* – No… no.. Good for them.. *smiles* My happiness will come someday…

Kaitlyn – …………..*smiles*

Issac – Hey Kait?

Kaitlyn – Oh hey Issac.. you missed the news.

Issac – What news?

Kaitlyn – Gabrielle is moving in with Jordan and Tyler, and Kokoro is pregnant.

Issac – The first part is news to me, the baby I knew about.

Kaitlyn – You knew before Vince?

Issac – Yeah, last night I was peeing outside. Kokoro was out there for fresh air… It sorta just came out, I promised not to tell anyone. Glad she told Vince already though.. It was too good of news to not share you know?

Kaitlyn – Yeah.

Issac – Can we sit down and talk for a bit?

Kaitlyn – Umm.. Okay.

Issac – *stares at Kaitlyn*

Kaitlyn – Why are you looking at me like that?- Oh no am I missing an earring or something? *feels around*

Issac – No no… I just… I love you Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn – *smiles* I love you too Issac.

Issac – ….You’ve taught me how to be gentle.. and see good in people.

Kaitlyn – You always had it in you…

Issac – Maybe.. but you for sure brought it out of me.

Kaitlyn – *smiles* Well I thank you for just being my friend. You mean alot to me.

Issac – You mean alot to me too, and If I hadn’t ran into you when I did… I don’t know where I’d be right now.

Kaitlyn – You’re resourceful…. I’m sure things would have gotten better-

Issac – But because of you… I have a home, I have a career… I have alot. Even though I don’t have Riley… I’m still okay. I’m still happy, and I want you to be happy.

Kaitlyn – I am happy.

Issac – No you’re not.

Kaitlyn – ….I will be.

Issac – Kaitlyn, I want to give you a baby.

Kaitlyn – What?

Issac – You and I.. we can try.

Kaitlyn – Umm… I-.. you-… *heavy sigh* Issac I-

Issac – It makes perfect sense.. You’re gay, I’m gay… we love each other… Let me eliminate the hard part.. the searching for a donor. The doing it all alone….

Kaitlyn – No….

Issac – Why not?

Kaitlyn – No….

Issac – Tell me why Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn – You know why! I’ve failed far too many times to do it again…

Issac – I think you’re just scared.

Kaitlyn – I AM!

Issac – Kaitlyn you said it yourself you were willing to try as many times as it took…

Kaitlyn – I don’t want to disappoint you if it doesn’t happen… I don’t want you to be upset… run away.. like Quinn

Issac – I’m not her…

Kaitlyn – What if It doesn’t workout?!

Issac – What if it does

Kaitlyn – ……

Issac – This seems like its out of the blue.. but truth be told.. I’ve been thinking about this since we were packing to come here. I was going through the closet, and saw a pamphlet… It was about finding the right donor, and I thought to myself.. “She doesn’t need to look for anyone.. I’m right here” before I knew it.. I started thinking about actually bringing it up- I was worried you’d say no.

Kaitlyn – I can’t do that to you.. I can’t put you through the pain… *crying*

Issac – Come here.

Kaitlyn – I’m scared Issac…

Issac – I know you are, but… whatever happens… I’m not going anywhere.

Kaitlyn – Quinn kept saying that.. and then she got tired of feeling disappointed..

Issac – The difference between Quinn and I is that I mean what I say. You’re stuck with me Kaitlyn Good…… So… what’s it gonna be?

Kaitlyn – …..*crying* ……

Issac – You can’t turn down a model… with these looks? you know how cute the kid would be?

Kaitlyn – *crying & laughing* I thought you never wanted kids?

Issac – I thought I liked living in my car too.. I thought modeling was lame, and for obnoxious self-adored jerk-faces.. I was wrong. Hell… I thought my father and I would never speak again. Things change, people grow. Let me do this for you- for us.

Kaitlyn – *crying*… I…

Issac – You’re always going to be safe with me, I’ll never let anything happen to you.

Kaitlyn – You really are my bestfriend *crying*

Issac – Is that a yes?

Kaitlyn – …*crying & smiling* Yes..

Issac – ….*smirks* Goody…………Goodness…

Kaitlyn – *smiles*

Josh – [On Cellphone] Aww Mandy… I miss you like crazy…

Michelle – ……

Josh – [On Cellphone]No.. its been terrible! I finally know but…- Well you said it would be right in my face… Whatever *laugh*… I love you too… I’ll see you when I get back. Well of course you are. Keep my bed warm.. you know that window above it lets in alot of air- Oh okay.. Tell Kane I said hi.. alrighty.. bye! [Hangs up]

Michelle – Josh…

Josh – Oh hi…..

Michelle – ….. I want to apologize for last night.

Josh – Its okay.

Michelle – No its not.

Josh – You forget I’m a quick forgiver.

Michelle – I don’t forget… I don’t forget anything about you Josh.

Josh – ……

Michelle – I was rude…

Josh – Its okay… I was clearly not getting the right vibe..

Michelle – ….

Josh – So umm.. What can I do for you?

Michelle – Matt’s here.

Josh – Oh! your boy- I mean lover… your lover is here… ………..cool.

Michelle – Hopefully he can be my boyfriend.

Josh – I thought you said- Nevermind.. Well tell him to come in.

Michelle – No.. you don’t get it Josh.. Matt’s here.

Josh – Yeah you said that already.

Michelle – No!- You’re him… you’re Matt.

Josh – Uhh.. what?

Michelle – Atleast you’re the idea behind him…

Josh – What are you saying?

Michelle – I’m saying that… ever since our double date… ever since you came to see me at Liana’s house.. I knew I was still in love with you. That no matter what, girl or boy, gay or straight.. It didn’t matter. I was so stupid to do what I did to you.

Josh – ……..

Michelle – I saw how much you talked about Amanda… I knew I lost my chance, so I quickly made up the Matt thing….

Josh – Oh… hmmm

Michelle – I only came on this trip to try and see if it was possible that you loved me too.

Josh – Wow….. I-

Michelle – I know its too late, you and Amanda are-

Josh – I’m not with her.

Michelle – But that phone call-

Josh – She’s a friend.. I get advice from her. I needed to talk to her about you.

Michelle – About last night?

Josh – About me realizing that I wanted the one who was always there for me. You- and that I didn’t know how to go about even bringing it up because we were in such a friendzone… I realized we both are so unlucky in love.. because we should have never strayed from one another. Then you said what you said last night and I-

Michelle – I didn’t mean it.. I was just jealous of Amanda!

Josh – She’s not in the picture…

Michelle – Well- What do we do now?!

Josh – What I really wanted to do last night.

Michelle – Which is?

Josh – This….

Michelle – *breathing heavily* are you sure?

Josh – I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life.

Michelle – *smiles*

Vince – If its a girl… That’d be cool.. but if it a boy.. oh my god! I will be the coolest dad!

Kokoro – I kinda hope its a girl.. I can deal with girls, if its a boy.. I’d be scared..

Vince – Either way we got each other.

Kokoro – I love you.. you’re so handsome…

Vince – I know.. I really am…

Kokoro – Vince!

Vince – *laugh* I’m kidding… I love you too gorgeous…

Jordan – Hey…

Gabrielle – Yeah?

Jordan – I just had a thought…

Gabrielle – about what?

Jordan – Us moving in together.

Gabrielle – Cold feet?

Jordan – No…

Gabrielle – Then what?

Jordan – To make it feel more like our place, and not just mine…. we should repaint… and go furniture shopping and-

Gabrielle – *smiles* I like where your head is at. I have a few ideas about that living room.

Jordan & Gabrielle – Bigger TV… *laugh*

Gabrielle – Hey where’s Michelle?

Kokoro – And Josh?

Jordan – Josh was on his phone…

Vince – Michelle went in there

Jordan – You think they’re f**king?

Kaitlyn – Oh my! I doubt it!… she has Matt.

Issac – Okay I’m just going to say it

Kaitlyn – Say what?

Issac – Say what everyone is thinking but too afraid to say outloud.

Kokoro – What?

Issac – I don’t think this Matt guy is real… like seriously where is he?

Gabrielle – Finally… I felt so guilty thinking it.. but I think she made him up..

Kaitlyn – But she said he’s a cop.. that’s why he’s late..

Issac – No… I think she made him up..

Vince – Why though?

Jordan – To feel special? not alone?

Kokoro – No…. she still likes Josh.

Kaitlyn – Goody Goodness! I think you guys are right!

Issac – Yep

Vince – That would explain her actions last night

Michelle – That was…..

Josh – Unexpected…

Michelle – But amazing…

Josh – …..*smiles* You know.. I told you…

Michelle – Told me what?

Josh – That Clark Kent always comes back to Lois Lane..

Michelle – You sell yourself short… You’re no Clark Kent.. You’ve always been my superman….

Josh – *smiles* You know.. this feels right. You and me.. like it always should have been

Michelle – I agree…. and the- Oh shit…

Josh – What?

Michelle – How long have we been in here?

Josh – A While?

Michelle – They’re probably wonder where we are…

Josh – …I have an idea…

Michelle – Okay?

Michelle – Hey guys!

Kaitlyn – Boobs- I mean hi… oh how embarrassing..

Issac – …. What’s going on?

Josh – Michelle and I had this really awesome idea! We saw a huge mud pit in the back.. we should all strip and wrestle in it!

Jordan – …………..What?!

Gabrielle – Oh hell no… Not with this hair.

Kokoro – No way in hell.. besides I’m pregnant!

Josh – I’m joking! We were DOING SEX!

Michelle – Josh!- Wait… Kokoro… you’re Pregnant?!

Issac – Hey Gabrielle.. we were right!

Gabrielle – Ha! pay up everyone!

Jordan – So are you two back together?

Michelle – We are- but wait.. How come nobody else seemed shocked about her being with child?

Josh – Yeah.. Are we the last to know?

Gabrielle – We all were talking about it while the sex action was going on..

Michelle – Oh….*blushes*

Kaitlyn – So was Matt not real?

Michelle – I made him up…

Vince – Why?

Kokoro – Was it to cope with your feelings for Josh who seemed unavailable at the time?

Michelle – Exactly… how did you-

Gabrielle – You were kinda transparent hon….

Michelle – ….Hmmm..

Vince – Everyone sit down.. Jordan and I have something we want to talk about.

Michelle – Okay.. we’re sitting.

Jordan – You don’t want to put more clothes on?

Michelle – NO……………..I’m fine Jordan thank you very much *laugh*

Kokoro – *looks at Michelle’s body* Oh my body….. Gonna go downhill

Gabrielle – No… I’ll be your workout buddy. I go to the gym 4 days a week..

Kokoro – You’d do that?

Gabrielle – Yeah *smiles*

Kokoro – *smiles* Thank you.

Josh – So what’s the big secret?

Kaitlyn – Yes, I’m quite curious!

Issac – Yeah dumb- and dumber.. let the cat out of the bag.

Kaitlyn – I miss Mr. Wiggles!

Issac – I called Gavin.. he’s taking good care of him.

Kaitlyn – I know.. he called me *smiles*

Vince – Okay okay…I’ll start if you don’t mind Jordan.

Jordan – No- go on.

Vince – Jordan and I were talking outside earlier… and we decided that this…. is our family.

Josh – What?

Jordan – Its always been just us four guys- and though we’ve known some of you girls longer than others, we never really let you enter our circle. We love you, but… our core four… is… well us four- so basically what we decided is.. This is the new family. The Eight of us, and every year… we’re doing this.

Kaitlyn – Doing what? coming here?

Vince – Yeah.. we’re making this an annual trip… because we all get busy with our lives, but need to make time for each other.

Jordan – We’re not taking no for an answer either. You’re all stuck with us.

Kaitlyn – *looks at Issac and smiles*

Issac – *smiles* Alright.. I’m okay with this.. If I’m in Paris strutting’ my shit down a catwalk I’ll tell them bitches “NOPE! I gotta go be with my family!”

Gabrielle – *laugh* That’s right!

Kokoro – I think I speak for not only just myself, but Kaitlyn too- when I say.. I’m so honored and thankful to be accepted by all of you. I didn’t grow up with you guys but you guys never made me feel like an outsider. So thank you.

Kaitlyn – I agree with Kokoro.. and adding to that I wanna say… I’ve always been alone- or with someone I probably shouldn’t have been with… *laugh* Quinn- but I’ve never had family- or girl-friends. Now I have both… and I’m happy.

Michelle – *looks at Gabrielle*

Gabrielle – *smiles at Michelle* We all have a special bond. Kaitlyn its like you’ve been here all along.

Michelle – Yeah… We love you, you’re- like Jordan said.. “stuck with us”

Kaitlyn – *smiles* Goody Goodness

Michelle – That’s so cute!

Gabrielle – *smiles*

Josh – So I guess we’re all okay with this annual trip thing?

Everyone – Yep

Josh – Good.. now can we go roast some s’mores or something?!

Issac – You’re always hungry!

Kokoro – You sure you’re not pregnant Josh!

Everyone – *laugh*

Vince – Alright lets get superman here some s’mores.. I’m sure he worked up an appetite in that room!

Josh – Shut up!

Gabrielle – After s’mores lets play a game! I brought Monopoly!

Issac – Kill me now!

Michelle – *laugh* Okay seriously what’s your problem with Monopoly?

Issac – I hate it!, It never fricken ends!

Kokoro – Well… I did bring Scrabble?

Issac – YES! Lets play Scrabble!

Josh – Noooo! I suck at spelling!

Michelle – Lets go get you that s’more…. maybe let them play scrabble, while you and I play house in the bedroom again

Josh – What’s house?

Michelle – …………..

Josh – Oooooooh… I see what you did there.. yeah!

With that being said.. the gang roasted s’mores, and played a bunch of board games, including Monopoly… Everything seemed to be going well. Everyone was on a good path. One has to wonder.. what the future would hold for the plans laid out today….

~End of Chapter Six~ *Chapter Seven (Series Finale) Is Next*~



  1. Awwwww. I don’t want this story to end!! But at least things are peaceful now. I think I was probably the only one who didn’t know that Matt didn’t exist XD!! But that scene between Issac and Kaitlyn was the sweetest thing ever. 🙂 I really hope it works. So many surprises!! I need more!! 😀

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