[B2M Season3] Chapter 6 : “Cabin In the Woods” Pt One

Cabin In The Woods Pt One

~*No POV’s This Chapter*~

~Disclaimer : This story features mature language. Most Profanity & Other unsuitable words will be blanked out with “***”  This is a heads up for any cautious readers~

The boys had planned the trip, and after everyone was on board there was just one thing left to do. Decide exactly where to go. Feeling a bit romantic, Vince suggested that they visit one of his family properties that was left for him and Vanessa when their parents passed away. In the middle of a beautiful lake- was a cabin in the woods. It was the perfect spot for everyone to get together and have some fun. So they agreed… and soon they arrived for time with friends and family.

Obviously Gabrielle roomed with Jordan, Vince of course shared a room with Kokoro. So that left 4 people to decided what to do. Kaitlyn suggested that Josh and Issac bunk up, leaving her, and Michelle to share a room together.

Josh – Either I just got a pimple or a bug has already attacked me dude.

Issac – *laugh* You know… I remember Vince mentioning this place when we were younger, There was a story that went along with it… I just can’t place it..

Josh – He was 13… and he finger blasted some Australian chick who was also on a family vacation across the lake.

Issac – Oh yeah! … man.. How do you even remember that?

Josh – It was all he talked about when school started.

Issac – Ah… yeah.. I was in my own world…

Josh – Understandable at the time.. you had just lost your mom I think..

Issac – Yeah…- So!… Michelle looks pretty cute, did you see her?

Josh – Yep…

Issac – You think She and Kaitlyn will hit it off?

Josh – Oh wow… they ARE both fond of the hot pocket!…

Issac – No you dork.. I just mean.. because they’re rooming together.

Josh – Oh… oops *laugh*

Issac – And did you just call it a Hot Pocket? *laugh*

Josh – Its better than calling it something else…

Issac – True… and I mean.. obviously they wouldn’t start making out or whatever, considering Michelle has a boyfriend- What’s up with that anyway? Wasn’t he suppose to be here?

Josh – Well she said he’s coming later, to meet everyone.

Issac – What if he decides to stay?

Josh – I packed an air mattress, its in the car. So if he decides to stay, Kaitlyn can have my bed, and I’ll sleep in the living room.

Issac – Ah… well.. in the mean time.. you and her can f**k for old times sake!

Josh – Issac! seriously shut up…

Issac – Whoa whoa whoa.. I was joking.. what’s your problem?

Josh – I don’t know… I’m just sick of talking about girls.

Issac – Want to talk about boys?

Josh – What?

Issac – It was another joke.. wow.. where are you today?

Josh – I’m sorry.. Its just.. people keep asking me about women, and relationships. I’m just happy you haven’t brought up Amanda

Issac – Speaking of which. Why didn’t you bring her?

Josh – ……..Because she’s not my girlfriend Issac…

Issac – Sorry.. I’ll shut up….

Josh – Its fine.. I’m sorry for being a buzzkill.

Issac – Its okay dude.. if its anyone who can understand the blues you’re singing its me. I’m pretty sure Riley and I aren’t going to have a happy ending.

Josh – You never know.. just stay optimistic.

Issac – Eh…

Josh – For me?

Issac – Alright… for you…

Josh – Hey Issac?

Issac – Yeah?

Josh – Do you think I’m…- Nevermind.

Issac – What?

Josh – No nevermind..

Issac – I’ll punch you if you don’t say it. You can’t bring up something, and not elaborate on it dude!

Josh – Fine…. Do you think I’m…. maturing?… like you, and Jordan?… and even Vince?

Issac – Why do you ask?

Josh – I feel like everyone else is… and I’m just the stupid immature kid still reading comic books.

Issac – I’ve seen growth in you Josh… You’re growing up like all of us.. you have your own place, and a pretty cool job. Give yourself a break.

Josh – *smiles* Yeah… yeah!.. you’re right.

Issac – Of course I am.. I’m Issac.

Josh – You’re so stupid…

Issac – *laugh*

Michelle – Hmm… cute…

Michelle had arrived, and was looking for her room.

Kaitlyn – Hi!

Michelle – Hello.

Kaitlyn – I didn’t pick a bed yet.. I didn’t know which one you’d prefer.

Michelle – Either one is fine by me.

Kaitlyn – Okay.. well I’ll take the one behind me if that’s okay with you.

Michelle – Sure.

Both – Cute Jacket

Both – *laugh*

Kaitlyn – I bought it just for the trip. Thanks for noticing it.

Michelle – It really is cute…

Kaitlyn – So is yours.

Michelle – It belonged to my mother… I found it in an old box..

Kaitlyn – Wheres your boyfriend?- Issac said he would be coming with you?

Michelle – Oh, Matt will be here a little later. He got held up at work this weekend, and he’s not exactly my-

Kaitlyn – Will he be staying?

Michelle – I’m pretty sure he’ll just be saying hi to everyone.

Kaitlyn – Oh.. well sorry he’s not staying. Atleast you’ll get to see him though.

Michelle – Exactly.

Kaitlyn – Can I ask you a question?

Michelle – Sure.

Kaitlyn – …. With this Matt guy… one would assume you moved on quickly from Vanessa.

Michelle – ….Yeah.

Kaitlyn – How?- Because I’m still…- Well I know I shouldn’t be… but sometimes I miss Quinn… Which is pathetic…

Michelle – During the end of my relationship.. even before we broke up.. I knew…. I knew she wasn’t the one for me.

Kaitlyn – I see.

Michelle – Sometimes you have to put yourself first. If something didn’t workout.. then it wasn’t meant to be.

Kaitlyn – That makes sense…. Thanks.

Michelle – Its okay to miss her you know… It doesn’t make you weak.

Kaitlyn – That’s a relief. Sometimes I want to express that to Issac, but I know he hates Quinn.

Michelle – He may hate Quinn, but he loves you. Don’t hold back your feelings Kaitlyn. Issac’s a doll… he’s always there for you.

Kaitlyn – I’m lucky to have him. *smiles*

Michelle – *sits down* So…. I wonder what’s to do around here for fun.

Kaitlyn – I have no idea. I think we’re going to start cooking soon.

Michelle – I don’t know how to cook..  That’s lame as hell huh?

Kaitlyn – Not at all. If you want I can teach you.

Michelle – That would be awesome. Thanks Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn – No problem!

Michelle – ….*looks down* – *sigh*

Kaitlyn – Are you okay?

Michelle – Umm- Yeah I’m fine.

Kaitlyn – You sure?… we can talk about it if you want.

Michelle – Thanks- but I’m okay *smiles*

Kaitlyn – Okie dokie…

Michelle – … by the way… Kaitlyn…I know not alot of people remember you from high school… but I do.

Kaitlyn – You do?

Michelle – You don’t remember huh?

Kaitlyn – Remember what?

Michelle – I was popular-

Kaitlyn – Of course I remember that. You, and Liana Adams… You guys ran the school.

Michelle – Right… and I locked you in the bathroom once.. I’m so sorry about that. I was letting popularity get to my head.. I’m really sorry for that.

Kaitlyn – I was bullied alot in high school…. My squeeky voice, my big ears. *laugh* So as many times as I was called named, or had doors slammed in my face.. Its hard to remember who did what.

Michelle – I still apologize though. I wasn’t better than you…. I was a stupid kid..

Kaitlyn – Its perfectly fine Michelle. I appreciate, and accept your apology *smiles*

Michelle – I’d love it if we could start fresh.. and be friends- if you want.

Kaitlyn – I would love that Michelle.

Michelle – Cool. *smiles*

Kaitlyn – Was that what was bothering you?

Michelle – …..umm.. sure- yeah. *looks away*

Kaitlyn – You sure?

Michelle – Yeah.. *smiles*

That wasn’t what was bothering Michelle… but that was her business at this point… maybe it would come out later….

Gabrielle – Hey there fisherman…

Jordan – Hey there young lady… or should I say… Sexual Chocolate?

Gabrielle – *laugh* How did you know it was me?

Jordan – I know your voice babe…

Gabrielle – You already caught a bunch of fish..

Jordan – I know, but its kinda addicting… Plus what if we get hungry later?

Gabrielle – True.

Jordan – What’s everyone up to?

Gabrielle – Unpacking.

Jordan – Still?… they must have packed alot.

Gabrielle – I guess so. Us girls are getting ready to cook.. so I think you can stop catching fish now *laugh*

Jordan – Alrighty.

Gabrielle – Its been a crazy year huh?

Jordan – ……Sure has.

Gabrielle – Everything worked out though…

Jordan – It did…. I’m shocked.. but it did.

Gabrielle – Thanks for being so patient with me.. I know I was a bit-

Jordan – Its okay.. all that matters is that we’re together now. Sure it took some time but.. It was worth it.

Gabrielle – *smile*

Jordan – And thank you for being so supportive with Tyler, and the Briana thing.

Gabrielle – That’s what I’m here for…

Jordan – I’m really happy we decided on what we did…

Gabrielle – I look forward to it.

Jordan – You and me both.

Gabrielle – I love you.

Jordan – I love you too.

Gabrielle – *smiles* …By the way Mister Fisherman… I plan on doing dirty things to you tonight.

Jordan – Oh really?

Gabrielle – Yes… I saw this video on your computer…

Jordan – Which one?

Gabrielle – The one with the black girl with the blonde hair….

Jordan – Oh….. That.

Gabrielle – We’re so doing that tonight…

Jordan – Sure you can handle it?

Gabrielle – *smiles* Oh yeah…

Vince – …….Well… its done… hopefully that was the right thing to do…

What exactly did you do Vince?

Vince – Hmm.. where’s Koko?

Vince – Oh there you are.

Kokoro – Do you think the fishtank at home is too big?

Vince – Why do you ask?

Kokoro – I don’t know.. this one is cute… but small you know?

Vince – Well… we did discuss moving… so when and if that happens.. we can get a smaller fish tank.

Kokoro – Mmm hmmm…

Vince – What? What’s up with the face?

Kokoro – What face?

Vince – The “I know something you dont know” face

Kokoro – Oh… Well… Its nothing.

Vince – No.. tell me what it is, I hate being left in the dark.

Kokoro – I umm- I heard you on the phone…

Vince – Oh- Umm…

Kokoro – …..Do you think that’s a good idea?

Vince – Hey come look at our view!

Kokoro – Vincent… don’t ignore me…

Vince – I love the change up by the way.

Kokoro – What change up?

Vince – The hair.

Kokoro – Oh.. well I’ve had the short hair for a while now… I just figured- Ah… I see what you’re doing.

Vince – *smiles* What? a guy can’t give his future wife a compliment on her looks?

Kokoro – Smooth… real smooth Vince…

Vince – Isn’t it great?

Kokoro – It is….

Vince – The air is just different you know?…. Man I loved this place as a kid…

Kokoro – You’re right about the air… guess we’re too used to the city eh?

Vince – Yeah…

Kokoro – Awww look at Jordan and Gabrielle..

Vince – How cute.

Kokoro – *laugh* Don’t mock me..

Vince – No, I think its nice to see them like that. Reminds me of you and I….

Kokoro – Everyone should be as in love as we are….

Vince – Yep.

Kokoro – So about that Phone call?

Vince – I-

Kokoro – And don’t change the subject this time.

Vince – ….What about it?

Kokoro – Do you really think it was a good idea inviting Tommy here?

Vince – No….. yes?… I don’t know…. I guess we’ll find out.

Kokoro – Oh Vince….. I hope everything turns out okay.. Nobody needs stress this weekend…

Vince – Yeah…..

Kokoro – Are you going to tell them?

Vince – No… because I don’t want them to get mad at me.

Kokoro – So then Tommy show’s up… and then what?

Vince – ….. Yeah……………. I haven’t thought about that…

Kokoro – …. Well your secret is safe with me obviously.. Lets get downstairs and help out.. I’m starving.

Vince – Yeah me too.

Dinner was caught, cooked, and served. Everyone was at the table, enjoying the meal.. and some small talk.

Josh – This is delicious Kaitlyn!

Issac – Kaitlyn is a great cook- This one time she made me these brownies, and I swear… didn’t even need ice cream..  It was so moist.

Michelle – That’s what she said…

Vince – *laugh/choke*

Kokoro – So dirty…

Michelle – Sorry.. *laugh*

Kokoro – Oh its okay.. I’m no saint *wink*

Jordan – It really is nicely prepared Kaitlyn. I especially love the potato’s

Kaitlyn – Thanks, but I can’t take all the credit guys.  Gabrielle, and Kokoro made the Potato’s… and Miss Michelle over there helped me with the Salmon.

Michelle – *smirk* Not really.. I just seasoned it..

Kaitlyn – You still helped.

Michelle – *smiles*

Jordan – You two gonna kiss?

Josh – *laugh*

Gabrielle – Jordan!

Jordan – I’m joking!… sorta..

Josh – I think this is nice… just what I needed…

Issac – What?

Josh – A getaway..

Kokoro – It is.. its what everyone needed.

Issac – Cheers to a fun weekend.

Everyone – Cheers!

With that being said.. the conversation continued around the table, as did more food. After everyone finished the meal.. the boys all agreed to do the dishes. It was only right since the women had cooked. Once the dirty dishes were taken care of Everyone sat around telling ghost stories…. Seemed like night had come fast. Everyone was tired and getting ready for bed.

Eight people.. two bathrooms. It was bound to happen sooner or later. Poor Issac had to pee really bad… so he decided to just go outside.

Issac – ………


Issac – Am I hearing things?… stupid ghost stories.. playing with my imagination…


Issac – Hmm…. It really is beautiful here. I wish Riley had come with me… I’m so stu-


Issac – Okay… defiantly heard something that time! Who’s there?! I’ll punch you in the-

Issac – Kokoro?

Kokoro – Oh my god.. you scared me half to death…

Issac – What are you doing out here?

Kokoro – I needed some air..

Issac – Is everything okay?

Kokoro – Yeah… I had too much to eat…

Issac – So did Josh.. he said his Tummy hurt… I think it was an excuse to not hear the scary stories.

Kokoro – *laugh* What are you doing out here?

Issac – I’m- I was- Umm..

Kokoro – Oh…. You were peeing…

Issac – Yeah…

Kokoro – No big deal- *coughing*

Issac – You okay?

Kokoro – I’m just getting over- the flu..

Issac – No you’re not…

Kokoro – What?

Issac – I talk to Vince like everyday.. he would have mentioned you having the flu.

Kokoro – Oh I umm… shit….

Issac – Why lie- Unless

Issac – Oh my god! You’re pregnant!

Kokoro – Shh!!!!

Issac – I knew it!

Kokoro – You did not!

Issac – On the drive here.. you bought flaming hot Cheetos from the gas station.. you don’t eat Cheetos.

Kokoro – ……F**k… do you think anyone else noticed?

Issac – No… Kaitlyn was driving, and Vince was on his phone with his office..- Wait does Vince not know?

Kokoro – No.. nobody knows except you, and my doctor.

Issac – Oh my goodness this is so awesome.. I call dibs!

Kokoro – On what?

Issac – God-father- Uncle Issac – Whatever!

Kokoro – Shhh!

Issac – Sorry… I can’t help it!

Kokoro – I’m going to tell him tomorrow.

Issac – I’m so happy for you guys. Crazy how things worked out for you two… everything you’ve been through.

Kokoro – I know right?…. but what about you?

Issac – What about me?

Kokoro – Riley…. You’re not giving up on that are you?… you know we’re all rooting for Rissac– or Iley… Nah.. Rissac sounds cuter… *laugh*

Issac – What the f**k? did you just put our names together?

Kokoro – Yep… So answer my question.. Will Rissac end up together?

Issac – I’m not closing the door on it… so…. I don’t know. Right now he’s preparing for a baby, and I’m just happy with my friends, family, and career… oooh and that little baby in there!

Kokoro – *smiles* You’re a sweetheart… you’ll find love. How can anyone not love you?

Issac – I don’t know… I’m kinda moody.

Kokoro – I think the right person will find that really adorable- Anyway.. We should go inside..

Issac – The wind is picking up…


Michelle – What?

Josh – Sorry… I said.. The wind is picking up huh?

Michelle – Oh- umm.. yeah?

Josh – I heard a window shut… I-

Michelle – Dork..

Josh – Look at us… like old times.. except we’re just friends now

Michelle – What do you mean?

Josh – You would sleep over the beach house when we dated. We would brush our teeth together… remember?

Michelle – Oh- Yeah.. I do.

Josh – Michelle?

Michelle – Yeah?

Josh – I love that you found someone new…

Michelle – …..Thanks.

Josh – Is Mark arriving in the morning?

Michelle – Yeah- and don’t you mean Matt..

Josh – Sorry.

Michelle – He’s coming in the morning…

Josh – Cool…

Michelle – How’s Amanda?…..

Josh – She’s great… we hangout alot actually.

Michelle – That’s cool.

Josh – You and Kaitlyn seem to be hitting it off-

Michelle – I’m not into her if that’s what you’re thinking.

Josh – Actually I wasn’t thinking that.. Guilty much?? huh? hmm?

Michelle – Oooh you got me… I plan on climbing into her bed tonight, and slowing removing her panties.. Guess I’m busted. I hope she’s as moist as dinner was. Mmm just the thought. Oh my.. shouldn’t have said that outloud.

Josh – Oh my god.. I won’t tell anyone I promise…

Michelle – Shut up.. *laugh* I’m joking you dork.

Josh – How come you didn’t pack more comfy PJ’s

Michelle – Who’s to say I’m not comfortable? Hmmm?…… Besides…we can’t all wear lame pajamas like you.

Josh – Shut up, you know you think I’m adorable!

Michelle – Nah!

Josh – Kissy Kissy!

Michelle – Josh stop! *laugh*

Josh – *Joking* Oooh what if Matt catches us! *laugh*…..

Michelle – …..

Josh – I better stop playing around… What if he did just walk in here.. he’d get the wrong idea.

Michelle – I know right.

Josh – Then he’d break up with you.. and you’d be alone.. just like me.

Michelle – You have Amanda.. you seem to like her alot.

Josh – I do.. she’s cool.

Michelle – What do you like about her so much?

Josh – Her care-free personality.. she’s just.. really mature, and she doesn’t really let anything hold her back. She’s kinda perfect-

Michelle – Josh I know you and I are at this friend point- in our… relationship- but.. Its uncomfortable when you try and kiss me.

Josh – I was joking!

Michelle – Yeah well.. Its still.. weird.. so don’t do it again.

Josh – I’m sorry…

Michelle – ………and by the way.. Matt and I aren’t at the boyfriend-girlfriend status.. I really don’t appriciate you, and Issac telling everyone he’s my boyfriend.

Josh – I-.. I’m sorry.. I didn’t think it-

Michelle – *heavy sigh* whatever.. its fine.. I’m gonna go rest.

Josh – ….Okay…

Michelle – Goodnight.

Josh – …. Nite?

Josh sat in the bathroom.. reflecting on what just happened

Josh – What the heck was that?…. now Michelle’s mad at me?…. she probably thinks I’m a creepy homewrecker….

As did Michelle.. though.. she clearly was thinking about other things….

Michelle – *shakes head* …….This is so stupid…. what the f**k was I thinking coming here?

~*To Be Continued*~

~End of Chapter Six Pt One~ *Pt Two Is Next*~



  1. Oops that ended on an awkward note lol. Wow!! Vince is going to be a dad?? Yay!! ^_^. I’m so happy for him. This was a lot of fun to read. I wonder what other surprises the next part of this vacation will hold!!

    1. Part Two will be life changing for all 4 boys… The end is near.. I know this is a bit of a shocker.. but.. After Part TwoOnly 1 more thing is to be posted.. The SERIES FINALE… yep.. After three season’s B2M is ending. While I’m sad its time to end it.. I’m REALLY excited about what comes next.. and as a B2M fan.. you should be too…

  2. O.O NOOOOOOOOO! This story can’t end 😦 !!! I won’t let it, I’ll kidnap you if I have to lol. But anyway, I guess all good things must come to an end eventually. But I’m nervous about what else could be coming for my boys!!

  3. Oh don’t worry.. Its ending but like I said.. you’ll like what’s coming after B2M.. I don’t wanna spoil the surprise..

    Also thanks alot for reading my story, I originally started writing for the people close to me. So its actually really awesome to see someone visit, read, and even comment. I really appreciate it! And I hope that you do stick around for the next……. well.. like I said.. no spoilers.. but.. Yeah.. lol What’s next is exciting!

  4. Good question! At first it felt weird being without good ol’ Aang, Katara, Toph, and Sokka lol. But it grew on me and it’s just as you said-EPIC! :D. Is it me, or does Mako kinda remind you of Zuko? XD

  5. Lol… Mako has the brooding down as much as Zuko did in the original series, and as far as his brother Bolin goes….. He’s so funny and adorable! I really like the show so far.. and the best thing is, it can only get better from here.

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