[B2M Season3] Chapter 5 : “Brand New Eyes” Pt 4 [POV Jordan]


***POV = Point Of View. That person will narrate the story.***

~Disclaimer : This story features mature language. Most Profanity & Other unsuitable words will be blanked out with “***”  This is a heads up for any cautious readers~

Whats up guys? You caught me coming from the custody hearing. It…. went well I guess. Briana didn’t even show up, and Nathan was in my corner, and so was my girlfriend Gabrielle. That feels good to say actually… “My girlfriend Gabrielle”  She’s been so supportive, and Tyler loves her. As for Nathan…. he wasn’t too happy to see me leave my job, but he understood why I had to. It all works out because he offered to represent me in my fight against Briana…. Though…. It doesn’t look like she’s putting up much of a fight.

Liana – …………….

Jordan – I can’t believe she didn’t even show up.

Gabrielle – Well… think about it babe.. you said it yourself that she doesn’t care..

Nathan – That went as well as it could have.

Jordan – When will we know more?

Nathan – I’m sure I’ll be contacted tonight…. I’ll fill you in as soon as I know more.

Liana – …..Jordan

Jordan – Liana?

Liana – Can I talk to you for a minute?…..please?

Jordan – Umm.. sure.

Liana – Umm… thanks..

Jordan – No prob- Your eye?- what happen?

Liana – …*crying*

Jordan – Liana… tell me what’s going on.

Liana – Briana….

Jordan – Oh my god.. is she-

Liana – She’s….

Jordan – Is she dead?- What happen?

Liana – No- she’s alive… she just *crying* I can’t believe she did this to me….

Jordan – What did she do?!

Liana – I tried to get her out of bed, she wouldn’t get up. I ironed her some clothes, I told her I’d come with her, and help her keep shared custody of Tyler. She got so angry, whenever I mentioned his name. So I pulled the covers from over her head, I told her that he was her son, and she had responsibilities *crying*

Jordan – ……

Liana – She got up and hit me…. She hit me Jordan…

Jordan – Oh my god…

Liana – I wanted her to fight for Tyler….

Jordan – …..She didn’t want to.

Liana – I wanted her to.. for..

Jordan – For you.

Liana – I- Its just…. from the day she gave birth to him… it was as if he was mine. Then we move here, and you took him.

Jordan – I didn’t take him, I thought I’d have equal time with him between Briana and I. That obviously didn’t happen, and I realized he’s better off with me.

Liana – I feel like a part of me is being ripped away. I love Tyler so much, and if Briana don’t fight for him, then I’ll lose him forever.

Jordan – Liana, I’m not only aware of the good you’ve done for Ty, but I also appreciate it. I would never strip him away from you, no matter how f**ked up your sister is.

Liana – I’ve done bad stuff since being back, and I realized it was because I was really unhappy with myself. I tried to ruin Vince’s life, and that was wrong. I’m so happy I spoke to Kokoro, and set things straight with her. He really loves her, and I don’t want to interfere with that. I’ll find my prince charming.. I know he’s out there.

Jordan – I’m sure he is…. and don’t worry… regardless of what happens.. you and I will have an agreement.. I promise to you, that you will always be in Tyler’s life. All you have to do is call, and we can work out visiting.

Liana – ……Thank you.

Jordan – So umm- Wheres Briana? she hit you and then what?

Liana – Oh…. umm… I got up, and I slapped her. It was a reaction, I shouldn’t have hit her back.

Jordan – Then what?

Liana – She started throwing things, and she punched the mirror. I guess the neighbors called the cops because they were at the door. They arrested her, and now she’s at the police station.

Jordan – I’m sorry she hit you..

Liana – …..Can’t believe her…

Jordan – I don’t really know how to help with her, but what I can do is give you piece of mind. Tyler will always be in your life, and I’ll never take him away from you.

Liana – Thanks……. you know… I always knew you had it in you.

Jordan – What?

Liana – To be this mature, good person.

Jordan – …..I’m just trying to do what’s right.

Liana – Are you unaware of how much you’ve changed?

…..I don’t really think much about it to be honest….

Jordan – Umm..

Liana – For years I watched you cheat on Briana, and see her crying about you… and then.. you changed. You grew up, and stopped being a dumbass. Its really amazing to see how far you’ve come.. You should really be proud of yourself Jordan.

Jordan – …I- I guess I have changed alot….

Liana – Ah… that’s one thing that hasn’t changed.. you never did like giving yourself much credit… Anyway.. I should get home and Ice my eye.

Jordan – Are you going to bail Briana out?

Liana – No… she needs to stop and think about what she did.

Jordan – Hmm…. well alright.. go put some ice on your face, and call me if you need anything.

Liana – Okay.. Thanks again.

Jordan – No problem.

Wow…. poor Liana was attacked by her own sister, and why? all because she wanted to help? That’s crazy. I really feel bad for Liana, she really was Ty’s mother for the most part. I would feel like such a shit person If I denied her access to Tyler’s life. I really hope things workout for her, and she finds a way to be happy. I know all too well what its like to be sad, and depressed- Not to mention… alone.


After that was all said and done, Gabrielle, Tyler and I all went out for Breakfast. Tyler really loved Gabrielle, he kept hugging her the whole time we were out. After we ate, Gabrielle had to go get her nails done with her cousin Eboni, and I had a few things I needed to check on at home.

Jordan – I’ll think about it… Maybe, it depends on- right. Alright I won’t hold you up, just make sure you’re on time. *laugh* You’re always late- Oh really? Tell her she’s family now, so she better get used to it. Anyway I gotta go. Okay bye *hangs up*

Josh – Who was that?- Issac?

Jordan – How did you know?

Josh – Because I heard you talking about being late… Issac’s usually late to group events, unless he rode with one of us.

Jordan – That’s true.. remember prom?

Josh – Oh my goodness.. I was so sweaty..

Jordan – Oh that’s right.. you were sooo nervous. You and Michelle were gonna do it that night.

Josh – Yeah… and Issac was running late remember? so I had him bring an extra shirt. Good thing by senior year I had lost a few pounds. I would have never been able to squeeze into one of his shirts if I didn’t.

Jordan – Did you and Michelle end up doing it that night? I forget…

Josh – No… dude I was so nervous, and she kept making me drink that cheap tequila. We sat in that hotel room.. talking about prom, and how it was a fun night. I ended up vomiting, and she fell asleep.

Jordan – *laugh* That’s right.

Josh – I lost it at Vince house remember?

Jordan – Oh yeah! the graduation party…. He let you and Michelle go into his bedroom.

Josh – Yep.

Jordan – How is ole’ Michelle doing?

Josh – She’s really happy apparently. She called me earlier to see how I was, and I told her that I’m pretty good, that I was going to see a movie with Mandy tonight. She told me that she was going out also with Matt.

Jordan – The new boyfriend.

Josh – Yep, and she-

Jordan – You and Mandy eh?

Josh – Just friend’s Jordan…

Jordan – Why did you say it like that?

Josh – Because I know what you were getting at.

Jordan – You like Mandy though.

Josh – She’s cute sure…

Jordan – I didn’t want to say this… but.. I’m glad you’re not with Mandy right now.

Josh – Why?

Jordan – Because that’s your pattern.. you kinda break up with one girl, and then you don’t really date. You end up with another girl, in another serious relationship.

Josh – ……

Jordan – ….I’m sorry.. I shouldn’t have said anything..

Josh – No its okay… Its true… I wasn’t aware of it… but.. I am now.

Jordan – You’ll find what you’re looking for.

Josh – Well I’m trying to stay calm. I feel like the next time I’m with a girl, I’ll know the moment is right. Besides, Ollie’s back, and me being single gives me time to bond with my brother for spring break.

Jordan – What about the trip?

Josh – Well.. I told Issac that I’d go.

Jordan – I still haven’t decided yet.

Josh – Understandable…

Jordan – Things are busy as ever.

Josh – Speaking of…. how did my Uncle Nathan take you quitting?

Jordan – He understood why. He’s awesome though.. always down to help.

Josh – That’s good. So…. umm.. any idea what you want to do now?

Jordan – Well no… but I’m sure I’ll know it when I see it.

Josh – *smiles*

Jordan – Hey do you and Amanda want to come to dinner tonight?

Josh – Nah… its a family thing, I think its important that you all do your family thing. I mean its a big deal.. Issac’s having… family dinner.. *laugh*

Jordan – I guess that’s true.

Josh – Just promise to save me some cake- or pie.. whatever dessert you’re having.

Jordan – Will do… So what movie are you going to see?

Josh – I don’t know yet.. I told her to pick something- Which reminds me.. I should get back to work, I’m covering Kane’s shift.

Jordan – Where is he?

Josh – Remember that stripper.. the blonde one? in the pink-

Jordan – Yeah what about her?

Josh – Kane’s dating her.. so he likes to call in sick.. so he can basically just spend the day with her.

Jordan – Ah… well I’d totally do the same thing with Gabrielle, if I had to.

Josh – ……..I’m really happy that you and her are together.. is that weird?

Jordan – A little?- but then again.. I guess not.

Josh – It just seems perfect.

Jordan – Thanks…

Josh – Well anyway I’ll be seeing ya.

Jordan – Call me later, and thanks for the toy.

Josh – No problem, my mom found it while she was cleaning.. I thought Tyler might like it, who know’s.. he could be a musician when he gets older.

Jordan – Nah.. My son will be playing some sort of sport that’s for sure. Preferably basketball, that would be so cool if Tyler grew up and made it into the NBA?

Josh – That would be cool. Well off to the arcade I go. Have a good night

Josh – You too bro.

After Josh left, I laid Tyler down for a nap, and made myself some coffee. I then went outside to my balcony, and who do I see? Connor.

Jordan – Hey

Connor – I rung the doorbell, nobody answered- so I came around the back to see if you were out here.

Jordan – Oh sorry, What’s up?

Connor – Can I come up?

Jordan – Yeah

Connor – You really gotta get that doorbell fixed.

Jordan – Oh I know.. I broke it on purpose.

Connor – Why?

Jordan – When I first moved in here with Tyler… everyone would constantly check on me and while that was cool- it wasn’t helping me with Tyler’s sleeping. I’d finally get him sleep and then BAM the doorbell *laugh*

Connor – Ah.. I get it.

Jordan – So what’s up?- I see you got a haircut.

Connor – I just came back from a double date.. Me and Mallory… and…… Sean and my mom. We went to see a movie.

Jordan – That’s awesome. I take it things are going well.

Connor – Yeah… I’m still upset about my dad, but…. life goes on. I won’t turn to drugs or anything. I’m too smart for that.

Jordan – Good.

Connor – Did you win custody?

Jordan – I’ll know more later.

Connor – I hope you win, you’re a good dad…. you’ve kinda been like a dad to me too.

Jordan – I have?

Connor – Yeah

Jordan – That’s nice of you to say Connor.

Connor – Its the truth- Speaking of which…. Are you still going to teach me how to drive this summer?

Jordan – Yep, but are you sure you don’t want Sean to teach you?

Connor – No, we’re bonding in our own way this summer.

Jordan – How so?

Connor – He proposed to my mom, and he asked me to be the bestman. How awesome is that?

Jordan – That’s really awesome.

Connor – Yeah.. and we talked about sports, and other things. This summer I’ll be helping out at the hospital with him, its actually really cool. He got Mallory a job too.

Jordan – Good! I’m glad you and Sean are getting along, he’s a really chill guy. All he wanted was for you to like him.

Connor – I know.. Oh and guess what?

Jordan – What?

Connor – I saw this action movie trailer…. but it was rated R.. I wanted to see it when it comes out next month.. My mom of course said no. Sean tapped me and told me it will be our secret when we go see it. He’s so cool.

Jordan – *laugh* I won’t tell anyone.

Connor – Duh.. I know I can trust you.

Jordan – Connor… you’ve been in my life for a while now, and I can say its help mature me.

Connor – How so?

Jordan – I wanted to be a role model. I couldn’t be a good person to look up to if I didn’t change some of the ways I behaved.

Connor – Well you’re an awesome role-model.

Jordan – You’re a good kid…… come here.


Jordan – I’m glad you’re around.

Connor – I’m not going anywhere.

Jordan – Good.

Connor – You know… I’m thankful for you, and everyone else.. and shockingly.. Sean too. Sometimes you think a person is bad… but you have to give them a chance to explain themselves, you have to know them. Everyone isn’t black or white.. people are grey- I got that from Mallory.

Jordan – Hmm….

Mallory’s right…. 

Jordan – Connor.. could you do me a favor?

Connor – Sure

Jordan – Tyler is sleep upstairs. Can you watch him? for like 2hours. Maybe not even 2.. I’m not sure.

Connor – Okay, can I invite Mallory over?

Jordan – Sure, but-

Connor – I know.. the main focus is watching Tyler. I got it.

Jordan – Okay, I’ll be back- oh and you have everyone’s number in your cellphone.. so don’t hesitate to call me, or anyone else if you need help.

Connor – Okay.

Jordan – Alright. Lock the door, I’ll be back.

Against my better judgement… I went down to the police station to see Briana. Turns out she had been moved.. to this place.. I-

Norma – Who are you here to see?

Jordan – Huh?- oh sorry.. umm.. Briana Adams- I was told she was moved here by-

Norma – You have 30 minutes. Logan take this man to see Briana Adams.

Logan – Okay Norma.

Jordan – ……

Logan – You don’t remember me huh?

Jordan – No?

Logan – I’m one of Kris’s friends. When he dated Issac, we all hung out.

Jordan – Oh… that’s cool…

Logan – Well.. enough small talk.. I guess I should take you to see that chick…

Jordan – Why is she here?

Logan – Umm.. she’s crazy.

Jordan – What?- no for real-

Logan – People don’t get put in here unless they’ve suffered some sort of psychiatric breakdown.

Jordan – ……Hmm.. but she’s never been- Well… I guess her actions now make sense, but I-

Logan – Just come with me.. you can ask her all the questions you want-

Norma – For 30minutes.

Logan – Right.. for 30minutes *whispers* Norma’s such a b***h…

Logan – Remember the rules Briana… *looks at Jordan* have a seat over there.

Jordan – Okay…

Briana – Jordan?

Jordan – Hi…..

Briana – I’m so embarrassed…

Jordan – Are you okay?

Briana – We should talk…

Jordan – Norma says I have 30minutes….

Briana – Okay… I’ll get straight to the point then…

Jordan – She seems mean

Briana – Norma’s a b***h….

Jordan – So… they say you’re…. crazy.

Briana – I wouldn’t call it that.

Jordan – What’s going on?

Briana – I’m bi-polar…

Jordan – Since when?

Briana – Well… I knew a few weeks ago. The day I found out was- Oh… The day Josh came to visit Michelle at my house. I lied and told everyone I was going to the store- or a job interview. I was really checking in with my doctor.

Jordan – …..

Briana – Child birth triggered it. I was depressed, and stressed throughout my whole pregnancy. When I finally gave birth to Tyler.. the sight of him angered me. I wasn’t sure why. I knew I wouldn’t physically hurt him, but It was best that Liana took care of him.

Jordan – …..So if you found out then.. why are you here now?

Briana – I didn’t pick up my meds…. I blamed Tyler for everything. Though the doctor said this is not all that rare. I knew today…. after I attacked my sister.. that I needed to finally get help…. I cannot believe.. not only did I suffer postpartum depression, but I’m also… bipolar.. I- I just need to fix myself….

Jordan – You’re on meds right now?

Briana – I am.

Jordan – I’m so sorry Briana….

Briana – Its not your fault Jordan…

Jordan – If I would have been there for you, during the pregnancy I-

Briana – You didn’t know I was pregnant, and I didn’t want you to know. Again…. its not your fault.

Jordan – Liana, was worried… that I’d take Tyler from her.

Briana – Please don’t…

Jordan – I’m not. I understand the role she played in his life, I can’t do that to her.

Briana – If it weren’t for her.. I don’t know what I would have done. After we’d taken Tyler home from the hospital.. I’d have these mood swings. I’d have these weird hallucinations of him falling off things, or walking up and down the stairs.. which was impossible at 3 weeks old. It scared me… I saw other things too that I don’t want to talk about. My brain was just… off.. all the hallucinations were intense…

Jordan – But you never hurt him…

Briana – No I didn’t- but I could never be too sure of it. Which is why I’m glad Liana was by my side. She’s been such a great sister to me, I’m so sorry to have put her through this. Then I just found out that she dropped the assault charges against me…

Jordan – She know’s already?- That you’re-

Briana – I think she’s known for a while.. she just… couldn’t admit it- but no.. she’s not aware of it all yet…

Jordan – Can I ask you a question?

Briana – Mmm hmm

Jordan – About Tyler..

Briana – ……okay.

Jordan – Do you hate him?

Briana – No…..

Jordan – Do you love him?

Briana – …..I do?- but its… its really just… I don’t know how to explain it.

Jordan – ….

Briana – You’re getting full custody by the way.. My lawyers contacted me, and I told them that’s what I want.

Jordan – …..I don’t know what to say.

Briana – Take care of our son Jordan. You’re doing a great job… and you know what?

Jordan – What?

Briana – You’re biggest fear never came true… you are not your father. You’re a better man than he ever could be. I know you’ll take care of Tyler, I know you’ll love him. You have so many family and friends.. They all love him.. he’ll be okay. I’ll be here.. getting better, getting the treatment I need. I even have group therapy. One day I’ll be better and in Tyler’s life if you want me to.

Jordan – I do…

Briana – You should go now… My mouth is getting dry, and I’m a bit tired… You can visit whenever you like.- Oh and by the way.. this isn’t some secret you have to keep. I’d rather you tell people, so they know I’m not in my right mind. That way they understand…. I would hate for everyone to think I was a shitty person just because.. you know?

Jordan – Yeah.

Briana – Anyway.. I’m going to lay down…

Jordan – Take care of yourself Briana.

Briana – You too Jordan.

Man……. What the hell… I don’t know what to say really. All this time she was dealing with this, and I wasn’t there for her. I feel so bad. Then Liana was with her during the rough times, and she did everything she could to take care of Tyler….. What a messed up situation. I probably shouldn’t stress too much. Staying positive is a good idea, besides.. some good has come out of this. She’s aware of her issues, and is getting help. I officially have sole custody of Tyler, and she does want to be in his life. Hopefully one day that can happen.

After seeing Briana.. I went home and got Tyler. Connor was sitting there watching cartoons with him. Connor left, and Gabrielle came over. She could tell that I was a bit bothered, but I told her I’d explain everything once we got to my mother’s house. Once there… I sat everyone down in the living room, and told them everything. I could almost feel everyone’s emotions as they looked at me with sympathy.

After that AJ could tell I was uncomfortable, and he started talking about cooking. He gave me a hug, and told me that I have him, and everyone else, and not to be sad. I took those words in, and helped out with dinner. We all sat down and ate a good meal.. and then talked about non-Briana things.

Jordan – How much makeup did you have to wear?

Issac – Alot actually..

Jordan – but you’ve always had good skin.

Issac – Its mainly for the lighting.. to highlight cheekbones and what not…

Jordan – Ah.

Robin – Did she really say that?

Peter – Yes.. she said that I had a fat ass.. can you believe that woman?

Robin – *laugh*

Kaitlyn – You’re hair is so pretty Gabrielle.

Gabrielle – Thank you Kaitlyn, so is yours.

Kaitlyn – Thanks.

AJ – Uh oh here comes the tickle monster!

Gabrielle – Aww that’s so cute… Aren’t babies so cute?

Kaitlyn – ….They are…… *smiles* ……*looks down*

Gabrielle – Are you okay?

Kaitlyn – Yes

Issac – Jordan can I talk to you outside for a bit?

Jordan – Alright.

Issac – So…. I just want to tell you… that I’m always here for you, even though I live in Bridgeport.

Jordan – Thanks… I appreciate that.

Issac – Also, I’ll understand if you don’t want to go on the trip, especially since you have full custody of Tyler-

Jordan – I really wanna go but I don’t think I should at this time.

Issac – Yeah I understand…

Peter – What’s going on? You two having bonding time?

Issac – *laugh* I was just telling Jordan that I can understand him not wanting to go on that trip I told you about.

Jordan – ….

Peter – Don’t listen to your brother Jordan.. I say you’re going- and that’s that.

…. My brother…- Its funny, Issac, and I are step brothers but we don’t see it as a big deal because of how close we’ve been since childhood.

Jordan – What about Tyler?

Issac – Yeah dad I mean-

Peter – Tyler will be fine here with Robin, AJ, and I. The trip is only for 4 days. We can manage. Besides.. you need some fun and relaxation.

Jordan – …..Hmm

Issac – I agree with my dad..

Never thought I’d ever hear him say that.

Peter – So you’re going. End of discussion, and Gabrielle is going too!

Jordan – Yes sir…

Issac – I’m gonna go check on Kaitlyn, she gets nervous around people she doesn’t know.

Peter – Oh she’s having a good time with everyone in the living room.

Issac – I’ll go see what they’re up to.

Issac left, and Peter took the opportunity to tell me something he’s been meaning to say to me for a few weeks now.

Peter – Thank you so much for helping bring Issac and I closer together. You and Robin, helped alot. I had alot of growing to do… and I did. So thank you.

Jordan – You’re welcome Peter.

Peter – I see alot of myself in you, and I’m proud to call you my son.

Jordan – Thanks Peter.

Peter – I have a question..

Jordan – Yeah?

Peter – You stopped working for Nathan…

Jordan – Right.

Peter – Is their anything you want to do?

Jordan – Career-wise I have no idea…. but I mean… I guess I’d want to make this a better place? bring people together.. fix problems…

Peter – Hmmm… Well.. how about when you get back from the trip.. you and I have a talk? I know someone who works at city hall… I can get you a job there.

Jordan – Alright… but it has to be flexible hours-

Peter – I know….

Jordan – Thanks Peter.

Peter – Call me dad *smiles* AJ does so why shouldn’t you.

Jordan – *laugh* True..

We got back inside and everyone was talking and having a good time. My life has come full circle…. Liana was right, I had changed so much. I wasn’t really aware of it until today. What a long day, it was defiantly one to remember. I understand trials and tribulations make a person stronger, but sometimes I think people need a break from pain. Regardless of my feelings though.. atleast I know that when, and if I’m going through anything… I’ll have my friends, and family by my side. – Now.. enough sad stuff, I’m going to kick everyone’s ass in some board games. Goodnight.

Issac – I hate monopoly! It never ends!

~End of Chapter Five~ *Chapter Six Is Next*~


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  1. Ohhhhhhh Briana’s nutz!! That explains it XD. Lol I do feel bad for her though surprisingly. Maybe she’s not just a horrible mother. Can’t wait for more!! Oh, as for the new fancy shmancy site XD. It looks great!!! I haven’t gotten lost yet so it works : )

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