[B2M Season3] Chapter 5 : “Brand New Eyes” Pt 3 [POV Vince]


***POV = Point Of View. That person will narrate the story.***

~Disclaimer : This story features mature language. Most Profanity & Other unsuitable words will be blanked out with “***”  This is a heads up for any cautious readers~

Isn’t it funny where life takes you? Its no wonder people believe in fate. Ask yourself right now.. if the events of 2-3 years ago didn’t start something that’s relevant to your life right now. Hell even 1 year ago. Its all so strange how the universe works.

Cashmere –  Vince?

Vince – Sorry- yeah?

Cashmere – You going to make things right?

Vince – I’m admitted to things already.. she’s the one who can’t seem to get over it. I know I messed up with Liana, but at this point Kokoro is torturing me. Either forgive me, and love me, or hate me and leave me.

Cashmere – You know that everything isn’t black and white… she has her reason’s for why she’s taking so long to-

Vince – To talk to me?- She’s been in and out of the house… she just doesn’t seem to want to talk about any of it yet.

Cashmere – Who knows maybe today is the day.

Vince – I can’t believe I f**ked up so badly…

Cashmere – Don’t beat yourself up..

Vince – I’m a bad person…

Cashmere – Look here…. Everyone slips and falls, but getting up, and walking tall is what matters.

Vince – I’m not most people, I’ve done some shitty things.

Cashmere – And you’ve done some amazing things as well. Look at you, You have your own business. You’ve given so much to Tommy Jr. and I.

Vince – What Tommy did was wrong, Issac and I decided it was best to help you.

Cashmere – and you did. You didn’t turn your back on us. You even gave me a job. I can now provide Tommy Jr. with the things I never had. Do you know how good that makes me feel? That he can ask for a toy, and I don’t have to tell him we can’t afford it?

Vince – *smiles*

Cashmere – You are heaven sent. So what you made a mistake.. we all do. So stop moping around… lift your chin, and know things will get better, you hear me?

Vince – *smiles* You’re right….

Cashmere – Feel better?

Vince – After that pep-talk….. yes. And you know what?

Cashmere – Hmm?

Vince – Things do get better. My brother called me.

Cashmere – Justin finally forgave you?

Vince – I think so. He wants to talk later, so I’ll know for sure then.

Cashmere – See… maybe today is a good day. You never know what surprises are in store

Maybe she’s right… maybe today will be filled with positive things. Its never been my style to smile blindly and be delusional to things, but maybe its time that I believe that things aren’t always doomed….. Or maybe I should find a bar and get smashed. Either way…. I guess I should just let things happen.

Vince – Thanks so much for being a friend.

Cashmere – No, thank YOU for being a friend to me. I’ve gained alot from knowing you, but none of it would mean a thing if I wasn’t able to call you my friend.

Vince – Thanks.

Cashmere – Well I should get going

Vince – Where are you going?

Cashmere – You said Richie and I could have the day off to go to Tommy Jr.’s Recital.

Vince – Oh- yeah sorry. I had forgot.

Cashmere – Did you need us to stay and work?

Vince – No, I’ll just dump Richie’s work on Karl Smith… he needs to prove himself anyway.

Cashmere – Alrighty. Thanks boss.

Vince – No problem. Tell Tommy Jr. I’m proud of him- Oh and that reminds me.. I have a gift for him in my car.

Cashmere – Oh Vince! you didn’t have to do that.

Vince – I saw that he wanted a Nintendo 3Ds… So I got him one, along with one of those mario games?

Cashmere – Thank you so much.

Vince – He deserves it. He’s getting straight A’s and he’s a good kid, which is amazing considering the thing’s he’s gone through.

Cashmere – I’m sure he’ll appreciate it

Vince – I know he will.

Cashmere – Well I should get going. After the Recital Richie and I are taking Tommy Jr. to dinner.

I’m so happy Cashmere and Richie met..

Vince – I’ll stop by later tonight with his gift if that’s okay.

Cashmere – That works.

Vince – Well then I’ll see you later. Have fun.

Cashmere – Thanks, and you stop worrying about things. Remember!…. happy face!

Vince – *smiles*

Cashmere has done alot of growing since the day I met her. The once frail and timid woman I met, is now this fearless mature person- and you know what? Everyone should be that way. I’m going to just go about my day… hopefully things turn out well.

The time seemed to fly as I worked through my morning. I was still showing my new assistant the ropes. The guy seemed like a good fit, and an even better replacement for Liana. He was smart, eager to learn, and knowledgeable about what we do here.

Ja’bon – I’m so appreciative of this opportunity, I promise you sir that I will work hard, and try my best.

Vince – I believe you.

Ja’bon – When Ms. Washington (Cashmere) called me and told me I got the job, I was so happy. It was the good news I needed.. I had a bad week…

Vince – What happen- if you don’t mind me asking?

Ja’bon – Well sir.. I’m umm…- I’m gay- I hope that’s okay-

Vince – Its more than okay, my bestfriend Issac is gay.

Ja’bon – Oh okay.. cool- Umm.. so-

Vince – Your bad week?

Ja’bon – Right…. Well I caught my boyfriend Kris with another guy, and I learned that he was using me for my money.

Vince – Kris?… Kris Harris?

Ja’bon – You know him?

Vince – Yes, Kris dated my friend Issac…… and cheated on him..

Ja’bon – Wait… Issac… is he the hot guy on the billboards? because if so.. I met him…

Vince – Yep… that’s my Issac.

Ja’bon – Is he your boyfriend?

Vince – Oh no.. we’re just bestfriends. And I’m straight *laugh*

Ja’bon – Oh- well I wasn’t saying you gave me any indication- I- umm.. wow.. I should stop talking

Vince – Its okay, I’m not uptight, all I ask is you keep it professional, and do your job. If you do that, we can laugh and joke around.

Ja’bon – Okay, sounds simple. So umm.. Issac told me Kris was a great guy…. why?

Vince – Because Issac doesn’t like to, Well he’s the type to-

Ja’bon – Be nice… He didn’t want to embarass Kris…

Vince – Right.

Ja’bon – What a stand up guy..

Vince – Issac is awesome-

Female Voice – Hello? anyone here?

Vince – Excuse me for a minute..

Female Voice – Hello?

Vince – I’ll be with you in a second.

Well.. duty calls.

Tatiana – ….*smiles*

Vince – Tommy….

Tommy – Happy Birthday?

Vince – Its not my birthday…

Tommy – I know.. I know.. I-.. I didn’t know what else to say.

Tatiana – *clears throat*

Tommy – This is my girlfriend… Tatiana.

Tatiana – Its so nice to meet you Vince, Tommy has said nothing but good things about you.

Vince – Its nice to meet you too? *looks at Tommy* Why are you not in jail?

What the f**k is he doing here?

Tommy – Well… One- I was let out for good behavior, and two- It was overcrowded. I do check in with my probation officer every week…..

Vince – …….

Tommy – Sorry… this must be awkward as hell considering what I did to you and the guys bro…

Vince – You burned down our house…

Tommy – …..

Tatiana – Its okay Tommy, remember the steps.

Tommy – I-

Vince – Where did you meet her?

Tommy – Well I’m seeing a therapist, working on myself. She’s the secretary at the place I go.

Vince – And instead of paying attention to the therapy… you paid attention to her?

Tatiana – No.

Vince – …..

Tatiana – Tommy, has actually made a rule that we don’t talk when he goes into therapy. He wants to keep that separate from our growing relationship. I saw how hard he was working on himself, and I… well… I don’t know. It sorta just happen.

Tommy – She doesn’t want to embarrass me bro. Long story short, she saw me crying after a session, offered me tissue… and the rest is history.

Tatiana – He was upfront with everything.. I know all about his past.

Vince – Well that’s good.

Tatiana – We talked about this, and he decided he was finally ready to do this.

Vince – Do what?

Tommy – To tell you that I’m sorry, and that you were always more than your money to me. You, and even the rest of the guys… You guys were my childhood, and I made alot of mistakes. I was unhappy with myself, and I let it consume me. I did some f**ked up things, and I’m really sorry.

Vince – …….

Tatiana – Please don’t shut him out, this was a really hard thing for him to do…

Vince – I understand that you’re trying to be a supportive girlfriend, but trust me.. you have no Idea what hell he’s put me, and my friends through.

Tatiana – Actually I do. Like I said, he’s told me everything… even the whole beating of that guy Kris.

Vince – Well even so… you have to understand that this is really-

Tatiana – I know.. Its hard for both of you. You- The victim, and him the criminal. I’m- Sorry.. I’m overstepping my boundaries.

Tommy – Tati’s going to school to become a therapist herself.

Tatiana – I’m nowhere near the end of my studies, so I apologize for being a bit-

Vince – Its fine…

Tommy – I knew I was going to be in Bridgeport.. looking for work, and I figured I’d come here.

Vince – Work?

Tatiana – My cousin Jose has a job for him at his repair shop.

Tommy – Gotta start somewhere right?

Vince – Right.

Tommy – I decided to come see you, because you and I were the closest as we got older. I’ll apologize to Josh, Jordan, and Issac when I get enough courage. I don’t want anything from you, I just wanted you to know that I’ve changed, and that I’m still changing.

Tatiana – *smiles*

Vince – …….Okay.

Tommy – Alright…..

Tatiana – ……..

Vince – ………..

Tommy – Don’t tell the guys I’m here or that we talked okay? I want to talk to them on my own.. when its right.. the time will come, and I know when it’ll be right.

Vince – ……..Yeah.

Tommy – I guess I’ll leave you alone now.


Vince – *smiles* So how did you find me?

Tommy – You weren’t that hard to find.. you have your own business bro… Oh speaking of jobs.. Issac’s a model?

Vince – Yep

Tommy – I saw a billboard… that’s cool.. I’m happy for him.

Vince – I’m happy for you too Tom Tom.. Its so hard to hate you. I’m really f**king angry at you for what you caused, but.. you’re still one of us.. and if you’re really sorry… I accept your apology.

Tommy – REALLY?

Tatiana – Oh my god! he- He didn’t think that would ever happen Vince… this gives him so much hope.. thank you.

Vince – Was it really that important to you?

Tommy – *nods yes*

Vince – Are you crying?

Tommy – No.. I’m just.. I’m speechless.. thank you… I don’t deserve forgiveness…

Vince – Just… be better.

Tommy – I’m trying. Tati has me going to the gym 4 days a week.

Tatiana – I was much heavier when Tommy and I met. I was a beast then.. I look way better now I think. Hard work pays off.

Tommy – You were beautiful then too.

Heh….. Tommy was never nice to women.. I see he’s learned manners..

Vince – You look good Tommy.

Tommy – Thanks….. So where’s Cashmere? I was hoping to talk to her about seeing Tommy Jr.

Vince – Umm… Look… I probably shouldn’t be doing this but… your son has straight A’s… and he’s really smart…. I have a gift for him.. I’m going to give it to you, to give to him.

Tommy – No I can’t…

Vince – You can and you will. Its something he really wanted, and those who work hard deserve rewards. So let me walk you guys out, and I’ll give you the gift.

Tommy – I can’t say its from me I-

Vince – Yes you can, I’ll get him something else. Okay?

Tommy – Thanks man… Thanks so much.. for everything.

Vince – Its no problem.

Tatiana – This means so much Vince… from the bottom of my heart… thank you.

Vince – You’re welcome, and I’m glad he has you looking out for him… to make him better.

Tatiana – You see Tommy… you prayed and look what happened.

Vince – Prayed?

Tommy – Oh, I go to church now. I decided to strengthen my relationship with the man upstairs bro.

Vince – That’s great Tommy *smiles*

I walked them out, and I gave Tommy the gift. I called Cashmere, and told her everything and she was fine with it. She said… “Maybe Richie, Tommy Jr. and I can co-exist with Tommy, and his new girlfriend. One big happy family” I told her… anything is possible. I really can’t believe Tommy showed up here, It seemed like me accepting his apology was something he really needed. He has a great support system with that Tatiana woman, he’s getting a Job, and he’s obeying his probationary rules. Make no mistake about it, I’m still really upset with him, but at the end of the day.. who are we without forgiveness? Good luck to him though. Josh will forgive him I know, Issac and Jordan?…..I don’t see it happening.

The day was almost over, and I had to meet up with Justin. I had hoped forgiveness was on the menu, but who knows…

Justin – You keep looking at your cellular phone.

Vince – Yeah…..

Justin – Are you waiting for someone to ring ya?

Vince – That or a text message…

Justin – From ya darlin’?- Kokoro?

Vince – Yeah.

Justin – Hmm… I’m sure it will be fine.

Vince – Yeah, you could be right. Anyway let me just pay attention to one thing at a time. How are you doing?

Justin – Umm… I guess I’m doin’ okay.

Vince – Just Okay? come on.. what is it that you’re not telling me?

Justin – I met a girl.

Vince – Really?

Justin – Yeah, her name is Willa, and turns out she’s from Texas too. She’s here visiting family.

Vince – That’s awesome. Where did you meet?

Justin – At the grocery store, isn’t that  random?

Vince – Not really, when I was single… I met alot of eager women at the grocery store.

Justin – She has a Son… and doesn’t want anymore kids.. which is great if we pursue a relationship.

Vince – Why?

Justin – Because I can’t have children remember?

Vince – Right- right. I’m sorry.

Justin – Don’t be… I don’t see it as a big deal. I like to think of it… as the path set before me. Its alright, I know there’s a plan for me.

Vince – I’m sorry about everything.

Justin – No need to apologize again brother. The message on my phone was good enough. I forgive you. I just feel bad that my actions ruffled Kokoro’s feathers.

Vince – Its not your fault.. its something that was bound to happen- but anyway.. everything’s good between us right?

Justin – You betcha.

Vince – Good, because now we can hangout and I can show you some hidden gem’s in the city. This one place I’ve been dying to take you to its-

Justin – About that…

Vince – What?

Justin – Well… I’m not staying.

Vince – What do you mean?

Justin – I’m going back to Texas.. with Willa- Well let me rephrase that. I was always planning on going back, but Willa came into my life and everything just made sense.

Vince – What about your job?

Justin – Mia will understand. She’s the one who said I should do what’s best for me.

Vince – ……You didn’t get to meet my friends.

Justin – Never say never brother… I’ll be back one day. Who know’s what’s instore for me.

Vince – The selfish part of me… is mad at you.

Justin – It just means you care.

Vince – I do……

Justin – *smiles*

Vince – The logical part of me understands… I want you to be happy.

Justin – Thanks, I want you to be happy too.

Vince – Come here

Justin – Is this when we hug or somethin’?

Vince – You betcha

Justin – *laugh*

Vince – You came into my life, at a time when I was having major trust issues…

Justin – I’m aware

Vince – Thank you.. for being something real in my life.

Justin – Thank you for accepting me with open arms. I was worried you wouldn’t want to have anything to do with me.

Vince – That’s not the type of person I am.

Justin – You’re a good person Vincent.

Vince – ….You know what?…… I am.

Justin – Good.. you should believe it.

Vince – *smirks* So umm… You tell Vanessa you’re leaving?

Justin – About Vanessa…. She’s been a lil’ bit odd these days. Her and that woman she’s with.. Quinn. So I don’t think I’ll be calling her up. Can you tell her?

Vince – *laugh* No problem.

Justin and I had a few drinks, and then ordered some food. It was fun hanging out with him, I’m really going to miss him. Its crazy to me.. The brother that I didn’t know existed, has had such an impact on me. I really didn’t want him to go, but it wasn’t my choice. He wanted to go, and I know that’s what would make him happy. Justin taught me how to trust again. I thank him for that, and while I may be losing one brother… I always have three more who will always have my back.


I drove home… and Kokoro was waiting at the door for me… please tell me this is good news. I don’t want to believe that its bad. What if she says she’s leaving me?

Kokoro – Hi….

Vince – Hey….

Kokoro – So… umm

Vince – Is this where you break up with me?

Kokoro – Why?

Vince – Because you deserve better…

Kokoro – We can talk about that in a bit…. but we have company…

Vince – What? who?

Kokoro – You should take a look for yourself…. I invited them over…

Vince – Them? as in more than one person?

Kokoro – Yeah….

Vince – ………

What the f**k…. this cannot be happening….

Kokoro – I needed to talk with them.. I needed to know things, and come to an understanding.. I found out alot.

Mia – …….Hello Vince.

Liana – Hi Vince…

Vince – ……….Hi……….

Mia – Kokoro called us over…

Liana – We all sat down and talked..

Vince – About me…

Mia – Right.

Vince – So… what is this?

Liana – Its my confession to Kokoro, that I’ve always cared about you, and I was lonely.. upset about your relationship status, what’s going on with my sister… I tried to find comfort in you, and it was wrong. You never once flirted with me, and I basically pushed a vulnerable man into a corner. You’re not 100% innocent obviously… but I wouldn’t put the blame on you.. I shouldn’t have seduced you. You’re really happy and in love… I shouldn’t have ever tried to come between that.

Vince – …….Thank you….

Liana – No problem.

Vince – I’m sorry about yelling at you.. I was angry at what you had done, but more angry at myself for slipping up. I’m also sorry that you have to deal with Briana.. I don’t know what’s wrong with her, but I know it can’t be easy for you.. Especially with the custody thing. I know you raised Tyler, and he’s like your son.. so… trust me.. I get it.

Liana – *smiles* Thanks for understanding, and thank’s for giving me a recommendation to that art company in Bridgeport. Its a better fit, and I really like it there.

Mia – As for me… I explained everything to Kokoro, that there’s nothing going on between us. That you love her, and I’m a thing of the past. I also explained to her that you were right, and had every intention on stopping me from hurting you through Justin. Obviously I stopped on my own, because I knew it was wrong. I saw you grow as a person, and It was time that I did too. I guess everyone matures at different times, seeing you become a good person…. made me want to be a good person. So I thank you for that. You’re not the bad guy that you think you are Vince… You’re allowed to make mistakes. Don’t wait till you’re old like me… still maturing, alone… sad.. Just… don’t be like me.

Vince – Mia… You’re not a bad person either… a bad person wouldn’t know they had to change.. so just like I’ve grown.. you can too. Its not too late.

Mia – *smiles* I’ll be okay.. Sasha and I are going to take a trip to India.. a… “Eat Pray Love” trip… Its our favorite book. The movie sucked… but we love the book.

Vince – I hope you guys grow, and have a great time.

Mia – Thanks.

Mia – You two have a goodnight.

Liana – *smiles*

Mia – Liana you want to come with me to the bar? Michelle’s working tonight, and you can drink on the house if you want.

Liana – That’s nice of you Mia, but I need to get home, and get Briana ready for the custody hearing in the morning.

Mia – I’ll drive you home.

Liana – That’s all the way in GloCity

Mia – Its okay.

Liana – Thank you.

Mia – Maybe me being nice, will give me good karma.

Liana – *laugh* maybe.

Vince – ….Hmm..

Kokoro – That was informative…

Vince – ….Yeah…

Kokoro – I guess now its my turn….

Vince – Wait… please… I promise… I won’t give into temptation, It was one slip up with Liana. I promise I will tell you everything… that anytime I’m stuck with a decisions I’ll talk to you about it first… I won’t just rush into things, and make mistakes.. I- Just … give me a chance.. don’t break up with me.

Kokoro – …..I was never going to break up with you Vince…. You know sometimes I forget that I’m your first serious girlfriend. Fights don’t mean the end babe… I just needed time to deal with… things. I adore you, and you’re growth is part of the reason I’m in love with you.

Vince – I love you too.

Kokoro – After everything you and I have been through… Do you honestly think I’d just up and leave you? I couldn’t fathom the thought.

Vince – I’m so happy to hear you say that.

Kokoro – Its been a long week or whirlwind emotions.. I’m glad we’re okay.

Vince – Me too.

Kokoro – By the way…

Vince – Yeah?

Kokoro – You’re siblings… they both contacted me.

Vince – Justin and Vanessa?- why?

Kokoro – Well Justin sent me flowers, and thanked me for my hospitality. Said he was going back to Texas, and that you, and I will always have a place in his heart. He said he may come back one day.

Vince – Aww

Kokoro – I like Justin alot.. I’m sad he’s leaving.

Vince – Me too…

Kokoro – Oh and Vanessa called… she asked me to lunch.. well she asked if you and I would come to lunch, that she had an announcement.

Vince – What did you say?

Kokoro – I told her we’ll see her there.

Vince – I bet Quinn will be there.

Kokoro – I don’t doubt it…

Vince – Enough about them…. Did I tell you how much I love you?

Kokoro – Nope *smiles*

Vince – I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove you… *laugh*

Kokoro – I love you too Vincent McDonald. Also I’m glad I was angry at you…

Vince – What? why?

Kokoro – Because…. It showed me how much I really do care about you…

Vince – *smiles*

What a night….. and whoa.. come to think of it.. Cashmere was right. She said it could be a good day, and it really was. I have my new assistant Ja’bon who’s a hard worker, and seems like a good guy. Cashmere and Tommy Jr. are really happy. Tommy came back and seems to be doing great. I fixed things with Justin, though I’m sad that he’s leaving- and finally.. Kokoro know’s everything. I’m really happy she took the time to talk with Liana and Mia.. 

Liana didn’t have to say those things, but it goes to show you that she’s changed. She was a bit immature, and bitchy back in the day.. I think her nephew Tyler coming into her life changed the way she thinks about things. I hope everything works out for her, and Briana’s crazy ass.

Mia… I can’t help but feel sorry for her. She’s obviously sad, and lonely.. but she does have her daughter. Sasha may be alot of things, but she’s never been a b***h to her mother. I’m sure the trip to India that they’re taking will put things into perspective for them. I know they’ll be alright… everyone, and everything is alright in time.

Most of all I’m just thankful to have my baby back. I’m so in love with this girl its crazy. You and I both know… its all new for me. She came into my life like a thunderstorm, made it rain, and caused havoc to my very existence. Then after the rain cleared… that’s when the flowers started to bloom.. and now.. everything is perfect. As f**ked up as it was.. I’m grateful that Vanessa put Kokoro into my life… *laugh* Can you imagine… our future kids asking us “Daddy, Mommy How’d you guys meet?!” I couldn’t tell them well son-or daughter… “Mommy tried to sue daddy for sexual harrasment, and its all because of Aunt Vanessa.” *laugh* Guess we should think of some cliche to tell them.

Maybe I can say we met in Paris or something… anywho.. I have to “Do Sex” as Mr Josh Folland would say. Then I need to get some sleep, its been a long day. Oh crap.. and I have to have lunch with my sister tomorrow.

The next morning I woke up, and really thought about calling Vanessa and canceling.. but.. She is my sister, and I should always support her.. So Kokoro and I went and met up with her…………………………and Quinn.

Quinn – The sky, and the ocean are both blue, so I said… Quinn… You are one with the universe. So I did it.. I have blue hair, I feel so liberated.

Vanessa – Quinn convinced me to go bold with my hair!

Quinn – Yes! she went from blonde… to the darkside!

Vince – ….Yes…. yes she did go to the darkside…

Kokoro – ……..So.. what was the announcement you had?

Quinn – Oh! Tell them V!

Vanessa – Well… Quinn and I are getting married!

Quinn – Bless it be!

Vince – …………..

Kokoro – Married?

Quinn – Yes… you know what that is right?

Kokoro – Excuse me?

Quinn – Were you born here?

Kokoro – Wow…. On that note I’m going to excuse myself to the ladies room.

Vince – Vanessa you’re getting married?

Vanessa – Isn’t it exciting?

Vince – Its something…

Quinn – We want you and Kokoro to be in the wedding.

Vanessa – Please say yes.

Hell no…….

Vince – You’re my sister.. so of course…

Quinn – It was meant to be.

Vanessa – The wind agree’s Quinn.

Quinn – You felt that swift breeze too?

Vanessa – I did!

What the f**k?

Quinn – This is amazing.

Vanessa – Its love Vince.. when you know.. you just know.

As I sat there listening to Vanessa and Quinn talk about their plans to get married in a forest, I got a text from Kokoro…

Vince – I thought you were to the ladies room?

Kokoro – Oh I was… then I snuck out…

Vince – Everything okay?

Kokoro – No.. its not. Those two b***hes are looney… and I know Vanessa’s your sister but-

Vince – Oh no! I agree with you! Quinn said something about white cloths and mud, for all the bridesmaids.. What the hell is she smoking?

Kokoro – I wouldn’t be surprised if she was constantly smoking weed Vince..

Vince – *laugh* 

Kokoro – I couldn’t listen to that crap… I had to get out of there.

Vince – So what’s the plan?

Kokoro – theirs a Gelato shop up the street.. lets go there for a snack.

Vince – Okay.

Kokoro – Vince…

Vince – Yeah babe?

Kokoro – I’m glad we’re normal people…

Vince – So am I…

Kokoro – Umm..

Vince – What?

Kokoro – I’m really sick of Bridgeport…

Vince – You want to move?

Kokoro – Maybe… but that’s not where this is headed. I’m just sick of superficial.. dumb people… I want a break from Bridgeport.

Vince – Okay?

Kokoro – Two days ago Issac called me, He was trying to get me to forgive you

Vince – Of course…

Kokoro – He mentioned a trip… I want to go.

Vince – Umm- Sure.. we can go.. Do you know where he wants to go?

Kokoro – All I know is, Josh is depressed and doesn’t know if he wants to go, and Jordan & Gabrielle….. He hasn’t asked them yet.

Vince – Well we’re in.

Kokoro – Well so far its Issac & Kaitlyn, Michelle & Some new boyfriend named Matt-

Vince – And Us.

Kokoro – Yes.

Vince – We deserve a nice fun trip.

Kokoro – We do.

Vince – Things worked out.

Kokoro – Of course they did…

Vince – The universe wanted it to.

Kokoro – Oh no… Quinn’s infected you.

Vince – *laugh*

Kokoro – That b***h is weird….

Vince – I agree… Lets get out of here before they realize we’re gone.

Kokoro – Smart idea- Oh and about the trip… I don’t want them showing up.. so if Vanessa ask.. just make up a lie or something..

Vince – Way ahead of you..

Kokoro and I went to get Gelato, and then went on a nice walk on the beach. After that we went and hung out with Kaitlyn and Issac to talk more about the Trip. The four of us talked about Josh, and Jordan.. Oh and Gabrielle too. Those three are the ones we worry about not wanting to go. Hopefully they’ll agree to come, and we all have a great time. Its funny… I really feel like my life has come full circle… I’m really happy.. and it scares me.. I’m worried about what’s next. I don’t know if I should be or not.. Maybe I’m just self-sabotaging myself …. Things are looking up, no point in me looking down…

~End of Chapter Five- Pt 3~



  1. Whew! Yay!! Kokoro forgave Vince! 😀 *cheers*. I’m glad, they’re a cute couple. Kokoro is funny too; I don’t blame her for making a run for it. Vanessa and Quin are nuts lol. Wow I wasn’t expecting to see Tommy again. Ugh. It’s nice that Vince forgave him but I just couldn’t trust him again after all he’s done. Great job as always and I’m looking forward to the next one!!

    1. I really do love them as a couple as well, and omg Vanessa and Quinn are crazy but as evil as they are, its hilarious to write some of the the dialogue for them. As far as Tommy goes, Vince really doesn’t know how to feel about him.. however considering where Vince was in his life in that moment.. he didn’t want to be a hypocrite, and dismiss the ability for one to change. Has Tommy changed?… who knows lol.

      Thanks for reading and commenting! also hope you got around okay, I’m still trying to make the homepage more organized 🙂

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