[B2M Season3] Chapter 5 : “Brand New Eyes” Pt 1 [POV Issac]


***POV = Point Of View. That person will narrate the story.***

~Disclaimer : This story features mature language. Most Profanity & Other unsuitable words will be blanked out with “***”  This is a heads up for any cautious readers~

If somebody would have told me that I’d be a model….. I would have laughed at them, and called them a liar. Modeling is something I never thought I’d like but… you know what? I do now, I actually seem to enjoy it. Which is crazy…. cause its just not something I saw for myself.

Vince – Alright hold that pose.

Incase you don’t recognize the beautiful woman to my right, that’s Gabrielle. She and I are helping each other with our portfolio’s. We’re posing together, and separately. Gabrielle says its important to have many different looks in our books, so the agencies can see how versatile you are. She told me that I inspired her to get back into modeling.

Before she was a bit heavier, so she did plus-sized modeling. Now that she’s lost so much weight, she’s worried that she may not have what it takes to be a quote “Normal Model” I think she looks great. Vince says the pictures are looking great so I guess we’ll just have to trust him *laugh* He’s been really stressed out, but still agreed to help Gabrielle and I. Which I really appreciate.

Oh… I guess I should address the elephant in the room. Yes…. I’m blonde now. My agent says this look is what’s in, and more profitable. So I’m going with it, besides I’ve never been one to fuss over my hair. I’ve worn it messy, I’ve shaved it off…. oh and lets not forget about my druggy euro blonde-rainbow hair I had previously to running into Kaitlyn. Hair is hair.. I go with the flow. Do you guys like it?

Vince – Head to the left.. just a tad bit…. THERE… hold that!

Gabrielle – Wow, you look really sexy Issac. Why didn’t you model before?

Issac – I didn’t think it was for me?

Vince – Well it is, the camera loves you.

Gabrielle – Amazing features, nice body. You have what it takes.

Issac – So do you.

Gabrielle – Aw… well.. I don’t know. I-

Vince – You have everything else Gab, you just need confidence.

Issac – Which…. I’m sure isn’t hard to have these days….ain’t that right??

Vince – *laugh*

Gabrielle – What?- Oh… You guys are stupid..

Vince – Bout time you and Jordan came to your senses.

Issac – I know right? Even my dad was happy for you and Jordan.

Gabrielle – Really?

Issac – Yeah, I mean.. we’ve been talking about alot of stuff lately.. its… different *laugh*

Vince – Well that’s good to hear Issac. You guys are improving your relationship.

Gabrielle – That’s so cute!

Issac – I guess so…. I mean its really odd but we even talked about Riley.

Gabrielle – Oh?

Vince – Really?

Issac – Yeah.. he told me that if I’m gonna talk about it so much, I might as well do something about it. I told him theirs nothing I can do…

Vince – …..

Gabrielle – …..Umm… Don’t give up.

Vince – ….Sometimes things don’t happen when you want them to. Then out of nowhere it comes to you..

Issac – Maybe, but I’m just gonna focus on keeping Kaitlyn in high spirits, and my new career.

Gabrielle – So that’s it? you’re just going to throw yourself into work and not fight for him?- I cannot believe I’m saying you should fight for….Riley!… Wow.

Vince – I’m currently throwing myself into work also, so I can’t be a hypocrite and tell you what to do..

Issac – I’m not really trying to think about Riley, I don’t want to be some sad sap… and Vince, you and Kokoro need to just work things out already. We’re all expecting you to have kids first, and have a huge wedding!

Vince – Why me?

Issac – A year ago I NEVER would have said that, but things change. You and Koko have everything that everyone would want.

Gabrielle – I gotta agree with Issac.

Vince – She’s come home a few times, for more clothes. However she still goes back to the Hotel… She says she doesn’t want to talk right now.

Issac – That sucks…

Gabrielle – Give her a few days, she’ll come around.

Vince – I don’t want to talk about it anymore guys… but thanks for caring.

Gabrielle – Well we’re always going to be here for you Vince.

Issac – Need anything just let us know.

Vince – Thanks. Now…. about you two. Issac, what do you want with Riley? like in a perfect world. and Gabrielle.. when the hell are you going to talk to Josh? You’re good with everyone except him. Why?

Gabrielle – Umm

Issac – ………..

Gabrielle – Well.. Josh and I were the closest out of all of you. When the situation took place, I felt like the fat girl, that got rejected because a pretty girl showed up. A pretty girl that was once my friend. Don’t hate me for saying this but I feel like Josh doesn’t take responsibility for the whole Sasha thing. He liked her too, which means I clearly wasn’t doing something right. That whole situation made me feel a certain way about myself, and after our blowup at the Twin’s (Tru & Skye) Birthday party, I want to take my time and figure out what exactly to say to him. Does that make sense?

Issac – How do you feel about what’s going on with him and Sasha right now?

Gabrielle – Its not my business, but…. I will say this. If he stays with her… good, they worked it out. If they breakup, I hope to god he doesn’t go jumping into another relationship so soon…

Its a pattern Josh is known for…

Issac – I get what you mean… everything you said makes sense. You guys just need to sit down and talk.

Vince – ….Do you plan on talking to him soon?

Gabrielle – Yes.

Vince – Good, now Issac.. are you going to answer my question?

Issac – Nah, I’m good *smirk*

Gabrielle – Stubborn much?

Vince – C’mon dude.. just answer it…

Issac – …….Heh… Its stupid..

Gabrielle – I’m sure its not… you can tell us, nobody in this room can judge anyone else.

Issac – Vince did you hire, a new assistant to replace Liana yet?

Vince – Interviews tomorrow- wait don’t change the subject!

Gabrielle – Look… there’s nothing wrong with being in love. It doesn’t make you weak, just because you have these feelings.

Vince – Gabby’s right.

Issac – ……Umm- Is that a wig?

Gabrielle – Issac- I’m wearing contacts, 10 pounds of makeup and yes “a wig” My real hair is so damaged so I’m going to get my hair done in the next few days, now stop changing the subject.

Issac – Why do you guys want me to even talk about this?

Vince – It’ll do you some good to say it outloud.

Gabrielle – Bottling things up doesn’t help anyone or anything babe…

Issac – Fine…. umm.

Vince – ……..

Gabrielle – Go on…

Issac – Okay so like… in a “Perfect World” I guess- Well Kaitlyn’s happiness matters alot so I’d want her happy first.

Gabrielle – Aww…

Vince – While that’s sweet, and selfless of you… what about you? What do you want?

Issac – Well, I have a growing relationship with my father, I have a good career- I….. Why is this so hard for me to say?

Gabrielle – Issac have you ever been in love?

Issac – I thought so… I mean I cared alot about AJ, but I don’t think we were in love, and Kris.. I thought I loved him- but… the way I feel about Riley…. I haven’t felt that way before so…

Vince – So technically…. this-

Gabrielle – Is your first time being in love with someone..

Vince – Other than Josh.

Issac – *laugh* Shut up….

Gabrielle – *laugh*

Issac – I guess what I would want is this… An apartment or small house by the water, a dog and or cat……………and him. Everyday and everynight. Then we could just be happy- or some shit like that.. I don’t know- Lets change the subject.

Gabrielle – *smiles* I’m going to treat you guys to lunch how about that?

Issac – I wish I could, but I have to meet with my agent, and then Gavin for a potential shoot.

Vince – I’m free, and hungry.

Gabrielle – Okay then its just you and I Vince.

Vince – Fine by me, long as we talk about you and Jordan, and not Kokoro and I.

Gabrielle – Deal- though theirs not much to talk about.. I love him, and he loves me.

Too bad its not that simple for everyone…. and I know I had that little fight with Quinn, and gave that speech about not giving up on love blah blah blah, but she pissed me off… not to say that I am giving up on Riley, I just… Its really hard admitting my feeling. Like when you love someone you feel- well….. I feel… really vulnerable. I’m not used to that feeling at all. Obviously I still want to be with Riley but.. *sigh* Riley of all people.. can you believe this shit? like- dude… I’m in love with Riley Moss… what the hell.. *laugh* ah man… that is some crazy shit….

After I finished my shoot with Vince, I met up with Gavin, and my Agent. We discussed future projects, and my target demographic.. apparently I’m exactly the kind of guy “teenage girls lust after” Which is f***king funny considering I’m gay, but hey if teenage girls want to lust after me and buy magazines with me on it- making me rich? fine by me. My job is to look good, and umm.. I think I do a pretty good job of that- not to sound cocky or whatever… but yeah.

So after the meeting, Gavin and I went to get something to eat, He was in good spirits considering everything that had gone down within the past few weeks….. I’m glad Max Johnson’s in jail right now. Maybe he’ll get what he deserves, and someone will kick his ass while he’s in there.

Issac – Hey Gavin?

Gavin – Yeah?

Issac – Is it just me…. or was our Agent hitting on you?

Gavin – Was he?

Issac – He kept complimenting you on how well you’re “wearing those shorts”

Gavin – Oh my goodness… he did mention that a few times.

Issac – I thought he was straight, so I’m confused.

Gavin – Oh no, he’s defiantly gay…. I don’t know how you didn’t pick up on that.

Issac – My gaydar is busted.

Gavin – *laugh*…… I appriciate you Issac.

Issac – Huh?

Gavin – Well, You’ve done so much for me in such a short time, and I just really appreciate you as a friend.

Issac – No problem dude, I appreciate you too.

Gavin – This is rare.

Issac – What is?

Gavin – To have two attractive gay guys be friends… and they don’t hookup.

Issac – Is that really all that rare though?

Gavin – Yes.

Issac – I wouldn’t know, I-

Gavin – That’s right, you haven’t had many gay friends.

Issac – Right…. So umm *laugh* We have something pretty funny in common.

Gavin – What’s that?

Issac – We seem to like “straight” guys

Gavin – *laugh* Well their was that one guy in high school, and then Max Johnson for me, and then for you its Riley right?

Issac – Him, and My friend Josh. Though I’m not into Josh anymore.

Gavin – That’s- Holy shit!

Issac – What?

Gavin – Look! *points*

Issac – ……………

Gavin – Look! its us!

Issac – ……shit……. it is……

Gavin – You look like you just saw a ghost or something.

Issac – This is amazing..

My first initial reaction when I saw this was “I wish my mom were alive so she could see this…” I don’t exactly believe in Heaven or Hell, but if my Mother is “somewhere better” then I hope wherever she is, she can see this. I hope she’s proud of who I turned out to be.

Gavin – You’re first job, and you end up on a billboard- you lucky b***h you *laugh* My first modeling job was me in a McDonald’s outfit holding a big mac. It was a commercial.

Issac – I’m so grateful… This is all because of Kait.

Gavin – …….. Kaitlyn is a great person- oh and while we’re on the subject…. I want you to know that I don’t care about any tension between you and my sister. You’re my friend, and its going to stay that way.

Issac – I don’t hate Quinn, she just…

Gavin – She’s Quinn *laugh* I get it.

Issac – ….*smiles*

Gavin – Its soaking in huh?…. You’re on a billboard!

Issac – I know.. its… crazy…

Gavin – That shit cray-

Issac – What did you just say?

Gavin – Oh nothing, its this stupid song by Kanye West, and Jay-Z where they-

Issac – I know the song… You just made me think of someone.. who says that.. alot.

Gavin – ….Riley?- Oh my god you should bring him here! show him the billboard!

Issac – Umm…I told you.. he and I-

Gavin – Issac…. you love him. Go for it.

Issac – Its not that simple.

Gavin – Yes it is.

Issac – …….

Gavin – So what he has a baby on the way… You love him, and I’m sure a kid would not put some sort of damper on your feelings

Issac – I’ve always told him that I didn’t want kids though.

Gavin – Is that still the case?- I mean its not like you’re going to be the one taking care of it.

Issac – What the f**k would I even say to him?

Gavin – I don’t have the answer to that, but all things considered… life is too short to wonder what if. Look at you up there… I bet you never thought that would happen.

Issac – Right…

Gavin – So… go make something happen with Riley.

Issac – ……

Gavin – Go! go before it gets too dark.

Issac – …..Alright… Umm.. keep your phone on incase I need some support or something…

Gavin – Okay- and yay! you’re going after him, its so romantic!

Issac – What about you?

Gavin – After the B.S. with Max Johnson…. I’ve realized that I need to be single.. just for a while. The next time I ride a Johnson it won’t belong to Max-

Issac – That’s… gross *laugh* I just got it… His name is Max Johnson, which is basically… big cock. A Max Johnson = A big Cock.. Wow I’m slow, How is it that I never got that? *laugh* Which makes your joke funny- but still gross.

Gavin – I thought it was clever…

Issac – Eh it was..

Gavin – Stop stalling.. get out of here, and go get your guy.

Issac – I’m going- I’m going!

Gavin – Take the subway its quicker.

Issac – Alrighty.. I’ll call you.

Gavin – Okay *smiles* Good Luck!

I left Gavin, and I hurried to the subway. I figured I had nothing to lose so I was going to go see Riley, and hopefully the outcome would be something good.

Riley – Where are you going?!

Mira – Is it true?!

Riley – Where did you hear that?!

Mira – You told me, that you wanted to break up. I f**king asked you if their was somebody else, and you said no! I’m at the nail shop today with Chu Chu and Kris Harris is in there. He told me you were f**king Issac Bennett! A F**KING MAN?! A MAN?! A F**KING MAN RILEY?!

Riley – …..I’m not going to lie.

Mira – Maybe you should.

Riley – No, I’m not. I’m bisexual, and yeah.. Issac and I had something but that’s over. I picked you and the baby.

Mira – I’m still pissed off! You know Kris has a big ass mouth. He probably told everyone!

Riley – I don’t give a shit about what people think! not anymore! F**k them and their opinions!


Riley – ….. Mira I picked you… so just stop it.

Mira – NO!


Mira – I can’t believe you!

Riley – He-…. He didn’t mean anything to me!

Mira – I’m still going…

Riley – Do you want me to come with you to see the doctors?

Mira – Whatever.. just show up….

Riley – Will you calm down? shit! You ain’t gotta worry about me! I do what I want when I want! Now chill the f**k out.

Mira – You don’t understand! I’m bloated!, tired! my feet hurt!

Riley –

Mira – I need some rest Riley, I’ll see you in the morning.

So umm… this didn’t turn out so well…. Yeah… I’m hiding under the stairs…. Not my finest moment.

Riley – F**king shit……. I can’t believe Kris would- Actually no… I can… I’m not shocked. He’s such a little punk ass b***h…

I sat there… taking in everything I heard, and saw. I didn’t know when the right time was to come from under the stairs… Did I even want to? at this point I heard everything I needed to hear…. This was a mistake coming here…

Riley – *sigh*

Would he go inside already… 

Riley – I should punch Kris in the mouth for this shit…

Go in the house Riley….- Shit my leg is cramping… gotta get out…

Riley – Issac?

Issac – ……. I-

Riley – You’re blonde?

Issac – I shouldn’t have come here.

Riley – When did you- wait you’ve been under the stairs the whole time?

Issac – I walked up, and saw you guys fighting inside… she was walking towards to door, so I hid under the stairs…..

Riley – How much did you-

Issac – I heard everything.

Riley – I didn’t-

Issac – I came here… to umm… tell you I wanted to work things out…. but umm I changed my mind.

Riley – Why? because of what you heard me say? You know I lied to her right? You did mean something to me, you still do. I just had to say that so she’d calm down. She’s pregnant, and stress isn’t something she should be going through. I read in the book about pregnant women that they shouldn’t-

Issac – That… that’s why I changed my mind. You’re so… invested, and you should be. She’s carrying your kid.

Riley – Issac don’t…. You know how I feel about you bro, don’t make it sound like- like I’m just-

Issac – Its okay, this isn’t your fault. I shouldn’t have came here, then I wouldn’t have heard what I heard- or saw what I saw.

Riley – Its really hard seeing you right now, because you know that I wanted this. I wanted this between us to work.

Issac – And it can’t…. Not right now atleast.

Riley – …What does that mean?

Issac – I don’t know, but.. you have a goodnight.. I’m going to go.

Riley – Atleast come inside.. I can order some food, and we can talk.

Issac – Nah, I’m okay. You just keep doing what you’re doing. Its the right thing to do.

Riley – What about us?

Issac – ….*shrugs* It was fun while it lasted eh?

Riley – Don’t say that… don’t say shit like that. You know damn well it wasn’t some sort of f**king fun fling or whatever. Why can’t you just be hurt, and express that?

Issac – YOU KNOW WHY! You know everything, you know how my growing up effected me, and how it made me with emotions. So don’t stand there and ask me a dumb question like that dude.

Riley – …….Just know that I l-

Issac – Don’t say that- that makes it worse. I’m going… you should go inside.

Riley – …..

I know Riley didn’t mean what he said to Mira, but it still hurt hearing him say it. I realized how much he’s thrown himself into the pregnancy with Mira. He’s with her, he’s reading books… he’s doing the right thing. I can’t and won’t breakup a happy-… a- Umm… A family. I can’t do that. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be anyway. Doesn’t mean I’m going to be sad or anything. I have alot going for me. You can’t have everything at once….

Cat – MEOW!

Issac – Stupid cat… a black cat at that. Like I need bad luck.

Cat – Meow!

Issac – What do you want?!- ……..hmmm… *takes out cellphone*

Maybe coming to GloCity isn’t going to be a waste of time after all…

Issac – Gavin?

Phone – Yeah? How did-

Issac – Where does your sister live?

Phone – You want my sister’s address?

Issac – Yeah.

Phone – Why?

Issac – I could lie to you, but I’m not going to do that.

Phone – Things didn’t go so well with Riley….did they?

Issac – No… but umm.. I want Quinn address.

Phone – Why? I mean I don’t want anything-

Issac – Its fine that Quinn wants to distance herself from Kaitlyn, but She’s not getting the f**king cat.

Phone – ….*sigh* ………………………..

Issac – If you don’t want to give me the address I understand.

Phone – ….1149 Ames Road….. and I’m only doing this because I agree with you. Kaitlyn should keep the cat.

Issac – Thanks.

Phone – Keep it classy, and just don’t tell her I gave you the-

Issac – I’m going to tell her someone at the hospital gave it to me, I’ll make up a lie, don’t worry.

Phone – Okay.. call me later, I’ll be awake.

Issac – Okay… and thanks again.

No point in everyone being unhappy. Its the little things that matter right?

I went to Quinn’s place, and who opened the door?………………Vanessa. Classy… real classy.

Vanessa – Issac! You’re blonde!?

Issac – …… Ummm yeah…

Vanessa – Did you need to speak with Quinn or something?

Issac – ………..

Vanessa – Oh sorry, pardon my tits….

Issac – ….Yeah, so umm.. where’s Quinn?

Vanessa – She’s around, how can we help you?

Issac – I’d rather speak with her…

Vanessa – Issac…. honey….. this is my home too.

What the hell?

Issac – You live here now?

Vanessa – Yes…

Issac – Wow… you truly are a grade a b***h aren’t you?

Vanessa – Excuse me?

Issac – You just tossed Michelle out for what? for Quinn?

Vanessa – It was written in the stars.

Issac – You can buy all the designer clothes you want, live in the biggest homes, but you can’t buy class… I see that now.

Vanessa – I can buy anything I desire… no need to be jealous. Its just the way the Universe works.

Issac – You sound like Quinn… heh…. I’m not shocked. You’ve never had a mind of your own.

Vanessa – Awww and you’ve never had a mother… so what’s your point?

Low blow..

Issac – I had a mother, and she loved me, You?…. you never had friends… you never had class.. you used money for everything. You even stabbed your own twin in the back for cash. I’ve known you forever, and I’ve always thought you were misguided… turns out………..you’re just a cunt. *smiles*

Vanessa – Vince and I are past our issues, you think bringing that up will hurt me?

Issac – Do you think saying I’m motherless will hurt me? cause it won’t. You’re so stupid… both of your parents died… you know what its like. So for you to use that against me is just pathetic.

Vanessa – You attack me, I attack you.. simple as that.

Quinn – Babe? who you talking to?

Vanessa – Issac is here….. for what reason I don’t know nor do I care….

Quinn – My dear Issac.. my sweet sweet Issac. How can I help you?

Issac – Umm I don’t mean to interupt the pajama party but I-

Quinn – Ooooh I can sense your aura…. No need to be so negative dear. I don’t hold a grudge from our past encounter, and neither should you. The Universe is full of mystery and wonder, we are so small.. things do not matter such as…..*laugh* When its blue its blue…………do you feel my energy trying to connect with yours?

Issac – I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Quinn – You’re mind isn’t ready…. its okay. In due time.

I don’t get it.. how the f**k could Kaitlyn date this chick? she’s nuts!

Issac – Quinn, I’m here to-

Quinn – How did you know where I live?

Issac – The Universe told me.

Quinn – Was that an attempt at humor? You failed miserably.

Issac – I asked someone at the hospital, and they gave it to me.

Vanessa – Those dumb f**ks…. When I’m not there to keep them in check, they do foolish things.

Quinn – Do not blame yourself Vanessa. Their actions belong to them, they will understand the errors of their ways someday.

Vanessa – You’re right sweetheart.

Issac – Okay! anyway- I’m here to get Mr Wiggles.

Vanessa – Who?!

Quinn – The Cat

Issac – “The Cat”? Show’s how much you care about him.

Quinn – Why should I give you the cat?

Issac – His name is Mr Wiggles.

Quinn – I’m fully aware of his name Issac.

Issac – Honestly I don’t even care to have this conversation with you. I’m leaving with Mr Wiggles one way or another.

Vanessa – Oooh someone needs anger managment.

Issac – ……Uh…. no?

Quinn – Fine take the cat.

Vanessa – Really?

Quinn – This new journey in our lives… shouldn’t be connected to past traumas and dramas. Kaitlyn wasn’t worth my love, or time. She was a terrible person.

Issac – She had every right to be! You treated her like shit! She never deserved that you self-help book robot! You clearly have issues!

Quinn – tsk tsk tsk….. You are one with the negative force.

Vanessa – I agree with you Quinn, we need something new.

Quinn – Which is why we’re going to find a new place! just for us!

Vanessa – I’ll have my real estate agent in Bridgeport look something up for us!

Quinn – You have a real estate agent?? Would her name happen to be Aimee?

Vanessa – Yes? do you know her?

Quinn – She does home interior, and real estate. She’s a lesbian too…. We will not be using her. I’ve heard terrible terrible things about that woman. My ex co-worker at the Bridgeport hospital used her.. No.. we cannot use her.

Vanessa – Oh that’s fine. We shouldn’t have someone with such negative energy helping us anyway.

Quinn – You see the light, so beautiful.

Vanessa – Awww


While they spoke about this Aimee woman, I grabbed Mr Wiggles. Clearly they didn’t care.

Issac – I’m going to get out of here…

Quinn – This shall be the last time you visit my home. You are a negative entity… begone.

Vanessa – *smiles*

Issac – You obviously didn’t need Mr Wiggles in the first place. You seem to have a new p***y to play with anyway.

Vanessa – *gasp*

Quinn – Do not be alarmed by his foul mouth. He’s a suffering soul…. his actions are clearly reactions of failed actions.

Issac – Hey Quinn… I’m proud of my actions. I have a great job, amazing friends

Vanessa – ………..

Issac – And….. My self-worth. I don’t have to validate any of that to you though.. you guys have a good night filled with Universe blessed love making and what not!

Quinn – Why thank you.

Vanessa – That was sarcasm…

Quinn – I know… He think’s he’s witty.

Issac – Nah.. I’m just me, and you’re just you.

Vanessa – …….*rolls eyes*

Quinn – Have fun with Mr Wiggles Issac, tell Kaitlyn I said hello.

Issac – Die in a fire.

I walked away….. then I realized something. I clearly hadn’t thought this all the way through… How was I going to get Mr Wiggles home?…

Kaitlyn – Issac what- Oh my god…..

Issac – Surprise.

Kaitlyn – How did you-

Issac – I make magic happen.

The look on her face….

Kaitlyn – Oh My God! Mr Wiggles!

Issac – He’s home, and not going anywhere.

Kaitlyn – But your car?… it never left the driveway.. how did you get him?

Issac – Long story… but umm.. I can say that I’m quite itchy.

Kaitlyn – Oh no!

Issac – I hid Mr Wiggles in my shirt on the subway. I don’t think Quinn gave him a bath in a while.

Kaitlyn – Oh my god… thank you so much.

Issac – You’re so very welcome milady *smiles*

Kaitlyn – You really are my bestfriend.

Issac – You’re my bestfriend too Kaitlyn. I love you, and I don’t ever want to see you hurt.

Kaitlyn – That goes both ways….

Issac – It better *wink*

Kaitlyn – I’m still getting used to the blonde.

Issac – You don’t like it?

Kaitlyn – No you’re still as handsome as ever, its just different.

Issac – So… what have you been up to?

Kaitlyn – I had a visitor believe it or not.

Issac – Who?

Kaitlyn – ….Gavin *smiles*

Issac – Really?

Kaitlyn – He brought me food, and we talked. He told me that he still wants to be my friend, and he hopes Quinn and I’s history doesn’t affect that.

Issac – What did you say?

Please give him a chance.

Kaitlyn – I asked myself WWID?

Issac – What?

Kaitlyn – What would Issac do?

Issac – *laugh*

Kaitlyn – I told him I want to be his friend. That while I’m still hurt because of things with Quinn, I won’t take it out on him.

Issac – *grabs Kaitlyn to hug her*

Kaitlyn – What this for?

Issac – For growing, for being better. For just being Kaitlyn Good.

Kaitlyn – Thank you *laugh* I owe it all to you.

Issac – Nah…. you did it on your own. I was just here to-

Kaitlyn – To help.

Issac – Maybe a little.

Kaitlyn – Stop being so stubborn… accept it Issac. You helped me, and I love you for it.

Issac – Okay okay.

Kaitlyn – So… How cool do you feel? Gavin told me about the billboard.

Issac – Umm.. Its cool…

Kaitlyn – …..c’mon

Issac – Okay.. Its pretty f**king awesome *laugh*

Kaitlyn – It is! and you deserve all the success that comes your way.

Issac – Thanks Kait.

Kaitlyn – I can’t believe its almost 9.

Issac – Is it? damn.. I forgot to eat dinner.

Kaitlyn – Oh I can make you something, while I get Mr Wiggles ready for a bath.

Issac – Thanks Kait.

Kaitlyn – Ready for a bath Mr Wiggles?!

Issac – ……Kaitlyn…

Kaitlyn – Yeah?

Issac – We should get out of here.

Kaitlyn – What? you’re scaring me

Issac – No I mean like.. out of the City.

Kaitlyn – Want to go to GloCity?

Issac – No, I want a break from all things Bridgeport, and GloCity. I want to go somewhere.

Kaitlyn – Well.. I do have vacation days saved up…

Issac – Would you be okay going somewhere with my friends?

Kaitlyn – I’m a bit shy but why not? I have to break out of my shell someday right?

Issac – I wonder if everyone would want to go.

Kaitlyn – Where would we go?

Issac – Hmm… Good question.

What a day what a day…… It was for sure one to remember. It started off well. Gabrielle and I did our modeling things. I hung out with Gavin.. still can’t believe I’m on a billboard. That was the highlight of the day for sure. Then the Riley thing… I-…. I don’t want to talk about Riley right now…. I’m going to eat, shower, then close my eyes and rest for another day. Its been real.. Goodnight.

~End of Chapter Five- Pt 1~



  1. I want more!! This one was too good! I don’t know where to begin! First off I loved that billboard photo of Issac and Gavin! Those two were lookin’ so hot!! There was a lot of epic scenes in this one but the most epic would have to be Issac under those stairs XD. I don’t know why that was so funny to me lol. But blah I could really feel the disappointment he felt. He just can’t get the one he wants no matter how hard he tries. That whole conversation with him and Riley was so sad. I wanted to cry. On a lighter note, I thought it was hilarious when Issac called Quinn a self-help book robot XD. That was the best! She is one loony girl. And hurray for Mr. Wiggles! He belongs with Kaitlyn and not that nut job Quinn. It was really sweet of Issac to get him back. One more thing, the blonde actually looks good on Issac 😀

  2. Your comments always put a smile on my face. I’m really happy you enjoy the story so much. I was really hesitant about putting blonde hair on Issac, especially because it was a really light blonde, but It really looks good on him like you said 😛

    Thanks for reading/commenting! Expect Josh POV soon 🙂

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