[B2M Season3] Chapter 4 : “You… Featuring Me” Pt 4 [POV Jordan]


***POV = Point Of View. That person will narrate the story.***

~Disclaimer : This story features mature language. Most Profanity & Other unsuitable words will be blanked out with “***”  This is a heads up for any cautious readers~

So… I’m on lunchbreak from work, and I get a call from Skye. Connor ran away. He found out the truth about his Dad being… dead. So everyone is here trying to figure out where he could have gone. I’m here, with Sean, and Connor’s friend-girl?- Girlfriend?- I don’t know if they’re dating, but his classmate Mallory is here too.  Tru and Skye are freaking out, as they should be.. he can be anywhere.

Its crazy.. is everyone dealing with drama? before I left work, I was having a conversation via text with Vince. He’s a mess right now, and he’s scared his relationship with Kokoro is over. Am I pissed at Liana for doing what she did? yes, but Vince is a grown ass man.. he shouldn’t have taken bait. I’m not going to punish Liana and take away her right of seeing her nephew just because of all of this.. Two different situations. I will have a talk with her though. Anyway I should probably pay attention to what everyones talking about.

Tru – I came home for lunch, and I caught Connor and Mallory on the couch-

Skye – Having sex?!

Mallory – NO! We were just… kissing…

Jordan – Why weren’t you guys at school?

Mallory – Connor- Hmm… well he’d hate me for telling you guys…

Skye – What’s wrong with my son?!

Sean – Honey.. relax…

Skye – Don’t say a word… this is your fault!

Tru – No its yours! Do NOT blame Sean!

Skye – …..

Mallory – This boy is bullying Connor, and Connor hates being at school because of it.. so he wanted to cut class today, and convinced me to come with him. He didn’t think anyone would come home for lunch so-

Sean – He’s being bullied? why didn’t he tell us?

Jordan – Hmm… So what else-

Tru – Well… I was upset that they cut school.. but I decided to make them some food…. Connor got a call on his phone.

Skye – My phone accidentally called his… I was in the car with Sean, and we were fighting.

Jordan – About what?

Sean – About telling Connor the truth, and how if she waited any longer it would hurt more….

Jordan – He heard that?

Sean – I… I didn’t mean for this to happen!

Tru – Its not your fault Sean.

Mallory – I always lock my phone.. so I don’t butt dial anyone…

Skye – I forgot….

Jordan – ….

Tru – Mallory and I were in the kitchen cutting the sandwhiches, and Connor was standing there crying. He looked at me and asked if his father was dead.

Skye – You could have said no.

Mallory – Connor already heard you guys say on the phone “His father is dead”….

Tru – Right, and Skye.. you didn’t see his face…. He was really upset-

Mallory – He wouldn’t even let me hug him..

Sean – I assume he ran out then?

Tru – He heard Skye say “How am I suppose to tell my son that his father has been dead all this time?”

Jordan – Oh f**k….

Mallory – Then he ran out.. he knew everyone was lying to him… We ran after him, but come on.. Connor run’s track at school.. he’s fast.

Skye – Jordan, you have to help! He loves you!- He must have said something to you about-

Jordan – He didn’t mention anything to me.. Skye.. I’m not trying to- like.. I- umm

Skye – I know! *crying* You warned me this would happen… I just couldn’t tell him! I couldn’t break his heart… not yet… but I waited too long and look what happen!

Jordan – Skye… You did what you thought was right at the time.. nobody’s perfect okay?

Skye – I’m a terrible mother!

Jordan – No! No you’re not! Its something that- Umm that we didn’t see comin’ and I know-

Skye – You’re trying to be nice, I know I f**ked up Jordan.. I know it.. now my son is god knows where!

Jordan – Lets just all figure this out okay?

Skye – Okay…

Jordan – Gabrielle’s here, I’m sure she can help.. so lets just relax, so we can think with a clear head. He couldn’t have gone too far.

Skye – You’re right.. You’re right. Maybe Gabrielle has some information we can use.

Gabrielle – Wow everyone’s here…

Jordan – Yeah..

Gabrielle – Sorry I took so long.

Jordan – Where are you coming from? You’re all dressed up.

Gabrielle – I was in the city- umm Bridgeport. I was meeting with an agent. Turns out hes the same agent that Issac just started working with. I’m going to try the modeling thing again.

Jordan – That’s great Gab… I’m happy for you.

Gabrielle – Thanks. No point in not doing something I really want to do right?

Jordan – Right.

Gabrielle – So enough about me, I’m here to help with the search.

Jordan – All we know right now, is that he heard over the phone that his dad has been dead all this time, and then he ran.

Gabrielle – Oh my goodness….

Sean – Stop blaming me!

Skye – You should have left it alone! this is all you’re f**king fault!

Sean – WHAT?! NO! Its not! Its you’re fault and you know it, that’s why you look so guilty!

Gabrielle – Guys the important thing is that we find him, its not about who’s right and who’s wrong.

Tru – Mallory did he ever say anything to you? about wanting to go somewhere when things got bad at home?

Mallory – Umm… Well once he did mention going to Bridgeport- but I don’t think he’d actually go alone.

Tru – He might…- and why are you just now mentioning this?

Mallory – Sorry, I forgot.. I’m just so worried about what’s happening now, I’m not thinking about past events…

Tru – Its okay… We’ll find him…

Jordan – Okay everyone listen up! Gabrielle, you take Mallory and you guys check out all the places teenagers hangout, and go talk to all of his friends parents.

Skye – What about me?

Jordan – You, and Sean don’t need to fight anymore..- He’s coming with me. You and Tru go to Bridgeport, and look around. I’ll have Issac and Vince looking too.

Tru – Okay.

Sean – You and I will look here in Glocity?

Jordan – Yeah. Everyone check-in in an hour okay?

Mallory – …Okay

Tru – Lets get going Skye

Gabrielle – Traffic is terrible.. so its best you guys go now.

Jordan – Come on Sean.

Sean – Right behind you.

Gabrielle – Mallory? Do you know any specific friends we should talk to first?

Mallory – Umm, lets talk to his track teammates.. He’s close with them

Gabrielle – Okay.

Sean – …….

Jordan – You okay?

Sean – Skye’s really ridiculous for-

Jordan – She didn’t mean it. She’s really upset at herself right now, you’re really close to her, so its easy for her to take it all out on you.

Sean – …..yeah.

Jordan – I thought it was best if you came with me.

Sean – Good idea…

Jordan – This may be the wrong time to ask this- but did you ask Skye yet?

Sean – Ask her her what?- Oh… to marry me?- No I didn’t ask yet.

Jordan – Oh okay.

Sean – Yeah……not yet……

Jordan – 2nd thoughts?

Sean – No.. I still want to spend the rest of my life with her, even though she was a total b***h back there.

Jordan – *laugh*

Sean – *laugh* she was…

Jordan – Considering the circumstance…

Sean – Yeah… I mean I know you’re right. She didn’t mean it….

Jordan – She’ll apologize later- I’m sure of it.

Sean – Hopefully… So where are we going?

Jordan – When I first met Connor, I saw him at this park I always went to when I was young. So we’re checking there first.

Sean – Okay……. Hmm.

Jordan – What?

Sean – Nothing…

Jordan – Okay…?

We got to the park and couldn’t find Connor. It was really starting to worry me. I was sure he’d be here but he wasn’t….

Sean – Not over there…

Jordan – I can’t find him either… *sigh*

Sean – Skye called.

Jordan – What did she say?

Sean – She apologized…

Jordan – Good.

Sean – She said she saw Issac. He and Kaitlyn are out looking.

Jordan – Thats good news. Issac’s always down to help.

Sean – You really care about Connor…

Jordan – Yeah..

Sean – I love the kid, but he hates me…

Jordan – You’re doing his mom.. what do you expect.

Sean – He’s going to hate me even more now.

Jordan – Maybe not… He may appreciate the fact that you wanted him to know the truth you know?

Sean – …..Fingers crossed.

Jordan – He’s a good kid, and he doesn’t hold grudges-

Sean – Hmm…

Jordan – See you did it again.. what is it you’re not saying?

Sean – Its just… well.. I’m envious of you.

Jordan – Why?

Sean – You know Connor well, and he loves you. I try so hard with him…. and I know what you said is probably true… but, I can’t help but take it personally. I’m not really used to people not liking me… Is it stupid that I care so much?

Jordan – I think it would be stupid if you didn’t. It just means you like him, and he matters to you which is good, because if Skye matters to you, then Connor would have to as well.

Sean – …..Yeah… Just want him to like me.

Jordan – Give it time.

Sean – Hold on a second, my phone is ringing.

Jordan – Okay.

Sean – Yes?- She’s in labor right now?……*sigh* Ummm…

Jordan – Go…. I can finish looking.

Sean – Let me call you right back. Okay. *hangs up*

Jordan – What’s wrong?

Sean – I want to help- but I promised her I’d be there to help her deliver the baby.

Jordan – Who?

Sean – Monica Harris. She’s having a baby boy. Her boyfriend Ian said he’d kill me if I wasn’t there to deliver it.

Jordan – Oh- Then go.. I’ll be fine. I’ll find him- and if not me, then someone else will. Its okay.. go do your job.

Sean – I feel bad just going-

Jordan – Its under control.

Sean – ….

Jordan – Go deliver that baby, and while you’re at it.. spread the word at the hospital.

Sean – Alright…

Jordan – I’m going to look around more, and check in with Josh too. He’s out looking, and is spreading the word at the arcade.

Sean – Okay- Just… make sure you find him.

Jordan – We will.

Sean – Check in with everyone else too.

Jordan – Will do….. now get to work Dr Sean.

Sean – ……. Good luck.

Jordan – You too.

Sean left, and I drove around looking for Connor. I decided to stop by the Arcade to share notes with Josh. He told me a few of the kids didn’t know where Connor could have went, and that some kid even laughed and said he hopes Connor gets raped by a homeless man. Clearly that boy isn’t a fan or friend. Probably the bully Mallory mentioned earlier. Bullies can be hard to deal with for sure.

While at the arcade I asked Josh how he was doing…. I hadn’t really talked to him about the whole Sasha thing, it had only been a few days and I know it was still weighing on him. He tried to hold it in, but I could see he was really still upset about it. I hope they can talk and work it out.

Finally I left the arcade, I decided to go home and print some flyers out just incase we couldn’t find Connor today- god forbid. I went and put one up at the police station, and gave some to Josh. I also checked in with everyone else…. Skye was too emotional to talk, so I spoke with Tru as they searched the streets of Bridgeport. After I hung up the phone It hit me.. why didn’t I think about this before.. I knew exactly where Connor was…

The old beach house..

Of course he’d go there….. wow… I haven’t been here in forever… looks like they’re still building the new place. Thanks alot Tommy.. burned down our house- but you know what? In a way… I’m glad it happen. It pushed us all to go in different directions, and grow…. Everything happens for a reason- Whoa… starting to sound like Michelle. Its really weird being here and looking at where the house was. The pool is completely removed, and this new place looks like its going to have three stories..

Anyway… I can see him, can you? He’s way up there… how the hell did he get up that high?…. Dammit…. hmm- Oh better text everyone and tell them I found him.

Jordan – Connor….

Connor – ……… It took you a long time to get up here….

Jordan – I’m umm… I’m scared of heights.

Connor – Whatever… Don’t be a p***y.

Jordan – Hey! don’t talk like that.

Connor – Why not? Its like like I should be a good boy anymore. Not like I have a dad who’s going to be proud of me. He’s f**king dead.

Jordan – …..Connor I-

Connor – Did you know?

Jordan – …..Yeah.

Connor – And you didn’t tell me?!

Jordan – I was doing what your mother wanted. She had her reasons…. as flawed as they were..

Connor – ………….

Jordan – Can you come up here please?

Connor – …………..

Jordan – Silent treatment?

Connor – Why should I talk to you? You didn’t even tell me the truth, AND you’re too much of a chicken to even come down here.

Jordan – If I come sit next to you, will you talk to me?

Connor – ……Maybe.

Jordan – ….*deep breath*

Connor – …..

Jordan – *sigh* Okay… Its just- Wow thats a long fall.

Don’t look down Jordan

Connor – You’re pathetic…

Jordan – Shh! I’m coming… slowly…

Connor – ………Its ridiculous that that took you more than 10minutes.

Jordan – What can I say….I did it though.

Connor – …….Want a gold star or something?

Jordan – I understand why you’re mad.

Connor – Gee thanks, that makes me feel SO much better.

Jordan – Its okay… you can hate me, you can take out all of your anger on me.

Connor – …….

Jordan – Everyone was so worried about you- You have plenty of people to make proud Connor.

Connor – ……

Jordan – Just because you don’t have your dad, doesn’t mean you don’t have support. So many people care about you- including Mallory… and… Sean. He was really worried about you by the way. He almost didn’t go deliver a baby just to search for you.

Connor – Really?… hmm……Well.. at least he wanted me to know the truth….

Jordan – We all begged your mother to tell you… she just didn’t want to, and you know what? She had her reasons.. She was going to tell you when she thought it was best.

Connor – …..She’s a stupid b-

Jordan – Connor… don’t say that.

Connor – I don’t mean it.. but she makes me really angry. She ignores me for Sean all the time. Then you have Tyler, so you don’t really like me anymore-

Jordan – You know that’s not true.

Connor – I know.. but… It feels that way… that Tyler replaced me.

Jordan – I have room for Tyler, and you.

Connor – We don’t go to the movies anymore- or see sport events.

He’s right…

Connor – Then… Issac and Vince left. Josh is the only one who really talks to me, but thats because he works at the arcade. My Aunt Tru is so busy with her job, and her boyfriend… Josh’s stupid brother Oliver…. I don’t have anybody…

Jordan – You have all of us.. life is just overwhelming sometimes.

Connor – …..

Jordan – I’ve been really sad lately Connor, I may have my mother, and friends… but when I go to sleep.. its just me in my bed. I’m really depressed about Briana and what she’s doing to Tyler…. I’m lonely… overworked- and you know what speaking of work. I took the job to make sure I was financially able to take care of Tyler.

Connor – You don’t like it?

Jordan – Its not for me, I fit in there and everything, but Its not what I want to do.

Connor – What do you want to do then?

Jordan – I don’t know… and finally I’m okay with admitting that.

Connor – You don’t feel like a loser?

Jordan – Nope… nothing’s wrong with being honest and admitting things. I really don’t know what I want to do.

Connor – ……That’s okay.

Jordan – I know that now….. so…. you know my embarrassing secret… being scared of heights… tell me one of yours.

Connor – Why should I?

Jordan – Its what friends do. Its what bestfriends do.

Connor – Aren’t the guys your bestfriends….

Jordan – So are you.

Connor – …..Okay fine… one secret, and you can’t tell anybody.

Jordan – Okay.

Connor – Two days ago.. I cut school with Mallory, and we came here…..

Jordan – Okay…

Connor – You have to promise not to tell anybody.

Jordan – I promise.

Connor – Well… she let me kiss her boob. The left one… and she wanted to see my…. you know- So I showed her and she said whoa- so I guess thats a good thing.

Jordan – *laugh*

Connor – Why are you laughing?!

Jordan – Sorry… its just.. I remember what its like to be your age.. when all of the stuff with girls is fresh and new…. and they still have mystery.

Connor – …She said she likes kissing- I told her I’m not ready for anything but kissing, and I don’t care if that makes me a nerd or whatever. She said she’s not ready for anything else either.

Jordan – *smiles* She’s a nice girl. She’s with Gabrielle looking for you.

Connor – ….*smirks* …..She likes me because I’m the man or whatever… I’m on the track team, and I run really fast. I’m pretty much a jock

Jordan – Yes you are.

Connor – …. I’m not mad anymore.

Jordan – Good.

Connor – Well… I still am, but not that much.

Jordan – That’s understandable…

Connor – I want my mom to tell me why she kept it from me, so I can understand.

Jordan – Well.. looks like you can ask her that soon.

Connor – Why?

Jordan – I see her, and your Aunt Tru running towards us right now.

Connor – Oh great… here comes the waterworks. Why are girls so dramatic?

Jordan – Are they?

Connor – Mallory is always trying to hold my hand… then she just stares at me… and smiles. I’m like “Yes?- what?- Can I help you?”

Jordan – And what does she say?

Connor – That I’m cute?… I get so confused. So I just tell her that her hair looks nice today- then she gets mad and says “Does my hair not look good other days?” I don’t understand girls.

Jordan – Well buddy… neither do I…. It doesn’t change either.. they get more confusing.

Connor – Like Briana?

Jordan – …I couldn’t even begin to explain that…

Connor – …..

Jordan – What do you say we get down now?

Connor – Okay.

We got down and like Connor assumed, the waterworks began as his mother, and aunt showed up in tears….

Tru – Thank you so much Jordan. I don’t know what we would have done without you.

Jordan – It hit me, that he could be here… so I came and there he was.

Tru – I’m so happy you’re in our lives.

Jordan – Happy to help.

Skye – You had us all worried.

Connor – …….

Skye – I know you have questions, and you may even hate me.. but if you give me a chance to explain then-

Connor – Jordan said you had your reasons….. I’m hungry.. can we pick up a pizza or something? then maybe in the morning you can explain yourself?

Skye – I-….. *smiles* Sure… we can do that.

Tru – He doesn’t seem upset as before… what did you say to him?

Jordan – I just explained how theirs still plenty of people he can make proud, and how he has a huge family whether he knows it or not.

Tru – Awww.

Jordan – Hey Connor?

Connor – Yeah?

Jordan – You and me.. Rock climbing… next weekend?

Connor – But you- *looks at Skye & Tru* …… Okay.

Jordan – Cool.

Skye – Thanks Jordan.. for everything.

Jordan – No problem. You guys have a good night.

I left, and after the day I had.. I needed a drink…..

Amanda – Jordan?

Jordan – Hey.

Amanda – You scared me.

Jordan – Sorry… umm..

Amanda – Are you okay?

Jordan – Yeah I- umm… *looks around* Are you closing?

Amanda – No, we’re open.. just pretty empty right now… Do you want a drink?

Jordan – I think?- maybe….

Amanda – Have a seat.. tell me whats wrong…

Jordan – …. *sigh*

Amanda – So talk to me…

Jordan – You don’t want to hear my sorrows.. how cliche is that…

Amanda – I’m not just the bartender.. I’m Mandy. I’m the girl who hid you in my room, when things were bad at home, and you couldn’t go anywhere else. I’m Also the girl who rode the subway with you to Pylea to buy that autographed poster you oh so needed. Oh! and let us not forget my finest moment.. I’m the girl who hit Riley in the face with a lunch tray at school, after he threw mashed potatoes at you.

Jordan – *laughing* He was crying like a little girl too.. asking everyone was his nose broken.. So funny…

Amanda – I wasn’t just AJ’s friend, I was yours too. So tell me what’s wrong.

Jordan – I’ve missed you Mandy.

Amanda – Good… Now tell me what’s bothering you punk…

Jordan – …………. So as you know, Connor ran-

Amanda – Josh told me everything. He was here earlier asking people in the bar if they’ve seen Connor. He had a picture on his phone that he was showing everyone.

Jordan – Well we found him.

Amanda – Good… That’s good. Where was he?

Jordan – Where the beach house was

Amanda – The one Tom Tom burned down?

Jordan – Yeah..

Amanda – That area is dangerous.

Jordan – Right- but he’s safe at home now.

Amanda – Good.

Jordan – He was so upset about not having his father in his life, saying he didn’t have anyone he could make proud and I-

Amanda – You worry about Tyler… You worry about what impact- not having Briana in his life will do to him.

Jordan – Right.

Amanda – Well… you have alot of people who care about you, which means they care about Tyler.

Jordan – ….I know but what if-

Amanda – If you surround him with love…. he’ll be okay. Also be honest with him, don’t lie about things..  Make sure all the honesty comes when he’s at an age where he can under-

FatGuy – Well Hi there….

Amanda – …………….Phillip I told you to stop cruising here!

Phillip – How are you doing this fine evening?

Jordan – I’m straight, and not interested.

Phillip – Oh.. its okay we can be friends… go back to my place.. drink a few beers-

Amanda – Yeah and then you can suck his d**k while he’s knocked out- get out of here! This is the third time tonight!

Jordan – Go to the gay club or something, why are you here trying to pick up straight guys?

Phillip – I don’t like gay guys, I like straight guys

Jordan – That’s confusing as hell, aren’t you gay?

Phillip – I am, but I like manly men.

Jordan – I know gay guys who are really butch.. how can you stereotype your own people?

Phillip – Well I just prefer straight guys.

Amanda – Phillip! Get out! I know you’re not buying a drink or food, because you were outside begging for 5 bucks earlier.. so just leave.

Jordan – …….

Phillip – Fine!

Jordan – ….. Hey Mandy… what do you have to eat?

Phillip – You could eat me-


Phillip – B***h please! Mad cause I got curves? You skinny lizard!

Jordan – Hey man that’s enough, get the f**k out of here.

Phillip – Okay okay! I’m going…

Amanda – I’m so sorry about that hipster guy..

Jordan – It was funny as hell

Amanda – Jordan… that scarf wearing f**ker comes in here every night trying to f**k drunk straight men.. Its ridiculous. Why doesn’t he just use Craigslist like everyone else!

Jordan – That reminds me of the time, Josh, Vince and I played a trick on Issac… we made him a craigslist add. He had soooo many twinks sending him butt shots. We were laughing so hard.

Amanda – Oh my god.. that sounds hilarious.

Jordan – It was…

Amanda – How are the nacho’s? I’m trying to make them taste better.

Jordan – Umm.. its bar food….. so…

Amanda – Thanks….

Jordan – *laugh* Its good though.. I like how you threw some cilantro on it… trying to make it all authentic.

Amanda – Well there goes my latin roots. Ole’ mothaf**ka.. Ole!

Jordan – Thanks for cheering me up.

Amanda – Anytime Jordo- Hey wheres Ty?

Jordan – Peter picked him up from Daycare earlier, and took him back to his place. So He, my mother and Ty are all just hanging out.

Amanda – Is it weird?… The whole Peter thing? I mean technically you and Issac are step-brothers…

Jordan – Initially it was awkward- Not the step-brothers thing, the Peter doing my Mother thing. As far as the step brother thing goes, Issac and I have always been brothers so now its official.

Amanda – That’s cool.

Jordan – Oh come on Lakers… Get it together!… f**king Pau Gasol.. oh flimsy ass.. get in there and stop being so timid! GET THE REBOUND!… This is just a terrible season for them. Lamar shouldn’t have been a b***h and left….

After I finished eating, I had one drink, and headed home. I didn’t have to pick up Tyler, my mother said Peter would bring him in the morning. So I had the night to myself. Plenty of time to reflect on things…

I was happy that everything with Connor was okay… Tru texted me, and told me he was full on Pizza and was sleeping like a baby. Skye and Sean were also.. “sleeping” she said *laugh* She told me that she closed her door, and decided to read a book… with earplugs in.

I appriciated her, and all my friends so much… I really hate being alone…. Which is why I enjoyed Mandy’s company so much tonight. She brought back alot of memories that’s for sure…. I think she’s right too. Tyler will be okay, because he has the biggest family ever. The question is… will I be okay? would I be okay with being alone? Would I have to get used to nights like this? Me, my underwear, and ESPN?… 


Jordan – What the hell?.. its like 3am

Jordan – Gabrielle?

Gabrielle – …….Hi.

Jordan – Is everything okay?

Gabrielle – I forgot to tell you something earlier….

Jordan – Let me put on some pants-

Gabrielle – No… You’re fine like that…

Jordan – What did you forget to tell me?

Gabrielle – This….


Alrighty? Well… can you guys excuse us for a minute?……


I was not expecting that….. We didn’t make it up to the bed…. instead we used the floor… couch… table…  all night. Before we knew it.. it was morning.

Jordan – ….Can’t believe its morning…

Gabrielle – …..mmmm

Jordan – Do you want a blanket?

Gabrielle – No I’m okay.

Jordan – Umm… So… what does… this mean?

Gabrielle – …….

Jordan – I mean if it was something you-

Gabrielle – It means………………….that if the offer still stands.. I want to be with you.

Jordan – Like officially?

Gabrielle – *laugh* Jordan Robinson… will you go steady with me?

Jordan – ….*laugh* Should I go get my Letterman Jacket from the attic?

Gabrielle – ….dork… but no, I’m serious..

Jordan – You wanna be my girlfriend?

Gabrielle – Yes… if you wanna be my boyfriend.

Jordan – I don’t know.. I mean I’d have to think about it……- Just kidding.. Yeah.. I wanna be your guy.

Gabrielle – Good.

Gabrielle – ….You keep this place so clean.. how do you do that with a toddler?

Everything seems so clear now….

Jordan – …….

Gabrielle – Jordan?

Jordan – I’m going to quit my job….

Gabrielle – Is that what you want?

Jordan – Yes…. and-

Gabrielle – What?

Jordan – I’m…. I’m going to take Briana to court, and get full custody of Tyler.

Gabrielle – ….Um…

Jordan – If its too much for you I-

Gabrielle – No…. I’ll be by your side, to support you… no matter what.

Jordan – I don’t want her in his life… he’ll be happier without her.. he has us.

Gabrielle – And all of our friends. I already love Tyler, so… this is fine by me.

Jordan – This is the right thing to do.

Gabrielle – I agree.

Jordan – Its going to get messy…

Gabrielle – I’m not going anywhere.

Jordan – …….What changed your mind?

Gabrielle – Seeing you deal with the Connor situation.. I realized how stupid I’ve been.. how all I wanted was to be with you, and I needed to just put everything in the past and live life.

Jordan – *smiles* ….. Guess I don’t have to be alone anymore.

Gabrielle – Nope….. You have me….. and Tyler has me too.

This morning.. everything just hit me. I’m not unhappy at work, but Its not something I want to do for the rest of my life. Financially I’ll be okay. The important thing is Tyler, and I’ve decided that I want full custody. I won’t have to deal with Briana… unless I want to. I’m going to talk to Nathan, about everything today.. Gabrielle will be right by my side… I’m….really …. happy. I had forgot what “happy” felt like. Its been so long… but I’m feeling it. I’m happy right now…  The way the day started yesterday.. I would have never seen this ending…. but like they say… “Today is a new day…..”

~End of Chapter Four~ *Chapter Five Is Next*~



  1. Finally the truth comes out! Both in the case of Connor AND Gabielle :D. It sucks that Connor had to find out about his father that way. Skye could have avoided this if she would have told him earlier!! Oh well, at least he’s safe and seems to forgive her. As for Gabrielle, woooooooooooo <3! She and Jordan look hot together XD. It was surprising how he suddenly wants to try for Custody. I'll be rooting for him though because Briana shouldn't be anywhere near children. Excellent job as always!! Is it time for the next one? : )

  2. Thanks for reading 🙂

    Currently I’m taking pictures in advance for Chapter 5 (up next) I already have Issac, and Josh’s pics done. Expect Issac’s POV soon. Hopefully Sunday Monday or Tuesday.

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