[B2M Season3] Chapter 4 : “You… Featuring Me” Pt 3 [POV Vince]


***POV = Point Of View. That person will narrate the story.***

~Disclaimer : This story features mature language. Most Profanity & Other unsuitable words will be blanked out with “***”  This is a heads up for any cautious readers~

Hey guys, Just having a conversation with Kokoro about what went down with Josh and Sasha…. I still can’t believe it…

Vince – I hate when you wear heels, you look so much taller than me.

Kokoro – Seriously Vince, don’t change the subject. Should we do anything? You talk to Josh, I talk to Sasha? I don’t want them to break up. I see them as godparents for our future kids and stuff.

Vince – You want to have kids with me?

Kokoro – ….I… I guess I do?- I- That just came out, I never thought about that much of our future.. *smiles* Yes… I want everything with you.. marriage, kids.. everything.

Vince – ….*smiles* I want that with you too babe.

I hadn’t really thought about all of that stuff….. but… it would be cool to have kids with her.. hmm. I mean I see Jordan with Tyler, and can’t help but want a little rugrat of my own sometime…

Kokoro – Good…. So umm, what should we do about Josh and Sasha?

Vince – Nothing. We shouldn’t do anything. We should let them work it out.

Kokoro – You sure?

Vince – Positive.

Kokoro – Okay. Well fingers crossed that they fix this…

Vince – Yeah.

Kokoro – So babe do you want some breakfast?

Vince – I’m so happy you’re back from your trip.

Kokoro – I’m happy I’m home too.


Kokoro – Expecting company?

Vince – I was just about to ask you the same thing.

I wonder who that could be..

Vince – How about I make breakfast instead? Frozen waffles? *laugh* I need to watch some cooking shows, that way you’d have a break from cooking. I can try one meal a week to get me started- babe? Who was it at the door?

Kokoro – Justin?

Justin – Good Mornin’ Kokoro.

Kokoro – How are you?

Justin – Wish I could say I’m good, but I’m not.

Kokoro – Oh no? is everything okay?

Justin – Is Vincent here?

Kokoro – Umm, yeah he’s in the kitchen.

Hmm wonder what he wants…

Vince – Hey bro-

Justin – How could you?

Vince – What?

Justin – Why would you go talk to Mia about me?!

Vince – Oh that!- umm I-

Justin – What was the point?!

Vince – To protect you!

Justin – I don’t think you’re over her! As soon as I told you she was interested in me, you had to go see her. I don’t understand! I’m a big boy Vincent, I can take care of myself. Just admit it, you like Mia!

Kokoro – Oh my god….

Oh shit….

Vince – Look.. I understand you’re mad, but I-

Justin – She fired me.

Vince – What?!

Justin – Because of you! she fired me. I really liked that job!

Kokoro – Vincent….

Vince – …….

Justin – No wonder she was acting so weird last night.. then today I come in and she fires me. I asked her why and she wouldn’t tell me. I begged! and finally she told me what you did.

Vince – I’m sorry….

Justin – Don’t call me Vincent, I mean it… I can’t believe you…

Kokoro – Vince?

Vince – ….

Kokoro – When were you gonna tell me about this?

Vince – It wasn’t a big deal and I-

Kokoro – You got him fired.. Vince what the hell. What is wrong with you?!

Vince – I was worried that she was going to use him to get back at me!

Kokoro – Why does she matter? Do you still have a thing for her?

Vince – No!

Kokoro – ….Wow….

Justin – Please don’t fight on my behalf…. I just-

Kokoro – Mind if I walk you out Justin?

Vince – Where are you going?!

Kokoro – I need time to myself.. don’t wait up, not sure If I’m coming back tonight.

Vince – Babe..

Kokoro – You need to think before you do things Vincent!

Vince – ……….How is me protecting my brother a bad thing?!

Kokoro – I get it… but theirs ways to do things….

Vince – Why are you mad?!

Kokoro – Because! Here we are talking about our future, and you can’t even tell me things. How am I suppose to trust you?! I share everything with you!, and you were just gonna sweep this under the rug?- I’m going now… I need space right now.

Vince – ….Fine….

F**k!…….. I didn’t want this to happen…. Thanks alot Justin…

I decided to go to work… I needed to take my mind off things. I understand why Koko was mad, but I just… She needs to realize I don’t want anyone else but her.

Richie – He invited me?

Cashmere – He wants you there. Its his first recital. Its next week.

Richie – I guess I made a good impression on him?

Cashmere – He likes you…. which makes me so happy.

Richie – Come here. [Hugs]

Good to see they’re together… Cashmere deserves someone nice like Richie. Damn… what if Kokoro doesn’t want to be with me anymore? What am I gonna do?- shit..

Cashmere – *realizing Vince is standing near by* Oh Richie, you have something on your jacket!

Richie – Huh? oh!- wait what?

Cashmere – There! There ya go!

Vince – Its okay Cashmere… I already know you two are dating.

Richie – Yeah he’s the one who gave me the okay.

Cashmere – Oh… I thought it would be unprofessional…

Vince – No, its fine.

Richie – How are you doing today Vincent?

Vince – I’m super!

Cashmere – Are you really?

Vince – Yep! never better!

Richie – Alrighty! That’s great to hear.

Cashmere – *smiles*

Vince – What did I miss?

Richie – Well Karl Smith, and Max Johnson are still not here….

Vince – Naturally…

Cashmere – OH! Leslie Santiago came by to pick up her pictures.

Vince – Did she like them?

Cashmere – She did, and so did her friend umm Jamie?

Vince – She brought Jamie? hmm..

Cashmere – Yeah theyre both here in bridgeport to support someone named Jessica.. I have no idea what any of that means. They say hello though.

Vince – I’ll have to call Leslie and thank her again for choosing me to shoot her pictures….

Cashmere – She seemed to love them, her friend too.

Vince – Good.

Leslie is the only girl from the Mango Island trip that I keep in contact with. Would have been nice to see Jamie, and see how she’s doing after the rehab. Maybe next time.

Richie – *smiles* I booked a family of six. They want me to shoot their annual spring photo- whatever that is.

Vince – Nice, you have all of their info?

Richie – Yes, they’re really wealthy so this could equal big money.

Cashmere – The billboards go up next week for Issac’s cologne shoot by the way.

Vince – That’s awesome.

All this good news, and I’m stuck thinking about the future of my relationships with both my brother, and my girlfriend.. *sigh*… Why couldn’t she just have my back on this one? Why did she have to react so negatively? and in front of Justin?! talk about embarrassing.

Karl Smith – *out of breath* Hey guys!- Sorry I’m late!

Vince – Aren’t you always late? you need to get it together before I replace you…

Karl Smith – I’m sorry.. but umm-

Vince – Wheres Max Johnson?

Karl Smith – That’s what I’m trying to tell you.

Cashmere – Is everything okay?

Richie – Did something happen to Max?

Vince – What happen Karl?

Karl Smith – Max and I were at Starbucks getting some coffee, and creeping on some girls-

Vince – Get to the point.

Karl Smith – In walks this gay guy, apparently Max knew him. He called him Gavin.

Richie – Who is he?

Cashmere & Vince – *Looks at each other knowingly*

Its funny.. Cashmere knew about Max being secretly gay all along. She says her friend Larry back in Riverview always had sex with downlow closeted men. She could spot one from a mile away…

Richie – Oh wait isn’t Gavin the one who did the photoshoot with Issac?

Cashmere – Yep.

Karl Smith – Max said this Gavin guy owed him money or something, and he started beating the shit out of him!

Vince – What?!

Cashmere – Oh my lord!

Richie – …. ridiculous!

Karl Smith – The police ran in before any real damage could be done. That Gavin kid barely had a scratch on him. Max did throw him over the counter though.

Vince – Wheres Max now?

Karl Smith – In Jail, he violated his parole, and that kid Gavin had a restraining order against him.

Vince – Serves him right.

I’m glad Gavin is okay, and Max is where he belongs…..

Cashmere – Should we try and get him out?

Vince – Nope.. Everyone get to work.

Karl Smith – …..Alright.

Richie – Okay.

Cashmere – Yes Sir.

I called Issac to tell him what happen, apparently he already knew because Gavin was with him when I called. Issac’s always been one to take care of others… I just wish Mira never got pregnant and maybe, just maybe Issac could be happy with Riley. That sounds so odd… Riley was this douchebag Jock who annoyed the shit out of all of us in High School. Especially Jordan.. I know over time we’ve told you about how Riley was back in the day, but trust me.. if you saw him in High School… It really would be a shock considering who he has become.

Speaking about the whole Pregnancy drama… I’m glad its out there… I still felt REALLY guilty knowing about it and not telling Issac. I just felt like it wasn’t my place, and I wanted to respect a mother’s wishes. I hope it doesn’t come back to bite me in the ass. I have enough shit to deal with, which is why I’m just going to work, and not think about it.


I got into my Office, and got straight to work like I said I was. Liana was in my main office helping me put together my new bookshelf. She could sense that something was off with me and so after 15 minutes of saying I was fine… I broke down and told her everything.

Liana – She’ll get over it… I don’t understand why she’s so mad to be honest. I guess different people handle things differently.

Vince – Right…

Liana – And maybe if she doesn’t get over it… then that’s fate.

Vince – What?

Liana – Just saying.. maybe she’s not the one you’re suppose to end up with…

I don’t know what she means by that to be honest. But what I do know is that Liana and I had become friends, and it was great to have someone to talk to about everything… I mean I had the guys but everyone is so busy dealing with their own shit you know?

Liana – Vince?

Vince – Sorry, was thinking about something

Liana – You don’t have to lie..

Vince – What?

Liana – I know you were checking me out…

Vince – Actually I wasn’t…

Liana – Right..

Vince – I… When I first walked in I noticed the dress. Happy now?

Liana – Mmm hmmm…

Vince – Why are you wearing that anyway? I thought I asked you to dress professionally?

Liana – Briana didn’t do laundry yet again.. So I had to pull this out of my closet.. it was between this.. and a sexy pirate Halloween costume. So I picked this.

Vince – Fine…

Liana – You don’t like it?

Vince – That’s besides the point Liana.

Liana – Are you afraid that people are going to think something’s going on between us or something?

Vince – No? why would people think that?

Liana – Because we’re always together.. with the doors closed.

Are we?

Vince – …….

Liana – You know….. I wore this for you…

Vince – Liana?…..stop it.

Liana – Why

Vince – You know why

Liana – You deserve someone who has your back Vince. Someone who understands you.. someone who would cook you breakfast, and suck your-

Vince – Shut up!

Liana – Why! you know its true! She doesn’t understand you like I do!

Vince – Liana stop.

Liana – I wouldn’t have walked out on you! I would have supported you! Been there for you!

Vince – *pushes her closer to the wall* You need to stop

Liana – Get aggressive baby.. take it all out on me.. f**k me over your desk!

Vince – Is that what you want?!

Liana – Yes! Do it!

Vince – Is that really what you want!

Liana – F**k Me!


Liana – Mmmm

Vince – …….

What the f**k am I doing?!

Liana – Take off this shirt…

Vince – NO! stop!

Liana – What- why did-

Vince – NO! I’m not cheating on Kokoro!

Liana – You’ve already started!

Vince – Get out!

Liana – Vince!

Vince – Get the f**k out!

Liana – You and I are made for each other! I love you!

Vince – I don’t love you! I love Kokoro!

Liana – Yeah I can tell… you know.. since you kissed me and all!

Vince – You’re fired! GET OUT!

Liana – Oh my god.. what am I doing… Oh- Vince I-


Liana – I’m so sorry! I don’t know why I did or said those things…

Vince – …………f**k! Whats wrong with me! why did I do that!

Liana – I’m sorry Vince, you’ve worked so hard to change and I just messed that up….

Vince – It wasn’t all you!

Liana – I’ve been so sad, and lonely.. this job, and you.. the only things that keep me smiling.. I can’t believe what a big f**k up I am! How am I going to pay my rent!

Vince – ……Leave…. I’ll- umm.. I’ll write you a recommendation… I know people.. people who owe me.. I can transfer you elsewhere..

Liana – I’m so sorry….

Vince – Just…. can you go? please?

Liana – …..Let me pack my things.

Vince – No… just do that tomorrow… please leave!

Liana – I’m really sorry-

Vince – JUST GO!

Why the hell…. why? Why did I do that? I felt low, and she wanted me and I just- Theirs no excuse.. I- I know I want Kokoro. I grabbed my keys and I drove around the city to clear my head. I realized I was by Mia’s place and… I just said f**k it… I went to talk to her…

Vince – Hello?

Speakerbox – Yes?

Vince – Who am I speaking with?

Speakerbox – Who’s THIS?

Vince – Its Vince…

Speakerbox – Oh!.. Its Sasha.. What do you need?

Vince – I want to have that talk with your mom.

Speakerbox – I’ll buzz you in.

Sasha – Wasn’t expecting you…

Vince – Why do you look so happy?

Sasha – ……Gotta fake it till you make it….right?

Vince – ….

Sasha – Are you okay? You look like you just were in a car wreck or something.

Vince – I don’t know…

Sasha – I understand… I’m obviously not doing so well myself. Josh isn’t returning any of my calls.

Vince – …..

Sasha – Vince I didn’t cheat on him, theirs so much more to the situation that Josh didn’t let me explain.

Vince – Well then tell him that…

Sasha – I love him…

Vince – I believe you.

Sasha – ….So umm… does your mood have anything to do with this morning?

Vince – I take it Koko called you?

Sasha – Yes… She actually went by my Job, and I wasn’t there. I’ve taken a leave of absence….

Vince – Why? because of the situation with Josh?

Sasha – Because my boss (Shannon), and someone who I thought was my friend, betrayed me. This is all his fault- well.. maybe not all but… if he- You know what.. you’re hear to speak with my mother, not me.

Vince – Is she here?

Sasha – She’s upstairs… and by the way it sucks that Koko found out the way she did.. I wasn’t going to tell her, but your fricken brother just had to spill the beans.

Vince – Secrets always come out….

Sasha – ………………..*sigh* I’m going to go pop some popcorn.. and Call Josh again. He won’t answer and then I’ll cry myself to sleep.

Vince – I believe you by the way… I don’t think you were sleeping with that professor dude.

Sasha – That means alot Vince.. thank you…

Vince – ….No problem.

I do believe Sasha, that wasn’t something I just pulled out of my ass and decided to say in the moment. I think Sasha know’s she messed up, and she’s trying to fix what she did. Sasha isn’t perfect… well.. nobody is. I’m obviously the most flawed person I know…

I made my way upstairs to talk to Mia. There she was.. just standing on the balcony…

Mia – …..Its a beautiful night isn’t it?

Vince – …..Yeah.

Mia – Come here for round two? do I need boxing gloves?

Vince – No, no hostility….

Mia – I know… Sasha told me about you guys talk at Josh’s place.

Vince – Mia I’m-

Mia – I’m sorry.

Vince – Huh?

Mia – I’m sorry for everything. Everything I did, everything I didn’t do. I’m just sorry. I’ve always had this weird relationship with Nathan, I shouldn’t have dragged you into it.

Vince – I have my own free will, I went along with it… Its not just your fault. I’m sorry too if it seems like I left you with all the blame.

Mia – Thank you, that means alot. That’s the one thing I’ve wanted to hear from you since it all happen.

Vince – Also I was wrong for barging into your bar, and accusing you of-

Mia – You were right.

Vince – What?

Mia – I had planned on using Justin… to get back at you. I just didn’t know how yet. Then I realized how nice, and sweet he was. How innocent and caring he is. He didn’t deserve to be pulled into our mess.

Vince – …… So- wait but you fired him-

Mia – I let him go, because he and I do not need to be around each other. I feel horrible for what I was going to do to him.

Vince – He really liked that job, and he was really upset when he cursed me out in front of Kokoro this morning…… which led to her hating me.

Mia – I’m so sorry…

Vince – Can you please give him his job back?

Mia – Why does he want it so bad? He doesn’t technically have to work a day in his life to-

Vince – He liked it… he liked the customers, he liked his co-workers. He likes fitting in.

Mia – …How do I give him his job back, and also deal with seeing him everyday?

Vince – Do you like him?

Mia – No.

Vince – Well.. just… Change. You feel guilty, and don’t want to face him. Just change and put this behind you.

Mia – …..That’s easy for you to say

Vince – Why?

Mia – Well because you have this relationship with Kokoro, and you haven’t cheated or done anything-

Vince – I kissed my assistant today…

Mia – ……………………Vince…..

Vince – I don’t know why I did it- well I know why but its not really an excuse.

Mia – Who- is it that Liana girl?

Vince – How did you know?

Mia – Michelle works for me remember? I assume Liana’s her bestfriend, because she’s always at the bar now… She’s always talking about you, and work…

Vince – Well yeah.. her.

Mia – Why did you kiss her?

Vince – I felt betrayed by Koko, and Liana just kept flirting with me, and saying how she’d be good for me. Its like she was begging me to cheat, and pressuring me.. I felt emasculated by what had happen earlier and so to feel something.. I-

Mia – Kissed her, please tell me that’s all it-

Vince – I kicked her out my office.. we didn’t go further than a kiss.

Mia – Let me ask you something.

Vince – …Okay.

Mia – Do you love her?

Vince – I love Kokoro more than anything.

Mia – Do you see a future with her?

Vince – Yes.

Mia – Then tell her the truth… she’ll be upset but will appreciate you being honest.

Vince – She’s already mad about the Justin thing… this will just send her over the edge…

Mia – So would finding out later.

Vince – You’re right…

Mia – Vince we’re not perfect.. but we damn sure can learn from our mistakes. Always remember that.

Vince – Alright… and thanks for being honest about Justin. I’m glad you did the right thing, and didn’t go through with your plan.

Mia – I couldn’t… It would’ve been wrong.

Vince – …..I was just trying to protect him.

Mia – I understand… I try and protect Sasha from the world.. but she always ends up hurt… sometimes you have to let people learn for themselves.

Vince – …..Josh is really upset too.

Mia – They just need to talk. Nothing happen with Professor Oswell.. He needs to know that.

Vince – I’m sure they’ll work it out.

Mia – Now get out of here… Can’t believe you’re seeing me without my makeup and hair done.. I must look terrible in this robe.

Vince – You look fine.

Mia – *smiles* Go home and fix things with Kokoro.. and Justin. I’ll call him right now and give him his job back.. and tell him to take your call.

Vince – ….Thanks.

Mia – No problem.

The drive home, I was in my head alot. I was happy to know that I wasn’t crazy, and that Mia was going to use Justin. It sucked for him honestly because he thought Mia was just a nice person, which she can be.. but that wasn’t her intentions with him…. Then I started to think about everything else that had happen today and I felt horrible. I know you guys must look at me, and think “Really Vince? Get it together!” Trust me I’m trying, I went so long without being bad or making a mistake… I’m not perfect… I’m not, but I’m going to learn from this mistake… I am. Everyone slips and falls…


I got in, and Kokoro wasn’t home.. which.. sucks. I decided to work on one thing at a time, I called Justin…. and he actually picked up his phone this time. We talked for a while and then I needed to wrap up the conversation so I could think about how to tell Kokoro the truth about what happen with Liana.

Vince – So yeah.. I- at the risk of my relationship.. went to Mia’s place, and talked to her like an adult. Turns out I was not crazy, she admitted everything.- Yeah of course. No no don’t blame yourself for Koko being mad at me. She think’s I had feelings for Mia, trust me I don’t. Me going over there both times, including tonight- was to protect my little brother. That’s all. Alright.. Hey Justin?……. I love you dude. I know we haven’t been brothers for long but.. You came into my life when it was hard for me to trust people, and-….. *smiles* Thanks. Alright.. have a goodnight. Bye.

I turned around and she was standing there.

Vince – How long have you been standing there?

Kokoro – Long enough to know that I was wrong for walking out on you this morning. I just get so… You haven’t cheated on me, and I still think about your past with Mia. I was jealous and worried that you may still have feelings for her.

Vince – I don’t.

Kokoro – I know that now.

Vince – ….So are you staying home?

Kokoro – I have an early audition in the morning, but I can stay here. Its in the city anyway, it won’t take long to get there.

Kokoro – Vincent, you are the most amazing man. You did all of this to protect your brother, someone you haven’t even known that long. You didn’t want him to get hurt and that’s really heroic of you. Knowing how I feel about Mia, you still did the right thing, and I… I didn’t hear your side.

Vince – It wasn’t that I wasn’t going to tell you about it. I just wanted to have breakfast, and a nice start to our day. I would have told you during bed or something.. I was never going to keep it from you.

Kokoro – Which makes me feel bad, I shouldn’t have walked out on you. I’m never doing that again okay? I love you. You’ve grown up so much in the past-

She’s making me feel terrible…. I… I have to tell her about Liana

Vince – I did something bad!

Kokoro – Its okay, I forgive you for not bringing it up-

Vince – I kissed Liana at work and I didn’t mean for it to happen!

Kokoro – Vince! How- Why?!

Vince – I was so upset and..- Look theirs no excuse for what I did! I want to be honest and tell you, so we can move on!

Kokoro – After I just said all of that?….. really? I warned you about her! I told you she liked you! You should have fired her a long time ago! I can’t believe you cheated on me! I thought you loved me!

Vince – I do! It was a mistake! I- I-

(Press Play for Scene to play with Music)

Kokoro – I can’t be here right now..  My heart is breaking Vince.. you need to do some soul searching and figure out what the hell you want.

Vince – I’m sorry!

Kokoro – I appreciate you being honest, but it hurts to know that the man I love, kissed another woman. I’m going to sleep at a hotel.

Vince – Please stay! I’m sorry it won’t happen again! I f***ked up!

Kokoro – You did! and now I need time away to figure out if I want to give you another chance. I know I can’t change you but when will you grow up! You can’t do stuff like this! It hurts people!

Vince – Don’t leave me… please… You’re the only person who ever believed in me changing!

Kokoro – ….You need to believe in yourself. Goodbye Vince.

I feel like either way this would be the outcome. If I didn’t tell her, and she found out- she’d leave…. Now I’m being honest, and she’s still leaving. I was wrong for what I did for sure.. but I didn’t think she’d leave me again. I don’t know what to do! F**K! I- I need to call one of the guys or something.. I need someone to talk to.. I can’t deal with this right now, I CAN’T!

~End of Chapter Four- Pt 3~



  1. Yikes! Now Vince is in a bind :S. Ugh Liana just had to go and seduce him lol. That last pic of Koko was so sad :(. Even though he was seduced there’s really no excuse for what he did. I don’t know how he’ll get out of this one. Sigh, just when I thought he had grown out of this!

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