[B2M Season3] Chapter 4 : “You… Featuring Me” Pt 2 [POV Josh]


***POV = Point Of View. That person will narrate the story.***

~Disclaimer : This story features mature language. Most Profanity & Other unsuitable words will be blanked out with “***”  This is a heads up for any cautious readers~

Vince – Nice place Josh.

Sasha – I love your haircut baby.

Vince – Did you shave off your mustache Josh?

Josh – Just fricken talk! and don’t change the subject guys… c’mon!

Hey guys…. as you can see.. I invited both Sasha and Vince to my new place so they can make up! I decided to trick them both into coming here. Neither one had any idea that the other would be here. I don’t want them fighting, I just want everything… good. Speaking of good, Issac and I, our friendship is better than ever. He called me really late last night. He told me about his day and asked for my advice. Kaitlyn is really hurting he said. He said that she didn’t want him to look at her like a loser once he knew the truth.

Issac is trying to be there for her, but I think him knowing the truth doesn’t sit well with her. He told me about the Gavin thing too, WOW… how could anyone abuse someone they love? not to sound naive but I just never understood beating someone who’s clearly in love with you. I hope Gavin takes Issac’s advice and stays away from Max Johnson.

What else did we talk about- Oh! Riley… He told me things didn’t work out, but he didn’t go into much detail other than Mira being pregnant. I can tell its not something he’s ready to talk about yet, so I didn’t push. I honestly hope things- excuse me for a second.

Josh – Hello! guys?! Talk to each other! I don’t want this hanging over our heads! You’re both important to me!

Sasha – ….. Fine..

Vince – …..I shouldn’t have yelled at you or your mother.

Sasha – …. True.

Josh – Sasha!

Sasha – What?!…… *sigh* Fine.. I shouldn’t have yelled at you either, but you hit below the belt. I’m still mad at Josh for telling you about my past.

Josh – …I’m sorry Sasha, I told you why I told him though, how was I suppose to know he’d use it against you?

Sasha – Its fine Josh, I get why you told him..

Vince – I’m really sorry about that Josh, I wish I could take it back.

Sasha – Why did you say it?

Vince – Because you were judging me, by using my past against me. So I wanted to use the little bit of ammo that I had, it was childish.

Sasha – True….

Josh – Sasha!

Sasha – Fine! Geez…. I accept your aplogy if you really mean it.

Vince – I do, and your past doesn’t define you. Its what you do when you realize you need to change. We both are doing good in our lives… right?

Sasha – ….Right.

Josh – See how hard was th-

Sasha – Okay so ignoring our spat, my issue was really with how you accused my mother of trying to get back at you through Justin. You didn’t have any proof, and you still don’t.

Amanda – Ooh! sorry didn’t know you had company Josh. Excuse me guys, just pretend I’m not here. I’ll hang out in my brother’s room until you guys finish, its no big deal *smiles*

Josh – Its okay Mandy.

Vince – Whats up Mandy.

Amanda – Hi Vince, and hi…….Sasha.

Sasha – …Hi- So anyway, you need to understand this about me Vince.

Vince – I don’t NEED to do anything. The way you speak to me….. is a problem.

Sasha – Well I’m just saying, She’s my mother, and no matter what shitty things she’s done to you, or me! she’s still my mother. I shouldn’t have attacked you with personal jabs, and you shouldn’t have did the same to me. In my opinion you’re in the wrong twice.. you attacked and embarrassed my mother at her place of work. Point blank the end.

Vince – What are you five?! Its not a numbers game!

Sasha – Of course you would say that!

Josh – Guys! stop it! stop yelling!

Amanda – ….Awkward….

Argh! they’re acting like babies!

Josh – Alright both of you shut up!

Sasha & Vince – ………………………………………………………..

Josh – Sorry….

Sasha – Its okay babe, you’re just frustrated because of this. I really didn’t wanna bring you into this-

Vince – Bullshit! as soon as we started fighting you talked about Josh blackening my eye, and telling him everything. You wanted him to-

Sasha – He’s my boyfriend!

Vince – He’s my bestfriend!

Sasha – Hardly… Issac is his bestfriend.

Vince – ……………

Josh – I have three bestfriends. Vince, Jordan, and Issac.

Sasha – …..

Vince – That concept may be hard for you to understand since you don’t seem to have any friends.

Sasha – You’re such a dick.

Vince – I’m just as stubborn as you are!

Sasha – ……………………that’s………………..true.

Vince – *laugh*

Sasha – *laugh* Alright look… I’m over it. I’ll let it go if you do. Clean slate.

Vince – Fine. We were both wrong and… I’m ashamed of what happen.

Sasha – As am I. Truce?

Vince – Truce.


Sasha – Doesn’t mean we’re bestfriends though.

Vince – Right… we can work on it.. since Josh is important to both of us.

Sasha – Correct.

After all the drama, they both needed to get going.. so I said my goodbyes.

Sasha – I love you, and I’m proud of you. I love the place- though I do have a question..

Vince – ……

Josh – Hmm?

Sasha – Mandy doesn’t live here does she?

Vince – Would that bother you? You know Josh would never cheat on you right?

Sasha – Vince….

Vince – Minding my business… *laugh*

Josh – She doesn’t live here, but she visits alot because her apartment is right around the corner. She likes hanging out-

Sasha – With you or Kane?

Josh – Her brother- well… and me. We hangout sometimes too. She’s my friend that-

Sasha – Gave you a blowjob!

Vince – and a handjob *laugh*

Josh – In high school! Sasha… seriously.. come on. I don’t mind Shannon, why should you-

Sasha – You know what?….. you’re absolutely right. I’m sorry.

Josh – Thanks…

Sasha – I trust you.

Josh – Good- Oooh! by the way, Do you want to do lunch tomorrow?

Sasha – Why are you asking me today?

Josh – I don’t know how hard Shannon works you so I wanted to ask in advance.

Sasha – I have lady doctor visit.

Josh – Oh! umm is everything okay?

Vince – Pregnant?

Sasha – Not pregnant!- and yeah everything is fine. Its just a routine checkup.

Josh – Okay well next time.

Sasha – Yeah anytime you want as long as I’m free.

Vince – Well.. this was therapeutic. Takes too much energy being mad at someone.

Sasha – I agree. Also can I just say that I am NOT perfect. I don’t mean to come off like I think I’m never wrong or anything like that. I’m just very prideful. Its something I should work on.

Vince – I’m the same way, its all good.

Josh – *smiles* You guys will be friends in no time!

Sahsa – Maybe..

Vince – Time will tell.

Josh – Well you guys get going. I’m going to enjoy my day off by relaxing and watching tons of TV. The new Avatar spinoff started! I can’t wait to see Legend of Korra kick ass

Sasha – Theirs a spinoff movie to Avatar?

Vince – Not the James Cameron Avatar space movie. He’s talking about Avatar the Last Air Bender. Its a cartoon.

Josh – It was epic, and the spinoff should be just as epic.

Sasha – Ah.

Vince – Sasha how did you get here?

Sasha – What? to GloCity?

Vince – Yeah.

Sasha – Subway.

Vince – Want a ride back to Bridgeport?

Sasha – …….That’s nice of you…. yes I’d love a ride back.

Vince – Its no problem.

Sasha – Vince?

Vince – Yeah?

Sasha – I have a proposition.

Vince – Okay?

This should be good….

Sasha – I’m not assuming you wouldn’t tell Kokoro about everything, but…. how about this.. I don’t tell Koko about any of this stuff- the fight or anything. As long as you actually go talk to my mom. If you really suspect something, just talk to her, without yelling and profanity?

Vince – …..Fine. Deal, but I do it on my own time. I want to talk to Mia with a level head.

Sasha – Alright.

Josh – Is Koko still out of town?

Vince – Yeah.. and miss her so much.

Sasha – I’m sure she misses you too.

Josh – Well…I love you guys- Random.. but.. yeah. *laugh* Drive safe!

Vince – Bye Josh.

Sasha – I’ll call you.

After they left, I went downstairs to do some laundry. I was still trying to get the hang of it. I’ve always had my mom or one of the guys help me out, but now I was really on my own. While theirs a growing friendship with Kane, its not like we’re best buddies or anything. I wouldn’t mind it to be honest. A guy can never have too many friends. Speaking of which, I’m really happy that Sasha and Vince are trying to work things out. They’re both pretty stubborn so… lets cross our fingers that they can make an effort to keep the fighting at a minimum. I mean Batman and Superman weren’t always the best of friends. Two big ego’s one justice league, or in the case of real life.. two important people in my life, one me.

Josh – Who’s there!

Amanda – Really?

Josh – I thought you were a-

Amanda – Criminal or something?

Josh – I-

Amanda – If I were, would you have knocked me out with those fast fist?!

Josh – Hey don’t make fun of me, I actually know how to fight pretty well.

Amanda – I don’t doubt it tiger.

Josh – Hey! Mary Jane calls Peter Parker that.

Amanda – I know, its my favorite Spiderman reference. Though I didn’t read any comics, I enjoyed all the Saturday morning cartoons.

Josh – That’s awesome.

Amanda – Yeah.. though I have to say… I’m more of a Marvel fangirl. DC is cool but I just love Marvel more.

Josh – That breaks my heart. DC has Superman! how can you go against that?

Amanda – But Marvel has Wolverine, and Storm… oh! and my all time favorite!

Josh – Who?

Amanda – Psylocke!

Josh – Oh yeah.. she’s pretty awesome.

Amanda – I did cosplay as her once.

Josh – You’ve gone to a comic book convention before?

Amanda – Oh no, one of my ex boyfriends dragged me to a costume party at a friends house. I figured if I was going to go, that I might as well go all out. So i went in full costume.

Josh – I bet you looked awesome.

Amanda – That was a fun time…

Josh – Hmm?

Amanda – Nothing….

Josh – No, tell me, I have to wait for these clothes to wash anyway.

Amanda – Well its just that I kinda miss my time in Europe. I had some kick ass nights there.

Josh – Where exactly where you in Europe?

Amanda – Umm well at one point I was in this city called Marseille, in France, and then I went to Athens in Greece… I got around. I never like to stay in one place too long. My absolute favorite place has to be Edinburgh, in Scotland. Dude… even in the rain its beautiful.

Josh – Really?

Amanda – Yeah, and like its not just build on hills n shit, its build on history, romance, and culture. Thats the thing, it had everything you could want. History, festivals, an amazing nightlife..

Josh – What was your favorite thing to do there?

Amanda – Umm- Oh! that’s an easy question. I loved to go to the Castle…

Josh – Oooh! with like knights and stuff?

Amanda – No, umm- well The Edinburgh Castle is an actual Castle but I loved going there to watch- Don’t laugh…

Josh – I promise I won’t.

Amanda – Rugby….

Josh – What? Mandy! you can’t even catch a ball! You? and Sports?

Amanda – I liked the feeling of intimacy I got from the crowd and the people around me at the games. Everyone was having fun. I think growing up, being sent away made me crave some sort of closeness with people. That I didn’t have, and after I left the boarding school..  I wanted to travel, and see what the world had to offer.

Josh – So why come back to GloCity?

Amanda – Well… theirs no place like home. Not to mention, my brothers here. Kane and I have always had a good relationship.

Josh – Why did you get sent away in the first place?

Amanda – Long story short.. I didn’t want to go to school anymore, I stayed out late. I disobeyed my folks, and they didn’t know what to do with me. I know their was a rumor that I stabbed someone but no.. I was a wild child who needed structure.

Josh – I’m glad you’re home.

Amanda – Thanks, I felt out of the loop, and like I didn’t belong here anymore.. but you and the guys welcomed me back with opened arms. I appreciate that.

Josh – No problem.

Amanda – So how did things go with Sasha and Vince?- and sorry for just walking through when-

Josh – Everything went as best as it could, and don’t worry.. you didn’t interrupt anything.

Amanda – I come around alot because I’m alone at my apartment. You, and Kane are fun to be around… I’m a people person.. can’t stand the thought of being alone.

Josh – Well you got Kane, and.. me.

Amanda – Well thank you *smiles* I may just stick around a while.

Josh – You should. You may meet a guy and have an amazing romance.

Amanda – Ha!

Kane – There you two are!

Amanda – Whats up bro?

Josh – Hey Kane.

Kane – I was trying to decide what we should do for dinner.

Amanda – Umm- This doesn’t concern me I-

Kane – No, you too Mandy. I want you to stay for dinner.

Amanda – Oh.. umm, okay.

Josh – I’m okay with whatever you guys want.

Amanda – Well I just had burgers and fries so I don’t want that.

Josh – I had Pizza.. sick of it.

Kane – I just had Chinese…

Amanda – Nobody cares what kind of girl you just banged.

Kane – Funny….

Josh – I guess we can have Mexican food?

Amanda – Fine by me.

Kane – Alright, that’s perfect.

While Mandy and Kane discussed what they wanted to order, I reflected on what Mandy and I talked about. She’s really awesome, and I hope that she finds what she’s looking for. Kane may be a douchebag sometimes but his relationship with his sister is one of his best qualities. He really loves Mandy, and she loves him too. Its like they stick together no matter what. Like Ollie and I.

Had this been a year ago, I would have taken what Mandy said about traveling to heart. I would have felt lame, and like I didn’t do anything with my life. I’m actually happy with the way things have gone for me, we all have our paths. Everyone is different, I’ve for sure learned that after living with the guys for so long.

Josh – We’re not getting food now are we? Its still early.

Kane – No, I just wanted to figure it out now.

Amanda – Got something you need to do?

Josh – Nope.

[Cell Rings]

Amanda – Spoke to soon *laugh*

Josh – Hello? Oh hey. Where?- why are you at Briana and Liana’s house?

Amanda – When is the last time you cleaned out that fridge?

Kane – Why?

Amanda – It smells.

Kane – Ah.. their was some sushi I forgot about.

Amanda – Eww thats so gross.

Kane – I kinda like the smell.

Amanda – That………..is…………..so…………wrong dude.

Kane – Mind out the gutter.

Amanda – Oh no! mind is NOT in the gutter. Not all women smell like that! I don’t know what kind of unclean women you’ve been dipping in!

Kane – *laugh*

Josh – Sorry, I’m still here, umm why are you there?- WHAT?! I’ll be there in 10 minutes, alright….bye.

Amanda – Everything okay?

Kane – Someone die?

Amanda – Dude.

Kane – Sorry.

Josh – Umm everything’s going to be fine, and nobody died. Can one of you watch my clothes?

Amanda – I can get them out for you when they stop- actually I’ll throw them in the dryer too.

Josh – Thanks.

Kane – Is something going on between you two?

Amanda – No.

Josh – Just friends.

Kane – It better stay that way.

Amanda – Oh shut up Kane. Theirs nothing going on between Josh and I, he has a girlfriend. Not to mention that I’m not into him like that.

Josh – What’s wrong with me?

Amanda – You’re not my type, no offense. I like a certain kind of guy. You shave everything, and you’re too pretty.

Kane – Ha!….. That’s not what you told m-

Amanda – Kane!… seriously…

Kane – *cough* I just meant that you told me you kinda like the pretty boys, because they’re the opposite of you.

Amanda – That was a phase.

Josh – *laugh* Okay. Well I’ll be back as soon as I can.

Kane – Take your time. Dinner’s not for a while.

Amanda – See ya when you get back.

Who did you guys think was on the other end of that phone call? Jordan? did you think he had done something crazy and went to curse Briana out? Well.. as you can see.. It wasn’t Jordan. It was Michelle. I’m going to assume she and Liana got over whatever issue they had between them.

Josh – Hey there….

Michelle – …..Hi Josh….

Josh – You and Liana make up?

Michelle – Yes… but I still need you.

Josh – I’m not going anywhere *smiles*

I know I’ve said it before, but I’m really happy that Michelle and I have this amazing friendship. We work better as friends than anything else, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m glad I can be here for her…

Josh – So when did she tell you?

Michelle – Last night.

Josh – During dinner or something?

Michelle – She got home around 2am.

Josh – From the hospital?

Michelle – That’s what I thought…

Josh – ……..

Michelle – So she took a shower, and got in bed. It was awkward silence, and I noticed that she smelled like Lavender. Theirs only two people that I know that like Lavender scent. Briana, and….

Josh – The girl at her job… Quinn.

Michelle – Right… So she looked at me, and said- and I quote “Chelle, Temptation has shown me that the universe has other plans for me.” 

Josh – What?

Michelle – She doesn’t even talk like that…. I knew Quinn had put it in her head- anyway… so I asked her what the f**k she was talking about. She got off the bed and stood by the window, and said. “I didn’t just come home from work. I was at Quinn’s place”

Josh – I’m so sorry….

Michelle – She didn’t even care that it hurt. Its like she’s joined some cult or something. Talking in riddles about how the ocean dances with the moon- What the hell does that have to do with anything? You just cheated on me!

Josh – Did you say that?

Michelle – Yep, and she said mentally I had to have known the relationship was over. I yelled at her, I told her “You kept saying we’ll work on things! you should have just broke it off when you realized you had feelings for Quinn!”

Josh – Hmm Did she-

Michelle – She and Quinn have been fooling around for 3 weeks now. Josh I was so mad, I threw the alarm clock at her… I shouldn’t have done that.

Josh – Its understandable… when I was really upset with Vince…. I hit him. You couldn’t help it-

Michelle – Right, but… I don’t know.. I was just so angry.

Josh – So after the Alarm clock incident what happen?

Michelle – I grabbed my stuff and I walked to the bus stop. Right when I started to cry, Liana called me and asked if I still hated her. She picked me up and brought me here. In the middle of my tears, and anger- she apologized and realized that she hurt me. You know Josh.. this is Karma.. I hurt you, and now I’m unlucky in love.

Josh – Shit happens.

Michelle – Did you just say “shit?”

Josh – I did, and I mean it. Shit happens…. doesn’t mean you should give up on finding happiness, and you’ll never guess who told me that.

Michelle – Vince? Jordan?

Josh – Issac.

Michelle – Really?.. Mr “I go with the flow” Hmm.. Interesting. Well if even Issac can think like that.. maybe I should too.

Josh – Another girl? or guy?

Michelle – I don’t know.. I kinda don’t want to date another guy anytime soon. Maybe I should get drunk and hit up the lesbian bar.. drown my sorrows. I mean I still like men, but I’m too emotional right now for one..

Briana – Oh didn’t know you two were out here. I’m off to a job interview.

Josh – ………

Michelle – Umm.. cool. I – umm.. hope you get it.

Briana – Whatever.. you guys can keep your judgmental eyes.

Josh – Nobody’s judging you.. we all just wanna-

Briana-  Help?! You wanna help? Nothing’s wrong with me!

Josh – …………

Michelle – You know what Briana why don’t you just keep walking? Nobody wants to deal with your bullshit.

Briana – Whatever.. that’s why you got dumped.

Michelle – Who are you? you’re not even the same girl…

Josh – …..

Briana – Whatever…

I honestly… have no Idea who that girl is. You guys remember Briana.. she was sweet, soft spoken. What is her deal? If this were a comic book I’d say one of the Skrulls had taken over her body…

Liana – Oh Hi Joshua…..

Josh – Are you going to make fun of me?

Michelle – *laugh*

Liana – No…. You look cute by the way. So glad you shaved.

Josh – Umm.. thanks.

Liana – You didn’t even look like yourself. You looked like a mexican.

That was semi racist was it not?

Josh – Umm

Liana – I like latin people, I’m just saying…

Michelle – If you’re looking for your sister, you just missed her.

Josh – Yeah.. apparently she has a job interview.

Liana – That lying b***h. She told me she was going to the store.

Michelle – Something’s wrong with her Lee-Lee.

Liana – I know…. but I don’t even want to talk about it….

Josh – ….

Liana – So what are you guys doing?

Josh – I’m going to take Michelle to get Ice cream. Wanna come?

Liana – I can’t… Jordan, and Gabrielle agreed to let me see my nephew (Tyler)… So while Jordan’s still at work, I’m going to go to the daycare and play with Tyler for a while until Jordan picks him up. Its the only way I can see him because- well.. you guys know… He’s not bringing him here anytime soon…

Michelle – Yeah…. Well I’m glad you get some time with him.

Josh – …..Me too.

Liana – Well I’ll see you guys later.

Josh – Well I guess its just us Michelle.

Michelle – I appreciate the offer, but I have to get dressed and go to work at the bar- Hey speaking of Gabrielle, have you two talked yet?

Josh – No…… The ball is in her court. I’m sick of chasing after an apology.

Michelle – That sucks…

Josh – Anyway I’ll let you go get ready for work. Call me if you need anything.

Liana – She won’t need much, she has me. Her BFF is back.

Michelle – I have both of you thankfully- by the way Lee-Lee I’m going to need you to take me to get the rest of my things from Vanessa’s place. I promise I won’t be staying here long. I’ll find a place in no time.

Liana – Whatever you need I’m here, and if Briana gives you attitude just ignore her.

Michelle – I tuned her out last night, its easy to do.

Liana left, and Michelle got ready for work. I returned home, and had dinner with Kane and Mandy. I let them know everything was okay, and just told them a friend was feeling down. We had food, and good fun conversation. After some cake, Mandy decided to go home to her apartment. The rest of the night was smooth sailing, though I couldn’t stop thinking about the people in my life, and the things they were going through.

Michelle had her breakup with Vanessa. Liana was struggling to see her nephew. Then… Jordan, Vince, and Issac.. they all had stuff to deal with. Speaking of Vince… Issac told me that Quinn has met Justin. It all makes sense now.. since Vanessa has been sleeping with her. It sucks… Jordan, Issac, and I have yet to meet Vince’s brother. Hopefully that changes soon.

So the night kept passing by, and I decided to shower, and then get a snack.

Josh – You know while I was in the shower, I did some thinking Kane. Gabrielle is being really stubborn, why haven’t-

Kane – We have company.

Josh – What?

Shannon – Umm.. okay…………… You sir are naked.

Kane – I am.

Shannon – Josh home?

Kane – Yep

What the heck? Shannon?

Shannon – So… is your roomy always naked? He’s hung like a horse! makes me look like a tic-tac!


Josh – Yeah.. he’s always naked.

Kane – Thanks for the compliment dude!

Shannon – No problem! I mean I’m pretty average down there but you’re rocking an elephant trunk- I mean that thing could probably put out house fires!

Josh – Why- How did you find my place?

Shannon – I went to your parents house.

Josh – How did you know where they lived?

Shannon – I didn’t. I drove around, and I saw that birthday twin girl. Tru?

Josh – Oh okay.

Shannon – I needed to talk to you. So she gave me your folks address, and they directed me here.

Josh – What did you need? Is everything okay? IS SASHA HURT?!

Shannon – Everything’s… well not fine, but she’s not hurt or anything.. but umm…

Josh – Kane can you give us some privacy please?

Kane – Oh okay I’ll close the door dude.

Josh – So what did you want to tell me?

Shannon – I wanted to be real with you.

Josh – Okay.

Shannon – Like I believe in honesty… and I umm..

Josh – Spit it out dude.

Shannon – So… I don’t know if you had any thoughts in your head about Sasha and I but-

Josh – I think you like her, and I think you’re inappropriate. Just being honest.

Wow… did I just blurt all that out?

Shannon – That’s fair..

Josh – So what? are you here to-

Shannon – Well okay I hit on her. It was right after Kokoro asked me to hire her. She was pretty and nice.

I don’t know if you guys remember or not, but Kokoro lived in Bridgeport and was friends with Shannon. She got him to help Sasha out and the rest is history..

Josh – Okay.. so you hit on my girlfriend and you’re here because you’re sorry about it?

Shannon – Not exactly. I hit on her before I knew she was taken. After I found out about you, I stopped. She was the one being super friendly with me, and I assumed it was just her personality. She was trying to help me with my breakup so-

Josh – Okay….. so….- I’m a bit confused here.

Shannon – You seem really nice, and you don’t deserve to be strung along. I’m just going to say it.

Josh – Say it then…

Shannon – I’m betraying her trust but I don’t want the same thing that happen to me, to happen to you.

Josh – Stop running around in circles!

Shannon – Sasha’s cheating on you.

Josh – Right…

Shannon – I’m serious.

Josh – So you’re saying you’re sorry about it as a good deed?

Shannon – Its not with me!

Josh – Oh come on dude! I picked her up for dinner that day and I heard you on the phone. You said “Good ones are always taken, won’t stop me though”

Shannon – What? I didn’t- Ooooh! That! Josh! I was on the phone with a business partner. I was talking about an official name for my social networking site. All the good ones are taken. Its hard to come up with something new.

Josh – So…. if she’s not cheating on me with you… then who?

Shannon – So you believe me?

Josh – …..I don’t know.

Shannon – I wouldn’t lie. My ex cheated on me, I caught her in the act.

Josh – Like having sex?

Shannon – with three guys. Three BLACK GUYS!

Josh – Umm….

Shannon – …..She told me she was saving herself for marriage!

Josh – ……..That’s rough.

Shannon – I just want a good girl.. someone that fits my personality.. too many liars out there… which is why I don’t think you deserve to be played.

Josh – How do you even know this?

Shannon – Sasha has been slacking with work. She’s come back from lunch all smiley, and I know it hasn’t been with you. I handed her a bunch of files to file, and I noticed she was texting someone with her phone. So I assumed it was you, boy was I wrong. She sat her phone down to go file the files, and I took a peek at her text messages because I wanted to tease her about being a sap in love.

Josh – ……Okay…

Shannon – It wasn’t you obviously. It was some guy named Oswell.

Josh – What?

Shannon – I put the phone down and went back into my office. I kept fighting with myself.. I didn’t know if I should tell you or not. Then I decided that I should, but then was the issue of “do I call him? or do I tell him to his face?”

Josh – ……….What did the text say?

Shannon – It said something about how she enjoy’s their “Lunches” and how she “Looks forward to seeing him tomorrow”

Josh – She told me she had a doctors visit tomorrow.

Shannon – See! lie number one thousand. She came into my office and I wanted to see if she’d lie. So I asked her if she had lunch plans tomorrow. She told me a quick teeth cleaning at her dentist.

Josh – Their has to be some explanation. She can’t be cheating on me!

Shannon – ….I thought you’d say that…

Josh – What?

Shannon – I saw the address of where she’s meeting him. The choice is yours.. you can go and catch her, or you can believe that she’s not cheating on you.

Josh – ……

Shannon – I’m going to go.. so you can process the information given. You have a- well you can’t have a good night now… but-umm.. Just… umm- Yeah.. Goodnight Josh.

Josh – ……..’nite……..

That night, I couldn’t sleep. I wanted to call Sasha, and ask her about Shannon’s claims…… but then something kept me from doing so. Either I was going to trust her, and not believe a word Shannon said, or……. I was going to go to Bridgeport in the morning, and catch her cheating on me… *sigh* What would you do if you were me? I can’t believe I’m having relationship problems again! Why?! Why is it always something?! No… no.. I have to go find out the truth…. Will this night end? so I can just know my fate already…..

Finally….. Time had went by, and I called in sick to work. I headed to Bridgeport and there she was… standing at the place. She was not at the doctor’s office like she told me, nor was she at the dentist like she told Shannon. So far… two lies. Dear God.. please.. please let their be an explanation for this. My stomach was in knots and I couldn’t take it if she was cheating on me. I want to spend the rest of my life with her, I want to have it all…. Kids.. a house… endless love. Maybe that’s lame of me, maybe I’m living in a fairytale land.. but its what I want, and I want it with her.

Josh – F**k it… *takes deep breath*….

I decided to talk to her…. she was already caught in a lie…

As soon as I walked up… so did the guy.

Sasha – Josh?!

Josh – Who’s this guy Sasha?

Sasha – What- why- What are you doing here? did you follow me?!

Guy – ……….What’s going on Sasha? Who’s this?

Sasha – I- he’s umm

Josh – Her boyfriend!

Guy – You have a boyfriend Sasha?

Sasha – Josh this isn’t what it looks like!

Josh – He’s old Sasha! what the hell!

Sasha – He’s my ex professor!….

Josh – What?!

Sasha – This is Keith Oswell… The professor I-

Josh – I cannot believe you!

Sasha – Josh wait!

Josh – Why would you do this to me?! WHY? I loved you!

Professor Oswell – I’m sorry I-

Josh – Don’t you say a word! playing with her emotions like this! and she just letting you!

Sasha – Josh! I-

Josh – I know this has been going on for a while!

Sasha – Have you been going through my phone?! Oh my god….

Josh – Nice guys always finish last.. I treated you like a queen, I did everything to make you happy.. why would you hurt me?

Sasha – ….How did you-

Josh – Shannon saw it on your phone. He told me everything last night when he CAME BY MY APARTMENT!

Professor Oswell – You two have trust issues….

Sasha – I’m so sorry you found out this way Josh…

Josh – Why care now? My heart is shattered…

Professor Oswell – Why didn’t you tell me you had a boyfriend Sasha?

Sasha – It didn’t matter!

Josh – WHAT?! I don’t matter?!

Sasha – No- wait that’s not what I’m trying to say!

Josh – You’re caught!

Sasha – No I’m not!

Josh – What do you call this?

Sasha – You didn’t trust me! how could you? you must be doing something guilty!

Josh – What are you talking about?! don’t turn this around on me!

Sasha – You came all the way here when you should be at work!

Josh – I tossed and turned all night trying to figure out if I should come here and catch you in the act!

Sasha – You should have trusted me!

Josh – Why? look at you!

Sasha – I’m not sleeping with him!

Professor Oswell – ………….

Josh – Why should I believe you? you lied about so much already…..

Sasha – That hurts…

Josh – So does seeing you with him.

Sasha – …I’m gonna kill Shannon.

Professor Oswell – Should I leave?

Sasha – No, Josh should…

Josh – What?

Sasha – Get out of here!

Josh – Really Sasha?… just like that?!

Sasha – Leave Josh! Go home!

(Press Play for Scene to play with Music)

Josh – …………I hate you.

Sasha – Josh… don’t…

Josh – Don’t what huh? *crying* I could drive my car off the bridge and you probably wouldn’t care! You don’t care about me Sasha.. I loved you so much and you do this to me!

Sasha – Josh that’s not true!

Josh – I hate you! I hate you so f**king much right now!

Sasha – We’ll talk about this later I- please don’t say that! *crying* Can we just talk about this later tonig-

Josh – No! Their IS no later.. I hate you. You know everything I’ve been through with relationships… and to do this to me. You have no soul, and you’re just like your mom. She hurt my Uncle, and now you hurt me. I hate you, I hate everything about you! We’re done!

Sasha – Josh! Don’t say that! *crying*

Josh – *crying* I’m done

Sasha – Josh please no… please don’t say that.. I love you! *crying*

Professor Oswell – …I… I don’t know what to say…

Sasha – *crying* Just leave Keith… just go…

Josh – ……..

Am I not good enough for love? why does this keep happening to me? I did everything I could to be a good boyfriend. I always get hurt and I don’t know why. My heart hurts so much right now. I don’t want to live, I don’t want to live in this world anymore. Why would she hurt me? why would she betray me like this? Did I do something wrong?

That’s what I kept asking myself on the way home. What did I do…. What did I do to her, that made her want to lie and cheat. She’s been playing me from the start. Lie cheat and steal.. that’s her and her mother. She lied about things, stole my trust, and my love… and finally cheated on me. I don’t know what else to say. Its going to be a long drive back to GloCity… All I want to do is cry.

~End of Chapter Four- Pt 2~



  1. *cries* You didn’t do anything wrong Josh! Why did you do that to him?? : p. Ugh. I didn’t want Shannon to be right. I thought for once Josh had found the girl of his dreams. So sad. It’ll be interesting to see what comes next. On a lighter note, you scared me when you said the Avatar spinoff was starting. I thought I had missed it!! XD. But then I googled it and found that it’s starting in April. Whew!! Keep up the great writing! ; )

  2. About Legend of Korra.. I have bad news and good news lol. The bad news is.. It technically already premiered on http://korranation.tumblr.com/ The first 2 episodes were shown last Saturday as a special thanks to the die-hard fans and it…. was… amazing! It will for sure be as epic as the original.

    The good news is if you missed that, you won’t have to wait too long to catch the first two episodes on TV. Its officially coming on Saturday April 14th. So just check your local listings for times. I’m gonna assume its coming on in the morning. Which is fine because I watch Young Justice on Cartoon Network anyway lol.

    Now about the story/your comment.

    Well… Sasha said she didn’t sleep with him, Josh thinks she’s lying.. Josh says he’s done, Sasha doesn’t want to be done.. Are they finished or is this all one big misunderstanding? I’m well aware of Josh’s luck, and how he bounces from one girl to the next.. so I guess we’ll have to just wait and see what becomes of Josh and Sasha, or if history will repeat itself once again and he ends up with someone new….. or maybe he doesn’t? or maybe he does.. or maybe he’ll end up with someone unexpected… OR maybe he, and Sasha work it out? * evil laugh* You’ll find out soon…

    Thanks for the comment and stay tuned.. Vince’s POV does not disappoint when it comes to drama. and Jordan’s is…. a “realization” for sure..

  3. Nooooooooooooo I missed the first official premiere :'(. Well I guess the 14th isn’t too far away. I better mark it on my calendar so I won’t forget. As for Sasha and Josh I really hope this isn’t the end!

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