[B2M Season3] Chapter 4 : “You… Featuring Me” Pt 1 [POV Issac]


***POV = Point Of View. That person will narrate the story.***

~Disclaimer : This story features mature language. Most Profanity & Other unsuitable words will be blanked out with “***”  This is a heads up for any cautious readers~

So… umm… before I dive into anything “Me” related, let me give you guys a update on Jordan. He was put in a cell, while Briana’s accusations were being sorted out. Obviously Briana had no proof, and so that was dropped. What wasn’t dropped was Jordan’s unpaid parking tickets. So my dad (Peter) and Robin (Jordan’s Mom) went down and picked him up.

Thankfully Connor was smart enough to call his Aunt Tru. Tru, who was with Gabrielle stayed at Jordan’s home with Tyler, Mallory, and Connor until everything was blown over. So right now Jordan’s at work, Tyler’s at daycare, and everything is fine. The Police are looking into Jordan’s claims that Briana left Tyler at the park on purpose. Robin, and My dad think its a good Idea that Jordan keep his distance from the crazy b***h Briana. I agree with them.

Now… I want to give my opinion on the whole Sasha vs Vince thing. Obviously I’m team Vince. I like Sasha sure, but.. Theirs one thing about her that annoys me. She always comes off as if she’s innocent, when she’s not. Honestly when she and Josh first started playing their game of tag, I was busy dealing with Tommy. So I have no opinion on “How she Got Josh” I’ve known Sasha for a while, and I’m not her biggest supporter. I don’t dislike her.. I just don’t love her.. Just being honest. That being said, Vince should learn to shut the f**k up. Stop and think before you speak. That’s all I have to say about that. I hope Josh handles it in the best way possible, meaning both his friendship with Vince, and his relationship with Sasha stay in tact.

Finally.. about me.. No.. Your eyes are not deceiving you. I’m painting again, I don’t know what happen. I woke up feeling good about things. I had this epiphany, and suddenly everything made sense. I have this new career that I never in a million years expected to have. I have new friends, Gavin, and Kaitlyn. And Finally… the biggest realization of them all… I’m in love.. with someone who… Is awesome. Yes.. I’m talking about Riley.. I can’t believe it either… So all those things inspired me to paint again.

Kaitlyn – Hello stranger!

Issac – Kaitlyn! You’re back- Whoa.. look at you being all sexy.

After our movie night, Kaitlyn had to go do business across town for a client. I’m glad she’s back.

Kaitlyn – Oh I got this dress from a vintage store.

Issac – I like your haircut. You look pretty.

Kaitlyn – Why thank you Issac- Oh my goodness.. you’re- You’re painting again?

Issac – Yeah!

Kaitlyn – I thought you said you weren’t unpacking your painting supplies because you didn’t feel it anymore. What changed?

Issac – My life did, which part of that is because of you.

Kaitlyn – You’re changing my life too buddy.

Issac – So I plan on painting whenever I have freetime. I’m not giving up on my gift of art.

Kaitlyn – Goody Goodness!

Issac – So umm.. I have news

Kaitlyn – Do tell!

Issac – I’m in love with Riley.

Kaitlyn – Well obviously silly head!

Issac – I’m going to tell him that I wanna be with him tonight.

Kaitlyn – Yay! I’m so happy for you!

Issac – I’m happy for me too- Though I feel a bit guilty.. I feel like things are working out for me, but poor Josh.. Vince.. and especially Jordan! His son doesn’t deserve such a shitty mother.. Briana is crazy!

Kaitlyn – ……Yeah…..

Issac – If I was a dad I’d make sure to be extra nice to my kid.. because of all the shit I’ve seen in my life so far. Doesn’t matter how old.. kids just want to be loved.

Kaitlyn – ………

Issac – I bet you’d make a good mom Kait. I’m never having kids but.. I’ll have plenty of little rugrats calling me “Uncle Issac” I know Josh, and the other’s will have a bunch of Kids. *laugh* How cute would a little Josh be…

Kaitlyn – ………….

Issac – Kaitlyn?


Issac – What?

Kaitlyn – You and Riley gonna get married and adopt kids? *starting to cry*

Issac – He doesn’t want kids Kaitlyn… wait.. do you think I’m gonna leave you or something? I’d-

Kaitlyn – Leave me just like Quinn did!

Issac – What are you talking about?!

Kaitlyn – ………*runs away crying*

Issac – COME BACK!

And just like that Kaitlyn ran out of the house… What was it? what was bothering her?

I ran after her but she was fast… I couldn’t find her anywhere. So I went to the streets, I needed to make sure she was okay. I had to be there for her, like she was there for me in my time of need. – Ah, I’ll ask that guy up there if he’s seen her.

Issac – HEY! Excuse me! Sir!- Have you seen a woman in a yellow-

…………..Kris?……………….. You guys remember him right? My ex-boyfriend? The one who cheated on me- well was going to cheat on me with Riley? Well.. looks like I’m having one of those awkward run-ins with an ex that people always talk about.

Kris – Issac?

Issac – …..Hey….

Ja’Bon – You know this guy Kristopher?

Kristopher?.. pshh whatever..

Issac – I’m his ex boyfriend.

Ja’Bon – Oh nice to meet you. I’m Ja’Bon. His… current boyfriend.

Kris – *looks nervous*

Issac – Nice to meet you too.. I’m Issac.

Kris – You were screaming.. is everything okay?

Ja’Bon – Can we somehow be of service?

Issac – You guys see a woman around this height *makes hand movements* walk or run past here?

Kris – Nope.

Ja’Bon – Can’t say we have. Is everything okay?

Issac – She-.. It will be, when I find her.

Kris – Want us to help?

No? you can die in a fire

Issac – ………

Ja’Bon – If we see her we can contact you somehow?

Issac – Kris you have my number, if you see her-

Kris – Actually you changed your number so…

Issac – Oh… that’s right….

Crap.. Like I want to give this dude my number.. I’ve avoided him for a reason.

I ended up giving my number to Ja’Bon, which I’m sure Kris hated….

Ja’Bon – If we see her, I’ll make sure to ring you.

Issac – Thanks.

Ja’Bon – So are you his most recent Ex?

Issac – I-

Kris – We have to make that movie baby…

Ja’Bon – Its okay, I’m just trying to get some dirt on ya *laugh*

Kris – Well I-

Issac – What do you want to know?

Kris – …….

Ja’Bon – Well I don’t know, Kris is such an angel sent from heaven. He goes to church, he volunteers at retirement homes. I haven’t found one flaw yet, I need to know that he’s not perfect *laugh*

Ha! If Kris goes in a church he’d burst into flames, and the only thing he’d want in a retirement home is some sort of old sugar daddy.. Kris has this guy fooled..

Issac – Oh he has plenty of flaws.

Kris – Don’t!-

Ja’Bon – Shhh! Don’t interrupt the man Kris

Issac – He’s a terrible………..per…….’sonal chef. He can’t cook to save his life. He snores… and the worst thing about him that I can remember is that he likes to clip his toenails in bed. Just disgusting…..

All lies…

Kris – *sigh of relief*

Ja’Bon – That’s it?… so he really is perfect then eh?

Issac – *looks at Kris* …………Yep

Ja’Bon – So why did you guys break up?- Oh excuse me my mother is calling.

Issac – No problem…

Kris – Thank you for that…

Issac – …..He’ll figure it out sooner or later….

Kris – What?

Issac – Nothing…

Kris – Well thank you anyway.. even though I know I’m NOT Welcomed…  You didn’t have to say that. For a second I thought you were going to put me on blast. I really like this guy and- Issac, I’m really sorry for what I did to you because-

Issac – Whoa whoa whoa! You’re sorry? You’re the same person who texted me and told me I’m a dead man. You told me you were going to have your trannies and gays jump me if I ever showed my face around the clubs.

Kris – I was mad! You embarrassed me! You set me up, and then caught me and then dumped me. I felt humiliated.

Issac – Maybe you shouldn’t cheat on people then. I honestly don’t give a f**k about you or your apology.

Kris – Oh screw you…. Like you’re any better.

Issac – What’s that suppose to mean?

Kris – I was at the club, and happen to pass by Gabrielle, and my EX friend Tru. Gabrielle was drunk, and talking about how she hopes Riley stops messing around with Mira, and just be with you. I find it funny that you can be such a hypocrite, when you’re running around having sex with Riley, when he’s dating Mira.

Issac – See….. you might have had a point a month ago. I had no clue about Mira, also he’s not even with her anymore.

Kris – So it IS true… You and him?! Wow! That pisses me off!

Issac – Why? You found a new dick to jump on. I’m sure you probably have one to suck on the side too. No need to be jealous.

Kris – Cute.. real cute. Looks like you ARE a fag after all.. look how catty you’ve become.

Issac – Probably because I hung around this cunt named- …. Kris- you’re the cunt.. have you met yourself? You’re pretty bitchy- Look I have no time for this, I’m out looking for someone who really cares about me. Have fun with Ja’Bon.. don’t break his heart.. he seems nice dude…

Kris – Go f**k yourself.

Issac – I did twice this morning. You have a good day.

Kris – Payback’s a b***h

Issac – Yeah yeah… Whatever dude.

I know I was a bit mean to Kris- Actually If I’m being honest, I don’t think I was mean enough. He’s a dick, he should be glad I was nice to his new boyfriend. That poor guy, has no idea what kind of monster he’s with…

Ja’Bon – Where’d he go?

Kris – Forget about him, he tried to make a pass at me!

Ja’Bon – What? how disrespectful!

Kris – We broke up for a reason.. he’s a dick- AND he’s addicted to prescription pills. He’s a nutcase.

Ja’Bon – How could anyone be mean to an angel like you?

Kris – I don’t know…. So umm… Can we go shopping like you promised?

Ja’Bon – Anything for you. We can max out my credit card after the movie.

Kris – Yay!

I have no idea what those two are talking about, but I swear I heard the words credit, and card. Wouldn’t shock me if Kris has gone from Cheating slut, to golddigger- Oh I just got a text! Its probably Kaitlyn- Oh… Its not.. Its Gavin… What does it say…

“Issac… I can’t do this anymore.. Help me please.. I don’t know who else to call.. please help me.. PLEASE! He’s going to kill me! I’m at 2790 Kitty Bare Ave. Please hurry! I locked myself in the bathroom!”

What the hell?…. Crap… I bet its that Max Johnson guy… Good thing I have my knife already tucked in these boots- What?- Don’t look at me like that. You try being homeless with a nice car. I don’t believe in guns so I had to protect myself, and my shit somehow *laugh* Anyway no time for laughing. As much as I hate to involve myself in something so dramatic.. Gavin’s my friend.. and he needs me. F**k!… and Kaitlyn is still missing…. Gavin’s issue is more severe though… he said he’s going to kill him.. hmm… I- No I can’t call the cops because they wouldn’t get to Gavin in time- Dammit!… Okay I have to help Gavin.. I have to!

Hmm… I guess the address was Max Johnson’s place afterall. Please tell me you guys remember the deal with this douchebag. He was rude on the set of the cologne shoot. Vince mentioned he was a dick at the strip club…. He’s running around telling people he’s a straight guy, when in secret he’s having sex with Gavin. I assumed he had anger issues but this is ridiculous.

Max – Ain’t you the dude from the photoshoot? What the f**k do you want?

Issac – Gavin called me. Let me in!

Max – He did what?!

Issac – Open the door Max… I know everything.

Max – You don’t know anything!

Issac – I’ll call the cop right now. I know you’re on probation.

Max – ………….


Max – SHUT UP!- F**k!….

Finally he opened the door…

Max – I don’t know why he locked himself in there!

Issac – I’m sure!

Max – I don’t know what you THINK you know, we’re just friends!

Issac – Dude give up the act! I know you’re on the downlow! You’re gay!

Max- I’m not a F**king Faggot!

Issac – Don’t ever use that word douchebag!

Gavin – Issac?! Is that you?!

Issac – Its me Gavin.. I’m here!

Gavin – You came?!

Issac – Yeah.. everything’s okay, you can come out.

Gavin – Is he out there?!

Issac – Yeah but he won’t hurt you. NOT while I’m here.

Max – ……….

Oh my god…

Gavin – I just didn’t know who else to call *crying*

Issac – YOU HIT HIM?!

Max – He did that to himself! I didn’t touch him!

Gavin – Yes you did! You got mad because you didn’t like my answer to your question!

Max – What are you talking about?!

Gavin – I told you I was with my sister last night, and you didn’t believe me. You accused me of being with some other man!

Max – …….. I did- I… I did that to you?

Issac – What the f**k man! are you bipolar or something?! You hurt him!

Max – I didn’t hit him that hard- I thought-

Issac – YOU DIDN’T THINK! Thats the problem!

Gavin – Don’t!!!! Where did you get that knife!?

Issac – Don’t what?! He hurt you Gavin! why are you worried about his safety?!

Gavin – I-.. I don’t want you to get in trouble!

Max – I bet you ain’t that tough without that knife!

Issac – If you ever come near Gavin again, you’ll be bestfriends with a wheel-chair! I’m not f**king around! I’ll also out you to everyone!

No I wouldn’t

Max – Call your dog off Gavin!

Gavin – Issac!

Issac – Shut up Gavin! Why would you care about a piece of shit like this?! Someone who punches you in the face?!

Max – Get out of my house! both of you!

Issac – Stay away from Gavin!

Max – Alright alright!

Issac – Vince is one of my bestfriend.. I’ll have you fired.. I can ruin your life!

Gavin – Issac! Stop lets just go!

We got outside… and Gavin broke down…

Issac – ……You need to stay away from him.

Gavin – I know… I know!

Issac – Why would you-

Gavin – I’m embarrassed!

Issac – You did nothing wrong.. why can’t you see that?

Gavin – I should have told my sister (Quinn) I’d see her another time.. I knew he’d (Max) be upset if I-

Issac – Do you hear yourself?

Gavin – I should have just-

Issac – F**k HIM! He’s crazy! why are you-

Gavin – Because I love him!

Gavin – This isn’t the first time…

Issac – He’s hit you before?

Gavin – …. He’s just stressed out.. work and I didn’t help by breaking a date with him-

Issac – What exactly happen Gavin?

Gavin – …*crying* I- I- He- 

Issac – Take your time.. I’m here. You’re safe, I’m not going anywhere.

Gavin – I came over, because he was angry I didn’t come over last night. I made us some pasta, and we were about to… you know. He then asked where I really was last night. I told him the truth. That I was hanging out with my sister.

Issac – Does Quinn know about Max?

Gavin – Yes, but she’s never met him obviously…

Issac – Why- What exactly lead up to this? Why did he-

Gavin – He wouldn’t let me get up off the couch… He pinned me down and called me names, said I was being a whore with different men. He accused me of lying. I got tired of it and called him insecure. That’s when he pulled his fist back and hit me in the face. Their was blood everywhere. I kicked him, I ran and locked myself in the bathroom.. I didn’t know who else to call… I’m sorry!

Issac – Its okay.. Its all going to be okay.

As much as I’d like to judge him… I can’t. People going back to their abusers, is not some new concept. I don’t know if these people feel weak, or what.. but for whatever reason that make excuses for their abuser, and put themselves in harms way. I knew what I had to do, and I knew Gavin would fight me on it. I convinced him to go with me to the police station.

Once there we told them what happen, and got a restraining order against Max Johnson. Gavin was crying, and embarrassed. I told him I was there, that I wasn’t going anywhere. That I didn’t judge him. It seemed to have calmed him. After we took care of him, I filed a missing person’s report for Kaitlyn, The cops wouldn’t let me do it at first. Some stupid law that says it has to be 48 hours before they can declare a person missing. I begged, and the guy felt bad.. he bent the rules for me. He told me that if they found her, he’d call. The best thing I can do is to just wait at home.

Which I wanted Gavin to come with me. He insisted on staying at his own place. He said Max didn’t know where he lived, and that Quinn was coming to see him tonight. I asked was he sure. He said he’d be safe, so I left it alone. I personally feel like he didn’t want to come with me, and have to explain to Kaitlyn what happen. Oh and interesting fact.. When Gavin found out Kaitlyn was missing, he automatically assumed it was Quinn related… What the f**k happen between those two? 

I got home, and cleaned up. I knew Riley was coming over, and as much shit that had went down today, I didn’t want it to ruin what I had to tell him. Kaitlyn actually decided to text me by the way. She said “I’m fine.. Just needed to get out” I told her to come home as soon as possible…. and that I… I loved her. I think that’s something she hasn’t heard in a long time. Regardless of her saying she was fine.. I didn’t call off the police search.. just incase she tried to harm herself. I don’t understand what’s going on in her head.

Riley – Earth to Issac?

Issac – Oh sorry, was having a inner thought.

Riley – That’s cool…

Issac – I’m glad you’re here.

Riley – Me too…..

Issac – So you want a beer or anything?

Riley – No I’m okay.

Issac – You sure?

Riley – Yeah, I’m trying to stop drinking…

Issac – Since when?

Riley – Things change…

Issac – You get off work early or something? I expected you to be in your work clothes.

Riley – I didn’t go today.

Issac – Oh, so you came from GloCity?

Riley – Yeah…

Issac – Dude, so much shit went down today- actually not just today either.. you heard about Jordan?

Riley – Yeah.. Briana’s nuts… b***h lied to the cops, left her baby at the park.

Issac – Yeah.. That’s so…

Riley – That shit Cray

Issac – Did you just say Cray?

Riley – Jay-Z, and Kanye are making Cray happen.

Issac – I still don’t see why people can’t just say Crazy instead of Cray- Anyway..

Riley – Kaitlyn okay?

Issac – She texted me.. but I just want her home.

Riley – Gavin?

Issac – He’ll be okay physically.. Mentally I don’t know.

Riley – Can you stop looking in the fridge and get over here?

Issac – Sorry, I’m just nervous.

Riley – Why?

Issac – I have to tell you something

Riley – Well I-

Issac  – Don’t worry! Its something good!…. something that we both want…

Riley – Issac I-

Issac – Would you shut up for a minute? *laugh* This took… a while… but I need to say this.

Riley – …. *half-smile*

Here goes….

Issac – Things went from…. bad, to good- pun there, since Kaitlyn’s last name is Good. Get it? because she helped me?- Sorry.. nervousness is making me make terrible jokes. Anyway umm, You’ve been there for me… when I was at my lowest. Its because of you, that I got over Josh. You helped me become a better person. If it wasn’t for this emotional thing between us, I- Maybe I wouldn’t have been able to forgive my dad-

-You taught me how to love… I hid it from you, but here it is.. I love you Riley, and on paper you and I seem like such opposites, but I don’t care. Its what you said you wanted, and its what I’m saying I want. I love you… I….Love You. I F**king LOVE YOU DUDE! Like I-… I’m happy. So.. Yeah.. I do want to be your boyfriend. I know the real you, and I love him- god I’m saying the word love alot… Its just that I love everything about you. How you come off as a douchebag, but always do the right thing no matter what, and-

Riley – Ayo…Issac sit down..please..

Issac – Umm.. alright. Is everything okay?

Riley – …………..

Issac – Are you going to respond to what I just said-

Riley – Mira’s pregnant.

Issac – ………………………..

Riley – Say something.

Issac – ……Is it a boy or a girl

Riley – Really? that? You ask that?

Issac – ……………

Riley – I love you too bro…. but…

Issac – ………..but you have to be a dad.

Riley – Right, and you said it yourself.. you don’t want kids. I don’t want to put you through what comes next. Broken dates, heartbreak… Baby mama drama

Issac – …….Its your- ….I umm…

Riley – Say something dude!

Issac – I don’t know what to say….

Riley – You said an amazing f**king speech yo.. and I…

Issac – Why didn’t you stop me? why did you let me keep talking when-

Riley – Because I’m selfish! The selfish part of me wanted to hear all those things, to know that you felt the same way about me that I felt about you.

Issac – You said “felt” you’re using past tense, does-

Riley – Because you can’t love me with a baby… look at Gabrielle and Jordan.. she wasn’t down for him and his kid, and you-

Issac – …I get it.

Riley – You said it yourself… I always do the right thing. I’m… I have to be there for Mira, and my kid.

Issac – Okay.

Riley – I know you’re hurting Issac, don’t play tough.

Issac – ….I’m fine.

Riley – Don’t close up now dude.

Issac – ………………………

Riley – Say something! Yell at me! show me you-

Issac – What? that I care? I think that whole f**king speech proved that!

Riley – I didn’t mean that yo, I’m just-

Issac – Go be a dad.

Riley – I don’t want my kid to grow up in a broken home. She doesn’t want an abortion, and honestly I wouldn’t let her if she did…

Issac – I umm.. I should check on Gavin.. and Kait….

Riley – You kicking me out?

Issac – Yes…No…. I umm

Riley – Shit what time is it?….. I should probably go anyway.. Mira’s got a OBGYN visit in the morning…

Issac – So are you two back together?

Riley – We………..you don’t really wanna know the answer to that…why ask?

Issac – Because….

Riley – I think its-

Issac – Just answer the f**king question..

Riley – ………..Yeah. We are. We’re going to work through our issues for the baby.

Issac – *Sarcastic Tone* Goody Goodness…

Riley – Can I call you in the morning?

Issac – You can do whatever you need to do…

Riley – I won’t even ask you not to be mad at me I-

Issac – Its getting late dude.. you should go.

Riley – I-

Issac – …..Just.. go… go be a dad.

Riley left… awkwardly. I took a shower, and tried to lay in my bed, but couldn’t…… What do you want me to say?… do you want me to cry? because I don’t cry.. I stopped crying a while ago, its not worth it. I almost feel like Riley was mad because I didn’t yell at him…. I don’t have anything to say right now about it… I’ll deal with it how I will. I hope him and Mira live happily ever after…- Umm

[Cell Beeps]

“…..You’re some kind of wonderful Issac Bennett, you know that?. I decided to come into my office to get some work done. Work distracts me from my troubles. Guess who walked in? The Police. I didn’t know you cared that much… Thanks for being my friend. I’ll be home in about 30 minutes. I’m feeling better.” – Kaitlyn

Good to know she’s somewhere safe….. Guess its just me and Mr Wiggles tonight…

[Door opens]

Unknown Woman – Kait? Kaitlyn? You here?….

Who the hell is that? and how the f**k did they get in here?

Issac – Who’s there?

Issac – Quinn?

Quinn – Hi Issac…..

Issac – What are you doing here- Wait…. why aren’t you shocked that I live here?

Quinn – Gavin talks about you.. I knew who you were when I first met you at the hospital.

Issac – Why didn’t you say anything?

Quinn – You were there to see your dad… you’re all he ever talked about. I knew that was important, way more important than me knowing you lived with my ex girlfriend.

Issac – Did Gavin-

Quinn – Don’t worry.. he’s outside in the car…. I’m fully aware of what happen. Thank you for taking care of my little brother.

Issac – Its no problem.

Quinn – Were you crying? your eyes are-

Issac – No.. I’m fine.

Quinn – You know letting the Ocean flow from your eyes is therapeutic. You can let go of the bad. Make room for the good.

Issac – Whatever….

Quinn – Are you okay?

Issac – That’s not important.

Quinn – Excuse me?… Hostility is a sign of sadness, and hurt I-

Issac – No… I’m sorry for being rude.

Quinn – Its quite alright.

Issac – Is Gavin doing okay?

Quinn – Better than when I first arrived at his home.

Issac – Why are you here Quinn? Kaitlyn isn’t-

Quinn – She ran away again? She’s probably at her office.

Issac – She’s fine.. she texted me….

Quinn – From her office?

Issac – Yes…

Quinn – Typical Kait….

Issac – I’m sick of the mystery… what did you do to her? to make her so fragile?

Quinn – You don’t know anything? she didn’t tell you?

Issac – No…

Quinn – Honesty is best I suppose…. Fine..  Kaitlyn and I dated for 6 years.

Issac – Okay..

Quinn – We had a pretty good relationship…. and finally time came for us to think about the future.

Issac – …..

Quinn – I can’t have children.

Issac – …I’m sorry.

Quinn – Its okay.. Its the way things were meant to be. Theirs alot of people who can’t have kids. My co-worker Vanessa, her new brother Justin told me he can’t have them either. It happens.

Issac – You met Justin?

I haven’t even met him yet…

Quinn – Yes….

Issac – So… you were saying… about you and Kaitlyn?

(Press Play for Scene to play with Music)

Quinn – Kait and I went through the hell, of trying to find a donor. It wasn’t easy, and it caused us alot of stress. I didn’t really want to rush and have kids, but she convinced me with all the cute clothes, and toys she had bought. I was happy, and really wanted this.. I wanted a baby. Kaitlyn couldn’t carry the baby full term, and had a miscarriage.

Issac – Oh my god.. No wonder she ran out when I mentioned kids and-

Quinn – We tried again… and the same thing happen. The doctor said… he didn’t understand why, but… we could try again. We had went through so much pain. We hated each other by the end of it. I decided the relationship wasn’t working. It was hard seeing her around town, I needed a change. Which is why I moved to GloCity. Kaitlyn obviously never got over our breakup.

Issac – Because you ran out on her… when she felt the lowest she’s ever felt.

Quinn – Some people aren’t suppose to be together Issac.. Don’t you understand that? The universe didn’t want this for us.

Issac – …… She doesn’t deserve that…

Quinn – We didn’t work.. we didn’t fit.

Issac – Just because she couldn’t have a kid? she loved you.

Quinn – As I did her. I loved her as well Issac.

Issac – So what? What did you come here for?

Quinn – To get my cat.

Issac – Your cat?

Quinn – I bought Mr Wiggles… after the first Miscarriage. To help us deal with it. After the 2nd one, I had to leave. I needed to free myself of the negativity. I couldn’t take Mr Wiggles with me, because he reminded me of Kait. I came here to get him, and return the keys to this place…..

Issac – You seem cold… You seem really cold.

Quinn – Its okay to feel that way. I’m not a bad person, I just know that the universe didn’t want me and her together. We had all the signs… Signs are important. You ever wanted to be with someone?… and… something happen that kept you from true happiness?

Issac – ……..

Quinn – Of course you have….. It happens, and we’d be fools to ignore the signs Issac. Please give these keys to Kaitlyn, and thank her for me. She took great care of Mr Wiggles.

Issac – So its like that? You take her life when you leave her, and now you take something else important away from her? Why can’t you get a new f**king cat?!

Quinn – Why can’t you fly? Why did it take so long for us to have a black president? Why does darkness equal night? and light equal day? I can’t answer any of those questions Issac. It is best not to question such things…

Issac – How can you be so cruel?

Quinn – For I am not cruel… I am realistic… You know life is no fairytale.. I look into your eyes and I see heartbreak. Obviously whatever transpired before I arrived was a sign that he is not the one.

Issac – You don’t know shit. He is the one, and I’m not going to give up……. I know that now. You coming here, preaching your bullshit has proven to me that real love is worth fighting for, and people can change. I never would have said anything like this before. You’re wrong, you’re f**king wrong!

Quinn – Its your emotional funeral… Just remember that we’re born alone… and we die alone. It is an unforgiven world Issac. You have a good night and you think about what I’ve said. Its better you stop fooling yourself now. Once you accept the truth, it shall be easier to live… this so called thing we call life. What is living really? Its pain. We fool ourselves into thinking we’re happy. Happy does not exist, its temporary.

Issac – I think you should go.

Quinn – Those are my intentions. Goodnight.

Issac – ……

Why would she-…..The way she is.. its easy for me to see why Kaitlyn is a shell of her former self. Quinn stripped her of her happiness, and that’s not fair. To make Kaitlyn feel worthless, and low. Only to repay her by leaving her alone in this house. Now she wants to come and take her cat? You know what she said is wrong right? Happiness is real, its just like everything else in this world. You fight for it, you earn it. You work for it. I’m not going to give up on Riley… I’m not. Quinn and her bullshit is just.. wrong. I’m so happy Kaitlyn isn’t here right now…

~End of Chapter Four- Pt 1~



  1. This one was pretty sad. First Kaitlyn breaks down…I had no idea she’s been through so much! She’s such a sweet person and now I’m really glad she’s not with that witch Quinn anymore! I can’t believe she took Mr. Wiggles too?? How low can you go! Another sad part was what happened with Max and Gavin. Boy what a coward. Good thing Issac came to save the day armed with a knife! Lol kind of scary :S. But the saddest thing of all was that Issac is finally in love with someone and then stupid Mira had to be pregnant! *cries*. He just can’t catch a break. He says he’ll keep fighting for Riley though. So maybe there’s still hope? Greeeeeeeeeeat job on this one! 😀

  2. Yeah it was pretty emotional. At first I wasn’t even going to have a song playing during the last scene, but while I was typing the update I had itunes open in the background and the song seemed to fit. Even as the writer I feel so bad for Kaitlyn. The Max and Gavin issue… happens everyday in the real world.. which of course sucks. Hopefully with Issac’s advice Gavin stay far far away from Max Johnson.

    Issac and Riley.. *tear* and no comment. Maybe something will workout, maybe it won’t.. maybe something else or someone else will happen. Who knows? (I do lol) Thanks for reading and commenting. I officially have all of chapter four’s pictures done. Josh’s POV is in draft mode. Vince & Jordan’s POV’s pictures are all done and ready to be edited. Josh POV will be up soon (like a day or two) Vince, and Jordan’s will come not too far after.

    I cannot believe I’m gonna start work on Chapter 5 soon. Theirs usually 5 chapters in B2M, but this season is special and soon you’ll see why. Theirs a total of 7 chapters in this season. I’m done with Chapter 4 technically (Still have to post them though) Then whats left is a 4 part/pov Chapter 5 and then Chapter 6 which is a SPECIAL that may or may not be broken up into 2 parts. And then Chapter 7 which is the finale. So Theirs still a little bit of B2M to do 🙂

    Check back for Josh’s POV.

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