[B2M Season3] Chapter 3 : “Living and Learning” Pt 4 [POV Jordan]


***POV = Point Of View. That person will narrate the story.***

~Disclaimer : This story features mature language. Most Profanity & Other unsuitable words will be blanked out with “***”  This is a heads up for any cautious readers~

Stop checking me out…. *laugh* just kidding.. Keep lookin’… *laugh* okay okay! sorry… I’m in a joking mood. I’m pretty happy right now, Briana agreed to take Tyler. I dropped him off at her door about an hour ago, and she took him. I called her and told her he needs her, and Its important that I have time to myself every once in a while. I also threatened to call her mother… So with all that being said. I have free time, and I’m damn sure gonna enjoy it. I’m taking Josh, and Sean to the strip club in Bridgeport.

I hope Mira’s not working there tonight… she and I have so much history, and I just don’t want to see her….. so many memories of her and I at that strip club. I want a drama free night. I invited Vince to come out with us tonight, but hes flying out of town to shoot some celebrity. Its good for business, so I didn’t object. Issac can’t make it either, he told me that he wanted to take Kaitlyn out to dinner and a movie, to thank her for everything. I think that’s more important than hanging out with me tonight, theirs always next time. So tonight its just Josh, Sean, and I. By the way check out my back tattoo, its finally gone.. well most of it. When Tyler is older, and he wants a tattoo I’ll let him know the hell I went through to get mine removed *laugh*

Josh – I look so….

Sean – Like a gangsta.

Jordan – Sorry.. its the only thing that really fits you.

Josh – Beggers can’t be choosers. Thanks Jordan.

Its laundry day at his place.. he didn’t have anything to wear.. so I’m letting him wear my clothes.

Sean – So Issac, and Vince aren’t joining us?

Jordan – Nope, they’re busy.

Josh – I’m glad Vince isn’t coming….

Sasha told Josh what happen at her mom’s bar. Josh wasn’t too happy about it, but he decided to handle the situation maturely. 

Sean – Oh is this about the fight at the bar?

Josh – Yeah

Sean – Oh okay.

I’m assuming Josh told Sean about it too.

Josh – The reason I don’t want Vince there is because I really don’t know what to say to him. I’m mad that he opened his mouth about something…

Jordan – What did he say?

Josh – I don’t wanna say. He and I were talking about redemption, and how he felt like he doesn’t deserve it.. Then we started talking about mistakes people make in life, and how it doesn’t define them. I told him something about Sasha, only so he could relate… and he fricken told her!

Jordan – Ah…

Sean – Heat of the moment?

Josh – I guess so. At the end of the day I’m mad at both Vince, and Sasha.. they both said things they shouldn’t have….

Jordan – I agree.

Sean – Do either of them feel like they were wrong?

Josh – Sasha said she was a bit harsh, and Vince texted me and said he’s sorry, and shouldn’t have said anything. I responded with “We’ll talk soon…”

Sean – Well good thing we’re going out tonight…. Take your mind off it.

Jordan – I can use some of that. Work, Tyler, Briana.. I need some fun tonight.

Sean – Oh I’m happy you invited me. Skye and I had a fight.. I need some space.

Josh – Oh no, is everything okay?

Sean – We’re not breaking up or anything.. she just.. I don’t think she should be lying to Connor about his father. He’s older.. she needs to tell him the truth.

Jordan – I….hmm. Well for the record I agree with you.

Sean – Come on Josh, lets let Jordan get dressed. I’m so excited to have a guy’s night. I haven’t taken a day off from the hospital in forever. This is well deserved.

Josh – Yeah atleast you’re not going out looking like Mark Wahlberg in his rapper days.

Sean – *laugh* You know girls love urban white boys.

Josh – They do?

Jordan – Hell yeah they do.

Josh – Well I’m spoken for but still… nice to know.

Sean – Maybe you should wear that for Sasha.

Josh – Maybe!…. she did have a crush on Eminem back in the 90’s…

Jordan – Really?

Josh – She had his poster up on her walls.

Sean – That’s funny.

Jordan – Ha!…. well alright guys I’ll be downstairs and ready to go in a minute.

Sean – Take your time.

Josh – Alrighty.

I got dressed, and went downstairs. I called Briana to make sure Tyler was okay, and she said everything was fine. I felt great and the guys and I got in the car, and headed to Bridgeport for a night of fun.

We made it to the city, and the strip club was a bit empty, probably because it was a weeknight… that or because the main attraction was not working that night. The main girl, is Mira Mancini… you guys remember her right? I had a thing with her, she’s dating Riley now- or was.. I don’t know. What I do know is that she was not here tonight and I couldn’t be more happier. Could you imagine me running into her? Awkward! 

Kelly (Stripper) – You like that?

Josh – Oh my goodness, I just saw her-

Kelly – Awww aren’t you cute!

Sean – *laughing* Josh is a shy one…

Kelly – How come I’ve never seen you around here?

Josh – Who me?

Kelly – Yes you!

Josh – I’ve came once or twice.

Kelly – I bet…..

Josh – Huh?

Sean – Sex joke Josh!

Josh – I don’t get it- oooooh… now I do!

Jordan – He never really came here with Vince, and I.

Kelly – Oh I remember you Jordan… you were Mira’s favorite… You two would hookup in the champagne rooms!

Sean – Is that so Jordan? Ha! you dirty dog you! *laugh*

Jordan – I don’t do that anymore.. A dance is all I’ll do.

Kelly – Vince was here the night Mira was attacked by this chubby guy….

Josh – What?

Jordan – I think he mentioned that.. Karl is the one who did it.

Sean – Karl’s the one who’s creeping on your baby’s mother right?

Jordan – Yeah

Kelly – Oh you’re a father now?

Jordan – Yep

Kelly – Oh daddy!

Sean – You’re beautiful…

Kelly – Aww thanks sexual chocolate! you’re pretty sexy yourself!

Sean – Do you attend school or anything? ever thought about being a nurse? Its really easy once you go to nursing school and-

Kelly – Isn’t that sweet!- but no thanks. I enjoy dancing. I’m actually putting myself through culinary school this way. Once I graduate, I’m moving to New York City!

Sean – That’s great!

Jordan – Forgive my friend.. he just likes helping people.

Kelly – Its fine. *looks at Josh* So… what’s your story? Hmm?

Josh – My story?

Kelly – I love a urban boy.. especially ones who seem innocent.  Are you a gangsta?

Jordan – *whispers* say yes

Josh – Uh- Yeah.. I’m- Gang banging fools in my hood every diz-zay- WEST SIDE!

Jordan & Sean – *laugh*….

Kelly – Ooooh! Do you shoot people?

Josh – I pop…caps!…

Kelly – Hot!… I bet you have hella girlfriends.

Josh – Yes.. Pimping is not easy- Aint easy.. Pimpin’ AINT EASY……Ya Dig?

Sean & Jordan – *laugh*

Kelly – How about this… since this place is dead tonight… The three of you.. Vanilla, Caramel, and Chocolate.. You three join me and Monique in the champagne room?

Josh – Oh I can’t do sex.

Kelly – What?

Jordan – We’d love to.

Sean – Sounds like fun.

Josh – …..Yeah! yeah lets do that.

We all went to the private dance room, and had a great time, especially Josh. Considering what was going on with him, this was a great chance to unwind a little bit. I didn’t give my opinion on it earlier but here goes. Vince, was obviously coming from a good place. He wanted to protect his Brother from Mia. Now… at this point its just accusations, he doesn’t know if Mia really likes Justin, or has some sort of scheme she’s working on. Vince should have kept his anger under control, because he accidentally said something he wasn’t suppose to.

Sasha… she defended her mother, and her mother’s workplace… but to be honest Sasha never really liked Vince in the first place. I think she shouldn’t be throwing petty jabs at anyone considering, HOW she got with Josh. She knew Gabrielle and Josh were having problems, but that didn’t stop her from prancing around in tight outfits. Then theirs the whole thing that is or isn’t happening with Shannon…..still.. I don’t judge, because nobody’s perfect.

Mia… Hmm.. well I personally don’t see why she’d want Justin. Unless its because he looks like Vince, or she’s after his money. Though I have to be honest, did you guys think I’d be living the life I’m living now, back when you first met me?… exactly. Who’s to say that Mia hasn’t changed?

All those things considered I’ve come to the conclusion that, none of them were right or wrong. They just “were” and by that I mean, they were acting in the situation, handling it how they felt necessary…. I don’t know everything, so that’s all I can really say. Josh has to deal with this how he sees fit.

How’s that for some inner thoughts? *laugh*

Sean – Wooooo! This is the most fun I’ve had all year!

Josh – So your name is Monique?

Monique – Yes it is sexy White Chocolate!

Josh – I’ve never gotten a lap dance from a dancer before.

Monique – Well aren’t you cute! I’m glad I can be your first baby!

Josh – *smiles*

Sean – Look at Josh…

Jordan – This is the funniest shit ever…

Sean – I didn’t know you were so much fun Jordan.

Jordan – I thought you’d be a stick in the mud.

Sean – Why because I’m a doctor? *laugh*

Kelly – Mo seems to like Josh!

Sean – Black girls love urban white boys!

Monique – Oooh.. someone’s friend is poking me!

Josh – Oh no!, that’s my cellphone!

Kelly – That’s what they all say

Josh – Nooo! I’m serious!

I was having fun, mainly because Josh, and Sean were NOT regulars at the strip club. The fun I was having was from seeing their reactions, not because of the girls or the club itself. I don’t know if its fatherhood, or if I’m just changing period, but this place just doesn’t do it for me…

After we left the club, I noticed how much fun I was having… seems like I enjoyed the company of my friends verses the company of the strippers. I hope Tyler is enjoying his time with his Mom. I’m relieved and happy that Briana has finally excepted responsibility for her son. Maybe I can have guys night more often now, not that I’m saying I don’t love my time with Tyler.

Sean – Thanks guys.

Josh – For what?

Jordan – Yeah, for what?

Sean – Asking me to hangout with you. I know you guys have your own friends, so its was nice of you to want to include me.

Josh – I like you Sean, I’m glad you came out.

Jordan – You’re our friend too.

Sean – *smiles* I wish Connor liked me as much as you guys do.

Josh – Connor doesn’t like you?

Sean – He doesn’t hate me, but I can tell I’m not his favorite person.

Josh – He’s just a typical teenager.

Jordan – Yeah, he see’s you as his authority, someone who will tell his mother everything.

Sean – How do I make him like me? I plan on proposing to his mother, and if I become his step-dad.. I want us to have a good relationship.

Josh – Congrats!

Sean – I hope she says yes.

Jordan – She will, and as for what you can do to help your relationship with Connor hmm lets see…  How about doing something bad? together? I mean obviously nothing too bad, but something like a R rated movie after midnight. Tell Skye, you’re showing him stuff at the hospital.. and then right when he thinks its something boring, you take him out as a surprise.

Josh – That would be so cool.

Sean – Hmm.. Awesome idea Jordan.. you’re gonna be a fun dad for sure.

Hopefully… I can’t imagine Tyler at Connors age…

Josh – Just… try and keep a good balance between friend, and parental…

Sean – That’s hard to do. I just want to be there for him considering that the boy doesn’t even know the truth about his father….

Josh – ….yeah..

Jordan – She should have told him already.. its only gonna make things worse when she finally does.

We decided to stop at the diner, in Bridgeport. The night was young, and why end it now?….. I hope Vince, and Issac were having as much fun as we were…

Sean – They have veggie burgers here?

Josh – I forget you’re a vegetarian…

Jordan – I have no idea if they do or not…

Josh – They do, I come here alot when I sleep at Sasha’s place.

Sean – Good, I’m gonna order like two of them.

Josh – I’m so hungry I could eat a whole cow.

Jordan – Want me to call Monique?- since she’s a big girl?

Sean – *laugh*

Josh – I don’t get it- Ohhh you’re calling her a cow! Eww! I’d never eat Monique!

Jordan & Sean – *laugh*

So as we made our way in the diner… I see Riley…

Josh – Wait up Sean!

Jordan – I’ll be in, in a second.

Josh – Alright.

Riley – ….Hey.

Jordan – …..Whats up?


Riley – So I assume you know…

Jordan – Know what?

Riley – ….You know…

Jordan – That you and Issac have sex?

Riley – …..That I like him.

Jordan – ……

Riley – I mean.. we… this is awkward. Hi Jordan… how are you?

Jordan – *laugh* So just because you’re having sex with my friend, you think our past is forgotten?

Riley – No, but just like you, I’m changing too. Also If it wasn’t for me shooting Tommy, he would have gotten away with setting you guys house on fire.

Jordan – ………

Maybe he had a point…

Jordan – Alright.. you know what? The past is in the past.

Riley – Good. So umm… bet you didn’t think I’d be doing dudes huh?

Jordan – I don’t know.. during football practice, you slapped alot of people on the ass.

Riley – Oh get the f**k out.. *laugh*…………umm… I want you to know, I’m not gonna hurt Issac or anything. I really like homeboy.

Jordan – He’s not like… my little sister or anything…

Riley – I know but you guys are friends…

Jordan – I have my concerns but Issac’s a big boy.

Riley – I never thought I’d be wanting to date a dude. Its crazy…

Jordan – I never thought I’d be a dad this early…

Riley – Speaking of which, I sure dodged a bullet with that. For a minute I thought Tyler could be my kid.

Jordan – Its scary at first, but I’m glad I’m his father.. its matured me for sure.

Riley – Well I don’t want kids, at all.

Jordan – Funny, Issac says the same thing.

Riley – Which is why we fit.

Jordan – You really like him huh?

Riley – ….Don’t get all soft on me n***a..

Jordan – I’m just asking…

Riley – …If you really wanna know.. I kinda love him n’ shit.. you know?

Jordan – I haven’t been loved in a while..

Riley – Well you should try that shit.. I go to sleep thinking about Issac.. wake up thinking about him too…

Jordan – That’s good for you Riley…

Riley – So umm, you really mean it?.. you and I can start over? Cause If I’m gonna get Issac to make this thing official, you, and the other guys will be seeing alot of me.

Jordan – We can put the past behind us.

Riley – Cool. That’s whats up.

Jordan – So you coming from work?

Riley – Yeah.. Can’t wait to take this uniform off.

Incase you guys don’t know, Riley works for UPS…

Jordan – Gonna go see Issac?

Riley – Nah, he’s kicking it with Kait… *cell rings*

Jordan – You can answer that if you want…

Riley – Nah… its Mira…. I bet she wants me to pick her up from the club..

Jordan – She didn’t work there tonight. Me and the guys were there hanging out.

Riley – I don’t know what the f**k she wants. We broke up, why is she still bothering me?

Jordan – Some people can’t let go, but let me just say this… if you want Issac.. make sure that’s all over and done with.

Riley – She says she wants to talk, and then I can go… why she being so dramatic.

Jordan – Just go see what she wants, and then call it a night. Make sure she knows that you are done.. then tell Issac you’re free with no strings attached.

Riley – Alright, That’s what I’m gonna do.. thanks.

Jordan – No problem..

After Riley and I talked, I went in and had conversation, and food with Sean & Josh. We talked about a bunch of things. Sean even got hit on by a drag-queen, and before you ask.. NO it wasn’t AJ- or should I say Adriana Amore *laugh*….. Anyway We all made our way home, and that was the night.

I ended up sleeping pretty good. Was strange not having Tyler around… I realized how I probably couldn’t function without him in my life.

Yep… just me, my view, and some coffee….. Yep…. I umm.. Hmm.. I’m so bored. I’d do anything to watch some cartoons with Tyler right about now…


Thank goodness.. ….. wonder who that could be though….


Connor – Umm…

Mallory – Tell him Connor!

Jordan – Why do you guys have Tyler?!

Connor – Okay don’t freak out…

Mallory – We found him

Jordan – What do you mean you found him?!

Connor – Mallory, and I were hanging out at the park, and we saw Tyler just sitting in the sandbox.

Mallory – Alone.

Jordan – You sure Briana wasn’t there?

Mallory – We were the only people there.

Connor – I called Gabrielle, but she and Aunt Tru aren’t answering their phones.

Mallory – They’re at a movie that’s why.

Connor – So I called My mom, and she.. well she never answers her phone.

Mallory – I told Connor lets just bring him here.

Jordan – Oh my god….

Connor – We took the bus.

Mallory – Umm.. sir…. why would his mother leave him at the park alone?

Connor – I told you she’s crazy….

Jordan -……..


Connor – Jordan?

Jordan – Umm- Can you guys stay here?

Mallory – ….Umm.. sure?

Connor – like babysit?! You’re letting me babysit?

Jordan – Yeah..

Mallory – I’m going to put Tyler in his chair.. he may be hungry, give him to me Connor.

Jordan – How is she? is she trust worthy?

Connor – She babysits all the time. Its how she makes money.

Jordan – Okay you guys stay here I’ll be back.

Connor – Where are you going?

Jordan – Just take care of him okay?

Connor – Okay.

Mallory – I’m going to look for snacks for him..

Connor – The kitchen’s behind you.

Mallory – Okay.

Jordan – Don’t let anyone in, or.. throw a party.. or- just.. Umm-

Connor – I got this Jordan.. go do whatever it is that you’re gonna do *smiles*

You bet your f**king ass that I went straight to her house in my pajamas!

Jordan – Get your ass out here you piece of shit mother!

Briana – ………….


Briana – Shut the hell up! its morning! people are sleeping!

Jordan – You f**king b***h! Why would you leave Tyler at the park?!

Briana – Wait isn’t Tyler with you?

Jordan – You were taking care of him! How do you just forget that?!

Briana – I took him to the park earlier, when I went for my jog- Oh my god I knew I forgot something!

Jordan – How do you just forget a person?! A PERSON! MY SON!

Briana – It just happen, oh my goodness.. is he alright?

Jordan – He’s at my house, Connor, and his friend found him.

Briana – Oh then no big deal… You want me to go get the bag and toys you brought with him?

Jordan – Are you f**king serious?! What’s wrong with you?! Who are you?!

Briana – Stop yelling at me!

Jordan – That’s two strikes! TWO! one more and I’ll have you thrown in jail!

Briana – Stop freaking out! I forgot him at the park! He’s alive! It was an accident you freak!…

Jordan – You’re the f**king freak! You’re crazy! You need mental help b***h!

Briana – I was worried!


Briana – Doesn’t mean I wasn’t worried!

Jordan – Admit it! you did this on purpose! you want to get rid of him!

Briana – …………..

Jordan – What did he do to deserve this?!

Briana – I messed up okay?

Jordan – You seem real broken up about it! in your stupid ass bra!

Officer – What seems to be the problem here?

Jordan – She’s the problem! Child endangerment!

Officer – What?!

Briana – Not true officer, he has our son at his house. He just wanted to come here and abuse me!

Jordan – What the hell? What are you talking about you crazy b***h?!

Officer – Watch your mouth!

Jordan – You need to arrest her!

Briana – Officer I’m so glad you’re here! He tried to punch me!

Jordan – WHAT?!

Officer – Be glad the neighbors called me!

Jordan – I didn’t do anything to you!

Briana – He’s so angry!

Jordan – F**k You! You put my son in danger!

Officer – THATS ENOUGH! Do you want me to arrest you?!

Briana – I’m pressing charges, he took a swing at me, threathend to make my life hell!

Officer – Sir you’re coming with me.

Jordan – I didn’t do anything! Arrest her!

Briana – He has unpaid parking tickets too.. run his name through your database!

Jordan – B***H!

Liana – Briana what the hell? I go see Michelle for an hour and the police is here?

Briana – Jordan attacked me!

Liana – Where’s my nephew?!

Briana – At his house….

Liana – What?!

Officer – Ma’am is that man name Jordan Robinson? he looks familiar

Briana – That’s him! you remember him?

Officer – We haven’t had a problem with him for a while.. not shocked he’s in trouble again.. this won’t be my first time arresting him.

Liana – What the hell happened?!

Officer – Lady, step back!

Liana – Why are you arresting Jordan?!

She puts Tyler in danger, and I’m the one getting thrown in a cop car? BULLSHIT!

Officer – He attacked this woman, who are you exactly?!

Liana – I’m her sister!

Officer – I see it now.. in the face…

Briana – He has unpaid parking tickets.. make sure you check that out.

Officer – Anything to keep you safe ma’am.

Briana – I feel safe now. Thank you.

Liana – ……..something isn’t right… When I left you said you were taking Tyler to the park, and-

Briana – Jordan attacked me Liana! OKAY?! ATTACKED ME!

Liana – I just went to talk to Michelle.. how the hell….

Officer – Here’s my number incase you need anything.. and I do mean anything.

Liana – Oh do your job perv! This is not the time for trying to get into someones panties!

Officer – Do I need to arrest you too?

Briana – Leave him alone! he saved me!

Great… Here I was in a cop car.. arrested for no reason! This psycho b***h used my past against me mixed in with lies!… Tyler’s at the house with Connor, and Mallory… What am I gonna do?!… of course I’m trying to change and be a good example for Tyler, and my past won’t go away!

~End of Chapter Three~ *Chapter Four Is Next*~



  1. Oh no Jordan : (!! Ugh stupid Briana! I wanted to slap her. I can’t believe she would leave poor little Tyler all alone like that! I wonder if she really did do it on purpose. The guys night out was fun to watch. Josh is so cute and innocent lol. Too bad Jordan’s fun had to end with being arrested. I’m so looking forward to the next one!! Oh, one more thing. I was NOT tracing my mouse pointer down Jordan’s spine in that first pic!!

  2. Did Briana forget Tyler on accident?… or… did she do it on purpose? LOL. The guys night was hilarious to write.. Josh is very consistent with his innocence/comedic timing 😛 It was always the plan for it to seem too good to be true.. Briana has caused Jordan alot of pain this season (though some would say its payback for season one) but did you really think everything was going to go smoothly?

    Connor showing up with Tyler & Mallory was a big WTF moment for sure. Jordan PJ’s and all went to confront her, and she seemed…. odd.. Sucks that ol’ Jordo got arrested just like in season one. Things come full circle…

    Oh and about that last thing you typed…… Neither was I…. 😛

  3. Random update because I feel awesome lol : I actually have pictures done in advance. Issac’s and Josh POV’s are in draft mode and just needed to be written/proofread/published. Vince Pictures are done, and need to be sorted through/edited/resized/uploaded/drafted/and so on… Jordan’s pics are not done yet, but will be soon.

    Usually I do two at a time, or just one. So for me to have 90% of Chapter 4 pics done makes me happy lol! Stay tuned for updates!

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