[B2M Season3] Chapter 3 : “Living and Learning” Pt 3 [POV Vince]


***POV = Point Of View. That person will narrate the story.***

~Disclaimer : This story features mature language. Most Profanity & Other unsuitable words will be blanked out with “***”  This is a heads up for any cautious readers~

Hey guys… What’s up?… I had the morning off, so I decided to hit up Glocity. Called my sister, and asked if she wanted to hit the gym together so we could catch up. I had no idea she’d bring her co-worker. Some chick named Quinn.

Vanessa – Push yourself Quinn!

Quinn – I’m trying. Goodness.. you’re really in good shape V.

Vanessa – I try to get a workout in whenever I can.

Quinn – I’ve always had a slim waist and a big butt.. I don’t know what to do to make this thing shrink.

Umm.. why would any woman want it to shrink.. a big ass is hot…

Vanessa – Your butt is fine Q.

Quinn – Awww, Thanks V.

Here I am.. suppose to be spending quality time with my sister, and this chick is here. She’s kinda annoying too…

Quinn – Strive for greatness. Be one with self.

Vanessa – Yes.. yes I agree. Don’t you Vince?

Vince – What?- what did she say? I wasn’t paying attention.

Quinn – The mind plays tricks on you. Takes you out of reality, and that can be dangerous. I believe that to be complete, we must as people center ourselves.

Vince – …..Yeah.

Vanessa – You should write a book Q!

Quinn – Aww stop it…

I don’t get it.. 

Vanessa – So this morning, I woke up and… my mirror was off the wall. I didn’t remove it…

Umm.. maybe Michelle did…

Quinn – Oh!….

Vanessa – What?!

Quinn – That’s a sign…

Vanessa – What does it mean?

Quinn – I believe you are about to go through a big change.. a metamorphosis if you will…

Vince – How does that even make sen-

Quinn – We see ourselves how we want in the mirror. Yours didn’t want you to see anything. It wants you blind.. for whats to come.

Vanessa – Is it a good change?

Quinn – Possibly.. but always be ready… with good comes bad.. and with bad come good. Everything is a lesson. 4th dimension instincts reflections of true destiny. Its all around us.

Vince – …….

Quinn – I need aqua!… I’ll be back!

Vince – …..Aqua?

Quinn – Yes. Aqua.

Vanessa – Quinn likes to call it Aqua. *smiles*

Quinn – What a great workout.. my mind body and soul is at peace.

Vanessa – Oh I feel the same way!

Quinn – *smiles* You are a positive force Miss Vanessa *sticks tongue out*

Vince – Quinn sure is something…

Vanessa – Isn’t she great?!

Vince – She’s cool… a little too.. “poetry jam” for me…

I don’t think Quinn’s a bad person.. she just seems like one of those people who loves the sound of her own voice… 

Vanessa – You’re just afraid of a strong powerful woman.

Vince – Yeah.. that’s totally it Vanessa- Be real for a second.. she’s kind of annoying.

Vanessa – Quinn is very philosophical… and FYI.. she does write poetry.. great poetry.

Vince – I’m sure you’re her biggest fan.

Vanessa – And what exactly are you trying to say?- Unlike you I don’t cheat…

Vince – I never cheated… I was never in a relationship with those women. Was I a player? yes. A womanizer?… sure. Never a cheater though.

Vanessa – Don’t speak too soon my dear Vincent.

Vince – I don’t want to fight, we’ve come a long way..

Vanessa – True.. sorry.. I shouldn’t criticize your past. I should be praising your present if anything.

Vince – Thank you.

Vanessa – Cause you know I was always quick to call you out when it came to the way you treated women.

Vince – True.

Vanessa – So Where’s Koko?

Vince – She’s actually out of town. Movie audition in Pylea. Won’t be back for a few days…. she’s not answering her cell either. Probably lost her phone.. yet again.

Vanessa – Sucks about the phone.. she’s always losing it, but good for her about the trip.. we all need our space.

What the hell is that suppose to mean?

Vince – How’s Michelle?

Vanessa – ……………….good.

Vince – …………..

Vanessa – I mean, she’s fine.. you know how she can be.. She can be a brat.

Vince – So can you…

Vanessa – …I’m high maintenance.. Not a brat. Theirs a difference.

Vince – Its one in the same when it comes to you my dear Vanessa.

Vanessa – Whatever *laugh* To be honest though, Michelle and I are in a good place……………..

Vince – Good to hear.

Vanessa – Oh! I had a phone conversation with our brother.

Vince – Oh you and Justin speak?

Vanessa – Yes. It was quite pleasant actually. We spoke about family, and his life back home.

Vince – I’m actually going to his place later today.

Vanessa – Cool. Tell him I said hello.

Vince – Will do… but um… I gotta know one thing before we go back to working out.

Vanessa – What?

Vince – Are you f***ing Quinn?

Vanessa – NO!.. goodness…

Vince – Just checking…. Michelle wouldn’t deserve that…. she’s a good woman…

Vanessa – I’m aware….

Vince – She IS the one who got us talking again.. don’t forget that.

Vanessa – …… Yeah…..

After the workout.. I called Josh, and Jordan to see what they were doing for their lunch breaks. As one would know it.. they both were free. So I met up with them, and we hit up the local GloCity Bar… To my surprise Amanda Stanford worked there. She’s Kane’s sister- Oh you guys already knew she was in town?… Ah.. okay. Well anyway.. Its funny seeing her. Guess you never really leave GloCity…

Josh – When did you get this job?

Amanda – Umm the day you came by the apartment.

Josh – Oh cool!

Amanda – Yeah its fun.

Jordan – …………

Vince – Mandy… what the hell is this?

Amanda – Take it.. its free. I’m trying to make a signature drink.

Vince – It looks like a lady drink.

Amanda – Well good thing you’re a lady!

Josh – *laugh*

Jordan – How’s it been being back home Mandy?

Amanda – Umm.. its been okay. I saw your mom.. she told me I just missed AJ’s visit.

Jordan – I’ll give you his number.

Amanda – Ollie’s too.

Josh – Wait till you see him…

Amanda – What?.. did he get cute or something.

Josh – ….He’s changed.

Amanda – Well if he changed like you did.. I’m sure that’s a good thing.


Josh – Thanks… I think?

Amanda – Its a compliment. You got hot.

Vince – Josh has come a long way…

Amanda – He was so chubby… Hey! where’s Issac? usually wherever Josh is, Issac is too.

Josh – Working. He’s a model now.

Vince – He was going to come with me, but he had to meet with a potential agent.

Amanda – He defiantly has the looks….

Josh – Vince shot Issac for a fragrance ad.

Vince – It went great. We’ll see the finished product in a week or two.

Amanda – Where does Issac stay? does he lives here?

Vince – He and I both live in Bridgeport.

Amanda – You guy’s will be back… We all come back eventually.

Josh – What’s in this?

Amanda – Its a secret…..

Josh – Oh come on! I can keep a secret!

Jordan – ………..

Amanda – Its squeezed.. fresh from my tit.

Josh – You don’t have boobies!

Amanda – JOSH!

Josh – *laugh* What you do have looks fine though.

Amanda – Stop it… I’m gonna tell your girlfriend on you.

Josh – *shrugs* Oh well. She has Shannon.. I can have a female friend.

Amanda – *smiles*

Vince – … Fine I’ll take one of these stupid looking drinks.

Amanda – Good.

Vince – So are you here for good?

Amanda – Don’t know yet… Maybe.

Amanda – Jordan?

Jordan – Yeah Mandy?

Amanda – Why aren’t you talking? Are you okay?

Jordan – Alot on my mind.

Amanda – Whats up with the stuffy clothes?

Jordan – *smirks* I’m not the same kid you knew…

Amanda – Oh really?

Jordan – I have a son. I work at a law firm, and I’m single……

Amanda – What the hell? Who did you knock up? was it Briana? or her slutty sister Liana? she’s always had a thing for you- wait no.. Liana always wanted you Vince.

Josh – Liana works for Vince.

Amanda – How scandalous!

Vince – Its all very PG…

Amanda – I see… Wow you boys sure have changed. Where’s Tommy?

Josh – *looks @ Vince*

Vince – *looks @ Jordan*

Jordan – Hopefully he’s burning in hell.. that or being raped every night in prison.

Amanda – Whoa.. what did he do?

Josh – Long story.

Vince – Yeah… he-

Jordan – Not really that long of a story. He beat the shit out of Issac’s ex boyfriend putting him in the hospital. Turned us all against each other with lies, lied about his past which include beating up a woman, and his son.. oh and he burned down our beach house.

Josh – Riley Moss shot him, then the police caught him.. well saw him laying in an alley.

Amanda – …………………..WOW….. Nothing like that happens here! Last big scandal was that Monica Harris chick.. when the teacher molested her or whatever.

Vince – …… Actually her brother Kris is the one who Issac was dating.

Amanda – Tommy put little Kris in the hospital?

Josh – Not saying Kris deserved it, but Issac was worried about him, and did everything he could for him… only for Kris to cheat on him…

Jordan – Theirs so much more to tell you.. we’ll exchange skype, and phone information on our way out.

Josh – *smirk*

Vince – We’ll be upstairs playing the games.

Amanda – Have fun.. Oh! and Josh.. Kane said you can move in next week.

Josh – Perfect.

Mandy has missed alot of stuff… good and bad…. It would take a couple of day.. maybe even a month to fill her in completely. Still, it was good seeing the little brat.

Josh – Guys pay attention… no excuses when I win!

Vince – Jordan what’s up?

Jordan – Nothing?

Vince – You weren’t talking much downstairs.

Josh – Yeah, is everything okay?

Jordan – I’m just really stressed out.

Vince – Is it work?

Josh – I can talk to Uncle Nathan so he can go easy on you?

Jordan – Its not that. Its Briana.

Josh – She did something else?

Jordan – No, but she just doesn’t seem like herself. I worry about Tyler’s future.. He needs his mom.

Vince – Don’t worry Jordo… things will work out.

Jordan – Hey, does someone named Karl work with you?

Vince – Karl Smith?. Why?

Jordan – Briana brought him home from a date.. the night she was-

Vince – Karl?!

Josh – Who?

Vince – I’ll tell him to stay away from her. He’s not the type of guy Briana needs in her life. I’ll take care of it okay?

Jordan – Thanks.

Vince – No problem.

After I assured Jordan I’d take care of Karl, he seemed to be feeling better. We then went on with our game, eventually we headed back downstairs to get more drinks to celebrate Josh’s new apartment. After that I needed to get back to Bridgeport. Justin had invited me over to hangout. Finally I would get to see his place. Once I got there I headed straight to the bathroom. Too many drinks…. Oh and I know what you’re thinking… “Drinking and Driving?! How could you?!” Well I didn’t really have a choice. I only had about 3 drinks though.. I was okay to drive. I probably shouldn’t do that again… 

Vince – Nice bathroom.

Justin – Thanks, I’m sure its nothing quite like yours.

Vince – Bigger isn’t always better.

Justin – Uh.. Not what the lady’s around my way think.

Vince – Whoa… what are you talking about?

Justin – Hey, I like to be a southern gentleman but don’t get me wrong. I am a man.. who loves sexual intercourse like everyone else.

Vince – *laugh* Guess you really are a McDonald after all.

Justin – *smirk* So umm.. Something I been wanting to ask since you walked in the door.

Vince – Yeah?

Justin – You put on some weight?

Vince – What?

Justin – That shirt it-

Vince – Ohhhh- No! Its the style, its suppose to be big, and baggy.

Justin – Oh.. Oh okay sorry.

Vince – *laughing* Its alright

Justin – Well I’m going to whip us up some grub.

Vince – Salad?

Justin – Yes sir… you can have a seat over there on the couch and watch something on the television while I prepare our meal.

Vince – Alright.

Do you guys think this sweater makes me look fat?…. hmm.. that’s the style.. Kokoro bought this for me… Anyway.. Here I was.. hanging out at my little brother’s place. That still feels so odd saying….. Still… its nice to know that theirs someone who wants me around, who doesn’t want to use me. I know the guys don’t use me, but I’ve always felt like besides them… everyone else was sketchy… After the Tommy incident… I’ve created a wall around myself….

Justin – ………………..

Vince – Justin? Did you want to ask me something?- was the food done?

Justin – Oh sorry…

Vince – Are you okay?

Justin – Umm… I am…

Vince – You sure?

Justin – Well I… umm..

Vince – What is it?

Justin – I don’t know how to address this

I knew it was too good to be true…..

Vince – Just say it.

Justin – Are you completely over Mia Owens?

Vince – What?

Justin – Mia Owens.. she told me everything about you two, and I’m just wondering if you’re over her 100%

Vince – I am, why?

Justin – She asked me out.

Vince – Of course she did!

Justin – Its not like that… it happen on a whim.

Vince – What exactly happen?

Justin – I was closing up, and she was upset.. I told her that in order to move on, she needs to dust herself off… and try again.

Vince – Then she asked you out?

Justin – Yeah, she wanted to do something random. She said theirs a spot she goes to relax and feed the ducks. I told her I’d think about it….

Vince – ……

Justin – I wanted to make sure you had no feelings for her.

Vince – I have zero feelings for Mia.

Justin – Alright…. well.. do I have your blessing?

Vince – I…. I don’t want her to use you, or run over you.

Justin – I’m not some naive hick… I can take care of myself Vincent.

Vince – I’m not saying-

Justin – I appriciate you wanting to protect me though.

Vince – ….You’re an adult… make your own decision… Just be careful with her okay?

Justin – …Okay.

Vince – Do you like her?

Justin – She’s a nice woman… I don’t know if I have romantic feelings for her, if that’s what you mean.

Vince – Oh okay…. so you gonna tell her yes?… tonight?

Justin – Nah.. I’m off tonight. I’ll tell her maybe tomorrow.

I let it go, and we had salad and watched football. After that I said my goodbye

I got to work, and well… worked. Still couldn’t get over Mia trying to seduce Justin. What did she want from him? His money? was she using him to get back at me? What was her angle? OR they’re angle? Were they working together? Oh my god.. I’m being paranoid…. or am I?.

Liana – No Briana! I said no!…. you really need to take a good look in the mirror…. You already know what I’m talking about- Hello?… hello?…she hung up…

Vince – Everything okay?

Liana – Oh!- goodness you scared me…

Vince – Wasn’t my intention…. I’m sorry.

Liana – Its okay.

I guess everyone has their troubles….

Vince – Are you doing okay?

Liana – No…

Vince – I’m sorry to hear that. You know if you need to talk you can-

Liana – Its so weird that you’ve become this… good guy.

Vince – Don’t like me anymore cause I’m not a douchebag?

Liana – Of course I- Umm.. Yeah.. I like you Vince.. Its good that you’ve changed for the better.

Vince – Why thank you.

Liana – I’m just so stressed out.. My stupid sister… I’m worried she’s gonna lose Tyler or something.

Vince – Jordan wouldn’t do anything like that, you know he wants the best for Tyler.

Liana – I don’t want my nephew gone from my life… I wanna cry…

Vince – Jordan wouldn’t do that… Look.. if it makes you feel any better I’ll talk to him. Though I don’t think I have to considering…

Liana – Considering what?

Vince – Considering Jordan’s not blind. He knows how much Tyler means to you, and vice versa.

Liana – Thank you.. so much.

Vince – Anytime.

Liana – Ugh.. sucks…

Vince – What?

Liana – You’ve grown into the perfect man.. looks, talent, career… maturity.. and of course you’re taken

Vince – ….*smiles* Everyone has to grow up sometime…

Liana – You and Kokoro….

Vince – What about us?

Liana – Its a monogamous thing right?

Vince – What?!

Liana – I- well I didn’t know because you said earlier she’s out of town…

Vince – I can manage…

Liana – I didn’t mean that I would come over and-

Cashmere – Vince, your 4 ‘o clock is here.

Vince – Send her in.

Liana – …. I’ll set things up…

Vince – ……Alright…..

What the hell was Liana thinking asking me that?……. 

Leslie – Wow… nice digs….

Vince – Nice hat.

Leslie – Don’t make fun of the hat.. my girlfriend Aimee bought it for me.

Vince – No, I like it. The jacket too.

Leslie – Really?.. doesn’t seem like your style.

Vince – Issac has one like it…

Leslie – Issac has style…

Do you guys remember Leslie? from the Mango Island trip? Well 3 days ago I ran into her here in Bridgeport. Her girlfriend works here in the city. I told her to come by my studio to check it out. She called me later that night and actually scheduled a shoot.

Vince – So why did you schedule this shoot? I remember you telling me that you hated pictures.

Leslie – My mom said she needed new pictures for “la sala” (The living room). The only picture of me she has is my high school graduation….

Vince – Really?

Leslie – I know right… So after running into you, It almost seemed like fate.

Vince – Well glad I can help.

Leslie – Nice to see you’re really big time. You damn sure aren’t a liar… Impressive…

Vince – Well lets get you set up… you said set C in the e-mail…

Leslie – Yeah.. because If I’m gonna do pictures, I’m gonna do it my way. Set C fits me right now.. I’m on a road to somewhere beautiful you know?

Vince – Yeah. That’s good.

Leslie – Even with all the drama I have going on.

Vince – Such as?

I wonder how she, and the other girls are doing.

Leslie – Well someone messed with the results of my drug test… found out who the f**ker was yesterday.

Vince – Did he get in trouble?

Leslie – I’ll know more about his fate and mine soon.. I kinda saw red and beat the shit out of him.

Vince – I hope everything works out….

Leslie – Me too.. on a good note.. I got to ride on the truck finally. Then My adrenaline kicked in and I saved a girl from a burning house. I felt like wonder woman dude.

Vince – That’s amazing… I’m proud of you!… So umm How’s the other girls?

Leslie – Hmm lets see.. well Jamie went straight to rehab, and she’s doing great. She has a sponsor and everything- she’s back home now… She’s staying out of trouble for the most part. Her dad did get mugged though, which shook her… but she didn’t drink when she could have.. so that’s progress

Ah.. the drunk one that caused a scene, and cut their vacation short.

Vince – That’s good.. glad she’s recovering, and learning from her mistakes. You girls are a good support system.

Leslie – Jessica is in some serious shit.. this asshole is suing her for the book she wrote.. among other things.. Oh and you know how she f**ked your friend? Jayden?

Ah.. Redhead chick.. the b**chy one…

Vince – Jordan is his name, and yeah *laugh* I remember..

Leslie – She confessed to her boyfriend.. that’s not going so well.

Vince – Atleast she was honest.

Leslie – Maybe too little too late though…

Vince – What was the other girl’s name? the quiet one… Blondie…

Leslie – Oh! Spencer.. yeah she ended up moving out… though to be honest she’s always at the house visiting.. its like she never left. I sorta feel like she moved out too soon, almost like she wasn’t ready. Maybe it was Jamie falling off the wagon again that pushed her over the edge. Either way I support her decision to move out on her own… she seems to be finding herself these days…

Vince – You seem like a good friend.

Leslie – I try… I’m not perfect though. Nobody is…. So!…. How’s the guys?

I filled her in on the latest with the guys, and finished up her shoot. We exchanged more information, and strangely enough she wanted Issac’s number. She said something about a talk they had about her image that really helped her out. I did notice a change… She has long hair, makeup.. boobs out. She seems alot more comfortable being a woman.. atleast more so than when we were all on Mango Island.

Anyway… as she left she said something that struck a nerve… she said she’s a “ride or die when it comes to the girls. You always have to protect family” After she said that.. I knew I had to get to the bottom of what Mia was doing to my brother. She was NOT going to make a fool out of him, or me…. Not again…

I went to see her… I needed to confront her…

Vince – Surprised to see me?

Mia – What the hell?

Mia – What do you want?

Vince – What the hell do you think you’re doing with my brother?

Mia – Are you f***ing kidding me?!

Vince – You won’t use him.. I won’t let you.. I know how money hungry you are!

Mia – You know.. I find it real funny how as soon as you heard I was moving on.. you came here. What a sad sad little boy you are.

Vince – I have no feelings for your old ass.

Mia – Oh.. how cute.. name calling.

Vince – Theirs only two possible things that can be going on. One.. You want to use him to get back at me somehow.. and get rich at the same time. Or Two… You and him are working together..

Mia – Where’s that little slam slam wife of yours?

Vince – She’s not a- whatever you just said! She’s gorgeous. You wish you could look half as good as she does.

Mia – I’m f**king hot, and you know it!

Vince – Please.. wearing 10hours of makeup, running around here with them fake ass titties!

Mia – Oh and you’re so much better? dressing like someone Mr Brady Bunch!

Vince – Atleast I dress my age! Rocking a damn Mickey Mouse shirt! Yeah that’s right! a SHIRT! No pants.. old ass slut! wearing Micky Mouse.. I bet you were around when they first created him huh? What are you? like 70?

Sasha – …………..

Mia – You’re a foolish little boy! Your money can’t buy you everything.. you have a shitty personality! That’s why people use you for the one thing you’re good at. Making money!

Vince – …You stay away from Justin!

Mia – NO!…. he works with me! and I like him!

Vince – You’re a f**king opportunist! You want someone to take care of you! push you around in a wheelchair!

Sasha – I’ve heard enough… You want to come in here and speak to my mother that way? That shit will not fly with me!

Vince – Stay out of it Sasha!

Sasha – You cocky piece of shit.. you think my mother can’t move on from you? You accuse her of doing something wrong without any proof!

Vince – I don’t need any! Her track record speaks for itself! I wasn’t the first guy she cheated on Nathan with!

Sasha – My mother is NOT perfect, but neither are you.. how dare you point a finger at anyone?

Mia – Not to mention all the blame was put on me! Everyone shunned me! Well.. Michelle didn’t she kept working here but, I can tell she judges me…

Thank goodness Michelle is not here…

Sasha – I’m glad she’s on break and not here to see this bullshit!

Vince – What the hell are you talking about Mia?! I went and told Nathan EVERYTHING! To his face! I faced my problems!

Sasha – You only said something because you were caught. You’re still a dick.. nothing’s changed.

Okay… I’ve had enough… time to put the b***h in her place

Vince – Sasha…. Shut….The f**k up.

Sasha – Excuse me?!

Mia – Don’t talk to my daughter like that!

Vince – F**k you, and F**k her too. F**k you both!

Sasha – F**k me?… are you serious? Oh you must want Josh to blacken your eye again!

Vince – Your snatch ain’t that good sugar tits.. Josh would never choose you over me.

Sasha – We’ll see about that!

Mia – Josh can do so much better than a friend like you.

Vince – B***h do you even have friends? NO- so zip it granny… go worry about having hot flashes or some shit.

Mia – Get-

Sasha – Josh is going to hear all about this.. Kokoro too!

Vince – She can’t be reached… Good luck with that.

Sasha – spoiled little b***h who grew up and got everything he wanted.. it all makes sense. You got balls coming in here. You think because you have one successful relationship that you’re on some road to redemption.. You’ll mess it up somehow.. tigers don’t changes their stripes. Douchebags don’t become less douchy!

Vince – Atleast I don’t f**k married teachers.

Sasha – …………………..Why would Josh tell you that!?


Probably shouldn’t have said that.. Josh told me that in secret…. shit…

Sasha – Go cheat on Kokoro you asshole!

Vince – Aren’t you the one doing the cheating? With that Shannon guy?

Sasha – You messed with the wrong girl.. I swear to you..

Mia – I’m calling the cops

Vince – I’m leaving… you two can kiss my ass.

Sasha – I don’t know who the hell you think you’re talking to…

Vince – YOU PRINCESS!, and your Evil hag of a mother!

Sasha – Mom let me punch him in his smug face! he’s not even cute! he looks like a pug dog!

Vince – And you look like a smurf with big ass tits!… just like your hag ass mother!

Mia – Oh I’m a hag now.. I was “so sexy” when we were running around lying to everyone about having sex!

Vince – You’ve aged terribly since then

Sasha – *laugh* Karma’s a b***h! You will get what you deserve… Douchbag…

Vince – Sasha you should mind your business, and Mia.. stay the hell away from Justin. Have a good night you two!

Mia – The nerve….

Sasha – Its okay mom… I’m so telling Josh everything…. He’ll be the one without a friend soon…..

Vince – So you think, b***h you’re replaceable..

Sasha – Actually its you who’s replaceable.. Josh told me… after he beat your ass.

Vince – …..Whatever…. and Josh didn’t beat my ass. I wasn’t going to fight him back when I knew I was wrong. Josh and I have something you’ll never understand. A true friendship! Bet you can’t even name one good female friend in your life-… yeah exactly!

I probably shouldn’t have gone off on Sasha, but who did she think she was attacking me like that? What was going on was between her mother and I. She wants to touch the flame then she might as well get burned. I have no regrets! Mia won’t make a fool out of me or my brother. I’m not taking any chances with her. She knows about Justin’s money… I know first hand that she’s all about the money, she told me herself.  I just hope Josh, and Justin understand why I had to say something…

~End of Chapter Three- Pt 3~



  1. : O! Oooo that was pretty heated! I love the picture where the old lady’s in the background playing shuffleboard. She’s like, “I hear F bombs over there!” lol. I don’t know if that was intentional or just good timing on the old lady’s part but it fit the scene perfectly. I can understand where Vince is coming from. After all he’s been through I wouldn’t trust people either! He sure does have some brilliant insults lol. It’ll be interesting to see what Josh thinks about this; and about how Vince spilled his secret in front of Sasha! Can’t wait until the next one!! : D

  2. LoL.. the old lady happen purely by accident, just the right expression at the right time. You thought that was dramatic and heated……wait till you see whats next O_O

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