[B2M Season3] Chapter 3 : “Living and Learning” Pt 2 [POV Josh]


***POV = Point Of View. That person will narrate the story.***

~Disclaimer : This story features mature language. Most Profanity & Other unsuitable words will be blanked out with “***”  This is a heads up for any cautious readers~

Hey guys whats up?… You caught me on my way picking up Sasha from work. We have some pretty awesome plans tonight!- Oh there she is-…….with Shannon..

Shannon – Oooh theirs your boyfriend Sasch.

Sasha – Where- Oh! it is Josh!… Hey baby!

Josh – Hey.

Shannon – Hi Josh.

Josh – Hey Shannon.

I don’t dislike Shannon, in fact I actually kinda like him. Shocked? don’t be… I’ve learned from my past. Theirs no reason for me to be jealous, he and Sasha have a work friendship. Nothing’s wrong with that. I believe it can work. Two people of opposite genders can be just friends. Right?…. Right. So yeah! Besides.. after Tru’s party Shannon and I bounced jokes off one another, had a few jello shots and it was funtimes! I’m not gonna hate him because he’s close with my girlfriend. That’s childish, and insecure…. So many other things I can be focusing on.

Shannon – Okay where are you getting all of these cool shirts?

Josh – I don’t know actually. Alot of the time, my friends see things and they buy it for me. They say “This screamed you so I bought it for ya”

Shannon – Lucky! I wish I had friends like that.

Josh – Maybe you can meet mine, and they can become your friends too.

Shannon – Really?

Josh – Yeah, I’m not territorial over friends.. I like sharing.

Shannon – Thats awesome of you Josh.

Sasha – Well he’s just an awesome kind of guy.

Josh – Thanks.

Sasha – Baby I’m sooo tired.

Josh – You’ve been working her hard Shannon?

Shannon – I-

Sasha – You have no idea how HARD he works me.

Shannon – That sounded dirty.

Sasha – Mind out the gutter!

Shannon – You know I live there.

Sasha – Thats true.

Josh – ….. We all have dirty thoughts.

Sasha – Oh really?

Josh – Yeah.. don’t we?

Sasha – …..*smirks*

Shannon – I know I do.

Josh – Makes you human.

Shannon – Not only do you have cool clothes, but you’re pretty cool too personality-wise. Not to mention you’re super positive. I love that.

Sasha – That’s true, Josh is rarely ever negative.

Shannon – I’m sure that helps your living situation

Josh – Huh?

Shannon – Can’t be easy living in your mother’s basement.

Josh – …….

Shannon – Hold your chin high, I got out of the basement, and look at me now.

Sasha – Oh my god Josh, Shannon’s place is amazing. You have to see it.

Shannon – Anytime you guys want to stop by.

Sasha – We had lunch there today.

Josh – You- why?

Sasha – Well, he cooks, and all the places around here were super busy- so he decided to cook for us.

Josh – Cool.

Shannon – I hope that’s okay- I’m not trying to-

Sasha – Josh is cool, its fine.

Josh – Yeah its fine.

Sasha – He made this pasta dish to die for.

Shannon – Gives her a chance to take a break from the grilled cheese you make her *laugh*

Sasha – I know right, Josh you always want to eat grilled cheese.

Josh – …Yeah that’s me.. grilled cheese Josh.

I feel stupid….

Shannon – So what plans do you guys have tonight? Sasha said you’re dragging her somewhere?

Josh – I thought you wanted to go?

Sasha – I do… I do.. Its just.. I don’t know if she’ll like me.

Josh – Who? Vanessa?

Sasha – Yeah.

Josh – We could have talked about it….

Shannon – Sorry, not my business… I didn’t mean to-

Josh – Its fine.. Anyway we should get going.

Shannon – Cool, I’m getting a call anyway so right on time. I’ll call you later Sasch.

Sasha – Alright Shan. Bye

Shannon – Hey!… Yeah.. totally. You know how it is man… Good ones are always taken.. won’t stop me though.

What the hell?

Sasha – Josh?

Josh – Yeah? *forced smile*

Sasha – You okay?

Josh – Never better… never better.

Sasha – I didn’t tell him that you were making me go I-

Josh – Its okay…..

Sasha – No.. stop it.. let me explain. He was giving me a bunch of work, and I told him not to give me too much at the last minute, because you were dragging me out on a double date. I only said it to make him feel better. He’s alone…

Josh – Its fine Sasha, why are you making a big deal out of it? I didn’t take it personally.

Sasha – You didn’t?

Josh – No.

Sasha – Good.. For a second I thought you were mad at me.

I am

Josh – Nope, not at all. We should hurry up and get to your place. Get changed and head out.

Sasha – Okay. Sounds like a plan…. I love you….

Josh – I love you too Sasha.

Though I was mad at Sasha, I wasn’t gonna let it ruin our double date with Michelle, and Vanessa. I swallowed my pride, got dressed… and had fun. Sasha even danced with me. She never dances- well according to Shannon she dances alot in the office- Oh my god I need to stop. I’m just mad because- I’ll explain later…

Sasha – Dinner was amazing, that place was so fancy. I felt bad letting Vanessa pay.

Josh – She insisted..

Sasha – We could never go to a place like that.

Josh – …..

Sasha – I don’t need things like that though. I’m happy with you, and your grilled cheese.

Josh – Seriously? I can try other things if you like.

Sasha – How about we try new things? together? We can watch a cooking show, and make it our little project? Cook new foods?

Josh – That can be fun!

Sasha – *smiles* Good. Gabrielle and I did that alot when we were younger, no wonder we were so fat.

Josh – You guys talking again?

Sasha – Texting… which is a start.

Josh – She and I have yet to have our sitdown. I’m sure its going to happen soon though. She’s been busy repairing stuff with Jordan. His happiness comes first, Gabrielle and I can fix our stuff later.

Sasha – You’re so selfless…

Josh – Jordan is a great guy. I hope things work out for him and Gabrielle.

Sasha – Me too…… So Michelle’s bisexual? Has she always been into women?

Josh – Ever since she and I started dating.. she’s been into girls.

Sasha – Hmm.. thats cool. How does Vanessa feel about that? I hear lesbians, don’t like bisexual girls.

Josh – Can’t speak for all lesbians, but Vanessa isn’t the biggest fan of bisexuals.


Michelle – This was a nice surprise!

Vanessa – You wanted some attention so.. I figured Dinner, and Dancing would be good. Its rare we both have a night off.

Michelle – Why do you say it like that?

Vanessa – Like what?

Michelle – Like I’m some needy chick? I didn’t “want your attention” I wanted to spend quality time with my girlfriend.

Vanessa – Oh don’t be so sensitive.. Quinn says sensitivity is a sign of insecurities.

Michelle – Mmm hmm.. Good for Quinn.

Vanessa – Hey don’t be a b***h.

Michelle – Why? does Quinn think being a b***h is bad for the skin or something?

Vanessa – Jealousy is not very becoming of you…. Look I’m sorry okay? I want to spend time with you too. I worded it wrong, except my apology?

Michelle – …..Okay- I mean yeah, I accept. *smiles*

We danced a bit more, and then we all sat down to talk a little bit.

Sasha – Well my friend Shannon actually has an amazing house. Oh my god you guys should see it, its everything a person could want.

Vanessa – How old is he?

Sasha – He’s 26

Vanessa – Self-made man?

Sasha – Yeah.

Vanessa – That’s so rare.. I think its amazing to see someone our age not living at home, or mooching off his parents you know?

Josh – …

Michelle – Not everyone know’s what they want out of life. Some people, like myself *looks @ Josh* Are just going with the flow. Its hard to not know what you want to do in life, and just up and buy a house.

Josh – I agree.

Vanessa – Nobody’s insulting anyone Michelle.. calm down Oprah.

Michelle – Its rude, Josh lives with his parents, you don’t think he feels some kind of way hearing you guys say that?

Sasha – Josh is special, Its fine that he lives at home… its different for him.

Michelle – How exactly? Or are you just saving face because you know you possibly hurt his feelings. Think before you speak…

Sasha – You need to check your attitude… I’m not here for it.

Josh – Its okay guys.. I’m fine.

Sasha – Babe I didn’t mean-

Josh – Its okay.

Vanessa – Relax Michelle.. goodness. Next subject!- well its semi-related to the topic at hand but whatever. I’m looking at new houses. Currently the one I live in is too big and I-

Michelle – I? I live there too Vanessa! Why am I just now hearing about this?

Vanessa – Why does it matter what I do with my money? I think we need a new place.

Michelle – Its a decision we should discuss, its not just up to you.

Sasha – … Maybe it was going to be a surprise?

Michelle – ………I doubt it.

Sasha – Just trying to help.

Vanessa – Oh don’t bother girl… Michelle is in one of her moods.

I seriously don’t know what to say….

Vanessa – Quinn says that when people act like that, you just give them space.

Sasha – Who’s Quinn? is she your therapist or something?

Michelle – …….. I need air.

Josh – Mind If I join?

Michelle – No, I don’t mind.

Vanessa – Quinn is this girl at work, she and I get along famously.. she’s drama free.

Sasha – That’s how Shannon is….

Vanessa – You know I was worried I wouldn’t like you.

Sasha – That’s honest.

Vanessa – I just have this thing about-

Sasha – What happen between my mother (Mia) and your brother (Vince)

Vanessa – Right…… but I actually like you Sasha, we should hang out.

Sasha – I’m down, why not.

Vanessa – You’re a gorgeous girl might I add.

Sasha – Thanks, you’re pretty too. Love the dress, and the heels.

Vanessa – Likewise, I love how your dress gives me nightgown couture! It looks amazing.

Josh – I’ll be back.

Sasha – Want me to come with babe?

Josh – Nah, I’m okay.

Vanessa – See if you can calm Michelle down for me Josh.

Josh – …I’ll try….

Sasha – Vanessa? lets get drinks at the bar.

Vanessa – Good idea!

Once outside… I could tell something was bothering Michelle…

Josh – You okay?

Michelle – No….

Josh – What-

Michelle – She’s rude… what she said.. even though it wasn’t directed at you she-

Josh – Its okay…. I know I’m a loser..

Michelle – You’re NOT a loser.. WE just march to the beat of our own drum.

Josh – Why do I feel like this is about more than just the comments she’s made tonight?

Michelle – Its that b***h at her job. Quinn! The almighty philosophical QUINN!

Josh – What about her?

Michelle – She brings her up ALL THE TIME.

Josh – Are you jealous?

Michelle – No?- maybe? – The other night she came in smelling like lavender. I asked “Oh whats that smell” she says “Oh its Quinn’s perfume.” Why was she that close to you?

Josh – Maybe she-

Michelle – Oh and then just now.. how could she not even consider me when talking about finding a new place?!…. I feel like she’s cheating on me. I know Vince is your friend but I swear I wouldn’t be surprised if cheating ran in the family. I think I should break up with her.

Josh – Stop… breathe… and answer this.

Michelle – ……

Josh – Say you have proof she was faithful.. would you want to still end things?

Michelle – No.. I love her. We have goodtimes, but when she’s around people she gets all “Look at me! Look at me!”

Josh – Then sit her down, and talk to her. Ask her flat out if she’s cheating.

Michelle – That simple?

Josh – Yeah.

Michelle – …… Karma huh?

Josh – What?

Michelle – For what I did to you.. with Kane. I cheated on you. Now its coming back to me.

Josh – She may not even be cheating.

Michelle – …Maybe youre right. I guess one of my- well our issues, is that I don’t really voice my concerns.

Josh – *smiles* tell her you love her, and tell her what’s bothering you.

Michelle – …..Hmm… Okay.

Josh – Yeah?

Michelle – I’ll talk to her tonight.

Josh – Good.

Michelle – When did you get so smart?

Josh – Well QUINN SAYS- no I’m just kidding. I umm.. I learned alot after you and I broke up- After you cheated on me with Kane. I still don’t understand that one.

Michelle – *laugh* shut up… Kane wasn’t that bad… I don’t know.. I really want to work it out with Vanessa, but I’m- if she’s cheating on me then I’ll go crazy.

Josh – Between you and I?… that Quinn sure sounds annoying.

Michelle – I know right?

Josh – .. Thanks for sticking up for me in there by the way.

Michelle – No problem, you’re my friend, that’s what friends do.

Josh – Even if your friend is a loser?

Michelle – I meant what I said, you’re not a loser. I better never hear you say that again either.. I’ll slap you Josh.. I’m serious. You’re awesome… far from being a loser, you got that?

Josh – Yes ma’am.. *smirks*

Michelle – Lets get back in there and try to have fun.

I didn’t feel the need to tell her about my feelings on Shannon and Sasha. While we could relate, I didn’t think my feelings matched Michelle’s. I don’t think Sasha is cheating. I do have a problems with some of the things Sasha says though.. which I’ll talk to her about when I get a chance.

Michelle, and I went back inside. Bought a few drinks and had fun with our dates. We actually had alot of fun, not one fight. Sasha made sure to apologize if she made me feel less than a man with the whole Shannon thing. I told her it was fine, I didn’t want to ruin the night by fighting. As the night ended, Vanessa and Michelle returned to GloCity. I stayed in Bridgeport with Sasha…. Yes.. I sleep at her place too sometimes people. Though it is kinda awkward since Mia is around. We haven’t exactly buried our issues.

I woke up at Sasha’s (In Bridgeport) around 6am. I got my bags, and headed home (To GloCity) I showered, had breakfast and then headed to work. It was a boring day for the most part… Kane hadn’t been at work today so I didn’t have anyone to talk to. I was happy when Connor came in to play some games.

Connor – So you slept at your girlfriends house?

Josh – Yeah.

Connor – ….What did you guys do?

Josh – What do you mean?

Connor – ….Did you guys sleep in the same bed?

Josh – Yes?

Connor – Were you nervous? I’d be nervous.

Josh – No, I wasn’t. Why would I be- Oh!….. nevermind.

Connor – I like girls, but I don’t know if its okay to say that.. My friends would tease me.

Josh – You guys are just at that awkward stage where everyone is going through puberty, and- yeah..

Connor – How come I don’t have hair down there yet?

Josh – UMMM….

Connor – My friends do.

Josh – How do you know that?

Connor – We all had a sleepover last week. We all compared… our.. you know. Isn’t that what guys do? compare?

Josh – Umm.. I don’t know.

Connor – Will I get hair down there like my friends?

Josh – Sooner or later….

Connor – Cool!

Mallory – Hey Connor.

Connor – Oh-umm.. Hi Mal- Mallory.

Josh – *smiles*

Mallory – Whatcha doin?

Connor – Hanging out with my buddy Josh. He’s cool.

Mallory – Hi Josh.

Josh – Hello.

Connor – She’s goes to my school.

Josh – Ah, gotcha.

Mallory – I’m waiting for my friends….  We’re gonna play some games and then go to the park.

Connor – Oh- thats- that sounds cool.

Mallory – You can come if you want.

Connor – I’d have to ask my m-

Josh – Go.. have fun. I’ll take care of Skye (Connor’s mom) You have my number incase of emergency right?

Connor – Yeah.

I didn’t see the harm in him going, the park was just a block away. Its really safe.

Connor – So what are we gonna do at the park?

Mallory – I don’t know… just hangout.

Connor – Who’s all going?

Mallory – Umm its a group of us, guys and girls. I think we might play spin the bottle. Apparently its this old game my parent’s played in school.

Connor – What type of game is that?

Mallory – ….We all sit in a circle. Then each person takes a turn spinning a bottle.. whoever it lands on.. they have to kiss that person.

Connor – ……I- umm…grool- I mean cool. I was gonna say cool, but I was thinking good.

Mallory – You’re funny Connor.

Connor – Thanks, you’re pretty.

Mallory – Aww.. Thanks.. I have an idea..

Connor – Whats that?

Mallory – We can go practice the game… just so we know what to expect.

Connor – Just us?

Mallory – Yeah.. I have a empty soda bottle in my bag so-

Connor – Okay, sure- Then maybe we can get it in?!

Oh my god!

Mallory – Get what in?

Connor – I don’t know, its something my friend Jordan says.

Mallory – Oh.. okay well maybe?- Though I don’t know what that means.

Kids…… I really hope they don’t do sex. I mean kissing is part of growing up I guess, but too soon for sex.

After I called Skye to make sure it was okay for Connor to go to the park, Kane showed up.

Kane – Hey! I got your message.

Josh – I wanted to talk to you.

Kane – Okay?

Josh – Wait why weren’t you at work today?

Kane – I needed a day off for some personal stuff.

Josh – Oh okay, thats cool.

Kane – I see you’re not wearing the work uniform.

Josh – Someone complained about them, so we don’t have to wear them anymore. I loved them!

Kane – ….. So what did you wanna talk about? I just came by to pick up my check. – Oh! by the way, you said your girlfriend name was Sasha right? I finally realized who she was. She was that fat girl in high school!

Josh – We all change.. she’s really hot now.

Kane – Good for her.. all the fatties losing weight! Gabrielle was so big.. she’s really slim now.

Josh – Right… So umm…- I’ve decided that I want to be your roommate.

Kane – You’re shitting me?!

Josh – No I’m serious.

Kane – That’s awesome bro! Umm.. Let me give you the address, its over by the beach. Come by and check out the place… just to make sure you like it.

Josh – I’ll come by after work.

Kane – Cool. I’ll see you then.

Josh – Alright.. roomy.

Kane – Crazy right? us? being roommates!

Josh – Why not..

After work, I decided to go see the place. I rang the buzzer like five times and nobody-

Woman – Hello?

Josh – Umm Hi, I’m Josh? I’m here to check out the place.. Kane said-

Woman – Oh! Sorry, I’ll let you in. Just a second.

Josh – Alright…

Woman – Why didn’t you open the gate?

Josh – Its stuck.

Woman – Oh that happens sometimes…..You don’t-

Josh – Nice to meet you.

Woman – Ah…. *laugh* You too. Umm.. let me show you the place.

Josh – Umm… okay. Yeah.

Woman – This is the room you’ll have.

Josh – I like it.

Woman – So does that mean you’ll be moving in with Kane?

Josh – Yep.

Woman – Awesome, he needs a friend…

Josh – Doesn’t he have alot?

Woman – Not good ones…

Josh – Oh… We’ll I’ll be good- or whatever.

Woman – I’m sure… Let me show you the living room slash kitchen.

Josh – Okay.

After this woman, showed me around some more I couldn’t help but have a few questions….

Woman – So you like what you see?

Josh – Yeah, I love it.- Umm is that furniture going to be moved out?

Woman – If you want. You can keep the bed… Its pretty new Kane says.

Josh – Okay… what about the computer? I-

Woman – Josh you can have everything in that room. It doesn’t belong to anyone anymore.

Josh – Oh okay. Cool. So…. where is Kane?

Woman – He went to the store.

Josh – So are you like… his girlfriend?

Woman – …I can’t do this anymore *laugh* Really Josh?

Josh – You say my name as if we’ve met.

Amanda – Its me! Amanda!

Josh – Who-

Josh – MANDY?!

Amanda – Finally…

Josh – Why didn’t you say anything?

Amanda – I was trying to at the gate, but then you were like “Nice to meet you” So I was like.. alright I’ll play along.

Josh – You look so-

Amanda – Grown up?- I gotta say.. I was a little mad you didn’t remember me…. I was your first handjob- and blowjob… remember that? At Jordan’s house?

Josh – Oh my god…. I do remember that…

Amanda aka Mandy, is Kane’s little sister, she looks so different now. She was sent to boarding school because- well we never really knew why. What I do remember is she and AJ were pretty close. This one time I was hanging with Jordan, and she was there… and she… ya know.. gave me-… well you heard what she said. So as you guys know now.. Mandy was my first handy-J, mouth job. Vanessa was my first kiss- ew, and Michelle was my first time doing sex. A Josh history lesson.

Amanda – Do I really look that different?

Josh – Yes.. I mean you were always skinny, but.. you look..

Amanda – What?

Josh – Womanly.

Amanda – I still don’t have boobs though..

Josh – You have them…

Amanda – Perv.. stop looking

Josh – I’m not!

Amanda – I’m kidding.. you can look. Its fine.

Josh – … I have a girlfriend.

Amanda – Really?…

Josh – Yeah.. Sasha Owen

Amanda – The fat girl? the one that would always hangout with the other fat girl Gabrielle?

Josh – She’s- Neither one of them are fat anymore.

Amanda – Neither are you. You look really buff.. sexy!

Josh – Thank you.

Amanda – Sucks you have a girlfriend- but don’t worry I’m not the homewrecking type. I respect people’s lives. We can be friends though right? or is Sasha the type to not want you to be friends with girls?

Josh – We can be friends. *smiles*

Amanda – Cool.

Josh – So when did you get back to GloCity?

Amanda – A week ago, I was in Europe.. then I got homesick.. so here I am.

Josh – Do you live here?

Amanda – Oh god no, I cannot live with my brother. I’m just visiting. I have a small apartment on the other side of town.

Josh – Cool.

Amanda – I can’t get over how sexy you got- and dating Sasha?… So you never got Michelle?

Josh – We dated, and she cheated on me with your brother.

Amanda – And you guys are cool and roomies now?

Josh – Its a long story.

Amanda – Good thing I’m not leaving GloCity anytime soon. I wanna know all about your life now, the guys.. How’s Issac? is he single?

Josh – ….. I don’t know how to answer that. Its complicated, and he’s not really into… girls.

Amanda – Issac like guys?! He’s sooo hot! Why are the hot ones gay? or taken!

Josh – Hold on a second…

Amanda – I’m hungry, lets see what my big brother has in the fridge..

Josh – Hello?

Sasha – Where are you babe? I just got to your house, but nobody’s home.

Josh – My parents went on a double date with my Uncle Nathan and his new girlfriend Scarlet.

Sasha – Where are you?

Josh – Checking out my new apartment

Sasha – WHAT? Really? That’s awesome! Why didn’t you let me tag along?

Josh – I had to check it out right after work.

Sasha – I got my hair done.. It looks cute, can’t wait for you to see it…. which I hope is in the next 10 minutes, because its cold on this porch.

Josh – Oh! umm Count three to the right and under that rock should be a spare key. Let yourself in, I’ll be there in a second.

Sasha – Okay.

Josh – Wait- before you go.. I just want to let you know, that something’s been bothering me, and I really want to talk about it when I get there. Okay?

Sasha – Alright. See you soon.

Josh – Bye.

Amanda – Awww cute!

Josh – Let Kane know I came by, and I liked what I saw. We can discuss when he wants me to move in when he gets a chance.

Amanda – Okay. Drive safe.

Josh – Nice seeing you Mandy.

Amanda – You too Joshua!

Man… that was weird… I swear, Glocity is like..- You can move away,but you always come back. Mandy and I weren’t bestfriend, but she was cool. We have history, and I’m glad she’s back.. we can be friends.

I got home, and Sasha was waiting for me. I liked her new hair.. she looked pretty. Still…. I had much to talk to her about.

Sasha – So oh my god, Michelle was a monster!.. then she attacked me-

Josh – She and Vanessa have their issues, its best not to get involved.

Sasha – You’re right… next subject. You’re moving out?

Josh – Yes, I’ll have a new roomate. My work buddy Kane- well Kane from high school, you remember him?

Sasha – Ah… yes.

Josh – His sister is back.

Sasha – Mandy?…. wow…

Josh – Yep…. Anyway…Let me just say this…

Sasha – Josh if this is about Shannon, You have nothing to worry about, and I-

Josh – I’m not jealous or anything like that- my issue is this- Its hard enough meeting someone new and them judging you. Its ANOTHER THING meeting someone who knows things about you that are embarassing. Why does he know I live at home? why does he know I make you grilled cheese sandwhiches after we do sex?… Its just-

Sasha – You’re right.. Some things I shouldn’t share- but Shannon didn’t judge you or think you were like a loser or anything.

Josh – I hear about his nice place, and then you and Vanessa talk about guys who have their own stuff.. makes me feel bad. Which is why I didn’t stop Michelle from sticking up for me.

Sasha – …..I didn’t think.. and I’m sorry. Okay?

Josh – Okay.

Sasha – and If you need reassurance I-

Josh – I don’t. I know you like me- well more than like me. You wouldn’t get all dressed up, and come to GloCity if you didn’t.

Sasha – That’s hot..

Josh – What is?

Sasha – I don’t know, you just got really manly, and like..when you said it, their was a sense of confidence that was sexy.

Josh – Oh- well its true, I don’t doubt how you feel about me.

Sasha – Good. You’re so sweet… I’d never do anything to mess up our relationship.

Josh – I’m not a child, I know disagreements happen. It doesn’t mean we break up.. Talking things out is the adult thing.

Sasha – So…. I brought my new underwear.. and I was thinking.. I’d let you do that thing… you wanted to try..

Josh – REALLY?… because Jordan says every man has to try it once.

Sasha – Well.. tonight you can.

Josh – Awesome. I’m gonna load up on some food first though.. I do sex really good once I’ve have a bunch of carbs.

Sasha – *laugh* you’re so fricken cute… I’m gonna shower


Josh – Who the heck could that be?

Sasha – I don’t know, go answer it, and then eat.. and I’ll be showering, and waiting for you.

Josh – Okay.

I went upstairs, and opened the door. It was Michelle.

Josh – Whats up?

Michelle – I wanted to come by and say thanks.

Josh – For?

Michelle – Our talk the other night.

Josh – Oh!.. no problem.

Michelle – I sat Vanessa down, and we talked. I was honest, and open.

Josh – Did you ask her?… about Quinn?

Michelle – I did, and she looked me in my eyes, and said she’s not cheating. I believe her.

Josh – Good!

Michelle – So since the talk we haven’t had one argument, and she’s been really sweet.

Josh – I’m glad it all worked out.

Michelle – All thanks to you Joshy.

Josh – Aww… well I just pointed you in the right direction. The rest was all you.

Michelle – So what are you up to? Its strangely quiet in here.

Josh – Nothing much, Sasha’s downstairs in the shower.

Michelle – Sasha’s here?

Josh – Yep

Michelle – Oh I’m sorry- I didn’t mean to-

Sasha – Josh! where are you- Oh… Hi…

Michelle – Hi……

Josh – ……….

Sasha – I didn’t know you had company Josh, I can wait in the basement if-

Michelle – I’m sorry if I was a b***h the other night.

Sasha – Its okay, I’m no angel either.

Michelle – Truce?

Sasha – Truce.

Josh – Awwww I love it when people make up!

Michelle – I should get going. I was on my way to buy some twizzler, and a beer.

Josh – Okay.. be safe out there.

Michelle – Oh come on Josh, you know GloCity is like.. the safest place on earth. Poor cops have nothing to do around here…

Josh – True. Oh guess who I saw tonight!

Michelle – Who?

Josh – Amanda

Michelle – Mandy?! Oh my goodness, I remember she had the biggest crush on you.

Sasha – …………

Michelle – Where did you see her?

Josh – I was checking out Kane’s place, we-

Sasha – Your two ex’s are going to be roomates, can you believe that?

Michelle – *laugh* No…

Josh – Neither can I.

Michelle – I guess that’s cool… kinda weird for me, but its cool- ANYWAY you guys clearly are about to have sex, so I’ll be on my way.. I’m sure theirs a movie or something I can watch until Vanessa gets home from work.

Sasha – *looks @ Josh* If you want, you can stay.

Josh – Umm, yeah. We can all watch a movie and just hangout.

Michelle – That’s sweet of you guys, but I’ll be okay.

Sasha – You sure?

Michelle – Yeah, thanks though.

Josh – Alrighty….

Michelle – You guys have a good night….

Josh – You too!

Sasha – Josh were you still gonna eat?

Josh – 15 minutes and I’ll be ready to go!

Michelle – Josh? you still do that?

Josh – What?

Michelle – Food before sex

Josh – Yeah..

Michelle – That’s funny…

Sasha – He did that with you too?

Michelle – Yep… Anyway you guys have a wonderful night.

Sasha – See ya…. maybe we can have lunch soon.

Michelle – Sure.

Josh – Alright Goodnight ‘Chelle

Michelle – ‘nite

Michelle left, and I made a huge turkey sandwich. Washed it all down with a Gatorade! Blue Frost is my favorite flavor…. I took a quick shower, and then Sasha and I… tried things…. As far as what happen with Michelle. I’m really happy for her. She seems happy with Vanessa, and I’m really happy with Sasha. Michelle, Gabrielle… We weren’t meant to be together romantically, but I really do want to cherish a friendship with them. One down… one to go… When the hell will Gabrielle call me?… I can’t dwell on it though. Life seems to be going great for me right now! Will it last?….

~End of Chapter Three- Pt 2~



  1. There’s nothing better than coming home from work and seeing a new B2M posted : D. First thing’s first, Shannon’s shirt is the best! (Josh will hate me for that lol). The scene between Josh and Connor was funny. That question was so out of the blue! Poor Josh : D. About Vanessa and Michelle, I just don’t know about their relationship. That fight at the club was getting pretty ugly and maybe it’s just me; but I feel like Vanessa’s a little shady. Also, Mandy is so beautiful! You really have a talent for making sims. Can’t wait for the next one!! : )

  2. Aww thanks, I love seeing you’ve commented 😛

    Shannon’s shirt actually comes in a few different flavors, Mario, Donkey Kong, Boo, etc. I agree its cute!

    Josh is clueless, and just.. funny. So I figured it would be funny for a growing boy like Connor to just randomly ask him about puberty/growing up LOL.

    Vanessa and Michelle sure do fight alot.. but Michelle said after the talk all is well. …..lol is it?

    Thanks on the compliments about my sim making skills. I usually try and make them look unique, or like people I’ve seen while out eating/shopping/whatever.

    Vince’s POV is up next.. and let me just say.. Its not as calm as Josh’s.. Neither is Jordan’s POV.. his is probably the worst 😦

    Thanks for commenting 🙂 …..Stay Tuned!


  3. I love this story because it keeps me guessing and has been entertaining since day one : ). But yeah you did the conversation between Josh and Connor very well. It was perfectly awkward lol! But now you’re making me nervous with Vince and Jordan!!

  4. Glad you love it, honestly if nobody read it I’d still write it. I’ve had so much fun writing it, and growing the guys along the way. Also.. Good.. be nervous about Vince and Jordan LOL *evil laugh*

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