[B2M Season3] Chapter 3 : “Living and Learning” Pt 1 [POV Issac]


***POV = Point Of View. That person will narrate the story.***

~Disclaimer : This story features mature language. Most Profanity & Other unsuitable words will be blanked out with “***”  This is a heads up for any cautious readers~


Vince – What about you Josh?

Josh – Oh.. I don’t know… I don’t think I’m going to ask her to the dance.. she might say no. I have fear of rejection.. and it may cause anxiety..

Issac – Does that mean you’re not going to the dance tonight? Because I’m not either.. We could have a sleepover if you want?

Vince – Oh come on guys! My mom and dad said they’d get me a limo for all of my friends, aka you guys!

Josh – …I think I’ll pass. I’ll hang with Issac tonight. You, Tommy, and Jordan can have fun without me.

Issac – *smiles* Cool. I have this new rock album I want you to listen to!

Josh – I’ll listen to it while you read the new X-men issue! Deal?

Issac – DEAL!… I just have to ask my dad…

Vince & Josh – ………..

Jordan – Tommy… are you crazy? I’m not gonna hit Riley with a brick!

Tommy – Well he stole that girl you were talking to! Its like anything you can do I can do better! You have to kick his ass!

Jordan – I… If I get suspended.. my dad might-… I can’t get into anymore trouble.. plus I have to try and be some sort of role model for Gay-Jay (AJ)

Tommy – AJ is gonna be gay when he’s older! I just know it!

Jordan – Hey cut it out! only I can talk crap about my little brother!

Tommy – Back to the point! Riley needs to go down! He think’s he’s better than you!

Jordan – …. What if I punch him during gym class? In the locker room? Then I can tell the teachers it was self-defense!

Tommy – Or… you can wait till he goes home and hit him with a brick!

Jordan – NO TO THE BRICK IDEA! I DON’T WANNT KILL ANYONE!… besides.. I don’t like violence! I just want to be able to play sports, and get good grades.

Tommy – You’re such a square!

Jordan – Whatever, keep talking about hitting people with bricks, and you’ll be in jail before you’re 18!

Tommy – Nah.. I’m really sneaky with my stuff!

Vince – So Issac….

Issac – What?

Vince – Do you like my sister?

Issac – Who Vanessa? Ew! No!

Vince – I was teasing her this morning before school.. cause she never talks to guys! she’s like an alien.. So she told me she had a crush on you.

Issac – Oh…. weird.

Josh – She’s pretty! You should go get ice cream with her or something!

Issac – I-.. umm.. I don’t know….

Jordan – WOW that car is sweet!

Vince – Aww crap I got dirt on my new pants….

Tommy – How much does a car like this cost Issac?

Issac – …I don’t know…

Josh – Remember to ask him if I can sleepover okay?

Issac – Okay. I’ll talk to you guys later, have fun at the dance…

Vince – See ya!

Jordan – I’ll have twice the fun for ya.

Tommy – Someone can totally steal that car and make a million bucks

Josh – You’re so stupid Tom-Tom! You can’t make a million dallars off that car.

Tommy – I bet you could!

Jordan – Its not even mathmatically possible!

Vince –  Here we go!.. guys more important issue here.. I have dirt on my pants!

Peter – Get in the car Issac!

Issac – Yes Dad….

Issac-  Dad?

Peter – What? why do you keep calling my name?

Issac – You keep ignoring me..

Peter – What do you want?

Issac – I- Umm.. I was wondering if its okay if Josh sleeps over tonight?

Peter – After the dance?

Issac – We’re skipping it.

Peter – Why?! Theirs girls, and music? You never talk about girls..

Issac – I.. I like them.. I think girls are great.

Peter – Why Josh? why do you always want to have these little gay sleepovers with him? He’s fat! I don’t want him eating all our food.

Issac – He’s my bestfriend, and he’s not fat, he’s just a little chubby! everyone’s not skinny!

Peter – I thought all of those guys were your bestfriends?

Issac – Josh’s different.. I like him the best.

Peter – ……..

Issac – I don’t know why you don’t like him… Mom loved Josh.

Peter – Your mother is gone! no need in bringing her up!

Issac – Don’t say it like that! Don’t you miss her?!

Peter – Stop being so timid, and soft! Be a man!

Issac – ……… Dad you-… you didn’t say if Josh can-

Peter – NO! No he can’t! I’m not going to have this gay stuff going on.. you here me?

Issac – I’m not gay!

Peter – I have a date tonight anyway

Issac – Mom just died how could-

Peter – If you bring her up one more time.. I’m…

Issac – …… well can I sleepover his house then?

Peter – Do whatever the hell you want Issac… you obviously don’t care about anyone but yourself!

Issac – Dad that’s not true.. I care about alot of people.. I.. I still care about you even though you-

Peter – Oh get the f**k out of here with that sentimental bullshit! look.. get out of my face! Its probably best if you go sleep at your boyfriend Josh’s house anyway. When I get home I don’t wanna see you!

Issac – ……..I hate you. I wish mom was still alive…

Peter – I hate you too you little shit! You- Get out of here before I do something I regret! Go! Run to your boyfriend!

Issac – ……….

[End Of Flashback]

Issac – …………..

Riley – ….. I never knew he was that bad.

Issac – That was him on a good day….

Riley – So you were crushing on Josh then huh?

Issac – Yeah.. not that it matters, If my dad knew.. he’d… I don’t know what he would have done.. maybe send me to military school.

Riley – Sucks he was such a dick.

Issac – …..Yep….

Riley – I can see why you don’t want to go see him….

Issac – ….Maybe I should sing some ballad about it.. like they do on Glee.

Riley – Speaking of Glee, where’s Kaitlyn?

Issac – She’s out of town. She comes back in the morning.

Riley – A Job?

Issac – Apparently she’s doing taxes for some big time celebrity.

Riley – Cool.. bitch gotta stay paid ya know?

Issac – (sarcastic tone) Fa… Sho….. So.. umm I was shocked you were still here when I woke up…

Riley – Well I thought it would be cool to wake up together..

Issac – So gay…

Riley – If gay means happy then, that’s whats up.

Issac – Never say “That’s whats up” ever again.

Riley – Or what?

Issac – I’ll.. punch you.

Riley – Yeah right.. you like me too much…. Oh so speaking of which.. I broke up with Mira last night.

Issac – I see…

Riley – She’s been soo moody and just.. keeping secrets ‘n shit. I can’t deal with her, I rather have you to be all the way honest.

Issac – ….

Riley – Sometimes I wonder if you even like me.

Issac – …I do.. god.. stop being so needy….

Riley – I’m not dude, I just can’t read you! You’re so… cold sometimes.

Issac – I don’t mean to be.. I’m sorry.

Riley – Its okay, I can see why you’re so.. what’s the best way to put it… Your shells be hard. Yo… look at me droppin’ that psychiatrist shit yo!

Issac – I think you’re trying to say my exterior is- you know what nevermind.. you… you said it right.

No he didn’t… but.. A for effort…

Riley – Well I should go, gotta get home, shower, nap.. then come back to the city for work…

Issac – I’d tell you to stay here, but I have lunch with an old friend, and then.. my modeling shoot.

Riley – My baby’s a model.. f**kin’ hot yo..

Issac – I’m not a model, I’m just seeing where it takes me.

Riley – Dude I’m proud of you.. I think its dope you just.. you just try shit you know? Like.. you’re f**kin’ fearless!.. Its some inspirational shit.

Issac – You.. Thanks Riley.. *smirk* People don’t say that to me..

Riley – What the proud thing?

Issac – Yeah…

Riley – Well I’m your first… like I am when it comes to you bottoming.

Issac – … Dude! stop! whatever.. you like bottoming too!

Riley – You love it!

Issac – No I don’t! You do!

Riley – *laugh* Whatever… I’m gonna go.. and I won’t kiss you goodbye.. don’t wanna be too gay for ya.

Issac – Good…Fag… *laugh*

Riley – Shut up…. I hate you *laugh*

Issac – You like me alot… its okay.. I’m irresistible.

Riley – …..True….. and I lied.. I’m gonna kiss you anyway.

Issac – You’re such a girl…

Riley left, and I decided to clean the house a little bit. Mr Wiggles (Kaitlyn’s cat) needed to be groomed so I did that too. Soon it was time for me to head out. I was meeting up with AJ. He was in town, and wanted to see me before he headed back to school. So I told him I knew this great place we could get lunch.

AJ – How did you find this place? I love it.

Issac – Vince, he said he came here recently.. The food was great.

AJ – Yeah I loved the pasta.

Issac – *smiles* So how are you?

AJ – Well.. Cloud and I aren’t together anymore.

Issac – Sorry to hear that.

AJ – Yeah… he basically dumped me, kicked me out of his place and screamed “I’m not dating a tranny” This was all after he burned my wig.. my 400 dollar wig!

Issac – I’m sorry to- wait huh? Tranny? you-

AJ – No! I do drag. On weekends.

Issac – Oh! That’s cool! I knew someone who did that.

AJ – WHAT? I thought you didn’t have many gay friends?

Issac – When I was dating Kris, his friend Fuby Femma was a drag queen.

AJ – Oh cool, I’m probably prettier. Adriana Amore is pretty flawfree to be honest.

Issac – I bet.. you do have soft features, I’m sure you make a good drag queen.

AJ – *smiles* I really just.. I don’t know.. I feel so alive! I feel like I’m experimenting, and just doing things. I’m learning more and more about gay culture! the good stuff! not the Lady Gaga, drugs, HIV stereotypes uninformed people put on us. Like really good stuff about who we are as people.

Issac – You’ve grown so much…

AJ – I have…. I umm.. notice anything?

Issac – No?

AJ – I take a little part of everyone who’s been important in my life. Look at my jacket! its leather.

Issac – Aww.. look at you being a little hipster.

AJ – Whatever, I lie to people.. I tell them this jacket has a story.

Issac – Oh really?

AJ – Yeah I tell them.. the first guy I ever had sex with gave it to me, after we made love under the stars in the park.

Issac – Much more romantic than when we actually did it in your room, on that twin bed.

AJ – Oh my god, and you kept shushing me, my mom wasn’t even home

Issac – Robin has mutant hearing.. she could have heard it from the driveway…

AJ – Maybe…

Issac – So what’s this guy’s name? from your story?

AJ – Issac.. duh.. that part is true, I just changed how and where we did it.

Issac – Cool.

AJ – Its so weird, to think about our… relationship?

Issac – ….Is that what you’d call it?

AJ – I still consider you my first boyfriend.

Issac – …I’m honored.

AJ – *laugh* ….You turned me into such a slut I swear.

Issac – Hey, that’s not possible…. you are what you are.

AJ – *laugh* It almost seems wrong to think about you naked now.

Issac – You still think about me naked?

AJ – Oh yeah.. you’re like a 20 out of 10.. lets be real, I’ll never find anyone as hot as you. Also.. Its awesome to tell people I dated a model

Issac – I’m not a model

AJ – Yet!… you sexy b***h

Issac – You’re something else AJ you know that?… Its awesome to see how much you’ve grown.

AJ – I’ve grown in alot of ways *wink*

Issac – Stop flirting with me! *laugh*

AJ – I can’t help it, I’ve become such a flirt… but you know.. I should stop.. we ARE brothers now technically.

Issac – ….

AJ – Don’t worry I’m not going to tell you to go see Peter.. Us hanging out is for us to catch up, I’m not in the business of telling other people what to do.

Issac – I appreciate that.

AJ – You better b***h!….

Issac – …. *smirk*

AJ – I’ve turned into such a queen.. I know.. but whatever I embrace it. I slay the gorls and they all know it.

Issac – Damn straight!

Issac – Damn..

AJ – What?

Issac – I feel like I know my way around the city already.

AJ – Good.. next time I visit, you can show me some of your favorite places. Is their any gay clubs here? Like where they do drag shows?

Issac – Not sure, but I’ll find out.

AJ – Ooh hello.

Issac – Umm.. hi?

AJ – No not you…

Issac – What?

AJ – That guy over there.. he’s looking at me.. he’s hot.

Issac – ….well I’m sure his wife doesn’t appreciate that.

AJ – Oh I didn’t even see her!…. he’s still cute though.

Issac – Yeah, I agree.

AJ – Well this is me!… thanks for walking me to the subway.

Issac – Its something I’ve been doing alot of lately.

AJ – What?

Issac – Whenever I hangout with people I usually walk them to the subway..

AJ – Oh… *laugh* So umm. If you’re ever in town call me okay? I’d make sure you had tickets to see me perform and stuff… and who knows.. in another 3 years I might have made a name for myself!

Issac – You might end up performing at one of the clubs here.

AJ – I see my name in lights, I’m like Christina Aguilera in Burlesque! except way more talented.

Issac – *laugh* I can see it happening.

AJ – Love ya! and I’ll talk to you soon okay?

Issac – Alright… um.. love you too AJ…..

AJ – That was so hard for you huh? *laugh* Its okay, I wasn’t expecting it back.. but I do appreciate it.

Issac – We’re family now remember?

AJ – Awww.. well ciao big brother!

Issac – Bye.. safe travels.

AJ – For sure.

Its crazy to think that AJ, and I once had an intense…”situation” and now, he’s my stepbrother. All that aside, its pretty cool to see him come into his own. It goes to show you that not all gay- well not all people are alike. AJ, and I are gay, but we couldn’t be anymore different. Its cool that he’s thrown himself into gay culture, and is doing the acting, performing thing. I…. I just go where the wind takes me. Don’t get me wrong, when I dated Kris and we went to all those gay clubs, with all his friends. I enjoyed myself, but I’m more of a relaxed person you know? Sometimes bright light and loud music is just not my scene. Which is funny considering I’m on my way to a modeling shoot.

I was so happy Vince was shooting it, not only is he one of my bestfriends, but he was a great photographer. Vince may have his bad qualities, but one of his best ones is the ability to inspire people. Vince brought along his entourage of people. This guy named Richie Sampson, Cashmere, Liana, and some guy named Max Johnson that kept giving me these looks.

Liana – I love that camera Vince, the fact that I can digitally edit the light and you haven’t even took a single pic yet is amazing.. move slightly to the right.

Vince – Yeah its amazing… Okay how am I now?

Liana – Perfect!

Vince – Thanks

Liana – We make a good team.

Max Johnson – Blah blah blah! You know Vince, that chick totally wants to bang you.

Vince – Max I’ve forgiven you for the club incident, you said you wanted to start over so.. lets not mess it up with ridiculous stuff about my assistant okay?

Max Johnson – Right.. right. So this Issac guy… you grew up with him?

Vince – Yep, he’s like a brother.

Max Johnson – Is he gay?

Vince – Are you homophobic or something?

Max Johnson – No? I’m just curious because the way he’s holding that- the other guy…

Vince – If you’re curious about Issac’s sexuality then ask him. Now stand back and let me get this picture.

The theme of the shoot, was about love, and war. The tagline was “Let’s fight the War at home” and by war they mean equality for LGBT members, and you know, stuff like homeless youth and stuff. I have to admit I was feeling pretty badass in my army gear. Poor Gavin barely had anything on.

Gavin – You smell good

Issac – Thanks?

Gavin – Take a compliment silly.

Issac – Alright.. I accept.. Umm.. how am I doing with this modeling stuff by the way?

Gavin – You’re doing great.. like a natural.

Issac – Cool….. That Max Johnson guy…. he’s a dick huh?

Gavin – ……I don’t know…

Vince – Okay lets try something on the ground next to the water.

Gavin – Alright.

Issac – Just lay down?

Max Johnson – Uhh.. duh!

Issac – Like this?

Vince – Yeah that’s good.

Max Johnson – ……Do they have to be that close?

Vince – Really Max?

Max Johnson – …Fine…

Gavin – This sand is so warm.

Issac – You guys sure this pose is okay? It feels awkward.

Vince – That’s modeling for you. It may feel awkward but it looks great in the picture. Let me take two more pictures of this, and then I need to change cameras. Issac I need to do some solo’s of you too, then you Gavin.

Gavin – Okay

Issac – Solo…. crap

Gavin – Just, do you know David Beckham?

Issac – Soccer player who does those underwear ads?

Gavin – Yes! just pretend to be him!

Issac – Umm.. Alright.

Vince – I never thought you’d model… this is funny on so many levels

Issac – Is it bad?

Vince – No, its funny because you look really good, like a professional.

Issac – Really?… hmm.. cool. *smirks*

Liana – Lookin’ good Issac.

Issac – Thanks.

Richie Sampson – So.. umm.. Hi.

Cashmere – Hi there.

Richie Sampson – Enjoying the shoot?

Cashmere – Yes, very much so. Issac and Gavin are such pretty men.

Richie Sampson – Are those the kind of men you like?

Cashmere – …I’m more into guys with suits.

Richie Sampson – Oh? OH!.. I’m wearing a suit.

Cashmere – Would you look at that! you ARE wearing a suit!… I’m just pulling your leg.. Vince told me you liked me.

Richie Sampson – I’ve been nervous to talk to you.

Cashmere – Don’t be.. I like you too Richie, and if you did ever want to take me out to dinner.. I’d say yes.

Richie Sampson – *smiles* Really?

Cashmere – Yes.

Issac – Cashmere, and that Richie guy sure are hitting it off…

Vince – Isn’t it great?

Issac – Yeah….

Vince – If I didn’t know any better I’d think Gavin and MJ were hitting it off.

Issac – Who’s MJ- MJ?

Wait.. Gavin said he was dating a guy who was in the closet… with the initials M & J… Is Max Johnson his guy?

Vince – MJ is Max, he’s over there talking to Gavin, I was joking about them hitting it off, Max is straight.. I’ve seen him at strip clubs…

Heh… he must be a great actor.. because according to Gavin he’s gay…

Issac – Cool.

Vince – What are you doing with your arms?

Issac – Channeling David Beckham- I have no Idea…

Vince – No! its working.. hold that pose.

Issac – Okay

I wonder what Max, and Gavin are talking about.. can’t hear them from here.

Max Johnson – You better not be sleepin’ with that guy.

Gavin – I’m not… goodness..

Max Johnson – After this shoot I want you at my place you got that?

Gavin – Could you be nicer about it?.. why are you always so mean? I know the sweet part of you.. you rarely show it.

Max Johnson – Are you sure you’re not into this guy?

Gavin – Positive, he’s just a friend.

Max Johnson – I don’t want to have to break his neck.. you know I’m on parole…

Gavin – Lets stop talking about this.

Max Johnson – Fine… for now.

After the shoot…. I decided… life’s too short. So I was going over to GloCity… It was too late to do what I needed, but in the morning I could. I asked Josh if I could stay at his house, and he said yeah. I went home, got Mr Wiggles and took him to the neighbor. I was on my way to GloCity….. Home sweet home…

When I arrived at Josh’s place, he was already in his Pajamas. I had forgot to take something to sleep in so he gave me his ghostbusters shirt, and some ugly pants.

Issac – So where everyone?

Josh – My mom, and dad are at some Casino resort.. They’re trying to get the romance back in their lives.

Issac – Oh that’s nice.

Josh – I guess so, its just weird that they still do sex.

Issac – Gross…. So how come you’re not with Sasha tonight?

Josh – She’s swamped with work…

Issac – Still worried about that Shannon guy?

Josh – …..Nah.. I won’t let it bother me.

Issac – Good. I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Its not like she’s her mother (Mia)

Josh – I know…… So how was the shoot? Mr Model

Issac – It was actually pretty fun.

Josh – Would you do it again

Issac -….. F**k yeah *laugh*

Josh – I can see you being a model..

Issac – You can?

Josh – Yeah.. you’re hot.- I just mean you’re cute.. you’re a cute guy. I can see people seeing you in a magazine, and just wanting to pinch those cheeks.

Issac – Why do you say stuff like that?!

Josh – Like what?

Issac – Gay things!… Its confusing…

Josh – I-…. I’m sorry…

I….. Its so hard to be mad at him, its just that he knows how I-…. *sigh*

Issac – ………..

Josh – ………..

Issac – You didn’t have to apoligize, I did. I didn’t mean to yell at you.

Josh – Its okay.. I didn’t realize that some of the things I say might-

Issac – Don’t ever change.. you’re just you. That’s just how you talk… I shouldn’t have gotten mad. Its one of the things- its one of the reasons I loved you or whatever…

Josh – ….I don’t think before I speak sometimes. I just.. I’ve always joked around with you like that, and it would feel stupid not doing it anymore. I want everything to be the way it was. Maybe I’m fooling myself thinking it can be?

Issac – No… it can.

Josh – Good, and I just meant that you have a really good look, so I can see the modeling thing working out.

Issac – … Thank you.

Josh – …*smiles*

Issac – *smirk* So you decide on taking Kane up on his offer? to be his roomy?

Josh – Not yet… I need to give him an answer soon though.

Issac – I think you should.

Josh – Yeah?

Issac – Yeah, why not? If it all goes to shit, atleast you could easily come back home. You have good parents.

Josh – My dad’s annoying.

Issac – Really? atleast he’s not Peter.

Issac – Josh?

Josh – Yeah?

Issac – Thanks for being my bestfriend. I couldn’t have gotten through… alot of things, if it wasn’t for you and the guys, mainly you though.

Josh – Of course. You’re my bestfriend forever.

Issac – Promise?

Josh – Pinky swear.

Issac – Okay. I’m just lucky to be friends with you… you never treat me bad, and you never walked away, even when I told you I love you.. you were still there.

Josh – It didn’t change anything….

Issac – ….

Josh – Earlier, you said “That’s why I loved you”“Loved” meaning past tense. Are you saying you don’t anymore?

Issac – I love you as a friend obviously, as far as those other feelings go… they’re slowly going away..

Josh – Because of Riley?

Issac – …..ugh..

Josh – You can admit it.

Issac – Yeah.. f**k… because of Riley… ugh I hate saying it outloud.

Josh – For the record.. I think you and Riley fit.

Issac – …I guess so….

Issac – *sigh*

Josh – What’s wrong?

Issac – I’m so grumpy…

Josh – You’ve always been quiet and mysterious. I wouldn’t call it grumpy.

Issac – No, I’m grumpy, I’m no fun. Lately I’ve been so upset. I’ve sorta known why for a while, but I didn’t want to face it…

Josh – Why?

Issac – Because as much as I ignore it… I’m still pissed at my dad.. for everything. What I’m holding on to, is whats making it hard for me to open up, and be happy.

Josh – Well all that is going to work itself out. You’re here, and you said you’re going to see him in the morning.

Issac – Can you come with me?

Josh – Of course. I was gonna tag along either way, you didn’t have to ask.

Issac – Okay…

Josh – Do you know what you want out of the conversation?

Issac – No?… but I know what I don’t.

Josh – What’s that?

Issac – I don’t want to walk away angry..

Josh – I’ll be there with you, so.. whatever happens you’ll have me.

Issac – ….Why couldn’t you be gay *laugh*

Josh – *laugh* Just the way the cookie crumbles.

Issac – We’re missing your favorite episode of Avatar…

Josh – That’s what the rewind button is for.

Do you guys think I’m mean?.. or… – I don’t know. I mean Josh is right, I’ve never really been super emotional in any sense of the word. I guess I could stand to be a bit more cheery? I want to be fun Issac, and I don’t feel like I am.. I don’t know. Whatever, I’m not a complainer though.. when and If I do get out of this slump.. it’ll come naturally, I don’t want to force anything.

The next morning, Josh and I headed to the hospital. I still couldn’t believe I was doing this….. after everything he’s done to me, but it was time. It was time we had a talk.

Vanessa – Hey Josh.

Josh – Hi Vanessa.

Vanessa – Everything going okay?

Josh – Yep, how are things with you?

Vanessa – Good.. good.

Josh – Cool.

Vanessa – You came to support Issac I assume?

Josh – He doesn’t need my help, but… I’m here anyway.

Vanessa – You two have always had this…. really good friendship.

Josh – Yeah, we try.

Vanessa – I never really had a friend like that.

Josh – Never too late.

Issac – Hi I’m looking for Peter Bennett? He’s my father.

Quinn – Umm, I think he’s in room 103

Issac – Thanks- umm?

Quinn – Quinn.. My names Quinn.

Issac – Thank’s Quinn.

Oh my god… Quinn.. Kaitlyn’s ex!…. Eh I better not tell her my name, Gavin might have filled her in on things… 

Issac – Are- are you new here?

Quinn – Yeah I’ve been working here for maybe 3 weeks now? I moved here from Bridgeport so.. had to find a job. I worked at the hospital there, so it was easy to get a position here.

Issac – Cool. Well alright.. I’m gonna go see… Peter.

Quinn – He’s your dad? You guys look alike.

Issac – …yeah. Have a good day.

Quinn – You too… Also by the way.. I know you- I know what you’re going through.. with Peter… time heals all wounds trust me. I didn’t have the best relationship with my father either.

For a second I thought she was going to say she knew who I was, and my connection to Kaitlyn

Issac – Thanks.

Quinn – I hope I’m not overstepping any boundaries. When you go through something.. its best to have someone there for you.. for support. My brother Gavin is my rock.. we’re super close. I hope you have someone like that.

Issac – I do, my bestfriend.. Josh.

Quinn – Good *smiles* Well alright I have to go. Have a good day

Issac – You too.

Well.. that was awkward…. anyway with that done… It was time I go see my dad…

Press Play for scene to work with music

Peter – I’m… I’m surprised.

Issac – ….You’re not the only one. I’m surprised I’m here too

Peter – Son, I’m-

Issac – Before you say anything, just let me get what I need to get out.

Peter – Okay.

Issac – You just didn’t wanna die huh?…. stubborn old man. You’ve always been that way. Everything on your time.

Peter – Yeah…

Issac – …We don’t need to go through every bad thing you did to me, that would be pointless, we both lived it… we both have made our peace with it.

Peter – ….

Issac – Theirs things I do wonder though. Why? did you hate me or something? You treated our dog better than you treated me, and I never understood why. I often wondered if it was because deep down, you knew… you knew I was gay.

Peter – No.

Issac – ……When mom died… you changed so much. You were never that good of a father, but things got so much worse when she died.

Peter – ….I was terrible.

Issac – You didn’t seem to care about her being gone, or me being upset about it. You went straight to hooking up with other women, its like you didn’t have time to grieve. It also seemed like you wouldn’t allow me to either.

Peter – ….I didn’t allow you to mourn your mothers death, because I didn’t allow myself to, you’re absolutely right.

Issac – I hated you so much.

Peter – I….

Issac – then I got older, and… I became an adult. I thought things would get better.. and then- well you know… you used me for business deals.. then..- like I said. No point in a history lesson. I guess what I really want to know is, why did you hate me, do you know what you did was wrong, and why did you decide to change for Robin, and Jordan.. but not me.. your son.

Peter – I have no excuse for the way I’ve been to you. You are my only son, and I never really treated you like it. I should have been grooming you to take over my business and-

Issac – Why didn’t you?

Peter – You’d never go for it.

Issac – …. True.

Peter – My father was a tyrant, and I just repeated his mistakes with you. I’m really sorry I robbed you of a childhood.

Issac – ….

Peter – Because of my actions I can see that you have a hard time with emotions…

Issac – …..

Peter – You don’t have to admit it, I can just tell. Anyway umm… I couldn’t except the fact that Claire (Issac’s mom) was gone. She had left us, she had left me to raise you alone. She was my everything… and I guess part of me blamed you for taking her away from me.

Issac – Why?

Peter – When you were young she spent all her time with you.. I was her husband and I got no attention.. None.. Its stupid now that I think about it. I should have been spending time with you too. All three of us.

Issac – All she did was talk about you.. how great you were. Which confused me because you were pretty much Lucifer to me.

Peter – She died, and I didn’t mourn her.. No grieving period was ever had. So I didn’t allow you to either. Instead I took all my anger out on you. I’m sorry for that, and I know it was wrong. I know it doesn’t make up for anything…

Issac – It doesn’t.

Peter – But… It still needs to be said.

Issac – ….. So why- why Robin? She’s a sweet woman, but.. how did she change you?

Peter – After what I did to you.. she cursed me out. Then.. she saw through my arrogance, and she saw I was hurting. She and I then.. It sorta just happen. We’d spend time together, and she’d tell me how much of a monster William (Jordan & AJ’s Father) was.. I realized.. I was no better to you. Hearing about her life, made mine a reality.. suddenly I was sick to my stomach and hated what I had done.

Issac – ….

Peter – Their was no justification at all.. I was WRONG.. period point blank. I.. I ran you out of my life.

Issac – …You did.

Peter – Then I just used the gay stuff as a personal attack.. I knew it would hurt you. I have nothing again gay people… Robin taught me alot about gays. AJ’s gay and I love him like he’s my own. I love Jordan too, but I know its hard for him to-

Issac – Its so f**ked up that the first time I hear you say you love someone, its not me.. I- I understand you changed but.. hearing you say you love Robin, and Jordan , and AJ… all I ever wanted to hear was you say that to me growing up…

Peter – *crying* I’m so sorry for everything son. If you never want to see me again, I’ll accept that, and I’ll be happy for this moment of truth between us.

Issac – …You suck as a father…

Peter – I know…

Issac – and I hate myself for forgiving you.

Peter – I don’t deserve that… I don ‘t but it what I want so badly…

Issac – …. we can’t start over…

Peter – ….I know.. its too late…

Issac – No.. I mean.. we can’t start over… but… we can just continue… but differently.

Peter – Thank you… Its all I want.

Issac – Slowly.. don’t expect me to..- I just want to take it slow…

Peter – Okay.

Issac – I’m gonna go… Josh is waiting outside for me…

Peter – You and him.. always together. He’s one hell of a friend.

Issac – He is…

Peter – Thanks for…

Issac – This needed to happen… umm.. maybe I’ll come back tomorrow? We can look at old pics of mom? I have some stuff from vacations we took.

Peter – Jordan said you guys went to Mango Island… you loved it there as a child.

Issac – Yeah… It was the same too.. just like I remembered.

Peter – *smiles* Maybe as a family, You and I, Robin, and Jordan, and AJ.. we could all go… no time soon though…

Issac – ….Never say never.

Peter – …..

Issac – Well I’ll be seein’ ya.. be nice to the nurses…

Peter – I’ll try. Bye son.

Issac – Bye….dad.

I…. don’t have any words at the moment… I’m in shock that I just had that conversation…. I need a minute or two… I’ll see you guys again soon….

~End of Chapter Three- Pt 1~



  1. *cries*. That was such an emotional moment between Issac and his father. It’s great that they’re going to try and work things out. But wow, after hearing how he was with Issac in that flashback?? I’d never want to forgive him either!! Speaking of the flashback; it was pure genius! The guys were all so cute : D. Issac was also pretty hot back then! I can imagine him being hit on by girls a lot in the past lol. And is it me or did the flashback scene have that sort of “flashback coloring” to it? Not sure how you pulled it off but it worked great! About the modeling scene, that first closeup shot of Issac and Gavin was sooooooooo hot! He really is a natural! What else…it made me laugh when Issac commented on the ugly pants Josh gave him lol. And we also see that Issac isn’t completely over Josh but he’s getting there! I think this was my favorite chapter/part of all. Can’t wait for more! : )

  2. Thanks, I was trying so hard to get the emotion to show in the writing. I try not to play favorites with the guys but Issac is my favorite when I really think about it. It was important for Issac to show that he’s not delusional and that he very self-aware. He know’s he hasn’t been peppy, and he understands why.

    The Flashback scene was fun to do!… especially because I got to throw Tommy in there. Tommy is evil obviously, but as you can see he’s always been that way. Speaking of Tommy… while he was such a negative force in season two, he was needed for things to be the way they are now. Will we see Tommy ever again?… who knows 😉

    I was able to achieve the retro look thanks to Photoshop, and well.. the car Peter was driving. I just edited each picture and changed how saturated with color they were.

    Model scene was a headache.. but it turned out well. We’ll see the finish product of the shoot soon. Lets see.. Oh! While the last scene was pretty emotional, my favorite scene to do/read was Issac and Josh in his living room. Those two are so cute together, Its kinda hard NOT to want Josh and him together but its not a reality. I really love how those pictures turned out AND I got to throw an Avatar picture in there. I love that cartoon and cannot wait for the spinoff to start this spring.

    Things may seem like they’re good & maybe they are….. but the season is far from over, theirs plenty more to come.. including some shocking developments. Thanks again for reading and commenting.

    Ciao 4 Now


  3. There’s going to be a spinoff of Avatar : O???? *hyperventilates*. I had no idea they were bringing it back! That show is just plain awesome. Now about Tommy, is he really going to come back? That’s a scary thought lol.

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