[B2M Season3] Chapter 2 : “A Walk In My Shoes” Pt 4 [POV Jordan]


***POV = Point Of View. That person will narrate the story.***

~Disclaimer : This story features mature language. Most Profanity & Other unsuitable words will be blanked out with “***”  This is a heads up for any cautious readers~

Hey guys…. So as you can see… I decided to take Gabrielle up on her offer for Daycare. Peters in the hospital, and my mom is by his side. I really needed the help, and it seemed like a good idea to let Ty be around kids his age. So…. here I am… trying to let go… I’m so attached to the kid, Its really hard leaving him here. Its not that I don’t trust Gabrielle, its just that I’m scared of Tyler’s reaction to being left here with other kids.

Gabrielle – This his backpack right here?

Jordan – Yeah..

Gabrielle – Its okay Jordan… He’ll be alright here with us.

Jordan – I know.. I’m just being…

Gabrielle – A dad…

Jordan – I guess…

Gabrielle – Is their anything I should know about Tyler?

Jordan – Theirs a list in his bag. Certain things he can’t eat and stuff.

Gabrielle – Okay good.. long as you’re informative.. we’ll be okay *smiles*

Jordan – Maybe its too soon? I could take today off and-

Gabrielle – No… we’ll be fine. Lets change the subject… did you have fun at Tru’s party?

Jordan – Yeah it was fun… That Shannon guy was mad funny.

Gabrielle – His jokes had my stomach hurting *laugh*

Jordan – Before he, and Sasha got there… I couldn’t help but notice you and Josh….

Gabrielle – Oh yeah…. That.

Jordan – I went to call Liana, and then you guys talked?

Gabrielle – He didn’t tell you?

Jordan – No.. he said he didn’t want to talk about it.

Gabrielle – Well we sorta got into a fight.

Jordan – That sucks.

Gabrielle – We agreed to just talk at a later date.

Jordan – Oh! Well thats some progress atleast.

Gabrielle – Yeah…

I wish they could just move on. If I can forgive her, then I’d think Josh could.

Jordan – What is the main issue with you two?

Gabrielle – Me kicking him out of my life…. and…

Jordan – And what?

Gabrielle – Well…

Jordan – What?

Gabrielle – You.

Jordan – Me?

Gabrielle – Yeah you…

Jordan – What about me?

Gabrielle – ….He think’s I abandoned you when you found out about Tyler, he thinks it hurt you really bad.

Jordan – I’m fine….

Gabrielle – He said you’re not.. that you’re hurting.

Jordan – ….I’m fine.. nobody really has that much power over me.

Gabrielle – Don’t be stubborn

Jordan – ….Gabrielle, you made me mad, but I’m not hurting because you don’t want to be in Tyler, and I’s life.

Gabrielle – When you put it like that……

Jordan – Sorry…

Gabrielle – No Its okay… I understand.- SO! umm.. are you trying to make a family with Briana?

Jordan – ….If she wants to be with me, and in Tyler’s life.. I’d want nothing more.

Gabrielle – Is it for you?…. or for Tyler?

Jordan – For h-.. For everyone…

Gabrielle – *smiles* I see…

Jordan – So… you seeing anyone?

Gabrielle – Nobody important.. I had a date but.. it was just me wanting to get out… nothing serious.

Jordan – Right.. well I hope you find whatever it is you’re looking for.

Gabrielle – You too?..

Jordan – I should go.

Gabrielle – You should- I mean-

Jordan – That sounded-

Gabrielle – I just mean that he seems fine, he might not even notice you’re gone…

Jordan – Oh yeah.. right, good idea.

Gabrielle – I’ll call if I need you.

Jordan – Okay.. and please don’t be annoyed if I check in, I’m just-

Gabrielle – Being a dad…

Jordan – Can’t believe I’m a dad… its still so surreal..

Gabrielle – Yeah… but… you’re doing a good job.

Jordan – Thanks…. I’ll be back later to get him, so I can drop him off at Briana’s

Gabrielle – I still can’t believe she agreed to take him tonight.

Jordan – I’m happy she’s making an effort.

Gabrielle – …..good for her…

So… that was semi-awkward wasn’t it? For the most part Gabrielle, and I are on the right track to fixing our issues. However theirs still something that’s unsaid- or maybe I’m just trippin’…. I don’t know.

Anyway…. I left Tyler at the daycare, and I got to work. Work was work, nothing more to say about that. During my lunchbreak I was going to go see Tyler, but Gabrielle said it wasn’t a good idea… that he was adjusting, and it might set him back. Which actually made sense once I thought about it. She told me he was learning how to share with the other kids, and having fun. Only one issue she had with him…. Nap time. Which.. well he gives me problems too *laugh*

So instead of going to see Ty, I decided it was a good time for me to go up to the GloCity hospital, and visit Peter. I knew my mom was probably there too so why not check in and say hi. Hopefully Peter is doing okay…. Its weird that I actually care, and the thing is- Its not because he’s my mother’s husband. Peter has changed and he’s actually a good guy… I’d hate to see something happen to him. As odd as it was.. I appreciated how happy Peter made my mother. I also accepted him as a step-dad.

Peter basically had a stroke in the kitchen… then fell and hit his head on the counter. So they kept him at the hospital… I hope things are better.

Vanessa – Hi Jordan.

Jordan – Hey… Oh! umm congrats on the brother?- do people congratulate others on things like that?… I don’t know.. umm…

Vanessa – Thanks?

Jordan – *laugh* So how’s Peter?

Vanessa – Well he had another stroke while here last night.

Jordan – Oh god-

Vanessa – It was minor… We’re gonna keep him a while longer.. just to make sure he’s fine. Has he been taking his meds?

Jordan – Mom?

Robin – Well I didn’t even know he was out…

Peter – I forgot to get a refill of my prescription.

Robin – You can’t forget things like that honey.

Peter – I know… I know…

Vanessa – *whispers* He’s not the easiest patient to deal with.

Jordan – Well….

Vanessa – Why isn’t Issac here? He needs to get over his melodramatic issues, and come see his father.

Jordan – Don’t even talk about something your clueless on. Issac and Peter have a specific relationship, one that I won’t let you judge.. just do your job as a nurse and stop tryin’ to be somebody’s Oprah.. Okay?

Vanessa – *rolls eyes* I’ll be in the main office if you have anymore questions dick.

Jordan – I could complain and get you fired…

Vanessa – Eat me.

Jordan – No thanks….

Peter – What a b***h….

Jordan – I know right?

Peter – I asked that goddamn woman for cherry jell-o… CHERRY.. and she brings me strawberry!

Robin – Stop yelling Peter… your blood pressure!

Peter – Oh right.

Jordan – I see you got your PJ’s from home.

Peter – Yeah… I told them their was no way I was wearing some assless hospital gown. All my kibbles n’ bits hanging out.

Robin – *laugh*

Jordan – Well atleast your comfortable. Do you get bored?

Peter – Not really, I just turn on the television and watch Keeping up with the Kardashians.

Robin – Kim Kardashian needs to lay off the plastic surgery. Last time I saw her she was looking like a Muppet dipped in butter.

Peter – She’s sexy.

Jordan – I actually watch all the Kardashian show’s when I’m bored…

Peter – Yeah I like them.. That family has alot of togetherness. So have you spoken with Issac?

Jordan – I told him you were here.. that’s about it.

Peter – Oh….

Robin – I’m sure he’s thinking about coming here…. he just needs time.

Peter – Well I’ve been nothing but rotten to him….. I wouldn’t expect him to go to my funeral let alone visit me in the hospital…. I wish he could see how I’ve changed.

Robin – …. yeah…

I can tell that Peter has finally realized the things he’s done wrong with Issac. When you become self aware of the bad shit in your life it’s an eye opener. When you guys first met me I was a dick, I cheated on my girlfriend.. I was arrested.. I was a badass. And to think I thought that shit was cute at one point. In my mind who didn’t love a “badboy” I was wrong.. and the things I did were wrong.

With Peter… he has to live with his mistakes, and now he feels the pain of having someone not care for him… when that’s all he wants. He wants to make things right with Issac, but I seriously don’t see that happening…. My mom worries that it may stress him out in the long-run… I hope not, but only time will tell. I just want the best for everyone… Especially my close friends.. and Tyler.. My son.

Jordan – Just give him time- I’m gonna go see if I can find you some cherry jell-o. I’ll be right back.

Peter – Thank you Jordan… I mean it… you’ve been really nice…

Jordan – No problem.

Peter – Nicer than that c**t nurse of mine that’s for sure!

Robin – Peter! I told you I hate that word!

Peter – Sorry baby…

“Baby”….. yuck…. Its gross… I bet they still do it and everything…

Its still funny that Issac, and I are step brothers.. I mean for so long we’ve been friends, and its always been brotherly between us. Its something we never saw- AJ?

Jordan – AJ?

AJ – Surprise!

Jordan – What- How?

AJ – I had a free day, so I wanted to drive up here to check on Peter, and mom.

Jordan – You look… good.

AJ – You look tired.

Jordan – I am.

Is it just me… or does he look extra…. umm.. hmm… festive? 

Jordan – Whoa… showing off the man tits there.

AJ – Shut up….

Jordan – No- I mean I like it.. you have your own style, and you’re pulling it off.. good for you.

AJ – Wish I could say the same about your boring clothes.

Jordan – Har Har….

AJ – Where’s my nephew?

Jordan – At Daycare believe it or not.

AJ – Wow… I didn’t think you’d be okay with that.

Jordan – Neither did I.

AJ – Briana still being a mega b***h? We were so close, but now when I call her she blows me off.

Jordan – I’m sorry about that.

AJ – What are you apologizing for… she’s the b***h not you. What happen to her?

Jordan – I couldn’t even begin to tell you…. So how did you know we were at the hospital?

AJ – On the way to your place, I saw Josh. He told me you’d be here.

Jordan – Oh good.

AJ – Can I sleep at your house? just for two days? I’m driving back to school after that.

Jordan – Sure, I forget mom’s old house has no furniture.

AJ – Well mom’s old house is now my house. I’d love to stay there but like you said.. no furniture.

Jordan – Well thats fine, you get to kick it with me.

AJ – And Tyler.

Jordan – Actually Tyler is staying with his mom tonight. I called her this morning and told her she needs to spend time with him. She was half sleep but she agreed to take him tonight.

AJ – Well maybe she’s turning a new leaf….

Jordan – Maybe.

AJ – Could you see yourself with her?

Jordan – …..maybe? I don’t know…. speaking of which, Ollie told me that you two are roommates now? what happen with Cloud?

AJ – We broke up.

Jordan – Why?

AJ – He didn’t like something that I was doing….

Jordan – How vague!

AJ – I don’t want to talk about it… theirs something I decided to do.. and he didn’t like it. Lets leave it at that.

Jordan – …..

AJ – Maybe I’ll tell you later.. Maybe.

Jordan – Alright… Its not drugs is it?

AJ – I don’t want to talk about it right now, especially not here.

Why?… In need of a detox?

Jordan – Gotcha.

AJ – So umm, I’m going to go surprise Mom, and Peter… and then if you want you and I could get some food before you get back to work? assuming you’re on lunch break.

Jordan – Yeah we can do that…

AJ – Your treat.. I’m f**king broke.

Yeah because you’re using your money for drugs or something… f**k A.J.! I hope its not drugs….

AJ – Why are you looking at me like that?

Jordan – Are you okay?

AJ – I’m fine you dumbass… damn.. you’d think I was bulimic or something…

Jordan – You are lookin’ a bit skinny…

AJ – Oh screw you *laugh*, I’ll get a triple burger at the diner just to shut you up okay?

Jordan – And fries!

AJ – Fine!……. and by the way, you’re one to talk. You look way less muscular than the last time I saw you. *sarcastic tone* Are you doin’ okay Jordan?

Jordan – I’m a father, I don’t get much gym time. All the workout I get is mostly cardio from chasing Tyler around. I haven’t lifted a weight in- I can’t even remember the last time I lifted a weight actually…

AJ – Gonna get all muscle-fat now?

Jordan – What the hell is a muscle-fat?

AJ – A guy who’s somewhere between chubby, and buff. No definition really unless like the arms.. I’ll have to show you.

Jordan – Okay?….

A.J. and I have a great relationship. We both have grown so much, and to think we always sorta had a disconnect. I think the disconnect came from the fact that he wasn’t really being who he was. Now that he’s out.. everything’s great. Though I do wonder what he’s hiding… all I know is that he really liked Cloud….. They were a pretty good couple.. what could have broken them up?

I returned to work, and by the end of the day I was tired. Nathan called me into his office and we spoke about a pending case.

Nathan – Now that you’re all up to date on that. Lets talk about non-work things.

Jordan – Umm, Alright.

Nathan – How are you doing being a single dad?

Jordan – I’m still adjusting.

Nathan – You have so much responsibility raising Tyler. Then you still need your “Jordan Time”

Jordan – Not much of that. Though tonight I will have some time to myself.

Nathan – Oh?

Jordan – Briana’s actually taking Tyler tonight.

Nathan – Well that’s good.

Jordan – Yeah I’m glad she’s coming around to being a mother to him.

Nathan – So are you hanging with the guys tonight?

Jordan – No, everyone’s busy. Which is okay, AJ’s in town so he’ll keep me company.

Nathan – You guys seem closer than ever.

Jordan – We are.

Nathan – My brother (Josh’s Dad) and I don’t see eye to eye. He blames me for alot of things. Like when we were kids, Our father was hard on him. He doesn’t realize it but he’s doing the same thing to Josh.

Jordan – That’s true.

Nathan – So this may be a question you might not care to asnwer, but-

Jordan – What?

Nathan – Tommy…. have you-

Jordan – None of us have gone to see him. Far as I know… its not something that’s on the table.

Nathan – If anyone out of the four of you would go, My money’s on Vince.

Jordan – Maybe. I know Cashmere has been to the prison to see Tommy.

Nathan – Hmm

Jordan – Its more for Tommy Jr…

Nathan – Yeah.

Jordan – So what about you huh?

Nathan – Hmm?

Jordan – You finally gonna ask Scarlet out? You two have been flirty for a while now..

Nathan – Well she-

Jordan – Is right here… *laugh*

Scarlet – Hi, hope I’m not interrupting anything.

Jordan – Not at all Scarlet.. have a seat and JOIN us.

Scarlet – Oh thanks Jordan, but I’m actually on the way home.. to my tv dinner.

Nathan – How can I help you?

Scarlet – I finished those files, and was wondering if their was anything else you needed before I headed home?

Nathan – Hmm… Nope. You’re free to go.

Scarlet – Okay.

Jordan – Wait..

Scarlet – Hmm?

Jordan – Nathan said he had to ask you something.. what was it again?

Nathan – …….*sigh*

Scarlet – If its about the coffee machine, then yes I replaced it during my lunch hour. I’m still so sorry about breaking the other one.

Nathan – No.. it wasn’t that…

Jordan – ….Yeah.. wasn’t THAT.

Nathan – ….I can’t remember.

Dammit come on Nathan…

Scarlet – Well… alrighty. You guys have a nice night.

Jordan – You too.

Nathan – Wait! I remember..

Scarlet – Oh?


Nathan – If you’re not busy tonight-

Scarlet – Yes?

Nathan – Would you want to join me for dinner?

Scarlet – *smiles* Okay. Yeah… beats going home to a tv dinner, and watching Bones on my dvr.. I have about 4 episodes I haven’t watched.

Jordan – I gotta get going. You two have fun.

Scarlet – Goodnight Jordan.

Nathan – Thanks…. and goodnight.

Jordan – No problem.

Nathan – So you watch Bones? I love that show!

Scarlet – I do too! I like the spin-off too!

Nathan – What spin-off?

Scarlet – Its called The Finder.

Nathan – Interesting title.. what’s it about?

Scarlet – Well theirs this guy named Walter who…..

T.V. Bringing people together…. *laugh* Good for Nathan……. Love is in the air. I’m such a great cupid… Yeah.. Jordan Cupid.

So… I left feeling really good, and positive. I went home, grabbed Tyler’s over night bag, and went to pick him up from daycare. I drove to Briana & Liana’s house to drop him off but of course.. NOTHING ever goes to plan… I’m getting really sick of this shit to be honest… Can’t believe Briana wasn’t even home!

Jordan – Weren’t you just a redhead?

Liana – Ugh, yeah… Red hair is so played out, everyone has been there done that… so I lightened it.

Jordan – Well Orange seems to work on you.

Liana – Thanks Jordan.

Jordan – So where the fu- ….where the heck is Briana? She knew she was taking Tyler tonight!

Liana – I got into a fight with her earlier. She was showering and getting dressed, and I was like where are you going?!

Jordan – She did it on purpose!

Liana – Yeah… I believe she did.

Jordan – What is her deal?!

Liana – Umm…

Jordan – What?

Liana – I have to tell you something…

Jordan – What did she do?

Liana – Its not what she did…. its what she was going to do….

Jordan – Liana…. where the hell is she? what is she doing?

Liana – Two different conversations. She picked me up from work… and got hit on by a co-worker of mine. She went out with him tonight. But thats not what I wanna tell you-

Jordan – So she chooses some RANDOM guy to go out with.. instead of being there for Tyler?!


Jordan – …………….what?

Liana – I came here to tell you about his existence! she was going to put him up for adoption….. I fought her on it, and told her I was coming here to tell you everything.

Jordan – But when you guys came to my door that day you-

Liana – We lied…. The true story is after birth I did everything for Tyler, I was his mother to be honest. She’d lock herself in a room.. read, watch tv or do whatever but she would get so stressed out if he cried or needed to be fed. I had to quit my job and pretty much take care of Tyler. She was going to put him up for adoption. I stopped her, came here and-

Jordan – I know the rest…

Liana – Not everything.. Briana’s pretty much using you. She wants you to become SO attached to Tyler, that you keep him… permanently

Jordan – She’s his mother! What the f**k is her problem? she needs to see someone.. get some help. Is it drugs? or that postpartum shit you brought up?

Liana – I don’t know… but… I miss Ty.. I can keep him this weekend if-

Jordan – NO… No… I’m taking him with me… I-… Briana’s crazy!

Briana – I’m not crazy! How dare you!

Karl Smith – Should I leave?- Oh hey Liana.. nice PJ’s

Liana – Ew- and yes.. you should get the f**k out.

Briana – Don’t be rude to my guest Liana!

Liana – Don’t abandon your son BRIANA!

Briana – Oh like you’re so perfect! Working for Vince just so you can break him and Kokoro up.. you think he’d really want you? HA!

Liana – That’s NOT what I’m doing! I’m trying to provide for my nephew.. aka your son!

Briana – Just stop it okay! STOP!

Jordan – Who’s this guy huh?…. you gonna sleep with him? instead of taking care of your kid?

Karl – Hey man if-

Jordan – Don’t you say a f**king word!….

Karl – ………..Alrighty then….

Liana – I told Jordan everything!

Briana – Whatever.. I need space! I need me time! I went on a great date and I brought him home. I’m not doing anything wrong!

Jordan – You’re like a completely different person!

Briana – Well… dating a douchebag like you will do that… I can’t even count how many times you cheated on me..

Jordan – I was wrong for that, but it has nothing to do with your attitude towards our son!

Karl – Maybe yelling infront of the kid isn’t the best idea…

Jordan – One more word and I’m knocking him out..

Karl – ……….

Liana – He’s right though, Tyler shouldn’t be-

Jordan – RIGHT! which is why I’m taking him home with me!

Briana – Praise Jesus! now I can continue my date!

Liana – BRIANA!

Briana – He’s not your kid b**ch! stay out of it! go ruin Vince’s happy home!

Jordan – I’m out of here… Oh and I really hope thats not a plan of yours Liana.. leave them alone.. Vince is happy.

Liana – I wouldn’t do that….

Jordan – Good.. and Briana? If you don’t get your shit together, I’ll have you thrown in a hospital so fast… I swear!

Briana – ………..

Karl – So which one is your room?

Liana – …….

Briana – The one on the right.

Jordan – ………….

I put Tyler in his car-seat and I drove… I ended up calling my mom. I needed to let her know what had happen. I needed her advice. She calmed me down, and told me to bring Tyler to her for the weekend. I told her It was fine, but she insisted he stay with her. I’m so sick of this shit with Briana.. I really am..

When I got in, AJ made us a salad, and while eating… I told him about what happen with Briana.

AJ – I’m so sorry….

Jordan – …yeah.

AJ – Jordan what do you want out of life?

Jordan – I don’t know… just a happy family for Tyler, and someone that loves me too.

AJ – You’ll find it.

Jordan – Maybe…. I don’t like complaining, so you know. If I don’t find love or whatever.. I’ll have Tyler.

AJ – You should have brought Tyler home though… I miss him. I have the worlds cutest nephew!

Jordan – That was the plan, but you know how mom is.

AJ – Yeah…

Jordan – She said she’s lonely at the house, and Tyler will keep her company while Peter’s at the hospital.

AJ – I hope dad gets better.

Jordan – He- did you just call Peter “dad”?

AJ – No?- wait did I?

Jordan – I think you did….

AJ – Oh?…. hmm…- whatever.

Jordan – ….anyway umm So lets talk about you. What happen with cloud?

AJ – Do we have to do this now?

Jordan – No more games AJ.. just talk to me.. what happen?

AJ – I’m going to wash these dishes.

Jordan – AJ!

AJ – *sigh* Its hard for me to tell you!

Jordan – I won’t judge you.

AJ – You will.. trust me…

Jordan – Is it bad?

AJ – Depends on how you look at it. You know what I don’t want to talk about it, I should have never-

Jordan – Adrian James Robinson!

AJ – Don’t “Adrian James Robinson” me! you’re not mom!

Jordan – I’m just worried!…. Okay look. I’m gonna go shower, when I come back downstairs will you be ready to tell me?

AJ – Umm…Hmm. I don’t know.. ugh f**k it….Alright…

Jordan – Yeah?

AJ – Mmmm hmm. I’ll tell you…

Jordan – Good.

So I went upstairs, showered… had some much needed me time. I finally came back downstairs… I knew it was time to talk seriously with AJ. Whatever it was I had put myself in the mind-frame to be supportive, and not judge him. I just really hope its not drug-related. Hopefully its something minor.. like he cheated or something- Or what if he’s a sex addict?.. Nah…

Jordan – AJ?

AJ – Just a second… okay…. We can talk now…

Jordan – What are you doing?

AJ – I was getting dressed?

Jordan – Why the hell would you put your PJ’s on in the-

Press Play for scene to work with music

AJ – Surprise!

Jordan – ………………..*Gasp*

AJ – …..this is the reason…..

Jordan – Are you a tranny?

AJ – NO I’m a female impersonator.. I’m a drag-queen!

Jordan – What’s the difference?

AJ – I perform and sing… then I go back to be AJ..

Jordan – and…. who are you when you’re not AJ?

AJ – Adrianna Amore!

Jordan – And that means?

AJ – Adriana Love

Jordan – I…..see…….

AJ – Ugh I knew it was a bad idea showing you-

Jordan – NO! look.. its just a bit shocking to see my little brother… dressed up? I support you wanting to be a woman and I-

AJ – I don’t want to be a woman! This is a weekend job! I like performing and singing for the crowds.. Its just entertainment.

Jordan – Sorry I didn’t mean you wanted to be a woman.. I support you doing drag?- is that the right way to say it?

AJ – I feel stupid… Its so much easier doing this in front of gay crowds on stage. Yet in front of you I feel naked.

Jordan – You kinda are- Where’d your dick go?

AJ – I tucked it!

Jordan – WHERE?

AJ – *laugh*

Jordan – Look I’m okay with this… does mom know?

AJ – Yeah…

Jordan – has she seen….. this?

AJ – Not yet…

Jordan – Well thats cool that she knows.

AJ – Cloud dumped me because he doesn’t like drag queens. Like how dare him? I wanted to punch him in his face! he found my other wig and burned it!

Jordan – That’s not cool.. you’ll find someone better though.

AJ – Thanks…. well I’m going to put my clothes back on.. I feel stupid.

Jordan – Wait.. aren’t you gonna do like.. a routine or whatever? What do you do in the clubs?

AJ – Well as you know I study thethre at school… So this friend of mine asked if I’d want to perform for some gay youth, who had been abandoned and abused and just.. kids who had no… hope. So I said yeah, not knowing it was drag. So I did it anyway, cause you know I’m a risk taker.

Jordan – Right.

AJ – So after that I liked it… and my friend wanted me to perform at clubs with him.. and thus Adriana Amore was born.

Jordan – Well good!…. you…better work?

AJ – *laugh* Yasss b***h! cause I’m servin’ fish, and givin the gorls life!

Jordan – I have no idea what you just said!

AJ – Okay just sit down! I’m gonna show you the dance routine!

AJ – *Dances*

Jordan – ………Fierce?

AJ – Yasss!

I’m…….shocked. BUT I’m going to just be supportive. Its not that I don’t like it, Its just.. weird seeing my little brother…. in womens clothes. However its also great seeing him grow into the gay lifestyle- not that all gays do drag- you know I’m going to quit while I’m ahead. I’m happy for him point blank. It may be shocking, but its entertaining, and its taking my mind off Briana… Which is good.

As AJ- excuse me.. As Adriana Amore did her thing, I got lost in a thought. All the bad things in our lives… maybe its there for a reason. We overcome things, and we get stronger. Maybe we’re all working toward our happy. AJ seems to have found his, and maybe if I get rid of all the negative things around me… maybe it really can be a…. Fabulous Life

~End of Chapter Two~ *Chapter Three Is Next*~



  1. : O. I think that shocked look on Jordan’s face was the same one I had lol. It was nice seeing AJ again but I certainly didn’t expect to see him AND….Adrianna! I guess all Jordan can really do is support him. Adrianna is fabulous but I think AJ is cuter : D. And I loved your choice of music. Somehow it fit the scene perfectly! But anyway, Briana is incredibly annoying and Gabrielle and Jordan need to get together!!

  2. Adriana Amore is one fierce diva tbh. LOL…. Thanks for reading!…. Briana sure is a nutcase but you ain’t seem nothing yet…… More to come!

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