[B2M Season3] Chapter 2 : “A Walk In My Shoes” Pt 3 [POV Vince]


***POV = Point Of View. That person will narrate the story.***

~Disclaimer : This story features mature language. Most Profanity & Other unsuitable words will be blanked out with “***”  This is a heads up for any cautious readers~

The day had finally come, it was time to tell Justin the results of the DNA test. We invited him to breakfast to tell him if he was our brother or not. Vanessa agreed to meet him, and come along. I was happy she wasn’t being… stand off-ish.

Justin – [COUNTRY ACCENT] …… Why so quiet?

Vince – We got the results of the DNA test.

Vanessa – …..

Justin – Okay something must’ve happen, I swear you y’all we’re kin.

Vince – I’m just messing with you, the test came back a match. You’re our brother.

Vanessa – I even had the blood sent over to the GloCity hospital to double check.

Justin – …Well that’s good right? That I am who I say I am.

Vanessa – Right, but what’s not good is that our father kept you from us.

Vince – It sucks. We didn’t get a chance to grow up with you.

Justin – …I hope I didn’t mess up y’all’s feelings about dad.

Vanessa – No, he was a great man.

Vince – Yeah, we had great parents.

Justin – Well I’m glad we got it all cleared up.

Its sort of awkward sitting here with him. He is infact our little brother. Their was three McDonald kids.. Vanessa, and myself.. and now Justin. Regardless of how awkward it was sitting here, It was best we get to know each other and figure out where to go from here.

Vince – So Justin do-

Vanessa – Do you have any kids? I know some people start young.. especially people in Texas..

Vince – What the f-

Justin – I umm…

Vince – I’m sorry for that, she shouldn’t ask-

Justin – No its quite alright. I guess I could share it with y’all since we’re family.

Vanessa – How many?

Vince – Vanessa!

Vanessa – What? I’m curious.

Justin – I actually can’t have children…

Vince – Oh..

Vanessa – I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have brought it up.

Justin – Its okay, I’ve made my peace with it. Its god’s work, and for whatever reason the lord doesn’t think I need to reproduce. I think maybe one day I’ll adopt when I find that special lady. *smiles* I’m not sad about it, life’s too short to sweat the small thangs ya know?

Vanessa – I agree…

Vince – *smiles*

Vanessa – So Vincent told me you have land?

Justin – Yes, ma’am.. its being watched over by some family of mine.

Vanessa – When are you going back to Texas?- Not that I mind having you close- I um-

Vince – What Vanessa’s trying to ask is, are you returning to Texas?

Justin – That’s somethin’ I’ve been thankin’ bout since I met you Vincent. I like it here… I don’t know if I want to go back to Texas or not.

Vanessa – What about your land?

Justin – Those family members would love to take it off my hands. Its not like I’m short on money ya know?…

Vince – Well if you do decide to stay… I’d be okay with that.

Vanessa – Umm.. Me too, though I live in GloCity, but atleast you’d be close.

Justin – Thank y’all, really I mean it. You all are makin’ me feel mighty welcomed.

Justin – So… What about you Vanessa? I know Vincent is with, Kokoro. Are you married or dating any guys?

Vince – *laugh*

Justin – Did I say somethin’ wrong?

Vanessa – No.. umm, I’m gay.

Justin – You prefer the company of another woman.

Vanessa – That is a lovely way of putting it Justin.

Justin – Nothin’ wrong with liking what you like. Do you have a girlfriend?

Vanessa – Yes, you work with her actually.

Justin – Mia?!

Vince – *laugh*

Vanessa – Michelle.. the asian girl?

Justin – Oh wow, she’s beautiful.

Vanessa – She is…

Justin – Wait- she told me she dated the guy who quit..Umm your friend Vincent, Josh?- I’m a bit confused.

Vince – Michelle is bisexual, she likes both men and women.

Vanessa – Unfortunately

Justin – Huh?

Vanessa – Nothing….

Justin – Alright?.

Vince – Excuse me for a second I’m getting a phone call.

Vanessa – Sure thing..

Justin – No problem, you’re a busy man.

Vince – Hello?- Oh Hey!… Yeah. Umm, You know what I can make time. I’ll come see you, and then go to work. No Its okay, I don’t have much to do today anyway. Mmm hmm. Yeah I know where that is. Alright I’ll see you in 20 minutes okay? Alright. Bye.

After my phone call I headed back inside. Turned out Justin needed to get going, because he was buying a new truck. Vanessa needed to get back to GloCity, so it was perfect timing because I had to get going. Justin is really nice, and I’m glad Vanessa seems to like him. I’m happy everything seems legit with him, I couldn’t take it if he was just someone new to use me for my money. No negative thoughts here, all’s well… Kokoro told me to just be positive, and positive things will happen.

The phone call I had gotten earlier was Issac. He wanted to talk about his father, who’s in the hospital. So I went to visit him at his place. When it comes to Issac, and Peter, I’ve been around more than Josh, and Jordan combined for the times Peter has done something shady. For whatever reason, Issac has always felt more comfortable talking to me about his dad than the other guys.

Issac – After what Vanessa did.. how… How do you even start forgiving someone that does something so bad to you?

Vince – ….I hated her for a while, you know this… I just. I started to think about family, and how if something happen to her, if I’d be upset.

Issac – ….

Vince – If something happen to Peter.. like if he died, how would you feel? honestly?

Issac – Umm, See my thoughts automatically go to Miss Robinson (Jordan’s Mom) I’d feel so bad for her because the person she fell in love with, and married would be dead.

Vince – That’s sweet of you, but lets take Jordan’s mom out of the equation. How would you feel if your dad died right now.

Issac – That man was… He was evil Vince, you already know…

Vince – I know.

Issac – I believe he changed, but that’s not the issue.

Vince – Okay…

Issac – I love Robin, she’s sweet, but… why is it that he couldn’t be there for his son, who lost his mother? Who was going through this weird sexual identity crisis? Instead he bullied me, and told me to suck it up. Yet for Robin, and Jordan.. he’s… he’s a nice person? Why them and not me?

Vince – I can see how that would hurt.

Issac – I don’t hold anything against Jordan, or his mom. I’m glad he’s treating them well, because if he didn’t I’d have to step in and say something.

Vince – You still didn’t answer-

Issac – I’d be mad that he died and I didn’t get to tell him how much he messed me up. I’m a mess Vince, you know how I am with emotions, and stuff like that. Look how long it took me to get a boyfriend. That wasn’t because I was worried about what others thought. I just thought- Well I still do think I’m not lovable- Ugh see.. I can’t talk about this.

Vince – You don’t have to put up a wall for me, I’ve known you forever, and I’d never judge you. People do grow… look at me.. look at where I was, and where I am now. Tell me that ain’t the impossible made possible.

Issac – That’s true… I bet you and Koko even have matching his, and her’s towels in your bathroom.

Vince – We do.. Crazy right? *laugh*

Issac – Do you think I’m being stubborn or stupid?

Vince – I think anyone who didn’t know what you went through.. they might think you’re being a bit insensitive….

Issac – …

Vince – I think its hard to judge something- a situation that you aren’t in.

Issac – What would you do? if you were me.

Vince – I’d go see my dad for better or worse.

Issac – ….*sigh*

Vince – Are you scared that you might forgive him?

Issac – ……I don’t know?…. He damn sure doesn’t deserve it..

Vince – …..Yeah….

Issac – Thanks, you’ve given me alot to process.

Vince – No problem.

For me its such a hard thing to help him with. My dad and I were like bestfriends, us in the same room you’d think we went to the same college, and were part of the same fraternity or something. For Issac… His father was his nightmare, he was everything he hated. You know how in school you look at the clock and you just can’t wait to get home because school would be over, and you’d have freetime? Well for Issac he dreaded it. He rather stay in school. That’s how bad Peter was. I honestly can’t even draw a proper picture of what Peter was like. You had to see it with your own eyes honestly.

Kaitlyn – Hello Vince.

Vince – …..Umm Hi?

Kaitlyn – You don’t remember me from High School, most people don’t.

Vince – Were you the chick who- Yeah.. sorry.. I don’t

Kaitlyn – Its okay *laugh*

Vince – Nice place.

Kaitlyn – Thank you.

Vince – Thanks for umm… taking care of stubborn pants over here.

Issac – Shut up *laugh*

Kaitlyn – Not a problem, he’s helping me more than I’m helping him to be honest.

Vince – What the hell?

Issac – Mind out the gutter Vince…

Kaitlyn – I’m a lesbian, He’s gay.. its never gonna happen.

Vince – My sister’s gay too.. cool.

Kaitlyn – Everyone’s gay these days.

Issac – More people are okay with being who they are, that’s what it is…

Kaitlyn – Did you tell Vince the news?

Issac – No? what news?- Oh!

Vince – What’s going on?

Issac – I’m going to be a model… I got this modeling job.. for some cologne that’s helping the gay community or something, I forgot what Gavin said.

Kaitlyn – …………

Vince – Wait…. Is it for a charity called Project Happy?

Issac – Yeah- wait how do you know?

Vince – Hold on. *takes out cell* Hey Cashmere, its Vince. You know that Project Happy shoot that I couldn’t do due to a scheduling conflict? Yeah.. Is their any way I could possibly do it? Mmm Hmm… That’s perfect, just move that to wednesday then.. I’ll have to work late but that’s fine. Alright, okay… yes of course.. alright bye.

Issac – So you’re shooting the ad?

Vince – Yeah, I’m going to try. They really wanted me to do it, and said if I had any opening to call and tell them.

Issac – Cool. Gavin, can meet you.

Vince – Who’s Gavin?

Kaitlyn – ……..

Issac – A new friend.

Vince – A new friend you’re f**king?

Issac – Nope. Just a friend.

Vince – So.. don’t be mad but Jordan told me about Riley…

Issac – Its fine, I don’t mind that you know.

Vince – You still messing around with him?

Issac – ……That’s so…. complicated.

Kaitlyn – *laugh*

Issac – Stop it Kait! *laugh*

Vince – What’s so funny?

Kaitlyn – He just left.

Vince – Ah.. *laugh* No judgement, just make sure nobody gets hurt okay?

Issac – Yeah… I hear you… and umm.. Thanks again Vince, for coming over and talking about.. ya know.

Vince – No problem, You know I’m always here for you.

Issac – ….Yep *smirk* I’m always here for you too.

I ended up getting a phone call from the company that Issac had gotten the job from, they were pleased to learn that I could fit the shoot into my busy schedule. Incase you guys were wondering what the other project was. It was for this elderly couple who wanted portraits. One of them are dying and so they needed it done soon. That’s the only reason I initially rejected the Project Happy Shoot.

The couple actually got good news this week. According to Cashmere, It was some good news from the hospital about the wife’s condition. So I figure its okay to push their shoot one more day. I’ll of course call and make sure. If not I’ll just do the right thing and work all night if I have to. Anyway.. after talking to Issac, and Kaitlyn for a little while longer, I decided to get to work…. I was already late enough, but hey its my company so.. I think its okay *laugh*

So I got to work, and well… worked. I shot a few solo’s and a few couples. I also got approached for a new H&M Campaign. As the day slowed down, Liana and I went through some boxes I hadn’t had the chance to unpack. I was happy to help her out with the job, and so far she was doing everything right.. minus her inappropriate work attire… 

Liana – ……

Vince – I forgot what was even in these.

Liana – Like my new look?

Vince – Umm.. Yeah you look nice.

Liana – I just figured new job, new me…

Vince – Umm.. That’s a good attitude to have.

Liana – You’ve always had great style

Vince – Thank you.

Liana – …..

Vince – Pass me the- *looks up*

Liana – Pass you what?

Vince – You- you’re umm.. Panties are…

Liana – Oh! Sorry I’m so embarrassed… I never was a girly girl.. I need to learn how to sit correctly in a dress.

Vince – I’m not an uptight boss, but you do know that your outfit is not appropriate.. right?

Liana – I’m sorry…

Vince – Its okay..

Liana – I’ve been so stressed out, I haven’t done laundry in a week.. this is all I really had to wear today.

Vince – Then in that case, its fine… Don’t stress out okay?

Liana – That’s impossible.

Vince – Why? is it home related?

Liana – Yeah, Briana is being… difficult. I swear she’s on drugs or something.

Vince – Jordan said you guys are leaning towards postpartum?

Liana – Who really knows.. she refuses to see anyone about it.

Vince – She’s really distant when it comes to Tyler.. its strange.

Liana – Well.. truth be told.. You can’t say anything to Jordan okay?

Vince – Hmm… I-

Liana – I know, why did I even bother saying that….

Vince – You know what.. I don’t like lying, so I can’t promise you I won’t bring it up to Jordan.

Liana – You know at this point it doesn’t even matter if she hates me… Okay so… We lied to Jordan.

Vince – What do you mean?

Liana – I actually came back here to tell Jordan about Tyler, Briana didn’t want me to. She was going to put Tyler up for adoption!

Vince – What?!

Liana – I told her she couldn’t do that! I wouldn’t allow it. She had no good reason for it!

Vince – I’m so confused.

Liana – So she got upset with me, and packed up and came with me to GloCity to tell Jordan about his son. She had Tyler, and everything seemed like it was on the right track. I figured maybe she just needed to be home [GloCity] turns out.. she only came with me because she wanted to pretend to care, and then the first chance she got she dumped Tyler on Jordan.

Vince – Are you saying she doesn’t want Tyler?

Liana – That’s exactly what it seems like. I don’t even know what to do… I feel like I should tell Jordan, but I don’t want something drastic to happen.

Vince – Such as?

Liana – Her being thrown in jail or- I don’t know… I have nobody to talk to about this, Michelle and I aren’t really friends anymore because I joked about her being a lesbian. She took it the wrong way.. whatever.- actually I didn’t even joke about her being gay, it was more on the lines that she lets Vanessa run all over her- No offense, I know she’s your sister.

Vince – Vanessa can be bossy, so no offense taken…

Liana – So she got mad at me or whatever, So I’m like whatever Michelle. I don’t have time for your lez-be-onic mood swings. I’m stressed out!

Poor girl.. she must feel so alone. It must be hard to sit back and watch your sister self-destruct like that.

Vince – You have me. I’ll help you with whatever. Also I think you should tell Jordan..

Liana – You’re right…. Thanks for talking to me, you know how to calm me down.. sucks you’re tak-

Kokoro – Hi.. umm I’m not interupting anything am I?

Vince – Hey babe! what are you doing here?

Liana – *rolls eyes*

Kokoro – Hi…

Vince – You’re not interupting anything babe, I’m just shocked to see you here.

Kokoro – I was in the neighborhood, and wanted to come by and see if you wanted to grab a late lunch.

Vince – Umm, yeah we can do that.

Liana – ……..

Kokoro – Hi I’m Kokoro.

Liana – ….Hi. I’m Liana, Vince’s photo editor.

Kokoro – Nice to meet you.

Liana – Mm hmm.

Vince – Liana you gonna be okay?

Kokoro – If you need to work, or discuss something private, I can just see you at the house. Its okay with me *smiles*

Liana – …..

Vince – Liana you hear me?

Liana – I’ll be fine Vince. Go with your wife.

Vince – We’re not-

Kokoro – Everyone think’s we’re married.

Liana – You guys certainly give off that boring married couple vibe.

Vince – What?

Liana – *clears throat* Its a good thing.. you guys seem centered, and know what’s important. *fake smile*

Kokoro – Well thanks.. I love the hair by the way, When I came back for Vince, I was a redhead myself. You’re totally pulling it off.

Liana – You had red hair?..

Kokoro – Yep.

Liana – Cool.. Thanks for the compliment.

Vince – ……

Vince – Well, I’ll leave you to finish editing those files I sent to your inbox… Call if you need anything.

Liana – I will… and thanks for being so sweet…

Vince – Anytime.

Kokoro – I forget how beautiful this building really is…

Vince – You helped me pick it out!

Kokoro – I know, but I don’t remember it being so.. crisp.. clean..

Liana – ……

Vince – Well you know how much of a neat freak I am……

Kokoro – ….neat freak.. regular freak.. pretty much *laugh*

Liana – *rolls eyes*

Kokoro and I left and had a really late lunch… It was great that she had some freetime. Usually we see each other at the house. We make it work… Though days like this where everything falls into place sure makes for a nice surprise.

So after lunch… I decided to just go ahead and take the day off. Told Liana to take the day off if she wanted as well. We had did a shitload of work earlier, and the rest of the day was free. I decided to just spend time with my girl. 

Kokoro – Mmmmm

Vince – I love you…

Kokoro – Huh?

Vince – I love you.

Kokoro – Huh?!

Vince – Is the hottub too loud?

Kokoro – *laugh* No.. I just love hearing you say that..

Vince – Say what?

Kokoro – I love you.

Vince – What?

Kokoro – I LOVE YOU!- Oh you sneaky bastard…

Vince – *smiles*

Kokoro – Liana seems nice.

Vince – She is.

Kokoro – Is she an ex or something?- well not and ex, but like an old flame?

Vince – No?- Well we did hookup once… long time ago.

Probably shouldn’t have said that so casually…

Kokoro – The only reason I asked, is because she was giving me side-eye. Like I was trying to be nice, but those evil glares she gave me… I didn’t understand it. I figured she must have been and ex of sorts.

Vince – I didn’t notice any mean looks hmm.

Kokoro – Well I guess its cool that you gave her a job.

Vince – I won’t make a habit of hiring old hookups.

Kokoro – Just watch out for her…

Vince – I’m just trying to help.. you know Jordan’s baby mother? Briana?

Kokoro – You’ve told me about her.

Vince – Liana’s her sister.

Kokoro – Ah.. okay. Well I’m not threatened or anything. I was just curious about her attitude.

Vince – Jealousy is so hot..

Kokoro – I’m not jealous you dick *laugh*- Where are you going?

Vince – Inside

Kokoro – Why? I thought we could.. you know.. here in the hottub

Vince – Last time we did that the neighbor called the cops

Kokoro – Oh yeah.. well.. I’ll meet you in the bedroom..

Vince – That’s right baby.. I’m about to wreck your vagina!

Kokoro – That’s so romantic Vincent *laugh*

So after I laid it down in the bedroom- because that’s what I do.. I went to take a quick shower, When I came back Kokoro looked… well bothered.

Vince – What’s wrong babe?

Kokoro – Okay so don’t be mad at me….

Vince – What did you do?

Kokoro – While you were showering, your cell rung.. I answered it…

Vince – …..and?

Kokoro – Wait you’re not mad I answered it?

Vince – No?

Kokoro – Oh.. well I only answered it because the caller ID showed it was one of the suits. I thought it could be work related.

Vince – Was it?

Kokoro-  No.

Vince – Which suit?

Kokoro – Umm.. Karl Smith?

The chubby one..

Vince – What did he want?

Kokoro – They’re going to “Tha Strip”

Vince – Okay?

Kokoro – I told them you were showering and you’d meet up with them…

Vince – WHAT? WHY?!

Kokoro – You’re so good to me, you deserve some time with the guys.

Vince – I’m fine here with you.

Kokoro – You need to stop working so hard, spend more time with Josh, Jordan, and Issac. Also you need to hangout with your work friends too.

Vince – I guess that’s true..

Kokoro – You mad?

Vince – Eh.. not really…

Kokoro – Are you going to go?

Vince – Do I have to?

Kokoro – *smile* Yes….

Vince – Hmm… and If I don’t?

Kokoro – Umm.. no sex?

Vince – Ha! yeah right, you’re way more horny than I am most of the time.

Kokoro – Shut up! *laugh*

Vince – Fine.. I’ll get dressed and go.

Kokoro – Good boy… I’ll be ready for round two when you get home… I’m sure those girls will get you hot.. then you can come home to me *wink*

Press Play for scene to work with music

Announcer – Coming to the stage.. The hot.. sexy… MIRA MANCINI!

So I went ahead and went to the Stripclub… It was fun.. until I realized who that was on the stage….

Karl – Damn….

Richie – Oh my!

Karl – This B***h is sexy huh Max?

Max – Yeah.. look at dat ass!

Vince – …..

Richie – Not your scene?

Vince – Its not that, I know her…

Richie – Oh..umm…speaking of which.. Cashmere is single right?

Vince – Aww.. you like her?

Richie – ..I’m nervous but I want to ask her to dinner.

Vince – I think that’s a good idea.

Max – You guys fags or something? pay attention to the slut!

Karl – Yeah!

Richie – Ignore Max.. he has temper problems..

Vince – I can tell..

Richie – So you think it will be a good idea if I ask Cashmere out?

Vince – I do.. you’re a nice guy Richie..

Karl – Show me dem tits ho!

Max – Yeah take the panties off too!

Vince – Guys.. relax…

F**king animals…

Mira – *rolls eyes* Maybe if y’all start throwing some dollars up here I’ll take something off!

Max – B***h got an attitude? since when did ho’s have feelings?

Karl – We ain’t throwing no cash till we see some ass!

Max – That’s right!

Richie – Ummm… we should be nicer guys.

Max – Shut it Richie! stop being a p***y!

Vince – Hey man RELAX!

Karl – I’ll make her strip!

Mira – Get the f**k off me!

Karl – Shake it for daddy!

Max – Ho’s be trippin!

Richie – Not again!


Vince – Oh my god!

What the hell was his problem

Mira – Vince!

Vince – Its okay Mira.. Its okay…

Bouncer – You better calm the f**k down!


Richie – Oh no…..

Karl – Don’t let this punk ass bouncer push you around…

Max – You ain’t gonna do shit!

Richie – That’s enough Max! I’ll call your parole officer!

Parole Officer… heh…

Karl – I was just havin’ some fun!

Bouncer – You get this handzy fat f**k out of here right now!

Max – OR WHAT?

Karl – Ha! Max always got my back!

Richie – Why do I hangout with you idiots…

Karl – What was that?

Richie – Nothing…

Vince – I’m so sorry about them!

Mira – I can’t believe he did that!

Vince – I-

Mira – How could you be friends with them?!

Vince – I’m not!

Mira – You traded in Jordan, and the guys in for THEM THOSE ASSHOLES!?

Vince – NO! I work with them

I never knew she was this… delicate?

Bouncer – You gonna write a check that your ass can’t cash!

Max – I could buy this place with a check!

Richie – Max! stop! you’ll get in trouble again!

Karl – Shut it Richie!

Mira – Look at those two b***hes dancing over there, they didn’t even rush to my defense! hatin’ ass ho’s!

Vince – Its over now, you’re safe.

Mira – Thanks to you! I-…

I decide to give these idiots a chance, and hangout and this is what they do? My goodness.. well Richie’s really nice to be honest, but Karl and Max are WAY out of line!

Vince – Its gonna be okay

Mira – No its not! I’m stressed out! Moody!… Riley’s cheating on me with some b***h! and I think he wants to break up…

Vince – ……………maybe you guys should talk… communication is the key

Mira – Since when are you a good guy? You used to get private dances in the champagne room! I know what those girls would do with you and Jordan..

Vince – I-

Mira – Cause I did things with Jordan in those rooms myself!

Vince – I’ve changed Mira.. and if you want good things in your life maybe you should to. You’re more than this job! You can get out if-

Mira – I’m not upset because of my life, or job… I’m pregnant you asshole!

Vince – What?

Mira – I missed my period and I took a pregnancy test.. I’m pregnant with Riley’s baby.. just what I need! *crying*

Vince – ………..

Wow……. she’s pregnant… with Riley’s kid, and Riley wants to be with Issac. This can’t be good…. Do I tell Issac?

Mira – Please! You can’t say anything! PLEASE I’M BEGGING YOU!

Its not my place… its her life… I just hope Issac know’s what he’s doing with Riley…

Vince – Umm

Mira – Promise me!

Vince – I won’t tell anyone.. I promise..

And I won’t… atleast I’ll give it two to three weeks before I start hinting at it…

Mira – I could lose my job… *crying*

I grabbed Richie, and we took Mira home to GloCity. We left Karl, and Max to do whatever idiotic things they wanted. After dropping Mira at home, on our way back to Bridgeport, Richie and I spoke about what had happen. He explained to me that Karl, and Max do this alot.. and that when together they really start being assholes. I wondered why he hung out with them, then I found out. Richie didn’t have the education to get a good job, Karl and Max helped him out, and hooked him up with alot of opportunities, before making him their number three. Sucks.. I told him he could stop being friends with them, and I’d make sure nothing happen to him.

Crazy night…. I need to get home….. I never should have gone out with them….

~End of Chapter Two- Pt 3~



  1. Lol wow. That was a great idea using the music for that club scene! Very effective. But I think Vince needs to stay far away from the suits….as well as Liana. I don’t trust her. And I don’t think Kokoro does either! lol. Looking forward to the next part!!

  2. Thanks!… I’ve always wanted to add music to a scene but didn’t know how. Usually you add a YouTube link and the video show’s. I searched Google and found out how to do it and wah-lah! Thanks for reading/commenting 🙂 Jordan’s POV should be up within the next day or so 🙂

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