[B2M Season3] Chapter 2 : “A Walk In My Shoes” Pt 2 [POV Josh]


***POV = Point Of View. That person will narrate the story.***

~Disclaimer : This story features mature language. Most Profanity & Other unsuitable words will be blanked out with “***”  This is a heads up for any cautious readers~

Hey guys, like my work clothes? I feel like I’m from the future or something… Hold on, let me finish this phone call.

Josh – Yeah.. everything is going as planned. *laugh* of course… no. Sadly I haven’t heard from Issac. I- well yeah. Issac’s gonna handle it how he see’s fit, its not like we can force him to go see Peter. Yeah… but on a lighter note, I did everything this morning, and I got a haircut too- Yeah.. Okay.. I’ll see you there. Bye.

That was Jordan. We have a surprise party planned for Tru, I know what you’re thinking… she’s a twin. Well it was actually Skye’s (her twin) idea to make this years celebration all about her sister Tru. She feels like Tru has helped her out more than anyone. So she wants this years birthday celebration to be about her. I think its an awesome idea.

Oh and as you heard, Issac has not gone to see his father yet. Not that I actually expect him to. I just don’t want something to happen, and Issac never get closure or whatever. Like I told Jordan, you can’t force him..

Kane – Hey man?

Josh – Yeah?

Kane – What are you doing?

Josh – Just got done talking to Jordan, why?

Kane – Its lunch time.

Josh – I know.

Kane – Do you want to eat lunch with me? My treat?

Josh – Umm… I-

Kane – Dude… Its just lunch..

Josh – I don’t get it.

Kane – Don’t get what?

Josh – You don’t like me..- or atleast you hated me once upon a time.

Kane – I never hated you, I just felt like we couldn’t be friends cause I stole your girl. I’m sorry for that, but hey I helped you get this job so obviously I’m trying to be cool with you.

Josh – That’s true.

Kane – So lunch? My treat?

Josh – ….Alright.

Kane – Lets get changed out of these dorky loser clothes.

Josh – I like the costumes!

Kane – ….You would

Its so weird adjusting to Kane being nice to me. When he stole Michelle from me I hated him, now he’s pretty nice. I wonder how Michelle would feel if she knew her two ex boyfriends were… friends?

Kane – …… So..

Josh – Yeah?

Kane – How’s………………..life?

Josh – Umm… Its okay I guess.

Kane – So you have a girlfriend right? or are you gay now?

Josh – I’m straight.. still… and yeah I have a girlfriend. You’d be jealous too.. she looks like a playboy model. She’s hot!

Kane – Ah.. maybe I can steal her?

Josh – …………..

Kane – Too soon?

Josh – Nah.. its kinda funny.

Kane – So life is good?…

Josh – I guess so..

Kane – So with this girlfriend of yours, you be smashing it?

Josh – Why would I smash Sasha?

Kane – SMASH.. like pound?

Josh – Dude whoa! I don’t hit women!

Kane – Oh my goodness dude.. for f**ks sake!.. Smash, Pound.. like slang for having sex!

Josh – Oh! Jordan likes to call it “gettin’ it in…”

Kane – Fine!… do you “get it in” with your girlfriend?

Josh – Yep.. we do sex whenever we can, hard to do sometimes since I live with my parents.

Kane – I’m glad you brought that up.

Josh – You brought it up

Kane – Whatever, we’re here.

Josh – Where?

Kane – At this conversation!

Josh – Oh!.. yeah.. wait I’m confused..

Kane – You living at home!

Josh – Oh okay got it.. Me living at home is a problem?… why is that again?

Kane – Cause no privacy? and no.. “getting… it… in”

Josh – RIGHT!

Kane – I wanna help with that

Josh – You’re not doing sex with Sasha!

Kane – No! I want to help you not live at home.

Josh – Oh?… Oh?! really?

Kane – I need a roommate. I got this awesome place.. but I could use help paying the rent.

Josh – ….Hmm

Kane – The rent is cheap too, I talked the owner down.

Josh – If its so cheap why do you need help paying it?

Kane – Think of it this way. We split it, and we will both have more spending money for fun stuff! You like games, and comics, I like booze and women. You can take- what did you say her name was? Sasha?

Josh – Yeah Sasha.

Kane – You could take Sasha to nice dinners with that extra spending money..

Josh – …I do want to get away from home…

Kane – You give your parents half your check right?

Josh – Yeah… how did you know that?

Kane – I just guessed. You seem like the type-…to help.

Josh – I love helping!

Kane – I won’t ask for half of your check.. you’ll have extra cash if you room with me. C’mon dude!

Josh – I’ll think about it..

Kane – How long will that take?

Josh – I don’t know… just.. let me think on it.. I promise I won’t take forever..

Kane – …..Alright.

Josh – Why me?

Kane – Huh?

Josh – Why me?, I’m sure you have plenty of friends who you could ask.

Kane – My friends are messy, loud, and- You fit perfectly. All you gotta do is say yes.

After the talk with Kane, we had lunch at the diner. I had alot of food and felt the need to workout. So I finished work, and then hit the gym for an hour…. Speaking of Kane. What do you guys think about his proposal? He’s been pretty nice to me, and I really want to get away from my parents. I guess what’s holding me back is, I’ve never roomed with anyone other than the guys. I guess that’s not really a reason to say no… Hmm.

Hmm.. do you guys think I look Latin with this facial hair?- actually.. who cares. If its one thing I’ve learned from Issac, its do what you want, and forget about what others think. I like it so it stays- Is that a pimple? Hmm Oh good.. man, I need to start eating healthier, or I’ll be right back in chubby-town. That burger was so good though.

*sigh* I wish Sasha was here, so we could do sex. My parents are gone, and I’m home alone. Maybe I should have some alone time before they get back.. hmm. Oh don’t look at me like that, everyone does it. Sasha told me she does it like twice a day- I probably should have kept that between she and I, but you guys won’t tell anyone..

[Noise from living room]

Josh – They’re back already?… so much for jer- happy time..

Josh – Ollie?!

Oliver – Hey… were you jerking off or something? You been in there forever!

Josh – NO!

Totally was about to till until you interrupted me…

Oliver – Where mom and dad?

Josh – They went to dinner, and a movie.

Oliver – Ah.

Josh – What are you doing here? You said spring break… its not spring break.

Oliver – Its good to see you too?

Josh – Sorry, I’m really happy to see you Ollie, I just didn’t expect you.

Oliver – I decided to return for one night only. For Tru’s surprise party.

Josh – Who-

Oliver – Skye called me and told me her plan. I thought it was sweet. So here I am.

Josh – She didn’t see you did she?

Oliver – I told her I had alot of work to do tonight so I couldn’t webcam or whatever.

Josh – I would have told you about the party, but I figured you couldn’t make it.

Oliver – Oh I get it, its okay *smiles*

Josh – You seem less…. “Blaze”

Oliver – My Blaze persona was stupid, I felt so upset and disrespected by Eboni. I started being a badass, just to piss her off. It was pretty fun though. I’m still Ollie, but theirs still some Blaze in me too. I’m quite fond of the green.

Josh – Money?

Oliver – Marijuana Josh…

Josh – Oh!

Oliver – Don’t be such a square…

Josh – I remember you were just my nerdy little brother.

Oliver – I remember you were my fat older brother. Things change *laugh* BUT I’m still smarter than the whole town, lets not forget.

Josh – Well.. not everyone…

Oliver – Right.. Jordan has a higher IQ level.. whatever…

Josh – So how are things at school?

Oliver – Fine.. I’m doing great in all my classes of course..

Josh – Are you and AJ still friends?

Oliver – Yeah actually. Closer than ever, he had a fight with that guy he was dating? Cloud?

Josh – His boyfriend?

Oliver – Yeah… so he moved out of his apartment, and back into the dorm room. Turns out his ex roommate replaced him. Right as my roommate was leaving so it all worked out. AJ’s my new roomy.

Josh – What about Eboni?

Oliver – Who?… I don’t know anyone by that name.

Josh – You know who I’m talking about. Gabrielle’s cousin.. the one you dated

Oliver – Josh I’m joking, of course I know who you’re talking about.

Josh – Oh Duh…

Oliver – She’s a… B word.

Josh – *GASP* *whispers* …..bitch?

Oliver – Yeah.. I don’t talk to her.. she has some new boyfriend anyway.. some douchebag named Drake.

Josh – Like the rapper?

Oliver – Yes… like the rapper.

Josh – Okay….

Oliver – So how’s things with Sasha?

Josh – Good, never better.

Oliver – Great to hear.

Josh – Let me go get dressed, and then we can pick up Jordan and then leave.

Oliver – Okay.

Josh – Tru’s going to be so surprised

Oliver – I cannot wait to see her. I think I’m so lucky she likes a nerd like me.

Josh – You’re a cool nerd Ollie!

Oliver – You think so?

Josh – Yeah!

Oliver – …………

Josh – *side eyes Ollie*

Oliver – What?

Josh – I was waiting for you to say I was cool too!

Oliver – Oh.. sorry *laugh*

So after Ollie and I talked a bit more. I went downstairs to get dressed, and I didn’t have anything clean to wear. I just figured I’d put on my clothes from earlier, considering I hadn’t really worn them. Perks of wearing a work outfit all day I guess. After I got dressed, Ollie and I went to pick up Jordan. The three of us made our way to the party.

Josh – You okay Skye?

Skye – Yeah, I just want everything to be perfect for Tru.

Josh – I think everything looks great

Skye – Thanks Joshua

I hate when people call me that.

Josh – *smiles*

As I was talking to Skye, I couldn’t help but overhear Ollie, and Dr Sean’s conversation.

Sean – I had no idea how toxic that actually is.

Oliver – Oh yeah, and apparently the health department overlooks it every year.

Sean – See at the hospital we make sure to double check things like that.

Oliver – Good.

Sean – I’m so glad you’re here Ollie, I feel like I haven’t seen you since the double date we had like 2 months ago.

Oliver – Glad to be missed. I think you’re pretty awesome too Sean.

Sean – How lucky are we to have such beautiful women by our sides?

Oliver – I know right?

Sean – I can’t wait to see Tru’s face when she gets here.

Skye – Josh

Josh – …..

Skye – Josh?

Josh – Oh sorry.

Skye – Is Sasha coming?

Josh – Yeah, she’s running late apparently, she’ll be here.

Skye – Good.

Josh – Speaking of which, Where’s Jordan?

Skye – Didn’t he come with you?

Josh – He did but I have no idea where he went.

Skye – He might be in the kitchen.

Josh – Where’s all the other guest? Its not just going to be us is it?

Skye – No, but I’m selfish. I told everyone the party starts at 9.

Josh – Why?

Skye – So just the important people are here for the initial SURPRISE!… then everyone else will show up.

Jordan – Everything’s perfect.

Josh – Where were you?

Jordan – I was making sure the cake was okay…. and… I called Liana.. she has Tyler.

Skye – Of course she does, Briana lazy ass wouldn’t know how to be a mother…

Jordan – Skye…

Skye – Sorry Jordan, you know its true. The b***h is a nutcase with a capitol N.

Jordan – Briana isn’t even there. Its just Liana, and Tyler watching cartoons. She’s going to make dinner soon for the two of them.

Josh – Liana’s a good aunt to Tyler, now if only Briana could be a good mother.

Skye – Wishful thinking.

Like you’re such a good mother… you lie to Connor about his father… Though I shouldn’t judge her, I’m sure she has her reasons.. 

Josh – *smiles* Maybe you should give her some lesson’s Skye

Skye – No thanks. I’m not a fan of Briana’s.. putting us in the same room would result in me slapping some sense into her. I may not be the best parent, but the way she is with Tyler is ridiculous.

Josh – Yeah…

Jordan – …….. Its a damn shame that everyone can see that, I don’t know why I’m embarrassed about it.

Skye – You shouldn’t be, You’re a great dad, and her actions do not reflect on your parenting skills.

Jordan – Thanks Skye

Josh – I agree, you’re really good with Tyler.

Jordan – Thanks guys.

Skye – I also really appreciate how good you’ve been to Connor. He really likes you. You too Josh, Connor adores you both. I’m happy to have such a good support system.

Jordan – We all help each other.

Josh – Which is another reason Tyler’s going to grow up just fine *smiles*

Sean – They’re here! I see a car.

Josh – Who’s bringing Tru?

Skye – Gabrielle.

Oh great……

Group – SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oliver – Hey babe.. surprised?

Skye – WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Let’s get drunk in this b***h!

Josh – Skye’s funny.

Jordan – *laugh*

Sean – Hey Birthday girl!

Tru – All this for me?

Gabrielle – Yes, Skye wanted this year to be yours! Happy Birthday T.

Tru – Awwww…

Tru – I’m so happy

Oliver – Cause of me right? not the party?

Tru – Yes silly!

Oliver – I… I love you.

Tru – You do?

Oliver – Yeah.

Tru – ….

Oliver – Its okay if you don’t yet I-

Tru – No, I do! I just didn’t know if it was okay to say so early in the relationship..

Oliver – Doesn’t it feel like we’ve been dating forever?

Tru – Yes.. it does. I wouldn’t have it any other way though.

Jordan – That’s sweet….

Josh – Yeah….

Jordan – ….must be nice….

Josh – …….. You’ll find your soulmate Jordo..

Jordan – Right… Its not gonna happen….besides Tyler’s all I need I guess… Not everyone has a soulmate….

I feel bad.. Jordan has actually been through alot, and through it all he hasn’t exactly had a partner to share it with.

Sean – Nice boots Gabrielle

Gabrielle – Thanks?

Skye – Girl he’s a shoe man. He has me keep my heels on when we make love.

Sean – Women in nice shoes are the sexiest thing to me.

Gabrielle – That’s cool, we all have “things” that do it for us.

Sean – Was it hard getting Tru here?

Skye – Did she suspect anything?

Gabrielle – You know your sister Skye.. she questions everything.

Sean – That’s Tru for ya.

Jordan – …..*sigh*

Josh – You okay?

Jordan – Yeah… So umm where the hell is Sasha?

Josh – I have no idea.

Skye – Couples dance off!

Tru – You ain’t got nothing on Ollie and I

Oliver – Let’s show em how its done babe

Skye – Oh let me get real ratchet up in here! Do I need to start poppin on the dance floor?

Sean – Lemme teach you how to dougie!

Oliver – I already know how old man!

With the couples dancing and having fun before the rest of the guest get here, I decided to take Jordan to the side and talk to him about things.

Josh – You know this is the first time I’ve seen her?

Jordan – Who Gabrielle?

Josh – Yeah… wonder if she’ll talk to me.

Jordan – She and I are straightening out our situation, so I don’t see why she wouldn’t want to do the same with you.

Josh – I guess…. So are you okay?

Jordan – I’m good.

Josh – If you want to talk, or feel alone, or need help. Just ask. I’ll be there a-sap

Jordan – Thanks Joshua…

Josh – …..*smiles*

Jordan – *laugh* I know you hate when people call you that.

Josh – I do *laugh*

Jordan – Hey do you think I’m out of line for wanting Issac to go see Peter?

Josh – No, I mean… you’ve seen Peter change so, you just want Issac to see it.

Jordan – I just think for better or worse he should see Peter, and then if he wants to move on, then do so.

Josh – Speaking of moving… I think I have a place to stay

Jordan – With?

Josh – Get this… Kane.

Jordan – He wants you to be his roommate?

Josh – Yeah… Crazy right?… I know to keep Sasha away from him if I do decide to say yes.

Jordan – Yeah…. Dude where the hell is Sasha?

Josh – I have no idea, I’m going to call her.

Gabrielle – Hi…

Jordan – Hey….

Josh – …..hello.

Gabrielle – Josh can we talk?

Josh – Sure.

Gabrielle – Umm, in the kitchen or something.

Josh – Okay

Jordan – I’m gonna call and check in with Liana. Want to know what Tyler had for dinner.

Josh – *smiles*

Gabrielle – Daddy Mode.

Jordan – Always.

This should be interesting…

Gabrielle – Ollie was a nice surprise for Tru eh?

Josh – Yeah….

Gabrielle – …………

Josh – …………

Gabrielle – So…. How are you?…

Josh – I’m doing okay.

Gabrielle – Where’s Sasha?

Josh – On her way.

Gabrielle – Cool…

Josh – So… is that it?

Gabrielle – No… I….. I feel bad.

Josh – You should….

Gabrielle – I know. I’m sorry I cut you out of my life.

Josh – I thought I’d come back from the Mango Island trip and we could be friends.

Gabrielle – I know, I know.. and then I just cut you, and Jordan out of my life

Josh – We’re not talking about Jordan. You and him are fine.. this is about us… Our friendship meant more than some dumb breakup. If this is because I started dating Sasha, then you-

Gabrielle – No no! of course not, cause then I’d be a hypocrite. My feelings for Jordan were there, even when dating you.

Josh – I liked Sasha.. we both were just wrong for one another, I don’t see how that would equal you ignoring me. You could have just been with Jordan, and I would have been happy with Sasha.

Gabrielle – Its not that simple. He has a baby, and I-

Josh – Don’t be selfish.. he needed you. He found out some news, and you just threw your hands up and walked away. He’s sad, he misses you. He won’t admit it… but I know its true.

Gabrielle – I can’t just up and be with him, its complicated

Josh – You’re making it complicated.. just like our whole situation.

Gabrielle – Stop being a baby.. life is full of complications, its not like the comics..

Wow..really? That was mean!

Josh – That was mean Gabrielle, I know life isn’t a comic book.

Gabrielle – Stop yelling at me, I’m trying to fix things.

Josh – Don’t bother, it all seems to be about what’s good for you. I’m not saying it shouldn’t be but… we were friends! and you just put all the blame on me. Then you go and diss Jordan, just because he has a son… all so you could what? “find yourself?” Its like when Tony Stark didn’t want to be Iron Man anymore.. and he was a drunken mess. Selfish. Oh and yeah that was a comic reference.. Too childish for ya?

Gabrielle – Maybe I handled the situations wrong but you guys aren’t exactly innocent.

Josh – What are you even talking about?

Gabrielle – I can’t even think straight right now!

Josh – …..Look if you want to try this again at another date lets just do that. I don’t want to argue at Tru’s party.

Gabrielle – I don’t know if I should even bother, you’re being immature.

Josh – I’m telling you how I feel, how is that immature? I’ve waiting months to tell you how I felt, so if its coming off abrasive I apologize. You hurt my feelings by cutting me out of your life.

Gabrielle – I’m sorry…

Josh – ….So am I.. I can’t talk to you right now. I thought I could, but I- I can’t…

Gabrielle – I understand…

I felt bad for laying into her like that. Maybe I was wrong, but then again maybe I wasn’t. Have you ever been so mad at someone, and finally everything comes out at once? That’s how I felt. I understand she wanted her space, but the way she went about it was wrong. Another reason I felt so hurt was because as kids we promised to always be friends. I was just someone she could throw away, and she didn’t even seem that sad about it.

Gabrielle – …….. Hey Josh?

Josh – Yeah?

Gabrielle – I don’t blame you for being mad…

Josh – I’m sorry if I yelled at you.

Gabrielle – We’ll talk about it another time.

Josh – Okay…

Gabrielle – I’ll explain to you, in detail.. why I did what I did…

Josh – ….I’ll appreciate that, and I promise not to yell next time..

Gabrielle – Deal….

Finally I got a text from Sasha. She had finally showed up.

Sasha – Hey boyfriend.

Josh – Hey, are you okay?

Sasha – Yeah I’m fine.

Josh – I was worried, I thought you were in an accident or something.

Sasha – Oh- sorry I probably should have called.

Josh – I couldn’t live with myself, if anything happen to you.

Sasha – You’re so sweet…

Josh – I just want to always protect you.

Sasha – Awww. You’re so cute when protective.

Josh – *smiles* So what took so long getting here?

Sasha – Well Shannon was upset, and I wanted to cheer-

Josh – Everything okay?

Sasha – He just had a bad day….

Josh – Oh I- wait what? “He”?

Sasha – Yeah

I thought Shannon was a she?

Josh – I thought Shannon was a… woman.

Sasha – I never said that… I’ve called Shannon a he plenty of times.

Josh – No.. you always just say Shannon, you never really say he or she…

Sasha – …..hmm, no- I must have said Shannon was a he… I had to?

Josh – …….

Sasha – Is that a problem? that Shannon’s a guy?

Josh – …..no

Shannon – Hey! I had to put my lock on the car.. sorry I took so long, safety first!

Josh – Is that him?

Sasha – Yeah…. I brought him along because he was upset, and figured a party could cheer him up?

Josh – Oh… yeah that makes sense.

Shannon – You must be Joshua.


Josh – Yeah, and you must be the Shannon that I’ve heard so much about.

Shannon – She talks about me?

Josh – Yeah…

Shannon – Well she talks about you alot too. She described you perfectly.. a buff nerd.

Sasha – No… I said he’s a sexy, ripped, geek… which he is.. isn’t he?

Shannon – Oh yeah.. I kinda wanna blow him.

Sasha – *laughing hysterical*

Josh – You’re gay?


Shannon – Oh god no, I just joke around alot. I love women. Not that I have anything against the gays.

Sasha – He’s quite the comedian.

Josh – Cool. Umm.. I like the Zelda t-shirt. I have one at home.

Shannon – Thanks, Zelda is awesome. I dig the zombie T you have on.

Sasha – See what did I tell you Shannon, you two are so much alike.. cute nerds.

Shannon – Eh I don’t know about the cute thing, Josh here is like a 10.. I’m like eh.. a 5.

Sasha – Oh shut up, you’re hot and you know it. Right Josh?

Josh – Huh- Oh yeah umm, I’d totally do you doggystyle sex or whatever……….

Sasha – …………

Shannon – ……………

Why did I just say that…..

Shannon & Sasha – *laughing*

Shannon – You’re funny man.

Sasha – Look at Jordan, he’s totally killing the dancefloor.

Shannon – Oh their’s dancing.. can’t wait to hit them with my world famous robot!

Sasha – You’re a terrible dancer Shan.

Shannon – You’re no better, you just pop your chest and hair flip all day.. am I right Josh?

Josh – …..Yeah.. that’s totally Sasha.

Except.. Sasha doesn’t dance infront of me..

Shannon – So Josh you taught Sasha HTML right?

Josh – Yeah

Shannon – Thanks, she’s doing great at work.

Sasha – All thanks to my Joshy.

Josh – I’m sure its all you babe, you’re smart.

Sasha – Thanks

Shannon – She’s so modest, she tries that at work, and I’m like.. come on Sasch you know you’re awesome

Sasha – …*laugh* What the f**k ever… anyway… I’m starving.

Shannon – Is their food?

Josh – Yeah, umm come on in, lets get you guys some food. *smiles*

Shannon – Thank’s buddy.

Sasha – Please tell me theirs something greasy and yummy in there.

Shannon – You and your meat… ugh.

Sasha – Shannon doesn’t eat meat.

Josh – Oh.. well their’s some vegetarian stuff, Dr Sean doesn’t eat meat either.

Shannon – Their’s a doctor in the house! You know what that mean’s Sasch!

Sasha – Get the stitches!

Josh – I don’t get it.

Sasha – He’s so funny he usually has everyone in stitches from laughing so hard.

Josh – You’ll have to tell me some jokes once we’re inside.


Sasha – Oh goodness don’t get him started

Shannon – *laugh*

Okay I’m trying to be nice, but… What you guys don’t know is, She’s slept at his house before, because they needed to meet a deadline. I didn’t think anything of it because I thought Shannon was a girl! She works late, and has these inside jokes… I’m jealous.. she never dances for me. Ugh… Great night!- wait.. NO! I’ve learned from this in the past.. just because she has a friend of the opposite sex doesn’t mean anything. Screw that.. I’m not going to overreact! I’m going to go in there and have fun at the party. I may even have Shannon tell me a few jokes. Goodnight Folks!

~End of Chapter Two- Pt 2~



  1. You know, I can’t blame Josh for being mad at Gabrielle. What a messed up thing to do to your best friend!! And now Josh might have some competition with Shannon : D. I can only hope he and Sasha are just friends. This story just keeps getting better every time. Can’t wait for the next one!

  2. I can’t wait for everyone to see what happens next. Things are going to shock you, theirs a bit of comedy too coming. Vince & Jordan’s POV’s are coming soon, I have their pics taken, just need to edit and upload.. then draft/write of course. Thanks for commenting/reading. I appreciate it 🙂

  3. Next two (vince & jordan) updates are coming.. probably sometime next week since Wednesday morning I’m going in for dental work (eeeek) So yeah lol. Thanks for reading and always taking the time to comment on my work 🙂

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