[B2M Season3] Chapter 2 : “A Walk In My Shoes” Pt 1 [POV Issac]


***POV = Point Of View. That person will narrate the story.***

~Disclaimer : This story features mature language. Most Profanity & Other unsuitable words will be blanked out with “***”  This is a heads up for any cautious readers~

Last night I got a text from Gabrielle, who said Jordan gave her my new number. She told me she’d be in the city doing some shopping, and that she’d love it if we could meet for brunch. I figured we hadn’t seen each other in a while, and it was a good time to catch up. I do love Gabby, I just didn’t agree with some of the things she did while dating Josh. She’s a sweet person, and smart. She just needs to grasp onto some self-worth and I think she’ll be alright. …… I still feel bad for calling her “crazy” a while back.

I grew up with her, and I remember telling her that I was gay. She was the first one to know after the guys, and Tommy. She hugged me, and started asking me who was I crushing on, what movie stars did I think was cute? she was super supportive, and I appreciated that. As time went on she grew closer to Josh, and then eventually she moved to Pylea. You know the rest *laugh*

Gabrielle – That was delicious.

Issac – Yeah I enjoyed it.

Gabrielle – Probably shouldn’t have eaten it all though, gonna have to put in extra time at the gym. I don’t ever want to go back to being fat… i hated myself.

Issac – Aww… Well even when… bigger.. you were still pretty.

Gabrielle – Thanks.. Kudos to those big girls who love their curves.. I tried to tell myself to think like that but it was a big fat lie..

Issac – Well hey.. look at you now, you’re looking really good.

Gabrielle – Thank you Issac!… you look great as well, but I mean.. when don’t you.

Umm.. when I was homeless.. *laugh*

Issac – Umm.. I- *laugh* thanks. So what are you in the city shopping for? Clothes?

Gabrielle – Toys for the daycare, and… yeah some dresses for me.

Issac – Planning a night out?

Gabrielle – …..You never know.

Issac – I’m not gonna pretend to be oblivious to the situation between you and Jordan so I just want to know.. Are you over him?

Gabrielle – Complicated question my dear…

Issac – Why is that com-

Gabrielle – Are you over Josh?

Issac – What?

Gabrielle – ….I always had this feeling, that you loved him.

Issac – I do love him, he’s my best-

Gabrielle – You know what I mean.

Issac – Fine… thats a complicated question…“dear” *laugh*

Gabrielle – *laugh* See!

Gabrielle – So I ran into Kokoro, and Sasha on my way here.

Issac – Really? How’d that go?

Gabrielle – Old me would have ignored them and hopped into a cab, new me decided to say hi.

Issac – Good!

Gabrielle – After I said hi, Kokoro got a call on her cell, leaving Sasha and I alone standing there. So I took the time to apologize for everything. She accepted, and.. yeah I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

Issac – I’m proud of you.

Gabrielle – I’m proud of me too, and I never say that…

Issac – Well its about time you started giving yourself more credit.

Gabrielle – Maybe, you know honestly after everything in Pylea, and then my failed “plus size” modeling career.. I really had no self-esteem.. coming back to GloCity was probably the best thing for me. I’m finally happy.

Its crazy, growing up with Gabrielle, I’ve seen her at her low points. Now she’s thriving, and growing. Its awesome to see, mainly because their was always this insecurity lingering in her personality. It was kinda off putting, you could always sense her tensing up, and then it made things uncomfortable. Now she seems like a new person. Sucks that it had to come at the expense of her relationships with Josh, and Jordan.

Issac – Hey Gab?

Gabrielle – Yeah?

Issac – You gonna fix things with Josh, and Jordan?

Gabrielle – Jordan and I are already working on being friends again.

Issac – What about Josh?

Gabrielle – I don’t want to force it. It’ll happen when time is right.

Issac – Maybe, or it could get worse.

Gabrielle – True…. You know I still feel guilty about my feeling for Jordan. If I’m being honest, they manifested while I was still with Josh. That’s wrong.. that’s so wrong.

Issac – It happens… atleast you’re not-….

Gabrielle – Atleast I’m not what?

Issac – Hmm…

Gabrielle – What is it?

Issac – Its personal

Gabrielle – We’re friends right?

Issac – …. Yeah…. Okay fine but keep this between us okay?

Gabrielle – Of course.

Issac – So, I’m seeing Riley.

Gabrielle – Moss?- He’s dating Mira isn’t he?

Issac – He and I started f**kin’ around before the guys and I left for that Mango Island trip. I didn’t know he was still seeing Mira.

Gabrielle – When did you find out?

Issac – like 2-3 weeks ago..

Gabrielle – When’s the last time you had sex with him?

Issac – Eh….Yesterday…

Gabrielle – *laugh* Issac!

Issac – I know I know… He’s so f**kin’ cute though.

Gabrielle – ……He’s pretty cute yeah.. but-

Issac – I know, its wrong.

Gabrielle – Why won’t you break it off?

Issac – Cause he makes me forget about Josh?

What the f**k am I saying?…. Its almost as if I like Riley.. Which would be ridiculous. By the way I don’t like Riley! Its just sex.

Gabrielle – You like-like him?

Issac – No.

Gabrielle – What do you get from the relationship then? just sex?

Issac -…..yeah.

Gabrielle – …..That’s not good Issac. I mean casual sex is something people do, but think of it this way. You’re either having sex with Riley because you can’t be with Josh, or you really like Riley and can’t admit it.

Issac – Maybe its the first one.. The umm… Josh thing.. its probably that.

Gabrielle – Are you sure?


Issac – Yeah.

Gabrielle – I don’t want to tell you what to do, but if you DO like him.. you need to make sure he breaks it off with Mira…. before things get too complicated.

Issac – Yeah… You know he’s… Thing is Riley’s actually a cool person. I think he just get wrapped up in his persona when around other people. Did I mention how cute he is?

Gabrielle – *laugh* Good luck with that.

Issac – *laugh* Yeah…

Gabrielle – Thanks for walking me to the subway, you didn’t have to.

Issac – No problem, we should do this more often.

Gabrielle – Yes! we should!… and we will *smile*

[Cell rings]

Issac – Hmm

Gabrielle – Go on and answer, I’ll call you later.

Issac – Alright.. be safe!

Gabrielle – Bye!

Issac – See ya. *answers phone* Hello?

Kaitlyn – Hi Issac

Issac – Hey Kait.

Kaitlyn – Are you busy?

Issac – No, I was actually on my way back to the house, why?

Kaitlyn – I told you I was in no rush for you to get a job, but you insisted on finding one…

Issac – Right.

Kaitlyn – Well something came up if you’re interested?

Issac – Hell yeah I’m interested.

Kaitlyn – I’ll text you the address. The woman at the desk, her name is Judy, tell her Kaitlyn sent you.

Issac – Alright, thanks.

Kaitlyn – No problem cutie!

Issac – *laugh* Bye.

I decided to just walk to the place, instead of catching a cab. I arrived and this chick dressed like a glowstick was sitting at a desk. I was so excited to get an opportunity, I realized I didn’t even ask Kaitlyn what it was. I’m here.. clueless.

Issac – Hi, are you Judy?

Judy – Yes I am, are you Issac?

Issac – Yeah.. umm Kaitlyn sent me?

Judy – Have a seat and wait till I call your name.

Issac – Okay….

……I feel like I was waiting for hospital results, what exactly did I get myself into?

??? – *smiles*

Issac – *awkward smile*

??? – [British Accent] You look petrified

Issac – Eh.. umm I-

??? – You look lost too *laugh* Is this your first time?

Issac – This isn’t a porn is it?

??? – What?! No! what the-

Issac – Thank goodness..

??? – Are you saying I look like a pornstar or something?

Issac – No?- I mean you look smooth- I mean hairless.. No.. you don’t look like a pornstar….

What the hell, was I turning into Josh?

??? – I’m just pulling your leg, I’m Gavin by the way.

Issac – Nice to meet you Gavin, I’m Issac.

Gavin – Nice. So umm, is this your first audition?

Issac – Of any kind, yeah. I hate to sound stupid, but what exactly am I auditioning for? My friend told me she had a job opportunity for me, so I’m here.

Gavin – Oh! no wonder you looked confused, we’re here for-

Judy – Issac Bennett, and Gavin Elliott?

Gavin – Well no point in explaining now, you’re about you find out.

Issac – Goody Goodness…..

Gavin – What?

Issac – Something my friend Kaitlyn-

Gavin – Kaitlyn? I know her- wait is she an accountant?

Issac – Yeah she’s my roommate.

Gavin – Oh……..

Issac – What’s that suppose to mean?

Gavin – My sister, is her ex girlfriend….

Issac – Oh….

Judy – Can you remove your shirts please?

Gavin – Alright.

Issac – Ummm

Gavin – Just go with it Issac.. *laugh*

So I- well we walked into the room, and their was two guys sitting there. One had a camera, and one was on his cellphone. He looked important. Turns out this was an audition for a modeling ad. It was a pairs thing, and my partner was that British guy, Gavin….. It was really awkward considering what they had us do…

About 20minutes later we left…

Issac – ……. sure felt like porn to me.

Gavin – You’re breath was-

Issac – What?

Gavin – Minty *laugh*

Issac – I don’t understand why they had us kissing.

Gavin – Wanted to see if we had chemistry.. You’re reaction to them asking you to shave your chest was hilarious…

Issac – I like my chest the way it is…..

Gavin – Yeah I like hairy chest to be honest.

Was he flirting with me?

Issac – Based on that audition, I’m going to assume if we get the job, it will be a raunchy shoot. Its for a cologne, I don’t see why it has to be so… dirty.

Gavin – Truth is, sex sells. [Stops British Accent] Why am I still talking in a British accent *laugh*

Issac – You’re not british?

Gavin – No *laugh* I like doing that with strangers, I’m really goofy and silly… Why was my accent good? did you really think I was british?

Issac – Yeah it was really good actually.

Gavin – Cool… but um, about the audition. Sex sells, and atleast part of the proceeds are going towards a good cause.

Issac – What exactly is it going towards?

Gavin – Project Happy, which is a charity for LGBT Youth. Theirs alot of LGBT kids who feel alone, who are abanadoned or left home for obvious reasons. Project Happy tries to help with all of that.

Issac – Well in that case I hope we get the job, as someone who grew up with a father who wasn’t too keen on homosexuality… I like the thought of helping others who may be in the same situation.

Gavin – Yep. That agency actually has alot of jobs, so its good Kaitlyn suggested it to you. She does Judy’s taxes, and stuff so, I guess Judy owed her a favor.

Issac – So.. about Kait…

Gavin – Honestly I don’t speak to her much anymore, I love her, but I know seeing her would bring back memories of my sister. I don’t want to upset her.

Issac – What exactly happen between them?

Gavin – I’d rather she tell you. All I’m going to say is.. what happen was enough for Quinn, my sister- to move. She packed her stuff and moved to GloCity.

Issac – That’s where I lived.

Gavin – Small world. How exactly do you know Kaitlyn?

Issac – High School…

Gavin – Oh okay. Well.. I should probably get going…. before my boyfriend freaks out.

Issac – Please tell me his name isn’t Kris. With the way things have been going lately.. if you’re dating my ex I’d die..

Gavin – No, his name isn’t Kris.. His name is- well.. Lets call him MJ..

That’s so weird.. why so secretive about a name….

Issac – Why so secretive about his name? not like I know him.. then again who knows.

Gavin – I’m sorry, that does seem weird.. umm. Okay well.. my boyfriend isn’t exactly out of the closet.. basically he pretends to be straight for the most part.

Riley much?

Issac – I’m sorta seeing someone who’s like that.. I mean he’s not that in the closet anymore… but he’s not exactly telling people he’s into guys. Which I’m fine with, I’d rather people not know we’re… yeah.

Gavin – Why?

Issac – …you know what… I don’t know… hmm

Gavin – *smiles* something to think about eh?

Issac – I guess….

Gavin – This guy is your boyfriend?

Issac – No, we just.. “see” each other..

Gavin – Ah, I see…Well.. again.. I should go, he likes me at his place when he gets off work. If I’m not there he’ll freak out.

Issac – Sounds controlling.

Gavin – …*looks to the side* He works hard.. and has stressful days.. umm.. I just like being there for him.

Issac – I understand…….

Gavin – I’ll be seeing ya. I hope we get the job. You were easy to work with, no ego or attitude.. I appreciated it.

Issac – Ditto… you were- I mean.. you ARE really nice, and I’d like to work together. Umm.. Speaking of which.. and I’ll make this fast because I know you have to go

Gavin – Okay *smiles*

Issac – I don’t have many friends- especially friends like.. me.. you know.. gay. I don’t have many, and I for sure don’t have any friends here in the city, so if its cool with you, can we exchange numbers, and keep in contact? I mean even if we don’t get the job, I’d like to hang out.

Gavin – Thats adorable, umm.. sure, we can exchange numbers *smiles* give me your phone so I can add my number, here take mine and put yours in.

Issac – Cool… *smile* Alright thanks, I’ll call you.

Gavin – Alright see ya.

Well that was different. I don’t usually put myself out there like that. I just figured he seemed nice, and cool.. and hell we were kissing in a room for 15minutes, might as well try and be friends. Its funny how everything connects in one way or another. He’s the brother, of Kaitlyn’s Ex.. crazy. I hope we get the job, modeling is easy.. I just stand there and pretend not to care about anything *laugh*

Gavin gave me tips too.. told me how to move my shoulders and what kind of stances work. He seems really nice, sucks that his boyfriend seems like such an asshole. I get this really bad vibe, but its none of my business. Speaking of relationships, Gavin brought up a good question. Why was I so against people knowing about Riley and I? I mean apart from the Mira thing, even if he was single I doubt I’d wanna tell people. I’m not sure why either.

Riley’s really nice to me, and I’m not stupid, I know he likes me. I just.. I can’t have feelings for him, I just can’t. Sucks too because he’s really cool.. theirs just too much baggage.. too many complications…. Yet as I’m walking and thinking about all of this.. I want to hangout with him. Hmm… F**k it.. I know its what I want, and I know he’d be happy to hear from me…

I called Riley, and we agreed to see a movie…. It was… cool. I mean I know, I really shouldn’t be hanging out with him. He’s seeing Mira, and its wrong. I can’t help it though, theirs something about Riley that…. *laugh* I can’t even go there.. I- hmm..

Riley – Dude, that movie sucked balls.

Issac – Eh.. was kinda boring.

Riley – Doesn’t matter though, it was an excuse to hangout. I’m shocked you wanted to, usually its just for.. sex, not that I mind that.

Issac – I don’t mean for it to be that way, I think you’re dope- the f**k? I said “dope” I’ve been hanging around you too much.

Riley – Look at you talking like me, next you’ll be rockin’ my gear.

Issac – I’d never dress like that.

Riley – Come with me…

Issac – Where?

Riley – On the side of the theater, I want to talk to you about something.

Issac – Alright..

Riley – So.. umm How do I put this…

Issac – Don’t…

Riley – I know you feel the same way dude…

Issac – … I don’t

Riley – You let me hold your hand in the theater…

Issac – It was f**king cold in there.

Riley – You and I are.. We’re when Rock meets Hip Hop.. we’re this dope ass mashup.. ya know? Why deny that?

Issac – …You’re f**king corny…*smirk*…

Riley – You like it.. admit it.

Issac – Not really dude..

Riley – Why won’t you admit you like me? just say it.

Issac – Nah.. I’m good.

Riley – Man.. you make me feel like shit Issac.. I like you and-

*sigh* No comment….

Issac – There.. happy?

Riley – You just.. kissed me in.. public..

Issac – Yeah.. don’t go writing a love song about it.. You goin all soft on me Riley?

Riley – You know I’m never soft.. I’m always hard.

Issac – …..Can we talk about something else now? Like the fact that you didn’t spaz out just now?

Riley – Why would I “spaz” out?

Issac – You just got kissed by a dude in public

Riley – Oh.. yeah I did huh?… whatever..

Issac – You don’t care anymore?

Riley – I ain’t tryna be all soft n’ shit but umm, when I’m kickin’ it with you… none of that label shit matters you dig what I’m sayin’

Issac – …..Yeah

Riley – Issac.. I’m different around you, I talk about smart shit, the news, and world stuff. I…*whispers* I bottom for you sometimes… I never do that.

Issac – Hey that works both ways I was a top before you.. never did I think I’d bottom.. ever… Look this is- lets not talk about sex right now okay?

Riley – Fine.. Oh! I do have something else I wanted to talk to you about.

Issac – Shoot….

Riley – So I’m going to break up with Mira.

Issac – Okay…

Riley – Okay?

Issac – Why are you breaking up with her?

Riley – She’s been moody, and just.. b***hy… I have way more fun with you.

Issac – ….

Riley – I was hoping we could… I don’t know.. I mean maybe we could.. be a couple or some shit.

Issac – …..I don’t think so…

Riley – You’re so f**king hot and cold.. Why? Why don’t you wanna be with me?

Issac – I can’t.

Riley – Is it cause of Josh? Cause you told me that your feelings for him are going away.

Issac – They are..

Riley – Yo, why you think that’s happening? I helped you get over dat n***a…. clearly you like me enough to get rid of whatever emotions you had for him. That’s real talk.

Issac – Stop talking so ghetto! goodness!.. *laugh*

Riley – *laugh* Sorry I forget you’re not comfortable with the N word..

Issac – I just think people shouldn’t use it..

Riley – I’m part black.

Issac – I know but the word is so.. negative..

Riley – Yo, I won’t use it anymore.. for you.

Issac – … I just remembered I forgot to feed Mr Wiggles.. I should go back home and do that..

Riley – We’re not done talking about us…

Issac – I’ll think about it?

Riley – Really?! you went from no to “I’ll think about it”??

Issac – …. I’ll call you later alright?

Riley – Yep.. Cool.

Oh my goodness.. Riley’s something else, why does he want to date me?.. I’ll be honest though, my feelings for Josh were at a 80… now its like a 30. Riley did help me move on, but I don’t want to admit that. Admitting that would mean that yeah… I guess I do like Riley. Also as far as Josh goes, he’s so happy with Sasha, and all I want is to see him be happy. That’s another reason why its best for me to stay his friend, and not let anything come between us. Anyway.. I returned home because I was tired and I had done a shitload of walking today.

When I got home, Kaitlyn was crying.. I don’t know what’s wrong with her. Theirs something she’s not telling me.

Kaitylin – *sniff* Its just us Mr Wiggles…

Issac – I don’t think Mr Wiggles speaks english.

Kaitlyn – When did you get home?

Issac – Just now… Are you okay?

Kaitlyn – I’m fine.

Issac – Why were you crying?

Kaitlyn – Allergies…. No.. that’s a lie.. Just something about my past that upset me. If its okay with you, I don’t want to talk about it. I’ll just end up crying again.

Issac – We can change the subject under one condition.

Kaitlyn – Hmm?

Issac – When you do want to talk about it.. you’ll tell me everything

Kaitlyn – Deal *smiles*

Issac – So.. what are we watching?

Kaitlyn – Glee.

Issac – Can I join you?

Kaitlyn – Really?

Issac – Yeah.

Kaitlyn – Yes! of course! Goody Goodness!

I knew it would make her happy…

Kaitlyn – So how did it go?

Issac – What?- Oh the modeling gig?

Kaitlyn – Yeah

Issac – It went fine.. the guy said he’ll call if I get the job.

Kaitlyn – Cool.

Issac – Umm.. I had an auditioning partner…

Kaitlyn – Oh? It was a pairs thing?

Issac – Yeah… we had to kiss, and like pose on each other.. awkward…

Kaitlyn – Was he nice? and cute?

Issac – He was both of those things. We exchanged numbers, and hopefully we’ll be friends.

Kaitlyn – …Good!

Issac – Umm..

Kaitlyn – What?

Issac – You know him…

Kaitlyn – I what?- Oh………….. was it Gavin?

Issac – Yes…

Kaitlyn – …..Hmm.

Issac – He didn’t tell me anything about you, and Quinn, so.. don’t freak. He said that’s none of his business, and if you wanted me to know, you’d tell me.

Kaitlyn – Thats sweet of him, he’s always been nice. I kinda cut him out of my life after… hmm.. can we change the subject?

Issac – Yeah *smiles* Hey I just noticed that chick Rachel Berry isn’t really in this episode..

Kaitlyn – Sometimes she’s not featured as much, gives others a chance to shine…

Issac – The guy in the gold, has a nice butt..

Kaitlyn – *giggles* How’s Riley?

Issac – …..funny you should mention him. He’s fine…

Kaitlyn – I like him, and you know what?

Issac – Hmm?

Kaitlyn – I think you like him too.

Issac – Maybe.. its our secret though ‘kay?

Kaitlyn – Pinky swear.

Issac – I was actually out with him tonight.

Kaitlyn – What did you do?

Issac – We saw a movie..

Kaitlyn – Nice, I haven’t been to a movie in a long time.

Issac – I’ll have to take you.

Kaitlyn – I’d like that.

Issac – Kaitlyn… thanks for everything.

Kaitlyn – You’re welcome.

Issac – *smirk* Hey you want a milkshake? I can make us some, and some popcorn.

Kaitlyn – Sure! let me pause this. While you’re doing that I can give Mr Wiggles a quick bath!

Issac – Chocolate milkshakes?

Kaitlyn – I love chocolate ice cream! Goody Goodness!

[Cell Rings]

Issac – Hello?…….. Hey Jordan. What?……………when?……………………………..no-yeah sorry.. I’m here- umm.. Okay…

Kaitlyn – Everything okay?

What… the f**k?

Issac – My father…. he’s in the hospital…

Kaitlyn – Oh my goodness…

Issac – ……..

~End of Chapter Two- Pt 1~



  1. GASP!! His dad’s in the hospital?? This could be interesting. I wonder if Issac will actually go see him. This Chapter is off to a great start! It’s clear that Issac and RIley have chemistry. I hope Issac can let go of whatever it is that’s stopping him so they can be together! So looking forward to the next part!! This story IS goody goodness lol. One more thing, I’ve always wondered how you get those images on the tv screens…..

  2. As always thanks for reading and commenting. And to answer your question about the images on the tv’s I just copy them from the internet, then resize them and I use photoshop to paste them in the tv 🙂 Its really simple. I find that it brings more to the story than just leaving it bare 😛

    On another note, you won’t have to wait too long for the next updates. I have Josh’s POV already in a draft, and Vince’s pictures/scenes are all done. I just need to do Jordan’s!

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