[B2M Season3] Chapter 1 : “A New Start” Pt 4 [POV Jordan]


***POV = Point Of View. That person will narrate the story.***

~Disclaimer : This story features mature language. Most Profanity & Other unsuitable words will be blanked out with “***”  This is a heads up for any cautious readers~

This is my new home. Its funny because it actually reminds me of the beach house the guys and I lived in. For the record this isn’t that house, and its not a new house built over the land of the burned down beach house. This house is actually on a dead end street. Its across the street from my mom’s old house. Obviously the one she moved out of to moved in with Peter. Originally I was going to stay in the house she left, but once I learned about Tyler, and got my new job, My mother and Peter bought me this place. They told me to think of it as an investment in both Tyler, and I’s future. So.. here I am.. 7am at my house. “My house” I still haven’t gotten used to that, but what I have gotten used to is my morning routine.

Jordan – I know, I’m running late.

Robin – Its okay. Why are you brushing your teeth in the kitchen?

Jordan – So I can keep an eye on Ty.

Robin – When I came in here he was on the couch watching TV.

Jordan – He likes to climb up there, and then get down. He gets into everything…

Robin – Well I’m here now, go on upstairs and finish getting ready for work.

Jordan – Alright.

Crazy right?… a baby… a job. My own house! I feel like I was in a tornado, picked up and just dropped somewhere completely different from where I was. I didn’t know I wanted a son. Now I can’t live without Tyler. Speaking of which, Ty lives with me. Briana is so f***ing weird! She doesn’t want Tyler living with her, and her sister. Now that I think about it.. she hasn’t seen him for a while, its been like two weeks.

Robin – I see your tattoo’s are finally fading.

Jordan – Its a painful process, but I’m glad to get rid of them.

Word to the wise, don’t get tattoo’s unless you want to live with them forever. With my job working at Nathan’s Law Firm, I realized my whole look needed to be updated. I grew my hair a little bit, and started dressing…better, and I’m in the process of getting my tattoo’s removed.

Robin – On the way here I saw Josh going to work. He’s so handsome, always happy too. I really love his energy.

Jordan [From Bedroom] – Thats one of Josh’s best traits. I’m happy he got the job too.

Robin – By the way… Remember I asked you if you talk to Issac often?

Jordan – Yeah?

Robin – Well… you said no…

Jordan – Okay? *laugh* what’s your point mom? he’s never in GloCity

I do miss Issac, before the Mango Island trip we were staying at my old house, aka the house my mother left. He’d help me with Tyler, and it was fun hanging out with him. We bonded alot, and we kept each others secrets. Mine about Gabrielle, and his about Riley. Obviously both of our secrets are out *laugh* About that though… From what I know.. Issac, and Riley are not dating. They fooled around a bunch of times, but he moved to Bridgeport. I’ve seen Riley around with Mira, so I assumed they’re done.

Now the Gabrielle thing, that’s a whole other subject.

Robin – Well It’s not my business to gossip, but….

Jordan – What is it?

Robin – You said Issac hasn’t been visiting GloCity right?

Jordan – Correct.

Robin – About a week ago I swore I saw him leaving Riley Moss’s house.

Jordan – ………………You sure?

Robin – Positive.

Jordan – Hmm… Issac’s very… He probably just wants some space from us- I don’t know.. Issac’s Issac.

Robin – Just wanted to make sure y’all weren’t fighting. I know Vince is busy in the city but atleast you guys do skype sometimes.

Jordan – Like… every 2 weeks, and what do you know about skyping ma?

Robin – Your brother AJ taught me how to do it over the phone. We skype sometimes when he’s not busy. We skyped the other day.. He was trying to get Tyler to say “Uncle AJ”

Aww.. I miss my little brother… hopefully he visits soon.

Jordan – I still hate leaving him…

Robin – Tyler is such a blessing.

Jordan – Who would have thought…

Robin – So…. son?… How are you? How are you really doing?

Jordan – Umm, I’m okay.

Robin – What’s Briana’s problem?

Jordan – Oh I have no idea, she’s so… distant.

Robin – I called her, to see if their were any specific snacks Tyler liked… she told me to buy him whatever, that she doesn’t cares and that I was “stressing her out”

Jordan – She’s being a f**king b***h

Robin – JORDAN!

Jordan – Oh! sorry! Ty! No curse words okay?

Tyler – *nods head no*

Robin – Are you dating?

Jordan – No? I don’t have the time, plus… explaining Tyler to women isn’t exactly something I have down to a science.

Not to mention… Gabrielle semi blew me off. She’s been keeping her distance. She told me she didn’t want to complicate things, that I had Tyler to worry about. I told her I could pay attention to both her and Tyler but she insisted on holding off on any kind of relationship.. I didn’t think that meant friendship too. I’ve seen her around, and I know she and Tru are now friends. So its not like I’m clueless on her life, atleast she seems happy. I’m going to try and move on.

And as far as Briana goes… I’m seriously considering having her thrown into a psych ward. How does one give birth to a baby, and then want nothing to do with it? Tyler is the most adorable thing ever! Even Liana (Her sister) is confused by her actions. She’s acting like a 21 year old with no responsibility. Briana was always mature, and smart. She’s a completely different person and its- something is not right about her..

Robin – Okay well let me get going. Tyler and I are going to meet Grandpa Peter at the house. We’re going on a little adventure today.

Jordan – Where?

Robin – To the zoo.

Jordan – Oh, thats cool. Tell Peter I said hi.

Robin – Okay, have a good day sweetie.

Jordan – You too, Bye Ty! daddy’s gonna miss you.

Ty – *waving bye bye*

My mother babysits Tyler everyday while I’m at work. Which I’m so thankful for. She know’s how thankful I am, but she see’s it as her “grandmotherly duties” Peter is a great grandfather to Tyler, which feels so odd saying. Peter was once a asshole…. then he and my mother go together and he changed his ways. He and AJ are even cool… they have a Chess rivalry that makes the Lakers vs Boston Rivalry look like childs play. That’s a basketball reference for you non-sports people.

Having Peter as my stepdad has been a pretty good experience. I just wish his biological son would give him a chance, but I can’t blame Issac… after all Peter has done to him I’d assume its hard to give him a chance. Peter has changed, he’s kind hearted, and not a homophobe anymore. I don’t really feel like its my place to tell Issac these things though. Peter is his father, and their relationship is- well I know what it was like. I’m seeing it all from a different angle, and it wouldn’t be fair of me to judge Issac’s distance.

That doesn’t mean that I sometimes don’t want to shake him, and tell him that he has one parent and to make it right, but then reality sets in that if someone told me Tommy had changed, I’d punch them in the face. Tommy’s a piece of shit, and he’s in jail where he belongs. I’m so happy Cashmere, and Tommy Jr. are doing good in the city. Tommy was a monster, and if the police didn’t put him away.. I would have. You never touch women, or kids….

After my mom left with Tyler, I drove to starbucks, got a coffee, then headed to work. Stressful day as usual but I’m not going to complain. Things could be worse. After a few hours of hardwork, I got a call from Josh. He was on his lunchbreak also and we decided to get a pizza and hangout for an hour.

Josh – This pizza is A+

Jordan – It really is, I’m glad you called. I was gonna wing it and just buy something from a value menu. This is so much better, plus I get to hang with the homie.

Josh – Who?

Jordan – YOU!

Josh – OH! *laugh* duh! I’m the homie!

Jordan – So I got Vince’s e-mail.. about that Justin dude.


Josh – Yeah he told me about it the other night.

Jordan – You hungout with him?

Josh – No, we talked on the phone. It was really late, he didn’t want to wake you.

Jordan – Probably a good Idea.. I put Tyler down for bed, and then I fell asleep in the chair..

Josh – What do you think about the whole situation?

Jordan – Umm.. I don’t know. I really don’t. Its so out of left field.

Josh – Yeah its really weird. Its like in Marvel Comics.. Cyclops aka Scott Summers, has a brother named Havok aka Alex Summers.. but theirs apparently a third Summers brother.

Jordan – Nah Cyclops and Havok are the only ones as far as I know-

Josh – Nope! Theirs Vulcan! aka Gabriel Summers.

Jordan – What?

Josh – I’m going to give you my comics, maybe you can read them to Tyler!

Jordan – Good idea… only the PG ones though.

Josh – Vince said he wanted to tell Issac about Justin but didn’t know how to reach him. I have his number but I didn’t want to just give it to Vince without Issac’s permission.

Jordan – Which is stupid because we all should be keeping in contact.

[Door opens]

Jordan – Mom?

Josh – ISSAC!

Jordan – Whoa bro! what are you doing in town?

Issac – Hey guys… I was… in the neighborhood and saw your car.. so I knew you were home… I heard you guys voices and the door was open so.. I wanted to sneak in.

In the neighborhood alright.. is that code for having buttsex with Riley?…. I crack myself up.. I’m a regular comedian *laugh*

Josh – We’re both on lunchbreak.

Issac – I got your text, congrats on the job by the way.

Josh – Thanks! I really like working there. Hey! Sit down and have pizza with us!

Issac – Umm, nah I’m good. I’m just here to catch up, I’m not that hungry.

Jordan – So what were you here in town for?

.….*laugh*….. Lets see how he answers this one..

Issac – I was getting some stuff from storage. To take back to the city.

Jordan – Oh reaaaaaaaaaaally?

Josh – I’m confused.

Jordan – How long do you plan on doing that?, and what storage facility are you talking about?

Issac – What’s with the 21 questions?

Jordan – …Nothing.

Josh – Did I miss something?

Issac – What is it?

Jordan – I don’t know if I should just put your business out there…

Josh – I can go in the other room?

Issac – No.. you can say it in front of Josh….

Jordan – Fine.. Are you really in town for storage? you’re not here… to see… someone specific?

Issac – …..I know what you’re getting at *laugh*

Josh – What is he getting at?

Issac – He thinks I’m in town to hookup with Riley.

Jordan – You’re not?

Issac – No!

Jordan – But-

Issac – Well.. atleast not.. right now….

Jordan – Mom was right!

Issac – What?

Jordan – My mom said she saw you leaving Riley’s house one night, I told her that was impossible because Riley is with Mira, and as far as I knew.. you were done with him.

Issac – Well..

Josh – Wait.. you’re still doing sex with Riley?

Issac – I only found out about Mira recently…. I’m not proud of the fact that he and I still… ya know.

Josh – Do sex.

Issac – Yeah.. that..

Jordan – No judgement. I just thought it was impossible. Seeing how their would be no way you’d come into town… and not say hi to us.

Josh – So you been here… doing sex with Riley, but not saying hi to us? Why?

Jordan – Are you mad at us? Did we do something to push-

Issac – Okay! stop.. I was homeless and didn’t want any help.

Josh – WHAT?!

Jordan – ISSAC! I told you! You had a home here!

Josh – You could have stayed in the basement with me!

Issac – Listen.. I’m not homeless anymore, I have a roommate and life is good okay? I don’t want to go back to that with explaining everything. Just know that I’m better.. okay? AND…. I love you guys.

Josh – One question though…

Issac – Yeah?

Josh – You were distant because you didn’t have a home? or was it more to it?

Issac – We all moved on our own, I wanted us to grow separately. I didn’t want to ruin anyone’s journey. I know that was all my own thinking. I know you all would have been there for me. You guys know me, I like to experience shit… it helps me live and learn, and I’m glad I went through that. I’m better for it.

Jordan – Where were you living?

Josh – Good question!

Issac – A motel.. then my car….

Jordan – If Vince ask-

Issac – I’m going to call him… after I get his new number from one of you. NOW can we talk about something else? Please? *laugh*

I- hmm… I can’t believe he was homeless- living in his car. He must have been feeling really low. Issac’s always been one of those prideful people who wants to get through situations on his own… it doesn’t surprise me that he felt this way… I just wish he understood that no matter what any of us are dealing with.. we still have room for him. Hey that’s a good line, I should tell him that!

Jordan – No matter-

Josh – Hey I’ll drop it because I’m happy you’re doing better, but just know that it doesn’t matter how much crap we all have in our lives, we still have time for you! Okay?

DAMMIT JOSH! *laugh*

Jordan – *side eyes Josh*

Josh – What? Did I say something dumb?

Jordan – No… what you said was perfect.

Issac – Thank guys.. and I already knew that.. you know I’m stubborn though.

Jordan & Josh – Oh yeah.

Issac -*laugh*….. You know on second thought I will have some pizza

Jordan – Help yourself.

Josh – Theirs apple juice… umm..Soda- ugh no Josh! no soda.. awww its orange too!… darn it! … be strong! oooh Orange Juice!

Issac – I’ll just have milk if theirs any.

Josh – Eww Milk and Pizza.. such a odd mix!

Jordan – Make sure you call Vince soon okay? theirs something he needs to tell you.

Issac – Is he okay?

Jordan – Yeah.. he’s not like dyin’ or anything.

Issac – Oh okay good.

Josh – Oooh theirs fruit snacks in here!

Jordan – Those are for Tyler!….. you can have ONE… just ONE!

Josh – Hells Yeah! I’m gonna eat it at work! Ha!

Issac – Wheres Ty? I wanted to play around with him.. I miss that adorable little person.. Who would have known you! could make such a cute baby- dammit I said cute again!

Jordan – Hey screw you Issac, you know I’m cute!

Issac – *laugh*

Josh – When you helped with Tyler you were so good with him Issac!

Jordan – Issac’s gonna make a good dad one day.

Issac – Nope!

Josh – What do you mean nope?

Issac – Not having kids.. One, I’m gay.. I’m not adopting… plus I’m damaged I can’t be any good to a kid.

Jordan – That’s not true.

Josh – I agree with Jordan.. that’s far from true!

Issac – Eh… It ain’t happ’nin. I’ll be Uncle Issac to all of your kids though. I bet Vince and Kokoro are going to have like 6 kids. She seems like the type?

Josh – The type? she has a big vagina or something?

Jordan – ………….

Josh – What?

Jordan & Issac – *laugh*

After eating and talking, Josh, and I returned back to our jobs, while Issac went back into the city. It was really awesome hanging out with them, sucks that Vince was missing. Still can’t get over the fact that Issac was homeless, and didn’t ask for our help.. he’s so stubborn…

Connor – Jordan!

Jordan – Hey Connor, you look taller..

Connor – *shrugs*

Jordan – Whats up?

Connor – Just wanted to come say hi, I was visiting my aunt Tru. I can’t find her though, she’s not at her desk.

Jordan – She’s upstairs, she’ll be right back.

Connor – … I needed to get out of the house anyway, my mom is driving me crazy.

Who doesn’t Skye drive crazy…

Jordan – What did she do?

Connor – She told me I can’t speak to my dad. She doesn’t let him call me, and she won’t give me his number. Then! I feel like she shoves her boyfriend Dr Sean down my throat.. I mean he’s cool but annoying..

Its really sad that Skye is still keeping up this lie. Connor still doesn’t know the truth about his father, that he’s dead… poor boy.

Jordan – I’m sure your mother has a reason for everything..

Connor – She’s annoying…

Jordan – *laugh*

Connor – So I was walking home from school, and saw an arcade. I think I’m going to go there often. To get away from my problems.

Jordan – You’re what? 12?

Connor – I just turned 13!

Jordan – An arcade is the perfect place for you to blow off steam. Josh works there by the way.

Connor – Josh is cool, we both like comics! He and I already said we’re going to see the Avenger’s movie together.

Jordan – Josh’s really excited for that movie.

Connor – Me too… I like… umm.. Black Widow..

Jordan – …isn’t she the girl character?…..*smirk*

Connor – Umm.. yeah.. SO?

Jordan – You got a crush on her!

Connor – NO!

*laugh* he’s totally into her.. though I don’t blame him. Scarlett Johansson is sexy as hell.

Connor – Whatever… So how’s Tyler? if you need a babysitter you can hire me!

Jordan – Maybe when you’re older..

Connor – Okay.

Jordan – I like the shirt.

Connor – Dr. Sean bought it for me, he liked it because it said.. well you see what it says..

Jordan – Do you like it?

Connor – No- well.. this girl at school she asked me if I know how to operate on girls, whatever that means..

Jordan – *LAUGH*

Connor – What? do you know what it means?


Jordan – No clue… but it sounds funny..

Connor – That’s what I thought. I just told her she’s weird and she walked away with her friends. Girls are so weird…

Jordan – That doesn’t change with age either.

Tru – Connor?

Tru – Did you bring the folder I asked for?

Connor – I put it on your desk.

Tru – Thank you.

Connor – You’re welcome aunt Tru.

Tru – You okay? Skye told me you left the house mad.

Connor – Mom is so annoying!… she’s being weird about my dad.

Tru – Umm… She’s just..

Connor – Whatever…

Tru – Well get home and do your homework okay? Homework before internet!

Connor – Yes Aunt Tru..

Tru – I’ll pick up burger and fries on my way home okay?

Connor – Awesome! I hate mom’s spaghetti!

Tru – You and I both… *laugh*

Connor – You’re so cool aunt Tru

Tru – Well I try.. anyway go on, and get home. Get that homework d-

Connor – Okay okay.. I’m going.

Jordan – Hey Mom… You- yeah. *laugh* No……. So are you guys back yet?- okay good, I’ll be there to get Ty in 30minutes. Alright. Bye.

After work I went to pick up Tyler from my mother and Peter’s house. When I arrived home Briana was sitting on the porch.

Jordan – Do you- do you wanna say goodnight to Tyler?

Briana – You did already…

Jordan – …I love my son, and I’m happy with him living with me, but I have a question.

Briana – Yeah?

Jordan – Is this temporary?

Briana – I think its best he lives with you permanently.

Jordan – What?

Briana – Jordan I’ll be downstairs… naked.

Jordan – Wait, Briana you’re being-

Briana – We need to make each other feel good, I’m sure its been a while for you.

2months or so.. that redhead chick on Mango Island

Jordan – We need to talk about Tyler.. about us being a family

Briana – Fine.. after we have sex.. we can talk about it.

Jordan -…Hmm.. Well okay. I’ll be downstairs in a minute..

Briana – Don’t be too long…

Gabrielle’s not in the picture… I have a son to worry about, maybe getting my family back together is what’s right…

Just… umm.. ignore this…

After Briana and I had sex, she went to freshen up in the bathroom. I figured once she came out.. we could talk about Tyler, and maybe being together for him. Thing is.. she had different plans…

Briana – Well peace out Jordan.

Jordan – What?

Briana – Its late.. I’m gonna go… I need to pick up Liana from the city anyway.. she works for Vince.

Jordan – You said we would talk about Tyler!

Briana – I don’t want to!

Jordan – Why are you being so weird!?

Briana – He’s fine here with you! You’re stressing me out! I just want to have fun and live my life!

Jordan – He is your life!

Briana – You’re being melodramatic

Jordan – You’re being a b***h

Briana – Maybe so… but I’m okay with that.

Jordan – Who are you? You ain’t actin’ like the Briana I know.

Briana – You’re not the Jordan I knew! Life would be better if you gave Tyler to your mother or something..

Jordan – Briana! Why would you say something like that?!

Briana – Where are my pants.. Oh! here they are.. Look I’m going to go. Don’t take it personal… I’d love to be with you.. its just that he..

Jordan – You mean Tyler

Briana – Its complicated… I’ll see myself out…

I was so angry! why was she acting like Tyler was some.. some mistake she wanted gone. How could she be like that? She used me! Tyler needs his mother! Something is not right!…… Why am I all of a sudden the mature adult in the situation…

After last night.. I felt so bad for Tyler, he didn’t deserve this. I couldn’t sleep at all.. I kept tossing and turning all night, frustrated at what had happen. I really need to find out what’s her problem. What I don’t understand is that.. when she brought Tyler to me that day… she didn’t have a problem holding him. Now she’s… different.

Anyway… I had the day off so I decided to take Tyler out. If Briana didn’t want to be there for him, he needed to know that I would. I’d put him first always, and he had my mom, Peter, AJ, and the guys. Tyler wasn’t going to be missing out on any love. I just- I don’t want him to grow up damaged because of his mother, but enough about that. Today was fun day.. and that’s exactly what its going to be.

Shit… was that Gabrielle?…..

[Kids playing]

Gabrielle – Not too fast Eric.- Jordan?

Jordan – ….Hey….

Awkward…. this is just what I needed.. more drama…

Gabrielle – Hi…

Jordan – Hi…

Gabrielle – Hi Tyler.. wow Jordan he’s gotten so big!

Jordan – ..Yeah.

Gabrielle – So you guys just having a father and son day?

Jordan – Yep.

Gabrielle – I’m here with the daycare kids…

Jordan – I can’t do this.

Gabrielle – ..I-

Jordan – You gave me the shaft when you learned about Tyler, you put unnecessary distance between us. Now we run into each other, and you want to be all cordial?

Gabrielle – I’m sorry. You’re completely right. I just felt terrible, like I could never be happy. Back in Pylea I had a failed relationship, then I move back here only to have another failed relationship with Josh. I thought I had finally got it right with you, and then… Briana comes back.. with a baby.

Jordan – But to punish me for it when-

Gabrielle – I know, I know! I’m in the wrong. I honestly just needed space.. I needed female friends, I needed to work on myself. I know I hurt you, and Josh..

Jordan – …You did.

Gabrielle – I’m sorry…. I want to be friends… can we just work on that?

Jordan – …I could use a friend right now.

Gabrielle – Are you okay?

Jordan – Actually I’m not. I’m stressed out, I LOVE Tyler, but I don’t have any time for myself. I feel bad having my mother and Peter watch him everyday and Briana is driving me up a wall.

Gabrielle – Jordan enroll Tyler in my mother’s daycare. I work there, and I’d love to help you out.

Jordan – I don’t know.. I’m not sure he’s ready for daycare.

Gabrielle – He needs to be around other toddlers his age, so he’s stimulated. He’s more than ready.

Jordan – …

Gabrielle – Jordan?

Jordan – I’ll think about it…

Gabrielle – This has nothing to do with us, Its the right thing for you to do.. you know that right?

Jordan – Maybe..

Gabrielle – I’m glad we had the chance to talk, and I know it was brief.. We should talk again.. soon.

Jordan – …Okay. Well, Tyler and I are gonna go check out the rest of the park.

Gabrielle – Alright.. I should probably round up the kids and get them back for snack time. Think about what I said. I think you, and Tyler could benefit from it.

Jordan – I’ll… do that. I’ll put some thought into it.

Maybe she was right, Daycare would probably be the best option. Tyler does need to be around other kids… It would give my mother a nice break too. For me though its such a hard concept to grasp. My son, at the daycare of the one who got away. The thing is, she’s been having blind dates, and going out having fun with Tru. That tells me she’s moved on, and It sucks. However I’m not going to sit by and sulk.. I’ll move on too. *sigh* I feel alone.. Its so weird, I feel like I have people who want to help me, but they don’t really know what I’m going through. I’m sad, I’m tired… I’m lonely.. Anyway I’ll see you guys another time. I’m going to spend the day with my son. Bye.

~End of Chapter One~ *Chapter Two Is Next*~



  1. Awwwwwww it was so cute seeing Jordan pushing Tyler in the stroller : ). Is it me or is Jordan even more handsome this time around? But what in the world is up with Briana?? It’s like she has Casey Anthony syndrome all of a sudden lol. That was also a nice surprise when Issac showed up; I miss seeing the boys together. About Connor, I cannot believe his mom is still lying to him about his father. Somebody needs to tell him the truth! Another great chapter!

  2. I’m pretty obsessed with Jordan being a father to Tyler, its pretty adorable! and LOL Briana… The fact that you brought up Casey Anthony made me LOL. As for Connor.. poor boy is still in the dark, wonder how much longer thats gonna last *wink* Thanks for reading and commenting. I’m currently working on chapter 2. I already have Issac, and Josh’s pics done.. working on Vince’s and then Jordan’s. Expect an update this week. Saturday or Sunday.

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