[B2M Season3] Chapter 1 : “A New Start” Pt 3 [POV Vince]


***POV = Point Of View. That person will narrate the story.***

~Disclaimer : This story features mature language. Most Profanity & Other unsuitable words will be blanked out with “***”  This is a heads up for any cautious readers~

Kokoro – Did you forget to set your alarm?

Vince – No, it was unplugged. I almost overslept.

Kokoro – Oh babe, I’m sorry.. I unplugged it when I was dusting. I forgot to plug it back up.

Vince – Its okay, my body woke itself up.

Kokoro – Eggs, and bacon?

Vince – Sure.

This is life as we know it, and by “we” I mean Kokoro, and I. Every morning I wake up to her beautiful face. Its really surreal. I know its cliche to say that I’ve matured alot, but dammit I have. I did alot of bad things, and finally I’ve found my way…. atleast I hope so.

Kokoro – So I won’t be home until- probably 5am.

Vince – Work?

Kokoro – What else would it be silly- I have the make-up commercial.

Vince – Oh so you got it! Good!

Kokoro – Yeah my agent is a miracle worker

Vince – I’m sure your agent is great, but its your beauty and talents that got you here.

Kokoro – Awww…

She’s really working hard to get what she wants, its really inspiring. Which is why I now have my own company. Its called “Capture” I have my own building and everything. I’m trying to be the next Kodak. I have associates who are interested in me making my own line of camera’s.. So I’m really happy.

Kokoro – Vince! don’t eat anything I’m making breakfast remember?

Vince – Oh I’m just getting a juice.

Kokoro – Oh okay, I don’t want you to spoil your appetite.

Vince – *laugh*

Kokoro – So are you going to go out tonight?

Vince – No, I’m sure The Suits would be happy if I went out with them though.

Kokoro – Why don’t you go out with them?

Vince – Umm.. They like bars, strip clubs, and I-

Kokoro – Are you worried about the women?

Vince – I just don’t want you to think I’ve slipped back into my old ways.

Kokoro – Honestly, I think you should go out, and have fun with The Suits. Vince I’m secure with what we have, I’m not threatened by other women.

Vince – I don’t know…

Kokoro – Go out, get buzzed, and have a few strippers put their boobs in your face. Have some fun!

Vince – *laugh* I have all the boobs I need right here at home

Kokoro – Sweet.. but lets be honest.. I have a small B cup… *laugh*

Incase any of you are wondering, no… I haven’t really spoken to the guys. Before any of you jump to conclusions… I haven’t replaced them either. I’ve honestly been working hard with my company, and coming home to Kokoro. I don’t have much time for fun to be honest. I miss the hell out of the guys, I told myself when I get some freetime I’m going to see Josh, and Jordan in GloCity. As far as Issac goes, I know he lives here in the city, but I have no idea where!… I really need to find out.

Really since the Mango Island trip, all I’ve been doing is this. This is my routine now, I’ve had a pretty boring- well not boring, but low key life. I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way after all the shit that has gone down in the past. Oh and by the way, I don’t talk to Mia, nor do I visit Tommy in jail… I don’t want anything to do with them. The only person I’ve really kept in contact with is my sister Vanessa. Our relationship is still a work in progress but so far so good.

Kokoro finished making breakfast, and I enjoyed it. I showered, and got dressed. It was time for work. This was one of my favorite parts of my day, I loved working. If I’m being honest, My photography was always just an excuse to take pictures of pretty women. Now its a passion, its what I want to do for the rest of my life. I want to leave a legacy for my future kids to inherit. Ha… that’s a thought… Vincent McDonald… Family Man. Far cry from who I was when you first met me huh?

??? – [Southern Accent] Hi, umm you wouldn’t happen to be Vincent McDonald would ya?

Vince – Yeah? Why?

??? – My name’s Justin, Mia told me I could find you here. I’m-

Vince – Oh so you’re the guy people keeps saying looks like me. Look I’m done with Mia, so if you’re here to tell me to stay away from her… I’m already doing that. Its sad that she’d hire you, have sex with you, and then send you to try and intimidate me.

Justin – I’m sorry, I’m not sleeping with that woman.

Vince – Then what do you want?

Justin – Yeah… You defiantly are who I think you are.

Vince – Excuse me?

Justin – Haven’t you noticed how much you and I resemble one another?

Vince – ……

Yeah… that’s a bit creepy

Vince – I have noticed, but whats your point?

Justin – That we’re kin- You’re my brother.

Vince – WHAT? No! I don’t have a brother, I have a twin sister… that’s it!

Justin – My fathers name is Nicholas McDonald.

That’s my fathers name…

Vince – ……That’s my Dad’s name…

Justin – I know.

Vince – My father never cheated on my mother, and I assume you’re younger than Vanessa and I?

Justin – I’m 23 years of age, and I hate to tarnish your memory of our father, but he did infact have other relations outside of his marriage

Vince – If you’re telling the truth- Which I’m not saying I believe… Why now? Why are you just now making your presence known?

Justin – Dad paid my mother off, to keep my existence unknown. I grew up, and I knew I had siblings… Siblings I could never meet. My mother did not want me to bother. She died two months ago, and on her deathbed she told me to do whats in my heart. I wanted to know my family.

This is unreal, this can’t be true…

Vince – This is the problem I have with all of this… I’ve been used for my money way too many times and if-

Justin – Oh! No! I’m not here for that! I have my own money. When Dad died I got some of his money, that I used for my Ranch back home.

Vince – I see… So wait how did you meet Mia?

Justin – I came into town a month ago. Stumbled into her bar, and asked a bunch of questions. I knew your name from a conversation I once had with my mom. She told me that she knew you, and that if I scratch her back, she’d scratch mine. She said a guy quit, and she needed someone to work at her bar.. So I agreed. I then-

Vince – I have to get to work… Would you mind coming back later?

Justin – I don’t mind at all, I’m sorry for keepin’ you.

Vince – Its not a problem…. Do you have a cellphone?

Justin – Yes sir.

Vince – Okay give me your number, and I’ll call you when I get off work.

Justin – Alright.

Vince – Umm, did you need a ride home or-

Justin – Thank you, but I’m alright. I like walkin’ You have a good day at work Vincent.

Vince – You too…Justin.

This was just odd. The idea that my father cheated was crazy, but possible. However, him having a secret child? That was just insane. All these years I saw my parents relationship as perfect.. till the day they died. I was left speechless at the thought of Justin telling the truth. It would mean that my father wasn’t the man I thought he was. It didn’t necessarily mean that his memory, and reputation would be tarnished in my eyes, its just.. I don’t know.. I’m so confused.

As Issac would say “The show must go on” And it did. I arrived at work just in time to make conversation with “The Suits” The one on the left in the blue, That’s Max Johnson. The one in the middle is Karl Smith aka their leader. The awkward looking one on the right is Richie Sampson…. and incase you can’t tell your right from left.. Richie is the Black one, Karl’s the fat one, and Max is the douchebag looking one *laugh*

Karl Smith [Fat One] – You coming out with us tonight?

Vince – Nah, but maybe next time?

Max Johnson [Blue Shirt] – You missed one hell of a night man!

Richie Sampson [Black one] – No he didn’t, You got into a fight with that bouncer

Karl Smith – Don’t scare Vince Rich!

Richie Sampson – Max needs to learn how to control his temper.

Max Johnson – That bouncer was out of line.

Vince – Sounds like you guys know how to party. One of these night’s I’ll come out with you.

Max Johnson – We’ll hold you to that!

Vince – *laugh* I’m serious

No your eyes are not deceiving you. That is Tommy’s baby’s mother Tika Cashmere Washington. I told her I’d help her and her son with a life in GloCity after I found out what Tommy had done to them. I told Tika, that I was moving to Bridgeport and gave her the option of living in GloCity or coming with me. She decided to come with me, and find a nice apartment here in Bridgeport. Their was plenty of job opportunities for her, but I knew I needed a secretary, so I asked if she’d be willing to do that. She agreed and the rest is history.

Cashmere – Goodmorning Vince.

Vince – Mornin’ Cashmere.

Cashmere – You have someone waiting for you. For the editing position.

Vince – Oh okay. How’s everything?

Cashmere – Great actually. Tommy Jr is doing good at his new school. I couldn’t be happier.

Vince – Good *smiles* Alright let me go get this interview over with.

Cashmere – She’s pretty.

Vince – She?

Cashmere – Yup.

So I walked into my office and the person I was interviewing was non other than Liana Adams. Little history lesson on Liana. She’s the sister of Jordan’s baby mamma Brianna. She and I hooked up once, but I only did it to get back at her for Josh. She’s Josh’s ex girlfriends Michelle’s bestfriend. Woo.. hope you follow.

Too long didn’t read version, Liana is Michelle’s bestfriend, and Brianna’s sister. Michelle is Josh ex, Brianna is Jordan’s baby mother. Anyway I hooked up with her, and kicked her out on purpose because she was so mean to Josh. She always liked to humiliate him, so I wanted her to see how it felt. After that she called me a few times and told me she liked me, but then ultimately she and her sister moved out of GloCity. Obviously they came back to tell Jordan about his baby.

And now she’s sitting here in my office…

Liana – Vince?

Vince – Hi.

Liana – You’re- This is your place?- Wow..

Vince – I know right? what are the odds that you of all people answered my job listing.

Liana – If this is uncomfortable for you, I can leave.

Vince – No, Lets get the interview started.

Liana – Okay so… as you know I graduated from-

Vince – Stop.

Liana – What?

Vince – I know your background with computers, and graphic design. I know you know your way around photoshop, and other editing programs. My question to you is why do you want the job?

Liana – Well… My sister, since having a baby she’s been so… off. I moved back into GloCity with her, but I didn’t realize how hard things would be. I not only have to provide for myself, but for my nephew too.

Vince – …… Good answer.

Liana – And on top of that I fit all the requirements, and my resume is pretty awesome. Want me to go get it? The woman at the desk has it.

Vince – No no.. I don’t need it…

Liana – ……….

Vince – *laugh* Don’t make me regret this….. but you got the job.

Liana – I DO?!

Vince – Yes

Liana – Oh my god! thank you!

Vince – No problem, you start in the morning.

Liana – Can I take you to lunch or something to thank you?

Vince – Probably not a good idea seeing as how I have a girlfriend.

Liana – A girlfriend? Vince McDonald doesn’t do girlfriends *laugh*

Vince – I’ve changed alot since we hooked up- but lets change the subject. Lets be professional okay?

Liana – Sure thing…..*smirk*

Vince – I got work to do, I’ll see you in the morning.

Liana – Sure thing boss man.

Oh how I hope this doesn’t bite me in the ass. I’m just trying to help the girl out…..

After Liana left, I got a bunch of work done. Made sure to avoid the suits on the way out of work. I called Justin and asked him to meet me at my place. We needed to talk.

Justin – [Southern Accent] Wow… this place is great.

Vince – Thanks. I had it built from the ground up.

Justin – You live here alone? Such a big place for one person.

Vince – No my wife- my girlfriend, Sorry I do that alot.

Justin – Maybe you should ask for her hand in marriage.

Vince – No, we agreed we aren’t doing that anytime soon. The way we live its like husband and wife, so I sometimes forget we’re not. Anyway come on in.

Justin – Dad’s genes are strong, We really resemble each other. I’m sorry if I’ve said that before.. I just… I didn’t know what you’d look like and- I’m ramblin’ sorry.

Vince – Its fine. Do you want a beer or something?

Justin – No sir, I don’t drink.

Vince – You work at a bar

Justin – Just to help that woman out. She seems sad, and like she could use the help.

Sad?…. I hope its not because of what happen with her, Nathan, and I…..

Vince – She seems sad?

Justin – Well just with me, infront of everyone else she puts on a smile, then when its just us.. she seems sad.

Vince – Are you two alone often?

Justin – Oh no, just during closing.

Vince – I see. Well even if you did want a beer, looks like we’re out. Lets go sit down so we can talk.

Justin – Alright.

Vince – So obviously… I’d want to do a DNA test.

Justin – Okay.

Vince – With a doctor of my choosing…

Justin – Alright? *laugh*

Vince – What?

Justin – Its nothin’

Vince – No, please share

Justin – You just seem like someone who’s been used one too many times, you’re very careful. It reminds me of.. well me.

Vince – Oh.. Well you can never be too sure.

Justin – I’ll agree to whatever you want me to do.

Justin – I’m not after any money or anythang like that. I’ve said it before, I have my own. I just want to get to know you, and my sister, what did you say her name was?

Vince – Vanessa.

Justin – Does she live here in the city?

Vince – No, she lives in the town over the bridge. GloCity, which is where I lived.

Justin – You moved here?

Vince – Yeah.

Justin – Where is your wife?- Girlfriend?

Vince – She’s working. Shooting a commercial.

Justin – She’s a movie star? or a model of some kind?

Vince – She’s multi-talented.

Justin – I hope one day to meet her.

He seems nice, and harmless… I just have such a hard time trusting people these days…

Vince – So you live in Texas?

Justin – Yes sir. Good ol’ Texas.

Vince – You said you have a ranch, and like horses n stuff right?

Justin – Yes.

Vince – Who’s taking care of all of that stuff?

Justin – My uncle, my mom’s brother. Him, and his children. We’re all so very close.

Vince – That must be nice.

Justin – It is, family is so important to me- That sounds a bit cheesy. I sound like one of dem pageant gals. *laugh* but it is true, Family is number one for me.

Vince – That’s a good thing.

Justin – Are you the same?

Vince – Well after my parent’s died, I just used money and women to make me feel complete.

Justin – You were hurting.

Vince – Eh, I guess, but even after my heart had healed I was still like that. I wasn’t a good person then.

Justin – Are you now?

Vince – I’d say so.

Justin – Are you close with Vanessa?

Vince – Umm… We’re working on it.

Justin – Twins usually have a tight bond.

Vince – Most do… Vanessa and I… we been through alot.. so.. its all a work in progress.

Justin – Well if you don’t mind I should get goin’ I have been working all night and the fatigue is kickin’ in.

Vince – Oh, okay yeah.. I’ll meet you at the hospital in the morning then?

Justin – Sure thang.

Vince – Did you need a ride home?

Justin – No I’m okay, I like to walk.. The city looks great at night. I’m buyin’ a truck next week anyway so I wanna soak up as much sight seeing as possible.

Vince – *smile* Okay well.. see you in the morning.

Justin – Bright n’ early. You have a goodnight Vincent.

Vince – You too Justin.

Once Justin left, I had the house to myself. I decided to go for a swim. It was too cold outside, so I opted for my indoor pool. I still hadn’t grasped the idea of having alone time. I had lived with the guys all those years, then I’d always have Kokoro around… her career is really going place, I need to learn to be okay with being alone.

I’m not oblivious to things. I know I’m well off, and I’m lucky to have such a nice life. I think that people get it confused though. Money isn’t everything, and I know what you’re thinking. “Of course you’d think that Vince” So let me explain. Everyone is looking for something. People without money have problems because… they don’t have money. People with money… they also have their own problems. Look at me.. I don’t know who likes me for me, or who’s out to try and use me. I used my money to surround myself with superficial stuff… Mentally that creates a problem. I should see a therapist *laugh*

I decided to just lay down and watch a movie, Then i realized… Vince! You have freetime!… So I wanted to call the guys, however… I had no clue how to reach Issac. Jordan was probably sleeping, and he has the baby.. The only person who’d be up would be Josh. So I decided to call him.

The phone was just ringing… Maybe he was sleeping, or out with Sasha….. 

Josh – Hello?

Oh he answered!

Vince – Hey Josh

Josh – Hey! Did you umm get my message?

Vince – Yeah, it was a bit odd-

Josh – Oh sorry about that! I was walking- well jogging, and I saw that the old arcade we always hungout at was re-opening.

Vince – No way!

Josh – Yeah! and guess what?

Vince – What?

Josh – I work there now!

Vince – REALLY?!

Josh – Let me tell you how it happen, you won’t believe it.

I sat down on my bed, and Josh and I talked all night. He told me everything about the Arcade, and Kane helping him with the job. I decided to tell him about Justin. Talking to Josh made me realize how much I really missed being around the guys… I have to find a way to get us to hangout on the regular. Growing up is so complicated. Anyway I should get some sleep. I have the DNA test in the morning…  Goodnight.

~End of Chapter One- Pt 3~



  1. Wow I never thought I’d see Vince as a….husband! lol. He has really changed a lot. And now he has a brother?? They almost look like twins : D. Hopefully he’s actually sincere and not after his money too. Great Chapter as always! I would have commented earlier but I actually decided to go internet free yesterday to protest internet censorship. Glad to see you’re on our side. It’s easily the dumbest thing anybody could consider passing!

  2. Dumb doesn’t even sum up SOPA/PIPA.. its just… lol.. I can’t even describe how.. stupid it is. It would seriously be one of the worse things to ever happen to the internet. People would seriously rage. Also thanks as always for taking the time to not only read, but comment as well 🙂

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