[B2M Season3] Chapter 1 : “A New Start” Pt 2 [POV Josh]


***POV = Point Of View. That person will narrate the story.***

~Disclaimer : This story features mature language. Most Profanity & Other unsuitable words will be blanked out with “***”  This is a heads up for any cautious readers~

Hey guys, give me a second.. just trying to update my résumé…..

[background noise]

Living at home again sucks…. I never realized how annoying my parents are, I love them but sheesh. I wonder how everyone else is adjusting. Issac seems well! I was so happy to run into him the other night. I really miss him, and Vince. I don’t miss Jordan as much because we see each other all the time. I think if he wasn’t around I’d go crazy.

Things with me have been pretty good to be honest, minus the whole living at home thing. I can’t complain to much though, its just the three of us- Well Ollie does come home occasionally. I miss him too, obviously though… we’re brothers *laugh*. Nothing really has been going on with me since Mango Island, I just stayed put at home. After the fire I had moved in here temporarily but as you can see.. I’m still here. I’m trying to find a job so I can move out.

Lets see… hmmm, Oh about Gabrielle. She’s kinda been ignoring me, not sure what her problem is. I know about her and Jordan and I don’t care, its fine.. I always thought they were a good fit. So I have no idea why she’s being such a.. meanie. Its fine though, Sasha keeps me happy. We have a great relationship, only thing is she lives in the city (Bridgeport) and I live here in GloCity. We make it work though. Wow.. I say “though” alot.

Anyway.. I think that’s about it.. I think. If I missed anything I’ll just backtrack or something- FINALLY! I’m done fixing this résumé.

Josh – DONE!

Ben – Shhh!

Josh – Sorry dad!

TV : Many believe this is the last year for the human race. 2012 shall be the end of the world

Janice – Oooh should we buy water bottles and get a kit ready?

Ben – We have a bunch!

Josh – If its the end of the world why would you need a safety kit? We would all just die!- Stop watching that guys. Nobody knows when the world will end.

Ben – Life is not a comic book Joshua! Their are no supermans that will save us. Its our time!

Josh – Don’t be so gullible!

Janice – Well I don’t know…. I think we should be prepared…

Josh – Oh goodness…

You know, this whole 2012 mayan calender stuff is really ridiculous. People can believe whatever they want. Me personally I don’t think the world is ending. Its going to be a bunch of excitement for no reason. Remember Y2K? Exactly! Oh and by the way.. that 2012 movie sucked. 

Janice – Maybe Josh is right, I mean maybe we don’t-

Ben – Shhhh!

Janice – Did you just shush me?

Ben – …….

Janice – Hmph! Guess you won’t get a slice of my pie tonight!

Josh – GROSS!

Janice – I thought you liked my pie Josh? I was going to make it for dessert.

Josh – Oh! Pie- as in pie-

Janice – What else could I have been talking- Oh goodness Joshua!

Josh – Sorry mom.

Ben – Be quiet you two!

Janice – *ignoring Ben* Josh honey?

Josh – Yeah mom?

Janice – How’s Issac and Vince?

Josh – Fine- Well Issac’s doing well. Haven’t really spoken to Vince.

Speaking of Issac, I’m happy to see that he put things behind him. I know he, liked me. I really like him too but not in that way. He’s being mature about it, and doesn’t seem bothered by my happiness with Sasha.

Ben – Maybe Vince is sleeping with Mia again.

Janice – Ugh! That horrible jezebel! Poor Nathan.. he needs to find a good woman! Mia was just a- a-… well she was down right terrible!

Ben – It ain’t my business what my brother does.

My dad and my Uncle Nathan have always been- well my grandparents compared them alot. Uncle Nathan is a lawyer, and my dad well.. he’s not. I don’t- Oh my god! I just realized that’s what my dad does with Ollie and I! Ollie is away at school and I’m not.. so he makes me feel bad about it. Endless cycle. Speaking of endless cycles, my Uncle Nathan did NOT take Mia back after the whole scandal with Vince. Usually he’d break up with her, and then get back together with her. Shockingly he didn’t take her back this time.

Janice – Ooooh new snuggies! Josh I should get you one. Its cold in that basement.

Josh – No, I’m fine down there.

Ben – I saw Gabrielle at the grocery store Josh.

Josh – Umm… Okay.

Ben – You two going to get back together? She was a sweet innocent girl! Wholesome!

Josh – I’m with Sasha!

Ben – Mia’s daughter….

Janice – To be fair honey, Sasha isn’t anything like her mother. She’s a sweet girl.

Ben – Sweet alright! I hear the things she says in the basement with Josh! Sounds X-Rated to me!

Josh – I-

Janice – Joshua is an adult if he is having sexual relations then that is his business.

Josh – Oh my god….

This is the stuff I have to deal with on an everyday basis… 

Josh – I’m going to take a walk.

Ben – Take the trash out please.

Josh – One step ahead of you dad.

Janice – Are you coming home for dinner?

Josh – Well Sasha’s sleeping over tonight so.. don’t embarrass me.

Janice – Oh good, Its Italian night! I’m going to make one of my best dishes!

Ben – I hope its not the one with the meat sauce again.

Janice – Look here Ben, if you have problems with my cooking theirs a diner here in GloCity with your name on it!

Ben – ……

Josh – I’ll be back later.

I took the trash out, and then went for my walk. All that talk about my uncle Nathan, I decided to go see how he was doing.

We talked about things, and turns out he’s doing just fine without Mia. He says he’s happier than ever so that’s good.

Josh – Well I’ll let you get back to work.

Nathan – Alrighty, I’m glad you stopped by Josh. You know I have no kids of my own, and I’ve always considered you and Ollie to be-

Josh – I know *smiles*

Nathan – *looks at desk* I have so much work to do.

Josh – I’ll leave you to it *laugh*

I decided to sneak up on Jordan, he had been so into his work that he didn’t even see me come in.

Josh – Jordo!

Jordan – Dude you scared me!

Josh – Why?- you’re not looking at porn or anything are you?

Jordan – No, I’m looking at Briana’s facebook page. She’s so weird, she never mentions Tyler or having a baby at all..

Josh – Hmm

Jordan – She has no pictures of him on her facebook page either.

I don’t know if you guys remember, but while at Mango Island Jordan told us all that he usually has his son Tyler. He said Briana is being distant, and that everyone thinks she’s going through postpartum or something. Either way I think its odd that shes being so weird about her own son…

Jordan – Are we still on for football this weekend?

Josh – Of course!

Jordan – Good, cause I could use a break. Between work, and taking care of Tyler I don’t have much freetime. My mom is going to take him so I can have some me time.

Josh – Where is he now?

Jordan – With his aunt Liana [Briana’s sister]- Damn this computer froze again.

Josh – Try a force reboot.

Jordan and I are closer than ever, we’re the only two here in GloCity. Issac, and Vince both stay in the city. Jordan and I have bonded and its great. We both miss the other guys though.

Jordan – So you came to say hi to Nathan?

Josh – Yeah.

Jordan – You see that chick over there? in the red?

Josh – *looks around* Oh.. yeah what about her?

Jordan – I think she and your uncle are seeing each other. They grab coffee and stuff all the time. Guess he’s over Mia

Josh – Good for him, he deserves someone nice.

Jordan – Yeah she gets all nervous when he comes into the break room.. its funny.

Josh – *laugh*

Jordan – Dude you’re so ripped. I can’t really workout much due to having no freetime. Can you tell I got smaller?

Josh – Not at all!

Yep.. he looks way less muscular… I won’t tell him that though. He’s still in really good shape to be honest, just not as big as before…

Tru – Jordan?

Jordan – Hey Tru.

Tru is one of Jordan’s friends, past hookups? She’s dating my brother Ollie by the way. Jordan got her a job as my Uncles secretary, which was nice of him. Not sure if you guys remember, but Tru has a twin sister named Skye, and she has a son named Connor who Jordan would always take out. Connor’s not a kid anymore, you guys should see him.

Tru – Nathan needs the files for that hair case? The “get ya hair done by raspy” place.

Jordan – Oh the home hair salon that’s being sued *laugh* I have those on my desk.

Tru – He wanted you to bring them to him, I think he wants to talk to you about something.

Jordan – Oh okay. Was it bad?

Tru – Oh no, I think it has to do with a case or something.

Jordan – Okay.

Everyone seems to be doing good.. now if only I can find a job..

Tru – Hello again Josh.

Josh – Hello *smiles*

Tru – So Blaze- I mean Ollie *laugh* wanted me to tell you that he’s actually coming home for spring break afterall. Which makes me happy, cause I miss him.

Josh – Ah, I thought he couldn’t make it.

Tru – Yeah he said change of plans and that he was going to make it happen.

Josh – Good. So how are you doing?

Tru – I’m doing great, especially now that Connor’s older? I don’t have to watch him as much.

Josh – How’s he, and your twin doing?

Tru – Skye is doing fine, she’s still dating Dr. Sean… Connor is fine, kind of a handful though. He’s at that age where he think’s he knows everything.

Josh – Teens….

Tru – Exactly. Well it was nice seeing you Josh, I have to get back to work.

Josh – Have a good day

Tru and Ollie are doing the long distance thing. Its so odd how my brother has changed, I mean on one hand he’s still Oliver. Then theirs this whole “Blaze” persona he created for himself at college.. I’ll never understand it. I’m happy they have each other though. Tru’s super nice, Ollie is a lucky guy. Though its still funny that both Ollie and Jordan did sex with her at one point….. awkward much?

After Jordan came back he seemed happy. Apparently he’s going to assist my Uncle on a big case. Good for him. I said my goodbyes and I left. I noticed my tummy was growling so I decided to go get some lunch at the diner.

As I walked up to the diner, I saw Michelle, and Vanessa walking out. Vanessa must have been on her lunch break from the hospital or something, she was wearing her scrubs still.

Vanessa – Hey its Josh.

Michelle – Hey Josh!

Josh – Hi guys

Vanessa – Oh crap I left my wallet inside.

Michelle – I’ll wait for you.

Michelle – Hey there superman.

Josh – Whats up Michelle?

Michelle – Nothing much. Got a much deserved day off from the bar.

Josh – You still work for Mia…

Michelle – Yep… I miss working with you though, you always had something funny to say.

Josh – Yeah I had fun working there until-

Michelle – Yeah….

Josh – So you and Vanessa just hanging out on her lunch break?

Michelle – Yeah, sucks.. the days I’m off.. she’s not- actually she’s rarely off.

I guess every relationship has its problems…

Josh – I’m sure it will all work out.

Michelle – For sure. So! How are things with Sasha?

Josh – Great! actually not a single problem.

Michelle – That’s great to hear, you deserve someone good.- Oh! speaking of which.. guess who came into the bar the other night.

Josh – Who?

Michelle – Gabrielle, she was hanging out with Tru. They were having shots and laughing, she seems well.

Josh – I wouldn’t know.. she’s not talking to me for whatever reason.

Michelle – Oh- I’m sorry.. I didn’t know..

Josh – Its fine, atleast she’s happy.

Michelle – Yeah but she doesn’t have to be a b***h and ignore you. She’s the one who fell for your friend after dating you. If anything you could be the one with a grudge- How’s Kokoro and Vince? and Issac? How’s he?- all of them?

Josh – Everyone’s good…

Michelle – Vanessa and Vince relationship has gotten better by the way. Vanessa talks about it alot…

Josh – I’m happy they can put things behind them.

I never in a million years thought Vince would forgive Vanessa. I’ve never known siblings- TWINS!… to hate each other as much as those two. After what she did to him, I didn’t think it was possible they’d ever be on the same page. Guess I was wrong, and that’s a good thing. Family should stick together.

Michelle – So what are you up to? where you coming from?

Josh – I went to see my Uncle, and Jordan.

Michelle – I saw Jordan this morning at the coffee shop, so I know how he’s doing. How’s your Uncle Nathan?

Josh – Strangely enough he’s happy.

Michelle – Mia’s pretty happy too…

Josh – Why?

Michelle – The new bartender she hired….

Josh – Is she doing sex with him or something?

Michelle – …”doing sex”…. I have no Idea.. all I know is he looks like Vince, and its funny as hell.

Josh – She would hire someone who looks like Vince…

Michelle – Enough about that! How are YOU doing? I assume its rough living at home?

Josh – Theirs good days and bad days. I feel like I have no privacy though.

Michelle – Aren’t you in the basement?

Josh – Yeah, you’d think I’d have enough privacy right?

Michelle – Poor baby… Sasha’s cool with it? Like she’s not giving you a hardtime about living at home?

Josh – She’s cool with it, if she wasn’t she’d be a hypocrite considering she lives with Mia…

Michelle – Oh I thought she had her own place in the city. Sasha seems cool… I’m glad you got a cool one Josh. After what I put you through, then Gabrielle….

Josh – Eh….. whatever happens, happens.

Michelle – Well I gotta take Vanessa back to the hospital, then I’m going to the spa… I’ll talk to you later.

Josh – Okay! Have fun.

Its so awesome that Michelle and I can have this great friendship, considering everything we went through. We can talk about our relationships and give advice. I’m glad we’re friends. Also seems like her and Vanessa have stopped their arguing and started communicating better. Michelle being into girls is nothing new, however her actually dating one for this long is unexpected. Awesome, but unexpected.

After Michelle and Vanessa left, I made my way into the diner, only to get a call from my mom. She wanted me to pick up specific groceries for dinner tonight, what is it with moms? They always wanna make a nice dinner when company comes over…. I decided not get a burger, and to just save my appetite for dinner. I went to the grocery store and got everything she needed. I returned home and I cleaned up a bit before Sasha arrived.

Sasha finally did arrive, and we sat and had dinner with my parents, which wasn’t as awkward as one would imagine. After some dessert, Sasha and I headed down to the basement for some privacy. I had just finished telling her about my day.

Sasha – I see Michelle all the time at the bar obviously. She’s nice, she says hi and everything.  I’m glad she doesn’t judge me, based on the things my mother has done.

Josh – Oh! and whats up with the Vince look-a-like working at the bar?

Sasha – Oh my god Josh I forgot to bring that up, *laugh* yeah theirs this guy who looks like Vince and its creepy…

Josh – I don’t know why your mom would-

Sasha – Josh, neither do I.

Josh – Its not our business I guess.

Sasha – Exactly, lets focus on us….

Josh – Is everything okay?

Sasha – Yeah everything between us is fine, I’m really happy with you.

Josh – Good. So how was your day at work?

Remember Kokoro helped Sasha get a job from someone who owed her a favor? well Sasha did get the job. She works for this company who has created a blog-based social networking service, It could be the next facebook or twitter apparently.

Sasha – Well… learning HTML isn’t that easy, though.. with your help I am getting it… I always thought I was smart, then I started working with those people. Shannon gives me a hard time, well no.. moreso jokes about it to make me feel better.

Shannon’s her boss I believe.

Josh – Shannon is your boss right?

Sasha – Yeah. Super smart too.

Josh – How’s the progress of the-

Sasha – Josh… I feel like I just ate a dinosaur… less talking.. lets just lay here for a while.

Josh – Sasha… no offense but you had alot of pasta. I’m not shocked you feel stuffed.

Sasha – *laugh* shut up…

Josh – I don’t blame you though… mom is a good cook.

Sasha – Maybe she can teach me. My mother is a terrible cook. She once tried to make me one of those instant noodle cups?

Josh – Yeah?

Sasha – Put it in the microwave with no water, almost burned the house down. She said she thought the water came after…

Josh – *laugh*

Sasha – Josh I’m so happy we’re together.. you make me feel good. Like- I just love spending time with you.

Josh – I’m happy to hear you say that.

Sasha – Also.. you’re sexy. You’re like this sexy buff nerd. I love it.

Josh – I’m buff, and a nerd but.. I wouldn’t say I’m sexy.. that sounds so odd.

Sasha – You’re just like me..  On the outside we’re at our desired weight, on the inside… forever fat.

Josh – You know that’s true, I still avoid soda like my life depends on it.

Sasha – I do the same thing when I see cookies, you know I love cookies Josh….

Josh – *laugh* I love your cookie…

Did I really just say that?

Sasha – Wh- you what? *laugh*

Josh – I…love…your cookie?

Sasha – I thought you said something else….

Josh – Like what?

Sasha – That you love my pus-

Josh – I love that too

Sasha – You better!.. its top of the line! *giggle*

Josh – Stop it… you’re gonna make me have a boner.

Sasha – You’re are so cute! “make you have a boner” that’s adorable.

Josh – I’m serious! If that happens, you’re in trouble.

Sasha – Oh yeah?

Josh – Yeah! like.. super trouble.

Sasha – Looks like I’m in trouble then….

Josh – *laugh*


Janice – Don’t mind me! I’m not looking.. just need to put these clothes in the washer.

What the hell!

Josh – Oh… Hey mom, Sasha and I were just talk- talking about, umm how great dinner was!

Janice – Mmm hmm.. sure you were Joshua.

Josh – We were! right Sasha?

Sasha – *laugh* no- yeah we were…

Janice – Nice of you to have his back Sasha… Don’t worry I didn’t see anything.

So embarrassing…. Did she have to wash clothes right when I was about to do sex?

Josh – Mom, just leave it there, when it stops I’ll put everything in the dryer okay? That way you don’t have to come back down.

Janice – Oh how nice of you Joshua.

Sasha – Yeah…. that’s REALLY nice of you….. Joshua… *giggles*

Janice – I’ll leave you guys to your hanky panky.

Really mom? hanky panky? Ahhhhhhh F my life… This is what I have to deal with.

Janice – Well wait… if you’re going to put them in the dryer let me show you the settings, and the fabric sheets that we use.

Josh – …………..

Sasha – I’m going to go shower upstairs and change into some shorts or something okay?

Josh – But-

Sasha – Josh… its okay, we have all night. I’m not going anywhere… I’m sure I’ll be in big trouble later… You’re always hard.

NO I”M NOT! I SWEAR! I can control my… thing- penis.. I can control my penis. I’m not always.. what she said.

Josh – …fine.

Sasha – Now go over there and learn how to do laundry Joshua *laugh*

As Sasha grabbed her overnight bag, and headed upstairs to take a shower, Mom showed me what to do with the clothes, and then she took the time to explain to me that condoms are important. She asked if Sasha and I were using them and I told her yes, which….. is a lie? I’m too embarrassed to buy condoms, I feel like such a dork. Sasha never really has time to pick any up either. So… we don’t use them.. I know we should though.

I felt bad, and irresponsible. While Sasha was showering I ran up the street to Jordan’s new place. Yeah he moved like.. across the street from his moms old place. He left the other place for AJ for when he comes home. I’ll let him explain that to you guys- anyway I went to see Jordan and asked for condoms. Of course he laughed at me for not using them, but then gave me a big box that he doesn’t need. Good Ol’ Jordan.. I knew he’d help me.

I got in, and Sasha was on my bed in my superman shirt, and some shorts. Even when she’s not all dressed up, she looks amazing. We talked and laughed about almost being caught doing sex, and then.. I pulled out the box of condoms Jordan gave me. She laughed and grabbed her dufflebag, only to pull out a box of condoms she bought on the way over. Turns out we both knew we were being irresponsible, and wanted to fix it. We……had….. a good night to say the least.

The next morning we had breakfast, and Sasha drove back to Bridgeport. I missed her already. With nothing to do, and NOT wanting to stay home… I decided to go for a run. Midway through the run I realized I had heard from Jordan, and Issac…. but not Vince. I decided to call him.

Vince Voicemail : Hey Its Vince- leave a message. [BEEP]

Josh – Hey Vince, its Josh. I was just thinking about you, and wanted to call and say hi. Hope everything is well for you- and Kokoro. I hope you guys are happy and stuff.. I’m doing okay, I’m in the middle of a jog.. and- HEY what the hell? they reopened the- Oh sorry.. thinking outloud. Wow this is going to be a weird message! Okay just call me back when you get freetime. Bye! Its Josh by the way!- Oh wait I said that.. okay bye!

He’s going to be so confused when he gets that message.

I’m shocked, they reopened the arcade the guys and I use to visit when we were kids. Looks completely different though. Wait.. is that Kane?

Kane – Josh… Hey dude!

Josh – Uhhh….

I guess it is…

I don’t know how good you guys memory is, but Kane is the guy Michelle cheated on me with.

Josh – I didn’t know you liked videogames…

Kane – I don’t.

Josh – Why are you here then?

Kane – Oh I work here. They re-opened and it said help wanted so I applied.


Kane – Whoa! You’re talking loud and fast..

Josh – Sorry.. I live in my parents basement.. I’m kinda desperate!

Kane – …..You know dude, I took Michelle from you, and then was a douche about it. I guess I owe you.

Josh – I’d really apprciate it if you could help me. I’d agree to put everything behind us. Clean slate between us.

Kane – Let me see what I can do….

Josh – Really?!

Kane – Yeah. Come on, I’ll introduce you to my boss.

Josh – Looking like this?!

Kane – Dude, you’re muscular, I’m sure you wearing gym clothes won’t hurt your chances at working at a arcade.

Josh – If you say so.

Wow…… It looks amazing in here…

Kane – Stay right there, I’ll go get my boss.

Josh – Okay, and… Thanks.

Kane – No problem dude.

Wow guys I hope I get the job! anything is good at this point… plus I do love videogames. Wish me luck!

~End of Chapter One- Pt 2~



  1. Excellent chapter! And good luck to Josh for the job because he NEEDS to get out of that house. His parents are crazy lol. But Josh and Sasha work really well together. It’s amazing that she’s been cool about his situation. Also I wanted to point out how cool that arcade looks : D.

  2. Thanks for commenting Rika. I had fun doing the pictures for Josh’s POV. Funny thing actually happen while taking the pictures. Josh almost got ran over by a wild horse, THEN he kept ignoring me and following a Bambi Deer he saw behind the arcade LOL. Speaking of the Arcade, glad you like it. It took about 30minutes to build, and it turned out great. BTW Vince, and Jordan’s POV’s are coming soon.

  3. Hey guys/gals/people who read my blog : I’ve been sick, so that’s why Vince, and Jordan’s POV’s haven’t been posted. Will get to them as soon as I’m feeling better 🙂

  4. Thanks, I’m feeling alot better, still have a cough though. Got Vince and Jordan’s pictures done, edited, and uploaded. Both updates will be coming up within the next few days 🙂

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