[B2M Season3] Chapter 1 : “A New Start” Pt 1 [POV Issac]


***POV = Point Of View. That person will narrate the story.***

~Disclaimer : This story features mature language. Most Profanity & Other unsuitable words will be blanked out with “***”  This is a heads up for any cautious readers~

……Hi?- Wow, feels like its been forever. Last time I saw you guys was what?- 2months ago during that Mango Island trip? Time flies. I know, I’m looking…. rough to say the least. You guys need to be caught up on my life so far. After mango Island I-

Unknown Male – What are you doing in there?

Issac – I had to pee?- I’m gonna take a shower though okay?

Unknown Male – Sure, but umm make it quick…

Issac – What?

Hold on guys, I need to know why he wants me out quick..

Issac – Why do I have to be quick? You want me to leave?

Riley – Umm, I don’t want you to leave, I just..

Issac – Ah…. I get it… This is just sex, and me hanging around for too long makes it complicated.

Which by the way does not bother me, I couldn’t see myself having a “relationship” with Riley.

Riley – Yeah- wait no! That’s not what I’m saying.

Issac – Then what are you saying?

Riley – Do I want you to leave? No, but you have to…

Issac – Because?

Riley – Mira’s on her way over… from the strip club…

Issac – Wait! Let me get this straight, You’re still f**king Mira?!

Riley – She and I have this-

Issac – How long has this been going on? I mean you and I hookup, and then you hookup with her after?

Riley – Usually before?- That sounded shitty, Mira depends on me. I can’t just be like “B***h don’t talk to me anymore.”

Issac – Are you hooking up with her, or are you two…..together?

Riley – ……Umm

Issac – Riley! What the f**k dude!

Riley – I’d pick you if-

Issac – Don’t finish that sentence… It would make things way complicated, we are NOT dating. I’ll shower at my place-

Riley – They place you never invite me to!

Issac – I’m going to go. That way it gives you time to hop in the shower and wash the gay off.

Riley – You know its not like that. Yo I don’t know why you’re being so judgmental, but you need to cut that shit out for real.

Issac – No, what I need to cut out, is this- this “hooking up with you”. Its bullshit.

Riley – Why you really mad though? Is it because you really like me or something, because if you do.. just say it.

Issac – I’m not mad, I don’t want to homewreck. I don’t want to be the other.

Riley – I forget you’re basically using me, because you can’t have Josh…. Newsflash he’s straight. You gotta get over him homie.

Issac – Riley shut the f**k up. Seriously.

Riley – I find it funny, that you wanna sit there and judge me. You’re in town [GloCity] and yet, you don’t visit Jordan, or Josh.. who are suppose to be your friends.

He got me there….

Issac – Its none of your business…

Riley – You live in Bridgeport, Vince lives there too… bet you don’t visit him either.. what’s going on with you?

Issac – Dude, we can’t f**k anymore alright? I’m done with this closet, homewrecker mess.

Riley – I like you… that’s not gonna change.. so-

Issac – Goodnight.

I got my clothes and got out of there…. You know Riley and I have been hooking up ever since the day I dumped Kris. He also confided in me that he shot Tommy. If he hadn’t shot Tommy, the cops would have never found him and threw his fatass in jail. I feel like Riley is really down for me, but then I find out he’s still doing Mira. I’m not jealous, nor do I have feelings for Riley. Its more of- I just- To my knowledge him and Mira were done… Whatever…

Oh and as far as what he said about me not visiting my friends, let me explain that. I love them, Obviously. I just feel like we all moved out on our own and the last thing we need is one another popping up saying hi. I feel like this is an adjustment period…. and.. heh- I’m full of shit. I guess the real reason is because, I don’t want them to see me like this.

Josh has his parents, Jordan has my dad- Peter, and his mom, Vince has Kokoro. I have nobody, and I don’t exactly have anywhere. Yeah you see this car? I live in it. I sold all my art work, and my motorcycle. I bought my dream car and yeah. I’m more than capable of getting a job, I’ve just been so depressed about- doesn’t matter… You know I think I’m incapable of being loved. Great… you guys come back, and here I am spilling everything out. I avoid talking to myself for this very reason… I need a drink.

[The Next Morning]

So, last night after I had that breakdown, I decided to go to a bar. I don’t remember much, which I guess is good. However reality set in when I drove back to my motel…

Roger – Look here, I kicked you out of the place 2 weeks ago, now you’re just parking your car here and sleeping in it. I feel for you man, I really do. Its a tough economy and all but I can’t have you parking, and sleeping here anymore. I know a few homeless shelters-

Issac – *laugh* Its fine, I’ll be okay.

I know you guys are probably wondering why I won’t just ask the guys, or my dad for help. With Peter (My Dad) I’d never ask him for anything after all he’s done to me. With the guys, I just don’t wanna be a burden. Everyone is trying this living on their own thing, and I don’t want to invade. Which obviously means that they have no idea what kind of situation I’m in. If they did they’d try to help.

Roger – This is a really nice car, maybe you should sell it?

Issac – Not a chance in hell.

Unknown Woman – Excuse me? Sir?

Roger – Yeah?

Issac – Oh great an audience…

Unknown Woman – I got lost… I usually don’t drive on this side of town… do you have a map?

Roger – Yeah let me go get you one.

Unknown Woman – Thank you.

Unknown Woman – Oh my god?

Issac – Yeah?

What the f**k was her problem?

Unknown Woman – Issac?

Issac – You know me?- wait.. you do look familiar…

Where do I know her from…..

Unknown Woman – Its me! Kaitlyn! from high school!

Issac – Kaitlyn.. Kaitlyn.. Oh! Oh! I remember you! You tutored me in math one summer.

Kaitlyn – Yeah! Look at us all grown up.

Issac – Yeah….

This is really not how I’d like to run into people from high school… 

Kaitlyn – I don’t mean to be in your business, but… I have an extra room at my place if you have nowhere to stay. May sound odd considering we just ran into each other but I-

Issac – I couldn’t do that.

Kaitlyn – I’d have no problem with it.

Issac – Thanks but no.

Kaitlyn – Issac… You don’t really have much of a choice.

Issac – …..heh…

Kaitlyn – You don’t have to worry about paying me back just yet either.

I don’t if its because deep down I knew I really didn’t have a choice, or if it was the thought of sleeping in an actual bed that led me to saying yes, but… I just went with it. Theirs something about a stranger verses someone you know helping you. I can’t explain it.

Kaitlyn – Think of it as us helping each other.

Issac – How exactly am I helping you?

Kaitlyn – My- uh roommate moved out. I’ve been depressed and a bit lonely. I could use the company.

Issac – …Okay.

Kaitlyn – Yeah?!

Issac – Yeah… Okay.. I’ll accept your help.

Kaitlyn – Goody Goodness!. Now.. I see boxes in your car, do you have any other clothes?

Issac – I have a nice outfit I was saving incase I went to a job interview, its not a suit or anything.. Jeans, leather jacket-

Kaitlyn – That will do. Put that on.

Issac – Why?

Kaitlyn – Because that hair is a tragedy… We need to fix it.

Issac – I can’t let you pay-

Kaitlyn – Oh no! Its free, my hairstylist messed up my hair last time and so they owe me a free visit.

Issac – No…

Kaitlyn – Oh come on.. be a “Yes Man” Issac

Issac – ……Fine…- I mean yes.

Don’t ask about the hair, I just went crazy one night with the dye.. As you can see it turned out terrible, though I kinda like it.

Kaitlyn – Goody Goodness! – Oh are you allergic to cats?

Issac – Nope..

Kaitlyn – Yay!

Yay indeed……

So lets get real here, this isn’t an episode of Sex and The City, we’re not going to chronicle me getting my hair done, and having some fancy makeover. Lets save that for the the women, and the stereotypical gays. I will say this though… the shampoo part was relaxing, the woman doing it had magic fingers.

Kaitlyn had showed me my room downstairs, and now we were in the living room… I felt so awkward. I mean I know she wanted to help, but I’m the type of person who has this wall up when it comes to accepting help, or anything really.

Kaitlyn – And here’s the living room… Kitchen is right behind us.

Issac – What do you do?

Kaitlyn – I’m an accountant for some big people, and up and comers. The job pays really well.

Issac – I can tell.

Kaitlyn – Yeah I’m- Yeah *laugh*

Issac – Ah and theirs the cat…

Kaitlyn – Yeah his name is Wiggles.

Issac – Wiggles?

Kaitlyn – Mr. Wiggles.

Issac – Cu-cool..

What the hell, I was about to say “cute” I never say “cute”

Issac – What do you do for fun?

Kaitlyn – My DVR has a bunch of shows.

Issac – Like what?

Kaitlyn – Vampire Diaries, Glee, and a bunch of Law shows.

Issac – Cool.

Kaitlyn – I don’t get out much…..

Issac – Well maybe we can change that?

Kaitlyn – I’m just scared to put myself out there.

Been there…

Issac – Everyone is…

Kaitlyn – Well make yourself at home, this is your home now afterall. I’m going to get some work done.

Issac – If you want, maybe later we can watch some.. Glee… or something.

Goodness I hate Glee, but… I think it would make her happy… so why not.

Kaitlyn – [Off Screen] Goody Goodness! I’d love that Issac! Are you a fan of Glee?

Issac – I haven’t seen many episodes…

Kaitlyn – Oh we can have a marathon!

Issac – YEAH!……

Dammit…. *laugh*

Kaitlyn – I’ll power through my work!

Mr Wiggles – MEOW!

Issac – ………..

Kaitlyn from what I remember was always a loner. She never had many friends, and she didn’t really socialize. I had to go to summer school one year for personal reasons and she tutored me. She was really nice, and she made my summer enjoyable. She doesn’t know the other guys, actually I’d be shocked if she really knew anyone from our high school. Maybe I can help her break out of her shell…

[cell rings]

Issac – [answers phone] Hello? Wait- No, I’m sorry too. You are?… hold on okay?

Kaitlyn – ….

Issac – Hey Kait?

Kaitlyn – Yeah?

Issac – Is it okay if I invite my- umm.. friend over?

Kaitlyn – Its fine by me, I just realized I had more work to do than I thought. Glee will have to wait till tomorrow.

Issac – You sure?

Kaitlyn – Yes, Invite the guy over

Issac – How did you know it was a guy?

Kaitlyn – I just assumed *giggles*

Issac – [back on cell] Riley? hey, sorry about that. Umm since you’re in the city, why don’t you come over? Yes I’m inviting you over. Alright. Yeah whatever, bring whatever you want.

Kaitlyn – Chinese food sounds good right about now.

Issac – Riley bring a bunch of chinese food.

Kaitlyn – Goody Goodness!

Issac – Alright bye.

Issac – Thanks for letting me invite him over.

Kaitlyn – Is he your boyfriend?

Issac – How did you know I was gay?

Kaitlyn – I didn’t, you just told me technically. I sorta assumed you were gay though.

Issac – Why?

Kaitlyn – When we brought your boxes upstairs, their was a Mamma Mia DVD in there.

Issac – Oh! That belongs to my ex boyfriend Kris…

Kaitlyn – Ex?

Issac – He cheated on me.

Kaitlyn – And what about this Riley?

Issac – Long story…

Kaitlyn – I can multitask.

Issac – You’re right, Its going to take Riley some time to get here with all the city traffic.

So as Kait worked on whatever it is that she had to work on, I told her the whole story about Riley. About an hour later Riley finally arrived at the house, he said he got lost. He’s terrible with directions. The three of us ate Chinese food, and talked. Kaitlyn finished her work and we decided to watch her DVR. Turns out… Riley likes Glee. Who would have guessed that. After we watched a few episodes, Kaitlyn decided to shower and sleep. Riley and I went downstairs to my room and stuff…

I know, you’re thinking what the f**k Issac. I really shouldn’t be seeing him, but its really hard to quit him. Ugh was that a brokeback mountain reference? Goodness.. Whatever, its true… I can’t quit Riley… atleast not yet.

[Next Morning]

Kaitlyn – Good morning Riley.

Riley – *laugh* Good morning Kaitlyn..

Kaitlyn – Do you want some breakfast?

Riley – Nah, I gotta get home, shower, and then sleep. I have work later.

Kaitlyn – Oh okay. It was nice meeting you.

Riley – You too, you’re really nice.

Kaitlyn – *giggles* You really like Issac huh?

Riley – *nods* Don’t tell him though, he has an issue with it, its complicated.

Kaitlyn – I understand.

Riley – Well thanks for all the fun last night.

Kaitlyn – No problem, glad to watch Glee with someone who loves it as much as I do!

Riley – I was just happy Issac invited me over. I mean as long as we’ve been- doing whatever- he’s never invited me to his place. Has he been living with you all this time?

Kaitlyn – Uh- Yes- yeah. We’ve been roomies for a while now.

Riley – Cool. I was starting to think he was homeless or something.

Kaitlyn – Yeah right! *giggles*

Riley – I should go, I umm- I didn’t wanna wake Issac, so just tell him.. what I told you.

Kaitlyn – Will do.

Riley – Okay. Bye.

I woke up and went upstairs, I saw Riley leaving and so I said bye… Then I went into the kitchen only to find Kait in a deep thought.

Issac – Kait?

Kaitlyn – …………

Issac – Kaitlyn?

Kaitlyn – Sorry. Was just thinking about some stuff.

Issac – Deep thoughts at breakfast- Oooh Frosted Flakes, Josh and I love them..

Kaitlyn – Josh is the bestfriend slash guy you’re in love with right?

She makes it sound so simple. Yesterday while telling her about Riley, I mentioned the guys too. I miss them… I hope they’re doing okay.

Issac – Yeah…. *looks down* I’m sorry, I’ve lived with 3 other guys for so long, I never wear a shirt, should I go put-

Kaitlyn – No, its fine.

Issac – Okay…

Kaitlyn – I heard you guys saying goodbye, so I guess I don’t have to tell you that he has to get some rest for work later?

Issac – Yeah, he told me.

Kaitlyn – Did you kiss him goodbye?

Issac – We- We don’t do that….

Kaitlyn – Are you guys… nevermind *giggles*

Issac – Things with him are- well if I can be frank.. we just have sex, and hangout.

Kaitlyn – Issac are you a top or bottom?

Issac – What?- well.. I kinda do both?- Oh my god whenever I talk about this I get all tense.. something about gender roles and the whole label thing of being this or that.

Kaitlyn – I understand. Do you like one more than the other?

Issac – Topping *laugh*

Kaitlyn – I’m a lesbian by the way.

Issac – What?

Kaitlyn – Yeah, thats why I was in deep thought, I was thinking about you and Riley, and how I miss having… someone.

Issac – The roommate that just moved out…. let me guess… an ex girlfriend?

Kaitlyn – Yep… I’m kind of a newborn lesbian though. I came out to everyone, including my parents on Christmas last year.. that did NOT go well. I haven’t spoken to my parents since then.

Well we have more in common than I thought…

Issac – As you know, my mom died when I was younger..

Kaitlyn – Mmm hmmm.

Issac – My father was not okay with me coming out…  for that reason, and some other things he did, I don’t talk to him.

Kaitlyn – Well, we have alot in common it seems.

I just said that ha…

Issac – Yeah. So.. how many girlfriends have you had?

Kaitlyn – Umm, two….

Issac – Cool.

Kaitlyn – Yeah…. Men just never did it for me.

Issac – *laugh* Men are awesome.

Kaitlyn – So I notice you don’t hate women.

Issac – Why would I?

Kaitlyn – Alot of gay guys hate women for some strange reason.

Issac – I think that’s stupid.

Kaitlyn – I guess it works both ways though. Alot of lesbians hate men, and Gay guys.

Issac – I know, whats up with that foolishness….

Kaitlyn – I have no idea….

Issac – So whats the plan today?

Kaitlyn – I won’t be home, I have a bunch of work to do. You?

Issac – I’m going to look for work, I think I’m ready…

Kaitlyn – You know its no rush right?

Issac – I know, but still…

Kaitlyn – Okie Dokie

Issac – Thanks for everything… I don’t know if I’ve said that..

Kaitlyn – You have *giggles* and you’re very welcome Issac. I love helping, besides… you’re helping me too.

Issac – Anything you need, just ask.

Kaitlyn – Umm, well can you feed Mr. Wiggles? I have to shower and leave.

Issac – Okay sure.

All day I filled out applications, and looked for job opportunities. Along the way I got lost……  “Along the way I got lost” heh… that’s exactly what happen to me. I just realized that I never told you guys what happen after the Mango Island trip. It all started to get real, that all four of us were moving on. Jordan told me I could stay with him if I wanted but I declined. We all needed this, we needed to grow up, and I didn’t want to hold anyone back.

So I gathered all my art, that I was able to save from the fire obviously. I sold almost all of it, and my motorcycle. I was planning on staying at that motel for a few weeks until I found a job. Then….. I saw Kris out.. with a new boyfriend, then Josh and Sasha were all happy and stuff. I suddenly realized everyone was happy, and in love in one way or another. 

Jordan was madly in love with baby Tyler, Josh has Sasha, Vince had Kokoro. I had nobody or anything that was important to me.  So I fell into depression, but Riley sorta helped my mood- I guess. In the back of my mind I thought “You’re never going to be happy, because you can’t be with the one you want”. I desperately want to be over Josh, I rather have a friendship than anything else. However that’s easier said than done. The second I think I’m over him, he somehow pops back up…

And of course like clockwork.. I mention him and I happen to run into him… awesome..

Josh – I thought that was you! You didn’t hear me calling your name?

Issac – Not with the city acoustics.

Josh – I ran over to make sure you saw me *laugh* Whats up?!

Sasha – Josh! I’m wearing heels! you just took off and started running, I couldn’t keep up.

Josh – Sorry babe!

…….Smile Issac… Smile..

Josh – So what are you doing?

Issac – Walking around, looking for- a place to buy some new… boots.

Josh – Ah, maybe Sasha knows

Look at him lookin’ all cute with that mustache… Ugh I said “cute”

Issac – I’m just going to order some pants online or something.

Josh – That works too!- wait don’t you mean boots?

Issac – Yeah, boots. My bad.

Sasha – Hi Issac.

Issac – Hey Sasha.

Josh – I’m over here looking for work, I feel like a bum living at home with my parents *laugh*

See why is it that he can say that honest and openly, yet… I- screw it

Issac – Yeah I need a job too.

That… wasn’t so hard…..

Josh – How’s Vince?

Issac – You don’t keep in contact?

Josh – Every once in a while, I just figured since you both live here that-

Issac – We don’t talk that often to be honest. I think everyone’s still settling in.

Josh – I miss you.

….Good… cause I miss you too punk…

Issac – Don’t be a girl about it *laugh*

Josh – *smiles* Well, I should get going. We have to go pickup a movie and dinner.

Issac – Cool, be safe, and have fun.

Sasha – Nice seeing you Issac, you look good.

Issac – Thanks.

Josh – He does doesn’t he!

Issac – *laugh* get out of here you two…

Josh – Call me!

Issac – Okay

Josh – Promise!

Issac – I promise I’ll call…

Josh – BYE!

Sasha – Babe stop walking so fast! Heels! remember!

Josh – Oh! I’m sorry! Wan’t me to carry you?

Sasha – Yes- No *laugh*

They’re such a good couple, I can’t be jealous. I’m happy for them…. Hmm. Seeing Josh actually made me feel better? I don’t know how or why. However I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t feeling a tad bit lonely after seeing those two.

Issac – Should I call Riley?

I mean we both know what this is, we’re using each other for sex, and comfort. I don’t see the harm… besides the whole Mira thing…. Hmm, maybe I shouldn’t call him. What the hell is wrong with me? Am I really doing the “should I or shouldn’t I call” thing? Wow… Get it together Issac. I think that’s my problem, I’m used to having everything under control. That’s not a reality anymore… I have no idea where this new journey is going to take me. I will say this though, you guys are like my good luck charm. You come back and I pour my heart out, and things do a 180. Compared to a week ago.. things seem to be better.

Hmmm, to call or not to call… that is the question…

~End of Chapter One- Pt 1~



  1. This Part was perfection!! The beginning was so sad. It’s heartbreaking to see Issac so…messed up! lol. But now that he’s with Kaitlyn, and he’s seen Josh, maybe he can move on? Speaking of Kaitlyn, I love her character! It’s easy for me to relate to her (the being in a shell part, not the lesbian part!! lol). She’s cool. As for the Riley thing, I hope Issac knows what he’s getting into. I don’t think he should be fooling around with him when Riley is with Mira! What else…oh, Josh actually looks good with a mustache and Mr. Wiggles is cute. Can’t wait for the next one! : D

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