Boys2Men Presents : ~*Mars x Venus*~ “A B2M Special” [Pt 2]

Boys2Men Presents :

~*Mars x Venus*~

~*Part 2/Conclusion*~

[-Also.. This one is longer.. like way longer.. I didn’t wanna break it up and make it 3 parts. So I’m Sorry for any lazy readers lol-]

~Disclaimer : This story features mature language. Most Profanity & Other unsuitable words will be blanked out with “***”  This is a heads up for any cautious readers~

Vince – [On Phone] Yeah, I’ll have to just do it when I get back. Reschedule them for next week. Okay. Alright thanks. You too. Bye.

Leslie – ……

Leslie – What do you do?

Vince – What?- are you asking me what my occupation is?

Leslie – Yeah

Vince – I’m a photographer

Leslie – Oh, So like freelance? or do you have your own-

Vince – I own my own studio.

Leslie – Thats cool.

Vince – What about you?

Leslie – I can honestly say I love my job. I’m doing exactly what I wanna do

Vince – Which is?

Leslie – Oh sorry- I’m a firefighter.

Vince – Thats pretty hardcore.. so have you actually put out any fires?

Leslie – Not yet.. I’m still doing training but I’m almost done, I do get to ride the firetrucks though. I can’t wait to actually start putting out flames and shit.

Vince – *laugh*

Vince – So are you single?

Leslie – Why wanna take me out?… I gotta break it to ya… I’m a lesbian.

Vince – REALLY?- *laugh*

Leslie – Sarcasm! I dig it… Yeah obviously I’m a fan of the kitty box.

Vince – Isn’t it a wonderful thing.

Leslie – Yes… It…. Is. Especially on a curvy woman. The best thing about a woman is

Leslie & Vince – Breast.

Leslie – *laugh*

Vince – Exactly… and hips..

Leslie – Now I miss my girlfriend.

Vince – Yeah I’m missing the shit out of my girl.

Leslie – What she look like?

Vince – She’s skinny.. with a great ass. Her name’s Kokoro

Leslie – Asian?… Exotic!..- Wait she’s not a slam slam is she?

Vince – A what?

Leslie – Its slang.. I’ll have to tell you what it means later *laugh*- anyway.. My girlfriend is not fond of my choice of career.. she constantly worries about me..

Vince – Mine has nothing to worry about.. Other than swimsuit models trying to flirt. Which.. I ignore for the most part. This is my first real relationship, I was sorta a womanizer to be honest. This chick though.. she changed me.

Leslie – That’s good.. change is good.

Josh – ……….

Jessica – You better not be masturbating in there!

Josh – What?!

Jessica – Pink……. how…….you.

Josh – You don’t know me. Also these aren’t mine. I borrowed them from Issac.

Jessica – Like he’d wear those.

Josh – …..Whatever.

Jessica – You weren’t contaminating the hotub were you?

Josh – No!

Jessica – Are you on roids?

Josh – On what?

Jessica – Steroids. You know… to make you all muscular.

Josh – No I’m not on steroids. Why?

Jessica – Because your really buff…… which confuses me. I mean with your personality I don’t-

Josh – You’re one to talk about personalities you know…

Jessica – What’s that suppose to mean?

Josh – You scream alot.

Jessica – Are you hard?

Josh – No… I have pretty soft skin actually. I think its because of this really exspensive lotion Vince bought for me this one time. It smells like flowers, but not too girly because I-

Jessica – No you idiot! Do you have a hard-on! A boner!

Josh – *looks down* No?

Jessica – Looks like it

Josh – Why are are you looking at my privates!

Jessica – ANYWAY!

Josh – I just wanted to say.. I’ve had a rough few months.. I got dumped by my girlfriend and I-

Jessica – You’re straight?

Josh – Yeah! What you thought I was gay?

Jessica – …….pretty much.

Josh – *sigh* Anyway… Ive been through alot.. and I can understand how things bottled up can make you wanna explode. I just think you should be careful. You might run your friends away for good if you keep being mean.

Jessica – …..That all Dr. Phil?

Josh – Have a good day.. I’m gonna go hang with my friends.

Jessica – Good for you.

Issac – Why was she looking at your junk anyway?

Josh – I don’t know… She’s weird!

Issac – She better not try that shit with me..

Jordan – I doubt she’d cross you Issac.

Vince – Yeah, she’s too busy calling you 2pac

Josh – What’s up with that anyway?

Jordan – Maybe she is a racist. Not all black guys are thugs, and rappers.

Josh – So what’s everyone’s plan when we move into our new place?

Issac – What do you mean?

Josh – Like umm-

Jordan – How were gonna go about our new start?

Vince – I think I’ve already started. I just wanna keep being a good boyfriend to Kokoro, and really expand my business. I wanna really make things better for my sister and I. Were doing okay but… I want us to be closer.. like when we were younger.

For Vince, things since the fire weren’t that bad. Aside from not having his own place, and having to sleep at Kokoro’s all the time. He’s been doing pretty well for himself. He’s also kept good on his word to help Tommy’s baby mother and her son out. They found a nice place and Cashmere even found a nice little job. Vince just wants to keep the good luck coming.

Jordan – I guess for me… I want to be a good dad- goodness that still sounds weird. Umm… Yeah I wanna help Brianna through whatever she’s going through, raise Tyler right.. and… I guess I’m not too worried about finding a girlfriend right now… I guess.

Jordan and Gabrielle had plans to be together….. that is until it was revealed that Jordan had a son he knew nothing about. Gabrielle thought it was best that she didn’t compromise anything. She told Jordan that she needed more time to consider what being with him would mean. Still…. that wasn’t the biggest problem. Josh didn’t have a clue about Jordan and Gabrielle’s connection…

Josh – ……I’m still jobless…. yay me. I’m not worried though. I’m going to reinvent myself. A new Josh- A New Josh that still loves comic books.

Jordan – I still don’t understand why you didn’t take your uncle Nathan’s job offer…

Josh – Because you need it more than I do, you have a son to raise. Besides …. being in that stuffy office is not for me. Like I said.. I’m reinventing myself and-

Vince – Don’t change too much.

For the past few weeks Josh has been staying at home. For the most part he and his father worked out their differences. He’s been out looking for a job.. still nothing. As far as his ex Gabrielle goes.. while she’s busy keeping her feelings for Jordan a secret, she has yet to officially begin a new friendship with Josh. That bother’s him and makes him think he really hurt her. Sasha on the other hand.. she’s been back and forth visiting him between work hours in Bridgeport. 

Josh – I won’t….. What about you Issac?

Issac – Umm.. I don’t know. I really just don’t know. I haven’t painted anything since- since like before I left to find Cashmere. I don’t really feel it anymore. I still have money saved from the paintings I sold but that’s not going to last much longer… I’ll find something. Knowing me I’ll stumble upon something.

Issac left out the bit about his sexual relationship with Riley. For whatever reason, Issac doesn’t wanna tell the guys. He also left out the part about him and Jordan getting closer, and what exactly is bothering him about Josh. Other than that, Issac’s doing okay. He’s still not speaking to his father though. Jordan kinda feels in the middle of that whole drama, however neither he, nor Issac are letting that come between them.

Vince – What do you think of the girls?

Issac – I haven’t really spoken to any of them but Spencer, she’s nice- a bit naive though. I feel like she hides behind being “careful” when its really fear. She could be so much more than what she is now– but who am I to talk? I should take my own advice.

Vince – I think you give good advice bro.

Issac – What about you?

Vince – Leslie’s cool…. She probably could benchpress more than me *laugh* She’s the type to take to a stripclub and have a few shots with.

Josh – Red’s a meanie

Jordan – More like a b***h…. She talks to people like their below her!

Josh – Yeah.. I think she’s hurting though… that’s why she’s being so mean.

Jordan – Eh.. maybe… Damn its hot out here. I feel like jumping in the water naked *laugh*

Josh – We should!

Jordan – Really?

Josh – Yeah! I’ll race you!

Jordan & Josh *strips*

Josh – On three!

Jordan – 1 – 2 – 3!

Issac – ……..*laugh*

Vince – So… since they’re down there… you mind telling me what’s bothering you? Why are you being so cold to Josh

Issac – I-..I’m not trying to be.

Vince – Is it because you like him, and he’s…..straight..

Issac – No, I’m over that.

Vince – I see

Issac – I’m serious..

Vince – Well you know you can talk to me.

Issac – *changing the subject* Nice hair

Vince – Thanks.. Cashmere’s friend Larry cut it- Wait did you change the subject on purpose?

Leslie – Is that Josh and Jordan naked on the beach?

Jamie – Oh my god you can see their junk

Leslie – Gross… Penis… Yuck….

Jamie – I can’t look away..

Spencer – Whatcha doin?

Jessica – Just thinking.

Spencer – The girls and I are gonna take a dip in the hotub… go get in your swimsuit and join us.

Jessica – No thanks.

Spencer – ….Jess.. if you want us to make an effort.. then you should too.

Jessica – Enjoy the hotub Spencer.


Leslie – I’m going to vomit.

Spencer – You sure you don’t want to join us?

Jessica – I have alot on my mind, so I’d rather not.

Spencer – Alrighty….

Spencer – So how are thing’s with Aimee?

Leslie – Were doing good.

Spencer – Have you spoken to Quaianna? (Leslie’s Ex)

Leslie – No? Why?

Spencer – Well.. I was at the restaurant looking over inventory, when a stack of job applications fell over. She filled one out, which confuses me because didn’t she work at the hospital?

Leslie – Maybe she got fired.

Jamie – Well serves the b***h right..

Leslie – *laughing*

Jamie – I’m serious… she’s a complete trainwreck, and coming from me?….that means something.

Spencer – You’re only a trainwreck when you drink…

Jamie – Which will be never again.

Leslie – Good.

Jamie – ……I wish she’d stop ignoring us.

Spencer – Give her time…

Leslie – Yeah she… alot has happen.

Jamie – She’s not the victim guys.. were all victims of the book.. her included. Why is it that she’s the victim?

Spencer – Everyone’s in the book.. I-

Jessica – I’m not ignoring you Jamie, and if you have something you wanna say.. I’m right here. No need to whisper it in the hotub.

Jamie – …..I’m not whispering.

Jessica had alot of anger inside. Some directed at the girls, alot of it directed at the guy who betrayed her and leaked her book,… but most of it at herself. She always wanted to be a writer, and when she wrote her first book. It wasn’t good enough. Having all the drama in the house.. she vented, and she wrote another version of the book. Which included the cold hard truth. She never wanted it to be released, but it did. She’s beating herself up over it. Their was one positive thing about the book though. It was a best-seller, and the money was flowing in like never before.

Jamie – Everytime she opens her mouth.. I wanna smack her, but then I ask myself what I’d do if I were her.

Leslie – Yeah. Imagine the town you lived in…. hating you. Death threats on the phone.. Its hard for her.

Jamie – Her bookstore is suffering too.

Leslie – *looks @ Spencer’s boobs*

Spencer – What?

Leslie – In Jess’s book.. she said she thinks you secretly had a boobjob…

Spencer – Well I didn’t.

Jamie – They do look a little too perfect.

Spencer – ….All me.

Leslie – Does my foot look big?

Jamie – Ew

Spencer – Get that thing away from me Leslie! You know I hate feet! I’m seriously gonna have a panic attack right now!

Jamie – *laughing hysterically*

Leslie – What are we gonna do about Jessica?

Spencer – … I don’t know.

Jamie – The only thing I can think of, is to expose Guy. He’s the one who stole the book and sent it to her publisher.

Leslie – But Jess wrote it…

Spencer – With the intent of it never being read. Atleast if Guy’s exposed.. He’d get some of Jessica’s flack, and she wouldn’t be the sole person to blame.

Jamie – She needs to take him to court.

As night came.. everyone went off and did their own thing. Josh wanted to walk on the beach, but ran into Spencer.

Josh – Hi

Spencer – Josh! you scared me!

Josh – Whatcha doin?

Spencer – Thinking about something…

Josh – Care to share?

Spencer – ….Can I trust you?

Josh – Yeah, I won’t tell a soul.

Spencer – Okay so.. I- God.. I’m gonna cry trying to say it outloud.

Josh – Are you sick or something?

Spencer – No.

Josh – Good.

Spencer – I’ll just say it. A week ago.. I was online, and I was looking at places to live.

Josh – A new place for you girls?

Spencer – ….a new place for me…..

Josh – Whoa, do the girls know?

Spencer – That’s just it.. I don’t know what I’m doing. I feel like… this is gonna sound so bad.

Josh – Just say it.

Spencer – I feel like were only friends by circumstance. I know no matter what that Leslie and I would be friends. Even if I lived in Rome. However… Jamie, and Jessica are another story. I love them, I do. The thing is.. I feel like we wouldn’t be friends if we didn’t live together. I almost wanna test the theory and move out. I’m too scared though. I’m so weak.. its embarrassing.

Josh – I-… *thinks of something to say* Maybe you hide behind being “careful” when its really fear?. You could be so much more than what you are now if you umm.. stop being scared?

Spencer – I-….I do. I do hide behind the idea of being this careful, good girl. When I should be care-free. I guess it is fear, the fear of failing. I don’t want to be judged.

Josh – Yeah, I understand.

Spencer – Wow.. that was really good advice Josh.. thank you. You’re really smart.

Josh – Okay I gotta be honest, I didn’t say that..

Spencer – What do you mean?

Josh – Vince asked Issac what he thought of everyone, and that was his thoughts about you. I just repeated it because it seemed like it was the smart thing to say. Sorry.

Spencer – No no no, I’m glad you said it…. Gives me alot to think about.

Josh – Are you going to move out?

Spencer – I want to.

Josh – Then do it.

Spencer – You boys are so perfect, like you never fight. A fire can’t even stop you guys, or even that Tommy dude. I wish us girls were that unified.

Josh – Different people… different circumstances.

Spencer – Yeah

Josh – Oh! A Shooting star!

Spencer – Where?!

Josh – Right there!

Spencer – I can’t-

Josh – There!

Spencer – I see it!

Josh – Make a wish!

Spencer – *closes eyes*

Josh – *closes eyes*

Josh – Did you do it? Did you make a wish?

Spencer – Yeah… did you?

Josh – Yep!

Spencer – That was exciting!

Josh – Huh?

Spencer – I never seen a shooting star before

Josh – Really? My brother Ollie, and I would sleep in our backyard in a tent and watch the skies. We read comicbooks and ate a bunch of gummy bears.

Spencer – That’s cute.

Josh – I like doing things that make me happy, even if people think I’m a nerd.

Spencer -I’m the opposite… I care too much what people think.

Josh – Why?

Spencer – Because…

Josh – Because what?

Spencer – ….I’m insecure.

Josh – You’re pretty, and smart. You have nothing to be insecure about.

Spencer – Thanks…

Josh – No problem.

Spencer – How did you get so… confident?

Josh – I didn’t… I’m a little insecure too.

Spencer – But you-

Josh – I don’t care what others think, but I am insecure when it comes to other things. I’m not as smart as Jordan, or as logical as Issac. I’m not finacially stable as Vince. It always makes me feel like the lame friend.

Spencer – I think you’re pretty cool

Josh – I think you’re pretty cool too.

Spencer – The moon is bright tonight.

Josh – I should go!

Spencer – What?!

Josh – I must!

Spencer – Huh?!

Josh – I’ll turn into a werewolf!

Spencer – Josh you’re scaring me!

Josh – I’m just kidding.. My butt hurts..

Spencer – *laugh* Oh god.. for a second I really thought I was living in the Twilight movies.

Josh – Nah.. My butt hurt sitting on this sand.

Spencer – Even with all that cushion?

Josh – Huh?

Spencer – No offense, but you have a big butt.

Josh – I do?

Spencer – *laugh* Yes.

Josh – Is that bad?

Spencer – No its kinda cute.

Josh – Lets not go inside yet! lets walk around and find seashells- I mean.. If I’m not boring you.

Spencer – No! We can.. Not like I wanna get back to that drama anyway..

Jessica – Why is all of this beer in here?

Jordan – Its mine.

Jessica – Of course it is.

Jordan – I can leave, and just come back when you’re done in here. I don’t feel like arguing.

Jessica – Nobody’s gonna argue with you pretty boy.

Jordan – …..*laugh*

Jessica – What?!

Jordan – *laugh* Nothing… Its just that you called me pretty boy…

Jessica – Oh get over yourself!

Jordan – YOU! Get over YOURSELF!

Jessica – You have a massive Ego!

Jordan – And a dick to match. So what’s your point?

Jessica – I don’t get guys like you! You probably have everything at you’re finger tips! Perfect life! While everything in mine is going to hell! All I want is to live with the girls happily ever after and-

Jordan – Actually I don’t! I was abused by my father when I was a kid.. I don’t see how that’s perfect!

Jessica – Oh please I- wait… Your father hit you? or is that some bullshit?

Jordan – and abandoned me and my brother…

Jessica – …..So you know real hurt then…

Jordan – Mentally, and physically. Which is why I don’t need to take your judgmental crap.

Jessica – …..I never met anyone like you

Jordan – What BLACK?

Jessica – That could stand up to me, I’m not racist you dumbass!

Jordan – Look Red!

Jessica – Don’t call me RED!

Jordan – Or what?!

Jessica – Take those shorts off!

Jordan – Shhh before someone hears us

Jessica – What are you scared?

Jordan – Please Red I-

Jessica – Stop talking!

[Grunting and Moaning noises]

Jessica – Oh my god that’s big

Jordan – Yeah.. you like it

Jessica – Not that you bafoon! I’m talking about the spider in the corner! Ow! Okay.. maybe it is big

Jordan – Stop talking Red!

Jessica – Don’t call me Red!

Vince – You hear that?

Issac – No?

Vince – Sounded like a cat…

Issac – Weird…

Vince – I’m gonna go take a shower.

Issac – Have fun with that.

Leslie – What are you doing in here alone?

Issac – Nothing… Wanna do me?

Leslie – Yeah… Bend over.

Issac – *laugh* I’m just chillin, alone with my thoughts.

Leslie – Well.. I’ll leave you be.

Issac – If you wanna talk… come lay down.

Leslie – You sure?

Issac – Yeah.

Leslie – You don’t mind?

Issac – No. Its cool.

Leslie – Okay so… I gotta say, I thought you were the straight one.

Issac – I thought you were too.

Leslie – *laugh* Right!

Issac – Just kidding- Nothing’s wrong with standing out… being who you are.

Leslie – So you guys live together right?

Issac – Yeah- Well we did before the fire, and then we didn’t after- but we found a new- YES… Yes we live together.

Leslie – Alright so.. How do you deal with being the gay one?

Issac – Umm, I don’t let it define me.

Leslie – So when the guys are like “Look at that chick with the huge tits” what do you normally do?

Issac – Its not like I’m a gay guy who hates women. I simply look, and give my opinion on the woman’s breast *laugh* Why? what do you do?- If speaking about a male?

Leslie – Penis scares me. I shake my head and call the girls animals.

Issac – But then that makes you stand out, and not in a good way.

Leslie – Exactly!

Leslie – I don’t know what to do sometimes. I love them all, but the makeup, the dresses. I’m like…. Damn why couldn’t I be girly.

Issac – Question

Leslie – Yeah?

Issac – Do you wanna be girly?

Leslie – …..Yes, and no? I feel like if I grew my hair out.. It wouldn’t match my wardrobe, and people would be like “Look at this he-she”

Issac – F**k them.

Leslie – …I know but-

Issac – Grow your hair out. Buy a dress. Buy a tux, Who cares what they think.

Leslie – Would you wear pink?

Issac – I wear every color of the rainbow.

Leslie – Its so much easier for you though, you’re a butch gay guy! You’re not fem at all!

Issac – … I have my moments

Leslie – I find that hard to believe dude.

Issac – A week ago I order a Apple Martini at a bar….

Leslie – What a weakass drink you ladyboy!

Issac – Apple Martini’s are like.. typical gay man drinks… I may as well have stripped and started dancing to Lady Gaga..

Leslie – Never speak her name again… I hate her

Issac – I know right? She’s so over the top and-

Leslie – The pretentious b***h uses gay’s to further her income.. she’s not fooling me!

Issac – I’m thirsty now, lets go outside by the bar

Leslie – Alright.

Jessica – ………… Whats wrong with you?

Jamie – I don’t feel so good.. Maybe that Shrimp was bad…

Jessica – Oh….

Jessica – What?

Jamie – Whats wrong with your hair?

Jessica – …..*sigh* I did something stupid

Jamie – What did you do?

Jessica – All I want is for us four girls to get along, and move past this stupid book. Instead I yell at you guys when you have the right to be mad at me.

Jamie – Its okay Jess.. we’ll get through it

Jessica – That’s not it… I-….. I just had sex with Jordan in the kitchen

Jamie – What about your boyfriend!? YOU REMEMBER HIM RIGHT? WYATT! Hmm?

Jessica – Stop yelling!

Jamie – Why? WHY WOULD YOU-

Jessica – I don’t know… I… It was stupid I shouldn’t have done that. Wyatt doesn’t deserve to be cheated on!

Jamie – Why would you do that to me?!

Jessica – What?

Jamie – You knew I liked Jordan!

Jessica – Jamie I didn’t mean to do it!

Jamie – You always have to have everything!

Jessica – No!

Jamie – Cheater!

Jessica – Stop being a b***h Jamie! He wasn’t even into you anyway!

Jamie – You don’t know that!

Jessica – Yes… I do.. I asked him!

Jamie – What after you opened your legs on the kitchen floor!

Jessica – ……He said you were nice, but saw u more as a friend.

Jamie – Whatever!

Jamie – I’m going out for air.. can’t believe you did this! Cheated on Wyatt like that, and I’M SUPPOSE TO BE THE WHORE REMEMBER?!

Jessica – Don’t you dare Judge me! As many times as you cheated on Keith [Jamie’s Ex boyfriend] while you were on a drunken rampage! With men… AND WOMEN!


Jessica – I didn’t come in here to fight! I need you! I cheated on my boyfriend and I’m scared! This is all new to me!

Jamie – Whatever! Figure it out!

Jessica – Jamie!

Jamie – F**king shady ass b***h! Don’t care about nobody but yourself

Jessica – …….That hurts… All I ever done was be there for you…

Jamie – Bad mouth the whole town in your book, and then cheat on your boyfriend.. BRAVO!

Jessica – *crying* Fine! If you wanna hit below the belt! You’re not even that cute Jamie, I don’t know why you’d think he’d go for you anyway!

Jamie – Go write another book! “How to stab your friends in the back By Jessica CUNT Nash”

Jessica – *crying*

Leslie – Did you just call Jessica a cunt?

Jamie – She deserves it!

Leslie – What happen?

Issac – Is everything okay?

Jamie – Ask that asshole friend of yours

Issac – Who?

Jamie – Jordan!

Issac – I thought you liked him

Jamie – I did until he f**ked my friend!

Issac – He what?

Jamie – On the kitchen floor!

Leslie – Jess cheated on Wyatt?! Why would she have sex with Jordan? she hates him!

Jamie – She did it to hurt me!

Issac – I don’t think she did it on purpose..

Leslie – Let me go check on her…

Issac – Are you mad because your jealous? or because she potentially ruined her relationship back where you guys live?

Jamie – I’m not jealous of her!

Issac – Hey You don’t have to yell at me

Jamie – *crying* I’m sorry Issac….

Issac – No no! I’m sorry… Don’t cry…

Jamie – I hate myself!

Issac – Why?

Jamie – I’m ugly! My father hates me! My mom is gone!…. I’m an alcoholic!….

Issac – No no! don’t do that…

Jamie – Its true.. I’m ugly! I’m deperate.. I come on too strong. He liked Jessica over me.. somethings wrong with me…

Issac – Listen.. theirs nothing wrong with you okay?

Jamie – Why didn’t he like me?

Issac – Sometimes the feelings you have… aren’t returned.. It happens sweetheart… alright? Its gonna be okay.

Jamie – How would you know? A good looking gay guy like you probably never had to go through rejection.

Issac – I do.. and I have… I loved- I’m still in love with my friend.. Josh. He doesn’t see me that way and It hurts…

Jamie – …I- I’m sorry…

Issac – Its okay…

Jamie – *crying* I’m so pathetic….

Issac – No you’re not..

Jamie – I don’t have a job… the town think’s I’m this drunken whore… I yelled at Jess because I AM jealous…

Issac – Jealousy happens…. I’ve been there. Don’t let it get you down.

Jamie – Why are you being so nice? You don’t even know me

Issac – I’m not being anything. I’m just doing what’s right. So please stop crying, and stop beating up on yourself.

Jamie – ……Thank you.

Issac – You’re welcome.

Jamie – I’m already ugly… bet I look even uglier when I cry

Issac – Jamie you’re not ugly.. you’re beautiful girl.

Jamie – Thanks… but you’re gay *laughing/crying*

Issac – *laugh* I still know a pretty girl when I see one.. crying or not..

Jamie – *smiles*

Kokoro – Yeah, I have to film that commercial in the morning. Its for some new make-up line…

Vince – You’ll do great.

Kokoro – Thanks babe.. Hey your black eye is healing up nicely.

Vince – Its finally fading…. Hey! I just realized You’re blonde?

Kokoro – Yeah.. You like it? Or do you miss my red hair?

Vince – I love it. You look pretty. What are you wearing?

Kokoro – A Nightgown?

Vince – You going to bed?…..With Make up on?

Kokoro – I had to get cute for our webcam date…

Vince – *smiles* I love you.

Kokoro – I love you too Vincent…… So… Did you talk to the guys yet?

Vince – No..

Kokoro – Vince…

Vince – I will…

Kokoro – Alright… Well I’ve held you up long enough..

Vince – Its only been 30 minutes…

Kokoro – I know.. but I gotta wake up early.. So I’m gonna call it a night.

Vince – Okay.. Goodnight beautiful

Kokoro – Night Handsome.. Don’t forget to tell them

Vince – I will.

Kokoro – goodnight again.

Vince – Bye. *smiles*

Josh – Tell us what?

Vince – Josh!…

Josh – Yeah?

Vince – You can’t come out of nowhere like that.. scared the shit out of me.

Josh – Sorry.. I was thirsty….

Vince – …….

Josh – So what is it that you gotta tell us?

Vince – That…. umm.. The new house doesn’t have a fireplace…

Josh – that’s fine! Hey your eye is healing…

Vince – Finally…

Josh – I’m really sorry about hitting you.

Vince – I’m sorry about getting you fired, doing Mia…. getting you fired again..

Josh – People make mistakes… Just have to move past them right?

Vince – Yeah… and not make them…..again.

Josh – Hey did someone spill something on the floor?

Vince – I don’t know…

Josh – I don’t hold a grudge by the way.

Vince – I’d hope not.

Josh – I mean.. sure I don’t have a job but.. I’ll find something.

Vince – I’ll help if you need it.

Josh – Thanks.

Vince – No problem

Josh – I’m gonna have a drink and then go to sleep.

Vince – I’m gonna go read a book, and then I’ll hit the bed.

Issac – *laughing* Dude……

Jordan – What?

Issac – You got them fighting over you…

Jordan – I didn’t even see that coming.

Issac – Yeah, like what the hell? You banged Red?

Jordan – …She jumped me, and before I knew it we were making out and then… ya know..

Issac – …Sick.

Jordan – You’re one to talk…..

Jordan – Not like I did anything wrong right?

Issac – …No… Its not like you have a girlfriend, Gabrielle freaked about the baby- Which by the way its so hard to not tell Josh about you and Gabrielle. Makes things so awkward.

Jordan – I’m really sorry about that.

Issac – No, I mean.. We were talking that night in your living room.. about the baby. Then we had one too many drinks, and I told you that I-

Jordan – Was banging Riley… Which I just don’t get. Its… Ugh… Riley. Plus you said you’d never bottom! and here you are.. bottoming for… Ugh… Riley.

Issac – We switch… Its never one way.. everytime we do it.. Its a different role- I don’t wanna talk about it *laugh* Anyway- I told you about him- that- the umm sex, and you just started blabbing about Gabrielle. Obviously we were bonding and said too much.

Jordan – And now we have to keep each other’s secret.

Issac – Josh think’s I’m mad at him

Jordan – Are you?… Are things weird? because you… love him?

Issac – No, I’m okay with that….. sorta. Its hard, he’s so… “Josh” I wish he was gay.. I’d make him happy. Its just not realistic I guess. I gotta get over it.

Jordan – Do you think this trip was successful

Issac – In terms of what?

Jordan – It being what you wanted it to be

Issac – Eh.. Its not over yet…

Spencer – Just passing by, not eavesdropping

Issac – Hey Spence

Spencer – “Spence?”

Issac – My little nickname for ya.

Spencer – *laugh*

Issac – You going to sleep?

Spencer – No… I’m going to see whats going on with Leslie, and Jamie. Jessica’s on the front porch crying…

Jordan – …….

Issac – Sucks……*looks @ Jordan*

Spencer – Wow your muscular Jordan

Jordan – Thanks…

Spencer – Anyway you guys have a good night.

Jordan – You too.

Issac – On that note I’m gonna shower, and then go to sleep.

Jordan – I feel like I did a bad thing. Should I go apologize to them?

Issac – Jordan, you didn’t do anything wrong. One, you and Gabrielle aren’t together.. and two… you deserved some… “fun” all you do is take care of the baby, and help people. If anyone has a problem with what you did, they can go f**k themselves.

Jordan – You’re right…

Issac – Now stop feeling bad. Jessica is clearly a kinky horny girl, and Jamie’s feelings were hurt cause she was jealous. She’ll be okay, she’s not an ugly chick.. she’ll find a guy.

~*The Next Morning*~

Leslie – So then what?

Spencer – We walked on the beach and found a couple of shells… It was fun..

Leslie – Do you like-….Like Josh?

Spencer – Umm.. If we lived close by.. I’d go for it. Obviously its never gonna happen. Now I realize what kinda guy I want though. I want someone like that.- Or I don’t know. I just want someone nice, and someone who’s gonna be themselves. No matter what.

Leslie – Well.. Maybe’s He’s undiscovered? When we get back home.. you may find him?

Spencer – Right… That’s SO not gonna happen..

Leslie – Jess?

Jessica – Hi….

Leslie – You okay?

Spencer – I don’t wanna fight anymore..

Jessica – Me either.. I’m done fighting with you guys. I’m sorry for everything. Its all my fault

Leslie – Guy’s the one who leaked the book

Jessica – But I wrote it… I’m taking full responsibility for my actions.

Spencer -…..I forgive you.

Leslie – Me too.

Jessica – Where’s Jamie?

Spencer – I don’t know..

Leslie – What are you gonna do about Wyatt…

Spencer – Yeah… about sex with Jordan- Was it big?

Leslie – SPENCER!

Jessica – That’s so unlike you.

Spencer – I think stuff like that in my head all the time. I’m done thinking carefully about what to say… I wanna be… fearless *laugh*

Jessica – I’m taking care of one thing at a time. I wrote all four of the guys a letter apologizing to them for my behavior.

Leslie – Thats good.

Spencer -….. While were here.. I have to tell you guys something… I decided that-


Jessica – Jamie I’m really sorry for-

Jamie – Everything’s A-OKAY!

Leslie – Spencer has news

Spencer – Umm…

Jessica – What is it Spencer?

Leslie – Yeah.. tell us already

Spencer – I’m M-

Jamie – Oh Look! everyone’s bonding! Whoopie! I’ll drink to that! Cheer’s to the mothaf**king weekend!

Jessica – Jamie?

Spencer – What is it Jess?

Jessica – She’s drunk…….

Leslie – Are you drunk Jamie?

Jamie – I AM! SO WHAT?!

Jessica – Why would you do that?! You just got out of detox a few weeks ago!

Jamie – What do you care? You firecrotch slut?

Spencer – Hey! Don’t say that to her!

Jamie – Bullimia speaks!


Jamie – Don’t hulk out on me Leslie-Man!

Spencer – I-…. I’m sick of it! I’m-

Leslie – We’ve been through this guys.. lets get her home, and into the hospital we-

Jessica – I’ll pack her clothes

Jamie – F**k you guys I’m not going nowhere!


Jessica – Can it wait?

Leslie – This is so embarassing.. The guys have to see her like this

Jamie – Maybe you guys can blow them, maybe Jessica can blow all four of them?

Spencer – I’m leaving!.. I’m moving out when we get home.. I don’t want this kind of life anymore!

Leslie – What?

Jessica – You can’t!

Jamie – Let her go! She think’s she’s better than us anyway! With her vomit body- and fake boobs

Leslie – So its just gonna be the three of us? Where are you gonna go?!

Spencer -…. I can’t do this anymore….

Jessica – We don’t want to split up

Spencer – Then you three stay together.. I have to do this for me…

Leslie – Can we wait? and talk about this more once Jamie’s better?

Jamie – Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer To Tha Freakin Weekend I’ll drinnnnnnnnk to that! Yeah-Eee-Yeah! Ooooooh Let the Jameson sink in I’ll drink to that! Yeah-ee-yeah!

Spencer – Looks at her! She’s a mess! I’m tired of this!

Jessica – Please.. lets talk about this when we get home?

Spencer – …….

Vince – Why are you guys sitting down?

Jordan – Dude you told us to…

Josh – Are those mine?

Issac – Yeah… I like em’ so I’m keeping them.. that cool with you Joshy?

Josh – Yeah! They look awesome on you *laugh*

Vince – Guys stand up…

Vince – I asked you all out here.. cause I wanted to talk to you.

Josh – Couldn’t we have gotten breakfast first? My tummy hurts.

Issac – *laugh* Dork..

Josh – Hey! You’re laughing at me again, so you don’t hate me!

Issac – I’m laughing with you Josh, never at you. Of course I don’t hate you.. don’t be silly..

Jordan – What is it that you wanted to talk about?

Vince – Something happen back home.. before we came here

Issac – What?

Josh – Is everything okay?

Jordan – Is Kokoro pregnant or something?

Vince – Goodness no!

Issac – Well.. what happen?

Vince – …. I realized.. I like growing as a person. Living with Kokoro, has been a learning experience. Seeing her night and day, going to work, and seeing her again and again. Its what I want my life to be..

Josh – What are you saying?

Issac – He’s saying he doesn’t wanna move in with us….

Josh – What?

Vince – Come on guys.. think about it…

Jordan -….. Thank god.

Vince – What?

Jordan – With the baby, and my new Job with Josh’s uncle.. I was thinking about not moving in either…

Issac – Wow…..

Josh – Issac? Say something?

Issac – It was fine.. I mean It didn’t matter to me. I- I do think we need this chapter in our lives… To go separate ways, but I wasn’t opposed to moving in either

Josh – ……So were not living together?

Jordan – I’m Sorry Josh.. I can’t

Vince – …..

Josh – Issac? Where are you gonna live?

Jordan – He’s welcomed to take AJ’s old room once I-

Issac – Nah.. I’ll be okay, I’ll find something.- but thanks for the offer.

Josh – Were-…. were never gonna see each other anymore….

Vince – Sure we will… Josh I’ll help you in anyway I can… If you need anything I’ll help you

Jordan – You can stay with me till you find a place if you want.

Issac – You know I’ll be here for you Josh…

Josh – *looks @ the ground* ….No….. Its okay. I- Deep down I know this is right. Everything happens for a reason. I guess its time we.. grow up. I love you guys though.. Its gonna be hard…

Vince – Don’t worry.. nothing’s gonna change.. we’ll still see each other all the time.

Issac – Yeah… We will.

Josh – Its gonna be a weird adjustment

Jordan – Lets not think about it.. We still got another two days here.. Lets enjoy ourselves before we gotta get back to reality…

Josh – I love you guys

Issac – We love you too Josh

Jordan – *laugh*

Vince – I was scared to tell you guys..

Josh – …Its okay. I- well.. we understand. Its time…

Josh – Well.. atleast we got to go on a nice trip before we go our separate ways. Hey lets all shoutout something random, or embarassing…

Vince – umm Okay

Josh – 1 – 2 – 3!

Vince – I think Leslie’s Kinda cute!

Issac – I’m f**king Riley!

Josh & Vince – What?

Jordan – I’m in love with Gabrielle! Don’t hate me Josh!

Josh – …………………….I already knew.

Jordan – You’re not mad? And How did you find out?!

Josh – Sasha saw you guys kiss at the mall, and how can I be mad?… Seems like a better fit than what we had. I guess I was always jealous of the “Mature” relationship you and her had. Its okay though I got Sasha *laugh*

Vince – Well.. wait.. Issac what did you say?

Josh – ….Yeah what?! did you say you and Riley are doing sex?

Issac – Let’s have a drink and maybe I’ll have the nerve to repeat it *laugh*

Spencer [From Porch] – Guys! Can you come to the kitchen? We need to talk.

Jordan – Wonder what thats about…. Hope its not about me doing Jessica

Vince & Josh – YOU BANGED RED?!

And with that, the guys made their way inside. Once inside the girls explained why they had to leave. The boy’s were sad because they had really bonded with the girls, but still their vacation went on. Soon they would return home… To start a new chapter… To finally go.. from boys… 2 men.

~*The End*~

Thank’s to all the readers and supporters of my blog! And a special Thanks to LSF Who let me use the four girls for my special.

~*~*~*Stay tuned for Season Three of Boys2Men!*~*~*~

Ciao… 4 Now…. 


  1. Aww I can’t believe the vacation is over. I was really starting to like the girls. But wow so many surprises in this one. I DID NOT see that coming with Jordan and Red lol. A lot is going to change..I can’t wait to read more!!

  2. B2M Season 3 will start soon. After I do maybe 5 more CBL. That way it can start as I finish the last 5 CBL lol. So theirs a tiny wait.. but time will fly and the boy’s third season will be here in no time. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Noooo! J/K. It’s okay I can wait. I think I read 3 parts of CBL but haven’t gotten around to commenting. I need to catch up on it. It’s very interesting but I might need to read Season 3 of LOR because I started to get confused. For example I was like, What! Lingo has a daughter?? lol

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