Boys2Men Presents : ~*Mars x Venus*~ “A B2M Special” [Pt 1]

Boys2Men Presents :

~*Mars x Venus*~

~*Part 1*~

The following story takes place 3 weeks after the events of the second season finale. What happens in this special… will affect Season 3

~Disclaimer : This story features mature language. Most Profanity & Other unsuitable words will be blanked out with “***”  This is a heads up for any cautious readers~

……3 weeks after the house fire……

Josh – Do you guys think I look skinnier? am I losing my muscle?

Vince – You look fine to me Josh….. I’m just in awe of your facial hair though.. thought you couldn’t grow any *laugh*

Josh – I’m trying a new look!

Jordan – Excited?

Issac – Yea? You?

Jordan – I’m happy to get a break from the baby…

Vince – I bet… still can’t believe you and Brianna have a baby…

Josh – I for sure thought it was Riley’s

Jordan – Me too.. which is why when I saw the DNA test results I was in disbelief. Its like reality hit me… I have a son. I’m someone’s father.

Josh – You been doing a good job so far.

Jordan – I can thank Issac for that.. he’s been helping.

Issac – *smirks*

Vince – Who has Tyler now? Is he with his mom?

Jordan – No, she needed a break too. My mother has him… she loves him so much already… She’s trying to get him to say Grandma.

Jordan – Guys how much longer? My legs are killing me.

Josh – I can see it!

Vince – Josh’s excited *laugh*

Issac – Come on Jordan were almost there.

Alot had changed in 3 weeks. Since the fire.

Jordan – Hey guys I just thought about something

Issac – Yeah?

Jordan – No Tommy to mess up our vacation this time

Josh & Issac – *laugh*

Vince – Thank god!

Issac – More like thank Riley.. if he hadn’t shot him in the arm.. he may have escaped.

After Riley shot Tommy in that alley.. Riley didn’t know what to do. He fled the scene, hoping that he didn’t accidentally kill Tommy. Tommy was fine, he just lost consciousness due to blood loss. The police found him and took him to jail. The guys were happy about Tommy’s fate, Jordan on the other hand.. not so much. Jordan still couldn’t believe Tommy had hit his girlfriend, and kid.. If it were up to Jordan.. Tommy would be six feet under..

For the past three weeks, the guys have been trying to find a new place to stay, not agreeing on places, and waiting for more places to be put on the market. They had no choice but to make do with what they had. Vince had been staying at his girlfriends [Kokoro] place. Josh, at his parents. Jordan at his mom’s old place. Jordan was insistent on Issac stay with him since he has no family.

Issac had an idea. To take the trip they never got to take because of the arrival of Tommy. Issac found this place he use to visit when he was a kid, and the guy’s agreed. They also finally found a new house back in GloCity. After this trip they were all moving back in together, and seeing where life took them.

Inez Cruz – Welcome. Are you the Bennett Clan?

Issac – We are.

Inez – Wonderful! Welcome to Mango Island.

Josh – Hi!…. this place is so cool!

Vince – *laugh*

Jordan – Well lets enjoy it boys! When we return home.. we move into our new place.

Unknown female voice – Nobody told you to wear heels anyway….

Vince – What the hell?

Who the hell were these four women?

[From left to right] Spencer, Jessica, Jamie, and Leslie [Try and remember that…]

Jamie – Jessica I don’t expect you to understand the pain of looking good.

Leslie – …..*laugh*

Spencer – Who are those guys?

Jamie – Dibs on the one in the hat.

Jessica – Maybe we each get our own servant?

Spencer – Like in Sex and The City 2?

Jamie – I am so Samantha…

Leslie – I’m lost…

Jessica – Its a movie- well it was a show on HBO first….

Leslie – Is it that one with the four whore’s sleeping around and talking about their problems?

Spencer – That’s not what its- Yeah pretty much…

Inez Cruz – How can I help you guys?

Jamie – We booked this place last weekend…. so were umm.. ya know.. arriving… *laugh*

Jessica – Our car is at the bottom of the hill so you guys can go get our bags.

Spencer – *nervous giggle*

Leslie – You guys don’t dress like servants.

Jordan – *looks @ Jessica* Excuse me? You can walk your ass back down that hill and get your own bags, the f**k I look like?

Jessica – Gee I don’t know.. A Thug maybe?

Spencer – Jessica!

Leslie – I’m sorry dude, I’ll leave a big tip for her bitchiness

Josh – ….I’m confused.

Vince – *laugh*

Issac – Were not servants or butlers or maids. We booked this place for the weekend and-

Jamie – No… we did…

Inez Cruz – Oh My….. Oh my dumb grandson Nestor must have double booked again..


Vince – Well neither are we!

Issac – Well.. I’m Issac…

Jamie – …Jamie…  So why out of all places to go, you guys crashed our vacation?

Issac – Really? *laugh* When I was younger.. I hung out with my mom here.. It was our last va-cay before she died.. and I was stuck with my asshole father. I love this place. Reminds me of her..

Jamie – I’m sorry… its interesting though. My mother just passed, and I’m also stuck with an asshole for a father.

Issac – I’ll drink to that…

Jamie – …..*laugh* You’re charming..

Issac – Why thank you.

Spencer – So…. what are we gonna do? do you guys leave or do we?

Vince – We were here first but-

Spencer – Well we probably would have gotten here 10 minutes ago if Jamie would have been packed…

Leslie – Well I for one know I wanna relax before getting back to my crazy life, so do us a favor dude and convince your friends to let us have it.

Josh – …..Umm.. No? Sorry?

Inez Cruz – I am so sorry about this mix up I-

Jessica – Are you like THAT old that you-

Jordan – It wasn’t her fault! weren’t you listening? her grandson-

Jessica – So unprofessional… I”M NOT WALKING BACK TO THE CAR!

Much like the guys, the girls past few months had been filled with ups and downs. They planned this trip to help them bond as a group. Things were not going that well so far.

Jessica – ……Really old lady?… really?

Inez Cruz – Do I flip a coin?

Jordan – ……

Josh – Its so pretty here…

Leslie – ….Pretty?- Ah…. You?- Oh!….

Josh – What?

Leslie – Nothing *laugh* I think were alot alike…

Josh – We both like nice scenery?

Leslie – ……*laugh*

Vince – *looks @ Spencer* Your red headed friend sure has a mouth on her.

Spencer – Well.. she’s kinda of abrasive… once you get to know her she’s a sweetheart.. though..

Vince – What?

Spencer – Were not in a good place right now…. we really need this trip. I’m sure we need it more than you guys.

Vince – I doubt it, our old friend turned us against each other, and then when we found out about it, and other things he’s done.. He burned our house down. Were semi- homesless…

Spencer – Well alrighty then.. you guys for sure need it more *laugh*

Spencer – So wait you guys live- excuse me.. you guys lived together? Like the four of you?

Vince – Yeah were roomates. Childhood friends.

Spencer – So are we! We all live together too

Vince – Well that’s interesting.

Leslie – You got some cute friend eh?

Josh – Umm.. I guess so?- wait aren’t you a lesbian?- Sorry thats rude!

Leslie – Oh no.. I’m gay… Your gaydar picked up on it huh? *nods*

Josh – Yeah- Wait what? Gaydar? I thought only gay people have gaydar?

Leslie – …..*laugh* Oh you!…..

Jordan – You don’t have to yell at the lady!


Jordan – Don’t raise your voice at me!

Inez – Oh my!

Issac – And thats why we decided to come here. We wanted the vacation Tommy ruined. Then when we get back home… we’d move into our new place and start over.

Jamie – …..We really need this too though. Stuff has been bad, and this trip was my idea. I want us to bond again.. fix things. Jessica is… Some stuff happen with her that caused us alot of hurt… If we don’t have this I don’t know if we’ll make it….

Issac – hmmm….

Jamie – So here’s what Issac- Its Issac right?

Issac – Yeah.

Jamie – Here’s what Issac and I are thinking…. We share.

Issac – If I recall correctly from coming here when I was younger.. theirs more than enough room right?

Inez Cruz – ….I feel just horrible! Fine.. If you share.. I’ll give you half off the original asking price. Deal?

Jamie – Yeah!

Issac – Now its just a matter of telling our friends…

Jamie – ……I know right.

Vince – Don’t let this tampon head talk to you like that Jordan!

Jordan – Screw her!

Jessica – Ooooh! gonna go get your thugs on me?!

Josh – I think she’s a racist.. she keeps insisting that he’s a black thug..

Spencer – She didn’t say that…

Leslie – ….Stop the drama people shit! we came here for a drama free time!

10 minutes later… Issac, and Jamie had something to tell everyone.

Jamie – You tell them…

Issac – Fine…. Jamie and I have decided that we’ll all stay here.

Jamie – All 8 of us- I think theirs 8…

Jessica – I’m not staying here with these guys. No.. I didn’t even wanna come here anyway. Oh! were having drama at the house! lets take a vacation.. Who does that?!

Jordan – I feel for you girls, I really do… having to put up with Red like that.

Jessica – Hey! Shut it 2pac!

Jordan – 2pac?

Josh – Lets all just come together

Leslie – Heh, I bet you’d like that…. Look Jamie, I get it.. you wanna stay, but… how are we gonna co-exist? What about beds?

Spencer – Look can we just shut up already? If were gonna stay lets stay, if were gonna leave lets leave. Were all grown ups here.

Vince – Well… technically we were here first so….

Jessica – Oh shut up mr GQ with the shades.

Josh – You’re pretty rude you know.

Jessica – ……says the guy with milk and cookies on his t-shirt. I bet you have spiderman underwear on under those shorts!

Josh – Their- Their batman!- and- and so what!

Jessica – Child…

Josh – Frog Face!

Vince – *laugh*

Issac – Everyone just shut the f**k up, and calm down!

Jamie – What he said!

Jamie – Girls… we took this trip for a bunch of reasons.. I was horrible to you guys… when I was… “off” Jessica’s book….

Jessica – …….

Jamie – We need to repair whats broken… Okay? where a sisterhood

Josh – Of the traveling pants! I love that movie.

Leslie – Oh really?…….Of course you do

Josh – Why do you keep doing that? I’m so confused.

Leslie – I bet! *laugh*

Spencer – ……..I agree with Jamie.. lets just stick it out.

Leslie – If Spencer’s in… then so am I.

Jamie – Jess?

Jessica – …..Fine.

Issac – Guys I don’t even need to go into detail about hurricane Tommy.

Spencer – You guys had a hurricane?

Issac – No?

Spencer – Is Tommy a person?

Issac – Yeah…. Anyway.. Umm… we need this. When we get back home.. we start new, a new chapter. At a new house.. New parties, hopefully new careers…

Josh – Okay. I’ll stay.

Jordan – …..Yeah me too.

Vince – Alright! now lets stop all the fighting.. Its annoying.

Everyone agreed to stay. They went inside to take a look at their rooms.

Jamie – Its nice in here huh?

Leslie – …..Its okay.

Spencer – Oh my god Leslie.. your vest matches the bed… how embarrassing..

Vince – I hope you know what your doing Issac.

Issac – Everything’s gonna be fine.

Jordan – Where’s Josh?

Jessica – Theirs a big archway here! What if we wanna get dressed? I don’t want them looking at my tits Spencer!

Jordan – Ain’t nobody trying to look at your tits anyway.

Jessica – Oh you would love a peek of these!

Jordan – Uh- No.

Jamie – *looks @ Jordan* Sorry about her… she’s going through alot. She’s not this mean usually.

Jordan – Its fine.. I’m Jordan by the way.

Jamie – …Jamie, nice to meet you Jordan.

Spencer – Its gonna be okay…

Issac – Are both room’s the same?

Vince – I don’t know.

Leslie – hmm…. well this shall be an interesting week…

Josh – Hey guys?

Leslie – What?

Josh – This room has four twin beds.

Leslie – Perfect for you guys then, I assume you guys want us to take the doubles because where girls.

Josh – No… I like sharing my bed with guys- Wait! That sounds-

Leslie – Oh I bet you do

Josh – What?

Leslie – ….. *laugh*

Josh – Stop laughing! I don’t understand the joke!

Jessica – Is that mine?

Spencer – What?

Jessica – That shirt.

Spencer – I don’t know.. It was in my closet.

Jamie – So you have a girlfriend Jordan?

Jordan – Nope.. You?- Have a boyfriend?

Jamie – Nope.. Single….. Issac’s sexy… is he sin-

Jordan – *whispers* Gay… don’t tell the girls though.. he secretly like’s being hit on by women.

Jamie – Damn.. he’s hot.. why does he have to be gay…

Jordan – Leslie’s a lesbian right?

Jamie – What gave that away? *laugh*

Josh – Issac are you mad at me or something?

Issac – For the last time no… Stop asking me that Josh.

Josh – Just making sure.

Leslie – I like that shirt.

Vince – Thanks. You too bro- I mean! You look nice too…

Leslie – ……….Not cool dude.. NOT COOL! I’m a lady!- Just F**king with ya dude.. Its fine.

Vince – Is it settled? were doing the double beds and you guys are taking the other room with the twin beds?

Leslie – Yeah that’s what the girls want.

Vince – Scared you guys were gonna elbow each other’s boobs?

Leslie – …..Yeah…- No…

Josh – I made up with my dad- sorta… anyway so since were taking this room, wanna sleep together or-

Issac – I’m gonna just share with Jordan.

Josh – Oh okay cool.

Jessica – You already know why I’m upset Spencer.. god. Stop asking dumb questions.

Spencer – Really? don’t give me attitude Jess, I’m just trying to help.

Jessica – Don’t…

Inez – Hello… Dinner will be served shortly.

Jamie – Thanks….

Inez – Everything going smoothly.

Jordan – Smooth as a cactus.

Inez – That’s great to hear dear.

Jamie – *laugh*

Josh – So I ran into Kris… he’s dating some new guy….

Issac – Is he?… I don’t talk to him after he cheated on me.

Josh – I figured you guys still sorta kept in touch…. Why is it awkward between us? I feel like we haven’t spoken in months

Issac – Its only been like a week since we last talked. When you were over at Jordan’s playing with the baby… Stop being weird Josh *laugh*

Josh – Sorry… I just miss you I guess.

Issac – *smiles* I miss you too… Its all good.

Jessica – Spencer just drop it okay?

Spencer – Fine. Just don’t get mad at me when everyone else brings it up.

Leslie – I’m so sick of the fighting.

Vince – Do you guys fight often?

Leslie – ….That’s a tough question to answer.

Vince – Not really, if you asked me- I’d say no we never really fight….

Leslie – ….Guess were different then..

Jamie – …… Girls lets go to our room and check it out, give the guys space…

Jordan – … Guys lets go outside for a bit

As the girls went to their part of the room, the guys went outside to talk.

Issac – Just like I remember it….

Josh – Okay guys I think the buff one is hitting on me

Vince – Lindsay?

Josh – I think thats her name.

Jordan – Leslie?

Josh – Yeah her! she keeps smiling at me and stuff.

Vince – Ummm *laugh*

Jordan – Dude.. *laugh*

Josh – What? Whats so funny?

Issac – She’s a lesbian Josh, can’t you tell?

Josh – Really? She’s- Ah… now I see it.

Jordan – Red’s a b***h

Josh – Jessica?

Vince – Yeah she has a really shitty attitude…

Issac – I’m gonna go down there guys I’ll be back.

Spencer – Well that was something wasn’t it?

Leslie – Yeah….. I think this could be fun though.

Spencer – Maybe….

Jessica – Well thank you Jamie…

Jamie – For what?

Jessica – This lovely trip.

Jamie – Save the sarcasm for someone who cares Jessica. We all know you’re a bit of a brat but… after what you said in that book about me.. I’m not gonna take your shit.

Jessica – …..I know you’re not a whore you-

Jamie – Oh lets see.. my favorite line about me “…and Jamie- lets just say she see’s alot of action, not because she’s pretty.. but because she gives it away to just  about anyone. Poor girl is confusing sex for love”

Jessica – I didn’t mean it that way though!

Leslie – Okay look! You see these hands? When you guys see them that means DON’T YELL AROUND LESLIE! I want to enjoy my time here.

Jamie – I’m with Les- I don’t wanna fight. However I do wanna talk.. I wanna talk about why you decided to put those things in the book.

Spencer – ………We should probably talk about it… especially what you said about me…

Leslie – …Long week ahead of us.

Jessica – I’ll pack my stuff and go now, if this is what this week is gonna be about. I will not be ganged up on.

Jamie – We just don’t get it…. we love each other and then BAM this book of yours is all over town. All of our secrets-

Spencer – Things I’ve told you about my Mom, Dad, Landon. Like now everyone know’s my mom cheated on my dad…

Leslie – Everyone know’s about me doing coke two years ago.. which I told you in confidence.

Jamie – Spencer and I had no clue about that….. Not shocking though.. didn’t Casey [Leslie’s ex] do coke?

Jessica – You guys weren’t even suppose to read that version of the book!

Jessica had written a more “friendly” version of her book. It was about her friends, and their lives. Her publisher said it was too boring, too tame. Jessica started writing the truth.. with the intent on never publishing it. Too bad for her an enemy got their hands on that version of the book, and sent it to her publisher. The girls had been trying to get through this but….. It was hard.

Spencer – So.. changing the subject a bit… The guys are really attractive aren’t they?

Jessica – Pfft….

Jamie – Jordan’s sexy as hell.. did you see his arms? *moans* Mama’s loves muscles.

Spencer – Josh is a cutie.

Leslie – He’s gay…

Spencer – No he isn’t…

Jessica – He has to be… You see how fast he-

Leslie – He was so happy about sleeping in the bed with the guys.. Then he used his gaydar on me. Not to mention alot of the things he says are just gay.

Spencer – Hmmm.. Issac’s cute

Leslie – Jamie wants to hug his penis.

Jamie – Nah he’s g- not my type afterall.. I want Jordan

Jessica – …*rolls eyes*

Jamie – We gotta make the most of our stay here.

Spencer – …..

Leslie – I agree

Jamie – What are you guys talking about over there?

Spencer – Leslie and I wanna apologize. We didn’t mean to gang up on you Jess.

Jessica – …… Have you guys ever stopped and considered what I’m going through? The whole town hates me.. do you see the looks I get? How the girls all want to fight me!

Jamie – I don’t understand why you’re acting like a victim though.. The things you said about us…. You said I’m bi- Which I’m not! I only like men, The whole town now knows I’m a alcoholic. I’ll never find a new job now.

Spencer – ….I hate to say it but as much as I understand your side Jess, Jamie’s right. I own a restaurant.. and what you wrote about me.. could ruin that. Who’s gonna want to eat at a restaurant… that a girl who was going through Bulimia run’s…. That’s just great. Nobody knew about my eating disorder. I have it under control- I’ve had it under control since college freshman year. Its embarrassing!

Leslie – ….and me.. well… I’m the charity case. The idiot lesbian. My lovelife in that book makes me look terrible. Aimee wasn’t too happy with what she read the book. Oh and people probably think I do coke….

Jessica – I’m sorry! Okay?! I wrote that version of the book just to see if I could. It was me venting, I didn’t want it to be released. Hell I didn’t leave myself out of the book either! I wrote bad stuff about me!

Spencer – Nothing too bad though and-

Jamie – Guys lets drop it for now.. okay?

Jessica – Yeah.. drop it. We can talk about it later… or whatever…

Leslie – Fine..

Spencer – Alright….

Vince – Yeah that book Kokoro gave me, its about them.. The redhead wrote it. I know all of their dirt…. I’m not gonna say anything though.

Josh – Wow…

Vince – Yeah that Jamie chick.. she’s crazy.. she was so drunk one night she got on stage and thought she was a stripper.

Josh – She’s an alcoholic?

Vince – Yeah….

Josh – Hmm.. I won’t say anything…

Jordan – You okay?

Issac – Yeah…

Jordan – Thinking about your mom?

Issac – she loved it here…. Its really my last memory of her.

Jordan – Atleast its a good one.. My last memory of my father was a closed fist….

Issac – …Life sucks *laugh*

Jordan – …Yeah. Thank you though.

Issac – For what?

Jordan – For helping me with the baby…

Issac – Well you let me sleep on the couch its the least I could do.

Jordan – Still means alot.

Issac – *smiles*

Jordan – I never knew being a dad was so much work. Brianna pretty much drops Tyler off at the house all the time- not that I mind.. he is my son. I just..

Issac – Tyler’s always there with us.. If he’s not with us, he’s with your mom. Brianna doesn’t seem to like him much..

Jordan – Her sister [Leanna] think’s its postpartum depression

Issac – Is that when a woman feels a disconnect after having a baby?

Jordan – Yeah… she think’s that’s what’s wrong with Brianna..

Issac – It makes sense….

Vince – Whats wrong?

Josh – I don’t know… Issac’s been weird… I feel like I did something wrong…

Vince – Ask him

Josh – I did, he said everything’s fine.

Vince – I think you just miss us all living together.

Josh – ….Yeah

Vince – Well after this trip we’ll be living together again so-

Josh – I don’t want Issac to hate me.. I hope he’s not mad at me

Vince – I’m sure he’s fine… You know Issac’s kinda moody…

Josh – Well I’ll take his moody over that Jessica girl’s moody anyday!

Vince -….Ditto…

Everyone finished unpacking, and talked a bit more before dinner. After dinner.. everyone was tired… So they all went to sleep.

~*The Next Morning*~

Spencer – Good morning…Vince?

Issac – Issac… close though. *laugh*

Spencer – How’d you sleep?

Issac – Okay, you?

Spencer – …..Its always weird waking up in someone strange bed- Not that I sleep around..

Issac – You sure?- Just kidding.

Spencer – *laugh* I… people think I’m boring.. I’m just careful.

Issac – Yeah but… careful can be boring. Don’t you wanna get out there and.. I don’t know.. jump in a mudpit with clothes on?

Spencer – No? Clothes cost money, and I don’t really have that right now.Though I guess I will soon. I have a restarunt that I now run but I don’t think I can do it. I think I’m in over my head.

Issac – You cook?

Spencer – No…

Issac – Life has no rules. Just go with the flow.

Spencer – So.. loving the vay-cay?

Issac – Its okay…. You’re boyfriend know you’re spending time with men this week?

Spencer – Are you hitting on me?

Issac – No? I heard the girls talking about someone’s boyfriend, I assumed you had a guy?

Spencer – I’m single… too single.

Issac – Relationships aren’t easy

Spencer – You seem like a good guy.

Issac – Its not me thats the problem lately.

Spencer – Whats her problem?

Issac – His- I’m gay

Spencer – So you and Josh?

Issac – Me and Josh what?

Spencer – Gay?

Issac – Josh’s is straight. Like 100% believe me.. I tried. I had a huge crush on him… He’s not into guys

Spencer – So you’re the gay one?- Ha… I knew Josh wasn’t gay.

Issac – The girls thought he was?

Spencer – Yeah..

Issac – Are you the gay one? *sarcasitc smirk*

Spencer – ha ha… that would be Leslie.. obviously..

Issac – She wear it well. She’s confident in who she is

Spencer – Hardly… I mean she know’s she’s butch.. but theirs times where she feels disconnected from the rest of the girls. Dresses, and makeup… not her thing.

Issac – I go with it, I go to the strip clubs with the guys… They even went to a gay club with me once. Jordan was really popular in there.. the guys were hitting on him alot.

Spencer – *laugh* Too bad you don’t live close to me, I’d hook you up with my brother Landon. You’re so his type. Dark and Mysterious.. dress like a bum, look like you stink but smell REALLY good.

Issac – Thanks?- So you have a gay brother?.. Cool. Cute?

Spencer – Adorable *laugh*

Issac – that must run in the family obviously.

Jamie – Morning!

Jordan – Good morning. – Hey Issac wanna come to the store with me? The food sucks here, nothing but healthy shit….

Issac – I’m gonna go take a shower…

Spencer – I’d go but-

Jamie – I’ll go.

Jordan – Alright

Jamie – What do we all need?

Jordan – Is their any specific things you girls like?

Spencer – Oreo’s and Peanut butter and I’m a happy girl.

Issac – Pickles… big pickles

Spencer – *laugh*

Issac – Shut up… I like them, Oh and I’m a top! I don’t bottom.

Spencer – I would have assumed, you’re really masculine. Very sexy!

Issac – Thanks, You’re a gorgeous girl, If I was into women I’d- Yeah I have no idea what women like.

Spencer – Flowers.. romance.. that sorta thing.

Issac – Well If I was straight I’d do that for ya.

Spencer – *laugh*

Jamie – Marshmellows for me, Jessica would want some Greek Yogurt. Leslie’s not picky.. anything works for her.

Jordan – Some sort of gummy bears for Josh, for Vince… hmm

Issac – Get him some grapefruit…

Jordan – Right!, and for me… I just want a few beers.

Spencer – *clears throat*

Jamie – Let me go get my purse and I’ll meet you at the door.

Jordan – Alright.

15 Minutes later…

Jamie, and Jordan made it to the store in town. It was a long walk.. Jamie’s feet were paying the price. Still.. in her mind.. its beauty over pain anyday.

Jordan – How’s your feet?

Jamie – Fine.

Jordan – No for real.. you been walking in those heels all the way here.. They gotta hurt a little

Jamie – I’m fine really.

Jordan – Are you always this much of a girly girl?

Jamie – No, actually I’m a little more urban punk, I dress more like Issac I guess? Then again I’m all over the place with my fashion so its hard to really explain what type of girl I can be. I went through a tomboy phase.. mostly to impress my father. Show him I could hang with the boys…. I don’t know though. I’m not super girly, but I figured coming here I’d try to be pretty.

Jordan – Cool.- You look good.

Jamie – Thanks.

Jordan – No thank you for coming to the store with me.

Jamie – No problem

Jordan – Did you really have to bring her though?

Jamie – She insisted on coming…..

Jessica – The store has nothing worth getting.. Are you guys just now getting here? Like seriously Jamie.. I told you not to wear those heels, you’re not fooling anyone. You’re not a fashionista..

Jamie – Gee thanks Jessica….

Jordan – …….

Jessica – Did you wanna find another store?

Jamie – *looks @ her feet*

Jordan – Wanna ride me?

Jamie – WHAT?!

Jordan – Piggyback ride? So your feet can rest?

Jamie – Oh… *giggles* I- nevermind

Jessica – Thought he said something about doing him Jamie?

Jamie – Jess!

Jordan – ……seriously.. are you on your period or something?

Jessica – Excuse me?

Jordan – Why did you even come?

Jamie – Jess I love you, but.. why did you tag along when you know you don’t like him?

Jordan – Which I don’t get.. I’ve done nothing wrong to her

Jessica – Really? Don’t be a drama queen, everything wasn’t about you guys. I wanted to check out the store. Plus…….

Jamie – What?

Jessica – He doesn’t seem trustworthy

Jordan – You swear I was gonna like.. rape her or something.. what the hell.

Jessica – You probably would…

Jordan – Kiss my ass.

Jessica – Smug bastard.. thinking you’re hot shit.. please. I’ve seen better.

Jordan – I bet you don’t get laid often.. I mean what kind of dude would have sex with a girl like you. You might cut it off and wear it as a neckless afterwards.

Jessica – You don’t know a thing about me.

Jordan – That makes two of us now doesn’t it?

Jordan – Jamie? Wanna find a bar with a basketball game? I’m sure theirs one around here

Jessica – She can’t drink. She’s an alcoholic. She just got out of a detox not too long ago.

Jamie – JESSICA!

Jessica – I’m just trying to be honest!

Jordan – You need a filter..

Jessica – and you “homeboy” need to back up!

Jordan – I’m not your homeboy- nor am I a thug.. just because I’m black doesn’t-

Jessica – Spare me with the racial stuff, I’m not racist you pretentious bafoon.

Jordan – You’re such a b***h.. there I said it. Oops! No filter! *rolls eyes* Anyway… forget the drinks.. wanna catch a basketball game somewhere in a bar?- Without the drinks.

Jamie – sure, I like basketball

Jessica – No you don’t…

Jamie – Really?

Jessica – Sorry! I’m just saying.. if you like someone be honest.

Jordan – ….I kinda agree.. If you don’t wanna watch basketball thats cool

Jamie – Thanks Jess, for embarassing me. How many times does that make it now.. I lost count with that stupid book of yours!

Jessica – Whatever… I’m just trying to help you. You out here looking desperate, I care about you…

Jamie – You have a great way of showing it!

Jordan – Should I leave now?

Jessica – My book may have been harsh, but.. how many times do I have to apologize?! The way you’re acting with this idiot is making things look true..

Jamie – I’m NOT A WHORE!

Jessica – I didn’t say that!

Jamie – Shove that book up your ass!

Jessica – Over it.. find a store by yourself!

Jordan – Well…..

Jordan – She’s a piece of work..

Jamie – F**k I shouldn’t have went off on her like that…

Jordan – Why not? She’s rude!

Jamie – You don’t get it.. Back at home.. the whole Town hates her.. we come here and… she has all of this pressure on her

Jordan – …..Well…. Its going to be a long week then isn’t it?

Jamie – Lets find another store and then get back to the house.

Jordan – Alright. Wanna ride me?

Jamie – No, I’m taking these damn heel’s off. I’ll walk bareback- FOOT! BAREFOOT!

Jordan – What did you just say?

Jamie – Its such a nice day isn’t it?

Jordan – Did you say you wanna bareback?- You know what that means right?

Jamie – I didn’t mean that, I meant barefoot.

Jordan – …*laugh* Right.

Jamie – Let’s just find the store! *laugh*

Jordan – Fine… so.. tell me more about the alcohol thing.. If you want…

Jamie – You share something with me, and I’ll tell you about it.

Jordan – Umm.. I have father issues, Oh and I have a baby. A Little boy.. named Tyler with my ex.

Jamie – Wow… Well don’t we all have daddy issues.

~*To Be Continued*~


  1. w0000t the boys are back! I hardly recognized Josh with his hair and beard. That was so cruel of Leslie to make those jokes about him. Poor, innocent Josh was clueless lol!! What else……oh yeah Jessica is annoying! I can’t believe how she blurted all that out in front of Jordan!! On to part 2! : D

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