B2M Season 2 Finale – “Alot Like It Can’t Get Any Worse” **Pt. 2** [POV All/None]

~ ♥ ~     Welcome to the final part of Boys2Men Season Two!     ~ ♥ ~


Each Character has a POV within the finale. It will be labeled when the character’s point of view is happening.Examples : [Jordan POV] [Issac POV] [Josh POV] [Vince POV] Theirs even some scenes where theirs [NO POV], and I’ll be narrating it. NOW! onto the finale!

~Disclaimer : This story features mature language. Most Profanity & Other unsuitable words will be blanked out with “***”  This is a heads up for any cautious readers~


…..And so it continues….

(Part 2 of 2)

[Jordan POV]

I still can’t believe what happen this morning. I knew Tommy was a bad dude, but I didn’t expect that. One should never physically, or emotionally abuse women, or children. Actually scratch that.. NOBODY should be abused period. I think if the guys didn’t hold me back, you wouldn’t be seeing me right now. I’d probably be in jail for attempted murder. I seriously hope the police catches Tommy.

As for where I am right now. I’m at my Mom’s place, does it look different? That’s because all of the furniture was moved out. She’s officially moving in with Peter. I’m not so bitter about the whole thing anymore to be honest. Its fine by me, my mother’s smart. If Peter gets out of line.. she’ll put him in check. Its crazy though…. Everyone’s moving on with their lives. My mom, and Peter. My brother AJ with school, and his boyfriend. I’m… Well I guess I can’t complain too much. Gabrielle and I do have feelings for each other but, we’ve agreed to cool it off.. just for the time being. We don’t know how Josh will take the news, especially since their breakup is still so fresh.

Mom said she’s going to keep this place, and that if I ever need it for whatever reason, it would be waiting for me. I don’t think I’ll be-

Robin- Jordan!

Jordan – Yeah Mom?!

Robin – Theirs someone here to see you!

Jordan – Okay, I’ll be there in a sec!

It better not be one of the guys here to tell me that Tommy’s back at the house.. 

Leanna – Hi Jordan.

Jordan – Lee Lee?

What the f**k was she doing back in GloCity? I don’t know if you guys remember her or not. She’s the sister of my ex girlfriend Brianna, she was also Michelle’s bestfriend. Her, and her sister Brianna moved out of town a while back. I put Brianna through hell. I cheated alot…. Then she broke up with me, got with Riley. He cheated on her.. She then moved out of town with Lee Lee (Leanna)

Leanna – Surprised to see me?

Jordan – Uh- Yeah.. what are you doing here?

Robin – Should I leave?

Jordan – Nah, its okay Ma-

Leanna – Well you look good Jordo I-

Jordan – Why are you here? Is Brianna here too? You guys moved back into town or something?

Leanna – Thats why I’m here to talk to you. About my sister…. I have some- Well you know what just come with me.

Jordan – Where to?

Leanna – Not far… just outside.

What the f**k?

Jordan – She outside?

Leanna – Yeah she’s right out here…

Jordan – You’re being super weird..

Leanna – Bri?…. Jordan’s here…

Brianna – …

Jordan – Is everything okay?

Seriously, I was getting scared.. what was going on?

Breanna – Hi Jordan…

Jordan – ……………..*mouth drops*

Leanna – …..*sigh*

Jordan – Hi- you?- You have a kid?

Breanna – Yeah…. We…..have a kid- a baby. His name is Tyler.

Jordan – I’m sorry- What?!

Breanna – Jordan, meet your son Tyler….

Jordan – How?!

Breanna – After I ended things with you, and got together with Riley… I kept gaining weight, I thought it was the stress of our breakup… Soon Riley, and I didnt workout, because much like you, he cheated on me with “Spread’em Mancini”(Mira).. and I left. I then realized I was pregnant.

I have no inner thoughts right now… I’m in disbelief!

Jordan – Its not possible that Riley’s the dad?

Breanna – I’m 90% sure Tyler is yours…

Well… I won’t believe it until I see proof… It could be Riley’s kid.

Jordan – Why didn’t you tell me when-

Breanna – When I had Tyler, I had decided to not involve you. To raise him alone. My sister (Leanna) didn’t agree with that, she said you needed to know.

Jordan – I- I’ll- I- umm…

Get it together Jordan!…. be a man!

Breanna – You needed to meet him, and I’m giving you a fair chance to be in his life.

Jordan – Take no offense to this, I’ll be there for him….as long as-

Leanna – Told you he’d say that….

Jordan – I just want to make sure he’s mine.

Leanna – Totally understandable….

Breanna – We have to go. Were moving stuff into our new place. Its not that far from here. I’ll call you with more details…

Jordan – …………yeah……..

Leanna – This feels so f**ked up…

Breanna – You’re the one who said he needed to know..

Leanna – He did, but I feel like we just dropped a bombshell on him.

Breanna – Well thats what happens when you have unprotected sex LEANNA!.

Leanna – Whatever, don’t give me attitude b***h, I’m not the one with baby daddy drama.

Breanna – Oh you know what Lee Lee, shove it up your ass!

Leanna – I’m gonna go meet up with Michelle, have fun moving the shit into our place by yourself!

Breanna – I have a baby you selfish-

Leanna – FINE! stop being such a b***h then! Jeez… I should have stayed where I was… instead of coming back to GloCity with you..

Breanna – No I’m sorry… Its just hard…I’m sorry okay?

Leanna – Its fine.. lets just get everything moved in. I’m sure my little nephew is tired of walking around in your arms. He needs his crib.

My whole world had just turned upside down. Everything was fine…. I was about to have Gabrielle, and the guys all back together… and now this? I have a son?…. I’m a……dad? How was I gonna explain this to the guys?…. I have to meet them at the bar later…. dammit… OH F**K! I have to go inside and explain this to my mom!…. shit!

[Issac POV]

Wow really?….. I can’t believe Kris would do this to me……

Riley – You love you some me.

Kris – Shut up…

Riley – What about Issac?

Kris – I love Issac, but this thing between us… Its just one of those things we have to keep a secret. To be honest Ive been thinking about you ever since I saw you making out with that chick Mira, on the beach…

Riley – When you say thinking about me you mean-

Kris – Sexually…

I’ve actually been standing here for a minute, and neither one of them have noticed…

Issac – *clears throat* Sexually eh?

Kris – Oh god Issac! How long have-

Issac – I heard enough.

Kris – I’m so sorry! Riley he just-

Issac – He just what? forced you ontop of him? Made you hookup with him?!

Kris – I just-

Issac – It really show’s what kind of person you are, even after what I did for you!

Kris – I appriciate what you did for me with the whole Tommy thing, but lets be honest here! You did that more for you, and the guys, than for me!

Issac – The nerve of you to try and discredit my good deeds. Kris you just got caught cheated on me! With RILEY! He’s on the downlow! He’s never gonna be your boyfriend!

Kris – Lets – Lets start over! This won’t happen again!

Riley – ….

Issac – Its fine Kris.

Kris – It is?

Issac – Yeah, I was actually over here to break up with you.

Kris – What?!

Issac – I don’t love you. You were a rebound. I really liked you, but I felt bad for it, for jumping in this relationship. Obviously theirs no reason to feel bad. Your all healed up from the attack, and ready to jump on Riley! You know, your friend Logan told me you weren’t to be trusted.. I just thought he was jealous because he constantly rubbed my leg… Now I know he not only wanted me to f**k him, but that he also was trying to warn me about your cheating ways!

Kris – *crying* Please Issac! I’m sorry! I’m sorry baby!

Issac – So am I…. And just to let you know… I went all the way to Riverview for two reasons. One because my friends needed to know who Tommy really was, and Two. Because I cared about you…. Have a good life.

Kris – ……I’m sorry!

My decision to break up with Kris, had nothing to do with Josh, or anybody else. I realized that as much as I did want someone.. maybe its just not in the cards for me right now. Considering the fact that AJ ended things with me, and I jumped into this thing with Kris so quickly.. Its obvious that he was my rebound. I guess Josh and I both have that in common. Going from one situation, onto the next so quickly. Also Incase you guys are wondering why I’m not broken up about this, its because of few reasons. I don’t ever wear my heart on my sleeve, because I guess I’m scared of getting hurt.. I also believe that humans are capable of some of the most hurtful things. As much as I see the good in people, I also see the slight chance in them that they might just do something to shatter your world… Also Me and-

Riley – Issac!

Issac – ….

Riley – Wait up!

Riley – You okay?

Issac – I’ll be fine.

Riley – Dude, I’m glad you walked in when you did. He was about to pull my pants off and give me a-

Issac – I don’t need the details.

Riley – I’m sorry that he-

Issac – Its okay Riley, this was our plan remember? I wanted to see if he’d cheat on me… and he did.

Yes, this was a setup. Judge me if you will, I just needed to see for myself if Kris would cheat on me….. I had planned on ending things anyway, but part of me was curious to see if the chance- well if RILEY presented himself.. would Kris take him up on the offer.

Riley – I just feel bad because I got to know you, and I like you alot. Even though I was in on the whole thing… I gotta say I was a little pissed when he kissed me.

Issac – He kissed you?

Riley – Yeah, when I went into his room, and told him I wanted him “so badly” He kissed me. In my head I was like “Dammit Kris! Issac deserves better!”

Issac – ….I see.

Wow…. “Issac deserves better” That’s- I never thought Riley would consider saying something like that.

Issac – Its done…

Riley – ……So… That Tommy shit was crazy.. have the police caught him yet?

Issac – I’m not sure.

Riley – What about Cashmere, and her son? Where are they?

Issac – She’s in a hotel right now. Vince insisted on helping her, and Tommy Jr out. Were gonna find her a nice place, and help her get a job here.

Riley – That’s good… help her get on her feet….Poor Larry though, he’s gonna be alone.

Issac – Oh don’t worry about Larry. First thing Cashmere said was that she want’s Larry to move in with her when she finds a place. He’s family to her. Anyway.. umm Thanks for helping me.

Riley – No problem…

Issac – No I mean with everything, Riverview, and this Kris thing..

Riley – Its no problem.. you helped me too.

Issac – I did? How so?

Riley – With the talks, and questions about.. guys and stuff… I’m NOT coming out, but… I’m more okay with it now..

Issac – With being bi-

Riley – I don’t wanna label anything….

Well.. one step at a time I guess…

Issac – Well I should umm go…

Riley – Wait…

Issac – Yeah?

Riley – Do you wanna like… hang……out……or something?

Issac – Me?

Riley – I mean if your busy I-

Issac – No I’m not busy at all- I just- Wow…

Riley – I just figured I’d ask. We can go back to my place. Play some video-games… No sex or anything.

Issac – No… I-

Riley – Its cool! I get it…

Issac – Eh, you know what. Sure. Why not.

Riley – Really?

Issac – Yeah, i mean maybe you just need a gay friend-

Riley – Doesn’t matter if you’re gay. I like you, and I wanna be friends.

Talk about weird… I didn’t see that coming.

Issac – I don’t let loose too often.

Riley – We can have a beer or two.. just chill, and talk. No sex! I won’t ask-

Issac – You know what?!

Riley – What?

Issac – …………Lets just do it- have sex.. I mean if you want to.. we can.

Riley – What? really?

Issac – Why the hell not.

Riley – Alright!… cool. Lets go hangout- and umm.. have sex.

Issac – This stays between us…

Riley – Obviously. I’m not gonna tell anybody clearly! So… lets go… You have a free evening right?

I can’t believe I’m hooking up with Riley… this is random!… I just figure why not! I always play by the book. I wanna live, and do crazy shit… So I’m gonna hookup with him…..

Issac – I have the time. I’m meeting the guys at the bar later.. so *laugh* why the f**k not….

Riley – How is this gonna work though?… were both… givers..

Issac – We’ll figure it out…

I’m seriously laughing my ass off right now… I’m about to hangout with Riley… and stuff.. *laugh* Go! Go see what Josh is doing or something.. I don’t want you guys to like, watch or anything *laugh*

[Josh POV] 

Please forgive me, I really don’t want to talk about what happen with Tommy. I’ve closed that chapter in my life, and I’m moving on…. To better thing. I took Michelle’s advice and I invited Sasha to hangout. Usually I see her in Bridgeport, but she agreed to come see me here… in GloCity. I need to figure out whats going on between us. We both admitted to liking each other but, that was it… So now what?

Sasha – This park looks so pretty, I love all the plants.

Josh – It didn’t look like this when the guys and I were growing up

Sasha – I know you said you didn’t want to talk about it, but…. Are you okay? I know you and Tommy had differences, but at one point he was as close to you, as the guys were.

Josh – *starts singing* “If I said I want your body now…. would you hold it against me?”

Sasha – What- Josh, why are you singing a Britney song?

Josh – I don’t know… umm.. She’s kinda cool- I guess… I don’t know. Vince has that as his ringtone for when Kokoro calls.

Sasha – I like how you changed the subject…. Also.. were you singing to me?… huh? *smirks*

Josh – ….Yeah…. *laugh*

Sasha – Keep going.. I know you know the rest of the lyrics! *laugh*

Josh – No… I don’t really know the song- *Sings it loudly* “CAUSE YOU FEEL LIKE PARADISE!, AND I NEED A VACATION TONIGHT!, SO IF I SAID I WANT YOUR BODY NOW!!! WOULD YOU HOLD IT AGAINST ME?!” *laugh* ….That was embarrassing…

Sasha – It was cute… except for the fact that I don’t like Britney Spears much… but cute.

Josh – How could you not like Britney?!

Sasha – I like Christina Aguilera more.. she can actually sing..- Were not talking about Britney here..

Josh – Then what are we talking about?

Sasha – The fact that you want me to hold my body against you….

Josh – …..*smiles* ….I do. I like you Sasha.

Sasha – Mmm hmm.. Clearly you do, serenading me in the park with Britney Spears… Mom said you were a one of a kind guy

Josh – Ugh…

Sasha – I’m sorry I didn’t mean to bring my Mother up…

Josh – Sasha…..You said you knew about-

Sasha – I didn’t say I knew, I had suspicions about her and Vince. I just didn’t think it was smart to just accuse them of anything. So i kept it to myself. I actually saw your uncle Nathan today and he-

Josh – I don’t want to talk about that situation, if its okay with you..

You know what I’m not mad at Sasha for having a suspicion, and not telling me. Its not like she had any proof at the time. Also I wouldn’t expect her to rat out her own mother. Plus she was super close with my Uncle Nathan.. she wouldn’t wanna see him hurt either…

Sasha – So! I hung out with Kokoro this morning. She’s such a sweet girl. She told me how much she liked meeting the guys, especially you. To quote her.. she said “Josh is special, he has a special light within him. It shines really bright when you meet him”

Josh – *smiles* She’s awesome. I never thought I’d say that.

Sasha – Well.. when you give people chances to prove who they are.. you learn things. When Vince picked her up from the diner this morning she was so happy to see him. They really like each other.. its so cute.

Josh – I don’t doubt it.

I really don’t like what Vince did with Mia, but all that aside. I think Kokoro is the one girl that could possibly change him for the better. For that reason, and the fact that I’ve known Vince all of my life.. I’ll support them.

Sasha – So…. speaking of-

Josh – We should talk.

Sasha – We are talking *laugh*

Josh – I know, but like… about something specific…

Sasha – Okay…

I’m just gonna be as honest as possible…. here goes nothing.

Josh – I like you, you like me.

Sasha – ….yes.

Josh – In this moment right now, in a perfect world.. what would you want to happen?

Sasha – Umm… Me not living with my Mother, You and I being together, and… yeah.

Josh – Me too- excluding the part about living with your mother obviously.

Sasha – Why do I get the feeling theirs a “but” coming up?

Josh – In reality.. this is so much more complicated. Your mother, My uncle… Gabrielle….

Sasha – I know… and the last thing I want is for her to hate me even more.

Josh – Same here.

Sasha – And if were being honest here Josh, I don’t think either one of us should rush into this. I have my problem from… New York. You just got out of a relationship… We would seriously mess things up if we jumped right into it.

Josh – I know….

She was right. It wasnt the right thing to do, to just jump into a relationship so soon. She needs to heal, I need to heal too. Hell I need to fix my relationship with my father, find a job… *sigh*

Sasha – Maybe in a few months… we can see where we stand?

Josh – Yeah, I’m okay with that I guess.

Sasha – Good. *smiles*

Josh – *stares/smiles at Sasha*

Sasha – What?

Josh – You’re so pretty…

Sasha – Josh, I like that you use words like “pretty”, instead of “hot:. Its really adorable…

Josh – Issac says I have a certain way of speaking..

Sasha – Its true. I really like it *laugh*

Josh – Good! *laugh*

Sasha – You really have no idea, how f**king sexy you are huh?

Josh – I’m far from sexy.. I’m just a nerd that happens to be in good physical shape, and I’m fine with that.

Sasha – So much more than that…

Josh – If you say so *laugh*

Sasha – Well I’m glad we talked. We know where we stand. That’s all I ever hoped for.

Josh – Ditto.

Sasha – Well, I won’t hold you up any longer, I know you have to go meet the guys at the bar. Tell everyone I said hi.

Josh – I would hate myself If I didnt do this.

Sasha – Do what?


I had to go for it…. and I did. You know, this talk wasn’t so bad. I walked into the situation not knowing what was going to happen. I didn’t even know what I wanted. I knew I liked her, but… – Yeah. I don’t know. I’m just glad that were gonna give it a chance in a few months. Thinking about it, last time I ended up in a relationship so fast with Gabrielle. I didn’t wanna repeat my mistakes this go-round. Enough talking, I should meet up with Jordan, so we can get to the bar. Oh and not Mia’s bar either. Were going to the bar here in GloCity, incase you were wondering.

[Vince POV]

Hey guys, I just came from hanging out with Kokoro. While there we had a long conversation about things. When I say things, I mostly mean Mia, and Nathan. As I left her place… I decided I needed to be a man. I needed to go see Nathan, and tell him what I had done. If he punches me, lets hope its in the right eye. That way atleast it will match with the left eye that Josh hurt…. 

Scarlett – Oh no Mr Folland I-

Nathan – Call me Nathan.

Scarlett – Nathan. I don’t mind the overtime! I really admire your career, and I really wanna learn from you.

Nathan – Thats nice of you to say Scarlett. You’ve been a hard worker. I see everything around here, so just keep doing what your doing.

Scarlett – Umm, The Jennifer Johnson case is most likely going to trial. So in the coming weeks I’ll have to prepare myself for that. This is her third-

Nathan – Vince?

Scarlett – Who?- Oh someones here?

Vince – Hi….

Here goes nothing…

Nathan – Scarlett would you give us a moment?

Scarlett – No problem sir, I have files that need to be organized.

Nathan – Don’t you have an assistant for that?

Scarlett – I don’t have an assistant.

Nathan – Were gonna have to fix that.

Scarlett – Okay. Have a nice evening sir.

Nathan – You too.

Vince – ….

I don’t know how nice his evening could possibly be with what I have to tell him.

Nathan – How can I help you Vincent? Please tell me theirs no girl trouble. I was informed you were back with the young lady that-

Vince – Kokoro. Yeah I’m with her… She didn’t-

Nathan – I’m aware of her actions, and why she did what she did. Moving on. What can I help you with?

Vince – Umm…

Nathan – Go on….

I have no idea, if Mia has even spoken to him about it. He didn’t seem bothered by my presence. So one can only assume, that he didn’t know what took place. Which was great…. I had to be the one to tell him.

Vince – Theirs something you should know.

Nathan – Alright. What is this pertaining to?

Vince – Mia…….

Nathan – What about her?

Vince – We sl-

Nathan – Vincent, nobody’s holding a gun to your head. You came here on your own. If you have something to speak of, do just that. Speak of it. I’m not trying to be rude, I’m just a very busy man. Now please.. on with it.

Vince – *crying* Mia, and I hooked up… more than once. I shouldn’t have done it! Take no mercy on me!…

Nathan – …..

Vince – If you wanna hit me just do it! I deserve it! I’m a shit-friend, I’m a horrible person. Everyone only likes me for my money! I’m worthless! All I have is my money, If I didn’t people wouldn’t like me. I’m an arrogant piece of shit!

Nathan – You, and Mia had sex? That’s what you’re telling me?

Vince – Yes sir…

Nathan – Why would you do that? I helped you. For free. I-

Vince – I know, I know. I just-

Nathan – You just what? Go on.. I’d love to know how it happen.

Vince – Please just punch me!

Nathan – Why did you decide to tell me?

Vince – Because, Its the right thing to do. I need to be a man and fess up to my crimes!

Nathan – ……..I already knew what you, and Mia did.

Vince – She told you?

Nathan – No… Sasha did. However she didn’t tell me it was you. She told me it was “A younger guy” I knew when you came in here all guilty that it was you.

Why would Sasha tell him?

Vince – When did she-

Nathan – She came by to see me today. I told her I was going to propose to her Mother. She told me I should know something first. That it wasn’t her place but if I was finally ready to marry her, I needed to really think about it. Sasha told me, because she loves me as a person…. She didn’t wanna see me hurt. I respect her for that.

Wow…. Well I guess in that situation.. it makes sense for Sasha to tell him, but… man. He was going to ask Mia to marry him…

Vince – Did you talk to Mia?

Nathan – I don’t think that’s any of your concern. Why did you think it was okay to sleep with my girlfriend?

Vince – I never thought it was okay.

Nathan – So why did you do it then.

Vince – Well it all started with Kokoro. You see I-

I told him the whole story. That I loved her, and she wanted nothing to do with me. That I felt weak, and Mia made me feel powerful. After I told him everything… I realized that I’m a weak person…..

Nathan – Mia always flirted with you, I’m not that surprised to be honest. Doesn’t mean I’m not hurt.

Vince – I don’t deserve your reaction. Why are you being so nice to me?!

Nathan – Because you screwed up, and you came here face to face. Man to man, to tell me what you did. You didn’t have to do that.

Vince – Why don’t you want to hit me?!

Nathan – I do, but  in a situation such as this.. its a must for a man of my stature to have ratiocination.

I have no idea what that word even meant.

Vince – … Have you always been this forgiving?

Nathan – I don’t know… I’ve always been perspicacious.

Where’s Jordan when you need him?… these big words….

Vince – I have to be honest and say I don’t know what that word means.

Nathan – Lets just say that I have a keen sense of understanding, if you will- I’ve never been one to judge. Even in an instance like this, where I was betrayed.

Vince – My parents are looking down at me, so disappointed in what, and who I’ve become. *crying*

Nathan – What you said earlier.. about people only liking you because of your financial status. We both know that’s completely untrue. Look at the guys, they wouldn’t care if you were broke.

I knew that was true, but with everything that had happen, with my sister, Tommy… It took me back to the days of being alone, and using my money to surround myself with people. My parent’s had died, and I had nobody. Money was- IS the easiest way to make people care about you…..

Vince – *crying* I just wanna be a better person.

Nathan – Come here…… I wasn’t always who I am today. I made a bunch of mistakes too. Nobody’s perfect…

Vince – I don’t understand your pity.

Nathan – Its neither pity, or sympathy. Its simply a rational expression of emotions, that I feel. I don’t see you as some punk kid. I know theirs good in you. Now the question is… will you reach deep down inside, pull it out… and share it with those around you.

Vince – I want to.

Nathan – THEN DO IT! Don’t want to. Do it. Okay?

Vince – Alright.

Nathan – Now stop crying…. You did the right thing by coming here tonight.

Vince – Okay….

Nathan – You feel better now that you’ve gotten it off your chest?

Vince – Yes sir…

Nathan – Is their anything else I can do for you?

Vince – Thats it….. and thanks… for everything you said.

Nathan – Not a problem. Take care Vincent…. the bad stuff is over.

Vince – Yeah… It can’t get any worse…

I don’t understand the compassion he displayed on my behalf. I didn’t deserve any of it….. He was such a good person…. Anyway I wiped my tears and I soon met up with the guys at the bar.


The guys all met up at the bar. They had a few drinks, and talked about the events of the day. Each of them had a ton to talk about. The conversation carried on as they left the bar.

Jordan – Tyler, she named him Tyler.

Josh – I couldn’t remember the name.

Issac – Where’s Tyler now?

Jordan – With Brianna… I’m gonna do the DNA test in the morning. Just to make sure he’s mine.

Josh – Wow, and here I am worried about Sasha.. you have a baby…

Vince – Does this mean we’ll have a baby at the house sometimes? How is the custody thing gonna work?

Jordan – You know as much as I do. I’m meeting up with her in the morning. Enough about me though.. that little skank Kris! I can’t believe he cheated on Issac with Riley!

Vince – Riley was in on it remember?

Jordan – True, but still..

Josh – Where were you after you left Kris’s place Issac?

Issac – *looks at at the ground laughing* Around.. I walked around- So!.. You and Sasha eh? Bout time!

Vince – I’m proud of you, you went in for the kiss dude!

Jordan – Yeah good job Joshy! Look at you becoming a man!

Josh – *laugh* Nah… the real man of the night is Vince…. That took alot of courage to go see my Uncle.

Issac – Yeah Vince.. you’re becoming respectable *laugh* Just kidding.. I’m proud of you.

Vince – Thanks.. It was the right thing to do…

Jordan – I like this.. the four of us…

Issac – Yeah, we don’t have to hear, that stupid shit Tommy always said.. what was it?

Josh/Vince/Jordan/Issac – WE A FAMILY!

Josh/Vince/Jordan/Issac – *laugh*

Josh – Lets get home.. its late, and I wanna wake up early for my package. My comics arrive in the morning!

With that being said, the guys headed home….

The boys arrived home only to find their house burning down in flames. This was obviously the work of Tommy

Josh – *crying* Oh my goodness!

Jordan – TOMMY!

Issac – ….I-…..Oh my god…

Vince – Our house!

The guys stood in shock, as their home burned down to the ground. Each of them frozen in time, not knowing what to do.

Issac – This is my fault-

Josh – NO IT ISN’T! *crying* My goodness.. all of our stuff was in there! What are we gonna do?!

Issac – Its my fault… Its my fault

Jordan – Don’t you dare blame yourself for this!

Issac – I pushed Tommy into a corner.. and look what he did.. Its my fault!


Issac – *breaking down* Oh my god its my fault

Vince – F**k my life… it .. it did…….It…It got worse…

~*The End Of Season Two?*~


~♥~ Or Is It? ~♥~

Tommy – Alright alright!

Mystery Man – Put your f**king hands up!

Tommy – What do you want?!

Mystery Man – …..You thought you could just escape huh?

Tommy – ………I have money… I took a bunch of Cash, and-

Mystery Man – I don’t want money… I want you to pay.

Tommy – Because you like Kris?

Riley – …No. Because bad people shouldn’t get away with doing bad thing. Now shut your punk ass up!

Tommy – You’re not gonna shoot me.

Riley – You don’t believe that. You’re shaking.

Tommy – Man get that gun out of my face!


Tommy – ….


Tommy – I don’t want to die!

Riley – Issac left his cell at my place…. I went to give it to him, but there you were running from the flames. I got in my car, grabbed my gun and followed you.

Tommy – What?…are you and Issac f**king now?….faggots….

Riley – That’s big talk coming from a woman beater. You even hit your own child!

Tommy – They had it coming!

Riley – Listen carefully. You’re gonna come with me, turn yourself into the cops. And go away for a long time. They’re gonna take you in for everything they know you did, plus the fire you just started!

Tommy – I can’t go back-

Riley – *points gun* I DONT CARE WHAT YOU WANT HOMEBOY! YOU’RE TURNING YOURSELF IN! That or I shoot you in the goddamn kneecaps, and you never walk again…

Tommy – PLEASE!


Tommy – Fine I’ll turn myself in!

Riley – Good….

Tommy – Just don’t


Tommy – AHHHHHHHHHHHH! You said you wouldn’t shoot! AHHHHH F**K! MY ARM!

Riley – I said I wouldn’t shoot you in the knee… didn’t say I wouldn’t shoot you in the shoulder.. Now get your fatass up!

Tommy – I’m bleeding out man.. I can’t- *loses consciousness*

Riley – TOMMY?

Tommy – …………..

Riley – TOMMY! It was just the shoulder! get up!

Tommy – …………

Riley – Tommy! dude!…Get up yo!…Are-…are you…… dead?….. oh f**k what did I do? Oh shit… What do I do-.. f**k!… I gotta get out of here!

[Fire sirens/Police Sirens in background.]

☆!~The End Of Season 2~!☆

Season 3 coming soon



  1. OMG! I actually thought it was over and then scrolled down to write a comment and saw there was more! I am actually going to be so happy if Tommy is dead even if that does mean that Riley is on the run, I’m definitely surprised about him and Issac btw but am upset because now Riley will be on the run. I am pleased for Vince, Nathan is the nicest guy ever for being so understanding. Josh and Sasha make such a cute couple and leaving it time is a good idea, I really want somebody Josh can settle down with. And lastly, but one of the biggest dramas, Jordan and his baby Tyler. If only you could’ve seen my face when I read that! Especially if it turns out to be Riley’s whilst he’s on the run but I hope it is Jordan’s he needs somebody to love unconditionally like a piece of family, I hope Tyler means he and Brianna get back together, Jordan’s changed and they could easily bond over a kid. Okay so I’ll stop typing now, this is the longest comment I’ve wrote ever! Don’t keep us waiting long for Season 3 🙂 xxx

  2. : O What!!! I don’t even know what to say! lol. You were right, lots of surprises this chapter! Oh boy Riley is in trouble!! I hate to say it but I hope this is the end of Tommy lol. And Jordan is possibly a father?? I’m so disappointed in Kris, I thought he would be the one for Issac : (. This finale was very well done, great job!! Please say Season 3 starts tomorrow : D. Also, I wanted to ask you where did you get that gun from?

  3. Thanks for the comments! Also The guns/Poses I got from here:




    Go to both of those places, and links for guns should be there.

    Boys2Men season 3 should start soon (not too soon) I have a schedule of things to come. LOR: The next generation needs to be wrapped up. THEN I have a Boys2Men SPECIAL It will take the events of this finale and bridge things for the 3rd season… then soon after that the third season of B2M will start 🙂

  4. solid again..ugh its going to suck to wait, but im sure itll be worth it

    and damn where would sims 3 stories be these days without the pose player, adds so much more depth, loving it

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