B2M Season 2 Finale – “Alot Like It Can’t Get Any Worse” Pt. 1 [POV All/None]

***~!!Finale Rules!!~*** :

Each Character has a POV within the finale. It will be labeled when the character’s point of view is happening. Examples : [Jordan POV] [Issac POV] [Josh POV] [Vince POV] Theirs even some scenes where theirs [NO POV], and I’ll be narrating it. NOW! onto the finale!

~Disclaimer : This story features mature language. Most Profanity & Other unsuitable words will be blanked out with “***”  This is a heads up for any cautious readers~


…..And so it begins….

(Part 1 of 2)

[No POV]

With everything that’s been going on with the guys. Issac decided to call a family meeting. He wanted to fix things, before it was too late. So he gathered all the guys into the living room. He wanted to get everyone’s frustrations out in the open. His mission was to fix things. However one has to wonder, what he had up his sleeve. He was holding onto some juicy information about Tommy. The guys still didn’t know that Tommy was the one who attacked Kris, nor did they know about his family, and the bad things he did in Riverview. When would it all come to light?

Jordan – I didn’t like being put in the middle of it! I didn’t know what to do! Was I to protect Vince? or was I suppose to be loyal to Josh, and tell him what I knew. It was a awkward f**king situation.

Vince – ….It was, and I’m sorry for putting you in the middle.

Jordan – Technically it wasn’t your fault. I went there to help Josh… Things-

Tommy – Shit happens man!

Jordan – Thanks for cutting me off Tommy.

Tommy – My bad bro….

Issac – Josh? anything you want to add to the conversation?

After Josh learned that Issac was in love with him, nothing changed. That felt odd to Issac, he told Josh, and Josh acted as if nothing was said. Issac felt like it was smart to just let it go… for now. With everything that Josh has been through, the last thing he needs is a reminder that his bestfriend was in love with him… Things didn’t need to be awkward between them.

Josh – No…

Vince – Josh do you-

Josh – I don’t want to talk to you Vince….

Jordan – Josh, he was wrong, and he knows it.. Look at his eye! You did that to him. The least you can do is try to move forward. You, Vince, Issac, and I have been through so much together. I know you’re upset but-

Josh – Jordan thanks for that, but.. I just can’t right now okay?

Issac – ….

Vince – Everyone keeps saying “Oh Vince, Talk to Josh. Things will get better” Yet he doesn’t even wanna talk to me! What am I suppose to do? at this point I feel like I should just count my losses, and move on.

Josh – You would just move on from me? Didn’t my friendship mean MORE than that?


Jordan – Don’t be a dick!

Issac – Everyone just shut up! Okay?

Tommy – …. Can I say something?

Issac – Sure Tommy.. Say….something.

Tommy – I feel like I may not have been around due to whatever, but! I love you guys. I know you hate when I say it Jordan but WE A FAMILY!

Issac – You’re right Tommy!

Josh & Jordan – *GASP*

Vince – The F**k?

Jordan – I’m sorry.. did you just agree with… Tommy?

Issac – Tommy’s right. Were a family….

Vince – *looks at Jordan confused*

Jordan – Yeah… I’m confused too Vince.

Josh – ….. I’m still moving out.

Jordan – Josh stop saying that! We don’t want you to go!

Vince – Fine, I’ll just leave. If Josh hates me that much then I’ll-

Josh – STOP IT! JUST STOP IT VINCE! Don’t you even try and be a victim in this situation!

Vince – Theirs only so much ignoring I can take before I say F**k You. I’m trying with you Josh, I really am.. but if you keep saying you wanna leave, and you’re done with me. I’m not going to beg for your friendship over and over again! I said I was sorry! Now if you want to hate me fine.. but don’t go around telling me that I don’t and won’t ever matter to you again! We been through so much! I really mean it when I tell you sorry!

Josh – That’s not some magic word you can just throw around! It doesn’t fix things right away!

Issac – Josh, hold off on moving until tomorrow morning.

Tommy – Why tomorrow morning?

Issac – You guys know that trip I just came back from? Well I have something to share.

Tommy – Gifts?

Issac – Yep! and its going to make things better for EVERYONE! Plus I have an important announcement.

Josh – I…

Vince – Thats all fine and dandy Issac, but how am I suppose to have Kokoro over tonight when Josh will act like-

Josh – I have manners Vince. I think about OTHERS before myself. I wouldn’t do anything rude while she was here. We agreed to meet her, not like I’m gonna skip out on dinner tonight.

Tommy – I forgot she was coming over tonight…

Jordan – Great timing.

Issac – ….I don’t think this is un-fixable. I think with some time… Vince and Josh can heal their friendship.

Jordan – I agree.

Tommy – Me too!

Vince – ……..

Josh – ……

Issac – We really need to get it together. We all been growing apart recently for “various” reasons.. So yeah. Is their anything else anyone wants to say?

Tommy – I love you guys? Thanks for taking me in. Thats all I gots to say. Y’all some ride or die N***a’s

Josh & Vince – *mouth drops*

Issac – …….Well Now….

Jordan – Did you just say the N WORD?

Tommy – I said Ga, not Er.. I thought that was socially acceptable.

Jordan – I ain’t got shit else to say….. No! I got one thing. If it wasn’t for Issac trying to bring us together, I’d punch you in your mouth Tommy. THE N WORD? REALLY? I DON’T EVEN USE IT!

Josh – Tommy.. really? Anyway I just want to say that… Maybe Superman and Batman do fight… but.. they always work it out in the end. The Justice League doesn’t have to split up… perhaps.. Maybe… I don’t know..

Vince – I thought it was the Avengers… *smiles*

Josh – *half smiles* … I’m still mad even though I sorta smiled…

Jordan – I’m lost… Why are we talking about cartoons now?

Tommy – Aye, y’all ever watch cartoon porn?

Josh/Vince/Issac/Jordan – *Looks at Tommy in disgust*

Tommy – Nevermind!

Issac – Well… I’m sure you all have things you wanna do. So thats it… Everyone have a good day.

Vince – Can we have a hint as to what you have to tell us tommorrow?

Issac – No. *smiles*

Jordan – What time tomorrow is your announcement?

Issac – The morning… Its more dramatic that way… Sun rising… Its a new day. *laugh*

Vince – Josh you want to go get some breakfast?

Josh – Too soon….

Vince – Sorry….

Josh – ………………….its okay.

Issac – If you’re not doing anything Josh, can you come with me? I need to talk to you.

Josh – …Okay.

Jordan – I have to go to Gabrielle’s- Sorry Josh…

Josh – Its fine. She clearly likes you better anyway. I’m not mature enough…

Jordan – Her computer fan is busted, She asked if-

Josh – Its fine Jordan, honestly. I don’t care about you guys hanging out. You’ve known her as long as me. No need to explain yourself.

Jordan – I know I just… Yeah.

Tommy – I’m gonna hit the gym!

Issac – Alright. Everyone be back here for dinner. Kokoro is coming over. Don’t forget.

Vince – *nods at Issac* Thanks…

Issac – *nods back*

[Jordan POV]

Man what a family meeting… I for sure thought Josh was gonna attack Vince again. Oh and what the hell was up with Issac? Agreeing with Tommy! That was strange!. Speaking of Tommy. I cannot believe he said the N word. Granted neither myself, or anyone I know was a slave, but still. Its a racist and offensive word right? Exactly.

Moving on….. As you can see I made it over to Gabrielle’s place to help her with her computer. I don’t think I need to explain why she called me. By now you guys should know that I’m great at fixing shit. And if ya don’t know.. now ya know.. Get it? that’s a rap lyric.. eh.. nevermind.

Gabrielle – …..

Jordan – Umm, Gab.. you said the fan was broken?

Gabrielle – …Umm.

Jordan – Nothing’s wrong with this computer, other than the technology being outdated…

Gabrielle – Fine, you caught me. Nothing’s wrong with it…

Jordan – So why did you invite me over?

Gabrielle – I needed a reason to get you in my room.

Say what now?

Jordan – Okay?

Gabrielle – I need to ask you something…. I need you to be 100% honest with me.

Jordan – ……Alright.

Gabrielle – For a while now… Ive been feeling as if… You, and I..

Jordan – Stop.

Gabrielle – …

Jordan – I know what you’re going to say…

Gabrielle – Good.. because I don’t want to feel like I’m a crazy person.

Jordan – You’re not.

Gabrielle – So, their is something unsaid going on then…

Jordan – If I’m being all the way honest, then yeah.

Gabrielle – So you do li-

Jordan – STOP! I want to leave it unsaid. It doesn’t need to be put out there.

I can’t do this. I can’t….. I won’t let myself. This would be wrong, I can’t betray Josh like that.

Gabrielle – What about what you said?

Jordan – What?

Gabrielle – About soulmates.. being out there…

Jordan – Gabrielle…. no. I can’t.

Gabrielle – You don’t think I feel bad for this too? I love Josh with all my heart, but as a friend now. He wasn’t the right one for-

Jordan – And you think I am?!

Gabrielle – I know you are. I don’t know why but I just know it. Just say it outloud… so I don’t feel crazy… please….

Jordan – …Its complicated.

Gabrielle – No its not. I have been feeling this thing between us for a while now. Just-

Jordan – Fine!… I do like you.

F**k! This shouldn’t have happen. I shouldn’t have told her that!

Gabrielle – Don’t laugh at me, but I saw a psychic. She told me- and I quote : “He loves you, The friend of the lover. When lips”

Jordan – You know this can’t happen right? For Josh’s sake!

Gabrielle – Let me explain something, I don’t want to hurt Josh. I know you don’t either, but… how does one stop these emotions from boiling over? You can’t decide who you fall for. Jordan… Its always been you. When I think about growing up with you guys. I realize it was you who I shared the most personal stuff with. You were always my knight in shining armor. You know its true.

Jordan – …….

Gabrielle – We even have matching tattoo’s.. I trust you, more than I’ve ever trusted any guy before. I ask myself… why am I so different around Jordan…. its because I lo-

Jordan – I love you too.

Gabrielle – ….See, that wasn’t so hard to say.

Jordan – We can’t be together though.

Gabrielle – Because Josh and, I just broke up. I understand that. Its not like I want to create conflict between you guys.

Jordan – With all that being said, I’m happy that its finally out there. I couldn’t hide it for much longer. Anyway I should be going…

Gabrielle – Wait!

Jordan – What?

Gabrielle – I have to see if the psychic was right, I have to-

Jordan – I don’t believe in psychics, she probably just-


Gabrielle – ………Wow…. I felt it….

Jordan – …..

Gabrielle – Did you feel it too?

Jordan – You shouldn’t have done that.

Gabrielle – I had to see if-

Kissing her was the most amazing thing I ever felt. She fits right into my arms, like she was made for me. This was one of those moments, that I knew was wrong, but It felt right. As if the Universe had set this up. It was suppose to happen. Does this mean her and I are dating?…. No……. I’m not too sure what the hell this means. One things for sure. I was finally getting what I wanted… but at what cost?

[Issac POV]

Issac – *smiles*

It was time Josh, and I talked about the bombshell I dropped on him. I knew he had been avoiding it, but I feel like its time we talk about it. I want to know where he stands, how he feels about what I said. I want to know if our friendship is okay, or if its going to be awkward from here on out.

Josh – So what did you want to talk about?

Issac – …Josh…

Josh – Oh, …. that.

Issac – We haven’t spoke about it, after I told you that I-

Josh – was in love with me..

Issac – Yes, that. After I told you, you said you needed to go for a walk. Was it because of what I said?

Josh – No.

Issac – Talk to me then….

Josh – I’m not good at this, so bare with me.

Issac – Okay.

Josh – I was scared. I was scared that because I loved you so much, that I’d kiss you just to keep you in my life. I’m not curious, bi, or gay. However, I’ve never been without you in my life. So I would have done whatever to keep you around. When I realized that, I realized how dependent I am on our friendship. I needed to get away for a second.

Wow that’s the most sense Josh, has ever made while explaining himself…

Issac – You’re a straight guy, I didn’t want to fall in love with you. Not to mention you’re my bestfriend. You-

Josh – Why do you like me?

Issac – Huh?

Josh – I just- Earlier today I was thinking about it. I wondered why the hell you liked me. I’m a loser.. I’m immature…

Issac – Are you kidding? Josh, you’re adorable, you’re a mature, comic reading nerd. I laugh the most around you. I think you’re just amazing.

Josh – You think I’m mature?

Issac – Just because you fumble words, or read comics. That doesn’t mean you’re immature. You just have a special way of doing things, that makes you who you are. That’s all.

Josh – Thank you, I needed to hear that. Every since the blowup with Vince, Ive been feeling like.. a immature, useless failure.

Issac – …. You’re non of the above.

Josh – So… if you don’t mind me asking, what about Kris? If you like me then-

Issac – I still like Kris, but…. its hard to explain.

Let me clarify a few things. I’m with Kris, he’s my boyfriend but- I do have feelings for Josh. See… simple. Obviously Josh and I will never happen… so.. yeah. I just want us to come to an understanding about it all.

Issac – So are we okay? You and I?

Josh – I want to be, but…. How do I make things okay for you?

Issac – You already did, just by talking to me about it. Just don’t change, or act differently around me.

Josh – Like what? not change clothes in front of you?

Issac – *laugh*

Josh – I think you’ve seen me naked more than most people. I wouldn’t stop undressing in front of you. Or passively flirting with you… that would be stupid. If nothing’s changed for you, then nothing will change for me.

Issac – Good. I’ll get over it. I did once before.

Josh – *looks confused*

Issac – I liked you when we were younger.

Josh – I was fat back then though…

Issac – Josh its not about your looks. It never was.

Josh – *smile*

Issac – You know I already feel better having talked about this with you. Like a weight has been lifted.

Josh – I feel better too. Because of you, I don’t want to move anymore.

Thank goodness!

Issac – Good. So umm, How are you doing?… Gab-

Josh – I’m over her. She was a headache. Thats not to say I don’t love her still, its just more of a “we should only be friends” kind of love you know?

Issac – Like us.

Josh – Exactly.

Issac – Gabrielle’s sweet but, she was a lil’ bit crazy…

Josh – I know right? Women are headaches, maybe I’ll just switch teams.

Issac – *laugh* Well I’m taken so good luck.

Josh – DARN! guess I’ll have to be straight then!

Issac – *laugh* Thanks for being… you.

Josh – I don’t know what that means, but you’re welcome.

Issac – Yep.

Josh – So, now that I know you like me. Should I give you a kiss or something?

Issac – Why would you do that?

Josh – Back in high school, when I was in love with Michelle. You told me that if someone crushes on another. They should atleast know what its like to kiss their crush.

Issac – I did say that huh?

Josh – You did. So do you want to like.. kiss? Once only, no tongue!

Issac – No. because 1. that would be cheating. I wouldn’t cheat on Kris, ever. 2. That wouldn’t be realistic now would it? If this was some stupid movie, or TV show.. You and I would have ended up together, holding hands and kissing. Instead this is real life. Were friends till the end, no kissing required….

Josh – *smiles* Alright, I was offering!

Issac – Josh, you kiss me all the time anyway.

Josh – I do?

Issac – On the cheek, you’re very affectionate with everyone in the house, excluding Tommy.

Josh – Hey, you’re right, I’ve kissed all you guys on the cheek, and stuff. No wonder people think I’m gay!

Issac – Theirs no way you could be gay, even though you don’t like to admit it… you love tits way too much.

Josh – Saying stuff like that makes me feel like… a jerk. Like I’m not suppose to disrespect women, and see them as sex objects. Its just… when I see boobs… I like them.


Issac – Well I don’t. *laugh*

Josh – Well since you don’t want a kiss, here’s a hug.


Issac – Love you dude.

Josh – I know you do.

Issac – Har Har very funny.

Josh – Love you too Issac.

Issac – I should get going. I’m meeting Ri- up with my-

Josh – Its okay, Michelle wanted to talk to me, so I should head home. Make sure you’re back in time for Dinner with the grudge!- I mean Kokoro.

Issac – Stop calling her The Grudge. I’m pretty sure she’s a nice person.

Josh – You’re right. Hey! Can I get a hint? about what you’re telling us in the morning?

Issac – Nope! Its a surprise!

Surprise alright.. Tommy’s about to be exposed! I can’t wait! … So! I said my goodbye to Josh, and I headed off to meet up with Riley. We had things to plan……

[Josh POV]

After talking to Issac about everything, I felt so much better about things at home. I was no longer thinking about moving away. Issac’s my bestfriend, and I’d do anything for him. Theirs no way I’d abandon him just because he has feelings for me. I’m flattered, and it makes me feel like superbo- Man. Superman. I always feel so, whats that word that Jordan uses… INFERIOR! yeah! I always feel so inferior to most guys, because I’m pretty much a nerd, I don’t find myself appealing at all. So for someone like Issac to take interest in me… that makes me feel larger than life. I wish- Oh Michelle’s back.

Michelle – You guys bathroom smells like- like.. just- well womanly.

Josh – I bought these new things that you plug into the walls, Tommy goes in there, and it smells like a sewer. So atleast those things help

Michelle – Well that was certainly too much information. Tommy’s so gross. Like what happen to him? he was kinda cute in high school.

Josh – Isn’t it funny how I got skinny, and he got fat?

Michelle – You got buff, not skinny.

Josh – Hmm, I need to go buy some candles for the bathroom. I really like how lavender smells.

Michelle – Josh, you’re so gay sometimes I swear.

Josh – Hey! Nothing’s wrong with a guy who likes nice scents! And you’re one to talk about being gay, you’re out there eating the cats meow!

Michelle – *laugh* The cats meow? That’s a new one.. *laugh* You’re stupid…

Josh – Hate when people say that…

Michelle – You know when I call you stupid, I don’t mean it like that right? I actually think you’re pretty smart Josh. Anyway… So.. about Sasha…

Josh – What about her? I swore you came over to talk about your problems, not mine.

Michelle – We can do both!

Josh – Fine, you first.

Michelle – ………Fine. After you quit the bar, Ive been working overtime. Mia’s a f**king mess, crying all the time. Like, she came into work with her hair all f**ked up. Scaring customers away… Sasha’s ignoring her because of what she did. I’m in the middle.. trying to run the bar.

Josh – I’m sorry I left you with so much responsibility.

Michelle – Its not your fault, and honestly If I were you, I would have quit too.

Josh – …

Michelle – Anyway, so this new work schedule creates a whole new issue between Vanessa and I. We work alot, her schedule’s worse than mine. Working at the hospital is no joke. She’s always there. We fight alot about it…. Its driving me crazy…. I stay with her though…

Josh – Because you love her?

Michelle – You know how I feel about that word…. I LIKE her alot.

Michelle’s always had a big issue with the word love. Its funny how that hasn’t changed.

Michelle – Its crazy, I knew I was bi, and I liked girls just as much as I liked boys- but seriously.. I REALLY like Vanessa…. more than I thought I could like any girl.

Josh – Thats cool. I wish I was bisexual.

Michelle – WHAT?-Why??

Josh – So I could make Issac happy.

Michelle – Aww.. thats so sweet Josh.

Josh – My man parts just don’t function for… men. I tried watching gay porn but.. nothing happen. I was actually really scared of what was going on in those videos. Its just- Issac deserves to have something he wants. I- *laugh* I fail with girls. Ive only had two girlfriends. You, and well.. you cheated on me with Kane…. Then Gab-

Michelle – Oh my god… Kane… That was such a mistake.

Josh – Have you spoken to him since you guys split?

Michelle – Not really, I mean I’ve seen him around… Whatever. He’s so irrelevant.

Josh – He’s not that irrelevant Michelle. His style sorta rubbed off on you. Before you dressed sorta preppy. After dating him you dress a little more punk, and casual.

Michelle – I guess you’re right about that, but lets be honest. Kane was a huge mistake!

Josh – *laugh* Why? still wish you could be with me Lois Lane?

Michelle – No, but I’ll always love you Clark Kent. I live by one rule, never take anything back. Everything happens for a reason.. in my opinion. I know you don’t really believe in fate-

Josh – I sorta do.. I don’t know… I guess I see what you mean. If you hadn’t cheated on me with Kane, you wouldn’t have ended up with Vanessa.

Michelle – I really hate that I hurt you Joshy.. You know I love you..

Josh – You use the word love often when it comes to me.

Michelle – Its because we dated for so long, it comes naturally. Doesn’t mean I still like you Popeye.

Josh – Whatever pumpkin head!

Michelle calls me Popeye because my arms are so big, and my head is so little. I call her Pumpkin head, because.. well her head is very round… We actually had- have alot of nicknames for each other… 

Michelle – Moving on punk!… What are we gonna do about Sasha. I wan’t you two together. I see the way you look at each other. She really likes you.

Josh – I like her alot too. I just- Dude…

Michelle – ugh don’t call me dude…

She hates that.

Josh – *laugh* I forget you hate that-

Michelle – Well I don’t hold it against you, you live with a bunch of guys so.. yeah. Anyway go on. You like her but??

Josh – Gabrielle….

Michelle – Don’t take this the wrong way, but… Gabrielle is a looney toon. Also she didn’t even fight for the relationship. Josh you live for EVERYONE ELSE. Do something for you! It doesn’t matter if she, or anyone else thinks you’re a douche for moving on so quickly.

Josh – I don’t wanna make a mistake-

Michelle – YOU’RE YOUNG! Make as many mistakes as you want. Learn from them! That’s what life is.. one big lesson. To hell with anyone who judges others. If you don’t get with Sasha I will… she has nice boobs, I know you like boobs.

Josh – *smiles* sure…

Michelle – Oh don’t play shy! When we were together.. you- lets just say you were a boob man. Your hands were always there.

Josh – *smirks* Yeah, anyway- Sasha’s great. I would love to be more than friends with her. I’m just scared.

Michelle – Of what?

Josh – That it won’t workout. Like you, and Gabrielle.

Michelle – I foolishly cheated on you because I thought I needed excitement. That was MY fault. Gabrielle breaking up with you, was TOMMY’s fault, and her own. Her stupid ass went crazy and didn’t even give the relationship a fighting chance. Anyway I should get going. I’m taking Vanessa out to a nice dinner. Gonna surprise her, she’s sitting at home watching tv so..

Josh – Thats sweet.

Michelle – I should get out of here anyway, isn’t Kokoro coming over?

Josh – Yeah…

Michelle – If you don’t like Vince… why are you agreeing to this dinner?

Josh – Because of Issac. He wants everyone to get along… were really his only family. So I’m going to suck it up, and do it for him.

Michelle – I wouldn’t expect nothin’ less from you Josh.

I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not…

Josh – Have fun.

Michelle – You too.

Josh – Thanks for the talk!

Michelle – No problem, and you better go talk to Sasha…

Josh – … Maybe.

Michelle – Goodnight.

Josh – See ya.

One thing that I always liked about Michelle, was her ability to do things for herself, yet at the same time she was selfless. I don’t have that quality. I always wanna please someone else, before pleasing myself…. Well I guess I should go clean the kitchen. Kokoro and Vince are going to be here soon. 

[Vince POV]

Sorry you guys missed dinner. Though, you didn’t miss much. We all sat down, and one by one the guys asked questions. Kokoro wasn’t intimidated at all and answered all their questions gracefully. Everything was going fine. The guys warmed up to her, once they knew her story…. Nobody’s perfect right?

Jordan – You’re seriously nothing like I thought you would be. I thought you would come in here, and… be.. well..

Kokoro – What? Creepy?

Tommy – Josh calls you the grudge.

Issac – Tommy, shits on himself whenever he has mexican food.

Tommy – HEY!

Issac – Don’t rat Josh out like that.

Vince – *laugh*

Kokoro – *laugh* Jordan, that really works both ways. I thought I’d come in here, and you guys would attack me. All throughout dinner you guys have been nice. Supportive even, and respectful. I’m really sorry for the things I put you guys through.

Jordan – Well, you were blackmailed by Vanessa to do those things so-

Kokoro – And I forgive her for that. I don’t believe in holding.. grudges *giggles* Why did you guys call me the grudge?

Issac – You scared us… plus you’re asian. Asian girl + Being creepy = The grudge.

Kokoro – *laugh* I get it. Thats actually funny! Hey Tommy, do you have any asian in you?

Tommy – My Mom is part Asian. My dad’s white though.

Kokoro – Oh okay, yeah I thought you had some Asian in you. So what are you guys doing the rest of the night?

Jordan – Nothing really.

Issac – Not much.

Tommy – Shots!

Vince – Why wanna stay the night?

Kokoro – I would but I’m meeting Sasha in the morning. Were having breakfast, and a little girl talk.

Everything was good, except Josh was a bit anti-social after dinner. Kokoro took it upon herself to approach him. I know he still had his issues with me, but I had hoped he would be nice to her.

Kokoro – ….Whatcha doin?

Josh – Ordering comics.

Kokoro – I don’t read many comics, but did you know that DC is doing a complete overhaul? Like.. what does that mean for the existing stories?

Josh – Everything starts over. Even Lois Lane has a new boyfriend. Some blonde douchebag *looks at Vince*

Kokoro – I’m not trying to like get in good with you with the comic stuff. Like I said, I don’t read many. I do read The Batwoman series though. I was worried that its gonna go bye bye..

Josh – Its not, its safe.

I wonder what they’re talking about over there.

Kokoro – Can I talk to you for a bit?

Josh – Like, away from the guys?

Kokoro – Yeah- Thats if its not a problem. I don’t want to bother you.

Josh – Its not a problem.

Josh – …..So whats up?

Kokoro – I just wanted to personally take the time to apologize to you. My actions got you fired from the gym. I was told that you really liked working there, and- I’m really sorry. I had no other choice but to do what I did, and If i could go back and change it.. I’d just –

Josh – No, don’t say that. I learned from an ex- well.. shes more than an ex. She’s my friend. I learned from a friend tonight that… things happen for a reason. If none of it ever happened, would you be dating Vince?

Kokoro – I probably wouldn’t have ever met him..

Josh – He makes you happy?

Kokoro – Very happy.

Josh – Then that’s what matters.

Kokoro – Wow, Vince was right about you.

Josh – What did he say?

Kokoro – I don’t wanna do a he said- she said-

Josh – Its fine, i’m just curious.

Kokoro – Well he told me that when, and if I met you. I’d fall in love with your personality right away. He said that you may not know how to put sentences together that well, but what you do say is smart, and logical.

Josh – Vince said that about me?

Kokoro – Yeah- wait why does that come as a surprise? Is it because of the fight? which by the way.. I’m glad you hit him. He deserved it to be honest. Knocked some sense into him *giggles*

I can’t really hear their conversation, but I just heard her laugh, that’s a good sign.

Kokoro – So, I know you and Vincent, are on the outs right now- but I just want to say this one thing. He loves you, he never meant to hurt you. He did something stupid, and didnt think of the consequences. That’s all I wanted to say about that. Its none of my business, The only reason I even said that much is because- Well he’s just really upset. He thinks you will never speak to him again- You know what Ive said too much already.

Josh – …..Its okay.

Kokoro – Umm, I know you just quit the bar, and since I’m partly responsible for you losing your job at the Gym, I figured I could help.

Josh – How so?

Kokoro – Well doing a few indie movies, and commercials…. People end up owing you favors. So If you need any help finding a new job, just ask. I’ll help you out.

Josh – Thanks, but you don’t have to do that.

Kokoro – I know, but It feels right. One more thing and we can go back inside.

Josh – Alright.

Kokoro – Sasha, and I have been talking alot lately. You should know, that she likes you. Like alot.

Josh – *smiles* ….. Good to know, thought I already knew to be honest…. I.. like her alot too. I think she’s cool.

Kokoro – Okay we can go inside now, get out of this cold.

Josh – Wait! I have a question.

Kokoro – Okay.

Josh – And be honest.

Kokoro – always.

Josh – Did Vince put you up to the comic thing? To try and get me to like you?

Kokoro – Nope, Vince told me you liked Avatar The Last Air Bender, which I love. I actually really love Batwoman, and I’m not talking Batgirl aka The Oracle that’s part of birds of prey. Damn Joker shot her, and she was never the same. She makes the wheelchair work though.

Josh – *smiles*…..I believe you now. We can go inside.

Kokoro – *smiles*

Josh – Wait before we go, you get a hug. It couldn’t have been easy coming here.

Kokoro – Thanks, and I just wanted you guys to know Vincent is in good hands. I’m not crazy or-

Josh – The grudge.

Kokoro – *laugh* exactly. I’m actually a nice person, once people get to know me.

Josh – I can tell.

Yes, they’re hugging. That’s all I wanted, those two to be friends. Josh was the one I was worried about. Oh and incase any of you were wondering. I haven’t spoken to Mia…. I have no idea whats going on with her, I do wonder if she came clean to Nathan though…. Moving on. This night went perfectly. I couldn’t have asked for anything better… Well I’ll see you guys later. Time for pie, and conversation. See you in the Morning for Issac’s big announcement.

[No POV]

The boys had a great time with Kokoro last night. For once it seemed like the dark cloud was finally gone. No arguments, and no drama. Everything was fine. The next morning had came and, all the guys had anxiously waited for Issac’s news. He said he had to go get the “gift” that went along with his announcement.

Jordan – Maybe he got a big job opportunity?

Josh – Maybe, I have no idea what it could be.

Tommy – Y’all think I’m too fat to jump on this trampoline?

Vince – [On Phone] The guys love you. I knew they would, you’re so cute…

Issac – Looking for me?

The time had come….

Josh – Finally!

Tommy – Josh’s like a kid waiting for Christmas morning!

Josh – I just want my gift!

Vince – Whoa there Joshy!

Jordan – So tell us everything Issac. We’ve been waiting all morning.

Issac – Where do I even start?….. Okay so.. My trip. I said I went to an art- something right.

Josh – Yeah!

Jordan – Did you not?

Issac – I didn’t *smile*

Tommy – Did you win the lotto or something?!

Vince – *laugh* So where did you go? I thought I heard a guy in the background when you called.

Josh – You called Vince?

Jordan – What?

Issac – Thats not important right now *laugh*. So… I took a lil trip.. with someone you all know.

Vince – Who?

Issac – Riley….

Jordan – The F**k? Why?

Issac – Well see we found out something. We found out that Tommy here…. was the one who beat up Kris!

Tommy – What?!

Issac – Oh yeah.. See he remembered your blueberry cologne! So I decided to take a trip to your hometown.. and find… CASHMERE! name ring a bell? I overheard you talking to her on the phone one day…. It was either I take Riley with me to do some digging, or let him beat you up… I wanted the guys to know exactly who you were Tommy!

Josh – You hurt Kris?!


Issac – WAIT Jordan! Don’t!


Cashmere – I’m Cashmere. Tika Cashmere Washington. I’m Tommy’s Wife, and this here is Tommy Jr. Our son.

Tommy – *jumps back in disbelief* What the hell are you doing here?!- I don’t know these people! I SWEAR!

Tommy Jr. – Daddy!

Tommy – I’m not your daddy you little f**ker!


Vince – Could this get anymore weird?

Jordan – Can I kick his ass now please? PLEASE?

Issac – Not yet! See… Cashmere, was with Tommy. He beat her up, burned down their house for the insurence money, and left them to suffer. He moved here. Bypassing the cops in riverview!

Cashmere – Theirs a warrant out for his arrest back at home.

Tommy – I- Guys c’mon this is a joke! I don’t know these people!

Issac – Then I started to think about things. All the fighting.. is because of Tommy. He somehow heard me tell Jordan about Riley… which set off the whole Kris beating. Me, and Jordan had a falling out. Then-

Josh – He got me dumped! but why? what-

Vince – Then he told you guys about Kokoro… He wanted to-

Issac – Break us up, and take you with him, because you, Vince. You have money and-

Cashmere – That’s all he mentioned back home, was Vincent.. the rich guy.

Tommy was caught….

Tommy – This is bullshit! Y’all gonna believe this B***h?! OVER ME?

Jordan – I’d gladly believe not only Issac, but Cashmere too!

Vince – You thought you had it all worked out huh Tom Tom?

Josh – He has a son…… How could he do that to his son?

Issac – Because he doesn’t care who he hurts! You guys needed to know this!


Cashmere – You gonna stand there and lie Tommy? …..Tommy Jr. Looks just like you! I also have the bruises to prove you hit me!

Tommy – I ain’t touched yo ugly ass!



Cashmere – When you moved to Riverview, and had NOBODY! I took you in. I let you stay with me. I fell in love with you, a MONSTER!

Tommy Jr – Daddy fist go like this, and mommy scream no. Daddy hit mommy over and over. Call her bad words.

Josh –  *crying* Tommy how could you do that?

Cashmere – Tommy hit Tommy Jr too….. I couldn’t stop it. I tried to call the cops but he told me he’d kill us!

Jordan – YOU HIT YOUR F**KING KID TOMMY? Someone hold me back right now.. I will f**king kill him! I will end his f**king life!

Vince – NO! JORDAN! STOP! We don’t need you in jail!

That hit home for Jordan. He and his brother AJ were victims of abuse when they were kids. He always wish he had been protected….

Tommy – Listen Issac! women suck, okay? sometimes they need to be put in they’re place!

Issac – Give it up Tommy.. you’re caught.

Tommy – Okay Okay I messed up! What can I do to fix it.

Issac – The police will be here soon. You can turn yourself in for everything you did.

Tommy – I’m NOT going back to jail!


Vince – ……I-……. Wow….

Josh – Tommy hits kids… and women….. We had him living with us.. He.. he hurt Kris… turned us all against each other…

Tommy – Oh shut up, like you’re all so perfect! Vince is a slut! and he secretly hates you all, Issac’s a huge fag with daddy issues! Jordan’s a loser and probably banged Gabrielle! and and you Josh! You’re a stupid little boy! just a stupid little boy Even your dad hates you!

Jordan – Okay- I’m gonna beat the f**k out of him now-


Tommy Jr. – The bad man gone mommy?

Cashmere – Everything’s gonna be okay now sweetie.

Tommy Jr. – *crying*

Cashmere – He’s gonna go to jail and get what he deserves.

Josh – How?…. He just ran off.

Issac – Oh that’s taken care of. The cops already know about him, and everything he did… he won’t get far.

Jordan – *pissed off grunt* You guys should have let me hurt him! he put his hands on a woman and a child!

Vince – Why does everyone wanna use me for my money? is that all I am?… F**k! Then he goes- *gets choked up* He goes and does that to these poor people? What kind of animal does that?

Josh – To think we grew up with him…. we should have saw this coming…

Issac – I’m sorry guys…. This had to be done.

Tommy was on the run. Issac had exposed him…… what else was going to happen?…. I know the answer to that. Trust me.. after the next part.. things will change forever. Shocking news, Betrayals, A hookup you never saw coming!, and a ending you won’t wanna miss…. Stay turned for The 2nd part, and last entry to the second season of Boy2Men!

~*To Be Continued. The Final Part is NEXT… Things will never be the same after this…*~



  1. Yeeeeeeah!! Finally! I love that pic when they’ve surrounded Tommy and he’s looking all scared lol. I wish they would have jumped him! I also liked that scene between Jordan and Gabrielle, it was a sweet moment : ). I’m glad things seem to be smoothing over with everyone.But you mentioned more drama for the next part, what else could possibly happen?? Looking forward to the next one!!

  2. I love this chapter even though Issac and Josh didnt get together but theyre still close! Anyway I really am being driven mad by who this surprise hook up is! I mean I’ve been cheeking every few hours for an update just for this chapter so can you imagine how bad I am gonna be with the last chapter? 😀 xxx

  3. Thank you all for the comments.The final part to the season will be posted within the next 3 days 2-3 days. YOU HAVEN’T SEEN ANYTHING YET!

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