B2M Season 2- Chapter Four: [Pt 4] “Alot Like A Horrible Person” [POV Vince]

***POV = Point Of View. That person will narrate the story.***

Disclaimer : This story features some language thats a little more mature. words will be blanked out with *** But I wanted to give a warning just so you/anyone who reads will know.

*groans & moans* Ugh. I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. Who knew Josh could pack a punch like that. *hangs head low* This is… So. I caused this. I was sad because I missed Kokoro, and I hooked up with Mia. I shouldn’t have done that. I’m not gonna make up any excuses either. Theirs no point. I’m wrong, point blank. The end. Where are my underwear?…. hmm.

Vince – Hey.

Kokoro – Good morning. You sleep okay?

Vince – Not really.

Kokoro – …. Want some pancakes?

Vince – Sure. Thanks….

Kokoro – No problem.

Vince – …And thanks for letting me sleep over.

Kokoro – …. you’re my boyfriend, why would I have a problem with it?

Vince – Because of Mia, and what I did.

Kokoro – ……

Last night was crazy. After being punched in the nose, and eye over and over again. I was in the bathroom cleaning my face. In walks Issac, Jordan told him what happen. He goes shooting out of the house looking for Josh. I come out the bathroom. Grab my keys, and come here. I didn’t feel welcomed at the house, I figured it was best to leave. Kokoro let me in, and I told her everything. She made tea, and we talked. I showered.. we laid down for bed, and stuff….. Now she’s making pancakes.. as you can see.

Kokoro – What made you tell me?- I mean you could have lied, and made something up.

Vince – I told myself. Only honesty with you. That and the fact that… Their was nothing to hide.

Kokoro – …..hmm.

Vince – So… how does my eye look?

Kokoro – Worse than last night….

Vince – I’ll have to wear shades to work….

Kokoro – …Are you done with her?

Vince – Who?- Mia?

Kokoro – ….

Vince – I was done with her the moment I met up with you. I just went to end things with her. Jordan walked in-

Kokoro – During a kiss.

Vince – A Goodbye Kiss.

Kokoro – …

Vince – Are you mad? Like do you hate me?

I couldn’t bare it if she hated me, and wanted me to leave… please don’t hate me, please don’t hate me…

Kokoro – No I don’t hate you. For me to hate you, I’d be stupid. I knew what I was getting myself into when I agreed to be your girlfriend. I didn’t expect everything to be perfect, no offense. Nobody’s perfect. I do think that you were wrong for choosing Mia to sleep with. You could have any woman you want. Even though the guys don’t like the idea of you and I, it doesn’t mean that I like you guys fighting. It sucks.

She was so honest. She said everything right. She’s perfect, why did she even like a horrible person like me?

Vince – …I feel like shit.

Kokoro – Well Vincent. Thats what happens when you make dumb decisions, and your friend kicks your butt. *half smile* I’m only saying that because its-

Vince – The truth. *smiles* I like that you don’t tell me what I wanna hear. Instead you tell me what I need to hear. Thanks.

Kokoro – Whats anything without honesty…

Vince – …Yeah. So does my eye really look that bad?

Kokoro – I won’t lie, it looks terrible. I’d for sure wear shades today.

Vince – Great….

Kokoro – So what are you gonna do?

Vince – About?

Kokoro – The guys..

Vince – I don’t know. Right now I’m gonna shower, then head to work. This annoying woman, and her husband flew in just to have me take their pictures. I should already be on the freeway to be honest.

Kokoro – Okay *smiles* Umm.. You’re welcome to come back here tonight if things aren’t looking too good at home.

Vince – Thanks babe.

Kokoro – Alright, Go shower.

Vince – What do you have planned for today?

Kokoro – I’m seeing my agent. To talk about my future in the business. So..

Vince – Good. *smiles* Alright. I should shut up and shower now.

Kokoro – *laugh* You should.

So I showered obviously, then got in my car and headed to work. I could already tell that today was gonna be a long day.

At work, I had the displeasure of shooting, Whitney Davenport, and her husband Charlie. Charlie was cool, laid back. Whitney Davenport on the other hand.. well just watch..

Vince – Thats it, to the right a little bit Charlie.

Charlie – *turns left* Oh sorry you said Right.

Whitney Davenport – Charlie get it together.

Charlie – Sorry dear.

Whitney Davenport – And suck your stomach in. Lift your chest, and push those shoulders back!

Charlie – Yes dear…

See what I mean?

Whitney Davenport – Flew all the way here, don’t need to mess nothin’ up.

Vince – He’s doing fine Whitney.

Whitney – Davenport.

Vince – Huh?

Charlie – She likes when people call her by her full name.

Whitney Davenport – I can speak for myself Charlie.

Charlie – Oh, who’s that….

Whitney Davenport – I know you’re not checking out a man Charlie.

Charlie – I- No sweetie. I just noticed him walking in.

Vince – Everything okay?

Whitney Davenport – You have company.

Issac – Hey Vince…

I was shocked, Issac had shown up at my job. I hope this wasn’t to yell at me, I’ve had enough of that shit.

Vince – Lets take five. Please have a bite to eat. I had food catered here today.

Charlie – Perfect. I’m starving.

Whitney Davenport – You need to stop embarrassing me.

She’s the embarrassing one if you ask me..

Issac – He’s gay- or atleast curious.

Vince – Who?

Issac – That guy. He was checking me out as soon as I walked in.

Vince – *laugh* Well with a wife like “Whitney Davenport” I’d turn gay too-

Issac – A Person can’t turn-

Vince – You know what I mean… Anyway.. I don’t mind you coming by, but… why are you here?

That sounded rude…

Issac – I-

Vince – That was rude, I didn’t mean it that way. I just really don’t feel like being yelled at… again. Jordan yelled at me, Josh.. well as you can see I’m wearing shades. So I don’t wanna deal with you attacking me, especially at my workplace.

Issac – I’m not gonna yell at you, I couldn’t care less about who you stick your d**k in. What’s done is done. You know you were wrong, and now you got a big ass black eye to deal with.

Vince – …. How was your trip? I heard a guy in the background when you called me. Are you cheating on Kris?

Issac – The guy you “heard in the background” was an art associate. I’m not here to talk about my trip though.

He’s lying, but I won’t push for anymore information.

Vince – So if you’re not here to yell at me, or talk about your little trip. Why did you stop by? Did you want to get lunch or something?

Issac – No, I’m having lunch with my boyfriend in like 20 minutes. I came here to tell you that what you did- Josh wants to leave. He wants me to go with him.

Vince – …Why does that sound like you’re not into the idea?

Issac – Its complicated. I love Josh, but- Thats a whole other topic. Look, You need to talk to him. As Much as you guys piss me off, you guys are my family. I don’t want us breaking up. So talk to him. Okay?

Vince – …I feel like, theirs no point. He’s done with me.

Issac – Are you okay with that?

Vince – F**k no! I love Josh, but he won’t ever forgive me.

Issac – Please just talk to him. I want all four of us to be happy dude.

Vince – You’re missing someone..

Issac – Tommy not included. He needs to leave, and he will….

Vince – What?

Issac – I said I need to leave, no time to kill…

Vince – Alright.. So how’s the house?

Issac – Well when I left, Tommy was sleeping, Josh was watching Game Of Thrones in the living room. Jordan was out with him mom.

Vince – Oh… Well okay. I’ll let you go. Tell Kris I said hello.

Issac – Will do- Oh by the way… Vanessa was at the house looking for you. Call her.

Charlie – You think I’d look good in something like that?

Whitney Davenport – Like what Charlie?

Charlie – The skull shirt, and leather pants.

Whitney Davenport – Oh you like leather now Charlie?

Charlie – No Whitney I-

Whitney Davenport – WHITNEY DAVENPORT!

I decided to call Vanessa…. You know I swear. Her and I are the most dysfunctional twins ever..

Vince – [Phone] Vanessa?… You at your house?- Okay. Don’t leave, I’ll be there as soon as I wrap up this shoot. Just don’t leave okay, f**k… stop it with the 20 questions. Alright bye.

I finished up the shoot with Charlie, and WHITNEY DAVENPORT. Then I headed over to my sister’s place. I hadn’t been there since the stuff with Kokoro happen.

I arrived at her place, and walked in on a conversation between her, and Michelle

Vanessa – Then theirs no reason to even discuss it then right? I mean if you wanna go take extra shifts, on a night when you know I’m free… to me that says you don’t care.

Michelle – Josh quit! Mia hasn’t found a replacement yet. I’m just trying to help out.

Vanessa – …Whatever. Go, go do your little bartending thing. I’ll just watch the L word or something.. By myself. *rolls eyes*

Michelle – Stop being dramatic.

My sister is very dramatic, things have to be her way. All the time, or she- She’s quite the character, lets just leave it at that.

Michelle – Hi Vince, nice black eye- I mean shades.

Vince – Har Har Michelle.

Michelle – I love ya Vince, but you deserved that….

Vince – I’m aware….

Michelle – ….. Well have a good day you two.

Vanessa – You too baby.

Vince – …..

Michelle – Vanessa you’re too much, you yell and then you’re all calm. You drive me crazy.

Vanessa – Good. *smiles* *looks at Vince* Lets sit down shall we?

Vince – Fine.

Vanessa – Michelle told me everything. It all exploded at the bar. She heard everything.. It was really bad. Josh called Mia a Whore. Which I totally got the “whore vibe” from her. Anyway… I went by the house to check on you. I know you still hate me, but… you’re my twin brother. When you hurt.. I hurt too.

Vince – …I forgive you.

Vanessa – What?

Vince – I forgive you, for the Kokoro thing.

Vanessa – I’m appreciative of that, I really am…. but why now?

Vince – Because… You’re not perfect, and neither am I. I realized I’m wanting Josh’s forgiveness, and I won’t even take yours. Its… I’m no better than you, or anyone else who’s done bad things. So I forgive you. Its the past.

Vanessa – did Kokoro tell you that I-

Vince – I know you spoke with her. She forgives you but she’s having a hardtime dealing with it. Give her time.

Vanessa – … Let me take a look at your eye.

Vince – No.

Vanessa – Stop being stubborn, I’m a nurse for crying out loud.

Vince – …..

Vanessa – Wow, Josh did this?.. shit, who knew he could pack a punch like that?

Vince – Same thing I said… I guess when you make someone mad enough they-

Vanessa – He’ll forgive you. He forgave you when you killed his hamster. What was its name?

Vince – The Penguin. He named it after the Batman Character…

When I was 15, I fed Josh’s Hamster a jelly bean. It died. I felt horrible *laugh* So I went out and bought another one. I tried to replace it before he noticed.. but.. he noticed. He was so upset. He forgave me though…

Vanessa – I have a kit inside, we can try taking some of the bruise away.

Vince – … V?

Vanessa – Yeah?

Vince – I want us to be close. We don’t have anyone, but each other.

Vanessa – I’m willing to put everything behind us, if you are.

Vince – I am. *puts shades back on* I feel ugly.

Vanessa – *laugh*

Vanessa – Come on, lets go fix that eye. Do you want some food too?

Vince – Sure. What do you have?

Vanessa – Theirs leftover pasta in the fridge.

Vince – That will do.

Vanessa – You know things will be better, but… you have to start fixing shit. Time to f**king grow up.. both of us.

Vince – I know…

So Vanessa, and I had lunch. We talked more about Kokoro, and other things. After that I came home. No sign of Josh, or Issac.

Tommy – Where’s everyone at?

Jordan – Issac’s with Kris, Josh… he’s around.

Oh? I didn’t know he was home…

Tommy – Ah.

Jordan – Where you coming from?

Tommy – The gym, trying to lose this weight man.

Jordan – ……. mmm hmm.

Tommy – Hey Vince

Vince – …Tommy.

Tommy – Can I holla at you in the kitchen?

Vince – ….why not.

Just incase you’re wondering, All of us still feel the same way about Tommy. We just don’t think its smart to let him know were aware of his games. He’s sneaky and can’t be trusted. We all know that now.

Tommy – So you doing good? I cannot believe Josh would hit you dude.

Vince – I’m doing fine.

Tommy – So where did you go last night?

Vince – Kokoro’s

Tommy – Cool Cool. Yeah man.. this little family we got is crumbling. You gonna move out? Cause I mean I’d go with you. It could just be us.

Vince – I’m not going anywhere.

Tommy – You have plenty of money, you could live large if you wanted to, if you wanna leave.. Just let me know. I’ll have my bags ready.

Ah… it makes sense. I have money… He wants to break me from the guys, so it can just be him, and I….

Time to test out my theory…

Vince – You’re right Tommy. I have all this money.. I don’t need them hating on me huh?

Tommy – Yup… We could get our own place. Live Large. I could get a job! *laugh*

Vince – Yeah Tom-Tom me and you, Were a FAMILY!

Tommy – That- THATS WHAT IM SAYIN! So when you wanna leave?

Vince – ….

Tommy – What?

Vince – …You think I’m stupid?

Tommy – Nah man I-

Vince – I’m not gonna just up and leave the guys!

Tommy – Oh thats cool too, I wanna stay here with them! You know I lov-

Vince – Stop the bullshit Tommy!

Tommy – I know you’re upset dude, for what Josh did to you, but don’t take it out on me. I’m just trying to be a good friend!

Vince – What an actor you are!

Tommy – I’m REAL

Vince – As a blowup doll.

Tommy – Thats real foul dude!

Vince – I can’t trust you.

Tommy – what can I do to get you to trust me again?


Vince – Just… time.

Tommy – Imma make you see that I’m the best bestfriend you can ever have.. I promise dude!

Vince – Actions speak louder than words Tom-Tom. I really wanna trust you… just prove it okay? prove that you’re a great person. I know you are.

I hate Tommy… I just don’t want him to know it yet, I want him to think theirs a chance I’ll forgive him.

After the exchange with Tommy, I took a shower, and got ready for bed. Damn.. My face was so sore still. Josh really f**ked me up. Truth be told I didn’t wanna hit him back. That’s not me saying that I’d kick his ass in a fair fight. I don’t  know that. Maybe I would, maybe I wouldn’t. I’m just saying, I guess part of me knew i deserved it. I didn’t expect to get bloodied or have a black eye the next day though.

I went and knocked on Josh’s door.. it was already opened. I went inside, and he wasn’t even in there. I noticed in the window that he was just sitting outside. I wanted to go talk to him, but… I don’t know. Eh, screw it.. I’ll wait till morning…

I changed my mind. I went outside to talk.

Vince – Josh?

Josh – …..

Vince – …..Can I talk to you?

Josh – ……

Great the silent treatment…

Vince – …I’m getting in…..

Vince – I know the headphones aren’t on… I know you can hear me.

Josh – …..

Vince – I was selfish, I was- I am a terrible person for what I did….

Josh – …

Vince – I know you won’t forgive me right away, but please… don’t let this ruin our 12 year friendship. 12.. well I think we’ve known each other longer than that, but you get what I’m trying to say.

Josh – …..

Vince – You pack one hell of a punch Joshy.. My eye is.. *laugh* I look like a one eye’d Racoon.

Josh – …

Vince – Not even a laugh?

This wasn’t turning out how I had hoped.

Vince – Where you going?… Josh!.. Batman and Superman have fights all the time.. that doesn’t mean the Avengers break up!

Josh – First off, The Avengers is the wrong name. Avengers would be Marvel Comics…  Batman, and Superman are part of the Justice League. Which is part of DC Comics-

Vince – Finally you say some-

Josh – We’ll never be friends again.

Vince – Are you really moving out?

Josh – I am…

Vince – Alone?

Josh – If I have to. Things with Issac… Thats-

Vince – Did you tell your Uncle?… about-

Josh – NO.

Vince – Please don’t leave. Just stay.. time heals all wounds

Josh – Not this one.

Vince – I-

Josh – Just stop talking. I don’t wanna hear anything else you have to say.

Vince – …. I understand what I did was wrong, but you’re taking it so personal, as if Mia was your girlfriend I just-

Josh – My uncle, and I helped you! when you were in trouble! This is how you repay us… You betrayed my trust, and you made my workplace an awkward place to work. You’re a selfish piece of shit. Thanks for making another Job of mine go bye bye. You’re pretty good at that.

Vince – …..Josh..

Josh – I’m going to sleep, don’t talk to me ever again…

What have I’ve done?… Josh is moving out. Everyone is going to hate me even more now. I can’t stay here tonight. I’m just gonna go back to Kokoro’s… I’ve messed up big time. Josh won’t even look at me…. I’m lost, I have no way of fixing this. Its always been the four of us.. what am I gonna do?

~End of Chapter Four- Stay Tuned for the AMAZING Two Part Season Finale~



  1. Awwww come on Josh!!! I felt so bad when Issac said that nobody could turn! I understand why everybody is hating on Vince but he isn’t a bad person, I’d be angry with Mia mind you she had her motives since Nathan was always too busy but that doesn’t make it right. I can’t see Josh forgiving Vince really easily but I think/hope Vince will do something like save Josh’s life next chapter or something to make it up to him… Anyways I am staying tuned waiting anxiously for the next update! 😀 xx

  2. Vince’s eye looks painful!! Lol. This one was really sad. After what Vince did, you can’t really blame Josh if he never forgives him. But I hope he does. Can’t wait for the next one!

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