B2M Season 2- Chapter Four: [Pt 3] “Alot Like When The Joker Shot Batgirl” [POV Josh]

***POV = Point Of View. That person will narrate the story.***

Disclaimer : This story features some language thats a little more mature. words will be blanked out with *** But I wanted to give a warning just so you/anyone who reads will know.

I really miss Gabrielle. She said its for the best that she doesn’t come in contact with me for a while. It just sucked because I’m not guilty of anything. I’m so drained of this situation. I really miss Issac too. On top of that, my brother Ollie is on his way back to school. Thing’s at the house are weird. Everyone is a little distant. We never had this problem before. Obviously I wanna blame Tommy, but I’m not the type to blame people for my problems. However lets get one thing straight. I hate Tommy. I wish he’d fall into a pit of acid or something. I know.. that seems harsh huh? I hate that you guys can’t talk back. I’m wondering if you guys hate Tommy as much as I do…

Vanessa – Hey is that Josh?

Michelle – It is, HEY! JOSH!

Oh look, my ex girlfriend, who dates Vince’s shady twin sister. What a twisted town. I hope she doesn’t know that Gabrielle dumped me. That would be embarrassing. Hmm Vanessa seem’s happy. That’s good I guess. Last thing I heard was that she was all suicidal, because Vince wouldn’t accept her apology.

Michelle – What’s wrong superboy? You look down.

Vanessa – Take it from someone who was dealing with depression. Whatever’s bothering you.. it will get better.

Josh – Its nothing. I’m fine.

Michelle – We dated for a long time… I know when you’re lying. Lay it on me Josh. What’s eating you?

Josh – ….Its-

Vanessa – Is it the breakup?

Michelle – Breakup?

Vanessa – Oh Sorry, I thought everyone knew.

How the hell did she know?

Josh – How do you know about it?

Vanessa – I ran into Gabrielle at the mall. We had a coffee.

Michelle – You and Gabrielle broke up?

Josh – ……yes.

Michelle – Why?

Vanessa – Sasha related…

Michelle – Ah….

Josh – “Ah?” Really? You think I cheated??

Michelle – No, but I can see how others would think so. You and Sasha, you’re way too… how do I put this-

Vanessa – Chummy.

Michelle – Yes, that.

Josh – Chummy? What does that even mean?

Vanessa – Close, comfortable.. etc.

Josh – I’m nice to everyone, I don’t see how me being nice to her is-

Michelle – She likes you though, and to be honest I’m not too sure that you don’t have the same feelings. I know you Joshy… you fall easily. Which is how you ended up with Gabrielle in the first place. No offense.

Josh – None taken. I’m just really upset, she won’t even answer my calls.

Michelle – I’m so sorry Josh, I know how sad you were when you and I went through our breakup. I don’t want you to go through that again.

Josh – ….

Vanessa – If she won’t answer your calls, go see her. Thats what I did with Kokoro.

Michelle – What?

Vanessa – I saw her last night. I poured my heart out, and apologized for what I did. It doesn’t matter if she forgives me or not. I said what I had to say and its in her hands now.

Michelle – I think you should just go see her Josh. and-

Vanessa – Mimi we have to get going..

Michelle – Vanessa? stop. *looks back at Josh* The truth is all that matters because-

Vanessa- It was nice talking to you Josh, but we have to get going.

Michelle – ……Really?

Josh –  Its fine..thanks for the talk.. I’ll see you guys later.

Michelle – Vanessa! I was in the middle of giving him advice, don’t f**king cut me off like that. Thats the third time today. I don’t appriciate that.

Vanessa – I wasn’t trying to be rude. You said we would have lunch before I had to be at work. Time is ticking, thats all. He’s a stupid guy anyway. He’ll find a new girl!

Michelle – Just because you don’t like guys, doesn’t mean theyre all stupid. Josh is a sweetheart that I care alot about!

Vanessa – Go marry him then… goodness.

Michelle – I’m not into Josh like that anymore. He’s still my friend though. Grow up.

Vanessa – I’m not trying to fight with you! You know I don’t have alot of freetime! neither do you! With the hospital and the Bar taking up our schedules I-

Michelle – Then stop being crazy. you already took up like what? 10 minutes?!

Vanessa – Don’t f**king call me crazy Michelle, I hate that.

Michelle – Lets just relax okay? shit, you’re so dramatic when hungry…

Vanessa – *laugh* ….Sorry… I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I don’t like fighting. I just wanna spend more time together.. You can call him later right? Skype or something? You’ll see him at work?

Michelle – Its fine. Let’s go get you some food. So you can stop being such a bitch… *smiles*

Vanessa – Does that mean you accept my apology?

Michelle – …Maybe.

I’m going to ignore that whole exchange, seeing as its none of my business. Moving on…. I was going to go home, but then I decided to take their advice, and just go see Gabrielle. Perhaps it wasn’t a good idea, but… She needed to hear my side. I don’t think its fair to dump me, and not even hear my side of things. Maybe if she hears the truth, we can be together again. Then again… What about Sasha?.. hmm. We had a great talk the other night. She admitted having feelings for me. She told me that she doesn’t wanna do anything about it because of Gabrielle. Friend or not, she didn’t wanna do that to her. As far as my feelings for Sasha.. I recognized that they exist. That’s all I’m ready to admit thus far. I just feel like, having even the smallest feeling for Sasha is a big slap in the face to Gabrielle.

I went to see Gabrielle, and her mother invited me in. So far so good.

Ms Hall – Joshua. How are you?

Josh – Not that great Ms Hall.

Ms Hall – Thats to be expected. A breakup, especially between two people that were friends first, is just terrible. I know Gabrielle misses you.

Josh – Where is she?

Ms Hall – She’s in the backyard. She’s been upset, she spends alot of time back there.

Josh – Ah…

Ms Hall – Go ahead and talk to her.

Josh – Thanks.

Ms Hall – Can I make you a sandwhich or something?

Josh – No thank you ma’am.

Ms Hall – alright, if you need anything just ask honey.

Josh – *smiles*

I hope Gabrielle is as understanding as her mother….

Josh – …..Hey.

Gabrielle – Josh?

Josh – I know you didn’t want to see me but-

Gabrielle – No, no its fine. I was gonna call you anyway. I figured it wasn’t fair to break up with you, and not even give you a chance to explain yourself.

So far so good.

Josh – Still upset?

Gabrielle – Just missing Eboni, and thinking about what I need to do with my life…

What about us?

Josh – I didn’t mean to hurt you

Gabrielle – I know….

So far it seems like she was being really understanding.

Josh – Do you think I did sex with Sasha?

Gabrielle – Umm, No….

Josh – When did you come to that conclusion?

Gabrielle – After I left your house that night. Somewhere in-between crying, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, and a Sex & The City Marathon. I realized you wouldn’t do that.

Josh – You didn’t call to say-

Gabrielle – Its because that wasn’t the only thing that I realized…

Josh – Can you come down?

Gabrielle – No, I like it up here.

Josh – Bu-

Gabrielle – But….. you can come up.

Josh – Alright.

Once I got up there, she asked me to tell her what exactly happen that night. I told her everything. I kept Sasha’s personal stuff out, instead I just explained that Sasha told me about why she wasn’t in New York. Its weird. Even after the explanation, things seemed unchanged. 

Gabrielle – Thanks… for telling me.

Josh – Of course… So..

Gabrielle – We can’t get back together….

Josh – Why not?

Gabrielle – We should have never gotten together in the first place. I’m going to ask you something, and be honest.

Josh – Okay.

Gabrielle – Do you think we rushed into a relationship?

Josh – I-

Gabrielle – Yes or no Josh…

Josh – …Yes- but-

Gabrielle – And do you think our friendship is more important than a relationship?

Josh – Yes, but-

Gabrielle – Josh…

Josh – Sorry…

Gabrielle – …..Do you have feeling for Sasha?

Josh – …..Umm

Gabrielle – That answers my question. You hesitated.

Seriously.. all of those questions.. I hated. None of them helped the situation…

Josh – Do you not wanna be together because of Sasha?

Gabrielle – No. Its because us dating almost ruined our friendship. I don’t want this to turn out like my last relationship.

Josh – Are you talking about your ex Mason?

Gabrielle – Yes, we were friends first, I nagged him alot. Clearly I haven’t learned from my mistakes.

Josh – You think we were a mistake?

Gabrielle – …..yes, and no.

Josh – …….

Gabrielle – Its not that I don’t love you, its just… I have two types of love for you. The friendship love… That’s more important than relationship love, in my opinion.

Josh – I have to say, I wasn’t expecting this…

Gabrielle – I don’t know… I was talking to Jordan about it and-

Josh – Why do you always go to him?

Gabrielle – I didn’t… and it doesn’t really matter Josh. Ive known him, as long as Ive known you, and the other guys. You can’t be jealous.

Josh – I’m not, I just don’t understand why you would talk to him about us, when were dating-

Gabrielle – Thats just it… were not dating anymore. Jordan’s very mature-

Josh – Are you saying that I’m immature?

Gabrielle – No.. I’m saying he’s easy to talk to because he see’s things… more clearly than I.. Lets get down, My butt hurts.

Josh – …..fine.

It really makes me upset that she think’s Jordan’s easier to talk to than me. I mean why is Jordan always talking to her about me and her personal problems anyway?- No Josh.. don’t get mad at Jordan… He’s probably just trying to help…

Gabrielle – I rather love you, and be your friend, than date you, and hate you. I don’t want that.

Josh – ….It was our communication we-

Gabrielle – Why fight for this? You have feelings for Sasha.

Josh – Their not as strong as the feelings I have for you though.

Gabrielle – Josh you love me right?

Josh – Of course.

Gabrielle – So don’t you want us to be friends?

Josh – I do.

Gabrielle – Then we can’t date. I want to be friends, and friends only.

Josh – Earlier you said you realized two things, one that I wouldn’t cheat on you, and you never mentioned the 2nd thing.

Gabrielle – That if you love something.. let it go. I don’t want to be with you anymore.. I rather be your friend. Which will take.. time.

Why was she being so cold?

Gabrielle – I’m not trying to sound cruel either. I just know its whats best for the both of us.

Josh – So theirs nothing else I can say? another failed relationship for me….

Gabrielle – Josh….Its for the best…

Josh – You don’t even seem sad!

Gabrielle – You’re frustrated I get that.

Josh – ….

Gabrielle – Can I have a hug please?

Josh – ….

Gabrielle – Don’t be like that…

Josh – fine…


Gabrielle – You’re one of my oldest friends, and I’ll love you till the end of time. I hope you don’t hate me.

Josh – Of course not….

Gabrielle – Okay…Umm.. I- I have to get going. I’m hanging out with Jordan’s friend Tru. Trying to make female friends is hard… she seems nice though.

Josh – Please don’t do that man bashing stuff…

Gabrielle – I can’t bash you Josh, you didn’t really do anything wrong….

I don’t get it…. she says that but- *sigh* I- nevermind.. I give up.

Josh – Okay.. I’ll let you go..

Gabrielle – I’ll… call you. Okay?

Maybe I could have said more, maybe I could have said less. I’m not really good with words or explaining myself. It just really bugs me, that I feel like I was the only one out of the two of us, that was fighting for the relationship. Don’t get me wrong, I understood what she was saying. Its just that.. she was so quick to not even give it another chance, and that hurts my feelings.

I ended up just going to work, and dealing with it. Not like I could do anything about it anyway.

Mia – Josh?

Do you guys think theirs someone else? and thats why she didn’t wanna give it another chance?

Mia – You okay there?

I’m starting to think maybe I liked her more than she liked me?  No thats not it. Maybe it was the fact that I do have some feelings for Sasha.. 

Mia – Hello?…. you look annoyed.

Then theirs that insult, that Jordan was more mature than I was… it makes me mad at Jordan though I shouldn’t be.. She spoke to me like I was a stupid kid..

Mia – JOSH!


Mia – I’m sorry… I- umm. Can I talk to you for a minute?

Josh – Fine.. Michelle can you take over for me?

Michelle – Sure.

I shouldn’t have snapped at her… whats wrong with me.

Josh – Sorry for that, you’re my boss, I didn’t mean it.

Mia – Are you okay?

Why do you care? its not like you liked Gabrielle anyway..

Josh – Why do you care?

Eh… stop it Josh, you have better manners than that.

Mia – I deserve that… Is everything okay at the house? are you upset at any of the guys?… Jordan?.. Vince?

Josh – Yeah, both Jordan, and Vince. I can’t believe both of them… Vince and his secrets, Jordan and his-

Mia – Oh god!

What is HER problem

Mia – I’m so sorry Josh! Please don’t tell Nathan, Vince ended thing between us and-

Josh – What did you just say?

Mia – Don’t tell your uncle Nathan I-

Josh – Did you just say you and Vince ended things?

Mia – Isn’t that what………….Oh my god….

Josh – …..Mia?

Mia – You didn’t….. oh my goodness…

Josh – Mia what the HELL are you talking about?

Mia – Oh f**k…. you didn’t know.

Josh – Wait-… You said you ended- Oh my god….YOU AND VINCE?!

Mia – Keep your voice down please


Mia – I thought that’s why you snapped at me! I thought you knew! Oh shit! oh goodness!… f**k!

Josh – Why would- Oh my god! MIA! YOU- Oh my god!

Mia – Shit Josh, please just-

Josh – YOU Bitch!

Mia – JOSH!


Mia – We ended things!

Josh – How could you?!

Michelle – *gasp*

Mia – I got lonely, Nathan he-

Josh – That’s no excuse!

Michelle – Oh god….

Mia – Can you keep your voice down please? I’m begging you!


Michelle – ……dammit… should I call the guys?

Josh – NO!

Mia – Wait a minute Josh, I know you need this money, I made a mistake! don’t-

Josh – I can’t work with you!

Mia – *starting to cry* please don’t tell Nathan.. let me do it!

Josh – ….Why is everything turning to crap? At the house, now here at work?! My dad hates me!.. I can’t keep a girlfriend! You… f**king whore!

Mia – ……..

Michelle – Josh I-

Josh – No Michelle, NO! not right now… I QUIT!

I stormed out, and I decided to go straight home… 

Jordan – Contacts are so expensive.. goodness. Might as well not be cheap and order a bunch…

Vince – Then what?

Tommy – So then She was like- WHOA Tommy You sexy!

Vince – She said that?

Tommy – Yep.

Vince – This was at the store?

Tommy – No at the gym this morning.

Jordan – Hey Josh.

Josh – ………..

Jordan – Okay.. Ignore me then…

Vince – Josh, your home early. You won’t believe what happen. I dropped my cell in the toilet like an hour ago. Like who does that? Now I have to wake up early and go get-


Tommy – Oh shit its goin DOWN!

Jordan – Josh! why- oooooooooooh f**k! he knows!

Tommy – Know’s what?

Jordan – SHIT! JOSH! STOP!


Tommy – Aren’t you gonna stop it?

Jordan – No… he deserves it to be honest….

Tommy – Thats foul bro, we a fam-

Jordan – If you say that one more time I’ll punch you in the face!

Vince – Ah-F**k! Ow! Stop My nose!


Tommy – WHAT?!

Vince – I can explain Ah- dammit.. My nose!


Vince – I- let me explain to you- Ah! Get him off of me!

Josh – *punches in the face/nose* This is why bad things happen to you!

I never snap like that…. I have never, EVER hit Vince….. I can’t believe I just did that. Thank goodness Jordan pulled me off of him…

Tommy – Dude, you’re bleeding everywhere… you’re eye is all re-

Vince – I KNOW TOMMY! f**k!

Tommy – Don’t get mad at me bro! I’m just trying to help!

Vince – SAVE IT!

Jordan – Calm down Josh.. okay?

Josh – I can’t believe he did that Jordan!

Vince – I-


Vince – Shut him up jordan before- I swear to god.. if my nose is broken I-

Jordan – You’re not gonna do anything VINCE! YOU DESERVED THIS, and MUCH MORE!

Vince – Explain to him that I was ending it, you saw us-

Josh – YOU KNEW?

Jordan – I-


Jordan – Dammit VINCE!, Josh look I-

Josh – ……*crying* I hate you…. I hate you all!

Vince – Josh….

Josh – ………I…I don’t even know what to say. I just want to- I hate you so much..*crying*…..

Vince – Joshy…. please… don’t

Josh – I really hate you… You’re the most selfish person I know..

Tommy – Good thing Issac’s not here, when’s he getting back anyway?

Jordan – Tommy… shut the f**k up.

Tommy – I’m just saying, he needs to be here. Were a fa-….

Jordan – *looks at Tommy*

Tommy – Unit! I wasn’t gonna say family!

Vince – I’m sorry…. I’m a bad person! I-I’m really f**king sorry!

Josh – You always are.

Tommy – Josh you need Ice for your hand?

Josh – Tommy shut your fatass up! I’m sick of you talking, blah blah blah were not a goddamn family! YOU FAT F**KING SNORLAX!

Tommy – Dude I- wait whats a snorlax?

Jordan – Go take a shot or something Tommy, get out of here.

Vince – Josh lets just sit down and talk I-

Josh – You have blood on your face.

Vince – You f**king did it! I know what I did was wrong, but to hit me?

Josh – YOU DESERVE IT!- I’m going for a walk. DON’T FOLLOW ME!

I couldn’t… I.. I didn’t know what to do, or say. I hated both Vince, and Tommy. Jordan too for right now because he knew and didn’t tell me. Clearly his loyalties are with Vince! Why is everything turning bad? Why is it that Vince is such a bad person but has such good luck?… Why wasn’t Issac back?!

Issac – Josh….

Josh – Issac..


Josh – *crying* Vince- he- he… Mia- and him- They

Issac – I know.. I know.. Jordan just told me everything.

Josh – Jordan knew about it!

Issac – I know….

Josh – I hit Vince!

Issac – Theirs blood in the living room, are you hurt too?

Josh – *crying*

Issac – Let me look at you….

Josh – I’m not hurt…. *crying* when did you-

Issac – I just got in. Ril- Right now. A Cab dropped me off….

Josh – I can’t believe this happen….

Issac – ….. I-

Josh – Issac?

Issac – Yeah?

Josh – I wanna leave.

Issac – Okay let me get my jacket-

Josh – No, I wanna move out. I wan’t you to come with me….

Issac – Uh- Josh.. Thats not-

Josh – You don’t want to?

Issac – Its not a good idea…

Josh – Why?! Why would you say no?! You’re my bestfriend?!

Issac – I can’t…..

Josh – ……I guess nobody is here for me… not even you!

Why would my own bestfriend not want to live with me? Does everyone just hate me now?

Issac – ……Josh its complicated I-

Josh – Don’t you love me?!

Issac – THATS WHY!

Josh – What’s why?

Issac – Because I’m in love with you!

Josh – You’re what?

~End of Chapter Four- Pt 3~



    1. Such an awkward situation when you love someone/something so unattainable. With one more POV left (Vince) and a 2 part season finale.. One has to wonder how it will play out….. lol. Thanks for the comment 🙂

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