B2M Season 2- Chapter Four: [Pt 2] “Alot Like Finding Nemo” [POV Issac]

***POV = Point Of View. That person will narrate the story.***

Disclaimer : This story features some language thats a little more mature. words will be blanked out with *** But I wanted to give a warning just so you/anyone who reads will know.

Another day has passed here in Riverview, and I still haven’t found what I’m looking for. Or should I say who. I’m a little annoyed, and I’m ready to go home at this point, but the want to take Tommy down keeps me from doing so. I haven’t spoken to the guys, well I did call Vince the other night. I hope all is well for them. I know you’re probably asking why I called Vince, and not Josh or Jordan. Its just… I have my issues with both of them. Vince is just the odd man out… 

Riley – No luck.

Issac – Figures….

Riley – What are you doing?

Issac – I’m trying to find Cashmere in the local newspaper, but this f**king place and its 56K dial-up internet is getting me nowhere. I’m so frustrated!

Riley – Just relax buddy. We’ll find her. Then Tommy-

Issac – What if we don’t?! Then we made this trip for no reason.

Riley – Dude, you knew this would be like finding a needle in a haystack. Like Finding Nemo.. we gotta go through a bunch of bullshit before we find what were looking for. So just.. calm down.. alright?

Issac – …….. ok

Riley – You good homey? Lost your cool for a minute there.

Issac – I’m fine. Just… I really wanna make Tommy pay for what he did.

Riley – Me too. Together we will. Theirs no I in team. Now, I’m gonna lay down. I’m tired.

Issac – ….Okay.

Issac – Thanks… for calming me down.

Riley – No problem… I wanna make Tommy pay too. We just have to do things a certain way.

Issac – Right.

Riley – You should get some sleep.

Issac – Shouldn’t you be the one getting some sleep?

Riley – I’m not tired.

You know, if someone would have told me 2 weeks ago that I’d be out of town, sharing a motel room with Riley Moss. I think I would have laughed in their face. Strangely enough I’m really happy I decided to bring him along. I’ve gotten to know other sides of him. He’s not really that bad, and you know how I said I’d never hookup with him? Well.. I’m starting think I would- under the right circumstances…. Okay fine.. I like his butt. Its nice. *laugh* Don’t laugh… I’m still a guy even though I’m gay. I like sex just like everyone else… Grrrrr Next subject.

Riley – Where you going?

Issac – To get a beer.

Riley – This late?

Issac – Theirs a store right up the street. I’ll be right back.

Riley – Oh…..okay.

Issac – You okay? need a babysitter or something? *laugh*

Riley – I’m good bro. Don’t get raped or anything.

Issac – I’ll try not to?

I left to get a beer at the store up the street. I got hit on by so many women, its.. flattering. Still makes me laugh though. After that I ended up sitting outside and drinking two of the beers I bought. I didn’t wanna come right in and wake Riley, incase he was sleeping. When I finally did make my way into our room, Riley was knocked out. I took off my clothes, and I hit the bed.

So the next morning, I come out of the shower, and Riley’s on my bed in his boxers. Part of me wanted to rip them off of him, and…you know. Three things stopped me though. One. I’ll never cheat on Kris, Two. Josh…. for whatever reason, and Three. I’m pretty sure Riley’s not a bottom.. so that won’t work.

Issac – Get off my bed.

Riley – Why?

Issac – Get off my bed Riley.

Riley – I’ve decided that I’m horny. You’re here, so lets f**k.

Issac – No- What the hell? You told me that Kris was the only guy you ever slept with. Now you wanna have sex with me? That’s not gonna happen.

Riley – Why because you’re with Kris?

Issac – That and, you’re not my type.

Eh… half true… half true..

Riley – Ugh is that mold on the ceiling?

Issac – Riley don’t change the subject. Just.. get your ass off my bed.

Riley – So…. you don’t wanna have sex?

Issac – No I don’t.

Riley – What did you just whack it in the shower or something?

Issac – Riley.. Stop!

Riley – Fine.

Riley was…interesting to me. He was… straight but… not?… I had questions..

Issac – Are you Bi?

Riley – Am I high?

Issac – Not high, Bi- as in are you bisexual.

Riley – I- No. I’m straight.. for the most part.

Issac – Okay… As a straight guy…. what – umm. How did you- hmm. What made you wanna have sex with Kris?

Riley – What?- I don’t know!… He acted like a girl. I was turned on, he was there. He wanted it badly too so…

Issac – Do you feel weird about it?

Riley – When its brought up sure.

Issac – …..but you’re straight right? Even though you just asked me to have sex?

Riley – I don’t wanna f**king talk about it. I feel like you’re judging me.

Issac – Me asking has nothing to do with you. Its because-

Riley – Theirs a straight guy that you like….

Issac – Yeah!- I mean no!.. No.

Riley – Too late.

Issac – Fine! but if you tell anybody I’ll

Riley – You’ll what? You have nothing on me.

Issac – I’ll lie. I’ll tell everyone that I banged you like 5 times, and had you screaming like Mariah Carey.

Riley – Fine! I won’t say anything! Don’t go telling people that!

Issac – Good.

Riley – So who’s the guy? Josh?

How the hell did he- Is it that obvious?

Issac – No….

Riley – It is Josh. I’m not shocked.

Issac – Its not him alright?!

Riley – Okay okay. Chill. Look… The way I work is, if you’re open, and honest with me, you get the same in return. I won’t tell any of your business, if you don’t tell mine.

Issac – …Okay. Sorry for pushing. I just wonder if its possible, for a straight guy.. to ever care, and wanna be with a gay guy.

Riley – All the labels and shit is so… I-

Issac – We don’t have to talk about this anymore. We have shit to do…

Riley – Wait!… before we stop talking about it. Let me just say this. Maybe I am what… you said.

Issac – Bisexual?

Riley – Yeah.. that. All I know is that, I love women, I love tits, and everything they have.

Issac – but?

Riley – No but. I just… I love women. I guess part of me likes guys too- Whatever Okay I’m done talking about it. I feel stupid.

Issac – No its okay. I won’t tell anyone. Its fine Riley. What we talk about here in this room. Stays here. Alright?

Riley – Cool. Oh and I ain’t no bottom bitch!

Issac – You have a way with words.

Riley – You already know I’m rated R. I’m not for the PG 13.

Issac – Rated R for  “Really?… did he just say that?”

Riley – Exactly!

Issac – Go get ready dude, we have to get going.

Riley – Alright, and thanks….

Issac – *nods*

I seriously have to get over Josh. He’s straight. I’m gay. Not to mention he’s my bestfriend. It ain’t never gonna be what I want it to be. No sense in being delusional right?

I just realized something….

Issac – Riley?

Riley – Yeah?

Issac – You must really care about Kris huh?

Riley – What makes you say that?

Issac – You came all this way to help…

Riley – You’re here too so-

Issac – Yeah but I’m Kris’s boyfriend.

Riley – I- umm. Kris never did me wrong. He’s a friend… I- Look stop asking me questions, I need to get dressed so we can get going okay?

Issac – Yeah, my bad.

Riley – ….*sigh*….

Issac – Hopefully we don’t get hassled again by homophobes.

Riley – Well they assume were a gay couple since were sharing this motel room. So lets just be as straight as possible.

Whatever that means…..

Issac – Sure thing…

So we both got dressed and went into town. We figured we’d ask around today. We needed to find this Cashmere person.

Sally – Hi, wow you sure are handsome.

Issac – Why thank you.

Sally – How can I help you?

Issac – I’m looking for my friend. I’m surprising her. She doesn’t know I’m in town. She seem’s to have moved. I can’t find her place, and I’m pretty lost.

Sally – Okay, whats her name?

Issac – Um, Cashmere.

Sally – Sorry. I wish I could help ya, I don’t know anyone by that name.

Issac – Thanks, and sorry for bothering you.

Sally – Oooh Its no problem, a fellow as handsome as you can bother me anytime you want.

I tried not to laugh. I don’t know why its so funny to me. When women hit on me I think its hilarious….

Riley – Issac, does she know her?

Issac – Nope

Riley – Okay lets go

Riley – Cashmere.

Sonya – Huh? Speak up boy!

Riley – CASH- MERE!!!!!!

Sonya – I don’t know anyone by that name sweetie.


Sonya – Whatcha yellin’ for?

Riley – Really?

Sonya – Huh? Whatcha say? stop mumbling.

Issac – *laugh*

We were pretty use to to this. Going around town, being rejected. It was started off just like the other days. Which wasn’t keeping me motivated at all. I felt like I’ve been here for a while. I wanna get back home. If we don’t find her today… I’ll have to think of another plan.

Usually we try to avoid any kind of trouble…. Sometimes we can’t help it.

Riley – Go f**k yourself!

Issac – Riley! stop making a scene!

Riley – This bitch star-

Tamara – Excuse me?!

Riley – Sorry- This CUNT started it!


Tamara – You’re going to hell. I’ve seen you and him sleeping in the motel room! God doesn’t like that! He knows what you two are doing in there! Faggots!

Issac – Look ma’am we-

Tamara – Ugh! don’t speak to me! You two are in that motel room, sinning!

Issac – Okay you were right Riley.. she can go f**k herslef. Lets go.

Honestly I don’t get homophobia. Its as if people think being gay and or bi is contiguous. People seem to fear what they don’t understand. I’m getting sick of it. Being told that I’m going to hell, just because I’m gay. So basically what you’re telling me is that I’m being punished for something I have no control over. People are idiots…

Sorry for that rant. Moving on. Riley and I saw these two women, and decided a different approach. We decided to flirt. I had no idea what the hell I was doing. Riley on the other hand, had this chick eating out of the palm of his hands.

Riley – A pretty chick like you, I’m sure you’re popular. You must know alot of people.

Monica – I’m not very popular. I have a gas problem *laugh*

Riley – Oh… okay…………….MAN YOU’RE PRETTY!

Monica – Thanks! *farts*

*laugh* poor Riley…

Cassie – Aren’t you the guys staying in that motel?

How the hell did she know that?

Issac – Yeah?

Cassie – Homosexuals?

Issac – No, We love love the boobs.

Cassie – Oh! Good! Cause you sure are cute!

Issac – Thank you, you have amazing boobs.

Stop saying boobs Issac…

So after those chicks flirted with us. Nothing came of it. Riley thought we should take a break. So we went into this bar, and ordered some food. After that we continued our search. Obviously we came up with nothing. At that point I was done.

Issac – I’m done! sick of this! We came all this way and failed! Lets just go.

Riley – WE CAN’T! We can’t let Tommy get away with this!

Issac – I’ll think of something….

Riley – NO… We stick it out! we find Cashmere. Its to help Kris! Were not leaving!

Issac – I’m sick of it, were never gonna find her!

Rachel – Larry you-

Larry – I’m closed. Which is why I wasn’t there.

Rachel – Tomorrow then?

Larry – Yes.

Issac – ……Fine. You’re right Riley. Lets just go back to the motel, and rest up.

Riley – Good…. We can’t let Kris down.

I’m never one to do things on impulse, and I feel like a failure. I up and decided to come here, and I’ve found nothing. As much as I want to just go home, Riley’s right. This is for Kris….. but to be honest, its also for me, and the guys. Tommy’s a liar, and a shit starter. He deserves to get exposed…..

Larry – ……

Riley – I know you wanna give up, so do I. You know that we have to do this for Kris though. Were gonna gonna find Cashmere, and take Tommy down.

Issac – Yeah. Yeah you’re right. I just got frustrated…. We came here on a mission, and we need to complete it.

Riley – Lets go rest up, and lets give it one more day. Thats all I’m asking.

Issac – Okay. I can do that.

Riley – Alright. So relax.. calm down. Its gonna be fine.

Larry – Sorry, I didn’t mean to listen to you guy’s conversation, but did you guys say you’re looking for Cashmere?

Issac – Umm.. yeah. You know her?

Larry – If you don’t mind me asking, what business do you have with her?

Riley – Well theirs this guy named Tommy-

Issac – Riley!

Larry – Tommy Goddard?

Issac – You know him?

Larry – That asshole…. Of course I do….. Are you guys friends of his?

Riley – Hell no! We wanna take him down!

Riley was saying too much, but it seems like it was working?

Larry – I can take you guys to her. But I have one question.. are you two together? hmmm?

Issac – N-

Riley – He’s my boyfriend shhhhh.

Issac – RILEY!

Larry – I knew it! Oh thank goodness!

Issac – Wait what?

Larry – I thought I was the only homo around here. Nice to meet others

Issac – Oh yeah were gay as hell! Yeah we just love each other right honey?

Riley – Oh yeah! You’re a great bottom boo!

Why do I have to be the bottom?

Larry – Do you guys have alot of sex?!

Riley – Oh yeah, he can’t get enough. He scream alot!

Larry – *laugh* thats so hot! tell me more!

Issac – Umm We-

Riley – He loves going down on me!

Issac – ……………….I do. Oh how I love it…….*rolls eyes*

Larry – Whats the wildest thing you guys have done?

Riley – Well this one time… at….BAND CAMP

Larry – Oooh! keep going!

Issac – We’ll tell you more once we see Cashmere. Its getting cold out here so..

Larry – Right!… Lets get going!

So we got in his car, and he drove us to the middle of nowhere. I swear.. If we go inside this house, and get tied up…. I’ll be pissed.

Riley – Whats wrong?

Issac – This is some Texas chainsaw massacre shit…

Riley – I think Larry’s cool… kinda slutty.. but cool. Just go with it.

Issac – Alright…. but if they start killing people, I’m running. You better run too…

Larry – Come on in guys.

If I die tonight.. please tell the guys I love them……

Larry – Cashmere should be here any minute now.

Issac – Okay….

Larry – So Issac is it?

Issac – Yeah.

Larry – I would have assumed you were the top… Riley seems more like the bottom…

Riley – Well I can’t help it that I’m really good looking. I have the pretty boy looks.

Larry – and shaved body. Issac has hair.. like myself.

Yuck… atleast I trim mine…

Riley – So what do you do?

Larry – I’m a hair stylist. Thats how I met Cashmere. By the way her name is Tika. Tika Cashmere Washington. Cashmere is her middle name.

Issac – Thats why we couldn’t find her….

Larry – Are you a model Issac?

Issac – Nope.

Larry – You should be.

Riley – I tell him that all the time Larry.

Larry – How long have you two been an item?

Issac & Riley – 5 years/4 years

Larry – huh?

Riley – Its been a long time. Ive been plowing him for so long now I can’t remember. He loves the sex. *nods*

Issac – That I do *smiles hard*

Ugh.. Where is Cashmere…

Cashmere – Larry who are dees peoples?

Larry – They are here to talk to you, about Tommy.

Cashmere – Tommy?

Riley – Here we go.. do your thing Issac…

Issac – Actually Were not friends of Tommy’s We wanna help you, help us.

Cashmere – ah see.

Larry – Tommy Jr, lets go sit and the table and let them talk.

Tommy has a son?

So I explained to Cashmere, what Tommy had been doing in GloCity, and why I wanted her help. She understood. What I wasn’t expecting was what he had done to her…

Cashmere – So he really beat up your boyfriend?…. That sounds like Tommy…. Larry lets us stay here. Cuz we aint gots nowhere else to go. Ya see. Tommy beat me up, stole from us, and then burned down our place. He collected the insurance money, and then left. As you can see, Tommy and I have a lil’ boy. His names Tommy Jr, or TJ.. We call him TJ.

Riley – Tommy hit you?

Cashmere – A bunch of times….

Issac – He left you with nothing?

Cashmere – Yep….. So We stay here with Larry.

Wow… Tommy’s not only the bad person that I knew he was all along, but he’s a f**king monster! We have to take him down, and help Cashmere in the process.

Cashmere – *crying* Its just been so hard. With everything he put us through….. I don’t know how to survive!

Issac – Why did he leave? was it because of the fire?

Cashmere – He’s wanted by the cops for the fire.. yeah. *crying* My life is so hard. I’m sorry for crying in front of you folks…

Riley – Its gonna be okay.

Issac – Come back to GloCity with us. We will expose him, AND get him in jail with your help. I want all of his dirt to come out at once. So everyone can see who he really is.

Cashmere – I can’t afford-

Riley – Don’t worry, we’ll pay for everything. Will you come with us?

Cashmere – Can Tommy Jr come along too?

Issac – Yes.

Cashmere – Okay I’ll help.

Tommy Jr – Don’t cry Mama

Cashmere – I’m okay TJ… Everything’s gonna be okay.

Issac – ….

Riley – You okay?

Issac – I’m just disgusted… Tommy’s such a f**king asshole… Like I wanna kill him..

Riley – I wanna kill him too for what he did to Kris, not to mention poor Cashmere.

Cashmere – Issac?

Issac – Yeah?

Cashmere – When do we leave?

Issac – First thing in the morning. I have a plan.. we won’t attack him right away.. we have to wait till the time is right.

Cashmere – Okay… I trust ya. Let me go get some things packed.

I seriously feel so bad for her. Tommy has ruined so many people’s lives. To think that he has a son that he doesn’t even care about. It breaks my heart. All I can think about is him growing up without a father….. Tommy’s the worst human being I have ever met. The guys are gonna have no choice but to see him for what he is. Cashmere’s story, plus what he did the Kris. Tommy’s about to get what’s coming to him…

Riley – Aye I’m thirsty y’all got some iced tea?

Larry – We sure do!

Issac – ……

Leave it to Riley to say something funny in a depressing moment… *laugh* I miss GloCity.. can’t wait to get back…. Its time.

~End of Chapter Four- Pt 2~



  1. Woooooooooot! Finally! I hope Tommy goes down. The guys in these past two parts seemed even hotter than usual. Maybe because they were shirtless lol. Also, excellent pics as always! Looking forward to the next one!

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