B2M Season 2- Chapter Four: [Pt 1] “Alot Like You’re Dead To Me” [POV Jordan]

***POV = Point Of View. That person will narrate the story.***

Disclaimer : This story features some language thats a little more mature. words will be blanked out with *** But I wanted to give a warning just so you/anyone who reads will know.

Hey. As you can see, brunch with the family……and Peter. Not my idea. Shockingly it was AJ’s. Everything was fine, no arguments or anything. It was just weird though. Seeing Peter be this nice guy. I grew up with Issac, I knew what kind of man Peter was. Still…. He was making my mother smile, and enjoy life. So I couldn’t hate him that much.

Cloud – Oh so you’re Issac’s Dad?

Jordan – …..

AJ – …..

Peter – Yes, yes I am.

Cloud – but- hmm..

Robin – What is it dear?

Cloud – I just would assume its awkward for AJ, and Issac….

AJ – Cloud!… Shh!

Jordan – Can’t be anymore awkward than this conversation..

Peter – Oh because they dated?

AJ – You know about that?

Peter – Yes, Robin told me. I don’t mind. I mean obviously you two aren’t dating now so…

Jordan – Can we change the subject? I don’t wanna talk about Issac, while he’s not here.

Robin – Good Idea. So everyone lets all go around the table and share something.

Jordan – Share something?

AJ – Like where we wanna be in 5 years or something?

Peter – I like that AJ, lets go with that.

So one by one everyone went around saying where they wanted to be in 5 years. When it was my turn I pretended to have a phone call. Truth be told.. I had no Idea where I wanted to be in 5 years. I don’t even know what I want… besides.. “her” That’s obviously not going to happen.. 

Jordan – Can I help you?

Peter – How did you know I was behind you?

Jordan – Honest answer?

Peter – Yes

Jordan – Your cologne.

Peter – Is it bad? Your Mother picked it out.

Jordan – Its not bad- its…It doesn’t matter. I just knew it was you from the smell.

Peter – Ah…. You know Jordan, you remind me alot of myself when I was your age. I had no clue what I wanted to do, and or be.

Jordan – Stop acting like you know me.

Peter – I-

Jordan – I’m sorry. I’m just having a hard time with.. you. What you did to Issac. Its-

Peter – Messed up. I know. I wish I could talk to him. To show him that I’ve changed.

That’s just it though, his change was so sudden. I don’t understand it.

Jordan – Why? why did you decide to change?

Peter – Honest Answer?

Har Har Peter…. Just answer the damn question

Jordan – Of course….

Peter – After I did what I did to my son [Issac] I really sat down and thought about my life. Then that night I couldnt sleep without hearing some of the things he had said. He told me “All I ever wanted was a dad who loved me for who I was, and not hated me for who I wasn’t.” He also told me that I’d die alone. I was infact a horrible father, and a horrible human being.

Jordan – ….

Peter – So after that, I started going to therapy, and then I learned more about the gay culture.  I learned to accept people for who they were. I learned that gay, and lesbian people are just like you, and I. Soon after, I ran into Robin at the grocery store. She scolded me real good. I deserved it. She always loved Issac, and the rest of your friends. So you knew she was going to chew me out. I ended up telling her I was getting help, and I broke down in tears.

Jordan – So she was there for you…

Peter – No more lonely nights, No more tv dinners. It was home cooked meals, and laying on the couch with her as we watched Glee.

Jordan – *laugh* She loves Glee….. Ku-

Peter – Kurt’s her favorite character.

Jordan – ….Yeah *laugh*

Peter – Anyway… I just want to say thank you for not hating me. AJ too. He’s a nice young man. I can see why my son liked him.

Jordan – Yeah.. umm… Its…..all good. You make her happy so AJ, and I can’t hate you for that.

Peter – Okay… I’m done bothering you.

Jordan – Its no problem….

Peter – *smile*

After talking to Peter my Mother came in the kitchen, and took the pie out the oven. We then ate, and I decided that I had had enough family time. I wanted to leave. Not because of anything specifically. I just thought it was time to go, you know?. I walked out the door, and AJ came running up to me. He gave me a hug. Our relationship has changed so much since he came out to me. I think him being that brave made me see him in a different light. He wasn’t just my baby bro anymore.. he was a man. His own person, and I was proud of him for it.

AJ – I’m gonna miss not seeing you everyday.

Jordan – Me too. Sorry it was so.. dramatic at the house. You know we never fight. I don’t know whats wrong-

AJ – Tommy. Tommy’s whats wrong.- Not my business though.

Heh… Tommy very well could be the problem.

Jordan – When do you leave?

AJ – In the morning…. Hey Jordo?

Jordan – Yeah?

AJ – Do you like Cloud?

Jordan – He’s… different.

AJ – *smiles* So thats a……?

Jordan – I like Cloud because of the way he makes you feel. Long as you’re happy, so am I.

AJ – You’re so much nicer to me now.. its funny. You used to joke and call me gay boy, and when-

Jordan – No joking needed, you’re gay, and thats that. I love you. Even if you do like butt activities. *laugh*

AJ – Damn right….and proud.

Jordan – So what are you?, Like a power-bottom?

AJ – *laughing* Oh my god how do you even know that term! Issac doesn’t talk like that, so I know you didn’t hear it from him.

Jordan – *laugh* I heard it from his drag queen friend.

AJ – Drag queen friend?.. Wow Issac seems to have embraced the gay lifestyle.. Good for him. *smile*

Jordan – Yeah. He’s really… grown alot.

AJ – By the way.. I thought I had drama with Ollie, and Eboni, but man. The shit that’s going on at your place is crazy.

Jordan – I have a feeling its simmering down though. When Issac gets back were all gonna have a talk.

AJ – Where is he?.. Peter was really sad that he didn’t come. I think he really has changed… ugh I hate admitting that.

You’re not alone… I think he’s changed too, but I will not say it out loud…

Jordan – Issac is at some Art thingy out of town… or something like that…. You still like him?

Maybe I shouldn’t have asked that…

AJ – He’s still hot… plus I mean… he did take my V-card away and-

Jordan – lalalalalalalalala! I don’t wanna hear that. Yuck.. the image I just got of you two. *laugh*

AJ – I don’t know if I’ll ever be over Issac 100%, but as of right now I’m happy with my life, and who’s in it.. aka Cloud. Oh by the way, good news. I patched things up with Ollie.

Jordan – Oh yeah?

AJ – Yeah we went down to the diner and got our special. Chili Cheese Fries, with a strawberry shake.

Jordan – Our special is way better.

Bacon burger, Fries, and Oreo shake.. Oh yeah!

AJ – Whatever… Bacon Burger’s are for you muscle heads. Anyway yeah Me and Ollie talked about Eboni, and I explained to him, that I wasn’t taking sides. He’s actually driving with Cloud, and I back up to school. He’s out hanging with Josh right now. Then he’s seeing your friend Tru before he leaves. Apparently they really hit it off, and are going to have a long distance relationship.

Jordan – *smiles* I’m glad. Ollie’s a nice guy, and Tru really deserves that.

AJ – What about you huh?… what you gonna do about Gabrielle?

Jordan – What?

AJ – I know you love her…

Jordan – No I don’t.

AJ – I’m your brother! I know when you like someone!

Jordan – Don’t say anything to any-

AJ – Of course not.. must be hard though.. considering she’s your close friend too, and she and Josh just broke up….

Jordan – I try not to think about it…

AJ, and I said our goodbyes and he went back in the house to enjoy what was left of the pie. As I walked home, I saw Gabrielle on her porch. She looked upset, probably because she and Josh had just ended things. Part of me wanted to keep walking, but I would feel rude. Especially since she see’s me walking by. I just wanted to stay at a safe distance, who know’s what I might say to her.

Jordan – You know Gab, Josh is hurting too. So find solace in that.

Gabrielle – Huh?- Oh.. No I’m not upset over that- well I am but- *deep breath* I’m sitting here realizing how much I’m going to miss Eboni. You know I don’t have many female friends so-

Jordan – Tru said you guys hit it off

Gabrielle – We did, but Eboni really feels like the sister I never had. I’m going to miss her so much, and It makes me sad.

Jordan – Yeah… I just came from hanging with AJ… I hate that I love him so much *laugh*

Gabrielle – *laugh* I know right? stupid emotions..

Jordan – Yeah *laugh* who need’s ’em

Gabrielle – You can sit down if you want.

Jordan – …Okay.

Gabrielle – Thats if I’m not keeping you from anything.

Jordan – No, I’m not busy. I’m meeting Josh at the bar later though… He’s with Ollie right now. Saying his goodbyes.

Gabrielle – Yeah, Eboni, and my aunt are inside with My mom. Family brunch.

Jordan – So why you outside then little miss anti social?

Gabrielle – *laugh* shut it!… I’m very social- Okay.. thats a lie. *sarcastically whisper* “don’t tell anyone

Jordan – Pinky swear.

She’s so… different around me verses when she’s with Josh. Like… Its hard to explain…

Gabrielle – Jordan?

Yes beautiful?

Jordan – Sup?

Gabrielle – I’m not sad over my breakup with Josh, what does that mean?

Jordan – …I don’t know? Maybe you- I don’t know.

Gabrielle – You were about to say something, I want to hear it.

Jordan – Maybe you just realized its for the best?

Gabrielle – For the best…. hmm. I mean don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Josh, I just feel like… Maybe us seeing each other, and then jumping into a relationship was just so… I don’t know. It just boggles my mind. I’m not sad at all, I’m actually happy. Now me, and him can try and be the friends we once were.

Jordan – Yeah…. what about Sasha? You mad at her?

Gabrielle – Sasha and I were once really close. I lost my cool. I’m gonna call her later and apologize.

Jordan – Good. I know she’d appreciate that.

Gabrielle – Jordo, how come you haven’t found a girlfriend yet?… You’re one of the hottest guys in GloCity.

Jordan – *smiles* I want to find the right girl.

Gabrielle – Like a soulmate? Do you even believe in soulamtes?

Jordan – ….I do. I think theirs one special person out there for each of us.

Gabrielle – How do you explain divorces, and stuff? Like married couples assume they’re soulmates and BAM

Jordan – Keyword.. “assume” See if they were really soulamtes… they would have never ended their marriges. Which can only mean one thing…

Gabrielle – That their someone is still out there?

Jordan – Exactly.

Gabrielle – Who knew you were such the-

Jordan – What? romantic? cause I’m not. Ive just read alot of books on love, monogamy, relationships, and whatnot. Being single leaves alot of room for reading.

Gabrielle – So you’re not even hooking up?

Jordan – Nope…

Gabrielle – I thought guys needed.. you know.. release…

Jordan – *laugh* I get my release just fine Gab… *laugh*

Gabrielle – Porn?

Jordan – *laugh* Can we change the subject please?

Gabrielle – So books eh?….I forget how much of a nerd you really are underneath all of that.

Jordan – All of what?

Gabrielle – C’mon.. That! *points to his body*

Jordan – My pecs?

Gabrielle – Oh shut up! *laugh* You always bring out the best in me I notice. Like my very own p-

Jordan – So! have you spoken to Josh?

Gabrielle – No. Umm…Jordan?

Jordan – Yeah?

Gabrielle – Theirs something I should ask… for the past month, Ive been feeling like theirs something unspoken between us, I have these thoughts. I don’t know if I’m way off or not but do you-

Eboni – Hey losers! Dinner’s ready.

Thank god Eboni interrupted…

Gabrielle – Okay Eb’s. I’ll be in, in a second.

Eboni – Hey Jordan

Jordan – What?

Eboni – I’m leaving in the morning. Wanna give me a goodbye bone? *laugh*

Jordan – *sarcastically* Oh yeah baby, you got that saddle ready? I’m a stallion!

Gabrielle – You guys are stupid.

Eboni – I’m joking obviously. I’d never do Jordan, he’s kinda slutty.

Jordan – No I-

Gabrielle – NO HE’s NOT!

Jordan – *laugh* We can talk another time. Go eat before it gets cold milady

Gabrielle – As you wish milord

Eboni – ….dorks.

I was so happy to get away from Gabrielle. I really like her, and I don’t want it to become public knowledge, you feel me? So… The best way for that NOT to happen is if I don’t hang around her too much….. Moving on. So After leaving Gabrielle’s. I met up with Josh at the bar. I hungout and talked with everyone, and bought one shot. Didn’t wanna buy too many incase I had to drive somewhere. Sasha was there too. Which was awkward since her, and Josh haven’t really spoken since the whole blowout.

Sasha – Take that!

Jordan – Oh you shouldn’t have done that. I’m the champ in here! You wanna challenge me girl?

Sasha – Ready to get beat by a girl?

Jordan – NEVER! *takes shot*

Sasha – DAMMIT!

Jordan – Say it…

Sasha – No…. *laugh*

Jordan – You said If I won.. you would say it.

Sasha – …Fine. “Oh My King Jordan, You are the best at everything, and I am but a mere mortal standing before a god!” Happy?

Jordan – Yep.

Thank god I won. If she had won I would have had to say “I need a tampon” really loud….. That would be embarrassing. Where would I even stick it- Oop nevermind.. yuck. I don’t see how gay guys do it. I’d feel so violated having something go up there….

Jordan – So Kokoro hooked you up with a job?

Sasha – Well, I have to actually get going to the interview in a few, but yeah. If everything goes smoothly I’ll have a job.

Jordan – Thats awesome.

That was nice of Kokoro, she still scares the shit out of me, but maybe its because I’m judging her for who’s she’s not, instead of giving who she is a chance. 

Sasha – Its none of my business, but I think you guys should give her a chance. She’s really sweet.

Jordan – Were gonna try.

Sasha – Good. *looks @ Josh*

Jordan – You should just talk to him.

Sasha – No… I should get out of here. It sucks not being with the person you wanna be with. Don’t repeat that.

Jordan – I won’t. and trust me…. I know the feeling.

Oh do I. All I think about is Gabrielle. I just know its wrong, and I’m never acting on it. Hopefully it just goes away.

Sasha – Well I should.. get going.

Josh – *looks @ Sasha*…. Jordan! you have to help me.

Jordan – Okay?

Josh – I forgot to pick up boxes from Mia’s place. I can’t go now because Michelle isn’t feeling good, and she’s about to go home. Mia’s at her dentist appointment

Sasha – Right…  *mumbles* Not my business.

Jordan – Why not ask Sasha? Its her house…

Sasha – I’d totally help but I gotta make this interview.

Josh – I’m trying to run the place! Will you go do this for me? please?

Jordan – Fine.

Josh – Here, take the key. The boxes are red. Just look around for them okay? Hurry back.

Jordan – Alright. Oh Josh, Sasha has something to talk to you about!

Sasha – Jordan!

Josh – ….how can I help you?

Sasha – …how are you?

Josh – I’m… I don’t know…

Sasha – Josh did I scare you away? because of… that night?

Josh – No.

Sasha – So if its not that, why are you avoiding me? Its as if we had sex, and you can’t deal with it.

Josh – …Its just that-… Can we talk about this in like 30minutes? This place is out of control. Theirs people running around with no shirts on.

Sasha – Wanna talk about it after my interview?

Josh – How about you just come back around closing time, and help me lock up. We can talk then?

Sasha – Okay. *smiles*

Josh – You look pretty so much like your mom today.. weird.

Sasha – Eww I wish people would stop saying that!

Whenever Josh is interacting with a woman, It takes me back to the days of middle school where he was so scared of them. His whole boyish charm thing works for him though. Sasha clearly likes him, and I think he likes her too. Problem is Gabrielle. Which is also my problem. Love Square anyone?

So I finally got to Mia’s place, and man it was nicer than I had remembered. Mia must have gotten alot of money from her divorce settlement. Being in a big nice house like this made me think about the hard times AJ, and I had growing up. We always dreamed of living in something like this.

Jordan – Siiiiiiick fireplace.

*talking people*

Jordan – Where the hell are the boxes?….

*talking getting louder*

Jordan – Is someone here?

Oh damn, I hope I don’t have to Bruce Lee anyone today…

………………………… I- excuse me, my mind is at a blank right now. Why would he-

Soon they realized I was there. Mia stood outside crying, as Vince tried to explain his actions to me. Like seriously.. did you fall and accidentally kiss her? What kind of lame ass excuse could you possibly have Vincent?


Jordan – Vince you really outdid yourself this time! How the f**k! could you do this?!

Vince – I was saying goodbye! I was ending it!


Vince – I know! I know it was wrong, and what you saw was a goodbye! we both knew we had to stop! Jordan please don’t-

Jordan – Why would you do this?!

Vince – Calm down, lets just talk about this in a-

Jordan – Don’t tell me how to speak! All this time I thought Kokoro wasn’t good enough for you, clearly its the other way around! Poor Josh!, Nathan! All they did was help you, and this is how you repay him? Sneaking around with THAT SLUT!

Vince – Jordan, I love Kokoro, and It-

Jordan – SAVE IT! theirs NOTHING you can say! Just stop f**king talking!

Vince – Don’t tell-

Jordan – SHUT THE F**K UP VINCE! Don’t you dare ask me to do that!

I quickly grabbed the boxes and got the hell out of there. I couldn’t believe what had just happen. After everything Josh’s uncle Nathan had done for him. He repay’s him by f**king his girlfriend?! I couldn’t wrap my mind around why! I know Vince does messed up things, but I… I don’t even know what to say.

I took the boxes to Josh, and he asked was I okay. I don’t even know why I lied, but I told him I was almost in a car accident, and I was mad at the other driver. He left it alone, and thanked me for helping him out. Here’s the kicker. He then proceeded to tell me he has a feeling that things are going to get better. I just got in my car and drove home.

When I got home I noticed I had 4 voicemails. One from this girl I had sex with a year ago, one from Josh telling me he’s going to take Sasha out for coffee and talk, and the other two from Mia, and Vince. Mia was crying begging me to not say anything. Offering cash and everything she could think of. Vince wasn’t crying. He never really cries. Instead he kept mentioning how the house was getting better and since he was ending things with Mia, theirs nothing to tell. Ugh…. I don’t even know what to do right now. Its like being stuck between a rock and a hard place.

As I got ready to take my pants off and get into bed, Vince came into my room.

Vince – Jordan look, I know you’re mad at me for-

Jordan – First off you might wanna shut the f**k up, These walls are thin, and Tommy’s room is right there.

Vince – No its fine, I took care of Tommy. I told him to go get us some more booze from the corner store. I saw him leave, don’t worry.

Jordan – You’re the one that should be worried.

Vince – You need to know something.

I wish I didn’t….

Jordan – What?… what else could I possibly have to know Vincent?

Vince – I know what I did was wrong, she knows it was wrong too. I ended things as soon as Kokoro came back into my life. I love Kokoro, I wanted her. After what happen with her and my sister. I was left heartbroken. I fell for her, wanted her, and she walked away from me. I needed to feel like a man again. Mia made me feel like old Vince. Unstoppable Vince. Kokoro came back, and suddenly all I wanted was to be with her. So I even told her that their was another woman I was seeing. That I was ending it right away.

Jordan – ………….pfft

Vince – Say something bro…..

Jordan – You’re a piece of shit. That’s what you are. You do all these things and never think of the consequences. Nathan helped you!

Vince – I know-

Jordan – You don’t even care that he’s being cheated on by the woman he loves, and to make matters worse its you who she’s cheating with.

Vince – I DO FEEL BAD how many times do I have to say that?

Jordan – What about Josh? hmm?… Mia’s his Uncle’s Girl [Nathan] Not to mention his boss. You ever think of how f**ked up that will be?

Vince – … Theirs nothing else I can say.

Jordan – I f***ing hate you! Why is it that you get everything you want, and the one person I’m in love with is so out of reach! You selfish, bitch! f**king douchebag!

Vince – I deserve that, all of that…

Jordan – You deserve more than that to be honest. Like a punch to the jaw or something.

Vince – Do you want to hit me? Go ahead do it, I- Just do it!

Jordan – I’m not gonna hit you!… UGH!

Vince – Jordan who is it that you lo-

Jordan – None of you’re f**king business….. you don’t get to ask me stuff like that.

Vince – …..So…. umm. I hate to even ask this but-

Jordan – ……I’m not saying anything to anyone about this. Not because of you or Mia’s slut ass either. Because I love Josh, and Issac. They’ve been through enough….

Vince – I know you hate me right now, but are you saying you don’t love me anymore bro?

Jordan – Stop talking Vince. Just- Stop….

Vince – I’m- I’m not talking to Mia anymore. She’s called but I’m not answering.

Jordan – I don’t care….. I really don’t……

Vince – So…This stays between you, Mia, and I… right?

Jordan – I hate you so much right now, to put me in this situation…. I just wanna smack the shit out of you.. I really do.

Vince – I’m sorry…….

Jordan – …..What the f**k were you thinking…..

I’m in a bad position. To have to smile in Josh’s face, knowing what I know. Of course I still love Vince, I’m just really disappointed by him. He sat down on my bed, and kept apologizing until Tommy called him from outside. Apparently he bought too much, and couldn’t carry it all in the house. I’m glad Tommy interrupted us. I felt like the more Vince apologized, the more mad I got. When a person say’s sorry so many times…. It loses its meaning. Its like.. You’re not sorry, you’re gonna do it again. So much for things getting better…….

~End of Chapter Four- Pt 1~



  1. I’m sorry I just had to say how much I loved the glee reference! I haven’t been around for ages but just been reading all the updates and come on Josh and Issac need to kiss please! Pretty please?! 🙂

    1. 1. Glee’s Awesome. 2. Welcome! and I’m glad you took the time to read + comment. 3. As for Josh and Issac.. no comment lol 😛

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