♥Updates/Info/Cakes n’ Pies…. just kidding about the cakes n’ pies…. LOL♥

Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to inform you on the updates that are coming. LOR is taking a small break. I’m going to finish B2M season two, and then finish LOR. The updates will go like this:

  • B2M Chapter 4
  • Jordan POV (Chapter 4)
  • Issac POV (Chapter 4)
  • Josh POV (Chapter 4)
  • Vince POV (Chapter 4)
  • B2m Season two Finale.
  • LOR will continue after that until its season finale.
  • Then I have a special surprise related to the B2M Cast. Called “Mars X Venus : A Boys2Men Special” Its going to be a special before the boys start their third season. Thats all I can say for right now obviously…  Stay tuned 🙂
Oh and don’t worry. Both B2M and LOR will continue on with new seasons .
-Bee ♥

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