B2M Season 2- Chapter Three: [Pt 4] “Alot Like Everyone Having An Opinion” [POV Vince]

***POV = Point Of View. That person will narrate the story.***

Disclaimer : This story features some language thats a little more mature. words will be blanked out with *** But I wanted to give a warning just so you/anyone who reads will know.

No, were not having breakfast, I was called in here. The guys all look like they wanna talk about something…. Josh and Tommy look like they wanna fight. Lately Ive been kinda M.I.A. I do know theirs alot of drama going on. I’m just not 100% clear on it all. I-

Jordan – Tommy, Josh.. stop. You guys should just stop giving each other evil stares. Its not like either of you are going to swing- Not that I want you guys to.

Josh – Don’t be too sure Jordo… I really hate him.

Tommy – Whatever. You ain’t gonna do nothin’ Josh

Vince – I find it kinda funny. I mean Josh is the nicest guy in the house, and to see him mad makes me laugh a little.

Josh – Thats because you’re a selfish douchebag.

Vince – Excuse me?

Josh – You heard me.

Tommy – Josh has balls today

Jordan – and Tommy has a black eye today

Tommy – No I don’t?

Jordan – Want one ?? keep talking shit to Josh

Tommy – Jordan relax okay? I’m not looking for no fight.

Josh – Why is it that you pick fights with Issac, and myself… but you never test Jordan? Its because you know Jordan would kick your ass. You’re not too sure about Issac and I.. touch me and you’ll find out though. We will never be friends again.

This is super boring…..

Vince – Alright this is stupid, I’m going-

Jordan – You’re not going anywhere! We need to talk to you. So just sit.

Vince – Really Jordan? You wanna talk to me like that?

Jordan – You’re really shady Vince….

Vince – What?

Josh – Did you think we wouldn’t find out about her? All the sneaking around?

Oh shit they know about Mia- Oh god…. F***

Vince – Look it just happen one-


Get back? wait….

Vince – Huh?

Josh – Don’t play stupid! We know about Kokoro! Tommy told us!

Tommy – It slipped out man…. sorry.

Vince – First off its MY life, and MY business. Secondly, how the F*** did you even know Tommy???

Jordan – You guys always get drunk!-

Tommy – You told me about seeing her when we were drinking.

Did I?…I mean we do drink alot…. No.. I didn’t- Did I?…

Vince – I don’t think I did… I think.

Tommy – We were plastered dude. You told me. How else would I know that she has red hair?

Vince – Hmmm..

Josh – After everything she did! She put us through hell!

Jordan – Made Josh get fired! She’s bad news!

Tommy – But- it was all an act. Wasn’t she just doing it for Vince sister? She was blackmailing her right? correct me if I’m wrong…

Josh – Tommy stay out of it! you weren’t even here!

Vince – You guys need to get off of your high horses. Kokoro is- You know what? I’m not explaining shit to any of you. I’m grown. You guys can have an opinion all you want. At the end of the day I’ll do what I wanna do, and be with who I wanna be with.

Josh – Like you’ll actually be in a commited relationship with her. You’re a womanizer Vince… A Lion can’t change its strips. You don’t care about anyone but yourself!

Vince – Like you’ll stop saying stupid shit Josh, you’re naive!. Oh and the correct phrase you’re looking for is “A leopard can’t change its spots” I may have been a womanizer in the past but atleast I’m not some naive comicbook reader that knows nothing about women. How’s Gabby doin?? Huh? MIND YOUR BUSINESS!

Jordan – Thats messed up Vince! Don’t talk to him like that!

Vince – Jordan- the audacity of you of ALL people to tell me who I can and can’t be with. You cheated on Brianna how many times? Look at you know.. Single. I really think all of you, with the exception of Tommy, should not have ANY opinions on things I do!

I’m really pissed off, how dare them get mad at me because I’m with Kokoro. She’s not evil! They make it seem like she’s some kind of assassin in the night! I’m not a child, they can’t and won’t tell me who I can, and cannot see.

Josh – I may be a comic reading naive nerd… but atleast I have a heart, and I care about other people……

Tommy – Man… this shit is depressing. Lets stop fightigting y’all? We a fam-

Jordan – I’m sick of you saying that shit Tommy! We ARE NOT A FAMILY! We haven’t been in a long time!

Josh – Could have been.. if Tommy didn’t show up and ruin our trip…

Tommy – Is that how you guys really feel?

Vince – Don’t play the victim Tommy.. Whatever I’m leaving…

Of course they followed me.

Josh – She’s bad news. You, and your actions put us all in jeopardy last time she was here. So excuse us for feeling a little annoyed that she’s around again! and to top it off Vince. You kept it from us!

Vince – Cause I knew how you guys would react!

Jordan – We don’t like her sure, but if you would have sat us down.. and told us- Maybe we would have-

Vince – What? took a vote on it? This isn’t some gameshow. Its my life. I don’t need to come to you guys for personal decisions, I’m really hurt that you guys are acting this way. I’m not surprised though.

Tommy – *smiles*

Josh – How long have you been seeing her? I’m just curious.

Vince – You don’t get anymore questions Josh. Go read a Comic.

Josh – You’re such an asshole!

Jordan – Really Vince?

Vince – Jordan.. go get laid. You were much more fun when you cheated on women.

It may seem like I’m being a dick, but I’m just really angry. I’m in love with Kokoro, and these guys think they can just- UGH! How dare them?

Jordan – Be a douche all you want, but you should know something. We were not trying to attack you, we just don’t get why you kept it from us, but told Tommy! We also don’t trust her! We don’t like her!


…. I swear I don’t remember telling Tommy

Vince – I’m not gonna stay here, and listen to this bullshit. I’ll be home later!

Cloud – Hey Boobear?

AJ – Yeah?

Cloud – I thought you said the guys were super close, and never fought.

AJ – They are… I don’t know what happen…

Cloud – Well didn’t you say that the fat one is new? maybe he’s causing a rift?

AJ – Tommy’s not new per-say… However, I do think you’re on to something..

Cloud – I guess we should mind out business though right?

AJ – Probably a good idea. I feel all kind’s of wrong just sitting here hearing all of this conflict.

Cloud – Me too…

I can hear what they’re saying, and truth be told.. maybe Tommy is the reason for our problems.. well some of them atleast…

I got in my car, and I went to see her, and by her I mean Kokoro, NOT MIA. She calms me down. She’s the positivity that I need in my life.

Kokoro – How is it?.. New espresso machine… So I don’t-

Vince – Its perfect.

Kokoro – ….They really hate me huh?

Vince – …They don’t know you. They’re just… worried.

Kokoro – Don’t be mad at me, but I can sorta see their standpoint. I totally understand yours too. I have just one question though. Why did you tell Tommy, and not the other guys.

Vince – Thats the thing, he said I told him while drinking. Even when drunk.. I know to keep secrets to myself. I know I didn’t tell him. I’m 95% sure.

Kokoro – How do you think he found out?- Maybe he wen’t through your phone?

Vince – Maybe.

Kokoro – I can tell you regret this morning.. with the guys.

Vince – Yeah, I’m easy going. I hate myself for saying what I said to them. They just really pushed my buttons.

Kokoro – What does Issac think about it? I don’t recall you mentioning his reaction.

Vince – Issac’s not even home. He’s on some trip. For Art.. or something.

Kokoro – I don’t want you sacrificing your friendship with the guys over me.

Vince – I’m not. I’ll make it work.

Kokoro – *smiles* I just wish they knew the real me…

Vince – Would you be down with- I don’t know, like a get together? Where they can meet you properly?

Kokoro – I’m a pretty strong chick, mentally and physically. So yeah if that makes you happy. I’d do it.

Vince – Walking into the lion’s den.

Kokoro – Ive always been brave. Stupidly brave at times, but hey.. a tiger can’t change its spots- I mean stripes.

Vince – Wow…. You and Josh would get along perfectly… He actually said it wrong too….

Kokoro – No I said it right, right? A Tiger has stripes and-

Vince – Well yeah a tiger has stripes, but the actual phrase is “A Leopard can’t change its spots”

Kokoro – Oh!.. *laugh* Duh..

Vince – You have a great view of the city…

Kokoro – I really love this place. Mainly because I feel like “Hey Kokoro you worked hard, and you bought it yourself”

Vince – Is this place exspensive?

Kokoro – Umm, not really. I mean.. well sorta. I still have money though.. from working.

She’s really made something of herself. Man.. I can’t stop looking at her. She’s beautiful.

Vince – So.. do you miss acting?

Kokoro – Sorta, not really? I’m taking a break right now.

Vince – I get that.

Kokoro – I like this…

Vince – What?

Kokoro – You coming to me with problems. I don’t know.. it makes me feel like.. I matter to someone. I rarely ever feel that way. Its nice.

Vince – Of course you matter to me. I just had a cage fight WWF style, because I like you so much.

Kokoro – You like wrestling?

Vince – Secret guilty pleasure of mine.

Kokoro – …..ha… thats funny.

Vince – Why?

Kokoro – Before you got here, I was just watching wrestling… I kinda love the hot guys rubbing up on each other. I do like the sport too though. Does that make me a dork?

Vince – No, Jordan loves wrestling. Him, and his brother grew up on it. He got me into it. See.. You already have stuff in common with the guys. If only you read comics

Kokoro – I don’t read comics but I do love watching cartoons. Like anything X-men, or like that Avatar cartoon. Air benders or something.

Okay.. she’s perfect…

Vince – Avatar The last air bender?

Kokoro – Don’t tell me you love it too?

Vince – I don’t but.. Issac, and Josh have the dvd’s they loved that show. I think they’d love you. I know I do.

Kokoro – ….You love me?

Vince – You know what I mean…

Kokoro – Uh huh… *smiles* interesting Mr McDonald…

Vince – Come here

Kokoro – Well.. I love…..being around you too.

Vince – You’re so cute…

Kokoro -*giggle* I bet you tell all the girls that

Vince – Theirs no other girls, and never will be… I wan’t you to be my girlfriend. Like.. officially.

Kokoro – Yes… Yes I’d like that.


Let me just say this, and then I’m done voicing it. I love this girl. I haven’t seen Mia once since Kokoro came back. I’m ending things with Mia as soon as I can. She’s just been really busy with the Bar, and Nathan, and her daughter Sasha. I haven’t got a chance to really speak with her on the matter. I want to be with Kokoro. Thats it and thats all. I have a past, a reputation. Whatever the case.. If you doubt my love for Kokoro.. go f*** yourself.

Vince – So what do you wanna do? Today I mean? cause I ain’t going home, and I don’t have any work scheduled.

Kokoro – Umm lets just walk around the city?

Vince – Okay.

Kokoro – Also, I have to say I’m glad you ditched your other cologne.

Vince – huh?

Kokoro – The blueberry smelling one. When we met up, you reeked of this horrible Cologne.

Vince – I didn’t-

…..Tommy. He must have followed me that night… oh my god..

Kokoro – Did I say something wrong?

Vince – No, I just realized how Tommy knew about us..

So I filled her in on my Tommy theory, and she said it made sense. After that we went out and grabbed more coffee. We then got bagels and walked around a bit. Can I be honest? I never really hungout with a girl I was into before. It was always a game to me. How can I get them home with me, how can I f*** them.. but I really liked holding hands and walking with Kokoro…. She’s changing me for the better..

We stopped for a minute, and Kokoro was explaining how she got her big break.

Kokoro – Then there he was again, in my diner. So finally he asked me what I did for fun. I told him I didn’t have time for fun. That I was trying to make it in the acting world. He was like, wow.. what do you know.. I’m a director. He was indie but whatever.. So-

Her story was pretty typical but.. good for her. She’s always wanted to act so, I was happy for her. I’m pretty happy to not be at home too. Though, being out with her, I’ve had some time to think about what I’m gonna say to the guys…

Kokoro – Are you listening?

Vince – Huh?- Oh yeah.. You got naked, and put on a bunny suit. Furrie Sex.

Kokoro – VINCENT! *laugh*

Vince – I’m just kidding. You were nervous, and you kept clutching the necklace your mom gave you. You then sneezed right in the directors face.

Kokoro – Which was so embarrassing.

Unidentified Woman – VINCE!

Kokoro – Someone call your name?

Sasha – I thought that was you!

Vince – Hey, wassup?- Oh Sasha this is Kokoro, Kokoro, this is Sasha.

Kokoro – Hi

Sasha – Hey *smiles* – Wow she’s pretty Vince.

Vince – She’s beautiful.

Kokoro – *looks down* Thanks.. you’re really pretty too Sasha.

Sasha – Oh- Girl… No. Pounds of makeup.

Vince – You look like your mom today..

Sasha – I bet…..- umm So what are you guys doing?

Vince – Nothing much, just bullshiting around. You?

Sasha – Job interview.. was a bust. The guy’s a perv and kept complimenting my tits. Classy right?

Kokoro – Wow what a jerk..

Sasha – I know right?

Sasha – So how’s Josh?

Vince – …I assume you’re talking about him and Gabrielle.

Sasha – ….right

Vince – They broke up.. because of what happen with you guys. The sex.

Sasha – Correction, we didn’t have sex. We talked about my personal life sure. He left his phone, I called Tommy. Tommy used it against him.

Vince – So you know what happen then…

Sasha – I know Tommy made it seem like we f***ed.- excuse my language Kokoro

Kokoro – Its fine.

Vince – Where’s your mom?

Sasha – Why?

Vince – Need to talk to her about something.

Sasha – I bet- Umm Well she’s having a romantic weekend with Nathan.

Kokoro – Isn’t that Josh’s uncle?

Sasha – Yeah he dates my Mother.

I swear Sasha knows about me, and her mother’s hook-ups. I just get that vibe…

Kokoro – Hey- umm Sasha.

Sasha – Yeah?

Kokoro – What do you do? I mean like.. what are you into? Jobwise.

Sasha – I’m mostly about business. I have a great set of skills for-

Kokoro – My friend Doug. He just opened up a new office. He could use a secretary. He owe’s me. Would that be something that you’re willing to do?

Sasha – Yeah, for sure. Wow thanks. Vince.. this one is a keeper. She’s beautiful, and a sweetheart.

Vince – I know.. thats why she’s my girlfriend.

Sasha – Awww thats so cute!.. I’m totally jealous.. I really like- doesn’t matter…

Vince – …

She’s so into Josh….

Kokoro – Lets exchange numbers, and I’ll give you a call when everything is set up.

Sasha – Sounds good- Hey you live here in Bridgeport?

Kokoro – Yeah, I don’t really hangout alot. Don’t have many friends. I just know Doug from when I first moved here.

Sasha – Well I’m recently back from NYC, so I don’t have many friends here either. If you want to ever hangout just let me know.

Kokoro – Cool, I’ll defiantly call

Vince – Girls Night! Woooooo

Kokoro – Silly…

Kokoro, and I took a cab back to her place. Then I got in my car for the long drive home. I kept rehearsing what I was gonna say to the guys

Josh – He was a asshole, but.. I don’t wanna fight with Vince…

Jordan – Me either….. I’m so sick of it. Like fighting period. Were all brothers.. right?

Josh – Yeah.. We are.

Jordan – I wanna do something. Like hit a restart button.

Josh – When Vince get’s home.. I’m gonna apologize.

Jordan – Me too. Maybe when Issac returns we can take a trip?

Josh – YEAH!- though.. I don’t wanna go anywhere with Tommy

Jordan – Can I be honest?

Josh – Obviously

Jordan – I want Tommy gone..

Josh – Me too…

I hate when Josh does that.. He wants to apologize to me, but truth me told.. he’s not all wrong. I said some shit too… He always tries to fix things by blaming himself..

Vince – Hey Guys!

Josh – Hey…

Jordan – Vince, we were just talking about you.

I know…

Vince – Really?… still hate me?- Look first and foremost I wanna say sorry to both of you. The personal attacks were immature, and uncalled for. I was just.. hurt, and I felt attacked. I know you guys didn’t mean it the way it came off.

Jordan – Right. We didn’t want it to turn into a fight. Right Josh?

Josh – Right. I’m sorry for anything that I said that hurt you.

Vince – *smile* Thanks, and again.. I’m sorry too. I love that you’re a nerd…. it makes you, you. Same to you Jordan.. you’ve matured, and stopped doing bad shit. I should be more like you.

Jordan – Thanks for noticing..

Josh – So I was thinking.. You were right when you said we don’t know Kokoro. If you really wanna be with her, we should all meet her. Get to know her.

Vince – Good idea.

Jordan – That sounded like something Issac would have suggested.

Josh – I know right.

Vince – I miss him.. when is he getting back?

Jordan & Vince – *looks @ Josh*

Josh – Don’t look at me, I have no idea *laugh*

Jordan – So Vince, is Kokoro… like your girlfriend now?

Vince – Yeah. We made it official today. I hung out with her in Bridgeport. Actually ran into Sasha too.

Josh – ………..How was she?

Vince – Missing you… She likes you dude.

Josh – I li-.. So You and Kokoro.. in a relationship.. Cool. I’m gonna give her a chance.

Vince – Where’s Tommy?

Josh – Sleeping like the fat snorlax that he is.

Jordan – What the f*** is a snorlax?

Josh – Its a fatass pokemon that sleeps alot. Google it.. its totally Tommy.

Vince – You still play Pokemon?

Josh – ….n-….yeah… Its fun.. Whatever…

Vince – He sleeps alot. He’s not an active person at all.

Jordan – He wonder’s why he’s still fat. He doesn’t do anything

Vince – The reason I ask about Tommy is because.. I have to tell you guys something about him. Josh are you sure he’s sleeping?

Josh – Yeah, I saw him take a playboy magazine in his room, and he never came out… I’m pretty sure he did his business and took a nap.. Fat Snorlax bastard….

Jordan – Snorlax… thats funny. I’m gonna have to see what it looks like.

Vince – Okay so listen. I’m starting to think Tommy is creating drama. He’s very sneaky. So you guys remember the night I took him to that photography party? Well.. he disappeard for like 2hours. When I found him, he claimed he had gotten lucky with a chick. I don’t believe him but I don’t know where he could have went. Then I found out something. The reason he knew about Kokoro.

Jordan – So you didn’t tell him?

Josh – So he lied?

Vince – I told him he couldn’t go with me one night. I met up with her. Skip to today. She told me she’s happy I’m not wearing blueberry cologne. BINGO Tommy followed me when I went to see her. I wasn’t wearing his cologne, and the other thing that makes sense is him being close by.

Josh – Oh my god that does makes sense. That night when you left, he came back all mad talking about how you were being a douche.

Jordan – Then he said he was just gonna drink and go to sleep. His door was locked because I was gonna check on him but nobody answered. I assumed he was sleeping..

Josh – You went to sleep after that right? because I was on the couch, and He came in. I thought he was sleeping too but he claimed he went and got a burger…

Vince – See! sneaky.. and telling lots of lies. I don’t trust him.

Jordan – So… he purposely messed up things with you and Gabrielle.

Josh – Yeah, and then this with Vince…

Vince – He hasn’t done anything to Jordan, or Issac yet has he?

Josh – He hates Issac…

Jordan – …hmmm. Well lets just be careful around him.

Tommy – ……..hmm

After talking to the guys. I decided it was time for me to go to sleep. My cell rang. It was….Issac…

Vince – Hey?

Issac – Hey Vince.

Vince – Why are you calling me? and not-

Issac – Josh?…. because things are weird between us right now.. long story-

Vince – Did you guys bone while sleeping in his bed?

Issac – Vince! No!

Vince – Do you want to?

Issac – ….Stupid.

Vince – Sorry.. go on…

Issac – I just wanted to call and see if everything is okay with you guys.

Riley – Who did you call?

Issac – Shh

Vince – Who’s that guy in the background?

Issac – Nobody- Look.. Is everything okay there or not?

Vince – Its… not. It is, but everyone is tired of Tommy. Also I found out he’s been following me… Caused alot of drama and I got into a fight with the guys.

Issac – What did you do?

Vince – …Kokoro and I are dating.. I-

Issac – Wow- You know what though. Its your life. Maybe I just don’t know her well enough [BEEEEEEEEEEEP] My phone is dying. Just be careful around Tommy okay?

Vince – Okay.

Issac – Tommy’s responsible for-

Vince – Hello?….Hello?

Vince – …..guess it died… If its important he’ll call back…


Vince – Just a second.

Tommy – Hey

Vince – Tommy, you’re knocking scared the hell out of me.

Tommy – Were you on the phone or talking to yourself?

Vince – Little bit of both.

Tommy – Talking to…..Kokoro?

Vince – ….Yeah.- Hey.. you slept in your shoes?

Tommy – I was THAT tired dude. So.. I wanna say how sorry I am, about letting it slip. The whole Kokoro thing.

Vince – Its okay. I’m sure me, and the guys will be fine.

Tommy – I hope… were a family. We should stick together.

Vince – Right…

He’s full of s***

Tommy – So what did you do today?

Vince – I hungout with my girlfriend..

Tommy – So she’s your girlfriend now?

Vince – Yep.

Tommy – Thats awesome bro. Finally committing to a chick!

Vince – R.I.P. Womanizer Vince.

Tommy – Thats dope… Thats really dope. I’m happy for you.

I’m starting to think… Issac has been right about him all this time….

Vince – So what did you do today?

Tommy – Worked out…. Just didn’t do much at all to be honest.

F***ing Snorlax…. *laugh* Oh Josh… best nickname ever… totally gonna have to google it to see what it looks like…

Tommy – So what do you say we take a few shots to celebrate you and Kokoro?

Vince – …….alright. Then I’m gonna go to sleep.

Tommy – Cool cool!

Tommy – ….When does Issac get home?

Why bring up Issac, unless you were listening to my phone conversation…

Vince – I have no idea. Miss him?

Tommy – A little…plus I was thinking about how the fighting has to stop between us all. Me and Issac have our differences but theirs a mutual respect between us.

I doubt it…

I’m having that feeling… that I’m living with a stranger, someone that I thought I knew… but really don’t. Its like letting a stray dog into your home. Then later,  finding out it tore up all of your shit. Tommy is shady.. I finally realized that. I just hope I didn’t find out too late..

Tommy – *Mean/Evil stare*

~End of Chapter Three~


  1. UGH!!! If only I could push him off that balcony! Lol. Things are getting very interesting! Josh is beginning to sound like me, I like Avatar and Pokemon too! That Snorlax joke was priceless lol Looking forward to the next one! : )

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