B2M Season 2- Chapter Three: [Pt 3] “Alot Like A Game of HE said SHE said” [POV Josh]

***POV = Point Of View. That person will narrate the story.***

Disclaimer : This story features some language thats a little more mature. words will be blanked out with *** But I wanted to give a warning just so you/anyone who reads will know.

Hey guys… Do you know why Issac’s been acting weird? Yesterday morning he was gone before I woke up. Then this morning I woke up to the sounds of him using his laptop. He quickly took his phone and went into the bathroom to make a call. So I got dressed and left the room to give him some space. I come back in here and now he’s packing. I have no idea what’s going on… Did I do something wrong?

Issac – I can see you looking at me through the mirror Josh. Do you want to ask me something?

Josh – Why do you have a bag packed?

Issac – I’m going out of town for a few days.

Josh – Aww man why didn’t you ask me if I wanted to go? I could take off work. Take a little honeymoon with’cha *laugh*

Issac – Stop f***ing joking around like that.

Josh – Why? *laugh*

Issac – ….Just because!…Alright?

That was mean…

Josh – ….

Issac – [remorseful & awkward] *sigh* …Sorry.

Josh – [Sad] …I’m sorry.I won’t do it again..

Issac – No! no.. I’m sorry…. You just… you make it so hard sometimes…

Josh – Make what so hard? Did I do something?

Issac – You know what?….*smile* You know I always want you around.

Josh – Good. I always wanna be around you…

Did that sound gay?.. I just really love Issac. Alot. He’s…my bestfriend in the whole world. As corny as that sounds. I’d do anything for him- Like Matt Damon and Ben Afleck. Those guys are BFF’s…..Yeah.. Were totally them. I’m Matt though. Call me.. Joshua Bourne! Issac can be Ben. He can be DareDevil. You guys probably have no idea what the heck I’m talking about. Use your wikipedia or something *laugh*

Issac – Sorry if I’m being weird.

Josh – Its okay. So umm where are you going?

Issac – Umm- to an-a umm. I’m going to an art exhibition. Its really important. Rub elbows with a few of the big names in the Art World… Maybe mine will start going somewhere?

Josh – You didn’t pack your paints, and brushes though.

Issac – *smile* I’d lose my head if it wasn’t screwed onto my shoulders…. I swear.

Josh – You never have to worry about that. I’ll always be around with extra screws.- What?- whats wrong?

Issac – Huh?

Josh – You did that shifty thing with your eyes. Did I say something dumb? I know I can be dumb sometimes. *looks down*

Issac – Josh. You’re never dumb. You’re very.. pure. Good. Innocent…..tad bit naive… but never dumb. Okay?

Josh – Yeah- Yeah!… Naive.. thats better than dumb….. Cool.

Issac – Not to mention you f***ing drive all the girls crazy… Which doesn’t shock me. You’re hot.. so… *laugh*

Josh – What?- Wait.. did you just call me hot?

Issac – ….I did. Sorry?..

Josh – No! Its awesome. You never called me “hot” before. Its an ego boost. Makes me feel good about myself.

Issac – If I didn’t know you, I’d think your whole “I’m a hot naive nerd” thing was a act…. I know the truth though.. thats just really who you are.

Josh – I know, I’m really weird.

Issac-  Nah… you’re perfect- for uh umm a girl. *laugh*

Josh – I’m sure I could make a guy happy too, if I was gay.

Issac – ….probably…..

Josh – Oh come on.. If I were your boyfriend.. do you think I could make you happy? Not that you would ever date someone like me- but lets pretend I’m gay, and were dating. Are you happy sugarplum?

Issac – *laugh* …..I think I would be pretty happy dating a guy like you to be honest but- whatever… I should get going.

Josh – Can I have a hug? I feel like.. I dunno…. like you’re still mad at me about something..

Issac – I’m not. Can’t be mad at you Josh, you know that….

Josh – Well a hug would make me actually believe that.

Issac – No!.. no hugs. I wanna be a grumpy gay today…

Josh – I don’t know Issac.. looks like you reaaaaaaaaaally wanna hug me.

Issac – *laugh* Josh stop it.. get off!


Josh – Hugtime!

Issac – *shakes head*… I take it all back.. you’re dumb!

Josh – I totally L-O-V-E-Y-O-U too Issac!. Hey! Is Kris going with you?

Issac – Who?

Josh – Your boyfriend!

Issac – Oh!- No.. He’s not. He’s at home resting.

Josh – Cool. Well be safe? I’ll miss you? Do you want a comic to read on the way there?

Issac – *laugh* I’m good on comics. Besides.. I’m still reading that one you begged me to read.. The one about Hope Summers?

Josh – Thats soooo epic! You know she has like a connection to Jean Grey right?.. Its ressurection time buddy. I believe in the phoenix force! Jean shall return!

Issac – *confused* Yay Jean’s returning! wooo!.. dude I have no idea what-

Josh – I know *laugh* Get going princess

Issac – I’ll call you when I get to where I’m going..

Josh – Alright.

Even though I played it cool. I still feel like Issac’s not telling me something. I won’t push for the truth though. Things have a way of coming to light I guess. Oh and was it just me or did he seem annoyed with my flirting? Maybe I’m annoying? I’ve never thought about that. I mean he’s the ONLY guy I flirt with, because were close. I just do it to show I’m supportive of him being gay.. Maybe I’m going about it wrong…

After Issac left, I went to get a protein shake. Then woke Tommy up so we could workout. My brother Ollie joined us- well.. watched. Jordan was out with his Mom and AJ, Vince was- Wait.. where the hell is Vince.. whatever. Probably working or with some girl. That left me and Tommy to workout- which I’ve already said.. wow I keep repeating myself… Sorry!

Ollie – You okay Josh?

Josh – Yeah, why?

Ollie – Look like you’re lost in a thought or two.

Josh – I’m okay.

Tommy – This motha****ing tredmill! Why is it wet! I’m falling!- I’m a pimp, and pimps don’t fall, we ball!

Ollie – Umm… Yeah.. I think its because ohhhhh I don’t know.. you’re sweating! Yeah! totally…

Tommy – Nobody needs your sarcasm nerd!

Ollie – I may be a nerd, but I bet I get laid more than you ever could. Plus I’m smart. I’m no math wiz but- wait.. yeah I am *sarcastic laugh* Ollie 1 point, Tommy.. zip. Thats Zero Tommy.. incase you didn’t know what zip meant. *laugh*

Josh – *laugh*

Tommy – Be glad you’re Josh’s brother… I’d punch your face in otherwise!

Josh – Ollie’s just joking.

Ollie – Why is it that the dumb ones always wanna resort to violence..

Tommy – You’re pushing it potter!

Josh – He doesn’t even wear glasses anymore….

Ollie – Yeah the Harry Potter jokes are as old as the underwear you probably have on.

Josh – *laugh* Ollie stop being a jerk to Tommy…

Tommy – Whatever.. I don’t really care that he got a haircut and likes smashing chicks now. I’m all about me myself and I. [singing] Itzzzzz Tommy bay-beh!

Ollie – Thats not even an original line. You stole that from Lil Wayne.

Josh – Who’s little Wang?

Ollie – Did you just say little wang? as in small di-

Tommy – Josh its Lil’Wayne! aka The best rapper alive. aka Weezy F. Baby.aka Da Fireman. AKA Lil Tunechi!

Josh – I have no idea what the heck you just said.

I’m… not really… hip… I like dancing to hip hop music, but I don’t really know the artist. Wait.. I remember LL Cool J… I think that’s his name. Hey! don’t laugh… I told you guys I’m a nerd!

Ollie – Wow Josh… what kind of music do you even like these days…before I left I know you had like…videogame & cartoon theme songs on your ipod…?

Josh – Oh shut it OLIVEERRRRRRRRRRRR, You love the 90’s X-men theme song as much as I do!

Tommy – Damn y’all some nerds. What y’all know bout dat Maybach music? EVERY DAY I’M HUSTLIN’! BOSS!… Da Teflon Don. What y’all know bout THAT S***??

Josh – I’m lost again, and I don’t know anything about that. I know 50cent In Da Club?.. Whatever… as far as music goes I listen to….umm. I like- don’t laugh!

Ollie – I won’t

Josh – …..Taylor Swift… *hides face*

Tommy – *laughing hysterically* TAYLOR SWIFT? Man Kanye totally made her look stupid at that award show.

Ollie – Kanye’s a good rapper but a douchebag to be honest.

Josh – Wait! I know who Kanye is! He sings Hot in Here right? [sings] Its gettin’ hot in here, so take off all ya clothes [sings in higher pitch] I am gettin so hot, I’m gonna take mah clothes off! [dances]

Tommy & Ollie – …………

Tommy – *shakes head*

Ollie – That would be Nelly…..

Josh – Oh….wait a minute! Nelly Furtado doesn’t rap!

Tommy – You’re hopeless!

Ollie – Not Nelly Furtado! Nelly.. the male rapper- Oh forget it. Just enjoy your Taylor Swift.

Josh – Whatever! I will enjoy it. T-Swizzle in the hizzouse! Thats Taylor Swift’s nickname y’all!…I follow her on twitter. *smiles and nods* Did you know that her and Selena Gomez are bestfriends?

I’m so awesome…

Ollie – Moving on.. Hey where’s the guys?

Tommy – Jordan’s hanging out with AJ, and the Fam.

Josh – Issac went to some Art Exhibition.. he’s gonna be gone for a few days.

Tommy – ….*rolls eyes*

Ollie – And Vince?

Josh – I don’t-

Tommy – He’s probably out with Kokoro- Oh s***… I was NOT suppose to tell you guys that! F*** Vince is going to be SO angry at me..

Ollie – You’re kidding?

Josh – WHAT? Vince is seeing HER again?! After what she did? We all took a vote, we don’t trust her!

Tommy – Guys drop it! Vince, and I were drinking one night, and he told me. I wasn’t suppose to tell you guys.

Ollie – Why would he tell you, and not the guys? No offense but he’s closer with them.

Tommy – Guess he trust me more? I don’t know….

I’m so pissed off right now! After everything she did to us! Now he’s creeping around with her?! Then tell’s Tommy but not us!…Oooooh I could punch a wall. I had to bring my Uncle Nathan in to save his ass. This- Wow Vincent.. Really? Of all the girls you can have.. you went back for seconds with Kokoro?! AHHHH! So angry right now!

Josh – You know what? Screw Vince! He only cares about himself!

Ollie – Tommy.. you serious? or you just pulling our leg?

Tommy – Oh no I’m serious. He told me she’s a sexy redhead now and everything… *looks at Josh* He said he doesn’t care what she did. That he loves her, and screw what you guys think. *shrugs* I’m only telling you this because I care. *smile* I wasn’t around when she did what she did, but can miss panda express really be that bad?

Ollie – Thats so f***ing racist Tommy! don’t call her- or any other asian girl “Panda Express” How would you like it if someone called you a name?

Tommy – I’d punch them right in the mouth!

Josh – …..I’m over it! Whatever, he can do whatever he wants When she gets him into trouble again he better NOT come asking me, or my Uncle for help!

Tommy – Wanna talk about it?

Josh – NO!…. I’m pissed off!…. And I have to get to work.

Ollie – Wait how are you getting to work? isn’t your car busted?

Josh – No, my car is working now. I got it fixed.

Ollie – …alright.

Tommy – Sure you don’t wanna talk about it? I feel just awful

Ollie – “awful?” really Tommy?

Josh – I’m gonna take a shower and then leave.

Ollie – Hey can you drop me off in the city since you’re going that way anyway? I need to buy a few things for when I go back to school.

Josh – Yeah-whatever.. just wait in the car… I shouldn’t be long..

So… I showered, and then raided Jordan’s closet. I called him and got his permission first though. I needed something more “casual sexy”- as Mia put it. She said I was cute, but needed to look the part of the “Hot Studly Bartender”. I knew Jordan had some stuff I could wear, he dresses really nice. After that, Ollie and I got on the freeway and headed over to Bridgeport. Ollie educated me on Lil, Little? Lil’? That Weezy guy- LIL’Wayne! YEAH! That’s his name! Ollie played me some of his songs. Then I played him some T-Swizzle. Yeahhhhh Thats how I get down! Ollie didn’t like it though. He said she can’t sing.. Which… is not true. Ollie has no taste. Taylor Swift sounds like an angel……….plus she’s hot…… don’t judge me. I will marry her some day.

I was trying to forget about what Tommy had told me about Vince seeing Kokoro. I put all my focus into work. Work was easy. Michelle, and I work great together, which is funny since were ex’s. Everything was going great. 

Josh – You okay over there Mia?

Sasha – ….

Mia – Yeah.. just frustrated Josh…

Sasha – She’s making my problem, her problem.

Josh – Can I help?

Mia – Come here

Michelle – I’ll take over for you.

Josh – Thanks Michelle

Michelle – No problem Joshy. Love the shirt… Its very.. “I’m a sexy bartender”

Josh – Ha!

If it were up to me, I’d wear my Ms Pacman shirt

Josh – So how can I help?

Sasha – Mom, seriously don’t bother him.

Josh – No, I wanna help

Mia – Sasha car won’t start.. She needs to get home because she has a job interview early in the morning. Would you mind taking her home? Its over the bridge.

Josh – Umm S-

Sasha – No!… last thing I want is Gabrielle being mad at me again.

Mia – You could have knocked her ass out if you wanted to.

Josh – …..Hello.. Gabrielle’s boyfriend standing right here people *nervous laugh*

Sasha – How can Josh give me a ride anyway? usually one of the guys are here to pick him up…

Josh – Truck was in repair. Its working now. I drove myself here.

Mia – I’ll pay you for overtime Josh, just take her home.

Josh – Is that okay with you Sasha?

Sasha – Its fine by me, I just don’t wanna get you into any trouble with Gabrielle. I know you love her and-

Josh – Its fine. I’ll take you.

Sasha – Thank you.

Mia – Josh honey, to be honest. I feel like Gabrielle is-

Sasha – Mom! stop it!

Mia – I’m just saying.. she has her issues… I think Josh would be happier with someone else…

Josh – …..We work through our problems Mia. You out of everyone should know what thats like, you and my Uncle Nathan have been dating ….forever

Sasha – …ha.

Mia – What was that Sasha?

Sasha – Nothing… can we go now?

Josh – I love Gabrielle with all my heart….. but thanks for your concern….

Mia – Watch that tone with me. You shouldn’t even be in Bridgeport! You should be in NYC!- we both know you f***ed that-


Josh – Okay, let me grab my phone, and jacket. I’ll call the house and let the guys know where I am. So they don’t think I’m like dead or something

Sasha – How cute…

Mia – Michelle! Wanna make some more money? I’m talking overtime!

We finally got to Mia & Sasha’s home. It was nicer than I had remembered. Sasha asked me to come in because she was scared that someone might attack her. She’s paranoid. They have so many alarm systems… Nobody could get in here. Its like the Batcave!

Josh – Looks like the coast is clear. No bad guys. *smiles*

Sasha – Yeah *looks down*

Josh – You okay?

Sasha – Yeah…

Josh – Liar..

Sasha – I’m not, but.. you have things to do, you should get home.

Josh – Not until you tell me whats wrong…

I asked for it… Soon.. Sasha let it all out…

Sasha – I’m very frustrated being here.

Josh – Home?

Sasha – Bridgeport…. I wish I was still in New York City… At school.. Away from my mom.. She’s not the person you think she is..

Josh – What do you mean?

Sasha – She’s sl-….She’s just very.. “Grey Area” Theirs no black and white for her. She does what she wants…..

Josh – She stressing you out?

Sasha – You don’t know the half of it…

Josh – My dad’s stressing me out, so I can relate.

Sasha – You’re so cute… ugh. I hate it.

Josh – You hate my cuteness?

Sasha – *laugh* You make me laugh.. thats something I don’t do much since-

Josh – Since what?

Sasha – Did you know I play piano? Let me show you.

Josh – Thats really good Sasha.. but-

Sasha – I’m sorry.

Josh – Its okay if you don’t want to tell me.

Sasha – No.. You know what. If I tell you, will you promise not to tell anyone?- You can tell Issac if you want.. I know he’s your.. bestfriend..

Josh – I can keep secrets. I won’t even tell him. If this is something you want to stay between us then so be it.

Sasha – Okay….

Sasha – As you know.. I was at NYU. Studying business…. shocker there. Umm…. So- Goodness this is so cliche….

Josh – ….

Sasha – I got close with my professor.

I wonder if that’s why she got kicked out…

Josh – alright..

Sasha – We.. were.. together…

Josh – Together?

Sasha – Sexua-

Josh – Oh okay.. got it.

Sasha – So.. I started to notice patterns. You know certain times we could be together, umm that I had never saw his place. Then suddenly couldn’t take it anymore. So one late night while he was grading papers. I checked his wallet. Credit cards, Identification cards. To see what address it had on it. He was in the bathroom so I didn’t get caught…

Josh – Yeah….

Sasha – The next day.. I was really upset because My father was suppose to actually come visit me, but he didnt show, by the way.. My mother doesn’t know I still speak to my Dad so.. don’t mention that.. Anyway.. So I needed to see My professor- Chris- Chris was his name.. I was feeling low so I decided I really wanted to see him. He wouldnt pick up his phone.

Josh – So you went to the address you found…right?

Sasha – Yeah…. So I walk up, and he’s standing there… with a christmas tree. This woman walks up. She says “Oh dear is this one of your students” He looks at me, and says yes.

Josh – Wait.. you didn’t know he was married?

Sasha – If I knew.. I never would have fallen in love with him Josh.. Never. So I was upset. I ran, and he chased. He had convinced me to stay with him.. to be his.. Other girl. I was in love with him….. So I agreed.. which obviously.. was stupid.

Josh – So what happen after that?

Sasha – Lots of sneaking around… Then finally She caught us. She followed us. She snapped pictures…. I- *sarcastic laugh* I attacked her. She hit me, I hit her… He got exposed. Fired. I got kicked out of the school….Oh and the cherry on top. I wasn’t the only girl. Their was.. alot.

Josh – Wow…. I’m sorry Sasha I-

Sasha – It was my own fault for falling in love with him… How cliche right? student professor relationship, Plus I do have daddy issues.. makes sense right?… I messed up my life.. for a guy! Thats another reason why It makes me so angry that people- well Gabrielle think’s I’d try and take you from her! I wouldn’t do that…no matter how much I- like a guy- I’d never do that.. never again.

Sasha – Ruined everything, and now I’m here…..

Josh – Its okay Sasha…

Sasha – *crying*

Josh – ……Everything’s gonna be okay.

Sasha – Thats easy for you to say, you’re perfect..

Josh – No I’m not.. I have moments, where I think of bad things..

Sasha – Like that?

Josh – …kissing you…

Sasha – ….but-

Josh – but its wrong.. so I don’t…

Man… why did I say that….. I mean its true, but…

Sasha – Do you look at me differently?

Josh – No. Not at all. You’re still my beautiful friend. I still care about you the same.

Sasha – …Why couldnt I have ended up with a nice guy like you huh?

Josh – Because… Girls like you usually don’t give nerdy guys a chance..

Sasha – Nerdy guys would get more action if they had your body, …….and face.- Wow umm… crying like a weakling…*wipes tears.*

Josh – *laugh*…..You just… You know I was a fat ugly kid….  I don’t have confidence… I love me, I just don’t see what everyone else does…

Sasha – Want a drink? I’m such a crybaby…

Josh – You’re very strong. If every time- Oh my god what time is it?

Sasha – Umm.. 12

Josh – I should go.

Sasha – Okay…

What the hell.. time went by so fast.

Josh – Sasha?

Sasha – Yeah?

Josh – You’re beautiful… and your mistakes don’t define you. You’re like a phoenix bird…. you’ll rise from the ashes.. and be better than before.

Sasha – That was the nerdiest.. sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me…

Josh – *smiles*

Sasha – Drive safe…. and thanks… Oh and Josh?

Josh – Huh?

Sasha – I wanna kiss you too… but I know its wrong.. So I don’t either. Thinking it doesn’t make you bad. Not acting on it.. that’s what makes you good.

Josh – *smiles*…… Thanks.

Sasha – No.. Thank you.. for listening. You’re the best.

Josh – Anytime…

I love Gabrielle… but am I confusing my love for her as my life long friend.. for like.. relationship love? I jumped into the relationship with her.. really fast… I don’t know.. I like Sasha alot though… hmmm

So I got home, around 12:40… Gabrielle was here. She looked mad. I don’t know what I could have done now..

Gabrielle – Look who finally gets home… I called you but you never answered!

Josh – What?-

Actually.. cannot find my phone… Where the hell did I put it..

Josh – wait why are you here? is everything okay?

Gabrielle – No Josh, its not. What happen? we were suppose to go see a movie tonight when you got off work.


Josh – I-

Gabrielle – Where were you?

Josh – I-

Gabrielle – I couldn’t take it if you said a girls house. Like… after the whole issue with Michelle.. You said you wouldnt-

Josh – I was working extra hours.

Tommy – *belch* Ooooh the wind feels good out here!

Josh – Tommy? do you mind? I’m having a private conversation.. can you go use the balcony or something?

Tommy – Don’t be a dick just because you’re in trouble…

Josh – ……I’m not in trouble.. I was working late..

I shouldn’t have lied, but.. you know how she gets about Sasha… What else was I suppose to say?

Gabrielle – This doesn’t even concern you Tommy. When you get a girlfriend you’ll understand.


Josh – Thats not funny Tommy!

Gabrielle – He’s drunk Josh…

Josh – I can smell- Tell.. I can tell.

Tommy – Drunk or not, I’d never date a insecure b***h like you!

Gabrielle – *gasp* Fatass! I’d never date anyone like you!


Tommy – Josh bones alot of women at the bar

Josh – NO I DON’T! YOU Fricken liar! Ive had enough of you Tommy! Take your drunk ass in the house! You wonder why nobody likes you!

Tommy – Really?…. Fine.. I’ll go back in the house… but umm.. I came out to tell you that.. SASHA.. said you left your phone at her house… You were just there right? *smiles*

Josh – ……………

I never use profanity… but ohhhhhhhh f***

Gabrielle – Tommy.. you’re lying… right? He’s lying? Right Josh? Tell me he’s lying..

Josh – He-

Tommy – I got the voicemail to prove it..

Josh – ….

Gabrielle – How could you Josh? You lied to me.. and you were spending time at Sasha’s.. at this time a night!

Josh – I’m sorry look I-

Gabrielle – Save it!

Josh – WAIT!

Gabrielle – Don’t follow me Josh, were done.. were over. We can’t be together anymore!

Josh – but I love you!

Tommy – No he doesn’t he was banging Sasha all night!



I don’t know what to do, please tell me what to do guys… what do I do?

Jordan – Whats going on?

Tommy – Josh just got caught cheating and lying.

Jordan – What?

Tommy – He banged Sasha, and Gabrielle just found out.

Jordan – No he didn’t… did you?

Josh – No! I didn’t! Tommy told her that I left my cellphone over there, just because he knew it would make her mad!

Jordan – Why would you do that Tommy?

Tommy – Do what?

Josh – Fat drunk b-b-ba—- B***H! I hate you! Me and you are DONE being friends! You lonely.. fatass…

Tommy – Whatever you f***ing nerdy ass punk! You got caught don’t blame me!

Josh – You know what Tommy? F-f-f- F**k YOU you bitter loser, I’m finally seeing what Issac saw from the start! I want to punch him so bad Jordan! You better stop me! I’m serious!

Jordan – What the hell guys stop fighting! I should call Vince, and Issac-

Josh – Issac went out of town, and Screw Vince! He’s doing sex with Kokoro again!

Jordan – WHAT?


[From outside] Jordan – Vince is back with Kokoro?

Tommy – Man I’m gonna puke I need a toliet

Jordan – Tell me what you know!

Cloud – You okay man?

AJ – What happen Josh?

Josh – I just got dumped because of Tommy…

All of my walls are crashing down.. I don’t know what to do. Issac’s not here either… I… I’m.. I got dumped….. I hate Tommy so much! I wish someone would just… kill him or something! Gabrielle think’s I cheated on her!… God… what do I do now….

~End of Chapter Three- Pt 3~



  1. : O! What an intense chapter!! I can’t believe Josh dropped an F bomb lol. But it was a good time for it! Is it wrong for me to want Josh and Issac to get together? They have really good chemistry lol. Things are heating up. I wonder what’s going to happen next!! By the way, that conversation between Josh, Ollie, and Tommy was TOO funny! I have to go back and read it again! I almost died when Josh said he loved Taylor Swift : D

  2. To be honest, I was dying laughing as I typed it LOL. Taylor Swift is totally Josh’s type of girl. As for Issac and Josh, your feelings tell me that I’m writing this exactly how it is in my head. So thats good. Too bad Josh’s is straight 😦

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