B2M Season 2- Chapter Three: [Pt 2] “Alot Like Being Conflicted” [POV Issac]

***POV = Point Of View. That person will narrate the story.***

Disclaimer : This story features some language thats a little more mature. words will be blanked out with *** But I wanted to give a warning just so you/anyone who reads will know.

So… I go to visit Kris, and guess who’s here?….. Riley. The guy who put him in here in the f***ing first place. It took all I had in me to not beat his ass.

Riley – Issac? You okay dude?

Issac – *looks at Vanessa* I know you’re a nurse, and here to help, but could you give us a minute alone?

Vanessa – Sure…..

Kris – Hi Issac, look who’s feeling better *points to self* this guy!

Issac – *smiles*

Vanessa – Kris I’ll be back with your meds in a few. If you guys need anything, I’ll be in the lobby.

Riley – What?…. Wanna fight or something? Why you looking at me like that.

Kris – Guys please don’t

Issac – The audacity of you to bring your punk ass here to visit him. You put him here! and Kris what the f-

Kris – He didn’t do it Issac.

Riley – I didn’t…

Issac – What?

Riley – Kris sister, and her boyfriend Ian confronted me about it. I was sick of people thinking I’d hurt someone like that. Especially not Kris.

Issac – Aren’t you mad though?

Riley – About what? The fact that people know I f***ed a guy once?

It was more than once from what Kris told me…

Issac – Yeah, I mean you were outed, and we still don’t know how.

Kris – Theirs only one way, I told you Issac, you must have told someone.

I did…

Issac – I- I told Jordan…. sorry Riley.

Riley – Nah I get it.. I mean obviously me and Jordan don’t see eye to eye… Makes sense you would tell him.

Issac – So why are you here Riley?

Riley – I care about Kris, I mean he’s my little ex tutor. *laugh*

Kris – *smiles*

Riley – Plus I wanted people to know that I didn’t do this.

Heh…. I actually believe him…

Issac – Riley what happen the night at the movie theater? When you saw Jordan.

Riley – We walked by each other… nodded and kept it movin. I was on a date, I didn’t feel like arguing with him. He was with a kid, I assumed it was probably best to not be immature. Do I like Jordan? No. I just don’t see the point in aggravating him every chance I get. Don’t get me wrong.. sometimes its fun.

Issac – So- he was telling the truth… God I feel like such a douchebag!

Riley – What did you think? You thought he said something, and then I got angry and beat Kris ass?

I could make a joke here but I won’t

Issac – Yeah…. Hey Kris?

Kris – Yeah?

Issac – Did anyone at work have a problem with you? I’m just trying to think of possible suspects. If it wasn’t Riley.. I just have no Idea..

Riley – Aye- Can I just say one thing though?

Kris – *laugh* sure

Riley – I ain’t gay. I like women, and woman parts. The stuff me and Kris did when I was in high school was just- It is what it is. I don’t f*** dudes anymore. Kris was the only one. I’m a little pissed that I’m gonna have to defend myself about it, but-

Issac – You know what Riley.. don’t worry about it. If girls can experiment, so can guys. Nothing’s wrong with that. Nothings wrong with you alright?

Riley – *smirks* …..Right. Thanks… Heh.. you’re not so bad Issac.. I always thought you were a stick in the mud.

And I thought you were a shirtless douche….

Issac – …Cool…

Issac – I can tell you’re getting sleepy Kris, so I’ll just ask this last question.

Riley – Wait before you do, I have a question. Are you two dating?

Issac – Yeah. We are.

Riley – I see.

Kris – Why?

Riley – Not seeing any chemistry, Issac you have way more chemistry with that roommate of yours.

Kris – Who Josh? *laugh* I agree..

Issac – Josh is straight, and theirs no chemistry there. Just a friendship.

Riley – You had a crush on him in high school though.. Tommy would go around the lunch room saying it.

Issac – Yeah, I know.. but Tommy likes to start shit- Anyway my question Kris.

Kris – Yeah?

Issac – Do you remember anything about the attacker?

Kris – Not really… It was dark. He had on all black… Oh! this is gonna sound weird but he smelled…sweet?

Riley – Sweet? Like gay?

Issac – Really? Gay people smell sweet Riley?

Riley – Gay people smell good- Whatever I don’t know. Sweet is slang for gay so-…

I have to admit.. thats funny.

Issac – Sweet… hmm. well get some rest, I’ll be back to keep you company later-

Kris – Oh thats okay. You have done more than I could ever ask for, and I really appreciate it. Just take the night off and have it to yourself. For me? Please?. besides, Riley’s gonna hangout with me tonight. Gives you a break *smiles*

Issac – ….alright… Riley can I speak to you outside for a second?

Riley – Okay

Riley – Is their a problem?

Issac – Not really- I just wanna apologize for thinking you hurt him. I can tell you obviously care about him…….and vice versa.

Riley – Hmmm.. You think I wan’t Kris or something?

Issac – Who knows. All I know is that those days better be over between you two.

Riley – Or what? What would you do if Ive been slamming Kris the whole time you guys have been dating?

Issac – …..I’d do something drastic.

Riley – Thats a threat right?

Issac – No Its-

Riley – What?.. a promise? *laugh* Dude.. If I wanted Kris.. I could have him. He’s still into me. I can tell.

Yeah….so can I..

Issac – Riley… seriously this isn’t the time for us to try and prove who’s the alpha male okay? f***ing relax

Riley – I’m done having sex with  *whispers* dudes. Kris was the ONLY one. I’m not into guys. I’m not gonna steal him away from you.

Issac – I didn’t bring you out here to fight.

Riley – You know I could though right?… steal him if I wanted. *laugh*

Issac – Do you wanna get punched?

Riley – *laugh* I’m just f***in with you. Its all good. I appreciate the apology. I’d never hurt Kris. We need to find out who did though.

Issac – I agree. Oh and totally un-related. You’re wearing a shirt for once.

Riley – They wouldn’t let me in without one. You know I hate clothes…

I’m so gay.. That’s kinda hot that he likes to be naked all the time…. he’s still a douche though. Anyway. After that. I decided to grab a bite to eat. Then return home. I’m not good with words, or emotional stuff. So I decided to write Jordan a letter. I put it on his bed. Hopefully he read it, and forgives me. So then I went downstairs.  I needed to clean my room. AJ, and his boyfriend are gonna be staying in there. Wanted to make sure it was nice and clean in there.

I was gonna call Vince sister and ask her to check in on Kris for me, but then I realized it was just me being jealous that Kris was alone with Riley… So I opted against it. I know you guys probably think I’m being insecure, but I could see it in Kris’s eyes that he still had a thing for Riley. Was I being  hypocritical though? I mean… I think I’m in love with Josh.. Wow there I finally admitted it to myself.. but the thing that I don’t get about it is-

[knock knock]

Issac – Come in.

AJ – Hi…..

Wow… I haven’t seen AJ since we… ended things. This was weird.

AJ – How are you?

Issac – I’m alright. You?

AJ – Good.- Thanks for umm.. letting us use your room. It was nice of you.

Issac – Its no problem.

AJ – I saw Josh in the kitchen, he said you just got back from seeing your boyfriend. He doing okay?

Issac – Yeah… much better. Thanks for asking.

AJ – You look good. Hot. *laugh*

Issac – Thanks. You know.. I try. *smirk* Just kidding. You look really good too.

AJ – *laugh* Thanks. Umm… Issac?… Sorry about how we ended things.

Issac – Its the past, but thanks for saying that.

AJ – I just felt like I up and broke your heart when you needed me the most. With the stuff that happen to you. Your Dad doing what he did-

Issac – Speaking of my.. “dad” Looks like you, Jordan, and I are going to be brothers.

AJ – Yeah like how weird is that? The guy I lost my virginity to… is now gonna be my step brother…

AJ looks really cute….. I can sense a change though. He seems more mature. More in control of things.

AJ – You changed the subject… You never were really good with emotional stuff.

Issac – ……

AJ – I really cared for you, I still do. So I want to make sure you don’t-

Issac – What? hate you?- I can’t hate you. You ending things when you did made sense. You were leaving anyway. It hurt but.. things worked out. I got with Kris and you have Cloud. Who seems nice.

AJ – Yeah he is nice….. So you don’t hate me then?

Issac – Nope.

AJ – So whats Tommy’s story? Like why the hell is he back?

Issac – Who really know… I can’t stand him.

AJ – Me neither… So Are you and my brother okay now?

Issac – huh?

AJ – He told me about the Kris thing…

Issac – I wrote him a letter… hopefully were okay now…

AJ – Can I have a hug? I’m glad you and I are okay.

Issac – Yeah *smile*


AJ – I should call Cloud. Tell him to bring our stuff over. Oh by the way.. we won’t fool around in your bed.

Issac – Feel free to do whatever you want. I bought new sheets so…

AJ – …Thanks again for letting us stay in your room.

Issac – No problem. I’m gonna go get a beer.

AJ – Okay. I’m gonna call my boyfriend.

That was one of those moments that I needed. I needed closure with AJ, and I’m glad I got it… 

So.. I go to get a beer, but I stop when I hear Tommy arguing with someone on his phone… I know its not nice to eavesdrop but.. I couldn’t help it.. 

Tommy – Nah nah.. don’t be raising your voice at me b****. I ain’t coming back to Riverview Cashmere

Cashmere?.. what kinda name is that….

Tommy – Tell him something else then. I hope you die. I ain’t going to court. You have no proof of that. Look don’t call me alright? I have a new life here in GloCity. They guys accepted me back. Good luck.

Well this is interesting…

Tommy – If I come back there I’d go to jail. No F*** You! *laugh* Doesn’t matter. The guys will never find out about you. Nope..

Josh –  *Whispering* Issac?

Issac – …….

Josh – ISSAC?!

Tommy – I gotta go. Don’t call me ever again.

Issac – Shit Josh.. you scared the crap out of me.

Josh – Sorry *laugh* whatcha doin? Ready for our sleepover?

Issac – Our what?

Josh – Were sharing my bed tonight remember?

Issac – I was just gonna grab a sleeping bag and floor it, I-

Josh – Issac, No. You’re sleeping in my bed. Its not that big of a deal. No sleeping bags, no floors. I won’t take no for an answer.

Issac – ….Fine

Josh – Just keep your morning boners to yourself *laugh*

Issac – If I recall correctly, it was you who had that problem when we were younger.

Josh – Oh.. Right, yeah I totally still have that problem- but doesn’t every guy?. Whatever- Hey go ask Vince, and Jordan what kind of pizza they want. I’m gonna go ask Tommy.

Issac – Alright.

Josh – Oh Issac!

Issac – Yeah?

Josh – Are you gonna tell Jordan about Riley?

Issac – Already did.

Josh – Good *smiles*

Its not like I’m going to pounce Josh or anything. Its just… were not kids anymore. So sleeping in his bed seems weird… OR it could be that I like him.. again. He’s too nice. Why can’t he be mean or smelly or something….. Anyway… So Tommy’s conversation… what the hell was that about? and who the f*** is Cashmere? 

Issac – Hey guys

Vince – Just in time to see Jordan get his ass kicked.

Jordan – Please. I taught you how to play!

Issac – Jordan did you get my letter?

Jordan – Yeah I read it, and… *smiles* I love you too bro. I accept your apology, which was all I ever really wanted. If you were anyone else. I would have thrown the letter in the garbage.

Issac – ..Yeah I wanted to tell you face to face but I’m not good at-

Jordan – I know…. I appreciate it still though. A letter is more than enough. I was going to come talk to you, but I saw my brother go in your room.. how’d that go?

Vince – Yeah, how was the Issac and AJ reunion?

Issac – It was good. We cleared alot of air. I got closure on.. things.

Vince – Speaking of closure. Riley didn’t do it.. So what now?

Jordan – Yeah any suspects?

Issac – None yet.. Kris can’t really remember anything…

Vince – That sucks.

Issac – So umm Josh wanted to know what kind of Pizza you guys wanted.

Jordan – Mushroom.

Vince – Eww. I want a grilled chicken pizza.

Issac – I kinda want meat lovers

Vince – You would…

Jordan – *laugh*

Oooh I get it.. Meat as in penis.. Vince is so stupid *laugh*

Issac – Vince your little joke makes no sense, since I’m the giver and not the taker..

Jordan – Why didn’t you just say Top and bottom?

Issac – Because I didn’t know if Vince knew gay lingo.

Vince – So you would never be the taker then- I mean bottom?

Issac – Eh… no

Jordan – Maybe for Josh….

Issac – Har-har very funny.

Vince – I know Josh is straight but if he was gay.. he’d totally be a bottom.

Issac – Guys stop it, change the subject..- actually let me go tell Josh what pizza’s we all want.. sickos.

Jordan & Vince – *laugh*

So.. After I took down the guys orders. Tommy ordered everyone Pizza. AJ, and his boyfriend Cloud joined us and we all had a good time just talking. Soon it was time for everyone to go to sleep.

Here I was.. in Josh room. Guys don’t make me nervous at all. Josh on the other hand. He does.

Josh – Thats when Gabrielle screamed. It was so funny. I never saw a spider that big in my life. She wanted me to kill it but I was scared. I just threw the magazine at it. I went to pick it up with some tissue but the darn thing was still alive. I jumped back.. Which then caused the back of my head to hit Gabrielle in her forehead. I told her to watch where she puts her head. You can’t just sneak attack head you know?

Issac – *laugh*

He’s so cute… Look at his butt… GOD what am I saying!… Ugh stop it Issac.. just stop it.

Josh – So everything was perfect tonight huh?

Issac – Yeah. No fights or anything.

Josh – Yup. Tommy even behaved!

For once….

Josh – Lay down Issac, why you being so weird?

Issac – I’m just doing some thinking about Kris.

Lies, I’m thinking about kissing you…. f*** my life…

Josh – Ugh dude!

Issac – Huh?

Josh – Tommy’s stupid colonge is all over me. I was washing clothes earlier. Like seriously. Why would he buy blueberry cologne? What guy want’s to smell sweet?– Well then again I guess alot of guys who like to smell good. I don’t know.

Oh my f***ing goodness…. It was Tommy! He attacked Kris! Kris said the attacker smelled sweet! It makes sense! Tommy must have somehow heard me tell Jordan about Kris and Riley… Oh my god.. I’m gonna f***ing kill him!

Issac – JOSH! Tom-

Josh – You know I’m really proud of you Issac

Issac – Josh! I know who-

Josh – Wait lemme finish.. this is important.

Issac – Okay.. go- go ahead.

Josh – You have been really trying with Tommy. Like the guys and I had a bet to see how long it would take before you went off again on him *laugh* I just think its about time we all stopped fighting.. I was starting to think maybe I should leave.. all the negativity was getting to me… So I’m happy everything’s cool- Now.. what did you want to say?

You know what… I’m going about this all wrong… If I barge in there and kick Tommy’s ass. He’ll deny it. I have to handle this without telling the guys or making a scene… I can’t let Josh know I’m bothered… I’m going to get revenge on Tommy.. I swear.. I just have to be smart about it.

Issac – I was just gonna ask if you remembered to put the rest of the pizza in the fridge. It gets hot in the kitchen…

Josh – Tommy will probably eat it all… he can put it up.

Issac – *gets comfy*

Josh – Finally, you get comfy, damn Issac when did you get so hairy? I’m jealous. I don’t grow much body hair.

Issac – Twink… Well then again you’re muscular so you can’t be a twink

Josh – What’s a twink?

Issac – …..Its a gay thing..

Josh – Oh is it like a hairless guy?

Issac – Skinny too.

I’m trying so hard…. I wanna get up, and kill Tommy. *gulp*

Josh – You okay?

No… I’m really f***ing upset, and I wanna go kill that fat piece of shit in the living room.

Issac – I’m good *fake smile*

Josh – That’s not a genuine smile. I can tell. I’ve known you a long time. Did I do something wrong?

Issac – No, you didn’t- you’re cute- Great! great, youre great…. I didn’t mean to say cute, was thinking about Riley- I mean Kris! What the hell?

Really?? ugh.. Note to self : Get it together dumbass…

Josh – What?

Whats wrong with me! I’m with Kris, I can’t be crushing on Josh again…

Issac – I’m just… I’m really happy to have you guys. We’ve all been friends for so long. So I get scared that somethings gonna happen.

That’s a lie, but also the truth at the same time.

Josh – Awww. Well I’m not going anywhere now obviously… Everything is smooth sailing! Hey this reminds me of our old sleepovers.

Issac – Only thing missing is…..

Yup… Pillow Fight.

Josh – Wait No fair I wasn’t ready!

Me and Josh pillow fought for a while then he fell off the bed. We laughed so hard. He almost pissed himself. So he quickly got up and surrendered. It was funny. For a second I forgot all about my problems. Then I realized the elephant in the room.. Tommy had crossed the line, and physically hurt someone I cared about. I’m going to hurt him now..

Josh – I’m gonna go pee, I’ll be back.

Issac – Alright.

Josh – Who you callin’ this late dude?

Issac – Checking my messages *smiles*

Lies… I’m not..

Josh – Oh okay.

Issac – Work that bubble butt!

Josh – What?! I don’t have a big ass!

Issac – You do. Watch out Kim Kardashian. Josh Folland has arrived- and so has is ass 5 minutes later *laugh*

Josh – I’ve been doing squats to tone my legs! What the hell!.

Issac – Josh you worked at a gym, don’t you know squats actually help shape the butt?

Josh – DAMMIT!

Issac – *laugh*

I love you Josh but get out already so I can make this damn phone call….

The next morning, I was meeting up with the person I called last night… Operation Get Tommy’s Fatass and make him suffer until he cries like the big b***h he is, is in progress. Hmm have to work on the name though. How about Operation Kill Tommy. Yeah I like that one.

Riley – Hey

Issac – Hey… You came.

Riley – Why not.

Issac – So… I need help.

Riley – You didn’t ask one of the guys?

Issac – No, I wanted you to help me.

Riley – Okay what is it you need help with?

Issac – You care about Kris right?

Riley – ….Yeah, sure.

He means yes. That’s just his way of remaining masculine while showing emotion. I do it all the time… *laugh*

Issac – I know who hurt Kris.

Riley – What?

Issac – I know who attacked him…

Riley – Well what the f*** are we doing standing here, lets go f*** homeboy up! Right now!

Wow, Riley seems really pissed, he must really care about Kris.

Issac – We can’t just up and do it. We need to be smart about it.

Riley – Fine.. I’m down. Tell me what to do.

Issac – You busy this week?

Riley – Nah, I can take off from work.

Issac – Wanna take a trip?

Riley – Long as it ain’t no brokeback mountain stuff.

Like I’d do you Riley.. seriously… You’re cute, but I’m not really attracted to you.

Issac – ….I wouldn’t ever touch you like that Riley, you’re not my type

Riley – Pshhhh I’m everyone’s type.

Issac – Riley!

Riley – Okay okay, so a trip? Where?

Issac – Riverview

Riley – What’s in Riverview?

Issac – Payback.

Riley – Alright… fine. I don’t answer to anyone so I don’t need an excuse to travel, but.. what are you gonna tell everyone?

Issac – I’ll think of something.

Riley – Alright….. Lets get revenge on this f***er who hurt Kris- wait who did it?

Issac – I’ll tell you on the way there…

Riley – When do we leave?

Issac – Not today. Tomorrow morning okay?

Riley – Yeah. I’ll meet you here?

Issac – Yeah, that works.

I’m going to make Tommy pay. He wants to play?… Game on.

~End of Chapter Three- Pt 2~



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