B2M Season 2- Chapter Three: [Pt 1] “Alot Like WTF?” [POV Jordan]

***POV = Point Of View. That person will narrate the story.***

Disclaimer : This story features some language thats a little more mature. words will be blanked out with *** But I wanted to give a warning just so you/anyone who reads will know.

So you guys are probably wondering, how it is that I’m seeing Connor, after his Mother Skye banned me from seeing him. Well… Tru believes me, that I had nothing to do with Kris getting attacked. So she’s babysitting Connor today while Skye is out of town with her boyfriend “Dr Sean”. She figured it would be a good time to let me see Connor. Whats weird is I just walked in, only to see Connor sitting alone. Where the hell was Tru?

Connor – Jordan, You’re here. I was about to call you.

Jordan – Is everything okay? where’s your Aunt Tru?

Connor – I just got home from school. I don’t know where she is.

Jordan – This is going to sound like a dumb question but, did you check upstairs?

Connor – No I’m scared! I called her name but nobody answered, and I heard a noise!

What the hell is going on?

Jordan – Hey Connor… remember me and you hanging out is our little secret okay? Your mom can’t know.

Connor – I can keep a secret. Besides…. Sean’s boring. He asked me did I play Gameboy.. Who plays Gameboy anymore?

Jordan – *laugh* Go get a juice or something, I’ll go check upstairs okay?

Connor – Okay.

So, I figured.. if Tru was attacked upstairs, or a robber had broken in.. Atleast Connor would be out of harms way and I could handle it… So I headed upstairs.

The hell?

Jordan – TRU!

Tru – Oh goodness, get off Blaze

Jordan – *clears throat*

Tru – Blaze!…. Someone’s here.

Jordan – You know Connor has been downstairs scared. Didn’t know where you were. Was too scared to come up because her heard a “noise” Who is this clown?

Ollie – Jordan?

Jordan – Who the hell are you, and how do you know my name?

Ollie – Its me Jordo.. Its Ollie!

Jordan – OLLIE? WHAT THE………F***????

Tru – Blaze, why is he calling you Ollie?

Jordan – Because thats his real name- Well Oliver is his real name.

Tru – Wait- You two know each other?

Ollie – Umm.. Yeah we do. Do you know Josh?

Tru – Sorta…

Ollie – I’m his youger brother.

Tru – Wow……. Okay…

Jordan – Why aren’t you away at school?

Ollie – I’m on break.. I was coming home to see Josh, and my Parents….. You’re not seeing her are you? I’m sorry if-

Jordan – No… its not like that between us. Were more-so just friends. Wow.. You look so different Ollie!- Wait is AJ here?

Ollie – He…..is. He brought someone.. I won’t ruin the surprise.

Jordan – So you guys are talking again?

Ollie – No… AJ… Whatever. Do I really look different?

Jordan – No curly hair.. No glasses.. Contacts.. What the hell happen?

Ollie – Well.. Going away changes people. I lose my nerd status and you gain yours I see. *points* Nice glasses. I thought you were contacts?

Jordan – I did, I’m sick of them though.. so I’m rocking glasses for now. Dude.. Wow you look-

Ollie – Can you stop saying that? I’m still Ollie.. just.. a little different.

Jordan – You and Eboni aren’t dating anymore right?

Ollie – No… and screw her for what she did… Look I gotta go. I’m gonna drop off some stuff at home, and then- Well then I’m not sure. Cause Josh is at the bar. Wanna hangout after you finish doing whatever you gotta do here?

Jordan – Yeah.. Cause I got alot of questions man… The hell..

Ollie – *smile* Alright.. Just come down the street when you wanna hang.

I’m seriously confused. Thats Ollie.. little nerdy Oliver Folland- Josh’s little geek brother… The hell? He seems so… different. Anywho. Tru and I ended up playing some games with Connor, and eating lunch. Then I left. I went to get Ollie and we hung out a bit. I was curious about a few things so… 

Jordan – What is that?

Ollie – A Water pump I believe. Nothing too fascinating dude, simple hydraulics machinery.. Blah..

Jordan – Still a nerd I see.

Ollie – Eh.. yeah sure. I mean dude.. At the school I was at. Forget being a jock. The smarter you are, the more girls like you.

Jordan – Speaking of girls.. How exactly did you meet Tru? Oh and why did you tell her your name was Blaze?

Ollie – Blaze is what everyone calls me at school, As for Tru. I saw her at the bus stop.. she was carrying groceries home, and I told her I could help her. She didn’t trust me at first. Then I told her This was my hometown, and how I’m on break from school. She seriously couldn’t carry all of the crap she bought so finally she let me help her.

Jordan – How did you end up on her bed?

Ollie – …*smiles* She thanked me, and…… I complimented her. I looked into her eyes and told her no problem.

Jordan – Then she what?… Kissed you?

Ollie – Just like that.

That’s so one of my moves…… Anyone else a little freaked out by Ollie’s new way of life?…. Oh and as much as I like Tru I gotta admit it was a bit “easy” of her to just let Ollie in her room like that….

Jordan – So if you don’t mind me asking.. why are you and my brother not friends anymore?

Ollie – AJ came out and all of a sudden didn’t have time for me anymore. He started hanging with these hippies and stuff. Then when I called him out on it, he got mad. Not to mention he totally took Eboni’s side when it came to… our situation.

Jordan – By situation you mean breakup.

Ollie – Yeah.

Jordan – What happen?

Ollie – She’s a cheater. She cheated. So.. I went out and had fun too to even the odds.

Jordan – Eboni cheated??? Eboni? The sweet girl I hooked you up with?

Ollie – Dude she became this sorority whore… She totally did some messed up crap

Jordan – What did she do? Who did she cheat with?

Ollie – Speak of the She-Devil

I feel a bit nosey… but I wanna know what happen. Ollie, AJ, and Eboni all left together, and now they aren’t friends anymore..

Jordan – Umm so… well what are you-

Ollie – Wow, Gabrielle looks amazing. She’s beautiful.

Jordan – ….She is….

Gabrielle is a very beautiful woman Josh is lucky.

Ollie – I really don’t feel like seeing Eboni… ugh

Eboni – Jordan! Hey! Wow.. you look like a nerd now. Still hot though.

Jordan – You look… different.

Eboni – I lost some weight.

Jordan – Nah, its not that. You look… hmm

Gabrielle – Thats the same thing I said Jordan.

Ollie – Gabrielle you look hot.

Gabrielle – Umm Thank you, Jordan who’s your friend?

Eboni – *laugh*

Ollie – Its me Gabs… Its Ollie.

Gabrielle – WHAT? Eboni said you changed but I didn’t expect this! Wow

Ollie – I’m still super smart, I’m a nerd still.

Gabrielle – You look great. Jordan can I talk to you for a second?

Jordan – Sure.

Jordan – What’s up?

Gabrielle – How are things at the house?

Jordan – Huh?

Gabrielle – You, and Issac, Josh.. Everything okay?

Jordan – How is it that you don’t know? Josh is your boyfriend *laugh*

Gabrielle – You know Josh, very optimistic. All he says is things will heal over time. I’m just asking you because, well you’re the one suffering.

Jordan – Josh tries. Issac and I aren’t really talking.. but no fighting so thats good.

Eboni – Ollie- Excuse me.. BLAZE.. you’re such a douche.

Ollie – Really?

Eboni – Our breakup didn’t have to be so nasty. You may be a genius but you sure are dumb when it comes to women, and relationships.

Ollie – I’m dumb? YOU CHEATED ON ME!

Eboni – It was a sorority initiation, I was in the room with that guy but I didn’t do anything but makeout with him. I really wanted to get in! Not like I had sex with the guy.


Eboni – Yeah and I was sorry about that! doesn’t mean you can just get all popular and jump into bed with all these girls! You changed!

Ollie – You’re betrayal changed me. So blame yourself. Oh and FYI I’m not getting into EVERY bed. Don’t believe everything you hear.

Eboni – Whatever…. AJ said that you-

Ollie – I really don’t care what AJ has to say.. He’s a weirdo, and not because he’s gay either. Thats fine. Its just the way he’s been acting with that new boyfriend of his..

Eboni – The only one who changed was you.

Ollie – We all changed, don’t put it all on me!

Gabrielle – Wow.. those two are going at it eh?

Jordan – I’m staying out of it….

Gabrielle – Hey has talk died down.. about me attacking Sasha? I really lost my cool that night.

Jordan – Yeah nobody’s talking about it anymore.

Gabrielle – Good… Thanks Jordan you have this way of calming me. I feel.. aware now… *smiles*

Jordan – No problem.

After that Ollie said he had to get home. That his parents were back and Josh was going to be there so it was the perfect time to surprise him. I decided to return home. I was a little bummed out that I still hadn’t seen AJ yet but.. apparently he was back in town with someone.. so…

When I got home I saw Tommy. Who was on his way out. Lately Tommy has not been home. He hasn’t been tagging along with anyone either…..

Tommy – Jordan, your brother is in there. With some guy.

Jordan – Who else is home?

Tommy – It was just me. I let them in, and I was leaving. I figured that was okay since he’s your brother.

Jordan – Thats fine. Where you off to?

Tommy – Gym. Gotta lose this weight man. Josh flaked on me. Said he’d go, but now all of a sudden has to go home.. whatever.

Jordan – Its so his family can surprise him, don’t take it personal.

Tommy – Oh.. well alright.

I asked Tommy was he the only one home because.. AJ was gay, and Tommy doesn’t have the best track record with gay people.. Nice to know their was no conflict.

Jordan – AJ!

AJ – Bro! I missed you!

Jordan – You look taller!

AJ – You look……less intimidating, Like a nerd. What happen to your contacts? You always hated wearing glasses because they made you look “less cool”

Jordan – Eh thats the old me. Look at you dude you look really happy.

AJ – I am happy. So where you coming from?

Jordan – ………….I was out with Ollie. I ran into him…. at Tru’s house.. he was on her bed.- Long story.

AJ – Eh.. sounds like “Blaze” and not Ollie to me… whatever. He’ll learn that meaningless sex won’t stop the pain.

Jordan – He mentioned that you and Eboni are friends, and you took her side.

AJ – I didn’t take anybody’s side. I just- next subject. So I was at Mom’s…. HE wasn’t there..

By “HE” he means that asshole Peter.

AJ – … I don’t get it.. especially after what Peter did to Issac…

Jordan – She says he’s changed.

AJ – Speaking of Issac.. where is he?

Jordan – Probably at the hospital. I e-mailed you about Kris, did you get it?

AJ – Yeah. Sucks…. Where’s the rest of the guys. I gotta say It was weird seeing Tommy. He got so…fat.

Jordan – Tommy showed up out of nowhere a few months ago… He lives with us again so..

AJ – I never liked him to be honest.

Jordan – ….I know. Anyway to answer your question. Vince is.. gone. As usual. He’s never home anymore. Say’s he’s working alot. Josh is getting surprised at his parents with Ollie. Issac, Hospital.

AJ – Why aren’t you at some girls house?

Jordan – Believe it or not.. I havent been with a chick in a while…

AJ – WOW…. things change…

Cloud – They make pills for that dude.

Jordan – What? I don’t have erectile dysfunction! I just don’t see the thrill in casual sex anymore.

AJ – Oh god where’s my manners. I got wrapped up in seeing you Jordan, I didn’t introduce you to my Boyfriend. Cloud.

Jordan – Nice to meet you Cloud.

Cloud – Ditto. Man.. you have a nice house.

Jordan – Thanks.

Cloud – So thanks for letting us stay here-

AJ – S*** I forgot to ask. Jordan do you guys have any room for us?

Jordan – No worries, I assume you guys don’t wanna be at mom’s. So sure. Stay here.

AJ – You sure?

Jordan – Yeah *smiles*

Cloud – Sorry, I assumed you asked him already babe.

AJ – Its okay.

I’m so happy that AJ’s happy. Cloud seems… weird, but whatever *laugh* Nice to see that he’s not so on board with our mother being with Peter. So sad to know that he’s not bestfriends with Ollie anymore.

I ended up going for a drive. AJ, and Cloud decided to get some Dinner. Mom had made AJ promise to atleast stay one night at home. So him and Cloud will be staying here starting tomorrow. I made a quick meal and was doing dishes when Josh, and Issac got home. I figured it would be a good time to tell them that I let AJ and Cloud stay here…

Jordan – Since Tommy’s taking the guest room, as his room. I’ll let them stay in my room, and I’ll take the couch.

Josh – No, no you won’t. Umm.. Issac.. you can sleep in my room, and then Jordan-

Issac – Actually How about this. AJ and Cloud can take my room. Since Josh offered. I’ll just sleep in his room with him.

Jordan – ……

Issac – I have a blow up bed.

Josh – Yeah and You can still have your room Jordan. Its not like Issac, and I haven’t slept together before. We used to sleep together all the time.

Issac – ….Josh. That sounds really wrong.

Jordan – *laugh* Yeah… So.. umm…  So.. How’s Kris?

Issac – …….Better. Umm I gotta go…

Josh – …..

I probably shouldn’t have asked…

Jordan – Look.. I’m just worried okay…

Issac – I understand that, Its just that… I don’t wanna fight with you, so lets drop it.

Josh – So Ollie’s back and he does sex with women now.

Issac – Does sex?

Jordan – Really Josh?

Josh – What? whats wrong with saying someone does sex?

Issac – Sounds stupid *laugh*

Josh – Does it? Hmm… Okay well fine.. He has alot of sex now.

Issac – When I picked you up from your parent’s house.. I was shocked. For a second I was gonna say “Who’s the hot guy” Then when you told me it was Ollie… I almost died.

Josh – Hey you think Ollie’s hot? What about me? I’m not the Hot brother anymore?

Issac – You’re the sexiest thing walking. Now lets go DO SEX

Jordan – *laughing hysterically*

Josh – If I were gay, I’d totally get all rough with you. Make you my little sex toy.

Issac – Please.. like i’d ever be a bottom. If anything you would be my b***h

Josh and Issac flirt all the time its so funny…….. I personally think Issac likes it. He had a huge crush on Josh when we were younger….

Issac – I gotta make a call.

Josh – Okay.

Jordan – Alright

Jordan – Thanks for that…

Josh – ….

Jordan – “does sex” you totally said that to change the subject. You knew saying something funny would ease the tension between Issac, and I.

Josh – No I actually meant that.. is saying “does sex” really that horrible?

Jordan – *laugh* either way it helped.

Josh – Don’t worry.. Issac will come around……So! Ollie told me about.. Tru.

Jordan – WEIRD right?

Josh – Yeah.. I don’t feel like the cool brother anymore *laugh*

Jordan – You’re still cool to me dude.

Josh – It bothers me that our brothers don’t like each other anymore… I remember when we made them hangout while we snuck and watched adult videos.

Jordan – Yeah we sat them in the living room with the videogames, and we saw our first.. porn.

Josh – I hate to call it that P word. Just say adult video. Porn sounds so… dirty.

Jordan – Seriously? “adult videos” Josh.. you’re hilarious.

Josh – Thanks… I think. Oh so… Gabrielle made some desserts, Shes bringing it over in an hour, and everyone’s gonna come and eat. Just so we can all hangout.

Jordan – Everyone?

Josh – Well.. Not Sasha… I’m trying to keep her and Gabrielle away from each other, but umm the people coming are just Gabrielle, Ollie, Eboni- Oh and I left a message on AJ’s cell so hopefully he comes and brings Cotton.

Jordan – Cloud.. not Cotton.

Josh – Oh *laugh* Hey where’s Vince?

Jordan – Working apparently…

Probably a lie

Josh – Tommy’s been gone too.

Jordan – Good. I mean maybe he’s realizing he should be his own person, and not smother everyone all the time.

Josh – I have to take a shower, can you call Tommy, and Vince.. just to let them know everyone’s getting together?

Jordan – Sure.

Josh – Thank You.

I love Josh’s manners. He’s such a great person. I can’t stress that enough about him. Anywho, and hour past by rather quickly. I decided to sit outside and have a moment to myself…. I’m just…..

I have a confession to make…. I’m lonely. You’re probably wondering why two single people like me and Tru didn’t date. We had sex sure, but after that we realized we were better off as friends. I do like someone.. but… –

Ollie – Jordo.. why you outside?

Jordan – Just thinking about stuff.

Ollie – Hey I never did apologize about Tru.

Jordan – Its okay. Tru’s a good girl. If you like her.. treat her right.

Ollie – I hungout with her just now. If you guys have something, I’ll step off.

Jordan – We don’t. We did have-

Ollie – Sex.. she told me.

Jordan – Theirs nothing there anymore. So.. feel free to hangout with her.

Ollie – Okay..

Jordan – Oh.. I should warn you. Eboni, and AJ are both in there.

Ollie – Great. I’m sick of them.. no offense. I know AJ’s your brother.. I just-

Jordan – No.. I understand. When you have fights with people it sucks.

Ollie – Changing the subject a bit.. you seem… down. You okay?

Jordan – I’m fine. Go in and enjoy the party…

Ollie – Well if you wanna talk you know where to find me.

Jordan – That’s a two way street. Look… I know it hurt that Eboni betrayed you, but becoming a womanizer isn’t gonna help. Trust me I know.

Ollie – I get that, but for once in my life I feel like I’m more than just “nerdy Ollie”

Jordan – Yeah.. I understand, but just don’t shut off your feelings. Every woman won’t be Eboni you know?

Ollie – Yeah- umm I’m gonna go socialize

Jordan – Alright. Have fun.

Poor kid, I feel like he’s headed down a path.. and not a good one. Ollie’s smart so maybe he’ll be okay. I looked inside and could already feel the tension between him, and Eboni. Funny how things can change in such a short period of time…. Anyway I decided not to go in yet. I just sat outside and relaxed. Then….

Gabrielle – Ive been watching you, You seem really bothered. Whats wrong?

Jordan – Nothing.

Gabrielle – Come on.. I know when you’re lying. Weve known each other a long time Jordan.

Jordan – I’m fine. I really am. How’s everything going in there?

Gabrielle – Umm fine. Ollie, AJ, and Eboni are not really talking but, hey…

Jordan – Yeah, I’m not shocked.

Gabrielle – AJ seems happy with that guy.. Cloud?

Jordan – Yeah his name’s Cloud.

Gabrielle – Issac isn’t here. He at the hospital?

Jordan – Yeah, which is understandable.

I don’t blame him for not being here, his boyfriend is in the hospital. His priorities are in the right place.

Gabrielle – I think Josh is drunk. Vince, and Tommy got him to take a few shots. He’s talking about something called a DC Comic Reboot. Crying because of Batwoman or something. I have no idea what he’s talking about.

Jordan – Comic’s I think.

Gabrielle – Oh that makes sense because he told me that someone named Ultimate Peter Parker is dying or something.

Jordan – Different Comic… by Marvel Comics….

Gabrielle – You speak nerd.. I forget *laugh*

Jordan – I do.

Gabrielle – I’ve been meaning to tell you, that I appreciate you always being there for me. I know that maybe I shouldn’t drag you into my issues with Josh. It puts you in an awkward situation. However with your help I’m trying to get my emotions under control.

Jordan – Its no problem.

Gabrielle – Now… about this slump you seem to be in. I.. I love you Jordan.

Jordan – I love you…too Gab? I’m serious when I say that I’m fine. Okay? I really am.

Gabrielle – I wanna believe that.

Jordan – I am.. I’m fine.


Gabrielle – You smell nice.

Jordan – You too… Brown Sugar

Gabrielle – Oh my god.. you would call me that all the time in high school. I hated it because it made me feel sooo fat *laugh*

Jordan – Ha! Yeah that’s why I kept saying it, you would get all mad *laugh*

Gabrielle – Whatever… Anyway come on.. lets go get some cake, and save everyone from Josh.

Jordan – We should probably do that. *laugh*

Guys.. I can’t lie to you guys anymore…. I’m in love with Gabrielle, and I don’t know what to do about it…

~End of Chapter Three- Pt 1~



    1. LOL When I gave Ollie his makeover, I stopped and looked at him, and was shocked that he was actually a good looking sim. I mean when he was nerdy he was cute, but now.. he’s a hottie! Stay tuned for more ❤

  1. Good to see previous characters comin’ back to the scene. I thought Ollie was a new character. LOL Blaze! Tryin’ to get popular with the chicks that nerd haha

      1. Your comment. Its always funny when the nerd becomes the hottie. Your comment pretty much summed up how Jordan felt when he saw him.

  2. @itzbee: Oh wow! Yay me! Jordan thinks right then!Haha Now, I hope my guy/girl sim makes it to your story of B2M! I wonder what role would my sim take haha 😀

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