Bandwidth Issues [UPDATED 6/13]

Update 6/13 : Okay so LOR Season One I removed officially. However the little mini that you had to read between Season One and Season Two is still up, so atleast thats somewhat informative lol. Again.. Updates will resume for both LOR : The Next Generation (aka LOR Season Three) and B2M (Boys 2 Men) After the 23rd of June. If before that you visit my blog and see any pictures missing (Any that says bandwidth exceeded) don’t worry.. its temporary! See ya on the 23rd (probably 24th) I can’t wait to start updating again!  🙂

Update 2: Small Break on both series LOR and B2M Will continue updating them after the 23rd. Thanks Also. If you check back here and all of my pictures aren’t working. Its because of the bandwidth issue. Pictures (If disabled) will be working fine again on the 23rd


Update : So since I’m running out of bandwidth I’m gonna have to go ahead and get rid of the older LOR seasons. For now I’m going to get rid of LOR season One and see what happens…. Sorry to any of you new readers who still haven’t finished the first season =(

Previous Version : So I just wanna post this quick update about whats happening to my blog. Boys 2 Men is safe, I have no issues with that. However because I have all of these older LOR updates here its causing major bandwith issues, photobucket is telling me I’m getting closer to the limit. Which sucks because obviously I have more to upload lol. So the only solution is to delete some of the the older seasons. As of right now this whole issue on pertains to the LOR series. What I have on the blog of LOR is the following…

LOR Season One old

LOR Season One to Season Two Special old

LOR Season Two old

LOR Season Three : The Next Generation *Current*

For me to fix my issue I think I’d have to get rid of the first two… atleast.. if not all but the current season. Currently thinking on what to do because as of right now. I have an update ready to go, but can’t upload it yet because of this bandwidth issue. Again B2M is safe this is just an LOR issue.

Ahhh too much to think about.


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