B2M Season 2- Chapter Two: [Pt 4] “Alot Like Hello Goodbye & Welcome Back” [POV Vince]

***POV = Point Of View. That person will narrate the story.***

Disclaimer : This story features some language thats a little more mature. words will be blanked out with *** But I wanted to give a warning just so you/anyone who reads will know.

I know nobody’s perfect, but… I’d like to think i’m the closet thing to perfect without actually being it. My life is great. Money, love, happiness. I can get any woman I want. I have my own business, and its successful. I have awesome friends, I’m young… and hot. The thing is though…. I then have these moments where I’m alone. I realize the truth. I’m not perfect, I’m lucky. The chips fell where they did, and I ended up with a really good life. Hell If I didn’t wanna work.. I wouldn’t have to.

While I do have a perfect life, theirs things that are far from… perfect. My sister’s betrayal, Kris being in the ICU… My parents death, but I’d like to think those things help mold us as people. Anyway enough about me. Lets see.. Well Issac is at the hospital obviously, Jordan’s still at his mom’s house. Josh is with Gabrielle, and Tommy is sleeping. I really cant believe all of that shit happen. Jordan is- I don’t know.. My gut tells me he didn’t do it to be honest. I think someone just mugged Kris, Its probably all one big coincidence. 

Michelle – Vince…

Vince – Oh Michelle.. I know that annoying voice anywhere.

Michelle – Hi to you too.

Vince – What do you want? did my sister setup someone else?

Michelle – Funny… No look.. we need to talk.

Vince – Eh… I’m feeling friendly today.. I’ll entertain the idea that you could possibly have something interesting to say.

Michelle – Are you going to get out of the pool?

Vince – No, I’m comfortable. If you wanna talk to me, you’re gonna have to lay down right there…

Michelle – Really? The dirty ground?

Vince – Take it or leave it…

Michelle – Ugh.. fine.

Michelle – Cannot believe you have me laying on this dirty ass ground.

Vince – Oh please, you can allow yourself to get dirty, you’re no angel.

Michelle – I beg your pardon?

Vince – If I recall correctly, when you dated Josh… you two did it in this pool..

Michelle – [laugh] You and Jordan watched! I remember that.. you pervs. Anyway… So..

Vince – Yeah.. what did you need to talk to me about? I assume it has something to so with my sister, aka your new favorite meal.

Michelle – Don’t be gross…

Vince – You go down on her?

Michelle – ANYWAY Look…. Vanessa is.. she’s a strong woman, but man… shes really low right now. She really understands what she did. We talk about it and all she can do is cry. I’m worried about her. We were making salad the other night and she picked up and knife and talked about how sometimes she thinks about just ending her life.

Vince – Why should I care?

Michelle – Vincent? seriously? You talk a big game.. but I know you care.

Vince – …. You can get up now.

Michelle – Please just talk to me don’t-

Vince – No, I’m not telling you to leave.. I’m getting out…

Michelle – Ah much better… [looks @ pool] You guys have a pool cleaner?

Vince – Yep

Michelle – Thats new…. Pool looks really good.

Vince – So you want me to talk to my sister.. to talk her off the edge..

Michelle – Yes…

You know.. I don’t want Vanessa to kill herself, its just that I’d feel like a dumbass for being there for her, and accepting any apology from her.. Do you guys think thats stubborn? She’s my sister and she betrayed me…. Ruined Kokoro’s life too… I don’t wanna be the heartless guy, but I have alot of pride.. I don’t know if I can do this or not..

Vince – …. I have a question Michelle…

Michelle – And that is?

Vince – You still like c***?

Michelle – VINCE! goodness.. language.. don’t speak like that infront of a woman.. its rude.. and crude. How the hell do you even get laid with a mouth like that?- Nevermind. Vince I just want Vanessa to be happy.

Vince – You really care about her huh?

Michelle – Yeah..

Vince – …. hmm.

Michelle – Vince remember that time all the guys were busy, and you needed a wingman? I hung out with you at that gross sports bar. I pretended to be a girl that had sex with you. You know.. “Crazy sex ex”

Vince – [laugh] yeah! That was great.. you just kept going on and on.. I got so many numbers that night because of the stuff you said. My favorite line was “Thanks to you Vince! everytime I walk I feel like something is still inside of me!”

Michelle – See.. I was always nice to you..

Vince – You’re right…

Michelle – So you’ll talk to your sister?

Vince – Maybe… but not today.

Michelle – A maybe is good enough for now. Thanks.

Vince – I gotta get to work.

Michelle – Okay.. thanks for your time..

Vince – No problem…

Ehhhh that was a lie.. wasn’t exactly going to work….. Oh you guys are gonna hate me for this……..

Vince – [Heavy breathing]

Mia – Oh Vincent.. what a workout… [heavy breathing]

Vince – Guess I don’t have to go to the gym later [laugh]

Mia – [laugh] That was so good.. just what I needed.

Remember that thing I said about not being perfect? well… Yeah I know its wrong that Mia’s cheating on Nathan with me. I know you’re thinking “how could you do that to Nathan after he helped you out with Kokoro” Mia is a sex kitten okay? When she wants something she pounces. Thats not to say I couldn’t have turned her down.. I’m just really attracted to her, and older women are sexy to me. Yeah.. I know.. I’m a jackass…

Mia – You touch me like I’m worth a million bucks.

Vince – …. Nathan doesn’t?

Mia – Oh god.. don’t say his name.. it makes me feel guilty, doesn’t it make you feel guilty?

Vince – I feel bad sure.

Mia – That doesn’t sound sincere.

Vince – I feel bad for three reasons. One. He’s Josh’s uncle. Two. He helped me with my case against Kokoro. Three. I’m doing his girl…

Mia – Someone has to..

Vince – You guys don’t have sex?

Mia – Not often, only when he can “function” He’s so stressed with work and stuff… Its…

Vince – Oh!.. I get what you mean… you’re saying he cant “perform”

Mia – The men that have been in my life, they all seems to disppoint me one way or another.

Kinda hypocritical considering you’re cheating on Nathan…

Vince – What about Sasha’s dad?

Mia – Oh please.. that drunk? Me and Sasha have been doing fine without him for some time.

Incase you guys were wondering.. Nathan is not Sasha’s dad…

Vince – Your turn.. do you feel guilty? about what we do?

Mia – I do… however.. you make my body feel things I havent felt in years. You’re one skilled man in the bedroom Vincent.

Well.. duh..

Vince – … Its getting harder to lie..

Mia – I know.. I have to keep thinking of different things to tell people….

Vince – Everyone thinks I’m at work…

Mia – Can you pass me my clothes? I should get dressed. Also I think we should use a different hotel next time.. this is the 4th time we’ve come here…

Vince – Next time? so you saying you still wanna f*** me.. I see.. Good. I don’t want to stop either.

Mia – How’s everyone doing? Kris getting better? did the boys stop fighting?

Vince – Umm, Kris is stable, Jordan’s still mad at Josh, and Issac. I’m actually meeting up with him when I leave here.

Mia – So what exactly happen with Josh, and Gabrielle? Sasha told me she attacked her?

Vince – Apparently it was a catfight all because Sasha was laying on Josh bed talking to him. Gabrielle didn’t like that.

Mia – I remember her fat little ass would beg for seconds of ice cream. She always struck me as a kid who would grow up and have issues. Sasha was always a good friend to her. I still till this day have no idea why they stopped being friends. Gabrielle better be glad Sasha didn’t kick her ass. Sasha’s a black belt you know.

Vince – Gabrielle’s insecure.

Mia – Do you think Josh likes Sasha? I personally think she likes him.

Vince – Honestly.. I do. I don’t think he’ll admit it, Josh is always the “do-gooder”

Mia – I don’t think Gabrielle is the one for him, and to be honest. Up until your sister came along, I for sure thought Michelle still had feelings for Josh. Josh is a hottie so…

Vince – If Josh was naked in this room would you do him?

Mia – Umm no because Josh looks like he can’t f***… just being honest. He’s had like what? two women sexually in his life? No.. just no. I’m only interested in you Vincent.

Vince – Good… You’re ass looks immaculate from this angle.

Mia – My ass looks immaculate from every angle.

Vince – True…. Hey are your boobs real?

Mia – What do you think?

Vince – I think they’re fake..

Mia – I’ll never tell…. So umm.. You know this isn’t right, what where doing.

Vince – I know…

Mia – but it feels so good doesn’t it?

Vince – Mmm hmm.

Mia – We can’t keep this up.. were gonna have to stop sooner or later..

Vince – …Yeah… later.. not sooner.

Vince – Come here…


Mia – mmmm Vincent put your clothes on.. you’re making me wanna go a third round..

So.. you guys hate me right? I mean even if you do I wouldn’t care to be honest. I seriously feel like you guys like Josh, and Issac more than me anyway. I’m okay with being hated though. Its not like I’m in denial and think what I’m doing is right. If Josh, Sasha, Nathan, or even the other guys found out about this.. I think they would hate me. Especially Josh. Tommy.. probably throw me a party for banging a cougar…

Me and Mia couldn’t take our hands off of each other so.. we did it.. two more times. After that I met up with Jordan at Bikini Bottom- Yes… its named after that dumbass cartoon Spongebob… 

Jordan – … So how was work?

Vince – …It was……hmm…. [smiles] immaculate…

Jordan – Really?… What did you do today?

Vince – Shot a bunch of girls in bikini’s…

Jordan – Liar.. I went to surprise you at work and you weren’t even there. Where where you?

Ahhhh shit…. dammit…

Vince – I was… I was at-

Jordan – I think I know.. You were skipping work and banging a chick huh? Did you lie about it because it makes you look irresponsible?

Vince – I- YEAH.. yes. Thats exactly why. If I were to tell you guys the truth, everyone would think I was all play and no work.. So thats why I lied. Anyway, You been to the house yet?

Jordan – No. I was at my mothers house.

Vince – Are you coming back home with me?

Jordan – I was thinking of just staying another night at my mom’s. Josh and Issac really pissed me off….

Vince – Come one lets get out of here. I need to buy some supplies for work.

Jordan – Where’s Tommy?

Vince – Huh?

Jordan – Tommy’s usually glued to your hip… where is he?

Vince – Oh he texted me, He’s working out with Josh, apparently he gained weight. Hey are you banging Tru?

Jordan – No.

Vince – ….So no female interaction then?

Jordan – Umm.. nope. I’m lone- alone.. Can we change the subject?

Vince – okay..

Vince – Whats wrong?

Jordan – Umm can we get the supplies later?

Vince – Why?

Jordan – I dont wanna go in there. Skye’s in there with Connor.

Vince – I thought everything was okay with that.

Jordan – It was, but.. they were hanging out with Sean and Connor kept bringing my name up. Which pissed Skye off. Thats what Tru told me.

Vince – Thats it?

Jordan – No…. Skye says I’m not safe.. she thinks I got Kris hurt, Tru believes me atleast…

Damn…. Jordan seems pretty out of it. With his Mom’s engagement, the fight with the guys, the whole Connor and Skye thing… Dude is seriously going through the motions.

Vince – I believe you Jordan. I know you didn’t cause this to happen to Kris. I think it was a coincidence. I think Issac was just really upset… he didn’t mean all the things he said.

Jordan – They still hurt, and then Josh just took his side without even know everything..

Vince – ..Sorry.. Josh didn’t mean it. I know that for a fact. Speaking of Josh.. did you know that Gabriel beat Sasha up?

Jordan – Yeah Gabrielle called me this morning crying about it..

Vince – ………….Oh

Jordan – Why did you say Oh like that?

Vince – She always runs to you…

Jordan – Its not like that…..

Vince – I know….

So instead of getting the supplies, I convinced Jordan to come home..  it took alot of begging but he agreed…

It was one of those rare nights where everyone was home at once. Tad bit awkward since Jordan wasn’t speaking to Josh or Issac…. Still nice to have everyone in one place.

Vince – Its a beautiful night right guys? The air is nice and crisp.

Josh – I don’t even know, Gabrielle pretty much went crazy dude

Issac – Why was Sasha on your bed anyway? Not that I agree with Gabrielles actions, I just feel like.. its a bit shady for Sasha to make herself so… at home.

Vince – I agree with Issac Josh, However Gabrielle shouldnt have used that spare key to just barge in here.

Josh – I know… ahhh drama.

Tommy – Hey Issac.. Kris doing okay?

Jordan – ……..

Issac – He’s stable… thanks for asking Tommy.

Tommy – No problem man.. like I been saying.. We a family.

Jordan – ….

Issac – I should get back to the hospital.

Josh – Want me to come with?

Issac – No thats okay, thanks though.

Tommy – You okay Jordan? not saying much… is it Issac?

Jordan – I don’t have anything to say.

Josh – Are you still mad at me Jordan?

Jordan – …

Josh – I’m sorry if I upset you… I understand if you don’t wanna talk to me…

Vince – We all just need to to adjust to what happen, who’s to blame isn’t important right now…

Tommy – …Yeah.

Jordan – I’m gonna go to sleep. I’m tired.

Josh – …..

Tommy – …..

Vince – I was gonna make us all a drink…


Josh – Don’t go to sleep yet, just talk to me..

Jordan – Its hard talking to you. I feel like I don’t matter.

Josh – I’m sorry for making it seem like I was taking Issac’s side

Tommy – You matter bro..

Vince – Hmmm. Guy’s I’ll be right back.

Jordan – Okay.

I had business to take care of….

Tommy – BRO!

Vince – Yeah?

Tommy – Where we going? I figured I’d tag along with you

Vince – Nah I’m cool. Its something I gotta do alone.

Tommy – Oh so I can’t roll out with you?

Vince – Not this time Tom Tom, I’ll be right back though. Its within walking distance. Make sure the guys don’t fight okay?

Tommy – Dude why you being so weird. I just wanna hang.

Vince – Tommy! hangout with them. You can’t always be by my side dude…

Tommy – ……..Fine.

Vince – You good?

Tommy – Its good. I understand.

Vince – Alright. We cool?

Tommy – We cool. I’m gonna go get a drink.

Maybe I shouldn’t have blew Tommy off like that but I feel like he tags along EVERYWHERE I go. Like… he needs to talk with the other guys more. Besides.. who I was meeting up with, I felt like I had to go it alone.

Vince – Red head…..

Well… here we go….

Vince – Hey…. I’m here…

Kokoro – ….Hi Vince.

Vince – Hi…

Kokoro – I didn’t think coming by the house would have been wise. I know the guys still feel weird about me…

Vince – Mmm hmm. They don’t matter though. It only matters how I feel about you.

Kokoro – So you still feel the same way then?

Vince – I do, I wanted you after all the shit had went down, but.. you-

Kokoro – I know.. I just couldn’t. I still felt bad. Even though I was forced… I just felt bad. By the way.. I wanna thank you for paying my mothers medical bills. Even when I asked you not to…

Vince – I figured if she was… dying.. she may as well be somewhere nice?

Kokoro – …Yeah.

Vince – So… where were you?

Kokoro – L.A…. Hollywood….

Vince – Modeling?

Kokoro – Modeling, acting a bit, nothing serious.. just some extra type roles.

Vince – Why did you come back?

Kokoro – Its not because I wasn’t getting any work or anything. I actually had an agent. Its just that…. everyday I kept thinking about you. All I wanted was you- Wait.. are you seeing anyone?

Vince – …. I am.- Its not serious though, and were in the process of breaking it off.

Kokoro – Oh okay…

Which is…. sorta.. true?

Vince – Are you saying you wanna give this a go? Me and you?

Kokoro – Yes, do you?

Vince – Of course.. are you kidding me?… You’re like the only woman Ive ever.. wanted to go there with. When I say “there” I mean.. fully committed relationship.

Kokoro – [sigh of relief] Good. I took a huge chance coming here….

Vince – You did, but its gonna pay off. I’m here for you. I wanna be with you.

Kokoro – [smile]

Vince – You have a place to live?

Kokoro – Yeah.. I’m staying in Bridgeport….for now. Once everything is okay I’ll move back here.

Vince – Good.

Kokoro – So umm, have you spoken to Vanessa?

Vince – …she tries.

Kokoro – I got a really long voicemail from her, followed by an e-mail. I wanna believe shes sorry but..

Vince – Yeah exactly.

Kokoro – I’d feel like a fool forgiving her…

My thoughts exactly….

Kokoro – Have I missed alot?

Vince – Lots of things have happened…..

Kokoro – How are you gonna explain us to the guys?

Good f***ing question….

Vince – For now I’m gonna not tell them, I’m gonna ease them into it.

Kokoro – I think thats smart. I just want them to like me, and get to know the real me.

Vince – You’re so beautiful… Its also really cute that you want them to accept you.

Kokoro – I know they matter to you, and since you matter to me.. I want their support.

Vince – I think it will happen.

Kokoro – This is gonna sound so.. corny- but I’m really happy right now. I have this feeling about us..

Vince – Good. I’m sorry for all of the things my sister put you through.

Kokoro – Its one of those things that… if they never happen. Then this couldn’t happen.

Vince – Come here….

Kokoro – ….[smiles]


Tommy – Kokoro eh?….. hmmmm blowing me off.. keeping secrets.. alright Vince… Game on…

You guys may not believe me, and I wont hold it against you, but I think… I love her. Shes the only woman who’s had this affect on me. I don’t know why. I just really wanna be with her. Which means I have to get my shit together. I need to end things with Mia, I need to get the guys talking again, and they need to know that I love this girl, and I want her in my life… which means they’re gonna have to be okay with her in their lives too. I’m gonna have to tell them sooner or later… just not now though.

~End of Chapter Two~



    1. Thanks. Kokoro is one of my favorite sims I’ve ever made. I think shes really pretty, and who knew red hair would work on her lol.

      1. Oh Tom. I sense blackmail or something worse?hehe Yup, her hair suits her, wavy. 🙂 It’s red? I thought it was purple hehe

  1. I cant believe no one comments on this. Ive been lurking for a while, I lurk many sims stories but yours are far and away the best ive read and the only ones Ive actually favourited. Im not big on comments but I felt like I needed to say something. Your B2M series is awesome and ive recently got into LOR.

    You’re an amazing story teller and I hope you keep going.

    Not to mention I see youve been playing around with the pose player very cool

    keep it up 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for the kind comments! I usually just try and have fun and write for me and my friends. Its always a plus when someone else discovers my work, and enjoys it. So you recently got into LOR? Hmmm.. What season are you on? I’m having a bit of a bandwidth problem and may have to take down the earlier seasons of LOR 😦

      1. I’ve been reading LOR the next gen so if you take the old ones down I’m not affected by it 🙂

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