B2M Season 2- Chapter Two: [Pt 3] “Alot Like Messy Little Rain Drops” [POV Josh]

***POV = Point Of View. That person will narrate the story.***

Disclaimer : This story features some language thats a little more mature. words will be blanked out with *** But I wanted to give a warning just so you/anyone who reads will know.

I’m sorry guys I can’t talk right now its an emergency…

Josh – Issac why aren’t you picking up your cell?

Issac – I turned it off while I was showering, [smiles] Whats wrong?

Josh – You have a phone call. Its Kris’s sister. [Monica]

Issac – Why- wh- Okay..

Josh – She’s crying.. she sounds upset.

Oh my god… man.. I hope nothing bad has happen.. I have a bad feeling…

Issac – Is she- nevermind, I’ll ask her..

Jordan and I were eating cereal and the house phone rang. Which is rare. I answered it and it was Kris’s sister Monica. She was crying and sounded upset. So as you can see I went and got Issac…

Issac – Wait- slow down.. [gasp] What? when?…. oh my god. When did it come?- What did it say?…Wow… f***ing wow..I’ll be right there. No I’m coming to the hospital.. Okay Bye.

Jordan – Oh come on! You stupid team you were up by 12 what the hell is going on!

Josh – Jordan?

Jordan – What?

Josh – Something bad happen. I’m not sure yet but Monica’s crying..

Issac – …. What the f*** is your problem?

Jordan – What are you talking about?

Issac – I trusted you!

Jordan – I’m at a total lost! I don’t know what I did!

Issac – Last night I was in the kitchen eating ice cream and toaster strudel. You texted me and said, and I quote! “Riley’s here with Mira L-O-L” You f***ing said something didnt you!?

Jordan – No! I was with Connor I wouldn’t start anything when I’m taking a kid to a movie Issac!

Issac – Kris was beat up on his way home from work. He never gets bothered on his way home, The only logical thing is, you got into a fight with Riley, which is something that always happens, and then you opened your big f***ing mouth!

I’m so confused here… I feel out of the loop.

Josh – Guys I’m confused, whats going on?

Issac – Riley’s on the DL, and had sex with Kris while in High School. Riley told Kris to never speak of it or he’d hurt him. My dumbass told Jordan as we were bonding yesterday by the pool. Jordan obviously argued with Riley last night, said things he wasnt suppose to, and then Riley must have hurt Kris!

Jordan – I didn’t F***ing say ANYTHING! It looks bad sure, but I swear I didn’t

Issac – He’s in ICU! He’s fighting for his life! All because of you!

Jordan – Issac, I swear to you, I did not cause this!

Hmm… I don’t know what to believe….

Issac – You’re the only one who knows besides Riley, Kris, and I…

Josh – Jordin are you su-

Jordan – Josh if you ask me am I sure I didn’t say anything… I swear to you…

Josh – Sorry.. I just want you guys to stop fighting!

Jordan – Of course you would take Issac’s side! You know.. You and Issac always pair up, Vince, and Tommy pair up.. I usually have no one!- For the last time I didn’t f***ing cause any of this!

Issac – ……I can’t believe you….

Jordan – Issac… I am begging you to believe me!

Issac – ……… I can’t Jordan.. everything makes sense.

Jordan – What if he got mugged? What if Riley wasn’t even there.

Issac – You did it.. just admit it!

Jordan – Why are you so sure?!

Josh – ….. Yeah Issac.. maybe he should get the benefit of the doubt.

Issac – BECAUSE MONICA GOT A ANONYMOUS TEXT! It said “Your brother should keep his mouth shut about stuff that happen back in High School” I was trying to let Jordan admit it! to tell me the truth! but obviously he can’t do that.

Jordan – I did… I can’t say I didnt do this enough times!

Josh – …..wow….

I… I don’t know what to do, all signs point to Jordan lying… dammit….

Issac – Josh you have to go to the hospital right?

Josh – I have a check up.

Issac – Okay then get dressed we can go together.

Jordan – I’m coming to..

Issac – ….

Josh – Just let him come Issac..

Issac – …Whatever…

We got to the hospital, and I got my checkup. The nurse was someone we all knew too well. Vanessa, aka Vince’s shady twin sister. I forgot she worked here…

Vanessa – Its just a tiny cold, get some rest, and you’ll be okay.

Josh – ….Yeah.

Vanessa – Don’t do that Josh.. don’t treat me like s*** just because my brother hates me right now. Theirs too much stuff going on. Issac’s boyfriend is in the ICU..

Josh – You’re right.. I’m sorry. Its just that, I can’t believe you did what you did, makes me see you differently, and not to mention you’re dating my ex girlfriend…

Vanessa – … No.. You know what you’re right. I deserve the looks, the responses.. I’m paying for what I did. I just wish Vince would talk to me. Where is he?

Josh – Him, and Tommy are still at that mansion party. They slept there. Said they will be home later…


Issac – Sean whats going on?

Dr Sean – I can’t let you see him, family only.

Issac – I’m his… I’m his-

Dr Sean – I assume you’re his boyfriend. I don’t want to leave you in the dark.. Its just that I can’t really say much right now. I’ll try hard to make sure he’s okay. Alright?

Issac – Okay… When you go back in there, Tell Monica that I’m here.

Dr Sean – Will do..

I was fine, just a small cold. I had hoped Issac had good news. I really hope Kris is okay.

Issac – Are you okay?

Josh – Yeah just a little cold.. I’ll be fine, I have my prescription.

Jordan – Good.

Josh – Any word from Vince, and Tommy?

Jordan – They texted me. They’ll be at the house later.

Josh – Did you tell them what’s going on?

Jordan – No…

Issac – Pfft.. of course you didn’t.

Jordan – I don’t want them to worry, we can tell them when they get here.

Josh – I agree.- so umm Is Kris okay?

Issac – No. You guys can leave.. I’ll be here all night.

I don’t know what to do…. I really just don’t know what to say to make the situation better. I can’t believe Riley would do this to Kris, all because he’s ashamed that he hooked up with him. Is sexuality really that big of a deal? This is so messed up.

Vanessa – [stares] ……..

Jordan – I can stay with you, I know Josh has to go see his parents.

Josh – I can stay.

Issac – No go, see your folks. I’ll be fine.

Jordan – Want me to stay with you Issac?

Issac – Don’t you think you’ve done enough?

Jordan – Really? You still don’t believe me?

Issac – …..

Jordan – Were suppose to be brothers now Issac. Wh-

Issac – F**k….. You. A guy is laid up in ICU fighting for his life, all because of some stupid High School Rivalry you had with Riley. I really wanna believe you didn’t do this but everything points to you doing it! Just leave me alone.

[Issac walks away]

I don’t think they’ll ever be friends again… Issac seems really upset…

This whole situation is so messed up. Issac, and Kris’s family are with him, I’m out here with Jordan, Tommy and Vince aren’t anywhere to be found. On top of that. Jordan and Issac now hate each other. What the hell is going on?!

Josh – [sigh]

Jordan – What? why are you looking at me like that?

Josh – Jordo… you messed up. Its just better if you’re honest, I know he’s mad but-

Jordan – You think I did it?! Wow.. You know what? Go f*** yourself Josh

Josh – Wait- I-

Jordan – No.. I heard you the first time, You think I’m capable of doing something like this! I know I was once a bad guy, but when I know someone’s well being is on the line, I wouldn’t do anything to put it in jeopardy!

Josh – Don’t yell at me dude! I’m just saying that I-

Jordan – You’re taking his side!. When nobody should be taking anyones goddamn side. Kris is hurt!..Over it! Screw you, and screw Issac too for not believing me. [walks away]

I- Issac walks away, Jordan walks away.. Now I’m just here. I don’t… I don’t know what to believe now. Jordan sounded really sincere. Yet everything points to him doing it… I should get going. I promised my folks a visit, maybe they can calm me down. Today is a disaster.

Once I got to my parents house, I walked in to the sweet smell of mom making a dessert. That alone put me in a calming state…. That is until my Father decided to talk about things he has no clue about…

Ben – Is everything gonna be alright? Kris gonna be okay?

Josh – Everything’s a big mess right now.

Ben – You know.. I don’t like seeing you sad.

Josh – I don’t like being sad Dad, but I guess these things happen…

Ben – I think this situation will teach you to make better decisions.

Josh – Excuse me?

What the heck is that suppose to mean?

Josh – What do you mean by “better decisions?”

Ben – The whole working in the city thing. I really think you made the wrong choice. You should have taken My brother’s [Nathan] offer and worked for him.

Josh – What does this have to do with anything?!

Ben – Bad stuff is happening, I think you guys put yourselves in these bad situations! You’re suffering.. personal life, love life-

Josh – WHAT?

Ben – Gabrielle visited me, she told me about the late nights, the women, the drinking. Life is not a party Josh You see your brother Oliver is at school bettering himself.

Josh – Have you even heard from Ollie? He’s partying, he’s changed! So what because I’m not at a school right now, I’m making bad life choices?

Janice – Oh boy…… [continues to stir]

Ben – Don’t get that tone with me!

Josh – I respect you, but you crossed the line, Gabrielle too! Why would she tell you anything?

Ben – She’s worried! we all are!

Josh – Is that true mom?

Janice – [whistling] Whats that dear?

Ben – Don’t bother your mother.

Josh – I love you, but you… you need to mind your business.

Ben – You have never spoken to me like that… Its that damn city! Mia, and her bar! bad influence on you!

Josh – …I’m done talking about this.


Josh – Where are you going?!


Josh – Mom aren’t you gonna-

Janice – He’ll be fine… He just wants to walk it off, You know he only cares about you, thats all.

Josh – He has a funny way of showing it. So Mom, Gabrielle.. she talks to you guys about me?

Janice – I don’t want to be in the middle of it. She told us that you get over-worked- Oh speaking of which.. did you find out how you got sick?

Josh – …..over working.. stress, normal cold mom, I’ll be fine.

Janice – Okay…

Josh – I’m gonna go, I’ll come back tomorrow. Okay?

Janice – Thats fine dear. Here, take this pie home to the boys.

Josh – Okay… I love you mom.

Janice – Oh Josh, I love you too. Be careful okay? Hug Issac for me.

Josh – I will…

Wow… Could today get any worse? like seriously.. What the heck is going on?!- and how dare Gabrielle? She was out of line… completely! Anyway.. I drove home, and guess who called my cell? Gabrielle. Asking did I want some soup. I told her I was upset at the moment and that I would call her tomorrow. She assumed she did something wrong, and this time I didn’t even lie, I told her that she needs to not tell my parents our business. Its rude… and for the first time ever.. I Josh Folland hung up on someone. As I made my way to my house, Sasha was on the porch waiting for me, with… a bag of soup…. hmmm. I invited her in because it would have been rude of me not to… right?

Josh – Like- I’m not breaking up with her, I just want my space right now because I’m angry! Today was such a stressful day. Then I learn that she’s going behind my back telling my parents about my “late night sexed crazed bar nights”- Well she didn’t say that, but thats what my parents are thinking.

Sasha – Didn’t you say she was telling Jordan stuff too?

Josh – …Yeah So umm, I never did ask.. didn’t Vince take you out and show you around? How was that date?

Sasha – Hardly a date… He was busy texting on his cell the whole time. It was pretty lame. I wish you would have shown me around the city instead of him. You’re a big goofball like myself.

Josh – We totally would have gotten lost if I was on a dat- Out with you.- Umm thanks for the soup. I’m not coughing as much as last night so thats good. Where did you buy it from?

Sasha – You’re welcome, and I umm- I actually made it… yeah.[smiles]…

Josh – Nice.. It was delicious….[smiles… then looks to the side]

Sasha – So…where’s everyone? Is Issac still at the hospital?

Josh – Vince, and Tommy, are on their way home, Jordan left a note saying he’s gonna sleep at his mom’s. Issac’s at the hospital with Kris’s family.

Sasha – Why would someone mug him? Was it a gay hate crime? or just some random mugging?

I couldn’t tell her the truth obviously….

Josh – It- was, umm. I don’t know..[makes confused face]

Sasha – Joshy you’re adorable when confused.. [smiles] cheer up.


Gabrielle – So this is why you didn’t want me to come over!

Josh – Gabrielle its not what it looks like!

Oh- my mother-effing goodness… I just became the cliche’ . I cannot believe I just uttered those words. Usually when someone says “Its not what it looks like” , Its exactly what it looks like. Dammit.

Gabrielle – Why is she on your bed Josh?

Josh – Its just a bed Gabrielle…. Why are you even here? I told you I didn’t wanna speak to you.

Gabrielle – Tell me what I did wrong Josh! Please!

Josh – You told my parents things you shouldn’t have

Gabrielle – I was wrong for that, I’m sorry! I was just concerned…

Sasha – O-K.. I’ll leave now.

Gabrielle – You should.

Sasha – Gabrielle what the hell? We were friends back in the day for crying outloud.

Gabrielle – Were not friends anymore for a reason Sasha.

Sasha – and why is that? Oh lets see.. from what I can remember.. I got skinny, I got pretty, and for some reason you stopped being my friend. I never did anything wrong to you. when you stopped being my friend, I said f**k it. I wasn’t gonna cry over spilled milk! I moved on.

Josh – Guys come on, Ive had enough drama for the day. Can we just not do this right now?

Gabrielle – You got conceited, then started acting like a bimbo!

Sasha – You’re so.. sad. [laugh]

God, I feel like I’m gonna just die. Too much fricken Drama. Should Sasha have been on my bed? maybe not, but I wasn’t doing anything wrong! Gabrielle shouldnt have barged in here with that spare key I gave her!

Gabrielle – Sad? Its sad that YOU’RE suppose to be away at a university yet.. for SOME STRANGE REASON.. you’re here. Its SAD that you’re trying to sleep with my boyfriend!

Sasha – Really? You wanna take person shots at me? Its SAD that you will always be a insecure former fat girl, in a bitchy skinny girl’s body! How about that!

Gabrielle – Admit it! You want Josh!

Sasha – I brought him soup you dumbass!

Gabrielle – You could never take something away from me, you’re cheap!

Sasha – Gabrielle… honey trust me. If I wanted Josh.. I could have him, It wouldn’t be that hard considering what a terrible girlfriend you seem to be!


Sasha – FINE! He’s cute! I’ve always thought so even when he was a fat kid! Would I do him? YES! HAPPY NOW?! thats doesn’t mean I’m gonna do anything with him, you freakshow!

….I’m gonna ignore the fat comment…

Gabrielle – SLUT!

Sasha – Insecure B***h!

Sasha – Get off of me! I’m not gonna hit you back Gabrielle! STOP IT!

Gabrielle – YOU WHORE!

Sasha – Josh get her off of me before I knock her ass out!

Gabrielle – Cheap extentions, porn star tramp!

Sasha – [frustrated grunt] Get off you stupid b***h!


……. Oh my god. I have never seen her act like that. I umm.. I got Gabrielle off of her, and Sasha left. Gabrielle gave me a tearful apology and let herself out. I have been sitting here for about an hour. I feel like I woke up in someone else’s life. This isn’t me, Two girls fighting over me?….

Sasha thinks I’m cute… hmm. I didn’t see that coming. Whatever the case.. Gabrielle acted on impulse. I know she’s not the kind of person to just attack someone. I’m gonna let her cool off before calling her. Jordan… He hates me now. Issac…  Today started off bad, and ended bad. Maybe I was do for a bad day? I usually get lucky- then again this day isn’t just affecting me.. Its affecting everyone

Vince, and Tommy finally got home, I filled them in on everything that happened….

Vince – Jordan say when he’s coming home?

Tommy – Did him and Issac start punching each other? I hope it didn’t get that bad.

Josh – No they didn’t physically hurt each other, just emotionally.

Tommy – So you had a catfight in your room, and I missed it?

Josh – ….. It was stupid.

Vince – Gabrielle still here?

Josh – No she went home.

Tommy – I bet Sasha’s laid up in your bed huh? [wink]

Josh – Tommy NO! is that all you think about? seriously, grow up already!

Tommy – Damn dude, I’m just trying to lighten the mood.

Vince – Should we go up to the hospital?

Tommy – Yeah we should show our support, even though Issac hates me.. I still wanna be there for him.

Josh – Thats nice of you Tommy, really mature actually…. Sorry about yelling at you too…

Tommy – Its okay…

Josh – No its not. I apologize.

Tommy – Its all good big homey.

Tommy’s starting to annoy me… just being honest…

Josh – Did you guys have fun at the party?- because sleeping over is a good indication of fun if you ask me…

Tommy – It was a blast. The women loved my blueberry cologne too.

Vince – ….It was business, and pleasure.

Tommy – Pleasure? Please Vince, you didnt even hookup. You act like you have a girlfriend or something.

Josh – Thats unlike you to not hookup [laugh]

Tommy – I’m gonna go get a drink, then take a shower. I’m tired as hell. Lets all go see Issac tomorrow in the hospital okay guys. Were a family.. we shouldn’t be fighting.

Josh – Goodnight Tommy.

Vince – Night man…. [looks at Josh] Something else is bothering you…

Josh – I’m fine..

Vince – No you’re not.. Scoot over, Tell me whats wrong.

He’s right… Something is bothering me… Its just my whole day. Its making me think.

Vince – So.. whats bothering you?

Josh – I never fight with my dad like that.

Vince – Parents sometimes over-step their boundaries, though I wouldn’t know right now because mine are dead. Whatever the case I’m sure he didn’t mean to hurt you.

Josh – I know, but I keep thinking.. is he right? should I have went to work for my uncle Nathan instead of Mia’s Bar.

Vince – Mia totally loves you, I think you picked what was right for you.

Josh – I didn’t pick it because it was right, I picked it because I’m always boring- do gooder Josh. I wanted to challenge myself and do something different. Me and Gabrielle were fine before I started working there, I never fought with my Parents when I worked at the gym.

That you and that shady chick Kokoro got me fired from…

Vince – …..I know you love your parents but.. you should live your life. For you, and not them. Thats just my two cents.

Josh – The other thing bothering me is.. Jordan said we take sides. I didn’t realize it at first but.. Me and Issac do gravitate toward each other, You and Tommy do too. So.. that leaves Jordan with nobody really. I feel like a bad person.

Vince – You can’t help that you’re closer to Issac than the rest of us.

Josh – Its not just that.. I was staring at Sasha’s butt when she was on my bed… her boobs too. Ah, I’m going to hell!

Vince – [laugh] You man-whore- No I’m kidding.. Its nothing wrong with that.. She’s a girl, you’re a hot blooded all american straight guy.. You like tits, and ass. It doesn’t mean you wanna cheat on Gabrielle.

Josh – I don’t by the way. Its just that Sasha is so positive while Gabrielle is a big ball of negativity. So its fun to hang with Sasha- as friends you know?

Vince – mmm hmm.

Vince and I continued to talk, then we realized how cold it got outside. We went inside to find Tommy knocked out on the couch. So much for that shower he was gonna take. Vince woke him up and made him go to bed. I hopped in the shower, and then I finally said goodnight to a horrible day. Hopefully tomorrow shines bright.. I swear, the last time I felt this bad was when I read that Superman got killed by Doomsday in the comics- ugh and here I go making comic references, I’m so immature. Goodnight guys.

~End of Chapter Two- Pt 3~



  1. maanski3 from TS3 Community here! I’m pretty sure Jordan didn’t do anything to Kris. He seems to have no clue. He’s innocent. The guys are all pretty much messed up with their problems.

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