B2M Season 2- Chapter Two: [Pt 2] “Alot Like Boys Who Hate Boys Who Like Boys” [POV Issac]

***POV = Point Of View. That person will narrate the story.***

Disclaimer : This story features some language thats a little more mature. words will be blanked out with *** But I wanted to give a warning just so you/anyone who reads will know.

…I feel like I just talked to you guys, not that I mind it at all. Its nice being able to just… speak openly. So… Hi. *laugh* I don’t know. I don’t have much drama going on as of right now. I know what you’re thinking. “What about Tommy?” Well, to be quite honest. I’m sick of fighting with him. Which is why the next time I see him I’m gonna try hard to just let everything go. I’ll be the bigger person, mentally.. cause you know.. Tommy’s pretty big. *Laugh* wow that was catty of me. Been hanging around Kris too much…

Speaking of Kris, I didn’t know Jordan felt bad for me and AJ’s – well whatever you wanna call it. Jordan is such a good friend. I feel like I can tell him anything. He’s matured alot lately too. I always felt like I was the most laid back guy in the house, Jordan is starting to make me look like the wild one- Oh wait nevermind.. theirs always Vince. Especially with Tommy around..

Tommy – Where’s everyone?

Issac – Josh is hanging out with Gabrielle, Vince is at work, and I think Jordan had a dentist appointment… So its just us here.

Tommy – Oh…. Well I’ll leave then.

Issac – No, feel free to sit down, its….all good.

Tommy – Someones trying to get on my good side…..

I’m not trying to get on your good side you fat douchebag, I’m just trying to be mature about the situation….

Issac – Heh, Our fighting isn’t necessary, so.. I’m done with it.

Tommy – Throwing in the towel eh?

Issac – Tommy?… seriously?

Tommy – Okay, okay.. my bad. Apology accepted.

Issac – I’m not apologizing for anything, I didn’t do anything wrong. I’m simply saying lets stop the fighting.

Okay so… Now I wanna punch him in his f***ing face…..

Tommy – …Fine, but.. I wanna know what exactly I did wrong.

Issac – Let it go Tommy.

Tommy – No for real just tell me.

Issac – Its alot of things to be honest. I think you’re a homophobe, I think you have a filter, but you refuse to use it. I know you know right from wrong, but I don’t think you care at times.

Tommy – Alot of the s*** I say.. I’m just doing it to piss people off. I think youre too sensitive- youre gay though so…

Issac – So what? All gays are sensitive? is that what you’re saying?

Tommy – Well I mean gay guys want to be girls, so of course theyre like.. wimpy.

Issac – I’m done with this conversation…

Tommy – See.. sensitive.. you get all mad because I say how I feel.

Yeah I got up and walked away because I was a second away from knocking him the hell out. Can’t say I didnt try and call a truce with him…

Of course he followed me…

Tommy – I’m being real, and you can’t handle it.

Issac – Tommy, theirs a difference between being real, and being an an ass****

Tommy – So its okay for you to call me names, but I can’t say that gays are sensitive?!

Issac – If thats why you think i’m mad then you have problems. Its more than just that one quote. You know NOTHING about gay people. The s*** you say is offensive!

Tommy – How is anything I say offensive if I’m being honest?! hmm? Wan’t me to just lie! “Oh I love gay guys yeah!”

Issac – So over it dude, theirs no getting through to you.

Why did I even bother? Tommy is a dumbass, and not even worth my time. I seriously hate him.

Tommy – Dude… Chill the f*** out! You never liked me anyway!

Issac – ….When we were younger, I tried. You were the same person you are now. I’m done dealing with it!

Tommy – Punk ass…

Issac – You think because I’m a gay guy that I couldnt kick your ass huh fat boy?

Tommy – Oh so now I’m fat?

Issac – All you do is eat, you fat f*** and another thing. You constantly talk s*** about me. You always play these little games. “Oh were a family lets stop fighting” I wish the guys could see the real you. You always had a problem with me. Now I know why. Its because I’m gay. Well you know what? Deal with it. Its not changing anytime soon.

Tommy – ….you know something.. Youre right. I do hate your faggoty, faggot, GAY homo ass. There I said it. The thing is though, The guys don’t see me like you do. They love me. I’m not going anywhere. I live here now, so YOU deal with it.. b***h

Issac – ….we’ll see.

“We’ll see” yup that was my comeback, because you know what? he’s right! The guys don’t see the bullcrap he pulls. Jordan is dealing with his own drama, Josh is passive and wants everyone to get along, and Vince is the closest to Tommy in the house.

Tommy – Nothing else to say?

Issac – *smiles* Tommy… I’m done talking. I think we both know without the talking.. you wouldnt have much.

Tommy – You saying you could take me?

Issac – I know I can. Care to prove me wrong? I don’t give a s*** about this kitchen.. nothing but space and opportunity, for me to kick your fatass up against the fridge.

Tommy – …… Man this is weak, I aint about to stand here and argue with no gay guy.

Issac – …..Go f*** yourself. Especially since you won’t ever get a girl to do it.

Tommy called me a fag a few more times, and finally I just walked away. I hoped in the shower, and met up with my boyfriend Kris. I needed to get away from Tommy. I’ll say this much though. I’m glad he admitted that he hated me because I was gay. I knew it all along. Sad…. homophobia is just a sad thing… Karma will hit him one day though..

It was nice to sit down, and talk to someone who was mature enough to hold a conversation. I told Kris about my morning, and vice versa. 

Kris – I’m proud of you.

Issac – Why?

Kris – Because you didn’t punch him. Violence isnt the answer. Thats now how you fight homophobia. Just show him, that his words don’t affect you.

Issac – *smiles* So, You said Monica, and Ian are trying to have a baby?

Kris – Yup- well not right now. They’re already planning it. I’m gonna be an uncle!!. They have names picked out too. If its a girl they’re gonna name her Danni Harris-Thomas, if its a boy, theyre gonna name him Bryce Harris Thomas. They want a girl though. Since Ian already has a baby boy named Kale, with some slut in Pylea named Eve.

Issac – Thats cool

Kris – You’re invited to the wedding by the way. They’re getting married in 6 months. Have you ever wanted kids?

To be honest, I don’t know if I want kids or not. Its one of those things where, I feel like I wouldn’t even know how to go about it. Would I adopt? Would I have a woman carry it? I don’t even know if i’d make a good dad… I’m still young too. Plus the fact that I don’t even know if Kris-

Kris – Issac?

Issac – huh?

Kris – You didn’t hear me calling your name?

Issac – Oh no.. sorry. What did you say?

Kris – I was gonna say look at those sluts over there making out.

Issac – …..Kris, I think thats Riley Moss, and that ho Jordan was messing with.

Kris – Jordan messed with alot of girls…. are you talking about Mira?

Issac – Yup. Its funny how things worked out too. Jordan cheats on BreAnna with Mira, then gets dumped by BreAnna. BreAnna starts dating Riley, they get engaged. Riley cheats on BreAnna with Mira.. BreAnna, and her sister leave town, and now Riley is with Mira… *laugh* talk about soap-opera.

Kris – Typical..

Issac – Well of course.. she’s Jordan’s leftover so of course he’s mess with her.

Kris – Thats not what I mean…

Issac – What do you mean then?

Kris – …. hmm

Issac – What is it?

Kris – .. I shouldn’t say anything.

Issac – I won’t tell anyone.

Kris – Fine.. Don’t tell anyone. He said he would kill me if I told a soul.. so..

Issac – Okay now I’m intrigued….

(Riley talking to Mira)

Riley – You like my body ontop of yours. Can’t get enough of me ain’t that right baby?

Mira – *laugh* Boy stop playin…

Riley – Wanna go do it in the restroom?

Mira – We almost got caught last time..

Riley – Because you don’t know how to shut up.

Mira – Its mad funny to me that youre such a pretty boy, but so.. rough at the same time.

Riley – Don’t call me a pretty boy, sounds so gay………

(Back to Issac & Kris talking)

Kris – I swore I was gonna take this to the grave.

Issac – ….. spit it out.

Kris – Okay so when we started senior year in high school. Riley’s parents were so on his case because he barely passed 11th grade. So like during the 2nd week of school, Riley’s mom came up to my mom’s car and asked if she could pay me to tutor Riley, and I was like sure, since I needed money anyway. So like.. long story short. Like maybe 2 weeks after I started tutoring him-

Issac – Are you saying what I think?

Kris – He was all asking me if I was gay and I was like.. Yeah. So he showed it to me, and was like.. “you like it?”  Me being.. me. I said yes, and we.. hooked up…. like it was the most simple- yet random thing I ever did. My mom almost caught us the first time.

Issac – So you only.. went down on him?

Kris – Oh no.. we went all the way.

Issac – How many times?

Kris – All throughout Senior year. Even Prom night he snuck into my hotel room.

Issac – What? Wow…. So Riley’s Bi?…

Kris – Well… not exactly. He ended thing after prom, he told me that he was straight, and was done “experimenting” He told me that the only reason he did things with me was because i was.. quote “girl-like” Whatever that means…. sucked..

Issac – You started like him huh?

Kris – ….no.

He’s lying…

Issac – …..You can be honest.

Kris – Well we talked alot too.. he wasn’t the guy that everyone thought he was.. but whatever…

Is it just me, or does he sound like a bitter ex, that still want’s Riley?… Wow, this totally makes ALOT of sense. Riley did alot of things, and picked on alot of the gay kids at school. Ha! Who knew….

Kris – Next subject… actually lets get out of here, I don’t wanna stand here and watch them kiss.. its gross.

Issac – Lets go eat.

Kris – Okay.

After getting some food, I dropped Kris at his house, and decided to come home, and hangout with Josh. He wasn’t home when I got there, so I waited around the poolside until he got in. Luckily Jordan kept me company…

Jordan – What are you and Josh gonna do tonight?

Issac – We rented Black Swan. Josh thinks Mila Kunis is so hot. I just really wanna see the movie, and hang with Josh.

Jordan – Sometimes I swear.. if he was gay…

Issac – What?

Jordan – If Josh was gay I seriously think you two would be soulmates..

Issac – …Thats funny. One can only wish…Not that I think about it…

Jordan – So umm, I gotta ask you something…

Issac – Anything Jordo.

Jordan – I talked to my Mom, and umm- Well Our parents are getting married.

Issac – The f***?

Jordan – My thoughts exactly…After bonding with my mom, I decided not to stand in the way of her happiness. So I gave her my support, even though I don’t like Peter.

Issac – Me, you, and AJ are gonna be brother… So wait I’m a brother f***er? *LAUGH*

Jordan – Yeah… *laugh* So umm.. My mom asked me.. If I could talk to you, about possibly talking to Peter. She says you shouldnt hold onto resentment, its not a good thing. She said you guys should talk once, and if you wanna go your separate ways after that then so be it… I honestly just think she hopes for some breakthrough.. one big happy family.

No way in hell thats happening. My own father used me for a business deal. I’ll never forgive him… I just hate to say no to Jordan, and Robin…

Issac – No, sorry. I can’t… I just can’t be part of this “family” …. Do you hate me?

Jordan – No. I think its what you want… Do what you want honestly. Live for you.

Issac – Where’s everyone?

Jordan – Tommy’s sleeping because he’s going to a party with Vince tonight. Vince is at work. Josh, I believe went to help Gabrielle out with something. He’ll be back.

Issac – So what did you do today?

Jordan – I cleaned out boxes from the basement. I found a whole bunch of stuff from High School. Including this one picture of Riley and I. That time we got interviewd for the School newspaper “Jocks on Top”

Issac – Hilarious headline title… Hey speaking of which… I found something out about Riley. Now look I promised Kris I wouldn’t tell anyone, but I trust you. Don’t use this against him or anything, Do NOT tell a soul okay?

Jordan – Okay.

So I told Jordan what I knew about Riley, and maybe I shouldn’t have, but I was only telling him, and not the rest of the guys. I know Riley gets to him, and always have. Maybe now he can just let it go, and understand why Riley is the way he is. He’s in the closet.

Jordan – Wow.. so he smashed Kris. Thats.. wow.

Issac – I’m only telling you… Now we know why Riley is a douchebag.. closeted much?

Jordan – Exactly… Well don’t worry. I’m not even worried about Riley. I won’t tell anyone.

Issac – Good, because If Riley finds out… Kris could seriously get hurt.

Jordan – Speaking of getting hurt, I wanted to tell you that I’m sorry if I ever took Tommy’s side. He’s a real dick. Like he wont shut up about the Gabrielle thing. He thinks me and her have a secret thing. Its really rude, and just annoying. I’m starting to see why you hate him. Oh and I got your text. The s*** that happen this morning.. Youre better than me Issac, I would have punched him.

Issac – Finally! Someone else see’s through his B.S.

Jordan – Tommy was once one of us, but it became us four. I like it better that way.. I kinda wish he would just leave.

Issac – Me too. I can’t stand him.

I was so happy, and maybe that was a bit immature. I just feel like nobody saw the jerk that Tommy was, but me. Glad Jordan was seeing it..

Tommy – ……Hmmmmm

Jordan – So umm, hey.. if Josh ends up staying at Gabrielle’s.. you should invite Kris over, have the place to yourselves.

Issac – Kris is working really late tonight at the club, so thats not gonna happen. Wait, you won’t be here?

Jordan – Nah, I’m taking Connor to the movies.

Issac – Oh cool, so Skye said yes. Awesome.

Jordan – I should actually go get ready.

Issac – Okay.

Jordan – Issac thanks for trusting me. I love you like a brother already, so its only fitting that we actually become brothers.

Issac – The brother thing is cool, minus me ever having sex with AJ, but I really just don’t see why a sweetheart like Robin would agree to be with My Dad.

Jordan – The heart wants what the heart wants I guess..

Issac – You think I should run to the store, and get some of Josh’s favorite snacks?

Jordan – ….*laugh*

Issac – Whats so funny?

Jordan – He asked me that earlier, and I told him yeah. He got a bunch of things that you guys like…. Its funny.

Issac – Oh… *laugh* Well… lets just hope Tommy hasn’t eaten them all…

Jordan – He’s sleeping remember?

Issac – Oh yeah.. otherwise he would have been in our business..

Jordan – Yup.. So over him..

Issac – Bout time…

Jordan – Well, lemme get in the shower, I suppose you should get ready for Josh Night..

Issac – … Ha.

Me and Josh… Like Ive known all the guys all my life, but me and Josh’s bond is a little bit stronger. I don’t know why that is.

Josh night didn’t exactly happen. Which sucked. He wasn’t answering his phone, and the time was flying by. I assumed a few things had interfered with the night…. I was bummed out, but decided to watch the movie alone..

Issac – What the hell is she do- Oh!…..wow…. Wait Issac, you’re straight..

Josh – I’m sorry Issac, I – Hey you’re watching the movie without me!

Issac – Sorry, I figured you would come in and get dressed, and leave.

Josh – Huh?

Vince – I can’t believe my car ran out of gas, Thanks man for picking me up.

Josh – No problem, Hey Issac why would I get dressed and leave? We had a movie night planned.

Issac – Mia called, she needs you tonight, she said she couldn’t get through to your cell so she left you a text. I figured you would go ahead and go, the tips are good.

Josh – Oh, well my phone died. Sorry man, I should actually go. If it wasnt for me needing money I would totally stay.

Issac – I understand. Its all good.

Josh – Good. I’ll make it up to you though okay?

Issac – Yeah.

Vince – Where the hell is Tommy?

Issac – Sleeping.

Josh – Where’s Jordan?

Issac – Movies, with Connor.

Josh – I feel bad.

Issac – Don’t. Its a stupid movie.

Josh – I was looking forward to cuddling boo.

Issac – *laugh* You’re so stupid..

Vince – TOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tommy – I’m right here bro.

Vince – What the hell is that smell?

Josh – Berries?

Issac – ………

Tommy – My new cologne. Blueberries. It will for sure bring the women to me.

Issac – …….pfft..

Tommy – Mind ya business Issac!

Issac – Dude nobody is paying attention to you. I’m trying to watch a movie.

I wanna punch him so bad… fat blueberry smelling douchebag…

Josh – Who’s throwing the party Vince?

Vince – One of my photography associates. Its a big party, I figured Tommy could go, network and maybe find some work. Alot of important people will be there.

Tommy – Sounds boring, any broads gonna be there?

Its times like these where I think back to my childhood and realize it was great being an only child. I’m trying to watch a movie and the only one who’s quiet besides me, is Josh. Vince talks so loud, and Tommy….. well… no comment.

Vince – We do not call women “broads”

Tommy – Fine, the b***hes gonna be there?

Josh – Tommy!

Tommy – The WOMEN.. that better?

Issac – Much…..

Vince – That cologne is horrible.

Tommy – Not taking it off dude, deal with it.

Issac – Why you looking at me like that Josh?

Josh – I just feel bad dude..

Vince – Its gonna be fun, lots of women. Its business AND pleasure.

Tommy – Good! I plan on getting laid tonight

Ugh.. like someone would do you Tommy…

Issac – Its okay, I understand. I think its smart to go ahead and make the money. We can hangout another night.

Josh – You sure you don’t hate me?

Issac – I’m sure. Its all good. Now go get ready..

Josh – Okay. *makes sad face* Maybe I should stay home. My stomach hurts…

Issac – Stop it, I know what youre doing.. Go to work Josh. *laugh*

Josh – No I’m being serious…

Its so funny.. Josh seriously felt bad… I had to get him to go ahead and leave the house, he was gonna stay home. *sneeze* ugh Tommy’s Blueberry Cologne is stinking up the place..

So, I ended up restarting the movie, and finishing it. After that I had the urge to paint. I had this sudden inspiration and just went with it. I’m rarely EVER alone in this house. Kinda creepy to be honest. Usually someone’s home… This is like a horror movie.. someone would just walk up behind me and kill me. All I have is a damn paint brush to fight them off with *laugh*

Josh – Issac?

Issac – Oh f***! you scared the s*** out of me dude. Why are you home?

Josh – I threw up at work, I don’t feel good. I’m gonna lay down. I feel hot.

Issac – Hmmmm. Okay Let me finish this and I’ll check on you.

Josh – Nice painting *cough* Can you make me some soup?

Issac – *laugh* Yeah.. I’ll make you some.

Did he really feel sick or did he come home just because…. hmmm

Like 20 minutes later, I went and made him some soup, and just talked to him in his room.

Josh – *cough* I can’t believe you actually called Mia to see if I really was sick.

Issac – Has to make sure you weren’t doing it for me…

Josh – I’d do anything for you though. Just so happens that I actually do feel like crap. Maybe I’m working to hard.

Issac – Maybe.

Josh – Its for a good reason though. I need the money. Bills, my parents… Oh so, are you doing okay? with the whole.. Marriage thing?

Issac – Eh, honestly no. I’ll get over it though. I think Robin is making a mistake, but its none of my business.

Josh – Are you weirded out that you had sex with AJ, and now you two will be brothers? Its like Serena and Dan.

Issac – No, and who?

Josh – From gossip girl… nevermind..

Issac – Oh! I get it…

Josh – *cough* Thanks for the soup.

Issac – No problem… *looks around*

Josh – How come you looking around like that?

Issac – I don’t come in your room much.

Josh – You’re always welcome in my room. Any time you want.- That sounds bad. No wonder people think I’m gay *laugh*

Issac – Dork.

Josh – I miss this. Totally reminds me of when we were younger, only I was fat, and you were a skinny ass kid.

Issac – Its so weird when you use profanity.

Josh – I used profanity?

Issac – You said ass.

Josh – I did? *cough* Oh man.. I’m gonna schedule a –

Issac – I already called for you.

Josh – Aww thanks babe, youre the best girlfriend ever.

Issac – Shut up.

Josh – I think if I was your boyfriend you would be so in love- like la la la la la a Disney Princess. Thats how awesome I am. *cough* Hey I have a question.

Issac – Okay?

Josh – Do you think Sasha is pretty?

Issac – Yeah shes a cute girl, why?

Josh – Gabrielle thinks Sasha is prettier than her.

Issac – What do you think?

Josh – I think theyre both hot. Sasha has bigger boobs though. Gabrielle has a nicer butt..

Issac – Youre soooo straight.. Anyway go to sleep…

Josh – I’m not even tired…. I’ll just rest my eyes.

Issac – I’ll put this in the fridge.

Josh – You leaving?

Issac – Yeah you should rest.

Josh – Okay.. thanks Issac. Love you man.

Issac – I love you too Joshy

Josh – I doubt I’ll fall asleep, cause I-


Issac – Josh?

Josh – *snoring*

So much for not falling asleep *laugh*

Hmm, now I’m hungry, ooh Josh must’ve bought these.. Mmm Toaster Strudel, Apple flavor. I could seriously go kiss that kid. These are my favorite… Gonna warm two of these up, and get some Ice cream too. Hmm overall not a bad night. Josh is so adorable when he’s sick… so cute. Gabrielle is a lucky chick- wait what the hell? Why did I just say that? Eh.. I’m not into Josh.. I know that for a fact… I think. I-… hmm. Nah. I’m not into him. He’s my bestfriend. Not saying I’m crushing on Josh again, but is their like a rule that says us gay guys always have to like straight guys? For f*** sakes… Whatever. Goodnight guys.

~End of Chapter Two- Pt 2~


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