B2M Season 2- Chapter Two: [Pt 1] “Alot Like A Mediator” [POV Jordan]

***POV = Point Of View. That person will narrate the story.***

Disclaimer : This story features some language thats a little more mature. words will be blanked out with *** But I wanted to give a warning just so you/anyone who reads will know.

Look at me… sleeping like a baby. Dontcha just hate when you’re comfortable and then you have to get up to pee? Thats probably TMI, but whatever. *Yawns* what time is it? *looks @ clock* 2am.. hmm. Maybe I could just lay here and then pee in the morning.. Yeah. Bed is so comfy… mmm I love you bed.

Ah f***!… I was comfortable too….. Wonder if any of the guys are up.. Vince said he was seeing some chick tonight, Tommy probably ate and went to sleep. Josh is at work. Issac’s probably with Kris… Anywho nature calls!

So as I went to the bathroom, I found Issac just getting out of the shower. I didn’t think he was home, but I stand corrected. I had realize I still didn’t tell him about our parents. I know right? I waited this long? With Issac constantly not being home, and all the other drama we have going on.. I just couldn’t find time to tell him.. until now.

Jordan – Sorry didn’t think anyone was in here.

Issac – Its okay, I’m done.

Jordan – You have time to talk?

Issac – … Kris is in my room sleeping, so sure. *laugh* nice PJ’s

Jordan – My brother bought me these like a year ago…

Issac – How is ol’ AJ? enjoying college?

Jordan – He’s doing good, don’t talk to him much. Josh say’s Ollie is the same way.

Issac – Do you know what happen between AJ, and Ollie? apparently theyre not friends anymore.

Jordan – All I know is that, it has something to do with Gabrielle’s cousin Eboni, she-

Issac – Wasn’t Ollie dating her?

Jordan – Not anymore… She’s changed alot since then…. Anyway Issac what I wanted to talk to you about was…. Well see, your Dad.. he-

Issac – Called the house? I keep ignoring his calls to my cell, Not shocking that he would call the house. I’m not talking to him ever again so just tell him you’ll tell me he called, and leave it at that okay?

Oh boy… see Issac still hates his dad, and rightfully so. How the hell will he react when I tell him that our parents are sleeping together… He’s gonna flip.

Jordan – Well actually, its not about that, Let me just come on out and say it. He, and my Mother are sleeping together.. I caught them.


Jordan – No not like in the act, I just saw him in underwear saying he wanted to do something to her ass- I don’t remember the details thank god… So what are we gonna do about this? Peter is a asshole, we need to do something.

Issac – Why the f*** would Robin [Jordan & AJ’s Mother] wanna be with someone like My dad? like seriously I don’t understand that. Does she know what he did to me? How he see’s me?

Jordan – Apparently he’s changed…

Issac – What Peter does is of no concern to me, I do feel bad for your mom though. You know when her mind is made up about something, nobody can change it. Remember that time we had our first group sleepover, and your mom insisted on “healthy snacks?”  I will never forget that night. It was the worst food I ever had.

Jordan – I remember, because Josh was so chubby, and he wanted pizza so bad. Its crazy how he, and Tommy switched places. Josh is like the most fit one of all of us, and Tommy.. well.. too much drinking…

Damn… That night was f***ing hilarious… We stayed up till like 6am. We were looking @ weird stuff online too… such inquisitive children we were….

Jordan – You’re right though, My mom seems to really like your dad. I don’t know what to do….

Issac – Let it be. Your mom is a smart woman.. If Peter gives her s*** then… i’m sure she’ll wise up and leave his ass. Besides its not like they’re getting married.

Jordan – Speaking of which… how’s things with Kris going? You happy with him?

Issac – Yeah.. I am.

Jordan – Good, because even though I had nothing to do with AJ’s decision to end things with you, I still felt bad, like I-

Issac – Thats just you being a good friend. Speaking of friends, where’s Josh? I know Vince is with some random girl.. Tommy’s sleeping…..

Jordan – Josh isnt here?

Issac – No.

Jordan – Then the bar, or Gabrielle’s I assume. Its so funny how protective you are with him….

Issac – I’m gonna text him and make sure he’s not like dead or anything…

In all honesty, I know that Issac and Josh are the closest. It doesn’t bother me at all. I know they care about me, Vince too. Issac is one of those people who are so easy to get along with. Which is why I don’t get the whole issue between him, and Tommy.

So after I finally pee’d I took my ass back to my room and went to sleep. When I woke up, Nobody was home except Tommy, so we decided to go out and get a drink @ the new bar that opened up in GloCity. I feel kinda bad, like I’m betraying Mia’s bar *laugh*

Jordan – Ugh this is terrible…

Bartender Jackie – Didn’t you say you were a bartender?

Jordan – No, I said my roomate was. Clearly I do not have that talent..

Tommy – It taste horrible Jordan.. Never ever try and create your own drink again.

Jordan – Been getting alot of business?

Bartender Jackie – Eh, kinda. Its a slow day today though. I’m glad you came in today. Such a cutie….

Jordan – *smile* Thanks.

Tommy – Look at this random ho hittin on you Jordo-

Bartender Jackie – Excuse me? I’m not a ho.. I’m just saying he looks good… watch your mouth before I kick your fatass out!

Tommy – Look B***h! RELAX!

Bartender Jackie – Okay thats it! O-

Jordan – Sorry about that please don’t kick us out Jackie.. he’ll apologize. Right Tommy? APOLOGIZE.. NOW DUDE…

Tommy – My bad Jackie.. didn’t mean anything by it…

Tommy sure knows how to piss people off, Its the one thing about him that I wish I could change. Nobody’s perfect though so what can ya do. So We talked more and I tried making another drink.. which strangely enough tasted like pee…  Some random dude came up to the bar, and tried it. He liked it… Makes you wonder what kinda of things this guy gets into.. Everyone hated the drink… Why would he like something that taste like pee? 

Tommy – Hey its Gabrielle..

Jordan – What?

Tommy – Fat Gabby- Well ex-fat Gabby.. She’s here.

Jordan – Really? *Look for Gabrielle* Hey! Gab! Wassup?

Gabrielle – Oh hey guys!

Tommy – What are you doing here?

Gabrielle – Bored… playing a few games upstairs… by myself.

Jordan – We’ll play with you.

Gabrielle – Oh okay, sure!

I sometimes forget Gabrielle doesn’t have many friends… I totally forgot to introduce her to Tru.. hmm. I’ll be a good friend and play some games with her though.

Gabrielle – So I spoke to my cousin Eboni today.

Jordan – That’s funny, me and Issac were just talking about her, Ollie, and AJ. So how’s she doing?

Gabrielle – She said that Ollie and her aren’t even friends anymore.. something happen @ a frat party. They had broke up, but decided to stay friends… guess thats not the case anymore. She also said AJ is really thriving, and that he’s really popular. He’s out too everyone knows he’s gay.

Jordan – Thats awesome. Glad all three of them are doing good.

Tommy – …… Jordan, AJ’s gay? Damn everyone is gay nowadays.

Jordan – Yeah AJ always been gay, he just didn’t think it was okay to come out and embrace it. I’m proud of him though. Now he’s not afraid to be himself.

Tommy – …..thats cool…. I guess.

Gabrielle – Why do you say it like that? Is something wrong with being gay? hmm?

Tommy – Don’t start that s*** with me Gabrielle, I ain’t said nothing….

Gabrielle – You should accept people for their differences. You don’t have to like it, but don’t be a dick either Tommy. *shakes head* somethings never change.

Tommy – Relax ex-fatty….

They never really got along when we were younger, so this is no surprise…..

Tommy – So Gabby… Josh works at Mia’s and all the women be giving him their numbers, I hear he makes big tips… How do you feel about that? Do you even know where he is?

Gabrielle – Josh hasnt cheated on me so its whatever, stop trying to start conflict when their is none. Also I talked to him this morning, He’s at his uncle’s Office helping him out today. You really need to mind your business.

Tommy – It was a simple question, no need to get your panties in a bunch.

Jordan – Oh my god something is in my eye, damn these contacts.

Gabrielle – Oh you big baby, come here.

Jordan – Don’t touch it.

Gabrielle – Let me blow it

Jordan – You wish…

Gabrielle – *playfully hits Jordan* Nasty ass, you know what I meant.

Jordan & Gabrielle – *laugh*

Tommy – You two have alot of chemistry.. *Looks @ Gabrielle* Why are you with Josh, and not Jordo?

Gabrielle – Tommy, you know ive known all the guys, all my life. We all have a bond.

Jordan – The only Chemistry here, is a friendship that stands the test of time bro.

Tommy – Chill the f*** out. You two don’t have to sound so guilty.

Gabrielle – Tommy since you’re always in everyone else’s business. Let me ask you this. You went to jail for whatever reason, and when you got out.. you went and lived in Riverview. How was things there huh? What did you do there huh? huh? huh?

Tommy – My life, my business.

Gabrielle – Thats what I’m talking about, you wanna come to show & tell but not have anything to show, or tell. *rolls eyes*

Tommy – Dude, I know so much s*** about you, you would wanna shut up.

Jordan – Okay stop it guys.

Tommy rubs alot of people the wrong way. Frankly its starting to piss me off. Maybe Issac has a legit reason to stay gone…

So we played more games, and went downstairs for another drink. Tommy decided he was gonna try and get in Jackie’s pants. Good luck with that bro…. Gabrielle had to go home to help out her Mother. Which then made me realize I should go talk to mine… We hadn’t really spoken after I caught her and Peter together. 

I got there, and she was happy I had stopped by. Peter wasn’t there thank goodness. She made me something to eat, and we talked about AJ, and whats going on with me. Not once did she bring up Issac’s dad Peter. Maybe they had broken things off? One can only hope…..

Robin – So did you enjoy the salad?

Jordan – Yes Ma’am.

Robin – Good. So honey, umm. Lets talk about the elephant in the room.

Jordan – Okay?….

Robin – Peter… He, and I are moving in together. I’m not gonna sale the house.. Peter has offered to pay for it, so when, and If AJ decides to come home, he will have somewhere to live.

Jordan – Whatever.. you’re not telling me anything you didn’t tell me last time I was here.

Robin – Well…. Peter asked me to marry him.

Someone put a gun to my head, and pull the f***ing trigger!

Jordan – Marriage?! Mom come on what the hell?!

Robin – I just want to be happy Jordan. You, and AJ live life, and date. Why do I have to stay in this house, and be lonely? Peter isn’t a saint, but he’s changed and he see’s the errors in his ways. He’s trying to be there for Issac, but Issac won’t talk to him. People change. You have to give people a 2nd chance. I’m sick of being alone…..

Jordan – but…

I never thought about it that way, My mother is always alone… ugh.. crap. I’m a horrible son….

Jordan – Fine… You have my support, but I have a few conditions…

Robin – Of course you do…

Jordan – I’m not doing family dinners, all the time.. maybe like.. once a month. Also the minute he says something messed up about Issac, or AJ, and their sexual orientation I’ll punch him.

Robin – Oh don’t worry.. If anything was said about my you, AJ, OR Issac.. I’ll put him in place.

Robin – Give me a hug.

Jordan – I’m sorry that I was against this.. If you wanna be happy then so be it. I’ll be okay with this.

Robin – Theirs one more thing.

Jordan – Okay?

Robin – I need you to talk to Issac about this, try and get him to speak with his father. Issac is a good soul. He doesn’t need to carry around this resentment. They should talk once, and if after that they don’t want a relationship then they can go their separate ways.

Jordan – I get what you’re saying…

Only issue is, Issac is not gonna go for that… Theirs probably no way I can see this happening. If I even suggest that he talk to his dad, he may punch a wall.


Probably one of the guys texting me.. *checks phone*

“Hey J? I’m so mad. I got stood up for my date. I feel like crap. Can you just come over and hangout with me so I don’t cry? – Tru”

Awww, poor baby. Tru and I are so weird. Theirs an attraction there, and we have hooked up, but…. Were more friends, than anything else. I’m there for her, and she’s here for me. 

I texted her back, and told he i’d be over in like 30 minutes. I wanted to spend more time with my Mom. I totally lose cool points for that but oh well. She’s my mom, so don’t give me those judgmental eyes! *laugh*

Finally I arrived @ Tru’s place, and she told me all about the “date”

Jordan – Where did you meet this guy?

Tru – Well his name is Keith, he was in town because he was trying to expand his restaurant. So we bumped into each other and talked. He asked me out and I said sure. We talked on the phone before today and I kinda knew he wasn’t really ready to start dating. He kept talking about his ex girlfriend Jamie alot.

Jordan – Ah.. So wait he lives where?

Tru – He lives in Carter City.

Jordan – Thats not far from here. So if y’all had hit it off.. It would have been a long distance relationship…

Tru – Yeah, However I arrived at the restaurant, and he texted me and told me he couldn’t make it. Business comes first, and he’s sorry. I told him it was okay since he’s not gonna be here in GloCity that long anyway. It wasn’t meant to be…

Jordan – So why were you sad?

Tru – Cause, I… I always have trouble finding a guy. It just sucks. Hell me and you hooked up, and nothing came of that. I think youre awesome, and cute, don’t get me wrong. I just..- Were more friends.. right?

Jordan – I agree. So.. where’s Skye and Connor? I was hoping to say hi. I haven’t really gotten a chance to see Connor since Skye got that new boyfriend… I still think its f***ed up that your sister would pull Connor away from me, just because she has a new man in her life. Like seriously. Not to mention the fact that Connor’s dad is dead, and she keeps telling him that he’s away. Connor is gonna grow up and hate her, and all the people who kept the truth away from him, He-

Tru – Shhhh I think they’re here….

….And by they she meant the new boyfriend too. This would be my first time meeting him….

Tru – Hey guys, Hey Connor! Missed aunt Tru?

Connor – Yeah. Hi Jordan!!! I- I have new games, wanna play?

Jordan – Hey little man. I’d lo-

Skye – Its already past your bedtime Connor…

Connor – …….*makes sad face*

Skye – What are you guys doing?

Tru – Just talking.

Skye – Oh I forget you two never met, Jordan this is Sean.

Sean – Hi

Jordan – Hey.

Skye – Connor go upstairs. You need to shower, and get to bed. You have school in the morning.

Connor – I wanted to hangout with Jordan!

Skye – Get your ass upstairs now!

Connor – FINE!

Tru – Connor honey don’t talk back to your mom, okay sweetie?

Connor – Sorry…. Hey Mommy?

Skye – Yeah?

Connor – Is dad gonna finally call me tomorrow? You keep saying he’s working hard.. I just wanna talk to him.

Jordan – ………..

Skye – He’s very busy but he sent a letter and a box of goodies.

Connor – COOL! – When does it get here?

Skye – It should be here by the time you get home from school.

I understand why she lies to him, Connor’s very emotional. I get that she doesn’t wanna tell him that his father is dead. I just think she’s making things worse by adding lie on top of lie on top of lie… I also think that part of the reason for the lie, is because Skye herself haven’t gotten over the death of Connors father…

Tru – *looks @ Sean* So what did you guys do?

Sean – Wen’t to see my parents, and then I took them all to dinner.

Jordan – Ah, thats cool. So I umm think its time I head home. It was nice meeting you Sean.

Sean – You too Jason.

Jordan – …….Jordan

Sean – Sorry…

Tru – I’ll walk you out Jordan.

Tru – You okay?

Jordan – I’m fine.

Tru – No you’re not….

Jordan – It just bothers me how she lies to Connor.. he’s gonna be so angry when he find out the truth..

Tru – I know.. I think me, and her should sit him down and tell him the truth but she doesn’t wanna do it… She says not yet..

Jordan – …I understand her reasoning by the way, it just sucks.

Tru – Connor was so happy to see you.

Jordan – I miss him….

Connor isn’t my kid, but I just.. I see a little of myself in him. He doesn’t have a father figure, and I didn’t mind being there for him. It gave me a break from grown up stuff too. Skye gets her new Doctor boyfriend, and all of a sudden Connor can’t hang with me as much.

Tru – I don’t think she’s doing it on purpose you know. I think she just doesn’t wanna confuse Connor. She wants one guy in the picture so he doesn’t get attached? Whatever the case though, its not fair to you, or Connor how she pulled him away from you.

Jordan – I’m gonna talk to her, See if I can take him to a movie tomorrow.

Tru – Good idea, I’ll totally put it in her head too.

Jordan – Thanks Tru.

Tru – You’re welcome- and Thank you for hanging out with me. I’m glad were friends.

Jordan – Me too. Ohhh speaking of friends.. Umm So I have this friend that Ive known forever.. She moved after high school, but she’s back now. She doesnt really have female friends, and I was wondering if you-

Tru – *Laugh* sounds like a play-date for grown ups. I’ll do it though. Is she cool? I hope shes not bitchy…

Jordan – Nah, shes super nice. She’s a sweet girl.

Tru – Give me her number, I’ll ask her out to Brunch.

Jordan – Cool. Well I gotta get going..

Tru – Bye cutie…

Jordan – Goodnight Tru.

I finally got home. I walked into a debate between Tommy, and Vince

Tommy – This movie is deep dude!

Vince – How the hell is this movie deep? Its just a cheap thrill honestly, and I’m down with that, but don’t s*** in my cheerio’s and call it a human study.

Jordan – What movie is this?

Tommy – Jennifer’s Body.

Vince – Megan Fox sexy ass is the star…

Jordan – Isn’t that the chick that got fired from the Transformers movies?

Tommy – Yup… She’s hot though.

Jordan – Yeah she is.

Vince – Where you coming from?

Jordan – Was at my mom’s, and then I hung out with Tru.. Nothing sexual.. Is everyone home?

Tommy – Josh called, and is on his way home. Issac is spending time with Kris, and his family.

Jordan – I’m gonna go take these clothes off, I’m tired.

Tommy – Sure you were where you say you were?

Jordan – What do you mean..

Tommy – I’m joking. I was gonna say you were at Gabrielle’s

Vince – What now?

Jordan – Tommy, you’re stupid.

The audacity of Tommy to try and start s***… he’s starting to piss me off. The idea that I would even be into Gabrielle like that is just stupid. She’s dating Josh. I-


Jordan – Come in.

Josh – You have clothes on?

Jordan – Yep

Josh – I heard you hungout with Gabrielle today-

Jordan – Tommy is a dumbass, I’m not into Gabrielle like that.

Josh – Tommy? huh?

Jordan – Wait.. what?

Josh – Gabrielle picked me up from my uncle’s office. She told me that you were nice to her today, and I just wanted to say I appreciate what kind of friend you have been to both her, and I. She said your friend Tru invited to her brunch, and she’s very excited about it.

Jordan – Oh! sorry. Yeah..

Josh – … So what happen with Tommy?

Jordan – He mistakes the friendship me and Gabby have, for something romantic. It was pissing me off.

Josh – Ah..

Jordan – I would never do that to you. Never, I have enough s*** to deal with.

Josh – Talking about the stuff with your mom?

Jordan – how-

Josh – Oh Issac told us..

Jordan – That, and I’m not selling any sculptures. I need to find work.

Josh – How would you feel about working in an office?

Jordan – That would be okay?

Josh – I’ll put in a word with my Uncle. He needs some help.

Jordan – Thanks.. That will help alot.

Josh – Theyre not hiring for another month but its something right?

Jordan – Yep.

Josh always looks out for me. He’s a great guy.

Josh – Anyway I’m gonna shower, and then Gabrielle and I are gonna pick up Issac, and Kris for a late movie. You wanna come?


Jordan – Nah, I’m gonna workout. Thanks for the invite though.

Josh – Anytime!

I said no, because I don’t wanna be the 5th wheel. Ive… Maybe Ive been hanging out with Gabrielle too much. I don’t know. Then to top it off, Issac and Kris will be there. I’ll be the only one without someone. Thinking about it, I am a bit lonely. Thats a whole other issue though that I don’t want to get into right now..

Josh – Well if you change your mind, just tell Gabrielle. She’s downstairs waiting for me.

Jordan – Okay.

Josh – Thanks again for like.. easing her mind. I know she gets jealous, and paranoid. You really calm her down.

Jordan – No problem.. Now.. go shower before you guys miss the movie.

Josh – Ah, you’re right, You know me.. I’ll just keep on talking.

I need to get my s*** together. Theirs no if, ands, or but’s about it. I need to like make a checklist. I wan’t love, I wan’t a career.. Maybe a kid. I feel like I’m maturing. I’m wanting more out of life than just a party. *yawn* All this thinking has me getting sleepy… Bed is so comfy… mmm I love you bed. Goodnight…

~End of Chapter Two- Pt 1~


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