B2M Season 2- Chapter One: [Pt 4] “Alot Like Chillin’” [POV Vince]

***POV = Point Of View. That person will narrate the story.***

Disclaimer : This story features some language thats a little more mature. words will be blanked out with *** But I wanted to give a warning just so you/anyone who reads will know.

Hey you…. Long time eh? I’m sure you all missed me, like Ive missed you. By now you’ve all been updated on how everything has been for the other guys. Now you’re here to get an update from the only one that matters… Just kidding… sorta. So umm for the past three months ive been chillin’ Ive been doing me. Making sure my photography business is thriving, hooking up with women, hanging out with the guys.

I haven’t heard from Kokoro if you’re curious. Though…. without her permission Ive been paying for her mothers treatment. That is until last month when she passed away. Still no sign of Kokoro though.. NOT that i’m like stressed over her or anything.. shes just another girl. My sister Vanessa on the other hand. I go to all lengths to avoid her, but its hard now since shes dating Josh’s ex Michelle. So I see her at Mia’s bar/Josh’s workplace all the time. We haven’t spoke, and I don’t plan on it either. She can rot in hell for what she did to me.

Moving on. So today I decided to take Tommy out and get him a makeover. You would agree he needed it right? He’s been losing weight thanks to Josh, but his whole style was still horrible. So I bought him some new s*** to wear.

Of course he had to put his own touch to it, so he got a tattoo. No comment…

Tommy – Ah man this s*** looks siiiick! doesn’t it?

Vince – Yeah it looks awesome Tom Tom.

Tattoo Artist – Sir, can you please stop moving please?

Tommy – ….. You’re a fag huh? I can tell by the way you said that *Mimicking in a feminine tone* “Sir can you stop moving please?”

Tattoo Artist – ……

Vince – ……

Tommy – You take it up the pooper huh? *laughing*

Vince – Probably not a good idea to piss off the guy holding the ink gun.

Tattoo Artist – I get Assholes in here all the time. I’m a professional though.

Tommy – He wouldn’t f*** up my s*** I’d beat his ass.

Oh god.. here we go. You know Tommy’s a good guy, he just needs to get a grasp of those homophobic slurs, and stuff. He has anger issues. I’m not saying what he does is right, but I know somewhere in there is a good guy.

Tattoo Artist – You’re not allowed back in here. I have dealt with alot of bulls*** in my life, but I draw the line at fatass homophobes. Get your s*** and get out before I call the cops.

Tommy – Or what? You gonna call the cops on me? I’ll beat the s*** out of you before you could even get the phone dawg!

Vince – We should get out of here Tommy, with your history with police…..

Tommy – Fine, lets go.

I know alot of you think Tommy, and I just drink, and have fun. Truth is he does annoy me with some of his antics, but hey… what are friends for..

Tommy – Why you lookin’ at me like that? He started it with me. Bitching about me moving my arm.

Vince – Its not so much that Tommy. That jacket I bought you was 500 dollars, You left it in there. I spend money on you cause you’re my friend and then you carelessly just leave it wherever.

Tommy – I’ll go back and get it, relax dude.

Vince – If you wanna be friends with Issac, you know you have to stop being to f***ed up to gay people.

Tommy – I don’t hate all gay people. Just the gay guys, Its wrong. Girls being lesbian, and bi-try-sexual thats f***ing HOT. A Guy shouldn’t be into another dude.

Why is it that most guys think like that? That gay/lesbian women are fine, but gay guys are a bad thing? Maybe its cause Ive known, and loved Issac for most of my life but I see nothing wrong with it. I’m even starting to think people are just born that way… I really want Issac, and Tommy to sit down, and really talk.

A part of me wanted to tell him I’d go get the damn jacket, so he wouldn’t get into a fight with the tattoo artist. The other part of me figured If he got in trouble then oh well. *laugh* This is funny…… Anyway Tommy did return with the jacket and we decided to just go home, and have a nice drink on the balcony.

Tommy, and I got home, ready to kick back a few drinks. We noticed Issac was home, with some company.

Tommy – Oh like I really need to deal with this… Issac and his fags. Its like they’re EVERYWHERE!

Vince – Tommy you need to stop that. Issac was your friend. You guys need to get over whatever s*** their is between you!

Tommy – Its all good.. I’m not gonna go out there and start any drama.

Vince – Good.

See.. Tommy can be mature. Whataya know?

Tommy – Hey Issac, Hi Issac’s friends….

Issac – Hi Tommy. How are you?

Tommy – I’m FABULOUS!

Issac – Ha.. Are you now? Whatever… Tommy get out of my face.

Tommy – Or What?

Uh… yeah guess I spoke to soon. God I hate this bad blood between Issac and Tommy. Its driving the house crazy!

Tommy – “whatever” ? Could you be more of a fagot?

Issac – I’m not gonna entertain you Tommy….

Tommy – You entertain that sissy of yours right there…

Kris – Stop it Tommy, this is uncalled for!

Tommy – Look WOMAN you don’t talk! Go put an apron on and make me a sandwich or something!

Issac – Vince? Aren’t you gonna get your boy? Like seriously you know he’s wrong, and you’re not even saying anything.

Tommy – He lets me fight my own battles!

Issac – Is That it? you wanna fight me? Fine! LETS F***in’ DO THIS!

Kris – Vince! Do something!

Tommy – I’m not gonna beat your ass in front of your friends… Too easy.

Vince – ……

I don’t know what to do, or say. Theyre both my friends, and I don’t want them to think I’m picking sides. F***…

Issac – What’s the problem Tommy? Did you wanna get drunk? All you had to do was ask if you and Vince could have the balcony. You didn’t have to get hostile at all! I’m sick of this s***! DONE WITH IT! Sick of arguing with your fatass.

Tommy – You always give me dirty looks!

Issac – You started this fight with me!

Tommy – I don’t like how you ignore everyone. We are suppose to be a f***ing family. You make yourself the outcast in our house!

….Yeah.. I don’t even wanna get in the middle of this…

Issac – You.. *laugh* I’m not doing this right now. Guy’s lets go.

Tommy – Yeah leave!

Vince – Issac I-

Issac – Oh now he speaks. Save it Vince… Really.

So now Issac was mad at me. Great. I was pissed, this was all Tommy’s fault!

Vince – Tommy I love you bro, but seriously this was not the time nor place to bring this s*** up with Issac!

Tommy – I-

Vince – No! shut up, and listen dude. I love you both! okay? I won’t take sides!

Tommy – … Youre right, I’m sorry. I’ll apoligize to him tonight at the bar.

Vince – We both know he’s not gonna bother showing up now. Do you even wanna be on good terms with him?

Tommy – Yeah, I do.

Vince – When you get a chance… Fix it.

Tommy – Alright. Is that all? Can I go take a nap now?

Vince – Fine.. I’ll wake you up when its time to go.

Tommy – Sorry again Vince. I’ll fix things with Issac I promise.

Vince – Cool… Good.

Tommy took a nap, and I made a couple of business calls. Finally Josh, and the guys were ready to go. Josh was working tonight, and we all decided to keep him company. Mia’s sexy ass was there too. What a Milf!

Vince – And hello to you too Mia.

Mia – Vincent… I would assume you’d be out with the girl of the week.

Vince – Girl of the week? Come on.. I’m better than that.

Mia – Oh I meant girl of the night *laugh*

Vince – Nope.. no girl of the night for me, unless you wanna be

Mia – What did you say?

Vince – *laugh* Nothing…

Yes.. I was flirting with Mia, Don’t even give me that look. Yeah I know her boyfriend [Josh’s Uncle Nathan] helped me with the Kokoro thing, but its not like I’m pounding Mia in my bed. Just some innocent flirting.

Mia – How you holding up? Can’t be too comfortable with your sister Vanessa sitting back there… She’s just looking at you. Are you gonna talk to her?

Vince – I’m fine. *changes subject* How’s Nathan? How’s Sasha?

Mia – Nathan is fine.. working as usual. Sasha.. is a handful.. but you knew that.

Vince – She lost alot of weight….

That sounded rude… damn.

Mia – She did, She was pretty before, but now she feels comfortable in her own skin…

Unknown Male Voice – Mia…

Mia – Who’s calling my name? *turns to look around*

Nathan – Shocked to see me?

Mia – I thought you were working! Yes I’m shocked! I’m glad you stopped by

Vince – Hey Nathan

Nathan – Hey Vince. Staying out of trouble?

Vince – Yes sir

Nathan – Good.

Eh, I decided to get up and see what the guys, and Sasha were doing. Michelle then came up to me… with my sister Vanessa. Great.

Michelle – Vince, Vanessa wants to speak to you. I think you should hear her out.

Vince – You’re only saying that because you’re f***ing her.

Michelle – .. She knows she did an awful thing.. Just hear her out?

Vince – Why should I? She’s my twin sister, and she betrayed me!

Vanessa – …………..

Michelle – Vanessa… Talk to him.

Vanessa – Vince. I am so sorry for what I did, but I wouldn’t take it back. It made me into the person I am now. I realized how evil I was. How deep rooted my issues were, to even do something like that to another person. To you, my brother. I got help, talked to a therapist about my problems and I’m growing as a person. I know you won’t just up and forgive me Vince but I hope you can find it in your heart to one day accept my apology

Is she serious? Thats it?…………..

Vince – ……….NO! I will NOT forgive you! You malicious, pathetic psychopath! I don’t care if you got help or not. What you did to me was the ultimate act of betrayal. Not to mention the s***! you put Kokoro through, as if her Mother dying wasn’t bad enough!

Michelle – Vince!

Vince – Shut the f*** up Michelle, you’re no saint. You cheated on Josh with that punk rock hipster dude! Nothing but a half-baked, half lesbian b***!

Michelle – Don’t talk to me like that!

Vanessa – Vince please just let me say-

Vince – Let you say what? hmm? No. You don’t get to say anything else to me! *walks away*

I needed some air after that. Do you think I’m being stubborn?… go on. Thats a rhetorical question. Yes or no am I being stubborn? Should I forgive her? Because honestly what would you do, if she did that to you?.

I ended up staying outside for a while. Smoked some cigarettes. I watched everyone slowly empty out of the bar, as closing time reached. My… sister, and Michelle left hand in hand too. Jordan and Tommy left as well. I stayed since I was Josh’s ride home.

Mia – You been out here a long time Vince.

Vince – Where’s Nathan?

Mia – Work… So umm are you okay?

Vince – I’m fine.

Mia – Okay. Just making sure.

Vince – Why are you still here? I thought Josh was closing up tonight.

Mia – I had some last minute inventory to go through.

Vince – Okay….. cool. Josh ready to go?

Mia – Vince, I need a favor.

Vince – Depends on what it is sweet cheeks.

Mia – I wan’t you to take Sasha out. Show her a good time. So she can think about other things, than the reality thats going on with her life.

Vince – What exactly did she do?

Mia – Now you know I can’t tell you that.

I’m pretty sure we’ll find out soon anyway…

Vince – I’ll take her out, sure no problem.

Mia – You will? Oh good. Thanks.

Vince – I don’t get why you asked me though. I know she has a crush on Josh still… I see the way she looks at him.

Mia – Josh is with that Gabrielle girl. I don’t want Sasha being a homewrecker……

Vince – I see. Well yeah I’ll take her out…. Oh and how much longer is Josh gonna be? I’m ready to go home and get in my comfy bed.

Mia – Is their room for two in it? *laugh* I should stop…

Vince – No, keep going…

Mia – You would like that huh?

Josh – Ready to go Vince!

Vince – …….

Josh – Ready?

Vince – …..

Josh – Vince!

Vince – Oh Yeah! i’m ready!

Mia – Thank’s for doing this for me Vince, I owe you.

Vince – Yes… you do. Perhaps you can return the favor soon.

Mia – Ha! G’Night Josh.

Josh – Night!

Vince – What about me? I can’t get a good night?

Mia – Good things come to those who wait Vincent.

Vince – Funny…

Was Mia coming on to me?.. Dude.. I would smash that so hard. I’d smash the f*** out of it…

Vince – So you ready?

Josh – What was that all about?

Vince – Its how me and Mia talk. We were just joking around. I’m taking Sasha out at her request.

Josh – Why you? I mean youre a player.. Don’t wham bam thank you ma’am Sasha. She’s a nice girl we grew up with, and not some random skank.

Vince – I’m not into Sasha.. unlike you.

Josh – I’m dating Gabrielle, I don’t like Sasha like that. Also you do know Mia is dating my Uncle right? ya know.. Nathan? The one who helped you when Kokoro had you by the balls? Think twice before you do anything stupid, because karma is a bitch. We both know she owe’s you a visit, its long overdue.

Vince – Ha-ha.. funny. Hey wanna get a burger before we get home?

Josh – …sure Vince *laugh*

After me and Josh stopped at the Diner, for a Bacon burger with fries, and Oreo Shake. We went home. Jordan was the only one up it seemed.

Josh – Glasses? what happen to your contact Jordo?

Jordan – I’m going in for an eye exam tomorrow to get a new prescription. So I’m gonna just wear them until then. You guys hungry? I made some pasta, Its in the fridge.

Josh – Thanks, but I’m tired. I’m gonna call Gabrielle, and then shower. Then finally SLEEP!

Vince – Tommy sleep?

Jordan – Yeah. Ate three bowls of pasta then went to sleep…

Vince – Is Issac here?

Jordan – Actually he is, but Kris was over so I still havent had time to talk to him about… that thing.

Vince – That thing that you won’t tell us haha…

Jordan – Correct…

Vince – Kris still here?

Jordan – No, he left right before you guys showed up. I assume Issac’s sleeping but you can go check.

So I knew I had to talk to Issac, about what happen earlier. I just hoped he wasn’t too mad at me…

Issac – I look out for myself just fine, but what pissed me off was this. You knew Tommy was in the wrong. I didn’t wanna fight with him. You’re the closest one too him in this house. Why didn’t you set him straight!? You stood there, as if everything he was doing was okay! IT WASN’T OKAY!

Vince – I didn’t wanna get in the middle of it, and youre right I probably should have said something sooner.

Issac – Sooner? You never checked him! not even once!

Vince – Actually I did, you just left before it happened…. Look I’ll ask you like I asked him. Do you wanna settle it, and be friends?

Issac – … No.- Yes, but only for you guys. I have bad vibes about Tommy, and I just cant shake em’ Sorry.

Vince – Tommy is rough around the edges, you know this…

Issac – ……

Vince – Did you two talk?

Issac – Umm No. Kris was here, and Tommy walked around burping and farting everywhere, his usual.

Vince – He said he was gonna talk to you.. crap..

Issac – You believed him?…. Vince.. he’ll say anything to get on your good side.

Vince – Maybe he doesn’t know how to approach you.

Issac – Isn’t that obvious?

Vince – Tommy has faults, but so does everyone you know?

Issac – Is that suppose to make him any less of a dick?

Vince – No… I’m-

Issac – I get what you’re trying to do Vince, and thanks, but if me and Tommy are ever gonna be cordial.. then we need to talk one on one.

Vince – And you’re willing to do that?

Issac – For you guys yeah, and when I say you guys, I mean You, Jordan, and Josh.

Vince – Cool. Okay well I’ll let you.. sleep.

Issac – Okay. Goodnight.

I don’t know, I mean Tommy, and him just do not mesh well together. Is anyone to blame, or is one of them right? Is Tommy a homophobic jerk? or is Issac too sensitive and an attention whore?… *shrugs*

Vince – Sorry again Issac, love ya bro.

Issac – Its okay.

I really hope I didn’t wreck my friendship with Issac. He has to know that I care about him just as much as Tommy.. right? Too much drama for today. Goodnight 

~End of Chapter One~


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